DVD Collection #22: “Ballerina Bikini Battle” (2 Discs) Summer Glau vs. Michelle Trachtenberg by Majin Gojira

Front Box Art: Summer and Michelle on opposite sides in classic stare down pose. Background a montage of mid-fight scenes as well as scenes of the combatants posing together - in surprisingly friendly ways! (nuf’ said!)

Back of Box: Still images from the special features plus more combat images. “Friends can fight and stay friends. They give their all; holding nothing back; these long-limbed ladies battle for dominance; for reasons beyond petty Hollywood rivalry!”

Special Features:
- Pre-Fight explanation (2 minutes): Here the girls explain the reason for the fight (A “Thank you to Joss and the Fans”) and explain the rules for the contest (Standard Catfight); then add a little jibe at girls who can’t remain friends after a fight (Parental Warning: Includes reference to ‘alternate lifestyles’ and ‘graphic sexual language.’)

- Post-fight Interviews (5 minutes each girl) (Parental Warning: Includes frank language and sexual innuendo)

- Brief Fighter Biographies (Special. Joint production of the ‘Biography Channel’ and ‘IMDB’)

- Battle Dances: (15 minutes each): Battle Dances are choreographed dance-combat performances to a pre-determined conclusion. Choreographed by Amy Acker and performed by Michelle and Summer, there are two versions, a win for each girl. Original music performed by the Miami Symphony.

- Ballet performance with Amy Acker (10 minutes) (Parental Warning: Includes brief nudity.

- Mini Doc (15 minutes): Joss Whedon on “Female Empowerment and the Catfight.” A documentary on Joss’s views of ‘Catfight in Cinema’ and what he did to invert the clichés of it. Features clips from: ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer,’ ‘Angel’ and ‘Firefly’ utilizing both on-screen and off-screen fights between female cast as well as info on the ‘Wonder Woman’ script he wrote, including a graphic description of the catfight he included in the draft screenplay.

- Making of ‘Ballerina Bikini Battle‘: (30 minutes) Includes interviews w/ Whedon, Acker, Glau and Trachtenberg.

Disc One:

Scene 2: Test of Strength - Michelle, in a baby blue string stretches out a hand to Summer, who is in a darker, navy blue string. Summer interlocks her fingers with Michelle’s and they push against each other. Their hands splay out and force their bodies together with a slight slap. They brace their legs as they try and force the other back or two the side. They move in a circle around the arena—A simple thin mat on a boardwalk overlooking an ocean on a sunny day. Amy Acker, in black, lycra short shorts and a black-and-white striped sports top watches the proceedings.

Scene 5: Headlock - Michelle twists Summer down into a headlock. Summer places an arm around Michelle’s waist, trying desperately to move away from her aggressor. She shoves away from her several times, each time with a grunt to each pull. Michelle pulls Summer to the side, attempting to pull the slightly taller girl over her extended leg. Not meeting with much success, however, as Summer’s long legs re-align themselves with each attempt.

Scene 7: Kick Lift - A layer of sweat has started to appear on the girls as they face off again. Summer and Michelle reach out to strike each other several times circle and move closer. The slaps echo slightly off the nearby sea as they begin to add their legs to the strikes. Summer suddenly steps back and spins—one leg out stretched. Michelle catches the side of Summer’s knee right in the chest. She lets out a loud groan as she is lifted slightly off her feet by the blow. Michelle stumbles and falls back, holding her stomach, but bends forward enough to take Summer down with her. Summer hits her head against the ground as she falls.

Scene 10: Stomach Grapple - Michelle’s stomach is red from the earlier blow, but she appears to have recovered enough to mount an effective counterattack. Michelle has a firm hold around Summer’s stomach, who elicits a frustrated growl as she attempts to escape. A thin film of sweat covers the girl’s bodies, occasionally letting Michelle’s hold slip slightly. Regardless of the impediment, Michelle lifts Summer off her feet and attempts to hold her in a reverse bear hug, but cannot maintain the lift for long and drops her back to her feet. Summer uses the fall to attempt another escape—prompting Michelle to attempt to topple Summer to the ground. Summer catchers herself with her hands, but Michelle remains fixed in her hold as Summer works her way back to her feet. A wet slap echoes out as they stumble together.

Scene 12: Planting to the Floor - Summer has Michelle in a full nelson, twisting the pale girl back and forth in an attempt to topple and get her to the mat. Summer leans forward, lifting the light girl off her feet, and flexes her arms, breaking the full nelson hold, but Summer counters quickly: wrapping her legs around Michelle’s and her arms around her chest, cupping Michelle’s small breasts in her hands as she does. Michelle leans back to get Summer off, almost toppling back, but balancing herself—then falling back onto Summer who lets out a pained grunt as she lands, her arms fly off Michelle and he legs loosen. Michelle turns over on Summer and prepares to attack; only to receive Summer’s tightly embracing arms and legs around her head and waist. Michelle is shocked off her stand and allows Summer to fall on her back again as Michelle’s arms give out and she falls, but maintains the hold as Michelle groans loudly.

Scene 15: The Great Escape - Summer lies on her stomach as Michelle pulls on Summer’s left arm in a painful arm bar. Summer grunts and grits her teeth as she endures the pain as Michelle grapevines Summers legs to secure her position. The sweat between them has become so great that it has matted their hair and drips regularly from their bodies. Both pant in ragged breaths from the exertion. Amy leans in and asks Summer if she wants to quit. Summer emphatically shakes her head ‘no’. 30 seconds later Amy asks again, Michelle leaning in to get a better listen—big mistake. Summer uses her free arm to grab Michelle’s head and get her into an over-the shoulder reverse choke hold. The shock of the attack causes Michelle to immediately lose her hold on Summer and put all her effort into escaping. Michelle manages to quickly extract herself from Summer and both girls roll from each other, clutching their wounded limbs.

Scene 17: Scissors - Michelle grunts lightly as Summer holds her back against her chest, her arms and legs wrapped tightly around Michelle’s torso. Michelle’s head arc’s back as she lets out a deep groan as she squirms weakly in Summer’s grasp. Though her arms are free, they can do little to strike back at her attacker. Convinced her foe is subdued, Summer releases her, and lets Michelle’s sweat-soaked body slide down her equally-sweaty belly until her head lies at her crotch, where she grasps Michelle’s hair and catches the girl’s head inside her powerful thighs. Michelle lets out another grunt as Summer squeezes tightly. Amy steps in to ask if Michelle is willing to submit, to which she responds “never”. Summer releases the hold, letting Michelle’s body drop limply to the mat. She spins around Michelle and sits on her chest, crushing her small breasts, and puts a leg to either side of Michelle’s head. Summer again grasps Michelle’s sweaty, stringy hair to pull her head up to meet her crotch wrapping her legs around Michelle’s head and again traps the girl between her thighs. Summer taunts “Never is a long time”.

Scene 19: Bent Back, Camel Clutch to Reverse Dragon Sleeper - Summer lies on her side, supported by an extended arm breathing deeply. She looks down on the barely conscious Michelle as she gulps air, face-up on the mat. She shits herself to her knees and rolls the paler girl over, onto her stomach. Summer lazily straddles her and sits in the small of Michelle’s back with a light drop, eliciting a breathy grunt. She lifts Michelle’s head again, for a moment going through the motions for a Camel Clutch, but then sits back. This time she decided to place Michelle’s head under her arm and hook the girl in a Dragon Sleeper. She leans back, pulling Michelle with her and forcing out the pale girl’s chest. Michelle’s arm’s wave violently for but a moment, before falling limply to her side as she enters the dreamlands. Amy check’s her and confirms it, allowing Summer to release the hold, letting Michelle fall limply to the ground with a wet ‘smack’ upon impact with the mat. Summer looks down on her opponent with a smile.

Scene 20: Post Fight - Summer walks off the mat to a nearby cooler in an umbrella-shaded area. She takes out a water bottle, takes a few deep drinks and douses herself with it, letting the water soak her costume throughly, emptying the bottle. She reflexively steps back and shivers a little, stating “It’s very cold.” Then she reaches in for a second bottle and walks over to Michelle’s prostrate form where Amy is attempting to revive her. Raising Michelle’s head, she pours the cold water over her face. Michelle spits and gasps as she’s shocked back to the waking world. Summer extends a hand to help her up. Michelle accepts. Leaning on Amy and Summer, Michelle takes the water and drinks deeply as they help her out of the sun.

Disc TWO:

Battle Dance One:

Scene 3: Michelle Finishes - Summer lies prostrate on the ground, breathing heavily as Michelle stalks her, circling around like a panther, low to the ground, half-supported by the tips of her fingers, one leg out to the side, while the other is half bent. Michelle pounces on her prey, Summer weakly strives to pull herself away before Michelle smoothly flips her over, placing one hand on Summer’s chest and the other on her belly, the music crashes once as she holds her victim and they freeze for a moment.
The music begins again, slowly as Michelle straddles Summer’s stomach. Summer’s back arcs slightly to greet her conqueror as Michelle’s left hand moves from her belly to her shoulder, gently stroking her side to complete the seating position. The music softens as Michelle places her hands around Summer’s head and brings the girl’s head up to greet her chest. She holds Summer’s head tightly against her chest for a beat before letting it glide down her stomach, opening her mouth in a silent groan as she leans into the sensation and let’s Summer back down. Michelle strokes Summer’s face, drawing a line from her ear to the tip of her chin, eliciting a silent moan from Summer as she writhes between her legs. Michelle inches forward in time with the music until reaching Summer’s shoulders, pinning her arms with her legs. She turns around and slowly lowers herself onto Summer’s face.

The music reaches a crescendo as Summer’s entire torso rises into the air in a single trash, supported by her long legs. Her arms spread out searching for something. In time with these crescendos, Michelle rubs herself into Summer’s face. Summer arches up twice more until a low note is hit and she remains still. Michelle dismounts and turns to stroke her foe’s face one more, to no reaction. She lies down next to her foe with one arm and one leg over Summer as the lights fade out.

Battle Dance Two:

Scene 3: Summer Finishes - Michelle lays on her back breathing heavily, Summer in the stalking position Michelle was above. Summer stalks around Michelle in a circle as she writhes in time to the music. Michelle turns on her side only to be set upon by Summer, who pushes Michelle onto her stomach and quickly straddles the small of Michelle’s back with a clash, placing her hands on Michelle’s shoulders to keep her down. Michelle attempts to force herself up, but is pressed back down by Summer.

Summer Slides her legs back and lowers herself slightly. Summer’s slightly darker-toned legs wrap themselves around Michelle’s pale counterparts as Michelle arc’s into Summer’s descent, her hands sliding along to greet Michelle’s. Summer presses her chest against Michelle’s back and nuzzles her head next to Michelle’s as Summer grasps Michelle’s hands and places them together, allowing her right hand to hold them. Summer nibbles the side of Michelle’s neck, releasing a silent moan with a small tremble across her body.

The music shifts from soothing to harsh as Summer’s newly free hand into a half nelson. Michelle bends away from it—and lightning quick, Summer locks Michelle into a Half-nelson Sleeper combination. Michelle waves her hands violently as Summer pulls back, allowing the world to see Michelle quickly fade in the hold, the music fading with her. Michelle become still as an oboe starts up, allowing Summer to investigate. She drops Michelle and checks her. Satisfied she rolls off and places her two places her hands on the small of Michelle’s back and between her shoulder blades, pressing down one last time to assert dominance before she remains still and the lights and music fade.

“Making of… Ballerina Bikini Battle” (30 minutes) Includes interviews with Whedon, Acker, Glau and Trachtenberg.