Simguy's DVD Collection #12: Kristin Kreuk vs. Sarah Carter (from archival WB footage)

With the demise of the “WB Network” their archives have been opened to researchers. This is Volume I of a planned multi-volume “WB Classics” series. When completed - hopefully sometime in the fall of 2010 - the entire series will be re-released as a boxed set. Surely it will be a ‘must have’ for serious fans and collectors!

Front of the Box: Posed shot of both girls balling their little fists and trying to look tuff. Sarah wearing a black bra with white lace trim and boy cut black panties, her hair in scruffy double-braids with wispy bangs. Kreuk attired in tan suede Western motif bikini with fringe, her skin tone much darker than Carter's and with her hair in single battle braid with loose bangs framing her face.

Back of the Box: "See why the WB at its height was known as the 'Catfight Factory', turning out feisty little ingenues one after another. See Kristin Kreuk in her toughest test ever against Sarah Carter - in the latters first struggle against “name competition.” Dubbed the 'blonde Kristin Kreuk' for her gamin frame and close-up perfect face - Carter traded move for move with the favored brunette in a battle many regarded as one of the finest ever contested under the WB auspices."

Special Features Include:
- Interviews two years later with both vixens that reveals the truth behind the oft-repeated rumor of Kreuk’s demand that producers kill off Carter's “Smallville” character!

- Mini-documentary. "Behind The Frog: A Battle-ography of the WB." Producers, fighters and execs reminisce about the WB Network’s fightin' heyday. Includes references to Charisma Carpenter; Brittany & Cynthia Daniel; Sarah Michelle Gellar's Reign of Terror; The Rise of Kristin Kreuk and more. All-to-brief clips of many rare or here-to-fore-only-rumored-to-exist fights illustrate the chat (a promise of many great DVD’s still to come.)

- Grappling/sparring footage of Kristen Bell with Kreuk and boxing/sparring of Bell with Carter; then Bell dishes on which of the two is really better - and tells you why! (Rare ‘inside the head’ stuff we don’t often hear!)

Scene Selections:

4.) Carter mounts Kreuk, gripping Kristin's wrists in such a way as to cross her arms against the brunette's throat, holding both hands down against carpet. Sarah's all smiles as poor Kreuk grimaces in the pin, eyes blazing with hate as her hips twist, feet push against floor. Sarah playfully bumps her rump against the soft swell of Krissy's belly: shout of pain from Kreuk as her knees snap upwards in reflex. Carter loving it - tossing her head and glorying in the moment: more rump-bumps for helpless Kristin who's face turns bright red with the effort of hardening her tummy against the weight. Kristin writhing, trying to wriggle her hands out of Sarah's grip - eventually Kreuk slips free, bridges to buck Sarah off and combatants spill sideways to carpet in a sprawl of gamin limbs, drum-tight bodies. Girls kick at each other while on their sides - slender legs bicycling feverishly against carpet.

6.) Panting breaths coming through loud and clear as girls pass under the boom mike - Sarah in behind Krissy, riding the brunette onto the bed, hands splayed wide against Kreuk's tanned hips. Kreuk gasps as she's borne down, struggling up on her elbows, lips curled back from perfect teeth, brow furrowed as nimble Carter continues to dominate position, straddling brunette back and sitting up prettily.

8.) Long battle on the bed has led to Sarah disengaging, standing on the floor holding Kristin's heels in her hands as Kreuk lies snarling on her back. Krissy wrenching her legs back, kicking at blonde as Sarah tries to pull and grip Kreuk by the ankles. Hard right foot slaps against Sarah's breast, pushing her back with a scowl. Kreuk sits up, breathing hard, eyes glaring as Carter takes a moment, well out of range, to stand hands-on-hips and look things over.

10.) Kreuk standing near the wall - right hand against it for support. Sarah's climbed up on Kristin's back, legs encircling brunette hips, arms writhing in around Kreuk's neck, looking for a choke. Sarah smiling, comfy - she knows Kristin won't drop down to the floor for fear of being choked out. Kreuk breathing hard, face strained, gamin legs forced to take Sarah's weight while she fends off Carter's seeking hands and biceps.

11.) More writhing, grappling action on the floor. Girls tangled tightly up top, Sarah's right cheek warm against Kristin's left. Krissy on her back, staring furiously up at the ceiling over Sarah's right shoulder - brunette's tanned legs scissoring Sarah's left leg. Breaths coming in short pants or muted whimpers - not a lot of movement, but both girls putting out maximum effort in there. Sarah squirming for position - tight flesh of her belly tacky against Kristin's equally firm tummy - Carter's free left knee pushing at the carpet as she positions Kreuk against the white wall. Sarah working to free her left arm, gets that hand up across Krissy's mouth and nose, trying for a little hand smother - Kreuk twisting her head aside, actually chomping at Carter's elegant fingers.

12.) Action continues as neither girl has budged from the wall position. Sarah still on top, working hard. With her head, she traps Kristin's right arm behind the elbow, pinning the limb against Krissy's right cheek while snaking arms in around Kreuk's head/neck to tighten up. Carter's left hand circles underneath to grip her right bicep; right hand curls atop Kristen's damp scalp and right away - Kreuk's gulping her hips, face reddening as Carter goes for a face-on-face choke-squeeze. Krissy's bucking and writhing allows Sarah to slip her right leg free - she's able to clear Kristin's guard and get strong on her haunches, keeping her body close to Kreuk's. Sarah patient, breathing slowly, shifting herself to cinch her grip - Kreuk all packaged up, breathing hard through pursed lips, right hand sticking up, little fist clenched tight in defiance.

13.) Carter couldn't get the choke, but she's got Kreuk pretzeled up against the wall. Big grins, Sarah: poor Kreuk's butt in the air, knees over her head, left arm useless to the side, right trapped against the wall - Carter's on her knees, pushing her body in tight to keep Kreuk immobilized. Right forearm curled atop Kreuk's rump, Sarah leans her weight on, systematically punches at the inverted rib cage with robotic left hands. Carter visibly enjoying herself - not doing terrific damage with the punching, but it's totally uncontested - one girl taking what she wants from another - fist making a little smacking PIK! PIK! noise against Kristen's tanned torso. Carter finally abandons the position - putting both hands on Kreuk's upturned rump, rising, then driving in a hard knee to Kreuk's chest/flank as Krissy groans in protest. Camera catches a nice close up of Kristen's face, capturing her distress, embarrassment and frustration as she unballs herself to rally yet again.

16.) Kreuk angry, catching a second wind - she shoots in at Carter's waist as the blonde extends hands to push brunette away. Doesn't work - Kris gets in there, drives with her legs to topple Sarah across the ring, depositing her with a carpeted thump near the wall to enthusiastic applause from the audience. The girls would tackle each other repeatedly in this bout, each scoring bruising takedowns of the other.

17.) Extended grappling action - almost five full minutes of Kristin snuggled in behind Carter on the carpet, her legs snug about blonde hips, her arms writhing to secure a fight-winning rear choke. Carter under threat, but eyes clear - she's calm under pressure, just fighting off Kristin's constant attempts to cinch the arms in. Not much movement - occasionally Kris rolls to her back or onto one side or the other - but both girls are 100% focused on either getting what they want, or denying advantage to the other. Lots of gripping at wrists and hand wrestling - tongues poking out pink between hard working lips as girls grunt and wriggle with effort. Lots of side-by-side facials, Kreuk's chin nestled in the crook of Sarah's neck, cheeks moist as they rub together, blonde and brunette bangs intermingling in the mutual grind. Sarah really shows her mettle in these moments: many newcomers would panic when caught from behind like this.

18.) Scrambling action. Carter on her belly, uncertain of where Kreuk is. Krissy's on her feet, jumping up into the air with a frisky, opportunistic look in her eyes, tucking her feet up behind her to come down knees-first against Sarah's buttocks and hammies. Carter's plaintive cry a shock - it's mostly been panting and tight-lipped grunting to this point.

19.) Kreuk continues her hardhearted ways, pulling Sarah in with a left hand at the blonde's right bra strap, clipping her a girlish, but mean-spirited right uppercut to chin. Sarah's head flings back - she's stunned - hands reflexively gripping at Kristin's left wrist. Brunette's dark eyes shining with hate as she jerks Sarah forward again, punching the right hand into the pit of blonde belly. Carter doubling up with a shout - eyebrows high, face tilted up, eyes shut. Kristin's face all feisty - lips curled back, teeth clenched as she drinks in the sight of paralyzed Carter.

20.) Carter's ballet-honed legs take a dreadful toll - she strikes back at her tormentress with a series of sharp right-foot kicks to Kristin's left thigh, inner right leg and left side ribs. Ringing slaps sound out from Kristin's toned limbs - very sharp, crackling contact being made. Kreuk teary eyed, stumbling away, shouting in outrage, often reaching down with her hands to ineffectually block the boots. Blonde snarling as she walks Kreuk down and kicks away at her. Good stuff - Kris finally evading the punishment only by scuttling onto the bed, sniveling in rage and hurt, sitting on her haunches and clutching the rumpled bed spread in both angry fists.

23.) Extended battle on the bed goes against Carter - Kreuk fighting brilliantly off her back, snares Sarah about the hips in a brunette scissors and slowly wears the blonde down in a drawn-out grappling sequence. Carter's face flushed, lips pulling back - she's spent a lot of effort gripping at Kristin's wrists to no good purpose, or snuggling in tight as the girls lie chest to chest, looking for difficult face-on-face chokes - but Krissy's lithe legs wrapped firmly about blonde body the whole time. Sarah eventually looking to disengage and regroup - awkward untangling sees her sitting up, legs outstretched - Kristin sort of in the blonde's lap. Kreuk reaches her hands back to grip at Sarah's shins - then brunette tenses her whole body, sleek rib and tummy muscles shining sweatily into view, lips curling back as she lifts her buttocks up and SQUEEZES her legs for all they're worth. Brunette quads shredding into view, the feet wringing together, coaxing every last ounce of leverage from Kristin's underrated gams. Carter in shock - mouth open, eyes wincing with how-could-you expression - for a moment, she doesn't know what to do with her hands. Now she's gripping at Kristin's brown thighs, grimacing in disbelief. Now she's bracing herself on her right hand, working hard to hammer-fist her left hand against the tight drum of Kristin's quivering abs: brunette closes her eyes, grits her teeth, coaxes more and more squeeze out of her legs until Sarah sobs aloud, left hand raised, but unable to drop down. Poor Carter! She sits back with hands behind her for support, gripping at the bedspread and tossing her head back - blubbering and panting - sweat shiny upon her cheeks, brows and upturned chin - but she won't submit. Kreuk - verging on exhaustion herself - sits back down atop Sarah's legs and releases - rolling to her right to get off the bed, snapping her trunks in line around her buttocks and walking around to revive trembling limbs. Carter crying, sitting up, hugging her throbbing ribcage - both women take a moment apart to gather themselves.

30.) Pace has slowed. Vixens groggy, half asleep when they clinch, sulky when tormented by something the other is doing. Sarah is pushed face-first to the wall - her mouth open against it, eyes closed. Kreuk's hands on her foe's triceps, pinning Sarah's arms out to either side against the wall, then Kris lifts her right knee into the tight muscle of Sarah's dancer's butt. Meaty bunching up of the cheek as Kris kneads away - Sarah making breathy little sobs of protest; lips pressed flat against the wall.

31.) Kris still in behind Sarah, left hand with firm grip on the waistband of Carter's black boy cut trunks. Carter's face bleak, eyelashes fluttering as she tries to walk away, only dimly aware of why she can't. And Kreuk's going to work - systematically pounding her right fist or forearm against Sarah's shiny lower back with a series of dull, thumping spanks. Oh those kidneys - Carter numb, stumbling, occasionally crying out - she just doesn't have anything left. Kristin not very strong, but keeping up a steady, moist spanking of her foe's tender lumbar region: eventually Sarah's legs give out, dropping her woozy to all fours. Kris sobbing for breath, hands on her hips, glistening and oily from her own sweat and Sarah's - she walks to her right, getting an angle on Carter, then savagely kicks the blonde in the ribs! Carter barking in agony as the foot makes a dull THUD against taut blonde torso. Kristin's hands above her head as she really hoists it in there snug. Carter swaying on hands and knees, crying, then sitting back on her haunches, hugging her battered ribs. That's it, Sarah's helpless: Kristin exhausted, sees what's left of Carter and struts away the victor as the small apartment crowd erupts in adulation.