Kelly Cuoco vs. Kelly Hu (from the simguy DVD Collection)

Back of box reads: "At last, feared 'Blonde Assassin' Kelly Hu takes on up and coming Kaley Cuoco in an apartment shocker you have to see to believe! Fans of Asian/Blonde matched pairs won't want to miss this exquisite tussle.”

Special features include:

- A day with Kaley Cuoco: follow Kaley around the morning of the fight as she selects WARdrobe, talks with friends, hits some balls (tennis workout) and stays loose!
- Interview with BLONDE! magazine on Kelly Hu's reign of terror (includes clips of Hu/Ripa, Hu/Daniel, Hu/Loughlin, Hu/Bello, Hu/Alba); see why Kelly's known as the Blonde Assassin!
- Tai Chi with Kelly!
- Scene selections!
- Commentary by Kaley Cuoco (on/off)!

Random scene selections:

scene 52 "Cirque du Kaley"
Late in the bout - Hu in black lace bra, yellow hipster bottoms, slick low ponytail; she looks wobbly-butt, ramshackle, out of it. Kaley in white lace bra, baby blue hipster bottoms, low ponytail with long blonde bangs framing her face, stands on the bed, bouncing, grinning as she holds Kelly's hands up. Blonde jumps up, kicks out with both feet to Kelly's chest, sending Hu rocketing backward with a groan. Cuoco bounces butt-first off the edge of the bed, rebounding to stand triumphant on the floor, punching at the air, crowing in celebration. Cut to Hu hugging her breasts, face shredded in agony as she lies cringing on her side: easily the most dynamic move of the match and one of the most acrobatic moves of the year in apartment action!

scene 12 "Kaley Works Kidney"
Stalking/pound-down scene - Cuoco in behind a stiff and ragged Hu - Kaley just grabbing Hu's sturdy yellow waistband with her left, hammering home thick right hands/forearms to Kelly's golden lower back. Kelly shouting in pain, whimpering, dropping to her knees, arching her head back: Kaley working deliberately, walking Hu down from behind, concentrating on crippling Kelly’s lumbar region; Hu's face cramped, groggy - she just can't seem to get it together.

scene 18 "Gift That Keeps on Giving!"
Extended Kaley bearhug sequence from behind: cinched up around Kelly's cuddly tummy; Hu desperate to break, careens around the room. Cuoco grinning, loving the bucking bronco action. Kaley rides Hu at the stumble as the girls pitch face-first onto the bed; Cuoco muscling Kelly up and over, Hu's arms and legs thrashing as she gets turned. Girls flop off the bed onto carpet with a THUD; Kaley nibbling her lower lip as she struggles to keep Hu's tummy under wraps; on the carpet, Kaley muscles Kelly up and over, first to one side, then to the other; Hu's limbs ragdoll, writhing; she's crying out, utterly helpless in Kaley's clutches! Girls squirm to knees, then stand, Hu's face blushing with strain; Kaley able to drive Hu forward and ride her back to the floor and onto the bed in chaotic, all over the room wide-ranging action.

scene 10 "Blonde Roughhouse"
Kaley in behind, pulls Kelly's long ponytail, putting a foot in Hu's lower back to arch her painfully backward; whirlwind action as Kaley pulls and twists Hu, tossing her around the room, keeping the Amazin' Asian off balance; toned thighs, high backsides trembling as the girls stagger, stomp and reel around; ponytails bouncing; knee lifts to the breadbasket especially withering; Kaley cradling Kelly around the head, lifting either arm and hoisting hard blonde thigh up into ribs and tummy to great woofing gasps of shock from Hu; Kelly routinely dropped to one knee in astonishment, ponytail twitching at her backbone as Cuoco runs up the score; sequence ends with a stunned, brutalized Hu seated in white leather puffy chair, Kaley standing behind it, left hand pulling back on Kelly's shiny forehead, right hand delivering looping forearm smashes over Hu's shoulder as she bludgeons Kelly's bra!

Scene 53 "Zai Jian Baby!"
Kelly on her back, dazed, feet up on the seat of the white chair, hands at her sides, head lolling side to side, eyes frowning shut as she tries to shake off punishment; Kaley still with the same happy, hard-working grin she's worn all night, puts the finishing touches to her foe; thunderous series of uncontested leg drops across Kelly's face and chest, Cuoco just lifting the right leg, crashing down, rolling to her left side to one knee and getting up methodically to reset; Kaley occasionally having to stoop to pull Kelly's hands away from her chest; Hu's lips moist, eyelashes fluttering; totally defenseless at this point.