Eliza Dushku vs. Kirsten Dunst by EZJ

It was a cold, rainy Monday afternoon when Kirsten Dunst got a phone call from her 'Bring It On' co-star Gabrielle Union.

"You're not going to believe what I have to tell you," Gabrielle uttered.

"What's up?" Kirsten casually replied.

"Eliza Dushku came to visit last night and she was talking total shit about you girl!! About that scene in the movie where you two were about to fight. She said if it'd been real life she'da kicked you ass!!"

This was surprising to Kirsten because she and Eliza had always gotten along.

"What's her problem??" retorted Kirsten.

"Well, she really wanted that part in the upcoming Spider-Man movie. It really makes no sense because she would've had to dye her hair, and I don't think that part fits her personality anyway," said Gabrielle.

"What a psycho bitch. Well, I could'a kicked her ass anyway," Kristen sarcastically laughed.

Little did poor Kirsten know she was being set-up. Gabrielle had Eliza on a three-way connection the entire time.

"Well just bring it on then bitch!" screamed Eliza.

"What the hell's going on?" yelled Kirsten.

"Well," said Eliza. "Neither Gabrielle nor I like you very much so we figured I should give you a lesson in respect. If you really think you can kick my ass, come to my house at noon Wednesday."

Kirsten fired back, "You know, you always thought you were so tough and on TV you get the tough girl roles. But, hon, I'm going to so totally embarrass you and kick your ass - BITCH!! Oh yeah, I'll be there at 12 sharp fur shur, but I want this one on one, no friends. Then we'll see how tough and cocky you are then."

Eliza was very happy and accepted, "No problem bitch. Just you and me and I' going to show everyone once and for all why I AM the superior woman."

The next day they met at noon as they had agreed. Eliza had a small room in her apartment with just a couch, chair and a big, soft rug.

Eliza got right up in Kirsten's face as soon as she arrived, "This is where I make people famous. You'll be my next victim, my love."

Kirsten was pretty flustered by this whole thing but wasn't going to back down to a challenge.

"What's your problem with me?"

"Well, it's really simple, Kirsten," replied Eliza. "I was dating Jesse Bradford for the entire shoot of the movie, but then you reared your ugly head and he fell for you. Poaching will NOT be forgiven."

Kirsten couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"Jesse? He's a friend. I didn't do anything with him. Gabrielle was the one messing around with him, not me."

Eliza got a cat-like grin on her face.

"Uh-hun. She told me you were afraid to admit it. Almost word for word the way she predicted. But it really don't matter now anyway, because I'm going to beat you senseless."

Just as she finished, Eliza landed a hard right to Kirsten's jaw and followed up with a roundhouse kick. The action spilled to the far wall as Eliza pinned Kirsten against it punching her mercilessly.

"Well now we find out who the better woman is, eh Kirsten?" huffed Eliza.

Kirsten snapped her knee up into Eliza's womanhood.

"Well the better woman's always been me. I'm not taking your shit."

Kirsten then began to wail on Eliza, using her tits as punching bags. Sheshocked Eliza by delivering two picture perfect roundhouse kicks of her own.

"You aren't the only girl in Hollywood who knows martial arts, you stupid cunt."

Eliza tried helplessly to defend herself from Kirsten's blows, but Kirsten kept raining punches and kicks down on her. In an act of desperation, she clawed at Kirsten's tits until Kirsten let out a scream. Eliza grabbed a book from the table and smashed it against Kirsten's nose. Blood was trickling from Kirsten's nose as Eliza added insult to injury by grabbing her nose between her two fingers and smacking it over and over. Kirsten eyes began to well with tears and the next thing she saw was Eliza foot coming straight for her nose. The foot connected, knocking Kirsten back against the couch and draping her over the arm.

Eliza slowly sauntered over, taunting her prey, "Aawww....did I hurt your wittle nosey Kirstey? Now I'm gonna show you why I am the superior woman."

Kirsten could only sit there and cry because she was stunned from the striking blow to her nose. Eliza slowly unbuttoned her top revealing her angelic breasts. She was about to shove them in Kirsten's face when she saw Kirsten was dripping blood on her couch.

"You stupid cow! That's my favorite couch, you cunt."

Eliza grabbed Kirsten by her hair and began to pull her to her feet. Kirsten seized the opportunity and grabbed both of Eliza's melons and slammed her back against the far wall. Kirsten began to maul Eliza's tits with her hands and, after doing some damage, she landed slap after slap to Eliza's face.

"Let me show you some real tits baby."

Kirsten unbuttoned her top and pressed her perfect, beautiful breasts up against Eliza's melons, keeping fierce eye contact with Eliza. Eliza tried to move, but she was trapped against the wall by Kirsten's sexy rack. Kirsten got a girlish grin on her face and looked down.

"It looks like my titties are better, eh Eliza?" Kirsten said in a girly voice. "Bigger, sexier, and in far better shape than yours…especially once I'm through with them!!"

Eliza shoved Kirsten away and tried to slap her, but Kirsten ducked and landed three quick, striking kicks to Eliza's breasts. Eliza put her arms up in defense, but in a quick move Kirsten grabbed one arm and twisted it behind her back. In another quick move, she spun Eliza around so her face was in Kirsten's tits after Kirsten tripped her so her tits landed right smack on Eliza's face when the hit the ground.

"You're no match for me Eliza. You shouldn't have made this stupid challenge. Now it's payback time."

Kirsten spread-eagled Eliza and rubbed her tits all over her pretty face. When Eliza tried to bite her nipples, Kirsten sat up quickly and drove two devastating punches to her crotch. Then Kristen got up, grabbed Eliza's legs and delivered two more kicks to her pussy.

After this Kirsten took both of Eliza's legs and sat on them with her sexy pussy landing right on Eliza's face in a schoolboy pin. While Kirsten was sitting on her, she reached her hand back and started pulling Eliza's pussy hair.

"I thought you were a bad ass, Eliza," laughed Kirsten. "Come on baby, give me a fight."

All Kirsten could hear was Eliza's muffled crying from down beneath her.

"Are you trying to say you give??" asked Kirsten. "What? What? I can't hear you."

Kirsten just continued to smile and squeeze and her perfect legs on Eliza's aching head.

"OK Eliza," Kristen sighed. "If you admit I'm the better woman slap the floor with your right hand."

Eliza slapped the floor as HARD as she could since she was getting zero oxygen. Kirsten got up off of Eliza and asked her a question in a little girl voice, "Now, who's the better woman?"

"You....you are, Kirsten," Eliza replied. "You can have Jesse. You win. Just get out of my house and leave me be."

Kirsten was still flustered by the whole Jesse thing, "Well like I told you when I came in....I NEVER messed with him. I don't know where you got that story from, you dumb bitch."

Kirsten was getting ready to plop her ass back on Eliza's face when she heard someone come in the door. All of a sudden the sound of two hands clapping filled the room. Gabrielle Union stood there admiring her handiwork.

"Well, I got my wish," she laughed. "I wanted to see you two sluts beat the hell out of each other. I'm surprised you won Kirsten. I fucked Josh the whole time Eliza....it wasn't Kirsten at all. I just wanted to see you two dumb whores fight it out. Well, taa-taa. You'll both be seeing me around...you can count on it."

Gabrielle was still laughing as she left the room.

"Oh my god" squealed Eliza. "I'm so sorry Kirsten."

Kirsten responded with a KO slap that knocked Eliza senseless.

Kirsten muttered, "Well that's what you get for being such a dumb bitch. You should think twice before challenging a girl that is so far superior to you, you sorry cunt!!"

Kirsten giggled as she and picked up her shirt and danced out of the room.