Eliza Dushku vs. Rose McGowan by The Walkin' Dude

Kristen Kreuk had just left the ring after her explosive post-match brawl with Elisha Cuthbert when the announcer at Tookey's stepped back into the ring. It took the poor guy a solid two minutes to even get the attention of the crowd still buzzing over the bizarre course the previous match had taken. Finally though, he managed to catch their notice and began the introductions for the second half of the double main event.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we just saw two - by all accounts - ‘good’ girls trying to obliterate each other! As great as that match was, we're not done! This next match features two women known throughout the league for their bad attitudes and for having a cruel streak a mile wide! If our previous combatants were ‘good’ and still almost destroyed one another, can you imagine what THESE two hellcats might do to one another? So without further ado, introducing first, she is.......Eliza Dushku!"

The Jet's “Cold Hard Bitch” hit the speakers and Eliza made her way to ring slowly, taking in the crowd's enthusiastic cheers (as of course the crowd was taking her in as well). For this match, the brunette was wearing a two-piece electric blue bikini that seemed to glow under the hot lights of the club; standard issue black knee and elbow pads and short black and blue wrestling boots. Her sultry look was completed by a pair of worn out fingerless black leather gloves. Reaching the ring, Eliza rolled in under the ropes and popped to her feet; her acrobatic entrance being rewarded her fans whom she favored with her trademark cocky grin since this beautiful grappler was confident of victory even before a single punch was thrown.

The ring announcer resumed, "And her opponent is the irresistable force.....Rose ‘The Claw’ McGowan!"

Stone Temple Pilots' “Wicked Garden” poured out over the speakers as Rose threw the curtain aside with a dramatic fluorish and strode out into the spotlight. Like Eliza before her, this beautiful brunette strode slowly down the aisle, basking in the adulation of the fans; but unlike Eliza, Rose didn’t acknowledge the fans and kept her eyes locked on Eliza. This evening Rose elected to wear a leopard print bikini that barely covered just enough of her to avoid prosecution under the municipality’ ‘nudity law’. Her pads and boots were also stark black, each embroidered with a small, stylized Rose, her personal trademark.

She hit the ring and swung first one leg, then the other between the ropes. Standing opposite Eliza, the brunette's face bore a devilish grin for she was just as cock sure of victory (if not more so) than Eliza. The women waited tensely for the announcer to leave the ring for the bell and, in seconds, their wish was granted. When the bell sounded, Rose and Eliza each made a beeline for the other and the two brunette's got nose to nose mid-ring, each wearing an insolent smirk on her beautiful face.

Eyeing Eliza coldly, Rose sneered, "THIS is the best they could for me tonight? I'm fighting McGowan Lite for God’s sake; half the looks and attitude and none of the talent."

Eliza fired back, "...and none of the venereal diseases either, you cheap slut." Her dark eyes seemed to hold no fear of Rose's sadistic ring reputation.

Smiling, Rose continued the war of words, "Spunky little bitch aren't you? I'll have to do something about….THAT!!"

As the last word crossed her lips, Rose's arm arced upward and her open hand landed CRACK across Eliza’s mouth. The brunette's head snapped back from the blow but Eliza righted herself and quickly regaining her senses, launched a slap of her own that caught Rose flush on the cheek.

Rose staggered back a step, then looked up; fixing Eliza with a malevolent grin, "Oh, I'm so gonna enjoy breaking you."

"I'd like to see you tr...unnnnghhh!" Eliza was cut off as Rose drove her fist into her jaw.

Eliza staggered back, shaking her head trying to clear it, but Rose followed up quickly, delivering several more ringing shots to Eliza’s flushed face and heaving chest. Rose drew back for a haymaker aimed at Eliza's jaw that, if it connected, would likely end the bout in record time, but Eliza still had the wherewithal to side-step the punch and fire one her own. Her fist sank deep into Rose's smooth belly and the shorter brunette doubled over gasping, her shattered defenses allowing Eliza to pound two more hard fists into her unguarded stomach. Gathering up a clump of Rose’s dark hair in one hand, Eliza yanked her upright and held her head up while she ripped a flurry of short, snapping punches to her chin.

Rose's knees began to buckle and Eliza taunted, "Come on bitch! I thought you were gonna teach ME a lesson!"

it was at that instant that Rose's hands swept up and her nails raked across the brunette's eyes, temporarily blinding her! Rose freed herself from Eliza’s grip, grabbed the incapacitated brunette's wrist and pulled her toward her. As Eliza stumbled forward, Rose launched a knee that struck her stumbling foe just below the belly button. Eliza was bent over as Rose brought three more knee lifts up into her unguarded gut, each taking a little more out of her. With Eliza bent in front of her, Rose changed her aim for her next knee, this time catching Eliza full in the forehead. There was a heavy THONK bone on bone, then Eliza’s knees unhinged and she slowly crumpled to the mat where she lay on her back, rolling around holding her battered belly and spinning head as Rose kneels down beside her. Rose rolls Eliza onto her stomach, then throws a leg over her back, straddling Eliza's upper back facing the back of her head.

Rose smiles sweetly as she uses Eliza’s dark locks to pull her head up and back, lifting her heaving bosom off the mat into the air beneath her, snarling coldly, "School's in session, hon! And here comes your first lesson!!"

Curving her fingers into hooks, Rose reaches around Eliza’s head and forces as many fingers as she can into Eliza's mouth from both sides, then pulls back hard, tearing at the brunette's cheeks. Eliza's protests are garbled by Rose's digging fingers as the sadistic Rose continues clawing at her gorgeous features. Gagging and groaning from the vicious clawing, Eliza does the only thing she can, she bites down as hard as she can. Rose's cold grin turns to a shriek of pain as Eliza's teeth clamp down on her fingers. Flailing wildly, Rose finally manages to pull her hands out of Eliza’s maw before any real major damage is done to her digits.

Free of Rose’s face rake, Eliza scrambles to her feet where she charges Rose who's too busy nursing her hands to notice her approach. Before Rose realizes what's happening, she's caught, lifted off the mat and raised up over Eliza's shoulder. The dominant brunette raises up on tip-toes, getting maximum elevation before driving Rose to the mat with a Body Slam. The inebriated crowd cheers the back and forth action of the match thus far although several in attendance are surprised to see a Body Slam in this match. They figured displays of technical wrestling would be few and far between with these ladies. But if the first few minutes was an accurate forecast of what was to come, the contest would be a knock-down, drag-out, pier six brawl that only just happened to take place in a wrestling ring. Not that the crowd cared one way or the other - as long as the women kept beating the garbage out of one another!

Back in the ring, Eliza brought the stunned Rose to a sitting position, knelt behind her and drove one knee into Rose's back as she grabbed her under the chin and pulled her head back while she taunted, "You know your biggest mistake Rose? Trying to fuck with someone meaner than you!"

Eliza reached around and dug her own claws into Rose's face, raking slowly from chin to forehead, paying special attention to her nose and eyes. Rose grunted as Eliza's fingers furrowed her pale skin and it wasn’t until after several Eliza rakes that Rose was finally able to get a grip on Eliza’s hands - but she still couldn’t pry them from her face. Taking a page out of Eliza’s own playbook, Rose pulled Eliza's hand to her mouth and bit down on the soft webbing between her thumb and index finger. Eliza cursed as Rose’s teeth sank into her hand and the pain soon becoming unbearable. Eliza released the hold and pulled away, rolled over and stood up, then began to slowly circle as Rose regained her feet as well.

Facing off, each girl admired the handiwork her claws had done to the other's face. The skin on both faces was scratched and scored, a testament to the cruel power of their respective face rakes. Their brief reprieve came to an end when Eliza shot forward, launching a Knife Edge Chop at the ample frontage of Rose's chest. Rose grimaced as a flash of pain surged through her, but not to be outdone she hit a chop of her own, relishing Eliza's pained grunt as she tasted Rose's power. Eliza fired a second chop and, again, Rose reciprocated in kind. Soon, red welts covered all four breasts as the painful chopping contest took a toll on both gladiators. The crowd urged both of them to keep hitting and every chop seemed harder and more painful than the last. Finally, after a dozen shots, Rose stuck an especially brutally hard chop that sizzled Eliza's already tender chest and sent the taller brunette crumbling to the mat moaning in pain.

Rose cupped her own stinging breasts and gave them a brief rubdown (a move that drew instant cheers) then enjoying her dominance, Rose went into a little bump and grind, driving the audience wild with her seductive movements and showing her utter disdain for Eliza. Ending her dance, Rose returned to the match only to be immediately confronted by a recovered Eliza who’d lain in wait for the perfect moment to strike. Taking her shot, Eliza drove a thrust kick to Rose's chest. Rose should have been caught off guard by the move, but she wasn't and she grabbed Eliza's ankle as it came up and pulled her leg to her.

Off balance, Eliza was easy pickings when Rose ducked low and lifted Eliza off her feet, draped gut down over Rose's shoulder like a sack of potatoes; her red face bumping Rose’s leopard printed ass as Rose kept a firm grip around Eliza’s long legs. Knowing she had Eliza right where she wanted her, Rose carried her around the ring, wanting Eliza to feel utterly helpless until Rose executed her next move. Standing center ring, Rose planted both feet and then snapped her head and shoulders forward, bending over at the waist. Eliza went along for the ride, lifted up and flung backward until she came smashing down hard to the canvas; her head whip-lashing back painfully on impact. The crowd cheered at Rose's brutal Sidewalk Slam variation.

Still holding Eliza's limp legs, Rose looked down at her and sneered, "Time for lesson number two, my little Eliza."

Tossing Eliza’s legs aside with a disdainful flick of her wrists, Rose stepped over Eliza and dropped down, straddling her waist. She grabbed two handfuls of dark hair and pulled the dazed Eliza's face up and plunged it deep into her ample cleavage. Eliza thrashed wildly in the tit smother but Rose wrapped her arms around her head and held on tight. Rose's expression as she suffocated her hated rival in her abundant assets was one of primal, savage joy.

Grinding Eliza’s face with her barely covered breasts, Rose snidely mocked her, "This is only the beginning ‘Liza. After you've tasted my tit sweat, I'll cave your ribs in with a bear hug. Then if you still haven't screamed for mercy, I'll let you stop and smell the Roses while I sit on your face. That's what happens when a second rate twat like you tries to fight someone like....ARRRGGGHHHH!"

Rose's banter was cut short when Eliza beat fist after fist against her tormentors ribs. Rose tried to maintain her smother, but Eliza's assault was unrelenting and soon she was forced to release her hold and shove Eliza away. Rose turned away clutching her injured side and the second Eliza was free, she rolled onto her side where she lay gasping and sucking in deep breaths of air. Eliza lay that way for almost thirty seconds, just trying to get her wind back, before she regained her feet, again ready to do battle. Unfortunately for Eliza, Rose was also ready to fight again and as Eliza stood up, she was met with a hard clothesline across her breasts. Eliza was once again slammed to the mat gasping as Rose stood dominant over her. Pulling Eliza up by the hair, Rose wrapped her strong arms around the other brunette's slick waist and hugged her tight. Their flat bellies slapped as they slammed together

With Eliza still dazed by the clothesline, she was unable to reply when Rose whispered into her ear, "I'm gonna crush your tits now bitch. Struggle all you want, it just makes it more fun!"

Rose took a deep breath and began squeezing, grinding her body roughly against Eliza’s. Every part of Eliza's torso was being crushed against Rose whose breasts were flattening hers. Rose's slick belly slapped against Eliza’s slack midriff and each little thrust of Rose's hips pounded their groins together - yet another contest Rose was winning. Fading in the hold, Eliza knows she must escape; nobody has ever survived for long trapped in Rose's dreaded Bear Hug. Deciding to fight vicious with vicious, Eliza grabs Rose's hair in both hands and pulls her head back as hard as she can. The move takes Rose by surprise, but her bearhug doesn't weaken even a little.

Looking at her captive Rose smiles grimly "I love it when they fight back. Makes breaking them even more fun."

Not bothering to reply, Eliza snaps her head forward and bites down on Rose’s forehead. Rose shrieks in pain and surprise as Eliza gnaws on her forehead. After an especially vicious bite, Rose releases her bearhug and shoves Eliza away as hard as she can as her hands come up to her injured forehead, trying to gauge the damage done by Eliza's teeth. Eliza, on the other hand, is on one knee a few feet away, again trying to get her breath in the aftermath of Rose's squeeze. Finally able to draw breath, Eliza looks up, fire burning in her dark eyes. Seeing Rose still preoccupied with her mangled cranium, Eliza runs forward and leaps, smashing her boot into Rose's chin with a Spinning Heel Kick! Rose hits the mat moaning and stars bloom behind her eyes. Wasting no time, Eliza drags Rose to her feet and fires a brutal litany of palm strikes and kicks to her vaunted chest. Eliza uses Rose's tits for target practice for almost a minute before she lands a beautiful roundhouse kick dead center between the two abused globes, the kick dropping Rose in a heap!

Now it’s Eliza’s turn to gloat as she stands with her hands on her hips over the battered Rose, "Still like it when I fight back Rose? I hope you do, ‘cuz I've got a whole lotta fight left in me!"

Eliza brought her booted foot up and stomped down hard, pancaking Rose's tits on her chest and causing them further painful damage. Rose tries to escape the beating by rolling over on her side, but Eliza just keeps firing kicks to the downed brunette's back and ribs until she rolls over again; allowing Eliza’s tit stomping to resume.

To take a breather, Eliza straddles the injured Rose and grabs a handful a dark hair in one hand, pulling her head up so she can pound her fist down into Rose's defenseless face. The crowd begins counting the punches as the ref warns Eliza about using her closed fist, threatening disqualification if she continues to break the rules by using them. Deciding she wanted to inflict more pain in her nemesis, Eliza stops punching and drags Rose to her feet. Standing behind the dazed and wobbling brunette, Eliza begins her next move by leisurely grabbing a handful of Rose's hair. Then Eliza bends Rose over backward trapping her head under her arm in what appears to be a Dragon Sleeper. But Eliza only holds Rose in that position a second before falling backward, driving Rose's neck and shoulders into the mat in an Inverted DDT!!

Rose lays moannig softly as she holds her injured neck trying to find any relief she can. To Rose's chagrin, Eliza gives her no reprieve from her attack, again pulling Rose to her feet. Then Eliza leaves her swaying unsteadily at the center of the ring as she runs the ropes and rebounds off them to repay Rose's Clothesline from before. But just as Eliza extended her arm, Rose ducked low and wrapped her arms around Eliza's upper thighs. Straightening up, Rose lifts Eliza clean off the canvas! She walks back a few steps before falling backward and snapping Eliza’s throat across the top rope. Eliza's head is whipped back on contact and she slams to the mat where she lays wretching and gagging, totally oblivious to anything but her brutalized esophagus.

Breathing hard, Rose gets up and leans on the ropes for a second, trying to get her wits about her before turning her full wrath on the writhing, gasping, gagging Eliza. Rose moves with a slow, cruel intelligence and a bit of a swagger as she approaches her wounded rival. Without hesitating, she raises her boot and stomps her heel down hard onto Eliza’s undefended crotch. The downed brunette’s wail at Rose's latest assault increases in both volume and length as her hands jerk from her throat down to her pussy. But as evil as Rose’s groin stomp had been, it was only a prelude to her actual plan. With Eliza occupied by the fire in her groin, Rose planted a booted foot across Eliza’s throat and leaned forward, choking her and cutting off her air.

When Eliza realized what Rose was doing, she grabbed Rose's ankle with both hands and tried to lift Rose's weight off her neck, but Rose just leaned down harder, choking Eliza out. The ref warned Rose about the blatant choke, threatening disqualification and - for a second - she complied, lifting her heel from Eliza's throat just as his count reached ‘four.’ Eliza took a great tearing gasp of a breath, then Rose stepped down on her throat again! Eliza's struggles were evengreater this time as Rose crushed her trachea with all her weight. Again Rose broke at ‘four’ and again she repeated the choke, methodically destroying Eliza before the entire crowd.

Finally after a third round of choking, Rose stepped off her foe's throat for good and yanked Eliza to her feet. Rose dragged the unresisting brunette across the ring and draped her throat over the middle rope. Eliza realized Rose was systematically choking the life out of her but she seemed powerless to stop it and her protests to the referee were feeble, and ignored! Rose grabbed the top rope for leverage, leaning her knee into the back of Eliza's neck in yet another blatant choke on her already beleaguered windpipe. Just as before, Rose broke the hold and repeated it several times, always going right up to the verge of disqualification - but never quite crossing the line!

Feeling she’d sapped Eliza's strength, Rose releases her choke hold and brings Eliza to her feet. Things don't get any better for Eliza as Rose's notorious cruel streak is now starting to manifest itself. Seizing the tired brunette by the hair, Rose shoves her roughly forward with the the tight cable of the top rope bisecting her full breasts and cutting under her armpits. Reaching down, Rose grabs Eliza's ankles with both hands and lifts her off the mat, leaving her suspended by the ropes under her boobs at the top, and Rose holding her legs at the other.

Knowing Eliza is helpless, Rose's cocky smirk returns, "Poor little ‘Liza. You tried SO hard, but you're just not mean enough to hang with me!"

She punctuates this with a hard, high-kick that drives the toe of her wrestling boot up into Eliza's exposed pussy. Both Eliza and the crowd groan at the brutal maneuver, then Eliza slides off the ropes and slams facefirst to the mat. Rose covers Eliza and hooks her leg, looking to end the pretty much one-sided contest. But Eliza's pain threshold is awesome and she still isn’t ready to concede - yet! She kicks out just after the ‘two’ count. Furious that Eliza refuses to admit she’s beaten, Rose hauls her back to her feet and slips her arms around her, going for another Bear Hug. She’d just tightened her grip when Eliza slammed a double open palm strike over both of Rose's ears.

Her ears ringing from the surprise attack, Rose loses her bearhug and staggerss back, shaking her head to stop the ringing in her ears. Upon recovery, however, Rose again lunges at Eliza to tie her up in yet another Bear Hug. Sensing rather than hearing, Rose’s approach, Eliza throws her arms out and locks up with Rose's incoming arm. In the same movement, Eliza spins full circle, bringing both herself and Rose to the canvas, landing with all of her own weight on Rose's extended arm. Seizing the opportunity to do serious damage to the trapped arm, Eliza plants her feet on the mat and rears back putting tremendous pressure on Rose's arm and shoulder socket. Rose shrieks out loud as her arm is bent near to the breaking point by the Fujiwara Arm Bar! A smile creases Eliza's sweating face as she increases pressure on the hold, forcing another pained cry from Rose.

The murderous choke holds Rose hurt Eliza with are still fresh in her mind as Eliza sneered, "Tit for tat bitch! You tried to crush my throat, now I'm gonna snap your arm! Or are you ready to give up?"

"Fuck off!" Rose cried through gritted teeth, but Eliza just poured more pressure on the captive limb, knowing that eventually even someone as strong as Rose would have to tap out to the brutal simplicity of the arm bar; and she probably would’ve if she hadn't been so close to the ropes.

Through her pain blurred vision, Rose spied the ropes only a few feet away and began dragging herself toward them. The going was slow and painful, but finally she got within groping distance and reached out, seizing the bottom rope. Eliza cursed openly at Rose's display of will power and gave the hold one more brutal tug before releasing it. Eliza got to her feet and planned her next move while Rose lay curled up on the canvas, cradling her injured arm. Eliza knew the only hope she had of beating someone as sadistic as Rose lay in being even more sadistic. To that end, Eliza grabbed hold of Rose's injured arm at the wrist and dragged her towards one corner of the ring. Rose tried to fight against Eliza but every show of resistance was met with a brutal tug to her weakened limb and soon they were at the corner of the ring.

Keeping a grip on Rose's wrist, Eliza dropped to her stomach and slid out of the ring. On the arena floor she pulled Rose even deeper into the corner, until her captive's arm was fully outside the ring, her shoulder forced against the hard steel of the turnbuckle. A flash of fear bolted through Rose's normally calm demeanor as she realized what Eliza had planned. Clenching her teeth she had just a millisecond to prepare before Eliza pulled viciously on her wrist, ramming her injured shoulder into the unprotected steel of the turnbuckle. Lighting raced up Rose's arm as Eliza repeated the brutal tactic over and over again. The ref had reached “eight” on his ten count (putting Eliza in danger of a count out) before she released Rose's arm and rolled back into the ring. The normally rowdy crowd was stunned into surprised silence following this latest attack. They’d seen some brutal battles in their time, but the way that Eliza and Rose were singling out specific parts of their opponents anatomy for torture was a bit of a shock to them and it really appeared they were out to cause permanent injury to their opponent.

Again taking hold of Rose's injured arm, Eliza dragged her foe into the middle of the ring, fully intent on locking her in hold with no chance of reaching the ropes. Sitting down perpendicular to Rose's head, Eliza extended the injured arm to its full length before placing her long legs on either side of the arm, draping them over Rose's chest and throat. Eliza crossed her ankles and pulled back hard, locking in the Cross Arm Breaker. Sweat was pouring down Rose's face as it felt like Eliza was going to tear her arm off at the elbow. Turning her head sideways, she saw the ropes several feet away. They might as well have been on the moon for all the good they could do her. She tried pushing her way out of the hold, but Eliza just tightened her grip and stretched out sending her back to the canvas gasping at the pain. Rose made a gutsy decision right then. It was either make it to the ropes or be forced to submit.

"Won't give that bitch the satisfaction of making me tap out!" Rose thought.

Focusing every bit of stamina she could, Rose planted her feet and one good arm before slowly inching her way towards the rope. Eliza felt the subtle drag and leaned back especially hard. The move forced another cry from her victim but Rose didn't stop moving. Incredulous that Rose could hold out for this long, Eliza wrenched back again, truly believing that Rose would submit in a matter of seconds. But Rose kept on slowly making her way to the sanctuary of the ropes. After what seemed like an eternity, Rose slowly reached out with her good arm and dangled it in the ropes. Eliza saw what her foe had done and went wild with anger.

Releasing the hold, she screamed at Rose, "You goddam bitch! What do I have to do to make you tap out?"

Using her good arm to pull herself up in the ropes, Rose stared at Eliza and said defiantly, "You CAN'T make me tap ‘Liza. You're just not good enough."

Mad with rage, Eliza lunged at Rose looking for another Arm Bar. But though Rose was down, she wasn't out and as Eliza rushed in Rose brought her boot up squarely between Eliza's legs. The brunette groaned and fell to her knees, holding her damaged womanhood. Knowing she needed some time to recover, Rose pulled her leg back and fired another punt into Eliza's wounded groin. Eliza slumped forward on the mat moaning and cradling her crotch. Normally Rose would have been all over her helpless foe, but right now she was too busy trying to get any feeling besides absolute agony back into her shoulder. Perhaps thirty seconds later she felt well enough to go back on the offense. Approaching the still grounded Eliza, she weighed her options.

"If I have to give this cunt anything, she sure knows how to ruin a game plan. With my shoulder fucked up, there's no way I can use the Bear Hug to full effect...or the tit smother. Shit! What can I...."

Rose broke off in mid thought, a slow grin spreading across her face. Standing over Eliza, she straddled her at the waist, again facing her head. Eliza bucked weakly, but Rose rode it out and maintained her position, sitting on her foe's stomach. With her remaining good arm, Rose slowly spread her hand into a wide claw and clamped it down on Eliza's damp face. Rose grasped her good wrist with her injured hand, using it to steady her grip. When her fingers were positioned just so, she clamped down tight, her strong fingers sinking into Eliza's cheeks, forehead and temples. When the claw began digging into her head Eliza renewed her struggles trying to buck Rose off her or at least pry the hand away from her face. But in both these measures she was unsuccessful, Rose's grip remained locked on her face and Eliza saw black spots in her vision as the Face Claw began to put her down for good. Believing the other brunette to be done for, Rose increased the pressure on the hold and spoke quietly to her victim.

"Gotta admit ‘Liza, you put up one hell of a fight. More than I ever expected. But now I've got you right where I want you so just give up and we can both go home."

Rose ended her command by digging the Face Claw even deeper into Eliza’s forehead.

Eliza raised her head weakly and addressed Rose and although her words were muffled by the claw, the message came through loud and clear, "You're not good enough to make me tap Rose."

Angered that Eliza turned her words on her, Rose crushed Eliza's head mercilessly. She was just about to demand submission again when Eliza's arm shot up and chopped down right across Rose's shoulder. Rose paled visibly and loosened her grip as Eliza drilled another chop into the wounded area. Realizing she couldn't risk letting Eliza keep chopping away at her, Rose released her claw and rolled away, once again massaging her mangled shoulder.

Free of the claw, Eliza rolled away from Rose took several deep breaths, trying to clear her head from the black spots. Several moments later, both injured amazons got to their feet and locked up in the center of the ring. By this point each girl had fallen uncharacteristically silent, their normal non stop stream of insults and taunts exchanged for intense concentration. Each had put too much effort into this battle to lose now. Zeroing in on Rose's injured arm, Eliza breaks the clinch and draws the limb across her chest. Instantly she falls back taking Rose with her and driving the tortured shoulder into the canvas one more time. Exhausted, Eliza pulls Rose slowly to her feet, plotting the move that will finally end the other brunette. But Rose refuses to go quietly and she proves it by raking her good hand deep into Eliza's battered face. Blinded by the eye rake, Eliza doesn't see Rose's boot come flying in to bury itself in her gut. Doubled over, Eliza is horrified when she feels Rose's thighs slip around her head while Rose's arms lock around her waist. The audience is ecstatic though as Rose had put Eliza in position for a match ending Powerbomb.

Rose braces for the pain she knows will race up her shoulder when she lifts Eliza for the Powerbomb but she welcomes the pain as well; knowing if she connects Eliza will be done for good. Rose pauses for one more second before lifting Eliza off her feet. Rose has a brief look close up view of her opponents crotch before she drives Eliza down into the canvas, the pain in her arm no match for the vicious joy of finally defeating her nemesis. To tired to make a normal cover, Rose simply falls forward onto Eliza, who's laying lifelessly on the canvas. The crowd counts in unison with the referee and everyone in the club goes insane when Eliza's arm comes weakly off the canvas at 2.99.

Realizing Eliza had kicked out, Rose screamed in mindless fury. She got to her feet and dragged Eliza to her knees. She had no idea what she was going to do yet, but she knew she would sacrifice everything she had to beat Eliza. Rose opened her good hand wide and was about to sink it into Eliza's face again when the kneeling brunette fired a solid punch into Rose's crotch. Rose moaned silently as Eliza fired one more shot into the almost non existent protection of Rose's bikini. Rose sank to her knees as Eliza got off hers. Standing before Rose, Eliza's eyes were flat and cold as she grabbed a double handful of Rose's dark, damp hair. Pulling her knee back, Eliza shoots it forward just as she yanks Rose's head forward. Her knee connects with Rose's forehead with a hollow THUNK.

With no trace of feeling, Eliza repeats the knee ramming maneuver over and over again, battering Rose into a stupor. It might not have been the prettiest win of her career, but at this point pretty didn't matter...only the win. After ten knees, Eliza pulled Rose to her feet; the brunette's legs little better than stilts supporting her weight. Taking her time, Eliza steps back and launches a high hard roundhouse kick to Rose's debilitated shoulder, a guaranteed knockout. But if there’s anything this match has proved it’s that there were NO guarantees! As Eliza’s foot rocketed toward her shoulder, Rose ducked and launched her own final assault, driving her good hand up between Eliza's legs and clamping viciously onto her groin!

The crowd went wild at the surprise application of the Crotch Claw. Rose tore and scratched with reckless abandon, pouring the little she had left into making Eliza finally tap out. Eliza threw back her head and shrieked while Rose clawed at her, but she wasn't done just yet either. Fighting the agony between her legs, she brought one hand up and dug her claw deep into Rose's tortured shoulder. Now it was Rose's turn to howl in pain as both determined warriors suffered in the mutual claw holds. With her good arm busy torturing Eliza's snatch, Rose brought her weakened arm up, trying to claw at the other brunette's face and break the insidious shoulder claw.

Her fingers had just brushed Eliza's nose when Eliza brought her knee up and smashed Rose in the crotch one final time. Both claws were finally relinquished as Rose sank to her knees in slow motion. Eliza took a step back before launching a buzz-saw kick at Rose's temple. When her foot connected with Rose's head, it made a sound like a strong stick snapping on a winter day. Rose's eyes shut and she began to slump slowly forward, out cold. But Eliza caught the toppling woman and dragged her unconscious weight back up until she was standing, her knees slightly bent.

Eliza kept a firm grip on the back of Rose's neck as she gazed out into the audience, then with a savage gleam in her eye, she shouted, “It looks like Rose is about to suffer a crisis!"

The horde went made with admiration as Eliza finished the match. Leaping high into the air, Eliza extended the leg nearest Rose over and above the kneeling girl's neck. When Eliza fell to the mat her leg came down across Rose's neck and brought Rose down hard, face first into the mat. The crowd roared as Eliza connected with her finisher she called, “A Crisis of Faith!"

Rose was an unresisting bulk as Eliza rolled her over onto her back and laid across her. At this point it was academic, but the ref still had to make it official and it sure as hell didn't stop the audience from counting along, “1....2.....3!”

For the longest time, Eliza couldn't even stand, the battle had taken so much out of her. But after a while with assistance from the referee and the raucous cheers of the fans, she was able to stand and bask in her victory. Looking down at Rose's defeated form, an insult formed on Eliza’s lips and then quickly died. Rose had beaten her to within an inch of her life. The girl deserved to be left alone. At least for now. If Eliza ever heard Rose talking shit about her in the future she would not so gently remind Rose of the outcome of this match. But of course, at this point, that was all speculation and could wait for another day. Slowly and shakily, Eliza made her way from the ring and back up the ramp amidst the cheers of her fans. Normally very enthusiastic after a victory, Eliza was almost somber as she made her way back to the locker room. She realized with dismay she would have to beg off the celebration that several friends had planned in honor of her victory. Any other night and she would have partied to the break of dawn but after the war with Rose she was too exhausted to even think straight. She'd be lucky to even make it back to her dressing room without collapsing.

"Oh well" she thought. “I can party ANYtime. It's not every day I pin Rose McGowan in the middle of the ring. Besides, there's nothing says I can't go to the Porn Star Club and celebrate all night tomorrow!"

The thought makes her smile as she opens the door to her dressing room where she spends the next several hours sleeping an exhausted, but triumphant, sleep infused with dreams of more conquests to come!