DVD Collection #15: Nicollette Sheridan vs. Jennifer Garner (pro-style apartment) by simguy

Cover: Jen in baby blue lace push-up bra and panties, hair in a tight braid, stands on the left, arms crossed, face somber. Nicollette on the right in lavender lace push-up and panties, hair in scruffy, short, ponytail with wispy bangs, arms crossed, chin up, looking down her nose in haughty fashion.

Back of Box: "Two of Hollywood's biggest and strongest bodies battle for big-girl supremacy in this pins-and-submissions spectacle.

Special features include:
- Training documentary: see how these magnificent real-woman bodies were molded (features both girls pumping iron, running on beaches, discussing their respective regimens)
- Highlights, ‘How They Got to the Party': Jennifer roughing up Krista Allen in the bout immediately preceding this; Nicollette polishing off an unknown, healthy, young co-ed on a beach (spotty phone-cam images, fight taking place amongst spring-break crowd of young revelers).
- Bonus footage: Sheridan highlights of her ‘80s apartment and outdoor brawls.

Random Scene Selections:

2.) Edge-of-the-bed work I: Jen seated in between Nic's legs, both ladies' legs dangling over the edge to the carpet. Sheridan has secured a beefy full nelson, smiling smug as she cinches and pumps it. Jen grimacing - muscular arms up and out, reaching back on occasion to fret at Nicollette's clasped hands. Jen writhing her torso, grunting with effort: Sheridan controls the brunette by occasionally looping her left leg over Jen's left thigh, keeping her in place. Jen visibly frustrated - laying her head back and exposing her sweaty throat. Handheld cam pans 'round the side so we can see Nic's bulging chest pressed flat against Jen's shoulder blades; Nic's tummy working rhythmically in and out against Jen's lumbar.

3.) Edge-o'-the-bed II: Jen still seated in trouble, scowling and pouting. Nicollette smug, securing a firm hug around Jen's breasts, bending forward slightly as she sloooowly grabs her own elbows to apply sumptuous crush, straightening up pretty as pressure increases. Jen groans, throwing her head back onto Nic's right shoulder; Garner's hands pressing flat on Nic's pale thighs on either side, trying to push up out of the seat. Big smile Sheridan, tucking her chin into the crook of Jen's neck on the left side - blonde giving brunette a terrible squeezing here.

4.) Edge-o'-the-bed III: - Jen still seated, still in trouble - Nic still methodically working her over. Sheridan eases Jen into a seated Abdominal Stretch: Nic's left leg looping over Jen's quivering left thigh; Nic's right arm looped around/under Jen's left and in behind Jen's head, bending brunette hard to her right; Nic's left hand resting insolent upon Jen's tanned left hip. Nic nodding, smiling smug as poor Jen groans, face tightly clenched in pain.

5.) Edge-o'-the-bed IV: Jen STILL seated in trouble with Nic patiently stretching her girl out - reversing the abdominal stretch to work the other side. Nic's right leg loops over Jen's right thigh as Garner is bent to her left. Jen suffering, lips pursed as she pants in and out, helpless in the grasp.

8.) Brawling on the bed: Girls roll away from the edge, squirming more-or-less mid-mattress. Jen on her left side/Nic on her right: Jen's legs scissor up Nic's right (lower) leg while Garner applies a beefy belly-to-belly bearhug - left hand gripping right wrist at Sheridan's lower back. Nic suffering - lips curling back from clenched teeth as she tries to push at Jen's right shoulder. Garner's right arm thick and strong - we can see her left hand reworking her grip on her wrist, just patiently giving Nic the hurt. Sheridan loops her top (left) leg over Jen's right hip to no particular effect.

12.) Mindless slogging. Stalemated on the bed - girls eventually roll off to pound away at each other standing up. Pro style bludgeoning, in sequence...
- Nic's left hand pulling Jen's head forward and down: Sheridan turning into a beefy European uppercut, catching Garner under the chin with 100% blonde right bicep. Nic with her back to Jen, Sheridan hopping on her right leg on follow-thru. Jen's torso and head snap back on impact, mouth gaping, eyes shut as she soaks the shot, staggers back dim-witted to wall.
- Jen with her left fist clutching Nic's forelocks, right cocked at Garner's shoulder - Nic seated edge-o'-the-bed staring up dumbly into a pounding Garner right hand to the hairline. Workmanlike stuff - Jen's lips tight, eyes dully concentrating, weight shifting to left foot as she bangs 'em home. Deliberate pace - Jen gets several ponderous blows in before Nic grabs Garner's hips, head butts her in the pit of the stomach. Sheridan sits there in stupor, mouth open: gutted Jen doubled over, kneeling onto carpet as she leans onto bed with her forearms, gasping for breath just off Nicollette’s left hip.

15.) Mindless slogging I: Nicollette slow-stalking Jen along the perimeter of the room. Jen in obvious discomfort, lips curled back, her back to the wall as she slinks to her right. Jen holding elbows in, left fist tight across her tummy, right fist tight to her left shoulder, trying to protect her bruised and pinked-up torso. Sheridan stepping backwards and to her left as she shadows Jen's movement - blonde has dukes up chest-high, elbows in. Unhurried stuff - Nic just punching the odd left jab into Jen's chest with bare-knuckle PAK! Punching one-twos PIK! PAK! into chest. Hooking Jen's full right bicep with flat knuckle PAK! Pushing in with the side of the left fist/forearm while plugging a right hand into Jen's lower paunch TUP! Garner just frowning-pouting - taking the systematic abuse: whenever she tries to fall-in and clinch, Nic bodies up, stacks Jen hard into the wall with a crash. Sheridan shaking Jen up with these wall-stacks, pushing off the brunette as Garner cringes - head back, hands up in don't-hurt-me supplication at her shoulders: Sheridan really bullying the younger girl in these moments.

16.) Nic going to town pro-style: Girls still standing, Jen near the wall - Sheridan going at her with right hands. Nic using the left hand to pull groggy Jen's head forward, then lambasting Garner the right to the hairline with hard, bare knuckle CRAK! Jen slobberknocked - slack-torso’d as she reels away on follow through, slumping into the wall then groggily facing back into punishment. Nic all methodical big girl; pushing off her right foot as she delivers, up on that right big toe as she drives in, right hand following through down to Nicollette’s waist as Sheridan eases weight to left foot. Nic's face chilling, impassive throughout: just a job of work for her here. After a series of thudding right hands - Nic pulls Jen forward with the left-behind-the-head, then smashes brunette a forearm SMEK! across that broad white back. Jen dropped dizzy to all fours, panting, eyes glassy as Nic stalks away for a breather, snapping her panties back into line, loosening up her arms/shoulders with lazy big-circles.

18.) Mindless slogging II: Nic on Jen. Garner stunned, on her back against carpet, head lolling side to side, eyes frowned shut as she tries to rally. Hard-working Nic licking her lips, standing off Jen's right shoulder - blonde casually lifts her full right leg, drops a heavy guillotine across Jen's chest with a room-rattling crash! Robust applause; Garner spasming on contact, then groaning in shock; Sheridan beaming sweatily, sitting for a moment with long leg languidly laying over groggy brunette. Nic slow-rolls onto her left hip, kneeling briefly on left knee, then pushing up off her extended right knee to stand, taking a moment to enjoy the sight of Garner laying pain-stricken flat on her back!

Another leg drop; another slow-roll to get off her; Nic pushing up off her right knee with a mean-spirited grin.

Elbow-drop: Nic standing near Jen's head to the brunette's right, doing a leisurely half-turn on the way down, depositing her right elbow to the pit of Jen's stomach. Weary groan, Jen Garner - knees curls up, arms hug at her gut, chin tilts up as Jen clenches her eyes the tighter, tears squeezing out the sides. Nic sits up - her right hip to the right of Jen's head - blonde hugging her knees, taking a moment to grin into the crowd, wipe the sweat off her brow and flick it down onto Jen's pain-wracked face.

Big splash. Nic all grins into the camera as she plows belly-down onto helpless Jen - blonde propped on her forearms, bulging breast-tops sloshing in her cups. Garner cringing, chin tilting up - moaning a throaty "ooooooooohhhhhh..." as she absorbs fresh shock. Nic nodding all ponytails and rosy-cheeks: she's loving it on Jen here.

19.) Mindless slogging III: Nic on Jen. Garner staggering mindlessly around the apartment, mouth open, eyes half closed in stupor. Nic breathing hard, but stalking from behind - reaching with her left to secure the waistband of Jen's panties, then slamming brutal forearms into Jen's kidneys. Robust back-beating takes place all around the apartment - Jen sobbing groggily as she takes and wanders. Garner finally stumbles onto the bed, rolls to her back and wards Nic off with some bicycling get-away-from-me kicks. Sheridan gassed, backs off, hands on hips, trying to catch a second wind.

20.) Comeback! Jen rallies off the bed - her turn to stalk-at-the-stagger as Nicollette backs away mouth breathing. Garner walking Nic to the wall, pushing in close with the left hand on Nic's right shoulder, girls chest-to-chest as Jen pumps cruel right hands to the pit of Sheridan's sturdy midriff. Sheridan cramps up - eyes shut tight, lips parted as her breath whimpers out in huffs and puffs. Jen just in there strong, pushing on Nic, keeping her wall-pinned and working that gut righty. Jen backs off to survey: Nic hurting, hugs her throbbing guts, stooping forward in pain.

21.) Payback mindless slogging: Jen on Nic; Nicollette’s right side turned to the wall; Jen stalking off her left shoulder. Garner using her left hand to cup the right side of Nic's head, turning her slightly face-front for a smashing Dusty Rhodes elbow atop the head: Jen stomping hard onto her right foot as she pounds it home, turning her back to Sheridan in the process. Nic in drowsy shock, manages to keep her feet, slumping against the wall for support.

22.) Knee lift, Jen to Nic: Garner bodying Nic flat-back to wall, propping her up, then lifting the rounded right thigh up and in, stuffing the swell of Nic's firm underbelly with 100% grade-A Garner-beef. Shout of pain, Nicollette: she bunches forward stricken and cramped: and JEN SCOOPS THE BLONDE UP! Hooting cheers from the crowd as Garner shows her fabled strength, hoisting Nic awkwardly up belly-to-belly in a crossed 't' look: Jen's right hand between blonde's legs, left arm under blonde's head. Jen turns, backside trembling under the weight - she staggers across the room, shouting "Get out of the way!" Audience members scatter from a large white couch normally out of camera range (DVD blurs the faces of well-dressed men and women scrambling to give Jen room).

Arm of the couch: a thick padded plank maybe two feet long. Jen stumbles forward, stoops to carefully place/drop Nicollette’s deadweight onto the couch-arm - blonde sobbing out as she takes the blow above her right hip, on the lower back. Nic staring in open-mouthed shock, sliding awkwardly to a seat with her back now against the arm of the couch. Jen gasping, hands on hips, trembling with the effort, but there's more work to do.

23.) Beating on the couch I: Jen to Nic. Jen helps Nic to her feet with the left hand cupping blonde behind the head, easing Sheridan into a swinging European uppercut. Garner's right bicep takes Nic beneath the chin as Jen turns into the shot, hopping on her right foot, back to Sheridan as blonde rocks up and back to take a drowsy seat on the couch. Nicollette sputtering now - unable to answer - just sitting there battered as a fresh piece of cod.

24.) Beating on the couch II: Jen to Nic. Jen helps Nic to her feet via the left-hand-behind-the-head trick: Sheridan whimpering, compliant. Jen scoops blonde up - brunette backside trembling with muscular effort - Jen's right hand between Nic's legs, clutching at those lavender trunks - Garner left arm supporting Nic's head. Camera is behind Jen - poor Nic staring bleakly right into the lens as she's once again placed heavily against the couch-arm, right side lower back bearing the brunt of it. Once again, design of the couch flows Nic forward to a seated posture, her back against the arm: she's just paralyzed with hurt, sniveling and blubbering piteously. Jen reaches in the right hand between Nic's pale thighs for another go, but Sheridan blubbers, "No! I quit. Jen I quit." Poor Sheridan breaks down into tears, sitting there hugging her throbbing body, head bowed. Garner turns away, tears streaming, body shivering from tension release - she takes a few steps before dropping to her knees, sitting back on her haunches to have a good shuddering cry of relief.