The Charlize Theron DVD Collection: Olga Kurylenko “Quantum of Solace” [Rated “M” for Mature]

The “Quantum of Solace” DVD contains a specially commissioned apartment house battle between Olga Kurylenko and Charlize Theron (a scene subsequently cut from the film due to running length issues). “The Charlize Theron DVD Collection” has licensed the scene and added additional features for a special edition DVD.

- Olga Kurylenko narrative track describing the action from her point-of-view.
- Interview with Producer Michael Wilson: "We were tired of throw-away Bond girls who couldn't handle the spotlight in the ring," says Producer Mike Wilson. "We've been embarrassed in the past when these girls get the big publicity push they do, then get rolled-over in their first big fight to support the film. This time, we really think we've got the right formula. Just to use Charlize Theron as an example - I mean, she was kind of the model we were looking for: Olga's an inch taller and built lighter, tighter than Charlize. She's faster than Charlize at all altitudes, so we can use her with confidence from the beach on up to penthouse height. She's got astounding staying power for a tall girl, and she kicks harder than Cameron Diaz. On top of that, she's just gorgeous, and she's got the wild heart of a gypsy. We haven't had a thoroughbred like this in the films since Janssen, and I doubt Famke could have stayed with this girl for very long."
- Exclusive interviews with models/actresses giving opinions of one/both participants.
* * * *
Natasha Henstridge
: “As soon as I saw it was Kurylenko, I got on the phone and called some old friends in Europe. This girl is the real deal! She’s tall, supple and all wiry muscles. I’ve seen video of two of her fights and the way she moves is so fluid you wouldn’t believe it. She’s not that strong, but she makes up for it by having terrific anticipation. What I don’t know yet is whether she can box. I’ve seen her twice in apartment fights - though I’m told she’s wrestled as well. This will be a real challenge for Charlize because the weakest part of her game is on the carpet. Theron’s a top talent in the boxing ring, and she has some wrestling skills - she’s especially good in tag team events where she is excellent at subordinating her huge ego to her partner. I’ve only wrestled with her as my partner once - several years ago - and we did quite well. I’ve wrestled against her quite a few times and she’s quite acceptable as a singles wrestler too. I just don’t have the same confidence about her in an apartment setting.”

Catherine Bell: (Bell is now trainer for Charlize Theron and declined to be interviewed so we obtained this interview she gave ESPN in 2003 when she and Theron were competitors!) “Charlize is a very focused boxer, it’s what makes her so difficult to beat. She has the mental approach down pat, so you must be equally focused when facing her. She ‘scripts’ her boxing matches, deciding before the match what she wants to do in every minute of each round. What makes her so dangerous is that with her whole game plan in her head, if you do something unexpected her ‘internal computer’ simply jumps ahead to the appropriate part of her script and she adjusts. That and her great physical skills; hand-speed, legs, stamina; she has it all.”

Jennifer Garner: “Theron’s going to be at a disadvantage in this match for one of the few times in her career. She’s usually the ‘big girl’ in her matches but Kareylenko (sic) is taller, and she looks quicker than Charlize from what little I’ve seen of her. Height isn’t going to be as much of a problem in an apartment match as it would be in boxing, but Charlize has to watch out she’s not unsettled just looking up at someone. I’ve faced Theron in boxing, wrestling and on the rugs and I’ve had by far the better success getting her into an apartment - preferable a penthouse.” At this, Garner burst out laughing, finally explaining, “…it’s a private joke between Theron and I.”

Jessica Biel: “I’m just a little jealous. I got a look at this Kurylenko in ‘Hitman’ and her body impressed me. She’s tall, all arms and legs, but watching her move on the big screen she’s very graceful. Before Olga, I thought Charlize was maybe the most graceful actress I’d ever seen - but this girl has it all over Charlize. Our scouting on her says she’s like a Boa Constrictor; just wraps you up and keeps tightening her grip until you can’t breathe. I can’t wait to get my hands on her, see how she handles muscles…you know Theron’s got a great lower body, but her upper body isn’t all that great. It shows in her results; you look it up - boxing her win rate is up around 80%; ring wrestling it’s no more than 60, and apartment matches she’s a pretty ordinary 40-45% wins. She’s gonna regret this one, I bet.”

Milla Jovovich: “Is tremendous chance for Olga here with Charlize. Olga learn how to apartment fighting from little girl; is one of best in East Bloc for years now. Other girls don’t even want get on the rugs with Olga any more now she’s beat all of them. Got good seat in front row; is going to hear my good friend Charlize whimpering and sobbing tonight; happy sounds for my getting fired by her, I’m thinking. Olga and me celebrate later - take Charlize out for dinner maybe, yes?”

Anna Kournikova: “My own record in apartment matches is better than Charlize Theron’s, I think, so why am I not fighting? Olga learned how to fight in the Ukraine - same as Milla Jovovich. They train them from as soon as they’re children in gymnastics, dance, hand to hand combat, martial arts. My friends tell me Olga was top student in every discipline - boxing, wrestling, mixed martial arts…all. She’s strong on anticipating your moves even before you start to make them she’s already beginning to counter. I fought her five times…” Anna pauses several seconds here, “…I beat her the first time, but the next four times we fought, she won each time better than before. I don’t envy Ms. Theron’s evening; she’s in for a long, difficult time, I think.”

Kristanna Loken: “Charlize’s ego is writing checks her body can’t cash! Every time she hears about the ‘next hot thing’ she has to go after it; she’s like a woman with her husband’s credit card, intent on maxing it out before the divorce papers are served. She goes through opponents like the Congress goes through the Federal budget, but Kurylenko is not one of those puffed up publicity agent’s dreamed-up fighters; she’s for real. I have several former girlfriends still working in Europe and they told me, ‘Stay away from her, she’s poison.’ You can look at her and she doesn’t look like much - sorta reminds me of Stacy Keibler or Rebecca Romijn, but that’s just her body type. I was in the gym the other day when she was getting a rubdown after her final tune-up and I was able to get my hands on her body…wow! Lemme tell you, corded steel is what her muscles felt like. I like to think I’VE got muscles, but this girl is strong! Charlize will never know what hit her!”

Halle Berry (former Bond girl): “It’s been a long time since a ‘Bond Girl’ got some respect. I had the chance to chat with Olga on the set a few months ago when they were doing a ‘Bond girl reunion’ shoot for Playboy. I couldn’t take my eyes off her butt! Have gotten a look at her glutes? Fabulous! I can tell you Charlize will get a GOOD, CLOSE-UP look at Olga’s ass and she won’t like it! When she wraps those long, strong, legs around Theron’s torso and starts to squeeze; poor little blonde Miss Rich-Bitch Wendy Whitebread will be hitting ALL the high notes. I’m just glad Olga doesn’t have tits; at least I’ve still got one thing over most of those other ‘Bond Babes’.”

Famke Janssen (former Bond girl): “For the past two years all the girls on the European Circuit have been talking about is this big, awesome, Olga Kurylenko. She’s been putting down one woman after another; amateurs, professionals, veterans, rookies; nobody’s been able to stay with her more than ten, twelve minutes. I think maybe Theron’s ONLY hope is to tough it out, drag the match out and maybe wear Olga down, because very few of her fights have lasted to the limit. I’ve never faced Theron in an apartment match, but she didn’t impress me when we wrestled six or seven years ago. But who knows, maybe she’s improved since then? She’s certainly filled out and bulked up; Charlize certainly looks like a full-grown woman now in (almost) every regard.”
For the fight, Charlize wore the rich, Royal Blue bikini she modeled in her Esquire ‘Most Beautiful Woman” photoshoot while Olga began in a bright beach bikini that contrasts nicely with her dark skin.
Selected Fight Scenes:
Scene 1:
Right at the start Charlize prowls forward, hands curled in fighting talons. Kurylenko steps-to Charlize, plants on left foot, whirls 360 and DRIVES a thumping right heel in under Theron’s right breast just behind her protecting elbow. Horrid THUD from such an elegant move - Charlize crying out, immediately crumpling in pain, holding her body, backing away and sinking to her knees in agony. Olga? Wild gypsy grin as she swaggers past, looks the sniveling Theron over, then turns and heads into the crowd. Fans give Kurylenko a shot of Gray Goose which she quickly bolts, then struts back onto carpet, crouching to shout “Come!” at Charlize; gesturing her forward with both hands. Theron glaring, taking plenty of time getting to her feet as Olga’s deliberately giving Charlize plenty of time to recover.

Scene 2: Charlize walking off the body shot, hands on hips, pacing back and forth on soft white carpet, when suddenly turns and rushes, snarling at Olga. Kurylenko draws her arms in, hands clasped at her breasts; spins on the spot as Theron’s closing; letting Charlize stagger past her. Out of the spin, Olga’s right leg sweeps up and back, whipping across the small of Theron’s back - sending her crashing headlong into the first two rows of the audience. Milla Jovovich and Natasha Henstridge gleefully scoop Charlize up and FLING her back out onto carpet - her once perfectly coifed, golden, hair badly disheveled; round cheeks flushing bright crimson. The sinuous Ukrainian brunette again makes mocking faces as she waggles her fingers; taunting Charlize as she invites her to dance.

Scene 3: Olga drops down low, spinning counter-clockwise; leg-whipping Charlize’s legs out from under her, dropping the blonde on her butt; rolling onto her back with a room-rattling CRASH. Sitting out of the spin - Olga puts her hands behind her, raises her wiry right leg straight up; then snaps it straight down - her heel digging deep into the pit of Theron’s stomach! Cry of pain as Charlize hugs herself, knees drawn up - her eyes squeezed shut, mouth working in blubbering gasps. Again that searing, gypsy-grin, as Olga withdraws her leg, loving the hurt on Charlize’s gorgeous face in the early going.

Scene 4: Rough treatment for the gut-shot blonde! Olga mounts her, straddling the Oscar winner’s chest; snarling, she gives Theron the back of her right hand! WHAP! Charlize’s face clouted aside - she’s reaching up, trying to ward off blows - pushing at Olga’s stomach; grabbing at her forearms. Kurylenko’s teeth bared as she leans forward, whip-slapping her right hand; back and forth; using her left hand to clear the way. Eventually, Theron is able to bridge-and-roll, taking advantage of Olga’s high-center-of-gravity to topple her.

Scene 8: Theron mounted a brief flurry after unseating Olga, but then had several bad minutes at Olga’s hands - always a step behind the sleek brunette. Here, they grapple upon the emperor-sized bed with Theron trapped between Olga’s sinewy legs. Both girls on their sides (Olga on her left - to the left of your screen; Charlize on her right - to the right). Olga’s hands have Charlize’s wrists, holding the struggling blonde compliant as her long legs straighten; cinching cruelly about Theron’s trembling body. Charlize grunts “OH!” at the tightening. Olga’s got fight-winning power in those stems.

Scene 9: Kurylenko grins into CT’s face, making eye contact! Poor Charlize grimaces, face stricken; legs bicycling slowly on the silk sheets. In painful stages, Charlize struggles up onto her knees, forcing Olga onto her back. Theron eases herself to a standing position on the floor - the brunette’s legs still wrapped around her waist; hands still clutching the blondes wrists; still grinding that soft blonde body from her seat on the bed. Theron tosses her head back, whining - she’s trapped; frustrated by Olga’s sinuous tenacity. Only when Theron threatens to drag Olga off the bed - and slam her down onto floor - does Kurylenko release her dreadful grip about Charlize’s middle.

Scene 10: Raw American power! Charlize (right of the screen) rocks Olga with a big right uppercut: brunette head tossed back; arms outstretched as she takes a glorious chin-check. For Theron, it’s a critical moment of resistance, momentarily halting Olga’s advance.

Scene 11: Reversal on the carpet! After a Theron resurgence, Olga’s back in charge. Charlize, sitting back on her haunches, huffing and puffing: trapped in another lanky Leg Scissors. Olga on Theron’s left hip, legs bisecting Theron’s tummy; arms reaching ‘round to tie up Charlize right arm seat belt fashion. Tight, tight, grip. Olga’s lean body arching completely off the carpet; tawny legs humming; taut butt cheeks rippling with the effort of clenching Charlize. Theron buckled up - left arm wedged between their struggling bodies - rides her left forearm across the top of Olga’s hardened left thigh. Olga works to further secure Charlize’s right arm; left hand gripping blonde wrist; bending the limb until Charlize’s hand is near her shoulder; embracing Charlize around the shoulders so Olga’s right hand helps to hug-up around Theron’s right arm. All the while, brunette’s long, strong, legs wringing the fight from Theron’s middle. Charlize whimpering - eyes closed; lips trembling as she tries in vain to stifle her sobs and cries. Olga panting, occasionally grimacing; bearing her teeth; pours on the juice.

Scene 12: Theron unable to break out - rolls onto her belly, giving up her back. Olga astride CT’s back - brunette left leg curling around captive blonde belly; left foot hooked in behind her own right knee. Olga bringing her right foot up, completes the triangle; clenching so hard the heel of her right foot bounces against her rock-hard buttock. Olga in high spirits - flashing dark-eyed grins as she squirms atop Charlize; maintaining that seat belt grip on Theron’s right arm - immobilizing it against her body. Theron’s breath comes in pitiful gasps as she flattens out - right cheek on carpet, face buried in the lush fibers. Olga rests her chin on Theron’s left shoulder, panting onto her ear; letting her legs do the hard work of exhausting her blonde prey.

Scene 13: Charlize groaning - her free left hand pushing on the carpet; her useless legs stretched out limp and long behind her. Olga’s all in there; tight; smirking; nestling her chin into the crook of Theron’s neck; licking her ear as she feels Charlize weakening. “Guh…uhnnnnn….give…” Theron whispers, almost choking on the words. Another pulse of those killer brunette legs. Louder, “Ahhhhhh….I….GIVE!”

Olga doesn’t respond but slowly releases, uncoiling herself like a python, sitting up proud on Charlize’s butt; fingers splayed wide over Theron’s shoulder blades. Bouncing happily as she twists and twirls her fingers in the sweat-matted hair of the ‘Golden Goddess’ lifting her head to show her face to the excited, applauding crowd.

Scene 15: Olga takes her tribute. As is the tradition in Eastern Europe, the winner has her way with the loser. Theron unused to the humiliation, eyes tearing as Olga mounts her from behind; a tight, smirking grin on her pretty face; hands grabbing and holding Charlize’s raised hips; easing access for her dildo into the sweet meat below. Theron grunting as Olga’s hard, flat belly slaps her butt cheeks with each thrust of her strap-on. Theron’s bowed head hidden in her folded arms. Olga wraps one arm around her waist from above, fingers working between the blonde’s trembling thighs; Olga pushes her submissive victim closer and closer to the moment of ultimate triumph - Theron’s unwilling and unwanted orgasm!

NOTE: This DVD is destined to become a true collector’s item. It contains one of a few recorded instances of another woman pushing Charlize Theron to - and then beyond - her breaking point in a fight PLUS a rare recorded sex tape of a woman who guards her privacy far better than most of her contemporaries. It could well be that, in years to come, this DVD will be recognized as ‘Olga Kurylenko’s Coming Out Party.’