(Getting) The Best of Charlize Theron - compiled by K&G and others - from ‘The Catfight Archives’
Front Cover: A topless Theron (with star decals on outside the plastic sleeve covering her breasts for display purposes) draped limp in the corner of a wrestling ring, her legs splayed out. She’s held up only by her arms over the top ropes - and a buxom brunette on the ring apron pulling on a handful of sweaty blond hair. The brunette’s face is obscured by Theron’s head so no ID is possible, but she’s built a lot like Cat Bell! In front of Theron, a redhead (Prepon perhaps?) draws back to pound her fist into Charlize’s vulnerable torso. From the look on Theron’s face, it’s clear this must be near the end of the match.
Back Cover
: “A Charlize fanatics wet dream! A collection of ‘lowlights’ - some of the WORST moments of the ‘Golden Girl’s’ illustrious career. While she wins an overwhelming majority of her fights, Theron can be maddeningly inconsistent; easily beating tough opponents, then losing to ‘journeywomen.’ Here are more than 25 scenes compiled from Theron’s escapades on the red carpet and the apartment carpet; from private tussles on the sand of resorts/private beaches to her most public embarrassments in wrestling and boxing rings around the world! For collectors, there’s additional disheartening debacles captured on grainy, black/white closed-circuit security cameras!”
If you like to see other women “Get the Best of Charlize Theron” THIS IS THE ONE DVD YOU MUST OWN!

Bonus footage:
Thanks to a European collector who opened her private collection, you’ll see exclusive footage of seventeen year old ‘wannabe supermodel’ Theron learning the ropes the “hard way” - at the hands of her fellow models.
Special added bonus feature:
Never-before-seen footage of Beyonce “raping” Jewel Kilcher - an event so shocking it carries its own special ‘advisory’ - included because the event set the stage for the legendary Beyonce-Charlize ‘Grapple In The Grass’. This scene alone is - without doubt - worth the price of the DVD all by itself!
this 2-disk DVD carries a “Mature Audiences Only” advisory due to extreme violence, nudity and sexual situations!
Scene #4: Cat Bell @ 2002 Howard Stern Invitational - Match #3, Lingerie Strip Fight (3rd fall)

[Theron had lost the first two falls in the best of five event; the first to a combination “Caspian Crotch Claw/Tehran Tittie Twister” and the second to another “Caspian Crotch Claw”. Theron was determined not to let Cat Bell beat her three straight]

While Charlize is concentrating on her bra, Cat is watching (referee) Terry Farrell who has positioned herself behind Charlize with the whistle between her lips ready to start the next part of the contest. As Terry's cheeks inflate with air, Cat's right hand flashes out and up.


The three sounds come so close together that to most people they run together into a single long sound. As soon as Cat’s right hand SLAP smacks into Charlize' left breast, her left hand is already sweeping up toward her right breast…


The rapid-fire breast slaps stun Charlize and hurt so that she's paralyzed and just stands stock still with her hands half-raised at her hips. Cat reaches up with her left hand, pulls Charlize head down by the hair and turns her to the side, opening her up for a right uppercut to that trim little patch of pubic hair between her hips. The powerful blow shunts Charlize’s hips back as it lifts her off her feet; then she crumples to her knees and elbows at Cat's feet.

Cat wedges a knee under the blonde and kicks her over onto her back. As Charlize lays writhing in pain, Cat straddles her waist and sits down facing her legs with her butt over the blondes red face, covering her open mouth as she’s desperately trying to suck in badly needed air for her oxygen-starved lungs.

Cat pounds her fist down in Charlize crotch a couple of times, then again shows the clawed fist to the crowd. Cat digs in, this time with her butt muffling Charlize' desperate attempts to submit before she suffers more pain. But Cat has planned well and although Charlize' body stiffens and arches, bucking her hips and heaving her ass up off the floor despite Cat's weight on top of her, the brunette maintains the cruel claw!

Finally, Gerda (Theron’s mother), breaks away from her handlers, races onto the set and kicks Cat off of her daughter. As bedlam breaks out, Cat dives back and reapplies the claw as Charlize - her mouth now uncovered - screams at the top of her lungs, "I GIVE UP.....i give up.......i.....g...g...give....."

Terry Farrell looks reluctant, but finally orders Cat to let go. When Cat opens her fingers to release the claw hold, Charlize gasps as her body, tensed and rigid against the pain, goes limp and slumps to the floor. Charlize' hands flutter weakly to her bruised and battered breasts and crotch, barely able to touch her own body it hurts so much.

Cat leans down, pats Charlize on the cheek and hisses, "Your tits belonged to me boxing and wrestling, and your cunt was mine in this fight. Whatever the next fight is, it's gonna be your ass next. Then I'll own all of you just like I always said I have. And you know what?" Cat added with a wink, "It's a lot MORE fun taking it piece-by-piece!"
Scene #7: Natasha Henstridge @ Put Up or Shut Up Club (#11) - “Climax”

[Fought at the PUSU club in front of hundreds of Hollywood stars including many Charlize friends including her “Monster” love interest Christina Ricci - and even more enemies such as Jennifer Lopez and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Club owners Jack Nicholson, Bruce Willis and Warren Beatty sat front row center with J-Lo’s (then) significant other, Ben Affleck.]

Natasha suddenly pivoted and unloaded a lightning quick back kick that burrowed deep into Charlize's gut, lifting her front foot in the air! Charlize grunted heavily as she folded like a cheap suit with Natasha's foot still buried deep just below her bellybutton; her mouth frozen in a breathless gasp. When Natasha jerked her foot free, Charlize crumpled to her knees in silent agony and pitched over with her forehead planted in the mat and her smooth, round butt raised in the air like a white flag of surrender.

Natasha put her foot on Charlize's hip, shoved her over, then kicked her flat on her back. Then she created momentary pandemonium when she slipped out of her soggy panties and bared her womanhood for all to behold before she slowly straddled Charlize and lowered her damp pussy down on the battered blonde's red, battered belly.

"Now, where were we?" she asked, raising her open hand and belting Charlize across the face with a hard SLAP that drew a shrill yelp from the dazed blonde. The crowd responded lewdly as Natasha slid forward, inching her neatly trimmed cunt toward Charlize's flushed face. The blonde was spent and defenseless, battered into submission and, with her arms tied bound behind her, helpless. Her pupils were dilated, her eyes seemingly staring into nothingness, but she could feel the heat of her rival's pussy and smelled Natasha's musky scent as the superior woman's labia closed in on their target.

"Yoo-hoo...take a good look, bitch," ordered Natasha with a soft SLAP of Charlize's cheek. Her eyelids fluttered, then her eyes focused on the puffy, dew-fringed labia as they hovered just above her. Natasha's fragrant womanhood, like a steaming furnace, slowly converged on Charlize's quivering, pouting lips. Just at the moment when Natasha's smoldering slit enveloped Charlize's lips, the once proud and defiant South African's pride crumbled. "Yeeaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!" moaned Natasha as her hot cunt molded itself over her pathetic victim's up-turned face.

Charlize muffled a powerless protest that was lost beneath Natasha's victorious face squash. Her feet kicked, swept the mat and her hips bucked; her butt bouncing in mute protest as Natasha began a slow, relaxed grind on her face. The aroused spectators stood on their feet, screaming in appreciation of a well deserved 'climax' to the match.

"Charlize!!" whined Ricci ashamedly covering her face with her hands. "Noooo..."

Natasha's rocking was ever so slowly picking up speed as she scrubbed her dripping pussy back and forth over Charlize's face. She wrapped her left hand in Charlize's blonde locks to hold her nose and mouth in position as she reached back with her right hand to cup one of Charlize's tits; squeezing and massaging it as she rode toward the inevitable. Charlize's well-documented sensitive nipples responded instantly to her touch, thrusting up hard and erect; hungry for more attention - a vision of erotic beauty.

"I'll tell ya what, Benjamin," said Jack as leaned over to Affleck. "When you get to be my age, if you can still get a boner watching two hot ladies go at it - thank the man upstairs!" He glanced up at the ceiling and grinned, "Thanks Boss!"

"Mmmmmmnnnnnnn…” moaned Natasha as her thrusting hips continued to pick up the pace as she sighed heavily, taking Charlize's firm nipple in her fingertips, then plucked and shook it. Charlize's body jiggled and her stomach heaved in time with Natasha's thrusting; her muffled whimpers fading as her legs no longer kicked, just lay stretched out on the mat.

Natasha's own groans grew in ecstatic urgency as she leaned forward and went into full face scrubbing mode, coating Charlize's mouth, nose and cheeks with her oozing fluids. Her hands released Charlize’s breasts to tend her own naked breasts, grabbing forcefully and kneading hurriedly as her wiry pubic hair scoured Charlize’s face at an ever more frenetic pace. Natasha’s back arched suddenly; her head tipped back and she released a high pitched squeal as her visage massaged clit erupted in a powerful climax! With a long, low, drawn out moan, Natasha spewed her nectar into Charlize's gasping, gaping mouth which quickly overflowed and sent the hot fluid spilling over her ruddy cheeks as Natasha cried out and shuddered in the throes of her victorious, orgasmic bliss!

Natasha had earned an ovation as clamorous as the one she received as the delighted spectators lavished praise on her for giving them the ending they so desperately craved. Jack licked his lips as he watched the well-gratified Natasha closely; her rapidly heaving respiration, her beautiful naked body glowing, her abs rippling….and in his position directly behind the victorious fighter, her succulent ass and engorged pussy lips as they continued to insistently, urgently, grind on Charlize's nose and mouth as Natasha’s tremors of post-orgasmic bliss slowly subsided.

Jack swallowed hard as he stared at the point of contact...pussy on lips as…in slow motion…Natasha rose on her knees and her glossy labia, framed by cream soaked strands of short pubic hairs, broke its seal with Charlize's face. A thick strand of girl cum, hung stubbornly to the widening distance between Natasha's slit and Charlize's mouth, slowly stretching out, lengthening as Natasha…slowly and dramatically…lifted up off the vanquished blonde’s face. As Natasha peeled back, the strand clung briefly to Natasha's pussy before it snapped back and disappeared into Charlize's gaping mouth. Jack moaned…it was almost too much for the dirty old bastard!

Charlize was out! Smothered unconsciousness sometime during Natasha's last vigorous thrusting face-fuck; a once proud blond now no more than a limp, spread-eagled, cum-sponge for her victorious better. It was a devastating defeat for Charlize! Natasha slowly rose to her feet and, blushing slightly, pulled her panties back up her long, strong legs and gave the elastic a SNAP while her jubilant fans showered her with accolades. She stood straddling Charlize's limp, ashen body, as she faced them, then slowly bent at the waist and hooked her thumbs under the waistband at the hips of Charlize's tiny thong.

Teasing the whistling crowd, the tall, mischievous blonde very slowly peeled the moist garment down to Charlize’s knees, exposing a full, golden thatch of dense pubic hair. The thong rolled up in a tight bunch as it was eased down the vanquished woman's lifeless thighs, then Natasha straightened and used Charlize’s own thong to lift her lifeless legs in the air. Finally, with a quick yank, Natasha jerked it off over her victim's feet and Charlize’s legs, SMACK, dropped to the mat; her slack thighs jiggling and rippling. Natasha shook the thong out and gazed at the sticky, white gel smeared inside the skimpy crotch panel. It appeared the stories of Theron’s submissive nature at the ‘Pornstar Fight Club’ were indeed true!

"Hmmmm...looks like I'm not the only girl who 'got off' tonight!" Natasha laughed, holding the dripping thong up with two fingers. She looped the unfurled thong back around one of the unconscious blondes ankles, twisted it and looped the other end around the other ankle, making Charlize's feet bound as securely as her wrists. Then she struck a pose with a foot on her opponent's pubic mound, pushing down with her heel to start more fluid oozing out, grinning as she accepted the applause and shouts from the fans. Jack got up, came over and looked down at the knotted lace thong as he stepped onto the mat.

“Your winner...Natasha Henstridge!" he cried as he raised Natasha's arm and the crowd continued to applaud wildly.
Scene #8: Ashley Judd @ FCBA Summer 2002 - “Proud Puppies”

Ashley Judd came into this fight better prepared for an opponent than any time in her career. For SEVEN straight rounds, Judd pounded, pummeled and mauled Theron’s notoriously sensitive breasts until by the 10th round the battered blond could take no more and wilted under the sustained bombardment of her proud puppies! Afterward, Ashley proudly displayed the black and blue results of her handiwork, starting a feud that continues to this day!’

Round 10: Theron on her toes, hands low, feeding Judd tired jabs, just legging out the round. Ashley with arms crossed at her body, bobbing forward, slipping the stick, finally gets the right hand she's been looking for. Charlize twisting into the cross, missing over the right hand and getting NAILED the counter left hook as Judd explodes out of her crouch. Theron pulling back too late, her own momentum sends her crashing backward to the canvas - Judd's forward motion giving her an excuse to trample the fallen blonde. Theron flopping, disastrously hurt, gets off her back just in time but she’s RUINED at the ropes. ON COMES ASHLEY! Judd exhausted, but summoning the will, pushing aside Charlize' protecting arm and thumping away - PANCAKING JUGS with heart-stopping force; twisting into short lefts and rights that land with plenty of forearm. THERON'S MOUTHPIECE DRIBBLES DOWN HER CHEST. CHARLIZE SOBBING, LIMP AGAINST THE ROPES as Judd stacks her up and beats relentlessly. THE REF STEPS IN! Ashley Judd bursting into tears as she airplanes around the ring - Theron ashen faced, trembling in defeat as the ref holds her up. TKO10 Ashley Judd!

After: Judd hauling a badly battered Theron off her stool with a handful of wet hair, steers the blonde around the ring with her right hand around her waist, firmly holding the blonde's left wrist, pulling down her top and twisting her arm out away from her body to give everyone a good view of her bruised boobs. Theron blubbering, trying in vain to shield her battered boobies with her trembling right hand. Both women left unrecognizable after a fight of the year candidate. Judd glorying in post fight, "I've been saying it all along - we've toughened up at sub-130! We'll be passing Charlize around for one brunette beating after another. Now that I've initiated her, it's only going to get worse - there are chunks of Theron left in this ring she won't have for the next brunette. Mark my words: there will NEVER be another blonde champion at lightweight. They're gonna be reduced to fighting each other for our table scraps!" Quote makes the cover of 'BLONDE!' magazine - editorials wail about the dire forecast with plenty of photographic evidence showing the condition of their despoiled blonde flagship.
Scene #9: Jennifer Garner @ FCBA 2005 - “The Scissors!”

Round 6
: Theron with a feint, hesitation right hand bingo on the chin: not enough on it as Jennifer's walking through those shots now. Jen doubling her jab, bap-bapping Charlize' face back and standing her up mute in astonishment - brunette getting to blonde chest with impunity and tearing away with those rigid, muscular combinations. Theron beaten in stages to ropes - hands loose, limp up around Garner's ears, trying to control Jen's head - Garner amps the output, starts to REEF away at Charlize. Great, savage, right hands up into the lungs - Garner belting away 3-4 rights in succession, then shifting, bumping, getting her hips set to throw multiple hooks. Awe inspiring stuff - Jen's legs spread wide as she shifts and resets on Charlize, palming her upright to keep working underneath with heartless determination. Charlize drooping, unable to punch - sensational, heart-breaking body work just using her up and rendering her helpless - blonde can't fight back, can't clinch, can't get out of there - it's tragic! Garner feeling it, pouring it on - thudding brutality to the body gives way to intermittent uppercuts - Jennifer able to rock back Theron's head at will, putting her mitts all over the golden goddess. AND THE REF JUMPS IN! Charlize out on her feet, no longer processing her surroundings, mouth open - Garner lifts her mitts and shrieks in a rare show of hot-blooded emotion. TKO6 Jennifer Garner.

After: Theron getting ice packs and a tenser wrap around those badly battered ribs when JENNIFER BARGES IN! Garner still smarting from weeks of hateful comments from other fighters, including Theron's tactless 'Jennifer Garner imitation' on Letterman (CT doing the KO'd, startled face of Jen with the high eyebrows and open mouth: hearty laugh from Dave) - she's feeling the need to punish someone and Charlize just happens to be handy.

Left hand gripping hair at the back of Charlize' head, right taking a fistful of cream trunks - Theron is turned around and given the bum's rush out of the ring, landing on the floor mats in a crumpled heap of long blonde limbs. Jen jumps down all heavy athleticism, shaking out her triceps, rolling her head side to side. She bundles Charlize to her feet, gathering her up under her arms, then bodies her lower back into the unforgiving edge of the ring apron, arching Theron in a paralyzed curve of agony...

Garner hops up to a seat on the apron, reaching with arms and legs to gather Theron in, hooking her ankles to trap aching blonde ribs within the curvy, iron bulge of Jen's thighs, and Garner goes to work...

Tortured scream from Charlize as she feels the first pulse of Jen's legs - Theron with her back to Garner, hands on Garner's knees, blonde head thrown back in agony - Jen just working her, sitting back with palms on the canvas for leverage...

Charlize won't submit, even as tears flow - she slowly, grimly turns herself around to face Jennifer. Garner pulls Charlize in close, right hand round the back of the neck, left tying up Charlize' right arm, just wrapping Theron up so those legs can work unmolested...

Charlize fights it. She's groggy, out of it, but struggling. She'll push down on Jen's quivering thighs, or wrestle with Jen up top, trying to find some way to push into the clear, or punch a fist into Jennifer's sweaty ribs. Theron's breath escapes in sobbing whimpers and breathy gasps; Theron's face mops wetly against Jen's chest. Garner holds Charlize by the wrists, holds her around the head, takes fistfuls of damp blonde hair, ties her up behind either elbow. Occasionally, Jen will hold Charlize in the crook of one arm while punching her short, nagging shots in the ear or cheek - just a moist, brutal cudgeling, dulling Theron's senses, punishing her for everything she's done, everything she might have done, everything she might do. Real brutality in Jen's eyes, in the tight, unforgiving line of her lips...

Theron's struggles grow pathetic - she pushes against Jen's arms, palms down on the thighs, but there's not enough strength left to oppose the brunette. Charlize flailing her arms against Jen's waist - limbs wrapping around stout torso, slapping wetly, ineffectually. And Jennifer keeps riding it, keeps pouring it to Charlize' throbbing torso. Jen's ankles lock and relock, constantly cinching up the grip. Jen's face damp against Charlize' forehead, brunette just managing blonde, torturing her. Charlize can tap any time - she just won't - not on national TV and not to a body scissors!

"I'll never submit to a leg scissors," Theron once told BLONDE! magazine. "Never - they'll have to carry me out before I'll tap to another girl's legs." That's just fine with Jen! Theron no longer moving - left side of her face tacky against Jen's quivering breasts, eyes closed, mouth pouted open against the flesh. Garner keeps at it, holding Charlize against her while her legs sop up the last drops of Theron resistance. Release: Garner's thighs spasm as Theron melts to canvas to sprawl in a steaming heap of conquered blonde - Charlize' arms unconsciously hugging traumatized ribcage as she curls onto her side, open mouth pouting moist against mat. Jennifer pretty for a moment, sitting on the edge, dangling her trembling legs, ankles crossed, hands on the edge of the apron as she smiles down at the wreckage of the blond on the floor beneath her.
Scene #10: Jeri Ryan @ 2002 FCBA - “The Punch” (complete fight plus)

Ryan stung by Theron's label of 'game loser' - Jeri more belligerent than usual with the press, clearly in a bad mood - Charlize blissfully serene throughout all prefight functions. Theron handled Jeri easily last time out - Ryan thought to be too slow to ever be able to use her power - a smart Charlize Theron has to be favored tonight. During ring instructions, an angry Jeri gets into Charlize with an aggressive chest bump - Theron laughing, shaking her head in amusement. Charlize in cream bikini, Jeri in red and white candy stripe bikini.

Round 1: Charlize on her toes, steps right to lick the hook across Jeri's left eye, steps left behind her jab, snatching at Jeri's breast with nipping right hands - Ryan snorting, stomping after her foe, but clearly outclassed early. Down the stretch, girls reaching at each other with extended lefts, just measuring one another. Then JERI SNAPS A HARD LEFT HOOK TO THERON'S RIGHT BREAST that turns her body halfway around, then rockets over the top with a slinging right cross, clipping her clean and THERON GOES DOWN! Charlize sprawling on her back, hands above her head OUT COLD! KO1 JERI RYAN!

PANDEMONIUM!!! It will go down in FCBA history simply as "The Punch" a single, diamond cutter stroke to the chin that turned Theron into a helpless victim and laid her out flat. Countless replays as HBO has time to kill before the next fight - shot from every angle - Theron's head snap, eyes going out, she cranes forward momentarily then spills to her back, head bouncing dangerously off the canvas. Ryan insane with victory - ref pushing her back as she screams and jeers at Theron, pounding her chest with her right glove - Charlize unable to hear the tirade of course. There's no escaping the 'Sleeping Beauty' still shots of this fight and for Charlize, the butt of cruel jokes on Leno and an object of scorn and ridicule in Letterman's top 10 list - it's a humiliating, costly defeat that may take many, many months to overcome.
Scene #11: Ali Landry @ 2003 FCBA - “Hands of Justice” (last round plus bonus)

Round 7:
ROUND OF THE YEAR! Both girls shopworn, faces drawn, hands low - they wade into each other, reaching relaxed around one another’s bodies and starting the awful rhythm of push-bump-punch at close quarters. By the midway point, Charlize in a sexy groove, leaning back on her right foot, letting Ali fall forward, then picking her up on the chin with that nasty, slick right uppercut. Landry wobbly butt, drifting - Charlize able to body up, walk her girl around, muscling and maneuvering brunette with a casual wrap around head or shoulders. Crowd screaming every time Theron tags Landry - every punch a wince-maker, Landry out on her feet but willing herself to go on. Final minute, girls stooped forward, elbows in, clouting each other with short lefts and rights and THERON IS HURT! Landry beating her girl to punches, spanking Theron's face back and forth - Charlize' mouthpiece tumbles off her teeth as her eyes go cloudy. Theron groggy at the ropes, hands extended weak to Ali's shoulders and LANDRY PILES IT ON! Gorgeous, slamming lefts and rights, Landry twisting her hips into furious haymakers, Theron's head swiveling badly - it's carnage! ALI FEELS IT! Nothing's coming back from Charlize, brunette just heaping it on, clanging away to the chin! Landry steps back, lets Charlize droop forward into a wrenching left up under the ribcage and ALI DIGS IN! Landry rotating her shoulders, feverishly hoisting leather up under Theron’s tits as she tilts forward. THERON GOES DOWN! Charlize a pathetic sight, body ruined, paralyzed on her stomach - she lifts her battered face off the mat, mewling incoherently, but she can't command her limbs. IT'S OVER! Charlize looking like she's been thrown out of a speeding limo can't beat the count! KO7 Landry!

After: Ali Landry bursting into agonized tears - Dina Meyer ringside, standing and clapping with a happy smile: she knows two of her most formidable challengers may have just ruined one another in a potential fight of the year. Landry all busted up, but deliriously happy - Charlize devastated, propped up onto her stool and given the smelling salts and it's only just beginning. A marauding Ali Landry marches over, interrupts the tenser-bandaging of Charlize' ribs to haul her to her feet. (Theron’s trainer) Janet Jones tries to break up the walk but Landry stares her back - nothing's getting between this brunette and her spoils. Charlize limp in the crook of Ali's right arm, blonde head lolling, tears squeezing out through swollen eyes - what a night for Ali Landry.

AND IT'S NOT OVER! Ali about to release Charlize, instead shoves her chest-first to the ropes - Theron slumped forward, arms on that top rope, tear-stained face boozy with incomprehension. Ali kicks the blonde's feet out wide like a cop breaking down a junkie, then stands up all snug like a quarterback looking over the defense, firm hands holding Charlize' quivering hips. Ali milking the moment, raising her right hand speculatively for the audience to decide Charlize' fate: resounding roar of approval brings a smile to Ali's face.

Oh, she takes her time, moving to her left, leaning her left arm on Charlize' glistening back, setting her feet, adjusting Theron's bikini bottom like she's making a bed just so, snapping the elastic, pulling it tight…then GREAT CLAPPING RIGHT HANDS OF JUSTICE! Crowd raising the roof as Ali pounds away righty on Charlize' muscular backside - Theron open mouthed, shouting in shock as fresh tears pour down her face. Landry spokespeople fend off criticism in days to come with tripe about "preventative measures" and "deterrence" - the usual line about how Kim’s KruZher Women (Theron’s stable) must be discouraged from humiliating their foes…so on and so forth.
Scene #13: unknown woman @ Porn Star Fight Club c2003 (B/W surveillance video of bar scrap w/waitress)

Whenever Sunny McKay stays at the PSFC, her lover Charlize usually joins her. Sadly for the two small breasted blondes, they’re usually favorite targets of the busty black women who dominate the club membership. In this scene, Charlize is shown being harassed by a well-endowed young waitress at the club. The girl has never been identified and the room is so dark and the quality of the video so poor - believed to be a pirated, second or third generation copy of an original Club tape smuggled out by an employee or member - that we can only be sure it’s Theron from statements of witnesses who saw it.
Scene #17: Kristanna Loken [footage © 2005 The Angelina Jolie Catfight Archive; by permission]

The producers thank ‘The Angelina Jolie Catfight Archives’ for allowing us to use this ‘exclusive’ footage from their collection. This (and many other fights) are available on tape or DVD. See back cover for ordering info.

Charlize had beaten the bigger ‘Terminator 3’ star several times boxing and wrestling - and they tag teamed in a celebrity wrestling league with some success. But Theron was always billed as the “A” partner and it rankled Loken who finally challenged Charlize to a “Special Stipulation Apartment Wrestling Match”. Held at the home of an actress known to be into kinky scenes, the stipulation was the hostess would decide on the ‘penalty’ for the loser AFTER the fight. Charlize tried for several weeks to avoid it, but so much pressure was brought to bear she “had no choice” she said later.

As she says in the postfight interview (unfortunately NOT included here) Kristanna had discovered Charlize’s physical weaknesses - and learned of several deep seated psychological ones - before this fight! More importantly, Loken trained hard for this fight, spending two months with renowned ‘Charlize Crushers’ - Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ashley Judd, Cat Bell and Angelina Jolie. They’d even brought in ‘hold experts’ like Shannen Doherty to work on specific attacks! Each at one time or another, had used her own ‘special skill’ to defeat Charlize and they agreed to share their ring-tested Theron-beating techniques with Loken.

As you’ll see from the ‘set-up’ (prefight) scene, the women wore tiny thong bikinis and while both are listed at nearly the same height and weight, Loken looks SIGNIFICANTLY bigger and more muscular - perhaps because of her hard training after ‘Terminator 3’. Of course, it’s a matter of record Theron had been recuperating from an ‘on the job’ injury which may explain the dramatic contrast in bodies, but whatever the reason, from the opening whistle Loken dominated this match and in less than fifteen minutes had Theron a physical and emotional wreck. All that remained was for Kristanna to apply the ‘coup de grace’ - which you’ll see in its entirety!
Scene #19: Halle Berry @ Simgrrl’s 2004 Christmas Party (previously unavailable footage)

It’s no disgrace to lose an even odds fight against a woman your own size and just holding your own against a bigger woman can be spun as a “moral victory” but when you lose to someone older and smaller - especially when you went in as a big favorite - there’s no amount of spinning that can explain it away. And when it happens in the back room of a private club, and in front of an audience of friends and enemies who are not only your contemporaries but competitors, it’s double humiliating! Suffice it to say, the sexual degradation afterward would be enough in itself to shame someone who wasn’t already suffering a fragile psyche! Berry, a natural ‘bantam’, carries most of her weight in those powerful thighs and when she’s allowed to set her feet and drive forward, she can be a devastating body puncher as you see here.

Note: This was fought in a smaller than regulation ring, with small gloves, only a few weeks after Theron’s hard-fought decision over Natasha Henstridge. Halle was bent on revenge, having built muscle after a previous loss to Charlize who had added weight for ‘Monster’ and been fighting bigger opponents. It all came together on this evening for Halle!!

Round 7: Theron and her corner arguing, Janet Jones holding a towel, ready to throw it in, but Charlize slaps it away, insisting on continuing. Halle on her feet, bouncing eagerly in her corner, looking almost as fresh as when the night began; Theron an achy mess. There's a trickle of blood at the corner of her mouth from a cut on her lower lip; both breasts showing ugly dark bruises and the ribs on both sides are red. She's breathing hard, showing the effects of the extra weight and the fast pace while Halle's barely breathing hard despite a frenetic pace for six rounds. Bell rings and Theron heaves herself up off her stool with a big sigh and trudges out with her hands up. Halle dancing, faking a jump hook to the body that freezes Charlize in her tracks, then steps to the side and POUNDS a hard right under Charlize's raised left elbow. Hard leather slams into soft breast tissue bringing a gasp from the big blonde as her hands drop to protect her body but Halle's low left hook to the belly is already on its way! Theron is gutted by a near-low blow and folds forward into Halle's arms, stumbles a stride then crumples to her knees holding her belly.

Pandemonium ringside! Janet Jones screaming "FOUL!" The referee looks as confused and unsure as usual! Theron pale and trembling on her knees, head bowed, rocking slowly back and forth as Halle stands over her with one hand on the blondes head as if trying to calm a crying child. Referee helps Theron up and to her corner where he gives her a few seconds to compose herself, then asks if she can go on - insisting it wasn't a low blow and if she quits she loses the fight! She sucks it up and nods, stepping out to face Halle who is eager to get at her. Charlize slumps back on the ropes, gloves in front of her face, elbows tucked in and gives up her body. Berry upright, feet spread wide, arms chugging as she batters the unresisting blonde up and down the flanks. Referee watching closely, but whenever he looks like he's about to step in and stop it, Halle backs off, stops punching and lets Theron get a breath. It's cruel, evil but legal, showing her intention to carry Theron as far as she can to inflict maximum punishment. Halle goes back to work with an uppercut to the belly that doubles Charlize over, then a crushing right hook to the ribs takes the blondes breath away! Halle shoulder nudges Theron upright AND HALLE GOES TO THOSE PERKY BREASTS! Halle with whip-lashing jug mugging, battering Theron's perky breasts right up out of their cups again! Halle’s bouncing them back and forth as she hooks hooters with both hands! Charlize wraps her arms around Halle trying desperately to hold herself up so Halle uppercuts that left breast, uppercuts the right and then as Theron clutches her throbbing puppies, Halle drops the overhand right to send Theron reeling....right into another left hook to that exposed left breast again! Charlize squeals in pain and crumples to her knees in tears, sobbing and shaking her head! She can't take any more....it's all over. TKO7 Berry!

After: Halle wipes her hands with a towel, grinning from ear to ear like she's just won another Oscar as she heads across the ring to collect her reward for a terrifically entertaining fight - at least for her and her fans. The Theron supporters slump glum in their seats as Halle gathers up Charlize under the arms, hands clutching the back of her bikini top as she heaves the blonde to her feet. Charlize eyes are glazed and unfocused; her cheek on Halle's shoulder, arms hanging limp at her sides. A trickle of blood from a cut on her lip dribbles down Halle's back as the tough Black bitch unties the back of Theron's bikini top and lets the strings fall as she lifts the blondes head by her wet ponytail. Theron's untied top slides down her limp arms to land with a wet PLOP at her feet.

Halle lecherously slowly runs her hand over the blondes swollen, discolored breasts while Charlize grimaces and whimpers softly as Halle fondles her; squeezing gently as she palms the black and blue orbs, rolling the bruised flesh and flattening it under slow, firm pressure. Halle puts a hand on Charlize's shoulder and presses down firmly, forcing the dazed and unresisting blonde to her knees. Grinning, Halle pulls Charlize forward by her ponytail, walking her like a pony on a bridle. Charlize's swollen breasts hang straight down, barely swaying as she allows herself to be paraded around the ring by the dominating Black beauty. Seeing the crowd is really getting into the humiliation of the haughty blonde, Halle hauls her up and leans Charlize chest first over the top rope, then stands behind her with her pelvis thrust forward against Charlize's jiggly ass.

Halle takes Charlize's string bikini at the hips and slowly peels it down her long, long, trembling legs. With a slap on the back of the leg, Halle commands Charlize to 'step out' and she meekly complies. First her right foot, then her left. Halle stands and pulls Charlize's own bikini bottom over her head, stuffing the blondes head through a leg hole; then pulls it around her neck and uses it as a leash to leads the sobbing, shivering, naked blonde out of the ring and down the aisle to her dressing room where God knows what further humiliation awaits!

Analysis: In retrospect, Theron took this fight too soon after her devastating loss to Natasha Henstridge. She never fully recovered from that one and her injuries hadn't had time to fully heal. Plus her conditioning suffered as a result and it was clear she ran out of gas halfway through the fight!

One might think it would be hard for Theron to find lucrative fights, losing badly to a woman so much smaller, but there are already hungry buzzards circling; looking to pick the bones of what is still one of the prettiest fighters around. There’ll always be a jaded club owner offering contracts to beautiful blondes to humiliate the way Theron was tonight! As for Berry, she was able to back up her prefight boasting and definitely out-muscled the bigger blonde in the latter stages of the fight. She had a lot to say to the press after this beating, although she didn't appear in the press room until nearly an hour after the fight.

When Halle finally showed up, she was wiping her lips and grinning, explaining, "I had to get something straight between me and Charlize and it took a while for me to drive home the point," she laughed as she held up a large, strap-on dildo and broke down giggling as the media gaped in slack-jawed silence! Halle couldn't stop grinning, saying over and how, "How sweet it was beating Theron like that after losing the first fight. There's no way anyone that big and slow can keep up with me; I'm just too quick and too pretty. I don't know if it's possible for her to lose that extra weight, but she was a lot better as a lightweight than a welter. I think fattening her up was a mistake; she's going to find there are girls lining up around the block for a piece of that 'big soft body'."

The press had to wait more than a week before Charlize Theron finally showed up to face them and, of course, they had many pointed and embarrassing questions to put to the shamed siren...

"I won't talk about what Halle and I said - or did - in locker room. She's got her story and I've got mine, but I won't be saying anything about it until after I beat her in our next fight - and despite what her people say, I WILL face her again."

"Rumors are you're on the way out; will you retire after this loss?"

"I'll never retire. I plan to keep fighting until I'm fifty - maybe longer! Hell, if Jessica Lange, Pam Grier and Cat Bell can fight past 50 so can I - I'm a hell of a lot better'n all of them together."

"They say you've lost the will to fight when you get hurt; is that true?"

"Nobody fights well when they're hurt and I'm no different. But I didn't quit and I never will quit. I just got caught with a good punch is all. Halle's right put me out, but it was a delayed action thing and I didn't go down right away. I didn't give up because I was hurt, Halle's full of bull about making me quit!"

"Looked like you didn't like her 'pounding your tits flat' - that's what she said anyway. You were crying like a little girl, she said."

"Fuck Halle - which, by the way, I fully intend to do the next time I see her! That dildo stunt was waaaay over the top of what's allowed...even in at simgrrl’s fights! Berry's going to rue the day she pulled that on me, and that's a promise!"
Scene #20: Kristanna Loken (undated apartment wrestling video © ‘The Jackflash Collection’)

[This sequence comes at the end of long, grueling match in which both women had gained/lost the advantage several times. In the end, Loken’s stamina proved decisive as she wore down Theron and took control of her.]

With remarkable speed and expert precision, Kristanna laced her right leg around Charlize’s, hooked her foot and, falling backward, slammed the blond superstar to the mat. The statuesque blond quickly executed a textbook Figure Four Leglock - not the imitation pro-wrestling move but one designed to drive an opponent into screaming submission…if her knee isn’t shattered first!

Loken had vowed to make her vaunted rival scream her surrender, this was precisely the maneuver she needed to win and scream she did! Jolted out of her daze by the sudden explosive pain in her knee, Charlize bellowed in agony, forgetting her English to howl in her native Afrikaans, “Nee…doen nie! Baas…ASSEBLIEF!“ Kristanna smiled confidently; cruelly.

Yet for all of her seeming helplessness, Theron still had a sliver of hope. If she could just endure the agony a few moments more…and not suffer a crippling injury in the process…she may still to turn the match around…literally! With Herculean effort, the Amazonian South African began to twist her upper body, using the last of her strength to turn both herself and Loken over onto their stomachs; reversing the pressure of the hold. Then it would then be Kristanna suffering!

It was an incredible sight, watching the two blond warriors struggle. Charlize was magnificent as she slowly, gruelingly began to turn both her own and Kristanna’s bodies. Loken was equally awesome as she struggled to keep Charlize flat on her back and helpless. But for all of her experience, her power, and her will, Charlize couldn’t overcome the fact that her torturer was also experienced, also powerful, also willful…and Loken had the critical advantage - leverage.

With a gasping sob and a burst of tears, Theron’s magnificent body suddenly went limp, her right hand lifted, and she began to frantically slap the floor; tapping out. But Loken would have none of it! She hadn’t promised her fans a simple submission; she’d promised Theron would “…scream her surrender.” Now she would get her wish.

“Say it!” Loken snarled at her beaten foe.

With a whimper, Charlize sobbed, “I surrender! Please…stop! No more!”

The victor released her hold and slowly got to her feet. Theron wanted nothing more than to curl into a ball and cradle her agonized leg, but she was denied even that small measure of respect. First, she suffered the indignity of her conqueror’s foot on the South African’s heaving chest, pinning her to the floor as Kristanna raised her right fist and pumped it in the air in a show of her dominance as she acknowledged the rapturous applause of the small, elite crowd of spectators. Loken had beaten one of the very best, and indisputably so, serving notice on every other woman in Hollywood they too would suffer Theron’s fate...
Scene #21: Hilary Swank @ 2004 Simgrrl’s Club - “Friday Night Fight”

Round 5
: Swank on her feet well before the bell, slapping her gloves together, pawing the canvas in her eagerness to get more of Theron. Charlize hunched over on her stool, has to be pushed in the back by her trainer as she struggles to her feet; face flushed and chest heaving with her labored breathing. Swank beyond confident now, looking cocky as she starts to flash that 'pro look' she worked so hard to develop for "Million Dollar Baby", up on her toes dancing, hands at her hips, snapping up quick, sharp jabs that no longer target Charlize's face....Hilary's sending a message in this round, "I take whatever I want; whenever I want it!" Snapping right jabs pound Theron's bra cups flat and when her gloves drop to protect her precious puppies, Hilary bends her knees to PAK-PAK-PAK that cute belly button. Theron’s gloves drop more and Hilary turns into a heavy left hook PANCAKES Charlize's right breast. With a squeal of pain, the big blonde stumbles in disarray to the ropes where Hilary sets up between her rubbery knees with her head on Charlize's chest to POUND AWAY at that suspect belly. Finally, Theron, her face a blank mask of agony, slowly slides down the ropes until she lands on her ass, her long legs stretched out on either side of Swank's feet. Hilary, leans over and cradles her hand behind Charlize's head, pulling her forward so she can whisper something in her ear. Then as the referee arrives to pull Swank away, the Oscar winning "Boys Don't Cry" star grabs Charlize's bikini top between the cups and pulls it up over her breasts. As the ref pulls her away, Swank shouts, "That's just the start Theron. Get up and fight or I'll strip you down to your birthday suit!" While Swank prances and shows off for her cheering fans, the battered big blonde drags her beaten body up the ropes. She can't pull her top back into position with her gloves on, so the referee gives her a hand, slipping her fingers under the cups and pulling them down, then letting go and letting the suit SNAP back into place. Charlize holds up her gloves as Hilary charges back in, but all Charlize wants to do is clinch. She jumps at Hilary, hugs her with both arms and uses her weight to push her back into the ropes. Charlize grabs the top rope behind Hilary and holds on for dear life as the referee strains to pull them apart. When she can't, Swank starts pounding her left into Charlize's belly while her right hand behind Charlize grabs the back of her bikini bottom; jerking up to give the battered blond beauty a wedgie. Charlize raises up on her toes trying to ease the pressure on her pussy, but that only exposes her body to more pounding by Hilary's crunching left. When Swank yanks on her bikini again, Charlize half turns and Hilary drives her powerful left fist DEEP into her belly. Charlize folds over and drops to her knees with her red face wedged tight between Hilary's thighs. Swank puts her hands behind her head and does a 'bump and grind' against Charlize's face, then pushes her over backward. As Theron topples onto her back, Hilary drops to her knees straddling her, riding Charlize's face. The referee watches a moment, then shrugs and walks away, signaling to ringside officials she's stopping the fight. Hilary, a big grin on her face, continues to 'face fuck' poor Charlize who lays flat on her back holding her belly with both hands while Swank completes her 'victory ride'.

After: When Hilary gets off of Charlize she's sporting a large, sticky wet stain on the front of her panties, but she doesn't seem the least self-conscious about it as she struts around the ring, poses for pictures straddling Theron's battered body and finally has her gloves cut away. But as Theron is brought to her knees, still doubled over in pain, Hilary still wants more!! With a breathless, red-faced Theron all but defenseless, Hilary steps up and gets in her face, growling, "I told you I'd take your bikini and now I'm gonna. You can either stand there like a good little girl and let me have it, or I'll pound away at that body some more and take it off your unconscious body after I'm done. What's it gonna be; submit or suffer?"

With tears filling her eyes, Charlize bows her head and sniffles, "You can have it!"

Hilary reaches around Charlize and pulls her into an embrace, her lips crushing Charlize's as Hilary's fingers fumble untying the back of Theron's bikini top. As it falls loose, Hilary puts her hands on Charlize's slumping shoulders and pushes her back, holding her at arms length as the loosened top slips slowly down Charlize's arms, clings briefly to her wrists then flutters to the floor between victor and vanquished. Charlize hands start to raise, her fingers reaching to cover her erect, hard nipples, but Hilary grabs her wrists and slowly, insistently, forces her arms back down at her sides. Then Hilary slowly turns Charlize around, giving everyone in the hushed arena a good, long look at her bruised and battered body.

Then, taking Charlize by the hand, Hilary leads her out to mid-ring where she turns her around so Charlize's topless body is toward the camera as Hilary kneels behind her. Lifting her hands to Charlize's hips, Hilary tugs at the ties of her bikini bottom until they come undone...but she holds the bikini up, prolonging Charlize's humiliation.

"Spread 'em sweetie!" Hilary hisses and Charlize, her face a bright crimson mask of embarrassment, spreads her legs.

Hilary reaches up between Charlize's long, lean legs from the back, her open hand flat on the beaten blonde's pubic mound, cupping her fingers to keep the bikini up as she releases the strings. Then Hilary slowly lowers her hand - and the bikini bottom - dropping it away to expose the neatly trimmed, lush golden pelt that had been hidden. The crowd rises, craning their necks as the camera operator spins the crank, extending the lens for an 'up-close and personal' view of the Oscar winner's pubic area.

"Ms Theron, time for your close-up!" Hilary hisses as she drops the sweaty bikini at Charlize's feet. Hilary stands up and holding one arm firmly about Charlize's waist and the other tightly gripping her elbow, she takes her prisoner on a looooooong, sloooooow walk around the ring; stopping at each corner to press Charlize’ body against the turnbuckles while she mounts the ropes and poses over her conquest with a hand in Charlize's sweat-matted mane, shaking her other clenched fist in triumph!

Once she's taken her time showing off her prize, Swank - almost dismissively - flings Charlize' unresisting body to the mat. She steps across her chest, standing over her and shooting a 'double bicep pose' as shutters click. At long last, she finally saunters (swaggers actually) out of the ring and back to her dressing room; leaving Charlize on her back on the mat sobbing uncontrollably.
* * * *
Three days later, in a sparsely attended and hastily called press conference - rumors are that Theron was unwilling (or unable) to talk before that - cameras are banned and it's reported she has two black eyes and they suspect a few loose teeth, since she was unable to keep her mouth-piece in (Swank slapped it out just about every round!) Charlize whines, "It felt like I was fighting a man! That Swank is hard as a rock it hurt my hands when I hit her. I'm asking the authorities to drug test her before they let her fight again; and I think maybe there should be mandatory DNA tests to! She looked waaay too believable as a man in her movie and who knows....."

Asked if she's going to press for a rematch, Charlize changed the subject, talking instead about how she, "...can't wait to get back to training", not hinting who she might face in her next fight.

VARIETY the showbiz tabloid, announced the result the next day under a banner headline…



Scene #23: Naomi Campbell+Linda Evangelista @ 1992 Milan modeling assignment (previously unavailable)

Charlize Theron won a teenage modeling contract in South Africa at 16, then moved to Milan where she lived in apartments with other aspiring young models. As in any high-stress profession, ‘veteran’ models didn’t take kindly to young competition and many of the young girls quit after suffering ‘hazing’ at the hands of the older models. Charlize didn’t put up with it, but her hubris cost her as this grainy backstage footage shows. We see her being hassled by several “supermodels” of the era, among the most recognizable are Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista.
Bonus Scene
: “Beyonce Rapes Jewel” @ 2002 Simgrrl’s Club: Postfight (handheld vidcam in low light)

Charlize Theron and Jewel Kilcher were stablemates in the FCBA (boxing) and attended each others fights when schedules permit. Jewel tried her hand at celebrity wrestling, something she’s well built for but inexperienced. Her opponent is a top apartment catfighter, Beyonce Knowles, who makes frequent appearances in the ‘squared circle’. The difference in experience proved decisive. After a good start by Jewel, Beyonce’s subtle tricks and ‘veteran moves’ undid her and Jewel lost her composure - then her clothes - and finally the match! Afterward, Beyonce took her “right” with Charlize watching unable to aid her friend. NOTE: This scene is included because Beyonce used THIS EVENT to goad Theron into the fight immediately below!

…Beyonce pulls Jewel to her with a handful of hair, then pulls her forward and forces her down onto her hands and knees. Beyonce drops behind Jewel and pulls the dazed singers sweaty thong down around her knees, then presses up against her butt as she reaches around under and between Jewel’s slightly spread thighs to fit the tip of the dildo between Jewel's fleshy labia. Rising up, Beyonce hauls back on Jewel's hair, pulling her head up; the singer blinking numbly as her head rises until Theron - sitting ringside - is looking into Jewel's blank, glazed eyes. Then Beyonce thrusts her hips forward - her bare, sweaty belly making a loud SPLAT as it slaps against Jewel's bare butt.

"AAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!" Jewel screams when Beyonce drives the dildo to the hilt, pushing forward with a thrust that knocks Jewel face first to the mat.

The weeping blonde singer’s bulbous boobs flatten on the canvas with her ass raised as Beyonce releases her hair, grabs her by the hips with both hands and pumps and pounds away. Beyonce’s eyes are wild and her teeth clenched as the sweat dripping from her forehead streams down off her bouncing breasts onto Jewel's bare backside.

"UNNNNNHHHHH......unnnnnnnhhhhhhhhh......uhhhhhhh....ooooooooooooo....," Jewel moans as Beyonce pumps her pussy hard and fast, then slows as she feels Jewel getting close to climaxing; drawing out her humiliation until Jewel erupts with a submissive cry and cums for the dominant black singer - forced her to orgasm in public against her instincts and prideful resistance.

The crowd sits and watches in silence while Beyonce works Jewel like a Porn Star and at one point, the announcer leans over to ask Charlize what's she's going to do the next time she faces Beyonce. "Well Charlize, Beyonce kept pounding Jewel's body and, much as she tried, she couldn't keep her away. Knowing how vulnerable YOU’VE been to the same tactic, what will you do to avoid the same outcome? It seems inevitable if you're foolish enough to get in the ring with her again!"

For one of the rare times in her career, Charlize is speechless; sitting in slack-jawed awe at the sight of a lovely young blonde being dominated so completely she can't find words to express her emotions.
Scene #25: Beyonce Knowles @ Michael Douglas/Catherine Zeta-Jones 2003 Garden Party - “Grapple in the Grass”

Background: Catherine Zeta-Jones was never one to let a slight - perceived or real - go unpunished. For some time, she harbored a grudge against Sharon Stone for the affair between her and Douglas during ‘Basic Instinct.’ Everyone involved denied it, but that didn’t matter; it was public knowledge and CZJ’s honor demanded satisfaction. At the time, Stone and Theron were known as “close friends” so if there could be anything more satisfying for CZJ than settling scores, it was the fun she and her friends Ashley Judd and Angelina Jolie had tormenting “that bitch Theron” who, for reasons unknown, they all loathed and despised!

After Jolie told CZJ what Beyonce had done to Theron’s ‘good friend’ Jewel Kilcher (above) she saw an opportunity! CZJ and Michael invited Stone and Theron (a couple at that time) to their Summer Garden Party - a ‘must go to’ event for Hollywood insiders and one so important even Stone couldn’t decline. There, Cath picked a fight with Stone and they stripped down to bras and panties to settle it on the lawn before a hundred guests.

After a tough fight, CZJ got her revenge and began to abuse and humiliate Sharon which brought the expected protest from Charlize who thought her girlfriend had suffered enough. That’s when Beyonce - who’d been feuding with Theron for nearly a year - stepped in and said, “We’ll give Stone back IF you beat me. Otherwise, get down on all fours like the bitch you are and CRAWL outta here! We’ll send your precious Stony back to you after we get tired of her!”

The trap had been sprung and Charlize was snared! Beyonce had been training for this fight while Theron was working on a film. Charlize wasn’t in ‘fighting shape’ which became obvious very quickly.

Clearly, Zeta-Jones had planned the fights because they were professionally taped from all angles, including excellent coverage of the battles from all four sides with many long lens close-up of the climactic action.
Additional Matches
: This exclusive two disk DVD includes twelve (12) more devastating defeats and four outright humiliations of the Oscar winning ‘Golden Girl’ (including two “never-before-seen” sequences, one an unbelievably sexy “Breast Smother Her/Slap-Her-Awake/Butt Smother Her” sequence performed by Mariah Carey in a 2005 celebrity apartment wrestling contest. The producers of the DVD contacted both women asking for them to provide a commentary of their thoughts and emotions, but neither returned our calls. We can state, however, that rumor has it that THIS SEQUENCE is the reason Theron has refused to step into a ring or onto an apartment carpet with Carey since that night!