DVD Collection #14 - WB Classics Vol. 3 (4 disk special set) Alison Mack vs. Beverly Mitchell (plus Ashley Scott vs. Rachel Skarsten - below) by simguy

Front of the box: posed shot of Taylor Cole (red bikini), Alison Mack (black bikini), Sarah Michelle Gellar (white bikini), and Kristin Kreuk (cobalt bikini) in a group; arms crossed; faces serious.
Back of the box: "From the WB vaults comes rare archival footage of never-before released complete fights and highlights from the best of the fighting WB starlet-factory!

Special features include:
- Mini-doc introductions for each contest;
- Featurette: "So you want to be a WB fighting ingénue" showing now-notorious audition tapes that show how the faces we know today got where they are - and the beaten ingénues they used to get there! Training techniques with WB studio staff; Marketing strategy - uploading the polished WB starlet into the Hollywood cinema system - and more!
- Chapter Headings and scene selection

Random Scene Selections from the DVD:
Chapter Six
: Going Through the Rotation

Allison Mack (green string bikini underneath yellow crop-top tank with scoop front/babydoll sleeves) vs. Beverly Mitchell in dark purple/pale mauve horizontal-barred tie-side bikini. Apartment Wrestling. Mini doc intro sets the fight up as being part of Allison's formal introduction to the WB: after submitting Gellar so emphatically in sparring - Allison Mack had earned her shot at legitimate bikinis-and-carpet action.

Random Scenes:

1.) Beverly dukes up, right foot back in conventional punching stance - Mack just shoots in strong, bundling Mitchell up around her thighs and driving her to floor with a carpet-muffled crash. Bev composed off her back - quickly wrapping her legs around Mack's hips, ankles slapping as she secures the lock. Mack refuses ground-and-pound, sitting back on her haunches instead, hooking her brawny arms around Bev's quivering thighs and with sheer muscular effort, Mack twists Mitchell over onto her belly! Startled applause from the room - Allison doing things from within the guards of opposing vixens that people haven't seen before. Mack upbeat, lips tight with effort as she straddles Mitchell's backside, sits into Bev's lower back and pulls up on the legs for a brilliantly improvised Boston crab! BEV'S TAPPING! Mitchell in agony, brows frowning, mouth wide open, teeth bared - she's batting her right hand frantically on carpet. Fight's over before either girl really breaks a sweat!

2.) Tuxedoed gents and cocktail-frocked ladies milling about - some WB executive type talking to Allison and Beverly - girls backs to the camera as they look up at the guy. Mack hands on hips, buttocks humming in green bottoms; Bev elbows up, twisting her torso to help loosen up her back.
Exec: "Well, so what do you think?"
Mack: "I'm okay, no for sure - I can totally go"
Exec: "Bev?"
Bev: "No, yeah - I'm good. I mean, I don't know what that does - you know - to your results and stuff - I just..."
Mack: "I want to fight..."
Bev: "Yeah, totally - I want to fight - let's do it."
Exec: "OK - don't worry about it. Thanks ladies (to the production crew) OK guys, just reset, we're gonna do best of three or whatever, alright? Let's go."

6.) Bev's had a tough go of it: Mack just bulling in, driving Mitchell to her back, then brawling away belly-on-belly, just ground-and-pounding an outgunned Mitchell as Bev tries frantically to tie up her much stronger opponent. Then Mack will suddenly disengage, stand 'em up, and take Bev down all over again - hard: repetitious takedowns have Mitchell disheveled, frazzled. Here, Allison's crouching forward in Bev's guard - Mitchell locked up snug with her left over Mack's right shoulder, her right looped up under Mack's left arm to hold blonde close - chest to chest. Bev thoughtful on her back, eyes intense as she stares at the ceiling, feeling Ali's motives through belly tension. Allison methodical, writhing in the grasp to club awkwardly at Mitchell's face or slug methodically to the ribs beneath. After a minute's worth of wriggling and mauling - Mack manages to slither her left arm free of Bev's lock up, leisurely wedging both arms in under Mitchell's body to hug-up her ribcage. Pure brute force as Allison sits back on her haunches, picking Bev (her legs still locked around Ali's waist) up off the floor and sitting her in Mack's lap. SEATED BEARHUG! Mack's pretty face lightens into a hardworking grin as she rests her left cheek against Beverly's cuddly jugs: Mitchell groans piteously, chin tilted up, eyes clenched tight, arms hanging in a loose clinch around Mack's neck. Agony! Bev squirming on Mack's lap, lips curling off Mitchell's teeth, hands flat on Mack's shoulders, legs losing power, but still cinched up around stocky blonde waist. Now Bev pulls desperately at Allison's soft, bobbed locks, fists clutched at hair just above Mack's ears, trying to tug Allison's head back. Finally, Mitchell abandons the scissors, releasing to plant her knees on carpet - sobbing aloud even as she twists to get a feeble headlock on Mack. Bev with her right arm tight about Mack's skull, the gripping hands pushing into Allison's right cheek, pressing her face into heaving Mitchell jugs. Allison managing a distorted grin, shoulders full and round as she grinds her own hold, happy to swap locks with Bev in this fashion.

10.) Bev's pretty scuffed up - mouse under the left eye, face puffy - it's just been a constant take-her-down, ground-and-pound-her, stand-her-up and walk-her-down-again type pursuit from Mack. (ed. note: try watching the fight on fastforward: it's all darting zig-zag lines back and forth across the room - Mack driving Mitchell to the walls and working her over). Allison working hard - usually tied up and bogged down in Beverly's competent guard, but Mack simply too strong. Evidence of that strength in this scene: Mack's on top, her legs scissoring up Bev's right leg beneath. Mack's lying diagonally across Bev, securing her left arm: Mitchell grimacing under the weight, her free right hand pushing at Mack's left hip, or occasionally slapping wan forearms across Mack's golden brown back. And Allison's just inching Bev - bodily - across the carpet - just muscling the girl beneath her - digging in with knees and elbows on carpet, worming her hips and budging Mitchell's deadweight over to the wall. Once Mitchell is uncomfortably bracketed against the wall, Mack's methodical pounding continues with fresh, relentless vigor, body and head, body and head, body and head. When Mack disengages, she's pretty and fresh: cheeks flushed as she runs her hands through damp, shiny locks; high, muscular buttocks jiggling as she struts to midroom; fingers snapping bikini bottoms back into line as poor Bev gets creakily to her feet.

14.) Girls standing up - Beverly disheveled, visibly broken down. Both girls step into extended, straight left jabs from wide stances, but Mack much more dynamic, really pushing off the ball of that right foot to thrust her stubby poke home. Both girls connect simultaneously - Mack taking the punch on her chin - Bev jammed on the left side of her mouth, head jolting on contact. Mitchell reels from the blow, staggering backwards before falling to her back near the wall. Allison pouncing - diving on in for more work on the ground as poor battered Bev does the best she can off her back.

16.) Mitchell's all balled up: Mack's got her opponent's legs up and bent over Bev's head, thrusting quivering buttocks into the air. Bev squished up close with her right side to the wall - Mack up on her knees, pushing in on Bev's helpless rump with packing body weight - she's got Mitchell defenseless. Riding the right forearm on upturned backside - Allison can work a plugging left hand into Bev's forlorn ribs, graduating to a heavier, thudding series of left forearm smashes. Poor Mitchell! Bev's breath coming in rasping wheezes and plaintive little whimpers, tears tracking down her cheeks as she's all bundled up and systematically battered. The body blows sounding out with dull thumping spanks: Allison's green-bottomed backside jiggling as she jams away from her knees. Mack smiling breezily - she's got this - weight pushing down onto Bev; no room for Mitchell to wriggle out of the inverted posture; uncontested, leisurely body-bludgeoning steadily reducing her foe. Nothing else Bev can do - free left hand bats pathetically at carpet, signaling Mitchell's second, and final, surrender of the night.

Chapter 8: The Sinuous Assassin - Ashley Scott vs. Rachel Skarsten (Apartment).

This disk includes a mini-doc with grainy clips of a pre-Birds of Prey Scott executing bouncy kicks and elegant stand-up in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings while voice-over talks about her graceful skills. Skarsten positioned as a brawny big-bodied blonde in the Allison Mack mold.

"When I signed to do it (Birds of Prey) I knew it was going to be all about Scott," says veteran Dina Meyer in a 2004 retrospective interview clip. "I had no problems with that, and the studio wanted me to work with her, get her polished up, and ready for the big leagues. but Rachel never really accepted the reality and pushed hard for this fight. I knew Scotty didn't want the fight, but when Rachel pushed, Ash pushed back. Hard."

Ashley with her black, "Birds" era choppy tousle, black lace push-up bra and sporty yellow hipster bikini bottoms. Skarsten in green bikini top, baby blue full coverage bikini bottoms, blonde hair in punching ponytail.

Random Scenes:
1.) Scott on the balls of her feet; hands relaxed, open as she tap-steps lightly to her left, then to her right - alternately moving either hand up and down in syncopation with the movement; constantly balancing herself Bruce Lee style to show 'kick' from either foot as position changes. Very supple, sleek room-generalship: people would pay just to see Ashley shadow-wrestle. Skarsten much heavier-legged, flat-footed - dukes clenched at her hips, face scowling as she stalks forward. Rachel steps her left foot forward, hauls a ponderous right hand up off her hip and sweeps it over top: Ashley easily brushes it aside with her left hand, plants on her lean right leg, pops lithe hips right and straps a loud, licking left foot PEK! against Rachel's overextended ribs. Shifting weight to left leg as she recovers from the kick - Ashley slides her hips left, lifting the right foot up and in with a thick, beefy CHUP! against Rachel's solid underbelly. Ashley kicks with a straight leg, lifting and twisting with her hips, tummy and back working in sinuous concert to generate buggywhip leverage. Scott's elbows in, fists raised, palms facing out prettily as she works her kicks, then breezily steps out of range. Mission accomplished - Scott drops her hands to her sides and strides into a casual walk to her right, smiling over her left shoulder at a fuming Skarsten from well outside.

4.) Skarsten looking to load up and punch hard: Ashley drops down into a leg sweep, swiveling counterclockwise to whip her left leg against Skarsten's ankles, sending the big blonde to her back with a knick-knack-rattling crash. Sitting out of the spin, grinning Scott lifts her right leg straight up like something out of a shaving commercial, then slashes her heel down into the firm mound of Skarsten's paunch. Agonized groan, Rachel Skarsten: she cringes, drawing her knees up, hugging her midsection as she rolls to her right side. Ashley lifting the striking leg straight up again as she sits braced with her hands behind her, then swiveling lithely to kneel on left knee - right leg stretched out sexy and straight to the side in ta-da posture. Scott's putting hurt on her girl, having fun exposing Skarsten as big, slow and under-trained.

6.) Skarsten's frustration showing: thighs, ribs, tummy all bright pink and blotchy from the licking strokes dished by Scott's lissome legs. Rachel gritting her teeth, charging headlong: smiling Ashley draws her arms in tight, executes the ol' Wesley Snipes spinorama. Skarsten deflected, skidding off Ashley's spinning body - blonde sent headlong to sprawl awkwardly on the rumpled bed to humiliating applause from the audience. Rachel on her belly, blowing a tuft of hair up out of her eyes, starts to get up: Ashley swings her left leg up in a gaudy right-to-left jazz sweep, carrying herself backward onto the bed and strapping the leg straight across Rachel's back with a beefy THWAP! Ash all smiles, sitting into the maneuver as Rachel is pushed flat again with a startled gasp - Scotty just bouncing lightly off the bed, pulling her leg up and around in one sleek motion as she stands and walks away. Ash crinkling her nose, waving to friends in the audience with her hand opening and closing like she's grabbing something.

7.) Scotty embarrassing Rachel with bedazzling kicks and fluid mobility when standing up - but Ashley just as lethal in writhing action on the carpet. Here's Skarsten on her belly, propped up on her elbows, flustered and outraged, her legs spread out wide on the carpet - left leg scissored between Ashley's glistening gams, right leg lazily controlled in the crook of Scott's right arm as Ash lays on her right hip. Scott laughing, enjoying herself, propped up on her right elbow as she just controls and stretches out her foe. Left hand is free to roam - sometimes Ashley waves at the crowd (one of those waves like a blinking eye) sometimes she extends the left straight to push against the meat of Skarsten's thick buttock. Sometimes Ashley will lie down on her right side, head against the carpet, right arm writhing up around Skarsten's knee to grip at Scott's left forearm as her left hand clamps against Rachel's hamstring in a secure leg-bar. Skarsten livid, huffing and puffing - looking over her left shoulder, looking over her right, finally just bowing her head and screaming in frustration into the carpet as Scott brightens at the sound.

8.) Skarsten on hands and knees, trying to stand so she can punch with more authority - but Scotty's legs like quicksand, bogging the blonde down. Ashley seated on Rachel's right side - Scotty's right leg slithers in between the blonde's hands, foot hooking the far (left) wrist; Ashley's left foot snakes over top Rachel's back, curling around her far (left) hip and dragging her onto her right side. Again, Rachel struggles to all fours as grinning Ashley repositions - scooting along carpet on her butt, threading her legs in underneath and between Skarsten's arms to trap her head. Ashley now seated off Rachel's left flank, headscissor from underneath forcing Skarsten's head down and trapping her left arm in the bargain. Poor Rachel breathing hard in cramped confines - crouching on her haunches as Ashley rides her right arm around the big girl's lower back, pulling her in close. Ashley's left hand splays against her foe's wide, white back: little more than a caress as Scotty works grinding, wringing leg-magic.

10.) Girls still brawling on the carpet - Rachel's on her knees, reaching back her right hand to punch: Ashley quickly drops to her back, propping on her elbows, extending a stiff left leg up over Rachel's right shoulder to block the blow. Ashley's right foot comes up and across, cheekily slapping the sole across Rachel's startled face. Skarsten snarling, grabs at Ashley's raised right calf in both hands, pushing it down and to Rachel's left; Ashley turns with the movement, gets to her knees, leans backwards into Rachel's chest, thrusting back with the tip of her left elbow into Skarsten's creamy gut, then dropping the hand down for a firm, open-hand crotch slap against baby-blue trunks. Moist sob of distress as Rachel cramps up hurt, dropping to all fours: Ashley stands without even looking back, strutting away, primping at her bangs, waiting for Rachel to catch her breath.

12.) Ashley standing off Rachel's right side - blonde doubled over, her right arm held up and out of the way by Scott's left; Scott's right cupping the back of Skarsten's head, holding her in place for a brutal series of willowy knee lifts up into the hanging weight of Skarsten's breasts. Blonde open-mouthed in shock at the thudding punishment; brunette planted well on that left leg, giving Rachel the business with right-legged thrusts up and in. Ashley finishes up with a sinuous European uppercut - dipping low, stepping into Rachel with the left arm slung up underneath, bicep catching under blonde chin as Scott turns and straightens up into the blow. Scotty's right foot comes up off the carpet as Ashley plants on that sleek left leg - her back to Rachel as Skarsten rockets up and back to land heavily on her shoulderblades in gobsmacked stupor. Raucous applause off camera from the small, well-heeled apartment audience - acknowledged with a smile from Scott as she struts hands on hips. While Rachel's wallowing in dazed stupor on her back - Ashley swings her right leg up onto the bed and treats the crowd to a glorious hamstring stretch, smiling at the whistles and good-natured lasciviousness. Skarsten being treated as little more than another piece of furniture at this point.

15: Skarsten's cheeks flushed, form ragged - she's got a hounded, embarrassed look in her eyes, but she's still trying to rush Ashley and bring her to justice. Standing - Scott puts a pushy right front-kick into Rachel's stomach - really just pushing the blonde into the wall with a thud. Taking a big step to the right, Ash leans on the right leg, twists her torso and lashes her left foot up and around, taking Rachel in her ribs just below the breasts (PAKK!), drawing a shout of pain from weary blonde. Scott so pretty with her hand positions as she's torquing kicks - fists back to present wrists and heels, elbows in close to the body. Stepping again to the right, Ashley gets behind Rachel as Skarsten's hugging her torso in shock: big pushing right foot in the butt - Ashley's hands up in the air, eyes glittering wickedly - sends Rachel staggering front-first to the far wall. Skarsten panting, shaking her dizzy head - she pushes up off the wall, turns and lumbers back in, stooping to shoot the waist in telegraphed fashion. Ashley stepping lithely forward, suddenly leaps up off the left leg, back straight, hands high - flying knee cracks off Rachel's forehead with sickening impact, jarring the blonde's skull backwards, rendering her instantly limp. Skarsten out cold, crashing to carpet on her back - breasts and tummy gently jiggling to a stop - hands up above her head: Ashley with a cool smirk as she alights on carpet and stalks away bare feet on shag. Becomes the first recorded instance of any WB vixen ever landing (or even attempting) a flying knee in competition.