Eliza Dushku vs. Jennifer Love Hewitt by jackd

Jenny Love Hewitt was on top of the world. Her movie career was taking off and she was on everyone's list of the hottest young stars in Hollywood. Her 'sweet, good girl' image was the talk of the town, even though she took every chance to teasingly show off her oversized rack. Today was no exception.

She was participating in an afternoon fund raiser featuring various competitions between rising young stars of TV and the movies. Jen arrived in tight dark blue jeans that hugged her sexy curvy rear and a blue bikini top designed to cause a stir by lifting her bust high pushing it together to emphasize her large, round bosom. She strutted around the crowd as reporters flocked to her side. She was sure she was the big draw for the afternoon.

Eliza Dushku had arrived earlier without making a show of herself. But the tough, sexy starlet still looked red hot in a pair of faded jeans and a light blue bikini top. She'd been quietly pleased to find she'd drawn Jen as her opponent for the day, and even happier that their competition would be arm wrestling. Eliza despised the perky, cocky Jen and was eager for a chance to take her down a few notches.

When a reporter told Jen she was facing Eliza in an arm wrestling match, he asked if she'd be the fan favorite against the tough star of Buffy fame.

Jenny just giggled, "Well I can take care of Eliza, no problem. As for the fans, oh sure Eliza is cute and all, but I mean, she's no Jennifer Love Hewitt."

Jen laughed, running her hands over her shapely breasts and then down her jeans so nobody missed what she meant.

Eliza fumed as she listened to the perky Jen boasting, "I don't know why, but I guess guys just love the Love. I mean, they sure talk about my - well, let's admit it, my breasts - all the time!" she giggled. "They're just attracted to me more than some of the other girls around here, who don't, well," and Jen cupped her big breasts together, "they don't have what the boys are looking for."

The sexy Jen gushed and winked, pretending to be embarrassed at her own comment as the reporters gawked at her awesome bod. But Eliza wasn't falling for it. As the conceited Jen turned around she bumped smack into Eliza, who had been standing right behind her with her hands on her hips.

"Oh, hi Eliza," smiled the surprised and slightly embarrassed Jen.

Eliza glared back, and the reporters, sensing the rising heat between the young brunette beauties, pointed the camera in Eliza's direction, "You heard what Jennifer had to say, Eliza. Is Jen right that she'll be the fan favorite because they want to see what she's got and you and these other girls don't?"

A wicked grin came across Eliza's face, "I think the only thing people want to see is this arrogant chick getting her butt kicked by a real fan favorite - a real girl who doesn't need a steel supported push-up bra to try and hold up her own chest!"

With a condescending glance at Jen, Eliza turned and stalked off. Jen was stunned. At first she was embarrassed, as all the reporters and onlookers laughed at how she had been put in her place by Eliza. But that soon turned to anger. Just who was this chick to talk that way about her!

As whispers ran through the crowd about the budding new rivalry between the young sexpots, the girls headed over to a table that had been set up for the arm wrestling match. Eliza looked mean and nasty compared with sweet Jen, and the competition had all the makings of a classic good girl/bad girl battle.

A large crowd of fans and reporters had gathered for the match after hearing about the catty remarks between the two sexy stars. The still cocky Jennifer waved to the crowd, eager to have them show they were behind her and not Eliza. Then Jen put her arm down on the table. A serious looking Eliza did the same. Their hands locked and the ref began the event. Jen's face strained as she struggled to push over Eliza's arm, but she couldn't seem to budge the strong girl's wrist.

Eliza just smiled, "Oh, you're real tough Lovey."

The comment angered Jen, who pressed even harder, her arm now trembling while she gritted her teeth, but still no success.

Suddenly, Eliza looked down to Jen's chest and gasped, "Oh no Love, one of your saggy boobs just flopped out on the table!"

Panicked and confused, Jen covered her bosom with her free hand as she looked down. Just then, Eliza slammed Jen's arm backwards to the table with a powerful surge, winning the match easily.

"Hey no fair! You tricked me!" pouted Jen when she realized everything was right where it was supposed to be.

Eliza, standing up to the wild cheers of the crowd she had now won over and snarled back, "Guess you shouldn't worry so much about your tits, girlie. Not that your weak ass ever had a chance against me anyway."

The crowed roared at the comment while laughing at how the conceited Jennifer had been put in her place. Jen was stunned by the humiliating way she'd been beaten, and angry at Eliza for her rude teasing.

"Well," Jen responded, trying to win back the fans. "Just be glad it wasn't a real wrestling match 'cause I'd sure win. I'd show everyone you're not the tough girl you play on TV!"

Jen stood up and walked away in a huff, struggling to maintain a little bit of her self-respect. The eager crowd then gathered around the victorious Eliza who was fuming at the arrogance of Jen's boastful challenge even after her defeat. A reporter quickly asked Eliza if she thought she could beat Jen in a real fight.

A determined Eliza gave a nod, "Oh, pul-leeze! Jenny?! Lets just say little Jenny should be careful what she asks for, 'cause before the day's done you'll all see she's just sealed her own fate."

Jen, meanwhile, moved to another end of the party but she couldn't hide from the questions dogging her about her humiliating loss to this new rival and about the brash girl's disparaging comments on the state of her precious chest! Jen decided it was a good time to escape to the bathroom to fix herself up.

On her way, Jen passed through a big tent where all the food had been set out for the lunch later in the day. She was halfway through the empty tent when she was startled by the site of Eliza waiting at the other end, leaning against the entrance with one hand on her hips, her fingers impatiently tapping the tent pole. Eliza glared menacingly at the suddenly unsure Jen, who looked around the tent and quickly realized she was all alone with the girl she'd been trash talking outside.

Eliza stepped forward towards Jen and the two gorgeous young brunettes in jeans and bikini tops were soon face to face in the empty tent. Jen's top could barely contain her huge rack, and her jeans were cut high and tight on her full curvy ass. Eliza's top was tiny and cut low, revealing much of her own sexy bust; not as big as Jen's but certainly sizable enough in its own right, and her jeans hugged her own lean and muscular body.

But it was the attitude that clearly contrasted the two now. The once pompous Jen was speechless, looking timid and self-conscious, while her rival had the confident mien of an angry cat preparing to strike.

"Who the fuck do you think you are, you little cunt?!" screamed Eliza as Jen backed away.

"By the looks of it, I'd say nothin but a geek - and a scrawny lookin' geek at that! All you got are those fat ass dumpy tits, and everyone can see they're already saggin' down to your knees!"

Jen looked down defensively at her breasts, trying to hide her own long held fear that people thought just that about her prized chest. Although she was growing somewhat afraid, the haughty Jen was determined not to get pushed around by this younger challenger.

"Get out of my face you loser. I'm not buying into this BS reputation of you being the tough and nasty Faith, or Slayer, or whatever. Its just a loser part you play on TV, anyway, which was probably the only role an ugly skank like you could get!"

Thinking she had put the upstart in her place, Jen tried to walk on past her foe but Eliza was full of rage and she grabbed Jen's arm.

"Sorry honey, but you told everyone you wanted a real fight, now you've got one!"

With a sudden move, Eliza punched Jen in her tight bare stomach, doubling her over in pain. Jen was shocked, but before she could react Eliza had taken hold of her hair, spinning her around and around by her long locks before finally slamming her head down against the table.

Jen was dazed. As she slowly turned to face Eliza, she worried that she had found herself in a real fight and wondered if Eliza really was as mean a fighter as she played on television. With the small of her back pressed up against the table, the helpless looking Jen soon found out. Eliza wasted no time in getting nasty, as she began raining open hand slaps on Jen's bikini covered boobs!


Jen's big bouncing breasts went flying, Eliza almost knocking them out of her sturdy bikini top.

"Lets see how floppy those ugly ass tits really are!" cheered Eliza as she whacked away.

As Jen's tits were pounded mercilessly, she cried out begging for Eliza to stop.


Eliza's fists kept coming from all sides. Unable to protect her prized assets, Jen collapsed to her knees. She couldn't believe this witch would go after her tits like that! Her mind raced at what to do to prevent further abuse. With Jen kneeling on the floor trying to catch her breath, Eliza took the opportunity to grab a large punch bowl that was on the table above the fallen Jen. She lifted it over Jen's head and slowly poured the red, sticky liquid all over Jen's long hair. Jen screeched in protest and disbelief, reaching up to feel her suddenly soaked and sticky hair in tangles. Jen then looked down to see her bikini and chest also dripping wet.

"You bitch!" Jen screamed. "How am I going to go back out there like this?!"

She rose to her knees and tried to shake the punch out of her long hair and off her wet breasts.

"Oh don't worry Jenny-poo, you won't be going back out there in these clothes anyway!"

Jen panicked when she heard those words, but before she could react Eliza had grabbed hold of her bikini top and snatched it right off her body! Jen shrieked in disbelief and desperately tried to cover her bared breasts, shocked at the dirty conduct of this bawdy upstart and utterly embarrassed at her predicament; topless, drenched in red punch, and seemingly helpless to stop this new rival from working her over at will. She thought of trying to run, but leaving the tent in the sorry state she had been reduced to would bring sure public humiliation.

Eliza, meanwhile, was all business, and quickly got back to work by lifting Jen up to her feet. Jen tried to lift her hands defensively, but Eliza just slapped them back down to Jen's side to clear the way for another attack.

"This is too easy!" Eliza chuckled as she went back to work on her rival's showy bounty, this time with her tight fists pounding Jen's big bare breasts like punching bags.

Jenny's unprotected tits flopped all over - left, right, up and down - as Eliza's flying fists pounded them, each blow driving deep into Jen's soft tender flesh.

"I'll smash these floppy-ass tits flat, you stuck-up slut!" barked Eliza.

Jen seemed helpless to stop the onslaught on her precious breasts, as she was backed into the table, her hands desperately trying to cover up her bouncing boobs. But Eliza kept up the attack, driving her fists again and again deep into Jen's big, banged up tits. Jen was staggering, almost in tears.

"These weak tits can't be what you're so proud of Jenny?!" yelled as Eliza, as she drilled one more hard right straight to the center of Jenny's left tit, her fist crushing Jen's nipple and sinking deep into the soft titflesh.

"Ouch! My boob!" cried Jenny, but Eliza just smiled, leaving her fist buried for a few moments deep in Jen's breast, grinding her knuckles hard into Jen's sunken tit for good measure as Jen screamed out in pain.

Exhausted and overwhelmed, Jen collapsed back to the floor once more, sobbing and holding her aching chest. She didn't know what to do next, and couldn't believe how easily she was being embarrassed.

Eliza looked down at her beaten foe, "You're so pathetic Love," she observed with disdain. "But lets make sure everyone else will be able to see just how pathetic you are!"

With that, Eliza turned back to the table, took a bottle of chocolate syrup and returned to her cowering victim.

"No, don't!" begged Jen as she looked up at her tormentor, but it was no use.

Eliza slowly poured the dark chocolate down on Jen's chest, letting it splash all over Jenny's bare and battered tits. Jen cried out in humiliation and disgust as her breasts were soon covered in the dark syrup, which then ran down the sides of her luscious mounds and all over her stomach and sides. Jenny kicked her legs and stomped her feet on the floor in helpless frustration.

Eliza just smiled, "Oh come on Jenny, you're too weak and pathetic to challenge me, so why even fight it? I've got to finish you off so everyone can see what that overstuffed body of yours really looks like!"

She then sat herself down on Jen's knees and took hold of Jen's jeans by the waist.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" screamed Jenny as Eliza worked open the snaps and began slowly sliding them down the legs and off of the writhing body of her protesting rival.

"Strippin' you down to your famously fat ass missy!" taunted Eliza.

Jennifer squirmed and struggled but couldn't stop her foe from pulling her pants down and off her legs. Eliza tossed her prize to the side with a wicked grin and then looked over at Jen, who was now covered only by her little pink panties. She then flipped the fearful Jen over on to her stomach, planted a foot in Jen's back to keep her down, and then went back for more.

After taking a large cake from the table, Eliza now kneeled back down over her foe's vulnerable rear. With Jen trapped, Eliza proceeded to smash the dessert smack down on Jen's plump ass. Jen yelped out as her pink panties all but disappeared under a thick layer of angel cake. Eliza then grabbed on to Jen's sexy ass and rubbed the cake in hard, covering her whole rear in the sticky dessert and icing.

Eliza then sat down hard on Jen's back facing her butt, crushing her big boobs underneath her. With both hands, Eliza reached down and grabbed two big handfuls of Jen's slimy ass cheeks, mauling them between her biting fingers.

"Let's tighten up this flabby big ass of yours Lovey!" Eliza teased as she squeezed Jen's butt cheeks together into a big mound, her fingernails digging deep into the soft flesh, her thumbs gouging down perilously close to Jennifer's crotch.

Jen wailed and wailed as her ass was mauled relentlessly. Her cries for mercy were finally heeded as Eliza released her claw hold on Jen's sexy scratched up rear. But there would be no rest for the once proud scream queen while her new challenger was around. Eliza lifted the panting Jenny off her stomach and up to her hands and knees, and then sat down straddling Jen's back.

"Let's go horsy!" mocked Eliza, giving a hard smack on Jenny's messy butt for good measure. Jenny just whimpered as she was forced to crawl around the ground on hands and knees with the wicked Eliza riding her bare back with a smile. Each time the humbled Jen stopped, Eliza would reach back and, with a cry of "giddeyup!", give a hard smack or squeeze to Jen's reddened and battered buns still covered in gooey cake to get the weary Jen crawling again.

Finally, an exhausted Jen could take no more and she collapsed flat on her stomach. Jen's huge tits oozed out from under her armpits, crushed beneath the weight of Eliza on her back. Liking the target, Eliza reached down to Jennifer's protruding boobs, cupped her hands underneath each, and began pinching Jen's big nipples.

"Leggo! Pleeease!" sobbed Jen, as she tried to pry her rival's hands from her chest to end the painful tit twisting.

"OK Jenny dear," smirked Eliza as she let go of her victim's big rack and then lifted Jen back up to her feet, propping her weakened rival's back against the table. Jen was overwhelmed, utterly embarrassed and humiliated by her foe.

"Poor Jenny. Guess you can't handle a real woman after all, huh?" Eliza then picked up one last dessert - a large peach pie - and slapped it smack on Jen's crotch.

By now Jen wasn't offering any resistance, so Eliza rubbed the pie all over her thighs and crotch.

"You like peach, Lovey dear?" teased Eliza, as her probing fingers worked their way under Jen's messy panties, rubbing the filling all over her womanhood. With Jen moaning helplessly, Eliza drove her sticky fingers into Jenny's snatch.

"Please Eliza, leave me alone!" begged Jen.

But Eliza just barked back, "Shut up little girl! Weren't you just the cocky bitch telling everyone outside you could take me down?! Well, you're gonna take what you deserve princess!"

She continued to assault Jen's crotch, tearing at her Jenny's pussy and ripping at the thick mess of her tangled, curly pubes. When Eliza finally did let up, she left the tangled mess of peach filling and dark pubic hair sticking out from the tattered thin panties she had wedged into Jen's crotch.

Eliza stood back and observed with pride the sight of how she had humbled the once stuck-up Jennifer Love Hewitt, now deflated and stripped half-naked, a messy layer of desserts covering every part of her once proud body. Satisfied, Eliza tossed Jen to the ground and moved in for the kill.

Dropping her own ass down on Jen's face, Eliza smothered the gagging Jen under her tight sexy rear. With Jenny's messy body writhing and squirming in front of her, the vengeful Eliza reached forward to the all-too inviting target of Jen's once-proud peaks, now utterly defenseless and at her mercy. With two hands she latched on to both of Jen's breasts, her palms mashing Jen's big boobs flat. Eliza then dug in, squeezing down hard as Jen's tit flesh oozed between her curled fingers. With Jenny's cries muffled beneath her tormentor's ass, Jen's arms and legs flailed wildly as Eliza kept digging in with her brutal breast claw, pummeling Jen's throbbing tits without mercy.

Suddenly, the doors swung open. A pleased and satisfied Eliza stood up over her vanquished foe as a large crowd funneled in. Expecting to see lunch, they were stunned to instead find a mucked up and half naked Jen lying beaten at the feet of a glowing Eliza. Every part of Jenny's luscious body was covered in what had been lunch and her long hair was a wet, messy tangle.

"Well, everyone, I just want to tell you that cocky Miss Hewitt put her money where her mouth was. She tried to take me on like she said she could do outside and you see the result before you."

Eliza then lifted Jen's half limp body and turned her over so Jen's round, battered, butt was on display for the crowd. Cakes and sauces covered her ass, which at first glance appeared naked. Only a close look revealed the faint outline of the remnants of her messy panties, half of which were wedged into her crack leaving her left butt cheek bare.

"But as you can see," Eliza continued to tease. "Lovey dear's mouth was as big as this cottage cheese ass of hers!"

The crowd, knowing how cocky Jen had been before, couldn't help but chuckle as Eliza gave a playful but stern SPANK to Jenny's jiggly round bottom, leaving a fresh hand print on her butt as Jen's eyes swelled with tears at this public humiliation.

Eliza spun Jen around again to face the crowd, making sure they all got a look at the beaten girl's battered, messy bare breasts and her grimy crotch with her tattered, sticky dark pubic mound visible under the wet remnants of her thin pink panties.

"Problem is," continued Eliza. "The wimpy Love stood up to me about as well as her cow tits stand up when they're not held up by a heavy-duty superbra!"

Again, the crowd broke out with laughs as Eliza slapped the bottom of Jen's messy and scratched up left tit, sending it flopping upward into her chin, then dropping back down and bouncing about on her heaving chest.

"Look here Jenny," Eliza taunted as she cupped her own tantalizing breasts beneath her bikini top. "This is what a FIRM pair of tits look like!"

Jen looked away in shame, but Eliza kept on her, sticking her sexy rear end into Jen's face.

"And look Lovey - this is what a nice TIGHT ass look like!"

Jen turned away in disgust and disgrace as tears rolled down her red cheeks.

But Eliza was all smiles, "So lets see now princess, I kicked your ass in arm wrestling, I beat the crap out of your sorry ass in fighting, and now you and everyone else has seen that your saggy ass body you talk so much about can't stand up to mine!"

Jen was overcome with embarrassment as the crowd roared its agreement. Jen meekly tried to cover her battered big breasts in shame by crossing her arms over her chocolate covered nakedness but Eliza gave her no peace, delivering one last hard shove to Jen's busty chest, which sent her tumbling back to the ground on her butt.

Eliza grinned as Jenny landed hard on her ass, "Now take your big floppy ass - and you fat saggy tits - and get out of here girl! Your fifteen minutes of fame are long over! Eliza's the new show in town now!"

All Jen could do was look up in shame from the floor as the victorious Eliza ran her fingers over her own sleek, sexy body, mocking what Jen had done earlier. Then Eliza turned to be greeted by the crowd and Jenny could see they were all too eager to congratulate her on, quite literally, beating the pants off the once cocky Ms. Jennifer Love Hewitt.