DVD Collection #13: WB Classics Vol II (4 disc collector’s set) by simguy
Front of the box: Posed shot of Taylor Cole (red bikini), Alison Mack (black bikini), Sarah Michelle Gellar (white bikini), and Kristin Kreuk (cobalt bikini) standing in a group, arms crossed, faces serious.

Back of the box: "From the WB vaults, rare archival footage of never-before released complete fights and highlights from the best of the fighting WB starlet-factory!”

Special features include:
- Mini-doc introductions for each contest.
- Featurette: "So you want to be a WB fighting ingenue" - showing now-notorious auditions that show how the faces we know today got where they are - and the beaten ingenue hopefuls they used to get there!
- Training techniques with WB studio staff; Marketing strategy - uploading the polished WB starlet into the Hollywood cinema system - and more!
- Chapter Headings and scene selections

Random selections from the DVD:

Chapter 5: Alison Mack vs Taylor Cole (Apartment Wrestling): Mini doc intro reveals this contest between the much bigger Cole and the brawny-but-compact Mack was really all Alison's idea from the beginning. "I didn't like Taylor's rep as the new 'robo-starlet'," Alison explains. "You know, all that crap from the marketing guys about Taylor being the 'final step' in the evolution of the WB fighter. I'd seen her Apartment and some of her boxing and I wasn't impressed. I knew that even though she was way bigger than me, there were all sorts of things I could do with the kid."

Scene 5: Mack (green bikini top, yellow bottoms) in a low crouch, feinting with her head to draw punches from Cole (red bikini) then shooting in on the taller girl's waist. Good leg drive from Mack topples Taylor at the stagger - girls hit carpet with a room-rattling thud and Alison snuggles in tight, brawny arms securing lock about Taylor's ribs. Mack hunkering down on her haunches - legs astride Taylor's thighs - Alison's got good position here. Taylor frowning, wriggling to prop herself up against the wall - bracing her weight on her left hand, right hand lying atop Mack's golden-brown back. Alison's left cheek flush against Taylor's breast - blonde bright-eyed, rosey-cheeked: you can see the power of those shoulders as she quietly grinds and cinches.

Long sequence - Taylor growing increasingly frustrated and cramped from the constant sinuous constriction about her ribcage. Taylor scowling, fretting with her right hand at Mack's hair, pulling the soft blonde locks close to the scalp - or pushing at the dense muscle of Alison's hip. Alison digging her right knee into the carpet to defend Taylor's reversal attempts - brunette's long legs largely useless, stretched out and trapped against the carpet. Taylor tries some punching with the right hand - forming fist, lifting the elbow up and shoving moist, repetitious blows into Alison's fleshy ribs (knuckles landing flat). Not enough leverage: Taylor switching to hammer-fist and smashing down on the backbone of her foe with the side of her right hand - forearm making a beefy spank as it straps across smaller girl's back. Mack snuggles in closer, answering with pressure: Taylor's face contorts, lips parting as she groans - she stops punching, splaying the fingers of her right hand against Alison's left-side lat muscle.

Scene 8: Mack's strategy apparent by this time - repeatedly taking Taylor down and subjecting her to long, grinding clamp sessions. Cole being exposed as a one-dimensional brawler with little or no take-down defence: she's used to simply imposing her will on opponents. Here, Mack shoots the waist again, dropping Taylor to her back, then scrambling to wrap Cole up tight around her head and right arm, neatly passing Taylor's loose guard. Mack relaxed, hard-working smile on her closed lips as she snuggles-up, crouching on her haunches, weight on Taylor's chest as poor Cole is forced once again to spend up all her energy in escaping, rather than harming her foe. Cole pushing at carpet with her feet, writhing in Alison's surprisingly tight clinch - brunette's long arms largely useless and flailing. Mack with her right cheek in close to Taylor's right ear - blonde with a focused, composed look on her intelligent face - feeling the brunette's movements beneath her and compensating accordingly. Mack stabilizing, digging her knees into carpet, occasionally flaring one or the other leg out wide to keep from being turned. Taylor bridging, gulping her hips - face purple with effort as Alison's patient, weight-bearing strategy wears the young brunette out.

Scene 10: Taylor's exhausted, propped on her elbows, belly down: she's given up her back to Alison. Mack on her haunches again, crouching in low over Taylor's backside and hamstrings, arms snuggled in tight around the hips in a secure gut-wrench hug. Mack's hair soft and damp as she rests her right cheek happily against Taylor's broad white back - blonde's rounded shoulders working to wring every last ounce of defiance out of Cole. Taylor in obvious agony, faced pinched in grimace, lips parted - she wants to crawl forward: can't. She tries to reach back to secure some kind of side headlock: can't. Propping once again onto her elbows, Taylor picks her head up, cleavage visible - taking strained, ragged breaths. Audio very quiet - the odd cough in the background off-camera; Mack very still atop her foe; really only Taylor's labouring breaths and groaning whimpers audible for almost a full minute and a half. That's it, Taylor with tears standing in her eyes taps once with her open right hand on carpet, then taps more vigorously a few more times. Alison BEAMING as she sits upright on her haunches, hands pressed against Taylor's damp lower back. Blonde's earned the right to sit there a moment, feeling the quit quiver itself through the bigger woman's frame.

Chapter 1: Alison Mack Arrives: Mack vs Gellar.

Intro doc sets the stage: Gellar the WB star of stars - Alison a virtual unknown and second-banana type on Smallville. Fight staged just to put Alison through her paces and teach her her place.

Ring setting - freestyle fight with just a few trainers and WB execs in attendance. Mack in tight pink scoop-front tank top, navy stretch pants to knee, white aerobics shoes and socks. Gellar in pale blue cotton sports bra, bare midriff, navy stretch pants to ankle no shoes (she's allowed to kick). Crappy video - handheld single-cam a little jiggly, lighting a little dim - really shot just for instructional purposes: nobody knew history was on the verge of being made.

Scene 3: Sarah plants on her right leg, snap-kicking her left foot against Mack's right thigh: Alison rushes past it, shooting Gellar's waist and taking the slayer to her back. Sarah Michelle secures guard - getting her legs around Mack's hips, locking the ankles, tieing up behind Alison's head. Mack's right cheek pressed against Sarah's chest - Alison patiently, slowly working her arms in under Gellar's back, gradually securing a body-hug.

Long sequence - both beauties very still, feeling each other's moves, concentrating on the grapple. After about a minute: Sarah's face pinches in sudden agony, her chin tilts up as she groans, releasing Alison's head to push instead against the blonde's brawny shoulders. Alison shifts weight on her knees, snuggling in tighter - looks like she's actually trying to submit Gellar from INSIDE Sarah's guard. Sporadic clapping from outside the ring in acknowledgement of Mack's accomplishment.

Sarah breaking down in stages - unlocking her ankles to bridge and try to turn Mack without success. Relocking ankles and pulling at the damp blonde locks of her foe. Gellar grimacing; Alison gritting her teeth against the tawdry apartment tactics. Gellar's breath becoming more audible as she whimpers, pants, groans - she flails at Alison's back with right hands: ineffectual punches and forearms making a fleshy batting noise on the audio. Mack so solid, so calm - no wasted movement, just pouring the squeeze to Gellar's slender ribs. Sarah paralyzed - her head turned to the left, face pasty and pale, hands reaching pathetically down Alison's strong back. That's it - Gellar's eyes tightly close, lips writhing - she taps her right hand against Alison's back to spontaneous applause off screen. Audible on the tape - a man's voice off-camera: "Jesus Christ!" Sarah Michelle Gellar just got submitted via bearhug while holding the other girl in her guard! Unheard of. Alison sweaty-faced and beaming, pushes up off Gellar's stomach as slayer's legs widen and bend: HUGE upset, Alison Mack.

Chapter 10: UPN/WB Merger of equals?: Kristin Kreuk (cobalt sport top, red aerobics trunks, hair off her face via top-knot scrunchy) vs Kristen Bell (black lace push up, leopard print bikini bottoms) Apartment Wrestling.

- Mini doc lays out the intricate corporate politics surrounding this bout - plenty of pressure on both vixens from respective higher-ups to establish in-house supremacy.

Random Scene Selections.

Scene 2: Action near the wall sees Kreuk rush at Bell, only to take a strong left-foot front kick in the belly. Kreuk repelled - hits the nearby wall with a gasp, hands up over her head, lips peeled back. Enraged - Kreuk tries the exact same bull-rush - takes another firm front-kick boot in the stomach from strong-legged little blonde. Bell smiling smug, little fists clenched at her waist as she makes smouldering eye contact: Kreuk gnashing her teeth, eyes siamese-cat flat with hate, nostrils flaring as she regroups against the wall.

Scene 4: Grinning Bell sits up prettily, supporting herself with hands on carpet behind her, working a firm headscissors on suffering Kreuk. Kristin K on her left side, face red, right hand (on top) clutching at Bell's top (right) thigh. Bell happy in her work, shifting weight to brace herself on her left hand, using the heel of her right hand to hammer insistently at Kreuk's forehead. Dull, pounding blows - Kreuk baring clenched teeth; trim, tanned legs bicycling furiously against carpet - Bell just grinning as she applies simple-minded torture to her foe.

Scene 6: Kreuk seated atop a convenient tan leather ottoman, Kristen seated on the floor in between brunette's legs. Bell's arms flopped atop Kreuk's quads - brunette going to work like a proper apartment brawler, just tormenting Bell with a series of bytchy tactics. Left hand flat against Bell's forehead, tugging Bell's head to the left - Kreuk happily pounds her right forearm flat against Bell's bra for a couple of spicy claps. Kreuk wrestling to keep Bell's arms trapped, then mauling her anew - brunette teeth clenched, little brow scowling as she maliciously tears away. Bell tilting her head back and howling as Kreuk digs both hands into blonde's firm traps at the base of the neck - Krissy B's hands fluttering at Kreuk's gripping talons as legs kick pathetically at carpet. When Kreuk's hands tire - she takes a double-helping of Bell's soft blonde hair, yanking up with a baseball-bat grip to draw a fresh squeal of pain from her foe. Eventually, Bell is able to get up off her buttocks, turning into Kreuk and wrestling the brunette off her perch to take this thing wriggling to carpet.

Scene 7: Bytchiest moment of the fight sees girls standing, Kreuk in behind Bell - brunette rakes her nails down blonde's writhing back. Bloodcurdling scream from poor Bell as she staggers forward - hands up, shoulderblades together as though she's just taken the world's hardest bra-snap, head tilted back, face pinched tight in anguish. Feral look on Kreuk's face - dark eyes narrowed, lips curled back off her teeth in german-shepherd snarl: there's nothing she wouldn't do to Bell to beat her tonight.

Scene 12: Kreuk on her haunches, trying to brawl her way past Bell's guard: Bell on her back, legs locked around Kreuk's hips, controlling the brunette's motions. Bell doing her best to tie up head-and-arm, holding Kreuk close - Kreuk doing HER best to flail past all the clinching, landing the odd glancing blow in her struggles. After an extended, futile sequence, Kreuk sits back on her haunches, face suddenly tightened in grimace: Bell's legs straighten as she applies fearsome pressure to her foe's ribcage. Krissy K panting, tilting her sweat-shiny face up as her hands grip at Krissy B's pulsing quads. Bell composed - thin lips in a hardworking smile as she gets comfy on her back - wriggling herself into position with elbows pushing into carpet. Kreuk sobbing out loud, leaning forward - left hand braced on the carpet beside Bell's right hip, the right fist plopping girlishly down on taut blonde belly muscle in a series of slapping, panicky heel-first punches. Bell grabs at Kreuk's right wrist, calmly defending, chin tucked in so she can look at Kreuk: Krissy K sits back on her haunches again, breathing hard, hands wide upon Bell's quivering thighs, frantically trying to solve the puzzle. Panting, desperate - Kreuk crouches forward again, affixing stomach claw with both hands to Bell's firm tummy meat: instant pain writhing across Bell's face as she bares her teeth, turns her head to the left on the carpet as her hands flutter to Krissy's fists, pulling at brunette's mauling talons. Mutually Assured Agony - Kreuk on her haunches, head bowed forward, hair draping lightly against Bell's pain-wracked body: Bell trying to scissor-submit her foe while clutching pathetically at Kreuk's light brown hands. Goes on and on - each girl mindlessly pouring hurt to the other until a sudden, simaltaneous collapse breaks both holds.

Scene 13: Exhausted, tremble-bodied vixens lie side by side on respective backs, trying desperately to rally (nice camera shot from directly overhead: Kreuk on the right, Bell on the left). Both moaning softly, throats bared as heads loll slowly side to side, legs flexing and relaxing, flopping against carpet. Without looking, Kreuk raises her right fist and drops it dully against Bell's midsection, drawing a gurgling bleat of outrage from the cringing blonde. Bell - eyes tightly clenched - lifts her left hand moments later and slashes it down to viciously crotch-slap her gamine foe with a muffled clap. Breathless sob of fresh agony, Kristin Kreuk: she curls up onto her left side, crying softly, holding hands between her legs.

Scene 14: Bell recovers first - snivelling, crying - but forcing herself to take the fight to Kreuk. On her knees as Kreuk's still rocking gently on her left side, Bell looms over her foe from behind, hands light on Krissy K's right arm - blonde taking a moment to look things over. Bell straddles Kreuk - alarming Kristin K in the process - Kreuk fighting off the pain to start wriggling in protest: Krissy B pulling at Krissy K's right arm, working hard to get Kreuk on her back and mounted. Mission accomplished - Bell restrains both Kreuk wrists in either hand, works to slither her legs around Kreuk's ribs, then rolls to the right to pull Kreuk snug into a proper scissor. Kreuk barking in pain, legs spasming into life against the carpet as she feels Bell's muscular legs tense. Bell on her right side, Kristin on her left: blonde has brunette's wrists gripped, holding the hands close together - Bell looking into Kreuk's face as Krissy K turns her face into the carpet, mouth wide open in voiceless scream.

Scene 15: Bell's still working that body scissor - Kreuk's managed to roll blonde to her back and free her wrists. Bell's eyes clear, staring up into the ceiling as she hugs Kreuk up under her armpits, holding her close. Kreuk's breath coming in ragged pants and pained gasps, trying to push her way into the clear.

Scene 16: Bell's still working that body scissor. On her left hip now, Bell's got her head in behind Kreuk's left shoulder, reaching 'round the brunette's slender body to tie up the far (right) arm at the shoulder/bicep. Bell rocking gently, licking lips occasionally, rubbing her left cheek against Kreuk's left shoulder. Poor Krissy K! Legs pushing pathetically, randomly on carpet to no effect.

Scene 17: Bell's still working that body scissor! On her left side, Bell's feet writhing against each other at the ankles, wringing every last drop of fight out of Kreuk. Bell's got both arms hugging snugly around Kreuk's shoulders. Krissy K blubbering, all tucked in, her hands together at her chest, squished in tight between nubile little bodies. Kreuk's face slack, tearstained - mouth open, eyes shut, right side of her face obscured against Bell's heaving breast. Kreuk's hair all stringy and wet, smeared in gossamer strands across her face, over Bell's gripping arms. Bell eventually picks up her head, looking off camera at someone and says: "She's quitting!" Camera moves in - audio now able to pick up Kristin mouthing wetly against Bell's breast: "I give...I give..." in the world's most defeated little whisper.