Eliza Dushku vs. Melissa Joan Hart (Have Faith by S.P.Eider) 14-May-00

Melissa Joan Hart was nervous! She'd been staring at the Dragon motif on the wall of the Dojo for so long now, she half expected it to suddenly leap from the wall and take flight. In truth, Melissa had been waiting for little more than five minutes but to Melissa, the wait seemed like an eternity. It was unlike the Teenage Witch to feel uncertainty before a fight. The blonde actress usually radiated confidence, not without good reason. A recent match against Jenny McCarthy had left the former Playmate spending a lot more on make up in the weeks that had followed their bout.

Running her hands through her long blonde hair, she instinctively checked her wrist to see the time. She immediately remembered she was not wearing a watch. In fact, she was not wearing much at all. She stood alone in the Dojo, wearing a black thong and nothing more. At 24 years of age, Melissa was slim, yet toned. Her biceps were obvious without being overstated. Her arms and legs were smooth, athletic, displaying a potential for great strength if used in the correct manner. The thong she wore showed the pertness of her buttocks in all their glory. One or two of the male students of the Dojo had peeked around the door of the Dojo after she had entered, gazing appreciatively at the sight of Melissa's trim body and beautiful features.

The door of the Dojo opened again and Melissa braced herself for further unwelcome adulation from the male contingent of the school, As it turned out, her fears were misplaced. There was a woman at the door, but she was not giggling. It was Sarah Michelle Gellar, Melissa's teacher or "Sensei." Sarah was a striking blond woman, long golden hair framed a pretty, smiling, face. Despite the silk kimono she wore, the alluring shape of her body was clear to see.

Although she was little older than Melissa, Sarah carried herself in a manner befitting someone in control of everything around her. Anyone who thought Sarah unsuitable for her role as Sensei soon changed their mind after a few minutes in her company. The few who didn't change their minds and challenged Sarah to combat, eventually changed not only changed their minds, but their bandages and plasters also.

Melissa granted Sarah her total respect, she had taught her much. Melissa had won her fair share of fights in recent years but today's would be different. The fighter she faced was skilled, disciplined and very, very good. Melissa had trained long and hard with Sarah, adapting techniques learnt in the ring to maximise their effectiveness in the Dojo.

"Are you ready?" Sarah asked.

"I think so," replied Melissa, aware that her voice was betraying her apprehension.

"You must be," said Sarah. "You cannot face her if you doubt your ability."

Melissa knew this was true. It didn't make her task any easier. Her nerves were not helped when the door of the Dojo opened slowly and her opponent entered.

She was awesome. Even Melissa could not deny her beauty, despite her feelings of hostility towards the woman who had just entered the Dojo. She was young, probably of similar age to Melissa and Sarah. Long jet black hair framed elfin features that always seemed to be planning something devious, even if her thoughts were benevolent - which they rarely were. Though her dark brown eyes gave nothing away, her intentions were obvious. Like Melissa, she wore only a black thong. Her body was smooth, athletic and tanned the shade of autumn leaves. Though her breasts were small and firm, they still bounced slightly, in time with her steps as she approached. Around her right arm was a barbed wire tattoo.

"Hello Sarah," said the woman, barely trying to conceal the contempt in her voice.

"Hello Eliza," replied Sarah with equal disdain. Eliza Dushku and Sarah shared a past, one littered with bruises, most of which had been Eliza's, who played Sarah's mortal foe 'Faith' on TV's "Buffy". Most of their supposedly staged fights on the show had often crossed the line and the two Slayers often had to be separated by their co-stars.

Turning to face Melissa, Eliza acknowledged her opponent for the first time. "So," she said. "Are you ready?"

Melissa tried to answer but her voice deserted her.

"Sorry?" said Eliza, "I didn't catch that." She sneered at her and muttered to herself under her breath, "Pathetic."

"Enough," said Sarah, immediately stamping her authority on proceedings. "Let's do this." She addressed the pair before her, her voice calm yet totally compelling.

Sarah bowed to both fighters, turned, and left the Dojo. Melissa watched as the door closed slowly behind her teacher. She then watched as Eliza's fist hit her full in the face. Stumbling back, her hands clutching her injured nose, Melissa was defenceless against the onslaught of kicks that Eliza unleashed. First, a front kick connected with the pit of her stomach, the ball of Eliza's foot sank deep into her gut and instantly left her gasping for air. This was quickly followed by a roundhouse kick to the face, Eliza's bare foot cracking into her jaw causing Melissa to bite her tongue at the exact moment of impact.

Melissa shook her head in an effort to clear the daze that was preventing her from even defending herself, never mind attempting any kind of attack. Eliza merely took the opportunity to practice her aim on a moving target and placed a high kick at the exact point Melissa's chin occupied once she had stopped trying to clear her head. Eliza's heel thudded into Melissa's jawbone for the second time in less than a minute, knocking her backwards, stunned into inactivity.

Immediately, Eliza moved in close to Melissa's hesitant frame. The Brunette pulled back both her arms, drawing a deep breath as she did so. For one quiescent second, she held both her breath and position.

All was silent and still.

Suddenly, Eliza unleashed an ear-splitting "KIIIAAAAAAAYYY!!!" and simultaneously buried both fists into Melissa's stomach. Melissa's abdomen collapsed under the cannonball-like impact of Eliza's blow. The cry that left Melissa's lips was a silent one, deprived of air. She fell limply to the mat, holding her stomach. Winded and hurt, Melissa was unable to get up. She could only lay on the floor of the Dojo, uttering a hoarse rasping sound that was the closest she could get to breathing.

Eliza looked down at Melissa and laughed. "I knew this was going to be easy," she mocked, "but I hoped you'd put up a bit of a fight." She kicked Melissa hard in the gut and continued speaking over the sound of the blonde's weak cries. "I'm going to finish this fight now, but before I do I want you to know..." She paused, just long enough to kick Melissa in the jaw, splitting her lower lip with the ball of her foot. "... it IS going to hurt."

Eliza pulled Melissa to her feet. Although unsteady, the faired haired girl managed to stay upright. Had she been thinking clearly, Melissa would have fallen back to the mat immediately. That way, she might have avoided the attack that was to follow. Unfortunately for Melissa, Eliza had other ideas. The raven haired goddess grabbed Melissa's hand and pulled her forwards, simultaneously kicking the helpless woman in her weakened mid-section with her right foot. Her grip on her arm meant that Melissa could not fall back with the blow and absorbed all the impact of Eliza's bare foot as it connected with her stomach. Pleased with the success of the technique, Eliza maintained her grip on Melissa's hand and pulled her into a merciless kick to the face. Her bare sole smacked into Melissa's already wounded mouth and nose, re-igniting the pain that had taken up residence there.

Eliza decided to alter her attack and released Melissa's hand. Melissa's arm fell to her side, where it hung lifelessly. Placing her hands upon Melissa's shoulders, Eliza again pulled her towards her and powered her knee into her crotch. Eliza cried out in elation as she felt her knee thud into Melissa's pussy, almost lifting her clear of the mat as the blow connected. Melissa was still groaning in distress from the initial strike when Eliza kneed her once more, crying out again she did so. Melissa's groaning had faded into little more than a weak plea for mercy. Eliza didn't hear it and if she had there was little chance she would have complied anyway. Eliza was having fun and Melissa was in big trouble.

Eliza fired a final knee to Melissa's groin and quickly followed with a high kick to Melissa's chin. Her heel connected hard with a resounding crack, snapping back the wavering woman's head. Melissa stumbled backwards but Eliza stayed close. She executed a perfect mid-kick to Melissa's stomach, stopping her abruptly in her tracks. Melissa bent forward as Eliza's foot sank into her mid-section. Continuing her assault, Eliza drew back a fist and smashed a fast punch to Melissa's face, followed by another, and another. Eliza changed technique slightly and this time swung a punch, her arm traveling through a much wider arc. Her style was now more like that of a boxer than a martial artist. Her fist cracked into Melissa's jaw, almost knocking the blonde's head from her shoulders. She smiled and threw another hefty punch, this time a left that crashed in Melissa's face causing the battered beauty to spit blood as her head was rocked on her neck.

Eliza began to throw punch after punch, lefts and rights hit Melissa's face like rain on stormy day. Melissa's head flew backwards with every strike. To Melissa, each blow felt like her head was being smashed against a brick wall. Occasionally Eliza took her attack downstairs, burying her fist into Melissa's gut, or even her pussy. Queensbury rules clearly did not apply here.

Melissa was long past the point that she could judge time, but it seemed like an eternity until Eliza finally stopped her onslaught. When she did, it was only because her fists were getting sore. A double roundhouse kick came next. Eliza kicked across Melissa's face with her right foot, first from right to left. She held her foot suspended in the air for a second and then kicked it back across Melissa's bloody face, this time from left to right. The sole of her foot crushed Melissa's features as it smacked into her mouth and nose. By now, it seemed as though Melissa was standing by sheer will-power alone. She appeared to be an open target, unable to defend herself from any kind of attack. But things aren't always as they seem.

Eliza, convinced that she was now fighting a little more than a human punch-bag, threw a casual punch at Melissa's face. The look of surprise on Eliza's face when it failed to connect lasted only a few seconds. It changed quickly to a grimace of pain at the moment Melissa's knee thudded into her groin. Eliza gasped and collapsed forward, straight into a kick to the face. Melissa's bare foot cracked against her chin, the shockwave reverberating through her head long after the initial strike.

Eliza was confused. Melissa should have been way past fighting back. A powerful punch to her solar plexus was enough to convince Eliza that this was definitely happening. Eliza needed to concentrate, to sway the balance of the contest back in her favour. Unfortunately, her own balance was proving to be something of a challenge at the moment. Melissa had placed her hands on each of Eliza's shoulders. In her current stunned state, Eliza could offer little resistance as Melissa placed the ball of her right foot at the base of Eliza's stomach and fell backwards, taking the brunette with her. They fell in unison until Melissa was lying on her back. She then pushed Eliza up and over her body with her foot, flipping her effortlessly through the air to land with a jarring smack on the mat. Eliza felt the impact of the fall all across her back as it knocked the wind out of her.

They rose in unison, but Melissa clearly had an edge now that had been vacant before. Eliza tried to focus. She did so just in time to see the sole of Melissa's foot approaching her face. It hit hard and left her even more dazed than before. Melissa was now able to pick her target, knowing she would face little resistance from Eliza. She fired two hard punches deep into her stomach, returning Eliza's earlier gifts. Eliza gasped for air as the blows connected. Melissa stepped back and Eliza attempted a kick to her groin. Melissa caught Eliza's foot with ease and twisted it viciously. Eliza cried out in anguish as Melissa twisted her ankle further around, forcing her to hop on her supporting foot. The raven haired slayer never saw the roundhouse kick coming that sent her sprawling to the mat.

Instantly, Melissa was astride her. Before she could offer any sort of resistance she had wrapped her legs around Eliza, her thighs on either side of her slim waist. Locking her ankles quickly, Melissa straightened her legs and squeezed tightly. Eliza uttered a weak cry as the breath was forced from her without mercy. Eliza clawed ineffectively at Melissa's ankles, hoping in vain to separate them. In response, Melissa squeezed again, causing Eliza to gasp out loud. The pain and pressure were becoming unbearable as Melissa's muscular legs tightened, stealing breath from Eliza and denying her the chance to take in any more. Eliza could feel the heat in Melissa's thighs against the skin of her midriff, the vice-like grip they held her in increasing with every second that passed. Still Eliza refused to submit to the tension. She started to writhe and twist within Melissa's grasp, hoping to gain some kind of opening before she succumbed to the hold.

For her part, Melissa sustained the clinch with a resolute persistence. Although she was employing much of her lower body strength into the scissors, the hold was still allowing her time to recuperate from Eliza's earlier offensive. Maintaining her grip, Melissa realised that Eliza was trying to get to her feet, from where it would be easier to escape her grasp. She allowed her legs to relax for a split second, before quickly tightening them again. The effect on Eliza was immediate, who groaned weakly as the sudden tightening of Melissa's legs around her abdomen left her winded and barely able to move.

Seeing an opportunity, and with her strength returning fast, Melissa released the scissors and quickly turned Eliza onto her stomach. Eliza's attempts to utilise her brief freedom were mediocre at best, and Melissa had little trouble putting her exactly where she wanted her. Once Eliza was lying on her stomach, Melissa sat astride her back. Eliza tried to push herself up with her arms, but Melissa quickly grabbed both her wrists in each of her hands. She then forced the brunette's arms behind her back and began to push them upwards in an agonising double hammer-lock. Eliza screamed, but Melissa was not finished yet. Shifting slightly, Melissa brought her knees up used them to pin Eliza's arms in their torturous position. With her hands now free, Melissa leant forward and cupped them under Eliza's chin. Eliza knew what was coming and tried to brace herself for the pain. It didn't work.

Eliza howled as Melissa pulled her head backwards, stretching her neck and back, whilst still keeping her arms in position with her knees. Eliza was trapped in a camel-clutch, double hammer lock combination, a technique that could have only one outcome for the victim. Submission. Melissa knew this and offered Eliza an easy exit.

"D'you give?" she asked, her nerves now excised and the confident Melissa back in the saddle, both figuratively AND literally. "When are you dark haired bitches gonna realise that you just don't have what it takes to beat a blonde...much less a blonde with my ability."

"NO!" cried out Eliza. Melissa pulled back on her chin harder and Eliza bit back the cry of anguish that wanted to be expelled. She would not give Melissa the satisfaction of knowing she was in control. Again Melissa pulled backwards, the pressure in Eliza's neck, back and arms was by now intolerable to almost everybody. Almost. Eliza would not yield, not yet. Whilst she was still conscious, there was still a chance, despite the white hot pain coursing through nearly every muscle and joint in her body.

As Melissa pulled back still further, Eliza tried to visualise their position in her mind's eye. Melissa's frustration at Eliza's refusal to give probably meant she was getting careless. Well aware of the angle of her own upper body, and the anguish her position was causing her, Eliza surmised that Melissa was presumably leaning backwards to increase the tension of the camel clutch. If this was the case, she had found her opening.

Eliza brought her feet up and back, bending her legs at the knees. For a second her feet moved aimlessly about, as though feeling their way in the dark. Then they found their target. As Eliza had guessed, Melissa had been leaning backwards, her head was not far from Eliza's lower body. Not far enough. In an instant, Eliza had wrapped her feet around Melissa's throat. Surprised, Melissa immediately released her grip on Eliza's neck and tried to pry Eliza's feet from her neck. Although Eliza didn't have the purchase to apply much pressure, she didn't need to. With her hold on her neck now released, Melissa found herself being dragged backwards by her own neck as Eliza pulled her feet back down to the mat. Melissa's head crashed into the ground with a thud, the soft covering of the Dojo floor doing little to decrease the impact.

Melissa was bewildered, not only as a result of her collision with the floor but also with how Eliza had managed to escape her grasp. Eliza, meanwhile, was able to clamber from underneath Melissa's beaten body and get to her feet ahead of her near-spent rival. She allowed Melissa time to rise slowly upright. Not out of respect or compassion, but because it was a lot easier to execute a spinning back kick on a standing opponent. Eliza spun on the ball of her left foot as her right leg flew out. Time seemed to slow as the path of her foot took it nearer and nearer to Melissa's face.

The kick connected with a sickening crunch. Sickening for Melissa at least. Eliza however with quiet pleased with it's effects. Melissa literally flew across the Dojo and slumped to the mat, her only movement, the unsteady rise and fall of her chest in time with her faltering breath.

Eliza approached her slowly. "I told you it was over," she said, using her foot to roll the barely conscious blond onto her back. Melissa looked up through hazy eyes, as Eliza delicately removed her thong and tossed it aside.

Eliza stood over Melissa's head and gazed down. "This is going to hurt you," she said, sinking to her knees, "a lot more than it hurts me." For a brief second, her crotch hovered teasingly over Melissa's face. Then she leant forward and gripped Melissa's long hair in her hands and pulled the protesting blonde's face into her sex.

Melissa's muffled cries of mercy fell on deaf ears. Eliza's hips began to move back and forth, grinding her wet pussy into the face of her beaten foe. Spitefully, Eliza pulled Melissa's head still deeper into her pubic mound, crying out in ecstasy as she did so.

Melissa's resistance was over and she was forced to capitulate to Eliza's every wish. Melissa could barely breathe, her mouth and nose smothered by Eliza's crotch. Maintaining her grip on Melissa's blonde locks with one hand, Eliza reached back with her other hand and took Melissa's exposed right nipple and pinched it between her thumb and forefinger. Taking a spiteful pleasure in the suffering of her victim, Eliza began to twist the trapped teat viciously.

Melissa's eyes were her only feature not smothered by Eliza's pleasure spot and revealed a gamut of emotions from sheer pain to utter humiliation. Melissa's nose was firmly engulfed between Eliza's sex lips, breathing in the brunette's musty scent. With each tug on her captive nipple, Melissa's mouth opened in silent scream allowing her to literally taste her defeat.

The rhythmic movement of Eliza's hips had almost reached a crescendo and Eliza screamed in rapturous pleasure, holding Melissa in one spot for nearly a minute, before finally allowing her head to fall back to the mat.

Eliza then turned around, to face Melissa's lower body and placed her pert bottom on her face, allowing all her weight to rest there. "I told you it'd hurt," she said. "But don't think that's an end to it. From now on, you're my slave. When I call, you come running. Whatever Sarah might say, from today...I'm your Teacher."

Melissa could do nothing but murmur her agreement weakly her face bruised, bloodied and wet with Eliza's victory. She had been beaten and humiliated, not just by a brunette, but by a better fighter.

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