DVD Collection #17: Ashley Judd vs. Catherine Zeta Jones Vol. 6 by simguy

Distributor’s Note: The latest DVD in the series recounts their most recent encounter - they've been in each other's sights for some time. Jones gets rudely treated in this one - but there have been plenty of others where the shoe was in the other butt - so to speak! After this 6th contest, these ladies stood 3-and-3 against one another. The previous five disks are now out of print, but there have been talks about re-issuing the complete series as a boxed set once the two hellcats decide they’ve had enough of each other - which could be several years in the future!

Front of box: Left side of box, 3/4 torso-to-hip shot of CZJ (right shoulder pointed to viewer) in crossed arm pose, chin up, head turned towards us, eyes flashing - she's wearing crimson bikini (twist-tied top, low-ride hipster bottoms); long black curls over her left shoulder, spilling down that breast, brushing her forearm. Right side and background - Judd jogging along crashing surf in white halter top (twisted tied), navy swimsuit bottoms, shoulder-length brown curls.

Back of the box: "Catherine Zeta Jones - darling of the jet-set; wrestler to royalty - the so-called 'Most Dangerous Woman in Europe'. Ashley Judd - the honky-tonk brawling Southern girl who's as comfy slugging in a junkyard as she is in a penthouse. They've met many times and the hate's as fresh as the first time they ever laid eyes on each other!"

Special Features include -
Mini doc:
"Southern States Brawling - The Honky-Tonk Circuit." Interviews with girls who've been in with Ashley, including rare footage of young Ashley Judd slugging her way to prominence in this little-known venue during/after her tenure at U of Kentucky.

Bonus feature: Unique, never-before-seen, transfer of 8mm home movies shot by big sister Wynonna of teenage Ashley grappling with mother Naomi in backyard training sessions.

Mini Doc: "The Most Dangerous Woman in Europe" - rare footage of a ‘pre-Zorro' (unmarried) CZJ in apartment wrestling and beach brawling action against top European actresses and a few models plus unknown starlets and wannabes.

Mini Doc: "The Story so far" - clips from all of CZJ and Judd's previous five apartment encounters; narrative includes both ladies talking strategy (and trash.)

Random Scene Selections -
Scene 2:
A panicked Zeta Jones looking disheveled and roughed up tries to stagger away from an enraged and surging Ashley J in early action. Jones' hair in her eyes, tumbling down across both breasts - she stumbles aimlessly across the room as Judd walks her down from behind. Ashley takes a handful of crimson trunks at the waistband and tugs Catherine backward - eventually slinging Jones awkwardly onto the bed. Jones all arms and legs on her back, looking ragdolled, lips parted in shock as she glares fearfully at her foe. Judd all chest heaving, fists clenched, eyes blazing - she's just giving Jones a good tossing early.

Scene 5: Jones still reeling, shamelessly trying to get away from Judd and regroup. Catherine on all fours, sniveling as she crawls across carpet. Judd kneeling, wades in from behind, slapping her hands onto Zeta-Jones' expensive flesh - pulling at Catherine's back and hip. Jones bleating - face upturned to the crowd, eyes clenched as she bawls in protest at Ashley's touch: Judd teeth bared, lifts her hands above her head in an ax-handle grip - bringing her combined fists down with a beefy clap against Jones' back. Jones shuddering on all fours, seemingly paralyzed - Judd's able to scoot up onto Catherine's back, lace fingers under Jones' chin and cinch in a solid camel-clutch. Catherine snorting - lips distorted by Ashley's grip - Jones' tummy sagging down under the weight as her arms drape over Judd's rounded thighs. Ashley's lips a tight line as she wrenches at Jones - Judd really taking it to Jones thus far and loving it.

Scene 8: Belly punch. Judd's always gone after the Zeta-Jones midsection and here she gets an exquisite punch in. Jones back to one white wall - Ashley moves in close from Catherine's right side, left hand light upon Jones' right shoulder as the Judd right fist pounds into creamy Zeta-J tummy meat. Jones cramping up - face tilting up as her chest hunches forward - right knee flinching up slightly: moist groan from Jones drawing raucous applause from the audience. Catherine slumps butt-first to the wall, hugging her tummy - Judd crowding in close all smiles, almost nosing Jones in her right cheek.

Scene 10: Jones lands a swinging boot mid-room to Ashley's unprotected crotch. Catherine's hair a tangled black mass - arms high above her head as she lifts her right foot up into trunks with a dull 'shump'. Judd gasping, shoulders bunched up, face stricken: welcome to Catherine Zeta Jones wrestling, Ash.

Scene 11: Jones capitalizing - she's on the left of your screen, Ash on the right - CZJ with her hand gripping the back of Judd's neck. Ashley distraught, shook up: Jones glaring, lips pulled back off clenched teeth as she muscles Judd directly towards the viewer. Battlers move past the lens - swiveling camera-pan catches Jones from behind, throwing Ashley face-first onto the bed. Enraged, Jones stoops and pounds her right fist petulantly onto Judd's firm buttocks (hammer-style delivery). Judd's curly head up off the bed, looks left and right - we see her eyelashes batting groggily.

Scene 12: Jones standing beside the bed - she's pulled Judd by her hip and ribs onto her back (leg towards the camera). Jones sinks her hands into firm American paunch, baring her teeth as she grips and grips at the meat. Catherine leaning her weight in, shifting from one foot to the other as she clenches: howling agony from Ashley - chin up as her head tilts back into the bed, legs flexing at random, feet pushing at the bedspread - her hands pulling at Zeta Jones' talons. Judd wailing - screaming piteously: sound is jarring contrast to what up until now has largely been hard breathing and grunting noises.

Scene 20: Action much slower now - both girls have enjoyed long moments of plundering supremacy at the other's expense. Jones shouts, doubles up as Judd stuffs a crude right hand deep to belly. Catherine hugging at her body is momentarily helpless: Judd stands hands on hips, brown curls framing her face, lips parted as she's breathing heavily. Finally - Ashley reaches her left hand into Jones' hair (Judd on Jones' right side) and marches Catherine into the kitchen (just off the main apartment floor; no walls or doors separating the two). The kitchen consists of an L-shaped counter with cupboards, range oven, fridge - and a large island in the middle of the floor space with additional low cupboards and countertop space. Judd marches Jones in between the L-shaped counter and the island to initiate a brutal, bludgeoning tit for tat stand-up slugging contest, toe to toe - in tight, hard confines.

Scenes 21-30 treat with this savage, slow-tempo brawl in the kitchen. Both girls are mindless with punishment at this point - seeking only to subjugate the other. Girls take turns rocking each other with beefy European uppercuts, or pro-style right hands to the forehead while gripping at the other's hair with the left fist. They take turns hugging each other up chest to chest, then driving the opposing lower back into the counter-edge. They push each other back over counter tops, whining and gasping with effort, holding each other down for smashing forearm blows across heaving chests. Each lifts thick, creamy thighs up into quivering tummies, bunching the other over with breathy groans. Lips part moist; eyelashes flutter; hair obscures faces, clings wetly to chests and shoulders. Broad white backs are bashed with cruel forearms. At one point, a sleepy Jones is shoved up against the fridge (Judd with her hands cupping either side of Catherine's ribcage), Jones' head lolling side to side, eyelashes fluttering, lips murmuring dim protests: Judd reaches back and lands the fight's hardest right hand slap - clapping Jones' left cheek and spinning her to her right along the counter.

Scene 31: Bruising war of attrition seems to be resolving: Jones hugging her stomach, stooped forward in between island and L-counter; Judd hops up onto the island, reaching for blubbering Jones with sturdy arms and legs. Catherine sobbing out "NO!" at Judd's touch - Zeta-J pulled in close - her right side to Judd, her right forearm trapped across Judd's lap, in tight against Judd's belly as Ashley snuggles up. Catherine held fast by Judd's legs firm around the tummy as Judd's hands grip at Catherine's left shoulder/bicep. Jones stands rigid on the kitchen floor, just taking the squeeze.

Scenes 32-35 show Ashley Judd's demoralizing assault on Catherine from her perch atop the island. Jones is hugged and scissored. Jones is pulled in close and twisted so she gives up her back to Ashley: Judd holds Catherine across her chest with a loose left arm; bludgeoning away girlishly with right forearms to chest, face and skull. Jones turned face-to-face and worked over with short, stuffing little punches and constant squeezes. Jones moping in there, whimpering - pressing against Ashley's stomach or hips, hugging up around Ashley's sturdy waist, trying to drag Judd off the island to slam her on the floor - but it's no go! Judd just systematically abusing Catherine, working her over patiently and thoroughly as Jones grows weaker under the beating.

Scene 36: An exhausted and badly trounced Catherine Zeta Jones is a trapped beauty - standing on the kitchen floor, no longer able to fight back against her tormentress. Judd twists Jones face-out (i.e., Judd's belly on Jones' back), writhing her ankles together to intensify her brawny scissor about Jones' regal ribcage. Muscular, Southern-girl arms snake around smooth European throat as Judd secures the sleeper choke; left arm around CZJ's neck to palm Judd's right bicep; Judd's right hand lost in a damp tangle of Jones' wild black hair.

Ashley grinning as she leans forward, slumping Jones slightly forward and to her left. Catherine's lips parted and moist - eyes frowned shut. Her right hand pulls at Judd's right elbow; Jones' left forearm presses against Judd's meaty left thigh. More tightening from Judd's legs - they straighten out, feet writhing against each other. That's it! Catherine's going out!

Jones' right hand flails awkwardly, tapping against Judd's shoulder, then slapping accidentally against her own face. The right hand drops down, slapping panicky against Judd's thigh. Voices off screen are heard shouting; footsteps can be heard rushing into the room; Ashley Judd has just forced Catherine Zeta Jones to submit!