DVD collection - Gamine Classics Series: Sarah Carter vs Lindsay Lohan (Apt. Wrestling) by simguy

Front of the box: Airbrushed composite photo of the girls. Sarah Left: emerging from a pool, hands up and squeezing out soaked blonde locks - mocking half grin - white bikini with ring connections looking sporty/sexy. Lohan Right: wearing her infamous cobalt string bikini, standing, scowling to her right in bright sunlight. Both vixens look toned and fat-free.

Back of the box: "Gamine action at it's hottest as Miss Lindsay Lohan sheds pounds to mix it up with the sexiest limber-bodied vixens in wrestling. Sarah Carter's no slouch; ballet-trained Kreuk-hunting blonde willing and able to give Lilo all she can handle.

Special Features include:

Lindsay at the Beach: Candid video of Linds out and about in a variety of skimpy bikinis. Highlights of Lohan's notorious, impromptu beach challenges of non-celebrities (boxing, wrestling, stomach punching); footage of LiLo constantly limbering up and working out. She's scrappy and uninhibited.

Sarah Carter interview: Sarah discusses the gamine class in depth; talks at length about what it takes to win these sleek contests. Controversial sequence in which Carter flat out denies Lohan's pedigree as an apartment wrestler. Highlight footage of Carter's 2006 battles with Kristin Kreuk, Natalie Portman and Kristen Bell.

Highlighted Scene Selections Include:

Scene 3 - Girls struggling on their knees - Sarah in behind Lindsay, grabbing her own elbows to secure a bearhug around Lohan's tight tummy. Linds writhing, trying to wriggle clear, when Carter RIPS at redhead abs with a vicious double clawing action! Carter's right hand tearing right, her left hand tearing left across stomach: eight pink welts blossom on Lindsay's flat waistline. Lindsay screams - half in agony, half in disbelief - head tossed back, hands up and out at her shoulders. Carter glows, smiling in fascinated cruelty, her hands still twisted into talons on follow-through - she pushes Lohan almost gently in the back. Linds drops cringing to all fours, panting, choking back tears. Sarah leans forward on her knees, thrusting her right forearm up hard between Lohan's legs from behind - blonde fist slapping against toned tummy as the curling arm compresses crotch; lifting her hips/butt. Lindsay groans as Sarah slams her face-first into carpet. Carter atop Lohan's pale back and loving it. Sarah all smiles as she pushes up off quivering Lohan. Blonde up on her knees again, snapping her bottoms back snug around perfect glutes, calculating next move.

Scene 5 - Girls on their knees - Sarah to the left of your screen, Linds to the right - Lindsay leaning across to drive the point of her elbow into Carter's belly. Sarah's head tosses back as she cries out: Lohan pursing her lips, eyes narrowed in concentration as she digs at blonde paunch.

Scene 8 - Wild kicking action - Lohan starting it with a robust right foot slapped hard against Sarah's left thigh - but redhead's reaping a blonde whirlwind. Hair tossing, hands high as lissome lasses connect with feet and shins in chaotic back-and-forth. Sarah baring her teeth as her sinewy legs lash into Lohan's ribs and thighs - blonde kicking jubilantly, majestically - planting on one leg and really driving the strokes home. Bright, cracking spanks sounding out amidst Lindsay's bleating. Lohan ruddy-cheeked, stumbling away teary-eyed at last as Sarah's spirited footwork proves too much.

Scene 9 - Knockdown for Sarah set up by her flashing leg technique. Girls at distance, Carter lifts a sweeping right-foot axe kick high, trying to bring her heel down on Lindsay's head - missing as Lohan flinches backward. Carter doesn't miss a beat, stepping her kicking leg forward and catching Lilo a short, blunt right hand to chin! Lindsay startled, scooting to her butt; lips parted; head bobbling as she bounces ragdoll on carpet. Carter grinning. What a shot! Proud little blonde stands with fists cocked on hips; taunting Lohan with mischievous eyes. Crowd buzzing. Half those in attendance unable to see the short punch that did the deed so most assume it was the kick.

Scene 13 - Good as Sarah was with her feet, Lohan's the boss with her dukes. Here she startles an advancing Carter with a sturdy right uppercut. Linds on the left of your screen - Carter on the right; Lindsay's left hand bracing at Sarah's right shoulder while her right fist punches girlishly upward, tossing Carter's head back. Nice view of opposing tummies - flat and toned - and sleek thighs, as the girls stand close; Lohan scoring.

Scene 15 - Slender limbed test-of-strength. Girl's fingers interlacing, feet braced wide; lithe, limber bodies straining to muster brute force. Lilo breaks it up, lifting a triumphant, bony right knee into Sarah's chiseled ribcage just below her left breast. Bleat of shock from Sarah - butt jutting back, torso jerking forward, face stricken. Lohan grinning wide, scoring very effectively to Sarah's lean body here.

Scene 16 - Lohan's got Sarah stumbling a bit - redhead walking blonde down from behind, stalking Carter as blonde's trying to rally. Standing action - Linds moving in off Sarah's left shoulder - turning Carter face-to-face, then belting her a shoving right to pit of that flat paunch. Constipated grunt from Carter: she cramps up, face upturned as chest falls forward, eyes frowned tightly shut as lips curl back off her teeth. Lohan smiling; hair frizzy with sweat. This is a good moment for Lohan, very dominant! Camera shifts position to show Lindsay on the left, Sarah right on your screen: Sarah's right arm riding lightly across Lohan's lower back for stability.

Scene 18 - Sarah's on her right side, her back to the camera. Lindsay draped over the blondes raised left hip, looking into the camera; forearms on the carpet; heavy breasts spilling over blonde backside. Linds jerking as she draws either knee into Sarah's body and trunks. Carter shuddering, unable to get out of there, soaking up the brutality. Lohan's freckled, shiny face concentrating, blue eyes cold-blooded as she stares into the distance; all about kneeing Sarah, keeping her weight on Sarah, and maintaining balance. Blonde making these stunned, gasping groans - as if she can't quite believe what Lohan's choosing to do here! Something pathetic about the way blonde's long hair pools on the carpet beneath her head; a damp, shiny mass as Carter sponges up hurt. Occasionally, Lindsay glances over her left shoulder to check on Sarah, then grunts tight-lipped and rosy-cheeked as she hammers another knee into Carter. Sarah very brave for not quitting under these circumstances.

Scene 20 - Sarah on her back, visibly hurting and discouraged. Lohan goes for the breast smother, but falls into Sarah's guard as blonde legs secure redhead waist. Series of agonizing scissors at first bogs Lohan down, frustrating her smother attempts, then visibly beginning to take the fight away from her as blonde wriggles into one dominant position after another:

Battle in the Guard: Extended belly-on-belly writhing as Sarah's legs encircle Linday's hips, controlling redhead's lower body. Up top, Sarah's arms tie up over Lohan's left shoulder and under her right armpit, hands linking up to secure redhead's upperbody. Lindsay extraordinarly vigorous, if a little unskilled here: constantly wriggling, squirming on Sarah - knees digging into carpet, trying to push clear. Sarah frowning, just managing Lilo's ferocity, staring at the ceiling deep in concentration, sensing Lohan's intentions through torso contact. Lohan constantly fretting and working - pushing at the carpet with her palms, trying to wedge her left hand inside Sarah's defensive grip up top. Lohan 100% committed to putting her breasts on Carter's face and doesn't realize she's squandering precious energy. Carter relaxed, letting Lilo strain - several minutes go by as Sarah waits for Lindsay to tire, then suddenly: blonde legs straighten up into the air, feet clapping together at the ankle to secure a merciless scissor about Lohan's middle. All wriggling stops as Lindsay suddenly paralyzed - very still and quiet atop Sarah; not moving at all. Camera moves in close - Lohan panting hot through pursed lips, right cheek against Sarah's upperchest. Boom mic picking up the moist exhalations of both women as everything gets eerily focused. Several moments pass, then Lindsay's composure cracks! She whimpers, turning her forehead against Sarah's chest; left hand reaching down to press against the quivering rock of Sarah's right quadricep. Lohan's breath coming out in panicked gasps. Carter's eyes harden, narrowing slightly as she licks her lips, re-cinching the scissor-grip with her legs straight up in the air. From here, Carter mounts an impressive series of scissors designed to wring a submission from Lindsay...

Scissor 1: Basic body-scissor from off Lohan's right side. Linds on her back - Sarah on her left hip, long legs bisecting Lohan's middle. Linds huffing and puffing - picking her head up off the carpet and straining against the grip - left hand flat against Sarah's hard knee. Carter patient, face calm - occasionally she'll lie flat out and pull Lindsay's right arm out to the side, tieing the redhead up.

Scissor 2: Same relative body positions, same camera angle - but Carter slides her legs up to slither across Lohan's jugs. Linds groaning, trying to bridge out of it - Sarah's legs riding up under redhead's armpits. Lohan grimacing, both hands resting crossed-arm on Sarah's legs, elbows out to the sides. Some hairpulling from Carter here - more just to secure Lohan than torture her. But some hard tugging as well, let's be honest.

Scissor 3: Sarah slides her legs slightly from the side position - now cutting up under Lohan's right arm, across her chest and over her left shoulder to partially engage the head. Lindsay bucking and rocking, trying to wriggle free: Sarah breathing hard, cheeks flushed, but looking more and more confident. Lohan's face very expressive - disappointed frowns and teeth-baring grimaces. Carter still pulling at Lohan's right hand as Lindsay's left hand frets at her opponent's shins.

Scissor 4: Lohan's frenzied writhing almost gets her loose, but winds up trapping her even worse. Linds on her haunches, lips parted breathless as she folds forward (showing her back to an elevated camera): Sarah on her right side (just off Lohan's left flank), legs scissoring in over redhead left shoulder, curling across her back and under her right armpit, resecuring the head. Lindsay's right hand useless, pushing at carpet - left arm trapped in against Sarah's body. Carter smiling now, reaching in her right arm underneath, her left arm over top to secure a light hug around Lohan's body (just to hold her close), resting cheek against Lindsay's lower back and the waistband of her swimsuit bottoms. Blonde hair sticking to Lohan's sweaty, freckled back: Carter just micro-adjusting - we see the flexing in her thighs, sense her strength as she holds Lohan in thrall. Sarah patient, just letting her legs reduce Lindsay: Lohan sobbing for air, helpless and awkwardly positioned with her knees up underneath her. Once in a while, Sarah will turn to kiss Lindsay's lower back, then smooth her right cheek against Lohan's lumbar like a purring cat. Cool touch of lips sends shivers of fury through Lohan, bringing fresh mirth to Sarah's cruel eyes.

Scissor 5: Sarah shifting the position from scissor 4 - now she's sitting up off Lohan's left flank, snaking the right arm across Lohan's back to snug her close. Legs still curled over the left shoulder and under right armpit - feet clasping and gripping hard at the ankles. Lindsay still on her knees - suffering as Sarah's seated position increases the pressure on Lindsay's neck. More problems for Lindsay: Carter's pulling that trapped left arm up now, bending it into a half nelson or just controlling it at the wrist. Lindsay's panting breath sounding ragged and forced now: she's suffering, still bent forward over her haunches.

Scissor 6: Sarah crosses the T on Lindsay. Lohan on her back - Sarah up above her, blonde on her left side (facing camera). Carter's legs snake in over Lohan's right shoulder, carve across her breasts to clamp under redhead left arm. Sarah curling around her prey, both her elegant hands gripping at Lohan's left wrist, controlling that arm: Lindsay's right arm helpless, flopping about above her head. Lindsay groaning, straining, face tight with effort as she tries to bridge, then breaking into sobs when she fails. Sarah gripping and controlling, tieing Lindsay up and crushing her breasts at the same time. Agonizing to watch one girl held a helpless captive of another for so long, but Lohan just can't reverse out of this. Exhausted, demoralized - Lohan's right hand slap-slap-slaps carpet; submitting to Sarah's legs after long, heroic defiance.

Final Scene: Bright smile from Carter as she makes a show of luxuriously releasing Lohan - gaudy pointing of her toes, straight legs unfurling slowly. Poor Lohan clutching her throat as she struggles to reach her haunches; face pale and body shaking in defeat. LiLo really used up by Sarah's superior legs on this night.