Eliza Dushku vs. Billie Piper by The Walkin Dude

It was getting on into the second week of October and as the good citizens of Statler, Pennsylvania were gearing up for Halloween, not to mention the forthcoming winter and all the little details that needed to be dealt with before Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled around. So it was amidst the hustle and bustle of late fall that the recently renovated Torchwood Estate on the edge of town threw open its doors and declared itself The Torchwood Tavern, the best (and OK, the only) place in town to get a great steak, enjoy a fine cigar and generally kick back and enjoy the cold from a nice warm vantage point.

According to a large banner on the Tavern's front lawn, the grand opening of the establishment would feature a special attraction in the banquet room - a night of women's wrestling that had fans in the whole state buzzing since it was common knowledge that Richard Fannin was the new owner of Torchwood which meant his promotion would be making it's first ever visit to Pennsylvania and, as was his custom, Fannin pulled out all the stops to put on a first class show for the promotion's newest tour stop.

The show was loaded from top to bottom and the fans in attendance got to see some great battles: Sarah Carter and Kristen Bell continued their series of five star matches; Allison Mack and Michelle Trachtenberg fought warm-up matches in preparation for their Intercontinental Title fight and a newcomer named Jenna Dewan made a stunning debut with a hard fought win over Rachel Bilson. In the first of the two main events, Monica Bellucci returned to the states for the first time in months and fought Jessica Biel in a brutal war that ended rather unsatisfactorily when the warring Amazons decimated the referee and earned themselves a disqualification. But now it was time for the last match of the evening, and since I'm getting dangerously close to stepping on the Announcer's time, I'll hand the reigns over to him...

Clearing his throat, the Announcer begins, "Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for our second Main Event! Introducing first, she stands 5’5” tall…ladies and gentlemen, she is Eliza…the Rogue Slayer... DUSHKU!"

'Living Dead Girl' growls into existence and the crowd cheers as the always-controversial Rogue Slayer makes her way through the curtain. Grinning slyly, Eliza acknowledges her fans and then heads toward the ring, slapping hands and jawing with the fans as she went. For this contest, Eliza is clad as she usually is, in a white sports bra top and black bikini bottoms, finished off with black pads, boots and white tape wrappings around her hands. Reaching the edge of the ring, she glides under the bottom rope and rolls to her feet. Choosing a corner at random, the brunette climbs the buckles and favors the cheering mob with a salute before hopping back to the mat to await the arrival of her opposition.

When the buzz for Eliza had died down, the Announcer continued, "And her opponent for the evening, she stands 5’6”… allow me to introduce... Billie PIPER!"

The distinctive guitar riff of AFI's 'Miss Murder' rolls through the speakers and the patrons of Torchwood roar their approval as the one woman British Invasion breezes through the curtain. For her battle with Eliza, Billie was clad in her typical ring gear, a simple black bikini with a small Union Jack insignia emblazoned on the right hip. Keeping her eyes locked on the brunette in the ring, Billie sauntered up the steel steps, leapt over the top rope and landed in a confident little pose all in a single graceful motion. As her music began to fade, Billie climbed onto the middle rope and raised a hand high overhead, the sign she always threw up before the start of a match. Grinning back at the fans mimicking her movements, the blonde stepped down from the ropes and headed to her corner to await the opening bell.


The bell, somewhat discordantly, rang and the first Main Event ever at the Torchwood Tavern was officially underway! Eliza, never having been one to delay the inevitable, rolled her shoulders, cracked her neck and crouched on her haunches for a few seconds before straightening. Her dark eyes never leaving the blonde across the ring, Eliza took a deep breath, let it out and then bounded to the center of the squared circle.

While the brunette was doing her last minute stretches, Billie leaned on the turnbuckles; elbows over the top ropes. To all outward appearances, Billie was giving Eliza the brush-off, though nothing could be further from the truth. Billie was nothing if not a meticulous researcher and she made sure she knew absolutely everything possible about the Rogue Slayer before their battle. With the time coming for theatrics and fronts to be cast aside, the curvy blonde's face lit up in a knowing smile.

"This should be quite the spot of fun. It's been so long since I got to scrap with a genuine bad girl. So let's find out just how bad you really are." Puffing a stray strand of hair off her forehead, Billie pushed off the turnbuckles and sauntered out to meet Eliza.

Watching warily as she approached, Eliza put her hands on her hips and commented, "If I'd known you were operating on London time I’d have left my corner a few hours later."

Billie only cocked an eyebrow and smirked. "And if I'd known I was fighting the Marty Jannetty half of the Slayers, I wouldn't have bothered to show up at all."

Eliza smiled but there was no humor in the expression. "Funny, I was told I'd be wrestling Keira Knightley on this card but it looks like central casting fucked up and sent her chubby, unfunny stand-in instead. Oh well, you'll have to do I suppose."

Billie's grin was equally unfriendly. "It seems you've got a witty response to everything Doosh-koo. Tell me, will your pleas for mercy be just as clever?"

Eliza dropped into a low wrestler's stance as she replied, "You're never going to find out."

As the words left her mouth, the pale brunette exploded forward and wrapped the blonde up in a tight Collar and Elbow Tie-up. Rising up on her toes, Eliza struggled with her adversary for less than five seconds before she shifted her grip and was able to snake her right arm around the Briton's head. With a small but satisfied 'hpmh' Eliza yanked Billie off balance and doubled the curvy blonde over with a tight Side Headlock, Clasping her fingers tight, Eliza ground her forearm against the blonde's cheek, which in turn forced Billie's temple into the point of the brunette's hip. Pouring a lot of pressure onto the rudimentary hold, Eliza dropped to one knee, forcing Billie to bend along with her or lose her balance completely.

Smirking down at the crown of the Brit's skull, Eliza adopted a faux-cockney accent and exclaimed, "By Jove she's got me bloody 'ead she does!"

Grunting in equal parts pain and indignation, Billie spat, "I do NOT sound like that."

As Eliza attempted to form a reply, Billie wrapped her arms around the brunette's waist and hoisted her back to her feet. Shifting her grip, Billie placed one hand on Eliza's elbow and the other against the small of her foe's back. Taking a huge step forward, Billie shoved with all her might to break the Headlock and send Eliza sprinting into the ropes. Ignoring the aftereffects of the brunette's hold, Billie immediately assumed a loose wide-footed stance and waited for Eliza to return. When the time was right, Billie flicked her left leg up in a high, curving arc that put her heel on a collision course with Eliza's chin.

Fortunately for her, the Rogue Slayer saw the strike coming and dropped into a low tumbling roll that kept her well under the blonde's toned leg. Regaining her feet without missing a beat, Eliza continued on to the ropes behind her opponent and gratefully accepted the boost of speed they gave her return trip. As the British Bombshell spun around to meet her charge, Eliza left her feet and soared towards the newcomer with a textbook example of a Cross Body Press.

Billie, student of the game that she is, had read the textbooks and reacted accordingly. Instead of stepping aside or backing away from the incoming vixen, she instead surged forward and ducked, letting Eliza soar through the empty space she'd once occupied. Eliza hit the canvas with a loud SMACK but it did little more than jar her and she was back on her feet in an instant.

Expecting the usually mouthy American brunette to fire off a quip or two, Billie was surprised and a bit annoyed when Eliza lunged at her and tangled the blonde up with another Collar and Elbow Tie-up. Remembering how fast Eliza had secured the Headlock, Billie made sure to keep both of her opponent's arms under firm control until the conditions of the clench were more favorable to her. A moment later she was able to force Eliza back on her heels, then down to one knee. As the brunette was scrabbling for purchase, Billie released her grip and scooted around behind Eliza to slap on a Waistlock as neat as could be.

Digging her clenched fists into Eliza's trim belly, Billie leaned her weight across the brunette's back and whispered, "Next time you talk to Sarah, tell her what this feels like would you?"

Eliza continued to thrash, Billie bent her knees and popped her hips almost simultaneously. The Rogue Slayer was hauled off her feet and tossed back over Billie's head in a Release German Suplex that would have ended terribly if not for Eliza's amazing sense of balance and timing. The moment Billie's hands unlocked, Eliza rolled into the momentum of the throw and managed to turn the potentially neck-breaking landing into a crude back flip that brought her down a few feet behind her unassuming rival. Knowing her window of opportunity was closing, Eliza didn't stop to catch her breath or try verbal barbs; instead, she surged forward and caught the blonde around the hips with a Waist-Lock.

Grinding insolently across Billie's back, Eliza pressed her cheek against the blonde's and cooed, "Gonna have to do better than that Tea-Bag."

Her face pursed with concentration as she tried to wriggle out of Eliza's grip, Billie rolled her eyes and fired back, "Perhaps this will do then?"

Moving fast, Billie placed her left palm against her belly and stabbed it down, slipping her hand under the constricting band of the brunette's hands. In the same breath she wrenched her arm forward, breaking Eliza's control over her midsection. Fully aware that giving Eliza her back was a foolish endeavor, Billie instantly dropped low and scissored her feet back to entangle them with Eliza's ankles. Cinching her grip tight, Billie tugged forward and sent her brunette foe crashing to the canvas with a simple Drop Toe Hold.

Eliza's incredible striking power was virtually negated on the mat so Billie took full advantage of the opportunity by pouncing on the American's back and snaking her left arm under the brunette's chin. Just as Eliza was starting to slap at her forearm, Billie bore down and yanked back, peeling Eliza's upper body off the canvas with a simple modification of the Rear Naked Choke.

Eliza's pale face went red within seconds and the brunette was painfully aware that the blonde could choke her out in a matter of seconds if she wasn't careful. Refusing to give into the panic welling up from the pit of her stomach, Eliza gave up her throat so she could place both hands on the canvas. Fighting hard to pull closer to the mat, it looked as though the brunette was trying to do a Push-Up with the Brit Babe riding her back, and in essence that's what she had in mind. When Eliza was virtually flat against the mat, she pushed up and rolled to her right; it didn't break Billie's grip, but it did reverse their positions a few times and it got Eliza close enough to the ropes to stab out a hand and grab the bottom cable.

Gasping for air now, the Rogue Slayer panted, "RHHHOPPPES YA BITTCCHH!"

Hating the fact that Eliza had engineered such an ingenious counter at her expense, Billie released the hold well before the 'FIVE' had been reached, but she didn't relinquish her mount on Eliza's back so easily.

Bouncing her butt on the brunette's exposed lower back; Billie placed both hands on Eliza's shoulders and grinned, "That all you got for me 'Liza? For a moment there, I thought you actually might be able to wrestle and then you go and show me that Sarah really was carrying you all those years."

Groaning more from embarrassment than any real pain, Eliza tried to push Billie off of her as she snarled, "Don't worry crumpet, I've got a whole lot more in store for your smug British ass…UNNGH!"

Billie cut off Eliza’s retort with a flurry of light, taunting SLAPs to the back of Eliza's skull. Enjoying the feel of her fingers mussing the brunette's locks, Billie kept up the demeaning treatment until the ref decided to start up his count again. Finally peeling herself away from Eliza, Billie got to her feet and made a show of scrubbing her hands against the back of her briefs.

Back on the more horizontal end of the spectrum, Eliza rolled over onto her side and used the ropes to get to her feet. So far the physical damage was virtually nothing, but her pride on the other hand, that had taken a few hits when Billie was riding her down there on the mat. Catching her breath, Eliza adjusted the edges of her black briefs and then checked the alignment of her top. Finding everything to be in the proper order, the brunette ran both hands through her hair and leveled a cold grin on her smirking foe. Unable to resist the chance to beat Eliza to the punch again, Billie cocked her head to the side at a curious angle and asked, "Yes? May I help you?"

In a voice that was much more nonchalant than she actually felt, Eliza chided, "You should know something about me Bill. Obnoxious foreign blondes that try to embarrass me usually come to a bad end. Just ask that loser Elisha if you'd like confirmation."

More than willing to exchange insults with the brunette, Billie started circling to her right as she replied, "How very odd, from what I could tell, there was no TRY about what I just did. Everyone in attendance just saw you taken to the mat and get completely out-wrestled. That seems more like an accomplishment than a mere try."

Eliza's eyes narrowed and her grin got noticeably thinner as she absorbed the slight. Joining Billie in the invisible circle she was walking, Eliza brought her hands up and sneered, "The only embarrassing thing about that last exchange was that apparently no one has bothered to tell British girls about the joys of roll on deodorant. It's called invisible solid Billie, look into it."

Her smile fading, Billie fired back, "Why get fancy when I can just towel off on you? From what I hear, you've soaked up quite a lot from the rest of the roster, not to mention the whole front office."

Eliza just shook her head. "OK, now I'm really going to take my time in kicking your ass."

Eliza charged forward and engaged Billie in another clench in the center of the ring. Looking for a little retribution for Billie's last stunt, Eliza bulled in close and whipped around behind the blonde, applying her second Waist Lock of the evening. Taking care to keep Billie's hands away from her arms, Eliza hoisted her opponent off her feet and attempted to drop her with an amateur style Takedown but Billie was able to thread her right leg between Eliza's thighs and block the toss. Dropping Billie back to the canvas with an irritated grunt, Eliza adjusted her grip ever-so-slightly but that was all the Briton needed to wrench free of Eliza's coil and tie her up in yet another Waist Lock.

Visibly angry, Eliza silently mouthed, 'Fuck!' but managed to keep her wits about her. Grabbing Billie's wrists in both hands, Eliza stormed towards the nearest edge of the ring and she didn't stop until she was able to grab the top rope in both hands. In another gallingly condescending move, Billie didn't even wait for the ref to demand the break, she did it without being asked and silently strutted back to the middle of the squared circle. Sick of feeling Billie's hands on her, Eliza turned to face the Brit and fixed her with a withering stare. Finding her smile again, the brunette sauntered forward and raised her right arm high over her head.

Curling her fingers in Billie's direction, Eliza asked, "Care to find out if your arms are as strong as your body odor Margret Thatcher?"

Billie smirked at her opponent; Billie raised her left hand and placed her palm flat against the brunette's hand. As their fingers entwined, Piper said, "Any other tired stereotypes you wanna dust off Eliz-UNNGGGHH!"

The blonde's question was never finished, but it was punctuated, thanks to Eliza smashing a heartless high kick off Billie's chin. Grinning malevolently as the British babe staggered away in a fog, Eliza walked her victim down and snatched a handful of hair. Whirling Billie around, Eliza used her left hand to secure a grip on Billie's right arm, while she used her other hand to cup Billie's chin. In the same motion, she spun in a tight little circle and dropped Billie flat on her back, nearly wrenching the blonde's head off her shoulders with a Swinging Neckbreaker.

Rising up on her haunches, Eliza slapped the back of Billie's head and sneered; "Now THAT'S what I'm talking about. Ya know that accent of yours is much more appealing when you're groaning and sobbing."

Still catching her breath, Eliza waited to see if Billie would reply and when she didn't, Eliza got to her feet and carried out the next stage of her assault. Singling out Billie's right arm and shoulder for destruction, Eliza lined up next to her felled adversary and placed her heel against the blonde's shoulder. Grinding the joint under her heel, Eliza panted, "Tell me if you can Billie, do you Brits have a clever axiom for broken down, lame ass bitch?"

Still fighting off the pain in her skull, Billie found her voice and sneered back, "Yeah, its Eliza Dushku."

The brunette shook her head with a soft, "Tsk-tsk." Licking her lips, Eliza snickered, "Cute."

Suddenly things got a lot less cute as Eliza left the mat in a high vertical leap. At the apex of her jump, the brunette tucked her knees up under her butt and slammed both joints down onto Billie's right shoulder and bicep. The agonizingly basic move sent a wave of anguish through the curvy blonde and sent her flopping over onto her side. Not even close to being done with Billie or her arm yet, Eliza sank her hands into the blonde's damp mane and yanked her to a sitting position. Leaving the stunned blonde slumped on the mat; Eliza took a step back and flicked her head back, getting the hair out of her eyes.

Regarding the Briton with open contempt, Eliza sneered, "I'm going to tear your arm off Billie. You'll be the cutest, Britishest, bad teeth havingest amputee in the ward. You can thank me later."

When Billie raised her head to glower in Eliza's direction, the brunette left her feet in a short hop to piston both boots out and directly into Billie's tenderized right shoulder. The curvy blonde went several shades paler as the force of the Low Dropkick laid her out flat on the canvas and sent fresh waves of agony coursing through her arm. Rolling onto her left side in a vain attempt to keep the limb from any further harm, Billie got her knees under her and was fighting to her feet when Eliza grabbed a handful of her tights and brought her along the rest of the way.

Gracefully switching her hold to Billie's right wrist, Eliza pointed the British Import towards a corner on the opposite side of the ring and said, "Don't think I'm going to lavish all the attention on this scrawny arm Billie, there's plenty in store for the rest of you too. Your face for example, I'm sure it'll like this."

Getting no pithy response to her barb, Eliza hurled Billie towards the buckles, waiting just long enough for Billie to slam back first into the padded steel with a muted 'THUD.' Billie was still in the process of soaking up the hurt of the impact when Eliza charged forward in a dead run that put her on a collision course with the wounded blonde. Eliza's speed bordered on frightening and it only got scarier the moment she passed mid-ring, Dropping into a low crouch, Eliza soared into the air in a phenomenally high leap at the apex of which she pulled back her right arm to line up the shot she intended to deliver. As gravity began to reassert control, Eliza blasted her cocked arm forward and drove the full length of her forearm across the bridge of Billie's nose. The helpless blonde let out a low grunt as her legs failed her and she collapsed onto her knees with her head bowed like a penitent worshipper at the feet of her goddess.

Unfortunately for Billie, Eliza was in no mood to play the benevolent deity and she proved as much by digging her fingers into the blonde's hair and hoisting her to her feet once more. Returning the focus of her attack to Billie's right arm, Eliza stepped in close and stood to Billie's right. Taking possession of the blonde's right arm, the brunette drew the tenderized limb across her chest and held it tight. Without a word of warning, Eliza snapped back, taking them both to the mat, smashing Billie's face, against the mat and wrenching her captured arm at a hideous angle. The Single Arm DDT worked perfectly as another monstrous bolt of pain raced down Billie's already wounded arm and she rolled over onto her back, clutching weakly at the injured extremity.

Sitting beside her foe, Eliza pantomimed wiping dust off her hands and then took a breather with her elbows on her knees. Cocking an eyebrow in Billie's direction, Eliza muttered, "You're doing pretty well so far Bill, but I don't think you're nearly as resilient as you want these people to think you are."

Hissing through clenched teeth, Billie sneered back, "Do you always make a habit of giving your opponent's time to recover or am I a special exception?" She tried to lash out and smack Eliza with her good arm, but Eliza blocked her blow aside and rolled her eyes.

Forcing the blonde over onto her belly, Eliza knelt at her left side and fired back, "Just giving you enough rope to hang yourself slut. Though I was hoping your last cogent sentence of the fight would be something a little more dramatic."

Making to effort to suppress the malevolent smile on her face, Eliza brunette grabbed Billie's right wrist and bent her whole arm up, pinning it between Billie's shoulder blades with an excruciating Hammerlock. As Billie grunted in pain from the simple maneuver, Eliza flipped some hair from her eyes and taunted her captive. "I know the humor gods will probably send me to hell for this, but I can't help it. You know what time it is Billie? That's right, it's Hammer Time!"

Tightening her grip, she lowered her head and brought it to rest forehead first on the canvas beside her victim. Planting her feet, Eliza pushed off the mat and executed a headstand while still wrenching Billie's arm with the Hammerlock. The blonde howled in anguish as the pain of the hold was compounded tenfold by the pressure from the headstand. Eliza was able to hold this position for several seconds before falling forward, landing in a perfect bridge, still torturing the blonde's arm.

The crowd ate the maneuver up, but as neat as it was, Eliza had forgotten that Billie still had a hand free to work with. She was reminded of this fact when Billie reached back and was able to blindly slash her talons across the brunette's delicate features. Eliza grunted in annoyed surprise and broke the hold, rolling away to scrub at her scored face. Billie on the other hand was more worried about working the pain out of her shoulder; the British vixen pushed to her knees and gingerly rolled the tortured joint to see if she could massage any of the pain away. Wincing noticeably, Billie thought the twinge was on the verge of subsiding when a long shadow fell over her. Startled, Billie looked up to find Eliza sneering down at her.

Dropping into a tense martial arts stance, Eliza spat, "Enjoy your cast bitch!"

The word ‘bitch’ had just left her mouth when Eliza snapped her right leg out in a tight little arc that would end with the arch of her foot crashing off Billie's jaw. Well, that's what WOULD have happened, if Billie hadn’t shot her hands up and caught Eliza’s ankle less than a second before the brunette decapitated her. Letting the surprised beauty balance on one foot, Billie's dark eyes flashed as she whispered, "I could say the same to you."

Before Eliza could muster a counter, Billie twisted both hands to her right, spilling Eliza to the mat in an awkward sprawl. Digging into her reserves, Billie pushed to her feet and flipped Eliza onto her belly, all thanks to her grip on the brunette's ankle. Holding Eliza's helpless foot in both hands, Billie twisted and wrenched the joint hard, applying an equally basic, equally hellish submission hold, an Ankle Lock. Keeping Eliza's trapped leg extended to its full length; Billie poured on the pressure and chided, "How ya gonna kick me with a broken foot Lizzie? If you don't tap right now I might just break this hoof off and use it to kick your ass!"

Slapping the mat in pain and frustration, Eliza folded up her free leg and snapped it back but Billie easily dodged the clumsy blow. Realizing a broken ankle was not just possible but damn near inevitable if she didn't escape; Eliza slammed her hands against the mat and clawed her way to ropes.

Clutching the middle rope in one hand, Eliza looked back over her shoulder and snarled, "LEMME GO YOU EUROTRASH TWAT!"

Shaking her head in silent denial, Billie kept the ref's count in mind as she continued to twist Eliza's foot as hard as she could. Just after the zebra reached 'FOUR' Billie dropped the brunette's foot and gasped, "I think it'll be a while before that ankle goes back over your head Eliza, like I don't know, maybe half an hour?"

Ignoring the sweat dripping down her forehead, Eliza continued holding onto the ropes as she replied, “Fuck you Bill; I don't ERRNGHH!"

The end of Eliza's sentence remained unsaid as Billie cut her off by leaping into the air and coming down with both her heels landing just above the small of the brunette's back. Eliza flopped like a speared fish but she wasn't able to alleviate any of the pain until Billie stepped off of her, and the blonde took the time to grind her heels in a little deeper before she hopped off in a motion that was almost dainty. Licking her lips, Billie adjusted the edges of her bottoms and ran a hand through her hair before bringing the fight back to Eliza.

Approaching the downed brunette with a bit more confidence in her step, Billie buried a hand in Eliza's hair and pulled the injured grappler to her feet. Stepping in close behind her opponent, Billie curled her fingers into the back of Eliza's tights and shoved the brunette forward, creating some extra space between them. Seeing a bright red bull's eye on the small of Eliza's spine, Billie violently tugged the brunette backward while simultaneously shooting her arm forward, smashing the full length of her forearm across the small of Eliza's back.

Savoring the high-pitched moan that escaped Eliza's lips, Billie nestled her chin against the brunette's shoulder and taunted, "I know you've got more than a groan left in you Liza. Everybody tells me you're a screamer and I want the people in the last row to hear you scream my name."

Pulling back once more, the callous blonde delivered three more cruel forearms to Eliza's battered back and then let her sink to her knees. Sadly, Eliza's respite only lasted long enough for Billie to swing around in front of the brunette. Hoisting Eliza up with a handful of shoulder straps, Billie switched her hold to Eliza's wrist and directed her towards the nearest suitable corner without incident.

Taking a deep breath Billie muttered, "And now the screaming starts."

As her little joke was greeted with silence, the UK Stunner dipped her knees and flung Eliza towards the corner. Intent on getting payback for how Eliza had decimated her earlier, Billie was moments from sprinting after her victim when she saw that the brunette wasn't going to turn around before she hit the buckles. Billie cringed and smiled at the same time as Eliza was rammed sternum first into the top turnbuckle and sent stutter-stepping backward into the middle of the ring.

Changing her offense on the fly, Billie smirked, "I bet THAT hurt more than she lets on." just as she charged forward and zoomed by Eliza on her way to the ropes directly in front of the breathless beauty. Picking up an extra surge of momentum as she left the cables, Billie bore down on Eliza and shot her left arm out, catching the brunette across the chin and nearly snapping her neck with the running Lariat. There was a loud, meaty THWAP as Eliza was knocked upside down and inside out by the explosive power of Billie's charge! Coming to a stop a few steps behind the wreckage of her opponent, Billie strutted back over to Eliza and planted her boot on the swell of Eliza's chest.

Tilting her head to the side, Billie grinned down into Eliza's face and purred, "I bet Sarah would have been able to dodge that."

She was about to continue when the ref knelt down beside Eliza and slapped the mat, 'ONE... TWO...'

Eliza slapped Billie's foot off her chest and rolled over onto her side. Nodding her head in appreciation, Billie said, "Glad you've still got some spunk left in ya 'Liza; you might be able to make a fight of this yet."

Eliza just groaned and flipped her the bird, so Billie peeled the brunette off the mat and slapped on a tight Side Headlock.

Pulling Eliza's temple into the point of her hip, Billie turned her towards the center of the ring and demanded, "Come on and FIGHT Eliza!"

Billie ran forward several steps right before leaving her feet in a graceful leap that culminated with her landing butt first on the mat while simultaneously driving Eliza's' forehead into the mat with a skull-shattering Bulldog. Resting on her haunches, Billie noted that the Bulldog had left Eliza starfished and puddled uselessly on the mat.

Wondering if Eliza was even conscious at this point, Billie planted both hands on Eliza's belly and promised, "If you don't kick out of this, I'm going to beat your ass after the bell."

Ignoring the peculiar brand of logic Billie was employing, the official dropped to his knees and counted off, 'ONE... TWO...' Eliza shot her hands up, shoving Billie off of her. Smiling, the Briton whispered, "That's my girl."

Sinking her hands into Eliza's dark locks, Billie got to her feet, pulled the brunette to her feet and wedged Eliza's head between her thighs. Letting go of Eliza's hair, Billie reached down and trapped her arms in a nearly inescapable loop.

Clasping her hands together, Billie chided, "I've smacked you enough for the time being love. Now I want to toss you around a bit." With no reply forthcoming, Billie bent her knees and lifted up fast, hauling Eliza off her feet. The trapped brunette was held aloft in Billie's grip for a few seconds before she slammed down spine first courtesy of the blonde's Double Underhook Suplex. The moment Billie's back hit the canvas; she unlocked her hands, somersaulted backwards across the brunette's chest and popped to her feet. Seeing that Eliza had come to rest in a rough sitting position, Billie's face went cold as she said, "I take it back; I haven't gotten tired of smacking you around yet."

Billie hauled her left leg back and rocketed it forward, smashing Eliza square in the face with a brutal Soccer Kick that 'SNAAKED!' through the arena. Feeling an uncharacteristic burst of spite, Billie brought her foot up and stamped her heel down into Eliza's belly. As the brunette gagged and writhed at her feet, Billie spat, "Next time you try to break my arm, you better make sure you succeed."

Adding a final grind of her heel to Eliza's paunch, Billie turned her back on the crippled brunette and made her way to the nearest set of turnbuckles. With Eliza still safely smeared on the mat, Piper climbed up to the top rope and maneuvered around so that she was facing the ring. Forming her hands into a single fist, the British Bombshell waited impatiently for Eliza to roll over onto her hands and knees and push gamely to her feet.

Straightening up, Billie raised the sledge high overhead and begged, "Look at me you stupid slag."

There was no way that Eliza could have heard the demand, but that didn't stop the Rogue Slayer from turning towards Billie's corner in a drunken swoon. Through waiting, Billie leapt into the void and dove down at Eliza with her hands aimed at the brunette's forehead. Interestingly enough, her aim was perfect but the descent was ruined when Eliza jumped into the air and spun her whole frame forward, catching Billie across the face with a Spinning Heel Kick delivered from out of nowhere. There was a loud 'THWACK' followed by an equally loud 'THUD' as the blonde was batted out of the air and deposited on the canvas with all the grace of a swatted fly.

Not too far away, Eliza groaned and rolled over onto her hands and knees. Breathing in great tearing gasps; the brunette got to her knees and put both hands over her face before running them through her hair. Starting to feel slightly more human, Eliza got to her feet and stumbled over to where Billie was sprawled out and clutching her face.

Glaring hard at the British Import, Eliza caught her breath and acknowledged, "I won't lie Billie, you move around this ring pretty fucking well. But you're going to have to get a HELL of a lot better if you wanna trade kicks with me."

Eliza had hoped that the blonde would offer some sort of response but Billie only moaned and continued to cradle her abused face. Rolling her eyes, Eliza knelt and buried one hand in Billie's hair while the other grabbed rudely at the girl's injured shoulder. Hoisting Billie to her feet with a minimum of protest, Eliza released her grip only to immediately transition to a Front Facelock. Cranking Billie's skull in the crook of her elbow, Eliza tugged the hold right and left, forcing her opponent to sway helplessly before her.

Unable to hold back a grin, Eliza rose up on her toes and cooed, "I'll give your tender wittle arm a little more time to rest. Your face still has a lot of catching up to do."

Falling silent for the time being Eliza charged toward the ropes with Billie still in tow. When the brunette neared the corner, she executed a high jump and literally ran up the turnbuckles before spinning back towards the center and falling to the mat to join Billie's skull with the canvas compliments of the Tornado DDT. The blonde's stunned grunt was easily overridden by the meaty THUNK of head meeting mat, not to mention the thunderous ovation from Eliza's fans.

Absolutely loving the fact that her DDT had stood Billie up on her head for a few seconds, Eliza kipped up and favored her fans with a one armed salute. Basking in the praise of the Eliza booster club, the brunette nudged a boot into Billie's ribs and confessed, "I'm going to drop London Bridge on this dopey bitch."

When a second nudge failed to get any response from the blonde, Eliza spun around on her heel and wandered towards the most convenient set of buckles. Reaching her destination, she dropped into a brief crouch and then leapt onto the top turnbuckle in one easy, feline motion. Working her way around to face the ring, Eliza bent her knees once again and jumped, soaring up into the lights of the club before starting to descend with her right elbow cocked and aimed directly between Billie Billie's breasts. A second later physics yanked the brunette back to earth, but luckily for her, she had a great crash pad in Billie.

There was a ring shaking BWAM! and Eliza bounced up several inches which might have sounded impressive until you took into consideration the fact that Billie had nearly folded herself in half when Eliza gave Billie and Elbow Drop to her sternum. Shaking off the mild vertigo caused by the landing, Eliza flung herself across the blonde's midsection and hooked both legs in a Tight Cradle. Leaning into the pin, she nodded in time with the ref as he counted, 'ONE... TWO...' Billie bucked hard, kicking her legs free of the cradle and breaking the pin in the process.

After grumbling at the official, Eliza scooted into place next to Billie's right arm and purred, "All right Hermoine, ceasefire's over. Time for that arm to come off..."

Taking Billie's right wrist in both hands, Eliza swung her legs up and across the blonde's chest, locking both limbs around Billie's trapped arm and locked her ankles, cinching in the Cross Arm Breaker. Looking for a quick and emphatic submission, Eliza leaned back with all her weight, trying to hyperextend Billie's elbow. Wrenching nastily on Billie's wrist while tugging at the blonde's arm, Eliza squeezed her thighs against the exposed joint, listening happily as Billie groaned and scraped her feet on the canvas in a panicky tattoo. Blowing a loose stand of hair from her forehead, Eliza licked her lips and asked, "Ready to give it up Billie-Bob?"

Shaking her head frantically 'no', Billie slapped at her tortured shoulder and gasped, "Never!"

Eliza wasn't having any of that. "Right, like I haven't heard that one before. Don't you have anything more charmingly British to rebuke me with?"

Growling at the condescension she heard in the brunette's voice, Billie glowered and snarled, "How about, LET GO OF MY BLOODY ARM YOU FUCKING SLAG!" Eliza didn't give in to Billie's demand, but her sudden outburst seemed to give the blonde the necessary boost of energy to crawl, dragging Eliza, to the ropes where she grabbed the bottom strand with her free hand. Trying desperately to keep her voice from cracking, Billie screamed, "LET ME GO YOU BITCH!"

Sighing in disappointment, Eliza kept the Arm-Breaker locked on until the ref reached 'THREE' and then she peeled herself away from the injured Brit. The brunette didn't go far though. She knew that Billie's right arm was in a bad way and she meant to make the situation even worse before too much time passed. Brushing the referee aside, Eliza bulled into a still kneeling Billie and yanked the other girl to her feet with a handful of hair. As soon as Billie was vertical, Eliza slammed her knee up, catching her in the pit of her stomach and driving all the air from her lungs in a single rasping gasp. Satisfied that Billie couldn't stop her next move, Eliza grabbed Billie's right wrist in both hands and proceeded to wrapit around the top rope so the blonde's elbow was pressed tight against the cable.

Applying slow, steady pressure to Billie's wrist, Eliza leaned in to her victim's ear and whispered, "If you don't submit in the next five seconds, you're going to have some very interesting x-rays in your shoulder and elbow tomorrow morning. So whadda ya say? You wanna live to fight another day Paddington Bear-ly Legal?"

With her breath coming in fits and starts, it took a while for Billie to look up and meet Eliza's gaze, but when she did, he dark eyes were burning with resolve. "Do your worst, DOUCHE-koo."

The brunette's face went cold and hard. "You really don't want that. But since you're insisting..." Eliza gave Billie's captive arm a heartless tug and released her grip, leaving the blonde stooping and strung up in the cables. Putting a few paces between her and Billie, Eliza set her feet together, took a half step forward and blasted her right leg up and out, slamming the ball of her foot into the Briton's shoulder with a scintillating Super Kick.

Now a Super Kick from Eliza was already something to be respected and feared, but a Super Kick delivered to a vulnerable, wounded joint was downright vicious. Billie demonstrated this fact admirably when she let out a piercing shriek and dropped to her knees but not before she FINALLY pulled her crippled arm free of the top rope. Watching carefully as Billie sobbed and cradled her shoulder; Eliza decided it was time to stop playing with the British Vixen and just finish her off.

Adopting a rather stern expression, Eliza stepped forward, buried her hands in Billie's hair and said, "This is what happens when you ask for my worst Billie. Remember that the next time you try to push me on something."

Yanking Billie to her feet, Eliza pulled her right knee back and drove it forward, impaling the blonde's paunch with ruthless efficiency. As Billie doubled over, Eliza snared the blonde in a Front Face Lock with one hand while her free hand reached down and hooked Billie's leg at the knee. Taking a moment to set her feet, Eliza hauled Billie up off the mat and held her with one leg hooked up tight directly over the brunette's head. Irked at the painful twinge that ran down her spine Eliza cut the show of strength short and sat out fast, driving the top of Billie's head and shoulders into the mat with a Fisherman's Brainbuster.

There was another nauseating 'THUD' as Billie's skull bounced off the canvas and came to rest with no further motion. With Billie spread-eagled on the mat behind her, Eliza rolled over onto her opponent's belly and hooked the far leg. Breathing hard, the brunette glared into Billie's pained face as the ref counted off, 'ONE... TWO... THR-NO!' Billie flicked her right shoulder off the mat, breaking the pin at the last possible second. Biting her bottom lip in an obvious show of frustration, Eliza smacked Billie's cheek and sneered, "You must REALLY want me to tear this thing off."

Pulling the blonde to her feet, Eliza locked up Billie's right arm in both hands and spun around in a tight circle. When the revolution ended, Eliza dropped to her knees, taking them both to canvas. As Eliza was setting to cinch on the Fujiwara Arm-Bar, Billie planted her head against the canvas and Somersaulted forward, alleviating the pressure on her decimated joint.

Popping to her feet, Billie whirled around on her heel and saw Eliza still kneeling on the mat. With a ferocious snarl on her face, Billie drew her left foot back and drove it forward, kicking Eliza in the face as hard as she could. Eliza flopped back on the canvas with a glazed look in her eyes. No matter who you were, how hard you trained or how tough you were, there wasn't any easy way to shrug off a Straight Kick to the face. Enjoying the feel of Eliza's cheek on the sole of her boot, Billie held her injured arm close to her chest and stared hatefully into the brunette's face.

Smiling through the pain in her shoulder and elbow, Billie spat, "I am going to tear you into tiny, tiny pieces. And I am going to do so with the greatest of pleasure." Moving rather stiffly, Billie dropped to her knees and dug her right hand into Eliza's damp locks. Pulling Eliza to her feet, Billie tugged the brunette to her feet and stepped in close. Bringing her fists up in a loose boxing stance, Billie glared over fists and chided, "I may not be able to kick as hard as you Liza, but even with one arm I've got enough to punch your fuckin' lights out."

Billie put the exclamation point on this statement by pounding Eliza across the face with a trio of rapid-fire jabs, PAP, PAP, PAP!

Explosions went off in Eliza's skull as she staggered away from the opposition, stepping in fence post holes all the way to the ropes. Watching silently as the gut-shot brunette took sanctuary in the ropes; Billie grabbed hold of Eliza's hair and marched her back to the center of the ring. Letting go of Eliza's hair, Billie took possession of Eliza's left wrist and pinned it up behind the brunette's back in a shoulder-breaking Hammerlock.

Balling her right hand into a fist, Billie flexed her knuckles and murmured, "And here's another classy British import." Dropping her right arm, Billie twisted her torso away from Eliza for a split second and then torqued back around, slamming the full length of her forearm into Eliza's chin with a European Uppercut. Billie's shot rocked Eliza up on her tip-toes for a second before her legs unhinged and she dropped face-first on the mat. Still fighting down the agony in her left arm, Billie rolled her shoulders and asked the crowd, "You wonderful people think I can kick Eliza's ass with only one arm?"

The crowd cheered uproariously and Billie took that as her cue to saunter over to the brunette and peel her off the canvas. Quickly grabbing hold of Eliza's wrist, Billie pointed her towards the far side of the ring and Irish Whipped her into the ropes. Setting her feet carefully as Eliza stumbled back at her; Billie shot both hands out and forced them into Eliza's chest. She straightened up out of her crouch and forced her arms out straight, lifting Eliza several feet off the ground. In the same movement, Billie pulled off a smooth little half pirouette and sat out, driving Eliza full force into the mat with the Sit-Out Powerbomb variant known as the Sky High.

The high-impact slam nearly drove Eliza through the mat and it wasn't a real big shock when Billie held her victim in place on the mat and waited for the ref to make his count. 'ONE... TWO... THRE-NO!!!'

Eliza twitched her right shoulder, saving herself from defeat by the slimmest of margins. Holding in a loud groan as the Sky High played hell on her wounded arm, Billie got to her feet and panted, "All right, that was fun, but I think prudence dictates I should refrain from lifting your fat ass up that high any time soon."

Rolling to one knee, Billie got to her feet and brought the brunette to her knees. Standing before her penitent rival Billie grips her in a tight Front Face-Lock. Grabbing a handful of tights she lifts up and falls back driving the brunette's forehead hard into the mat with a wickedly elevated Implant DDT. Eliza shuddered and rolled onto her back as Billie rolled onto her knees and bellowed triumphantly into the lights. Getting slowly to her feet, Billie looked around at the redlining audience before slowly drawing a finger across her throat, a signal that was universal no matter what side of the Atlantic she was on.

Shuffling toward the corner, Billie climbed to the top very slowly, but reached her destination without interruption. Pausing to look out over the ruin of her foe, Billie roared, "I HOPE YOU'RE WATCHING SLAYER!"

The mob cheered its approval as Billie leapt off the top in a beautiful Frog Splash that brought the full weight of her curvy frame smashing down perfectly across Eliza's chest and belly. The splattered brunette flopped weakly but she was unable to roll off her back. Placing her forearm across Eliza's jaw, Billie ground the wounded limb into Eliza's face as the ref slapped the mat, 'ONE... TWO... THR-NO!' Eliza kicked her legs and broke the count, but her escape lacked the force and vigor of her previous attempts. More than a little annoyed with Eliza's resilience, Billie rose to her feet, pulled the brunette to her knees and trapped her in a Standing Headscissors.

Really bearing down on Eliza's skull with the scissors, Billie raked her claws down Eliza's bare back and said coldly, "You did a fuckin' number on my arm Eliza; Only fair that I get to break some part of you in exchange."

Looking to do exactly that, Billie lifted Eliza off her feet and brought her into position for a Piledriver. Working hard to maintain the Waistlock with her good arm, Billie unclasped her hands, leaving her right arm to hold the Rogue Slayer inverted while her left arm threaded through Eliza's thighs and ventured downward before rejoining the right hand to reapply the Waist-Lock. The crowd's volume went up several decibels.

While the Cradle Piledriver wasn't the blonde's official finisher, she had won several matches with it and the move never failed to impress those in attendance. With her grip secure, Billie jumped up and sat out, spiking the crown of Eliza's skull into the mat with a vile 'THUD.' And judging from the boneless way the brunette dripped over onto her side, the head-splitting maneuver had lost none of its potency. Not caring if she didn't get to finish the brunette off in style; Billie slopped herself across Eliza's midsection and hooked the far leg with her right arm. Dropping into position as Billie made the cover, the ref began to count, "ONE... TWO... THR" Eliza rolled a shoulder off the canvas.

Gaping at the official in stunned silence, the British Bombshell shook her head and muttered, "Too proud to quit are you? Well, I'll change that." Scrambling away from her battered opposition, Billie got to her feet and limped around behind the other girl. Leaning into the ropes like a drunk, Billie steadied her breath and waited patiently for Eliza to start moving again. It took her awhile (the ref had reached 'EIGHT' on his count) but Eliza began to show signs of life, first rolling onto her side and then gingerly rising to her hands and knees. From her position behind the brunette, Billie nodded in anticipation settled into a tense, impatient stance. Bouncing from foot to foot, Billie muttered, "Come on you slag. Get up and face me."

A heartbeat later Eliza did as she was told and swung around to face her foe. The moment Billie saw Eliza's face; she took a neat little step to her left, hopped forward and pistoned her right leg at the point of the Rogue Slayer's chin. As Billie's foot flew towards the brunette's face, the haze in Eliza's eyes cleared and Billie realized her foe wasn't quite ready to go down yet. Ducking under the incoming foot, Eliza lunged in and sprang her trap. In one smooth motion she wrapped her right arm over the blonde's right shoulder and her left arm under Billie's left arm so that the brunette's hands clasping together where they met between Billie's shoulder blades.

Never one to miss the opportunity for a good zinger, Eliza jerked her opponent in close and cooed, "And that's a big miss Billie. Now I'm going to snap you like a Twiggy." Eliza jumped and fell forward, driving the back of Billie's head and shoulders into the canvas with the Side Effect. Not surprisingly, Eliza began to feel much better the moment Billie's head bounced off the canvas. Feeding off an intoxicating combination of adrenaline and vindication, Eliza exploded to her feet and raised both hands high overhead. Nodding appreciatively as the crowd roared for her, Eliza smirked and told her fans, "Everything's still five by five people; it's going to take a lot more than this dumb bitch to finish me off."

Coasting nicely on a wave of applause, Eliza scraped the blonde off the canvas and jerked Billie in close. Standing face to face with the blonde, Eliza took a half step to the right and draped her right arm across Billie's chest, letting her hand grip Billie's shoulder tightly. Using her free left hand, Eliza reached down to Billie's right hip and she proceeded to grab a fistful of white black briefs. Pulling Billie in as close as she could, Eliza taunted, "Next time you want to send a message, you might want to consider someone who's NOT going to kick your ass. Unless of course, that message is I'm pathetic and I suck."

With those words still between them, Eliza hauled Billie several inches into the air before she shoved her back and dropped to her butt, smashing Billie's spine and skull into the canvas with a Sit-Out Spinebuster. Enjoying the tremble that ran up and down Billie's legs, Eliza pulled herself free of the English ruins wreckage and got to her feet. Surveying her handiwork with a discerning eye, Eliza caught her breath and said, "You know Billie, the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of you tapping out. Just promise you'll scream I QUIT Guvna! before the ref rings the bell."

As Billie lay groaning at her feet, Eliza knelt down and took one of the blonde's feet in either hand and got back to her feet. Waiting just long enough to catch her breath, Eliza muscled Billie's legs into a Figure Four, making sure the left leg formed the bent part of the four, if only for a sense of symmetry. Tucking the ankles of the straight leg under her armpit, Eliza turned over and dropped to one knee, placing the joint directly between Billie's shoulder blades. Almost done, Eliza leaned back as far as gravity would allow, thus completing a viciously modified version of the classic Texas Cloverleaf.

Face and chest down on the mat, Billie screamed long and loud as her back and legs were torn to pieces by the devastating hold. Tugging frantically at her hair to keep from submitting, Billie shook off the ref's question of submission and focused on trying to escape. Digging her hands from her hair, Billie got her hands on the mat and started to claw her way very slowly towards the ropes. Looking over her shoulder at the tortured blonde, Eliza couldn't believe that Billie was making her way towards the ropes, but try as she might, Eliza' couldn't keep the British vixen from reaching the ropes. Seconds later, Billie snatched the lowest cable and shook it violently, demanding at the top of her lungs that Eliza break the hold.

Sighing disgustedly, Eliza tossed Billie's legs aside and grabbed the back of her black bottoms in both hands. Pulling the English lass to her feet, Eliza stepped in beside her and panted, "You're going back across the pond in pieces Bill. Just how many is all up to you."

Shifting from words to action, Eliza scooped Billie up and held her parallel across her chest. Feeling much too sore to properly show off her victim, Eliza staggered back to center ring and rose up on her toes right before she dropped to one knee and slammed the small of the Billie's back right across the posted joint. With all the poise and bearing of a sadistic queen, Eliza bent Billie across her knee as far as she could, pressing down rudely on the agonized blonde's chin and groin as she worked the Backbreaker. After several seconds of this torture, Eliza's own back started to protest so she released her hold and shoved the sobbing beauty off of her knee, only to send her rolling across the mat with a rather slick 'SPLAT.'

Falling to her hands and knees, Eliza suddenly realized the cumulative effects of the battle were really beginning to wear her down. Focusing the remnants of reserves, Eliza gritted her teeth and rose slowly to her feet. Trudging over to what remained of Billie; Eliza stepped down on the small of the blonde's back and drew her left thumb across her windpipe. With a merciless gleam in her eyes, Eliza glared at the mob and roared, "CRISIS TIME!"

Dropping to one knee, Eliza grabbed Billie by the back of her head and pulled her to her knees. Releasing her grip on the blonde's locks, Eliza stood to Billie's right and leapt high into the air. At the apex of her jump, Eliza extended the leg next to Billie over and above the kneeling girl's neck. When the brunette fell to the mat her leg came down across Billie's neck and brought Billie down hard, sending her face first into the mat. The crowd went insane as Eliza flattened Billie out with the Crisis of Faith.

Their cheers only got louder as Eliza rolled Billie onto her back and threw herself across Billie's waist. At this point it was academic, but the ref still had to make it official and it sure as hell didn't stop the audience from counting along, 'ONE... TWO... THRE…NO!' Somehow, Billie rolled her right shoulder off the mat, beating the count with less than an inch between the zebra's hand and the canvas.

Stunned into silence, Eliza just shook her head at the referee and hissed, "All right, you got out of the first one, but your bony English ass ain't getting up from this one." Hooking Billie under the armpits, Eliza struggled to her feet and wheeled around behind the blonde. Moving as fast as she could, Eliza reached forward and hooked both of her rival's arms at the elbows, pulling them roughly behind her. Milliseconds later, Eliza twisted her entire body around, while still holding Billie's arms. Both ladies were still standing, but Billie was bent double, her arms pulled out in front of her, her head resting above the small of Eliza's back. Already feeling Billie's face slamming into the mat, Eliza gasped, "God save the quee... UNNGHHHH!"

Before Eliza could complete her sentence or the Face Eraser, Billie wrenched her arms free of the brunette's grip and placed them against the small of the brunette's back. On her last legs, Billie shoved with everything she had left, sending Eliza stumbling into the ropes in a drunken stagger. Recovering her wits faster than anyone expected, Eliza's smoothed out her path, sprinted into the ropes and rebounded back toward Billie who was still fighting off the effects of Eliza's attacks. Her head cleared just in time to jump straight up and Leapfrog over Eliza! Incredulous that Piper had enough left to manage the move, Eliza sped to the far ropes muttering, "Betcha can't avoid THIS ONE Billie!"

When she neared the cables, Eliza sprang in the air and landed with both feet on the middle rope. Throwing her right elbow up at shoulder level like a high diver, Eliza launched herself backwards, aiming to take off the Brit's head with a Springboard Back Elbow.

In a rather Monkey's Paw-esque twist of fate, Eliza hit Billie perfectly, only problem was, the blonde plucked her oblivious foe out of midair with a jury-rigged Waistlock. Not taking the time to think, Billie bent her knees in a deep crouch, then lifted up and fell backwards, sweeping Eliza off her feet into perfect position for a Belly to Back Suplex. But instead of falling back to complete the throw, Billie stayed on her feet a few seconds, then sat out, driving Eliza forward as she did so. The stunned brunette didn't even have time to scream as she was driven face first into the mat with the Back Drop Facebuster Billie dubbed, ‘Anarchy in the UK.’

Unable to hold back a grin as Eliza shuddered in her clutches, Billie sighed, "Let's finish you off right shall we sweetie?"

Finding the strength to get to her feet, Billie stood Eliza up and immediately snapped a hard European Uppercut into the brunette's jaw. As Eliza was rocked up on her toes, Billie reached out and snagged her foe's left wrist with her right hand. Acting quickly, Billie pinned Eliza's arm up behind her back in a Hammerlock and held the limb in place while she reached around Eliza's back with her left arm. Taking possession of Eliza's wrist with her left hand, Billie used her recently freed right arm to reach down and grab Eliza's left leg, just behind the knee. Taking a deep breath, Billie fought through all her aches and pains, then bent her knees and hoisted Eliza off the mat, lifting the brunette up until her crotch rested against Billie's navel and her legs were loosely scissored around the blonde's hips.

Smiling happily at the crowd cheered her on, Billie let go of Eliza's knee and snaked her right arm across the back of Eliza's neck before pulling her head down into a tight Front Face-Lock. With the hardest part behind her now, Billie rose up on her toes, executed a smooth half turn and sat out hard, landing easily on her butt with Eliza still in her lap. The return-trip to the mat was not nearly so pleasant for Eliza; her Hammerlocked arm was nearly wrenched out of socket and her head was bent down and forward at a hideous angle with the point of her chin disappearing into the top of her cleavage. The moment they landed, Billie released her holds on Eliza and the brunette sprawled backwards, landing stretched out on the mat between Billie's legs. Eliza had just been caught dead to rights with Billie's unquestionably spectacular finisher, 'The U.K.O.'

Hoping to god that the UKO had finally taken all the fight out of Eliza, Billie wrapped her arms around Eliza's thighs, got to her knees and leaned forward, trapping the oblivious brunette in a loose Matchbook Pin. Bringing all her weight to bear on Eliza's upturned haunches, Billie flashed the crowd a winner's smile as the ref dropped down and counted, 'ONE... TWO... THREE!'

The bell rang a moment later and Billie released the pin, allowing Eliza to slump over onto her side. Taking in great lungfuls of air, Billie struggled to her feet and allowed the ref to raise her hand in victory. Pulling away from the official, Billie cradled her injured arm against her chest and limped back over to where Eliza was sprawled out. Biting her tongue to keep from screaming Billie stuck out her left arm and panted, "Come on then, I can't wait around all day."

Groaning loudly, Eliza's eyes fluttered open and she looked up at Billie. Grimacing in distaste, the brunette rubbed her forehead and mumbled, "Shit, you won didn't you?"

Billie smiled, "Yep. But it was in doubt till the very end. You're a lot tougher than I thought. Certainly no Marty Jannetty here. Now are you going to take my hand or not?"

Eliza held out her hand and allowed Billie to pull her to her feet. Standing close to the blonde, Eliza caught her breath and said, "We're not friends you know. I don't have friends."

Billie arched an eyebrow at the brunette, "All right, you're the big bad loner, I get that. Do you have drinking partners? Because after I have a shower, I'm going down to the pub and helping myself to pints and pints of Fannin's lager and I don't like to drink alone."

Eliza's trademark smirk returned, "You Brits, always using words like lager and pints. Sure, I'll join you for a drink Bill, but I'm not going touching any lukewarm beer, that's just gross. Oh, and I'm going to drink you under the table, just a friendly warning."

Despite the pain she was in, Billie laughed out loud, "You must like losing twice in one night Liza. C'mon, let's get out of here."

"First normal thing you've said all night," the brunette replied.

Leaning on one another for support, Billie and Eliza made their way to the edge of the ring and gingerly slipped through the ropes to the floor. Rewarding the fans of Torchwood with a final salute, blonde and brunette limped up the ramp and shortly thereafter disappeared from view.