Simguy’s DVD Collection: "Introducing: Alison Mack!" (highlight package)

Front Cover: Collage: Mack standing with beefy arms crossed, smiling - Mack lifting some girl up off her feet belly to belly - Mack smashing another girl to her knees with a forearm across the back - so on and so forth.

Back Cover: "Alison Mack - The WB's best kept secret, the bearhugging phenom! The accolades go on and on for this muscular little blonde. Inside this DVD you'll see snippets of Alison at her very best - grinding it out against the strong in unforgiving tests of will and power that will leave you, and OPPONENTS, breathless!”

Special Features include:
Audio Commentary on/off with Alison Mack!
Rare backstage WB training footage! (including pro-style workouts with Holly Marie Combs in t-shirts and trunks)
Arm Wrestling bouts (Including her now famous best of three sequence against Dani Fishel!)

Random Scene Selections:

Scene 3: Alison in lime green cotton tank/cropped top, pale blue swimsuit bottoms with floral pattern; Bev Mitchell in lavender cotton cami top and panties. Bev fingers outstretched, crouching, moves in to hug: Mack waits on her, then bumps a short, thick right hand to the pit of Bev's stomach as Mitchell's reaching 'round. Instant shock and grimace as Bevvie's all cramped up - SHE falls forward into grinning Alison's clutches (not strictly legal, that body shot - but SO effective!) BEEFY belly-to-belly ensues - Alison's muscular pumps hoisting poor Mitchell onto her tippy-toes. Bev just sick about it, hands gripping at Mack's shoulders - Mitchell's eyes shut tight as she groans in torment. Mack gripping her left wrist in her right fist at the small of Bevvie's back: Ali just arching her back - lifting Mitchell up onto Mack's thick tummy and breasts during the cinches.

Scene 5: Alison continuing to punish Beverly with hugs. Mitchell on her knees, Alison cinching up from behind rides the girl down to all fours. Mack's face rosy-cheeked; tight, hard-working grin on her face - she digs her little chin into Bev's upper vertebrae just to antagonize. Mitchell groaning, face clenched in pain, lips pursed in a hurting 'ooooh' - she sits back on her haunches, left hand out on the carpet, right hand pulled in to clutch at the brawny arms hugging up just under her jugs.

Scene 6: Delicious tap out from Mitchell as she lies on her left side, Mack grafted onto her back and hugging the bejesus out of Beverly's exhausted little paunch. Beverly spooned into Mack's lap: Mitchell crying, finally reaches out and taps forlornly, right hand on carpet. Alison releasing, rolling over to her right side with a bright, satisfied smile.

Scene 10: Poolside, outdoors with Dani Fishel. Fishel in black crochet bikini (similar to Demi Moore's get-up in Angels II), long ponytail with bangs; Mack in bandeau bikini with big, bold vertical bars of alternating red and white. Early struggling sees Dani, on her feet, getting in under Mack's left side and clamping a hug in around her foe's hips. Dani strains to pull Ali up onto tummy, putting bleak hurt on Alison's face. Mack with her left arm riding limp behind Dani's neck, the left hand tucked in beside Dani's jaw, Mack's right hand pulling at Fishel's brawny left arm.

Scene 11: Fishel up on her knees behind a seated Mack, clamping on with a stubby, strong right hand in the join of Ali's neck/right shoulder. Ali: all bunched up in pain, right hand raised in an agonized claw, face tightly clenched - all she can do is sit there and take it. Fishel GLOWING, left hand gripping her right wrist - ear to ear grin as she shifts her weight, ponytail gently swaying side to side down her back as she works on Alison. Not strictly legal in a contracted bearhug-bout, but might makes right!

Scene 12: Much later in Fishel/Mack - Dani windblown, staggering away with haunted eyes - she's pushing deck chairs out of the way as she mindlessly seeks to regroup (nice view from behind at one point - Dani's weary buttocks jiggling, black bikini all crimped and worn, sad ponytail all damp and swaying against the spine). Mack flushed, laboring, but coming on strong - bare feet stomping on concrete audible (slap-slap-slap) as she catches up, tackles Dani around her waist and rides her into surrounding lawn.

Scene 13: Still on the grass - Dani's on her back, propped up on her elbows, chin tucked in to look down at Alison. Mack's on top, arms thick n' snug around Dani's stocky torso, left cheek resting happily on Dani's breast puts Alison facing the camera. Ali relaxed, just controlling Dani - Mack's got Fishel's right leg scissored up so Dani's not going anywhere. Fishel tortured, anguished - she'll bring her right hand up to pull uselessly at the damp mop of Alison's hair; she'll reach around with her left arm to try to turn Alison over (no go, Dani). Dani will lie back down, arms outstretched, breathing hard through pursed lips as she squints her eyes shut: it's her body against Alison's arms at this point.

Scene 15: Wretched, exhausted beauties: Dani and Alison. They're both on hands and knees in the grass, totally spent. They rise achily, pushing up off bended knee to stand reeling, eyelashes fluttering. Dani reaches in the left hand to push at Ali's chest, measuring her, then D staggers to the right, pulling at her nose while formulating a plan. Mack tries to grab at Dani's wrist, but Fishel wriggles free - Ali wobbly butt, stumbling to her right, elbows in, hands up ready to engage. Alison stoops, reaches in on waist: Dani brushes her hands aside, stumbles to her left. Dani tries to reach in and ALISON CATCHES HER A SHORT RIGHT HAND IN THE STOMACH! Poor Dani heartsick, groaning as she falls into Alison's arms. Mack grits her teeth and summons fresh energy from her shoulders, HEAVING Dani up onto her hip, arms snug in around those stout ribs.

Scene 22: Kaley Cuoco (bright blue off the shoulder bandeau top, bubblegum pink bottoms) hugging it up with Alison in lime green cotton cami tank top, blue swimsuit bottoms with floral print. Kaley looking disheveled, on her right hip - she's bogged down again as Mack reaches in around the left side to body Cuoco down. Mack riding atop the bigger blonde, wriggles to get a scissors in around Kaley's hips, then shifts grip OUTSIDE Kaley's arms to hug her about the back and biceps. POOR KALEY! Cuoco sobbing, now on her left side, legs bicycling slowly, wearily on the carpet - she's all crushed in tight against Alison's chest, suffering. Kaley's hands in snug, trapped between the breasts, she almost looks like she's praying in there! Alison beaming, shining with sweat, POURING it on: little body throbbing with force as shoulders twitch and flex with might.

Scene 27: Heinous double team mismatch: rivals Dani Fishel (short-waisted red t-shirt over red boy wrestling trunks) and Alison Mack (short-waisted baby blue t-shirt over baby blue wrestling trunks) team up to put the boots to poor chubby Holly Marie Combs (navy t-shirt over baby blue tank one-piece swimsuit). Just plodding, cruel turn-taking with the hugs - Combs huffing and puffing, suffering in the arms of one girl as the other stands nearby, ready to move in and apply fresh pressure as soon as necessary. Holly allowed to crawl away, only to be hugged doggie style by one or the other little bruiser, ridden to mat and crushed. By the end, Holly all clammy faced, utterly helpless, muttering semi-conscious protestations - much stronger vixens simply helping themselves one at a time, snuggling in there and squeezing until every last drop of Holly's used up.

Scene 30: Shallow wading/fighting pool, bright sun reflecting off the ripples. Ali in red bra-style bikini sits on a pool-stool (just beneath the surface, so Ali's legs beneath the water). Poor Jessica Simpson stands woozy, nearly out on her feet in black bra-style bikini, tight ponytail. Simpsy pouting, eyelashes fluttering - she tries to swish away but Mack leans forward, reaches for those golden-brown hips, fingering the meat as she establishes a grip, then slowly reels Jess back in where she belongs. Simpsy blubbering, lower lip sticking out as she backs up slowly and plops down into Ali's lap. Sitting between Mack's legs, Simpsy sobs aloud, tosses back her head, pushing down on Mack's hands/wrists locked at her tummy; Mack resting her cheek on Jessica's glistening shoulder with a happy, hard working smile, eyes closed in blissful enjoyment.

Special bonus: Beach Football Coverage:
(Beach football same look as lingerie football, only sand and swimsuits. Smaller ball gives girls a chance to pass/catch as well. This segment on the DVD from a Team ABC vs. Team WB scrum when ‘8 Simple Rules’ was still around).

Late 4th quarter: Kaley Cuoco (electric blue off the shoulder bandeau top, pink bottoms) burns Allison Mack (green sport cut top, blue/green floral print bottoms), catching a pass over top Ali's noggin and loping to the WB goal line.

Mack clapping her hands, captain of the defense - she rallies the troops, breaks huddle and lines up at middle linebacker. Heroic goal line stand - Mack and Taylor Cole combining to stuff Kaley on 4 straight rushes up the middle. Allison's final hit drives Cuoco to her back, puts her temporarily out of the game with bruised ribs and ego to match.

Over to offense, venerable Lori Loughlin at QB calls Mack's number exclusively: tuff up-the-gut running, no excuses. ABC squad demoralized by the goal line stand - they're wilting, fraying at the edges. Amy Davidson laying some hellacious licks on Allison as Mack storms through the line, but Ali's second effort always drives Amy to her back, providing extra yards. WB girls smiling, bright eyed, upbeat: total contrast in body language as ABC girls are slow to get up after the plays, bleak and harried as they get down in their stances.

Relentless drive to midfield - ABC is bending, bending - plucky Kaley Cuoco jogs back in to bolster the ABC middle, ribs tenser-bandaged up.

1st and 10. Taylor Cole pulls from right guard, leading Allison over the left side - Cole lays a THUNDEROUS hit on Kaley - driving illegal forearms to the head as she hurtles into Cuoco: Kaley laid out cold on her back, lips parted, eyes shut - Taylor on all fours, leering over top. Mack stomps past, shoulder blocking a tired Amy Davidson to her back - lowering her head to ram Kelly Ripa square in the chest, then trampling her Earl Campbell style. Mack squirts through, shedding the rest of the fatigued ABC squad and rumbles, bumbles, stumbles to the end zone. WB Chicks Win!

Crass celebrations under a hot sun. Mack jogging back all grins, pretending to warm her hands and toast marshmallows on Amy D ('cause Davidson got 'burned'). Taylor rising up on her knees, straddling out-cold Kaley: Cole butter churning; putting her hands behind her head and hip-shimmying; thrusting in and out with her arms to her pelvis as poor KO'd Kaley sleeps on. Demoralized ABC girls all panting and beat-up, listless as energized WB girls mock, taunt and cavort. Only Kelly Ripa shows any fire, stomping her foot and berating her teammates. Kelly Monaco shoves her and the WB girls hoot with laughter as the battling Kellies fall to the sand, tearing and shrieking at each other. ABC team implodes with the defeat: WB girls enjoy the show.