A Classic Cinema DVD by Archer

In a special corner of my City of Angels Universe (which some of you may recall) sits Double-Action Pictures. This independent film studio existed from roughly 1936-1949 and produced the type of action-oriented B-pictures and serials that its sister independent Republic Pictures did so well-but they one major difference. Beginning in the late 1930's and continuing through the rest of its history, D-A became known for it's female action players both as stars and in featured roles. In fact, D-A's greatest contribution may well have been the well-crafted female multi-fight scenes which required not only well-trained leading ladies, but supporting players who take and throw a punch. Since these were not skills normally associated with even stuntwomen of the period, D-A simply set-up a training course (called "The Fight School" by everyone at D-A). Now, of course, these taught faux-fighting techniques, but it was not surprising that many of Fight School graduates moved on to the real thing: wrestling, boxing, etc. All of which existed as a sort of major studio underground, from which the girls from the studio in Laguna Perdita were excluded most of the time. However, the rise of the USO to entertain the growing U.S. Armed Forces before the USA entry in World War II, gave D-A and its fighting ladies a chance to show what they could do and I have imagined only now are some of these filmed encounters being made public. (Of course, in our the "real world" of 1941, fem fight moves would likely have given the Movie Censorship Office a collective fit, but somehow my fictional D-A has been getting away with it in ways no real 1941 studio would have been allowed to do. That is, of course, why fantasy can be so much more fun).
Note: Who are these actresses and why do their names sound familiar? They're my current TV and film favorites sent into an alternate universe with (slightly) altered names:
BARRETT, JANE = Biel, Jessica,
GARNETT, JENNIFER = Garner, Jennifer,
GREGORY, SARAH MAY = Gellar, Sarah Michelle;
HARCOURT, KARA = Heigl, Katherine;
KRAMER, KRYSTAL = Kreuk, Kristin; and
RAYMOND, REBECCA = Romjin, Rebecca.

With the exception of Rebecca Raymond who is (horrors!) pushing 35, all the others are in their early-mid 20's. Rest assured, if you don't see a favorite, she could well be on my private roster with a truly amazing filmography included. So imagine, if you will, reading an article in the latest issue of DOUBLE ACTION FAN NEWS. You may well have bought the earlier DVD sets of D-A releases (which began when the pristine master prints were found, after being misfiled for 50 years, in a Kansas underground storage vault). Now they are being released on HD DVD and BLU RAY. To get people to buy the new format, the clever marketers have included some specialty items from the vault:

THE BEST OF DOUBLE-ACTION PICTURES Vol. I, a two disk set with the following 4 D-A classics:


- 1940's THE BEAUTY PAGEANT MURDERS starring JENNIFER GARNETT, with REBECCA RAYMOND and a wonderful cast of rising D-A starlets including SARAH MAY GREGORY and KRYSTAL KRAMER,


- THE DONNYBROOK GIRLS, the first of D-A's signature "action-comedies" (i.e., lots of fights, but in a slapstick style) starring SARAH MAY GREGORY.

Special added feature: THE BEAUTY PAGEANT MURDERS II costarring ELIZA DUNCAN (Eliza Dushku) and ADRIENNE PALMER (Adrianne Palicki).


....Female celebrity wrestling fans have rejoiced at the inclusion of one D-A Pictures legendary USO Wrestling Shows in the recent BEST OF DOUBLE-ACTION DVD set.. The young draftees at Camp Ordway may have heard rumors of wrestling and boxing matches among the Tinseltown stars, but actually seeing them was strictly a VIP invitation-only matter. The major studios wouldn't have dreamed of letting the general public see their actresses in such "unseemly" behavior. At least not until the daring ladies of Double-Action Pictures stepped forward to "do their bit". The film of the outdoor match is of excellent quality and (rare for cost-conscious D-A) filmed in the best available color film process: Technicolor.

The card for that sunny afternoon was a mixture of rising D-A talent and established stars. The opener featured SARAH MAY GREGORY whose legendary DONNYBROOK GIRLS series had just been launched that spring vs. KRYSTAL KRAMER, whose own legendary series THE VAMPIRE QUEEN would open that fall. However what likely brought them together was a scene in the 1940 D-A whodunit THE BEAUTY PAGEANT MURDERS in which Sarah (as "Miss New York") clashed with Krystal (as "Miss Hawaiian Islands") each accusing the other of being the hidden killer (and then Krystal turns up dead, a move on the real killer's part to divert suspicion from herself). Obviously, the "rematch" was going to be of interest to any D-A fans in the crowd. (It should be pointed out that neither lady had much experience in "pro-style" wrestling at this time, though both were soon to become quite skilled at it).

The mid-card featured two rising stars, tall, "strong" young women: JANE BARRETT, well-known for her appearances in THE SENTINEL serials, but who was appearing that summer in CHEYENNE WILDCAT with KARA HARCOURT. The next year both of them would be in the famed ADVENTURES OF WONDER WOMAN serial with Jane in the title role and Kara as one of her principal antagonists, "Callista, the Rebel Amazon".

The main event was reserved for probably the two most important female stars on the D-A roster: the veteran, though still fit REBECCA "THE WRECKER" RAYMOND facing off against the studio's hottest young female star JENNIFER "SWEET JENNY" GARNETT. (Rebecca was about 35 at the time of this fight. Jennifer was about 25.) The two had been seen several memorable D-A fight scenes, most notably the apartment-wrecking battle at the climax of FEDERAL FISTS (1939). In this fight, the lucky servicemen would discover how Miss Raymond got her nickname "The Wrecker" and was ducked by many better known fighting female celebrities of the era.

Before the start of the matches the six fighters were brought out in robes and were interviewed by lucky soldiers who had won the opportunity in a drawing. These interviews showed all the ladies adept at working up the crowd, though some of the comments were to have, in at least two cases, the unexpected effect of working up each other. Nevertheless, the crowd was thoroughly warmed up so that by the time the first bell rang, the servicemen were clapping and cheering in excited anticipation of the female battles to come.


Sarah May Gregory and Krystal Kramer entered the ring and released their robes with great showmanship. Sarah was in a brilliant green one-piece swim with matching boots and pads. Krystal was in a white suit overlain with a red and green tropical print (obviously meant to remind fans of her "Miss Hawaii" outfit). She wore red boots and pads. Both ladies (in fact all the ladies that day) wore their hair in simple "battle braids".

After a brief discussion with the referee, the timekeeper rang the bell and the first contest began. Sarah closed in immediately, but she was plainly startled when ex-gymnast Krystal did a standing backflip away from her. Then as Sarah was gaping at this move, Krystal charged in fast and threw her shoulder into Sarah's chest. The Brooklyn-born blonde was hurled off her feet. Krystal then reversed her course back to the ropes and charged in, doing a rapid-fire set of forward tumbling moves that ended in her bringing her body crashing down on the dazed Gregory as she was sitting up.

Sarah was flung to the canvas and Krystal swung her body around trying for a schoolgirl pin. However, Sarah showing great flexibility got her legs up around the brunette's head and pulled. Krystal was sent flipping backwards, though she scrambled free of Sarah's legs and regained her feet.

Sarah was looking quite annoyed at this point. She closed in again, trying to wrap Krystal up before she could try any more fancy moves. She got in behind the brunette and struggled to get on a full nelson, but the nimble Krystal (taking advantage of the sweat rolling down her body under the warm sun) slipped out of the attempted hold and dropped into a sitting position on Sarah's feet. She then reached back, encircled Gregory's legs and yanked. Sarah gave a yelp and shot forward landing hard on her face.

Krystal then attempted to grab one of Sarah's legs and start twisting it, but Sarah reared back with her free leg and gave the brunette a terrific kick to the stomach. The crowd gasped as Krystal staggered back, doubled over, but Sarah looking very angry grabbed two handfuls of Krystal's black hair and hurled her to the canvas. This brought her a finger-waving from the referee (the crowd seemed to support Sarah in this less-than-polite tactic). Sarah gave the man a scorching look and turned back to find Krystal.

Unfortunately for the blonde, Krystal seemed to have made a swift recovery from the kick and the hair throw. As Sarah turned back, Krystal was coming at her in with another series of forward flips, the blonde tried to brace herself, but this time Krystal came out of the tumble with her boots aimed at Sarah's chest. The classic "flying mare" hurled Sarah against the ropes and sent her flying back-straight into a Krystal's outthrust

Arm. The clothesline nearly took Sarah's head off as she was lifted off her feet and crashed hard to the canvas.

Krystal leaped up and landed crossways across Sarah's heaving chest. The blonde jackknifed and went limp. Krystal then held her position for a crossbody pin. The referee pounded out the one-two-three!

The crowd wildly cheered the acrobatic, quick-moving contest and Krystal was seen doing a victory lap as Sarah May sat up shaking her head ruefully. Krystal did come over and offer Sarah her hand to help her up. Sarah seemed to hesitate but perhaps realizing why they were both here, she took the hand and let Krystal assist her. Krystal hugged her victim and then they both left the ring to the cheers of the crowd.

Everyone agreed the opening wrestlers had done their jobs and had the crowd even more eager to see what would come next...


Next on the card were Jane Barrett and Kara Harcourt. At 5'8 they were tall for women of that era and as they removed their robes, they revealed smoothly strong looking bodies. Their one piece bathing suits seemed to have been styled to remind fans of CHEYNENNE WILDCAT (though it must be admitted they wore no such attire in that film). Kara, who had played a tomboy from Wyoming who goes East to a boarding school wore a fringed buckskin brown one piece with dark brown boats and pads. While Jane (the Eastern girl in the picture who teaches Kara the discipline of boxing) wore a blue one piece styled like a faux-Victoria corset. Jane's outfit was augmented by black boots and pads. (The crowd cheered and whistled their approval of both fighting suits). Both young woman (they were then in their early 20's) smiled confidently at each other and locked up quickly once the bell rang.

It soon became apparent that this would not see the rapid-fire action of the first match. Both fighters preferred the slow grinding approach to victory, but the sight of their two bodies, muscles straining and stressed against each other had the crowd entranced. Jane was the early aggressor, working on Kara's arms and shoulders with a full nelson (that , as the film shows, had the crowd-pleasing side effect of thrusting Kara's chest forward). Kara managed to escape this hold, by getting a boot around Jane's leg and tripping her. Jane went over backwards, but kept the hold which had the unfortunate effect of bringing Kara down on top of her.

Kara got free of the full nelson and did a nice leaping single knee drop across Jane's chest. (Crowd goes wild at this). She then hauled Barrett up by the hair (stern look from the referee) and stunned the crowd by swinging Jane across her shoulders preparatory to applying a torture rack. The crowd had plainly never seen any like this show of feminine strength and the cheers reached new heights. Of course, Jane Barrett was hardly appreciative as she writhed in the painful hold and even less appreciative when Kara suddenly leaped up and backwards slamming Jane back-first to the canvas.

Jane lay stunned and Kara quickly went for a hooked-leg pin, but as the referee reached two, Jane got her shoulders up. Kara was obliged to release the attempted pin, but she quickly came back for another try, seizing the clearly dazed Jane and giving her a bulldog into the canvas. She then backed off and tried to charge in for a leg drop just as Jane got to all fours.

It was a beautiful move, but Jane saw it coming and rolled forward. Kara landed on empty canvas with a jolt that sent lightning up her tail bone. Jane wasted little time in getting Kara's head between her plainly toned thighs for a standing headscissors. Cameras clicked wildly as Kara struggled to escape this crushing pressure, but Jane was unrelenting and Kara began to weaken. Jane held the hold a few moments more for maximum effect, then suddenly grasped Kara around the waist and hauled into a vertical position as she released the headscissors. Kara popped free only to have Jane drop into a sitting position and Kara's head bounced off the canvas. Jane then released her hold around Kara's waist and the green-clad beauty sprawled on the mat.

Jane then dropped down for hooked-leg pin of her own, but Kara kicked lose and the blue-suited fighter had to try again. The two were back on their feet circling each other with determination. Kara feinted a lunge to the left, but then attacked right, trying ram her knee into Jane's midsection. However, Jane was not fooled by the feint and as Kara's knee came up, she seized it and sent Harcourt spilling onto her back. Worse for Harcourt, Jane kept control of Kara's right leg. She rolled Kara onto her face and grabbed the other leg. Now Jane had only to braced herself against Kara's back and lean forward , using the trapped legs to put pressure on Kara's spine (a standing Boston Crab to wrestling fans).

Kara's lovely face contorted with pain and she pounded the mat in an effort to cancel the pain. The referee can be seen asking her if she wants to submit, but she merely glares at him and shakes her head. Instead, she drags herself inch by suspenseful inch to the nearby ropes and finally touches them, forcing Jane to release the hold. However, as Kara pulled herself to her feet, it was clear Jane had taken a lot out of her.

Jane wasted no time in attacking, this time seizing Kara by the arm and whipping her across the ring into the ropes. Kara bounced off right into Jane's arms. Jane again hoisted her up and slammed her down on her back with ring-rattling force. Kara reached out, trying to grab Jane's ankles to trip, but Jane puts a stop to this with a knee drop across the belly that jackknifed Kara and evidently knocked the wind out of her as well. Kara barely struggles as Jane, in one of the truly amazing sights of that afternoon, lifts Kara up over her head in what is known as a "military press". Jane held Kara in this position and then heaved Kara landed heavily.

Jane now dropped on top of the stunned Kara and again hooked the leg. This time Kara was too weak to raise her shoulders and the referee counted three. Jane stood up and raised her arms in triumph as the crowd cheered. She then helped Kara to her feet and shook her hand. Kara smiled wanly and the crowd gave her an appreciative round of applause as they both exited the ring.


The crowd was now more than ready for this main event, but as the two fighters were introduced it was readily apparent that this fight would have a much different tone. The previous fights at seen moments of anger, but Jennifer Garnett and Rebecca Raymond were glaring at each other. It was clear that certain bantering remarks made during the pre-fight interviews had been eating at each of them.

For Rebecca Raymond, acutely aware that time was against her both in the ring and on the stage, it was Jennifer's off-hand-remark: "I respect a veteran like Rebecca, she's seen and won so many fights over the years."

For Jennifer it was Rebecca's comment: "Well, Jennifer always seems to win our fights in the movies, but that's because of the scripts. Things will go differently in real life. Now she'll actually have to fight."

The two had been obliged to spend the time waiting for their own bout to begin by sharing a dressing room. Those present report the tension grew and grew until they were summoned to the ring.

"I knew all hell was going to break lose," a D-A publicity rep said later.

The two women marched to the ring and shed their robes. Jennifer was in a silver one-piece while Rebecca was in her trademark golden one-piece. They both wore matching boots and pads. For once, the crowd (at least those nearest the ring), didn't notice the suits, they could plainly see the intense anger on the women's faces and murmurs swept through the crowd.

The referee attempted to calm things down with his instructions, but neither woman seemed interested in anything he had to say. With an obvious sense of foreboding, he signaled the timekeeper.

The bell rang and the two women began to circle each other in crouches, ready to spring, but then Rebecca held up her right hand. The challenge to a test of strength was clear. Jennifer wasted no time in taking the blonde up on it. Right arm vs. right arm, biceps bulged and sweat gleamed under the sun as the two women strained for superiority. Rebecca was slightly (5'9 to 5'8) taller than Jennifer, but the size didn't seem to matter as Garnett's arm began to push Raymond's back. Jennifer flashed a grin of triumph that brought a snarl of rage from the blonde. Rebecca suddenly swung her free left and caught Jennifer in the throat with an elbow! Garnett staggered back coughing and retching. The crowd booed and the ref pushed Rebecca back while waving a warning finger in her face.

Rebecca shot the official a look of distain and pushed past him to get her hands on the apparently helpless brunette, but as she charged in, Jen suddenly erupted with an forearm smash to the jaw! The blonde reeled away. The crowd cheered as Jen quickly grabbed her from the side in a headlock and bulldogged her face-down into the canvas. Rebecca shot back up and charged back at Jen. Jen attempted to get a knee up into Raymond's midsection, but the blonde dodged, got her arm around Jen's throat and sent her hurling back-first to the canvas. As Jen landed, Rebecca went up high and brought her leg down across Jen's already bruised throat. The brunette convulsed under this fresh attack, but Rebecca was not through. She was in a sitting position now and quickly clamped her legs around Garnett's neck. She then used the scissors to start choking the brunette. The referee rushed over and reminded the blonde that choke holds were not permitted. Rebecca gave him another look of distain. The referee started counting to ten, which would have ended the match in a Disqualification. At nine, with Jen's faced a deep red, she finally released the hold.

Rebecca's heelish behavior brought a most hostile reaction from the crowd, though there said to be pockets of support who cried: "Go get her, Becky!"

The referee managed to give Jennifer a few moments to resume normal breathing, but she looked shaken and the blonde was coming in for more. However, as Rebecca charged in, Jen suddenly sprang at her, wrapped her up like a defensive football player and hurled the blonde to the canvas with great force. Rebecca was stunned by the impact and Jen was happy to keep stunned by jumping to her feet and then doing a leaping knee drop across Raymond's proudly thrusting chest. Rebecca was left with her arms and legs spread out like a starfish, but as Jen went for a hooked leg pin, she suddenly came to life, getting her arm around Jen's neck and twisting it until Jen had to release the pin. Jen rolled away from the blonde and got to her knees. Rebecca was on her knees as well and they locked up in this position. They swayed from side to side until Garnett was able to throw Raymond on her back and then spring on her.

Jennifer now hooked her legs around Rebecca and forced the blonde's legs further and further apart. At the same time, Jen sought to force Rebecca's shoulders to the mat apparently hoping the blonde would have to choose between a submission or a pin. However, the tough veteran found a third way-she began to buck fiercely even though it was actually making the pain of her spreading legs worse. As she had hoped, the less experienced Garnett lost her grip on the blonde's shoulders and with her arms free,. Rebecca unleashed a neck-snapping open-palmed slap. Garnett lurched sideways and Rebecca now popped her legs loose. She then grabbed Garnett's left arm and twisted it behind her back in a hammerlock.

Keeping the hammerlock in place, Rebecca now stood up, but forced Garnett to her knees. Jen was flaying away with her free right arm, but Rebecca seized control of that limb and shifted into a full nelson. Rebecca, in a stunning display of power, now lifted Jen to her feet and keeping the brunette's chin pressed hard against her collarbone, ran her forward until they neared a turnbuckle. At just the right moment, Rebecca tripped Jen and shoved her forward so that the top of her head hit the padded, but unyielding metal turnbuckle. Jen went down on her face like a poleaxed steer.

The crowd continued to give a mixed response. Most were wildly indignant, but there was a growing segment that urged the blonde on. Rebecca clearly chose to hear only her supporters. She put her foot on Jennifer's silver-covered derriere and raised her arms in victory, a triumphant grin on her face.

However, the victory pose was quite premature. Jennifer came to life, rolling over so that Rebecca stumbled over her, she then swept out with her right leg and took the feet right out from under the blonde who landed with a loud THUD!!! on her own gold-covered derriere.

From there, Jennifer quickly entangled Rebecca's legs in a figure four leglock with the blonde's right knee taking the pressure. The two women were in a sitting position facing each other as Garnett poured the pressure into the submission hold. Rebecca's face showed she was in increasing pain, but she waved away the ref's inquiry about quitting. Rebecca sagged on her back, moaning and groaning at the hold. Jennifer was smiling in pleasure and raised her arms in her own victory sign.

Alas, she had made the same mistake as the veteran. Rebecca was waiting for just such a lapse and in an impressive show of abdominal muscle strength; she reared herself up and belted Jennifer in the solar plexus. Jennifer gasped and toppled backwards, causing Rebecca to escape the figure-four leglock.

Rebecca was now on her feet again, but Garnett's attack on the blonde's legs were showing some success.. Rebecca moved shakily on her long stems, but sheer determination brought her to her brunette rival. She dropped her elbow onto the top of Jen's head to keep her seeing stars, she then hauled her up by the waist. With a strength born of fury, Rebecca lifted the brunette up, got her knee between Jen's legs and dropped her crotch-first onto the knee.

"OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!" The simultaneous gasp of the crowd at this attack upon the brunette feminine center nearly overwhelmed the sound recording system.

(A voice can actually heard saying in an awed voice, "So THAT'S how she wrecks'em!")

The referee was as shocked as anyone and looked dumbfounded as Jennifer somehow made it to her feet, her face nearly green. She was obviously desperate to massage the pain out of her battered crotch, but kept herself from this humiliating move. Instead she focused enraged eyes on the smirking Rebecca Raymond. She said no words, but it was clear retribution was coming!

(Asked about this later, Rebecca would say: "It was an accident, I was really aiming for her tailbone, but she's so darned heavy I couldn't get the drop right.")

However, Rebecca didn't seem inclined to let Jenny recover sufficiently to seek retribution. The blonde charged towards the stunned brunette, grabbed her around the waist (pinning her arms at the same time) and fell backwards, thrusting Jen up and over as she went down. Jen came down on top of already battered head and then sprawled out like a ragdoll.

Grinning cheerfully, despite the many boos and catcalls from the pro-Jenny portion of the crowd, Rebecca Raymond dragged the limp Garnett towards one of the turnbuckles and propped her up, carefully arranging her arms over the ropes so she would remain standing. Then she backed up and charged forward slamming her body into Jenny's which then slammed back-first into the hard turnbuckle. Jenny sagged badly after this and Rebecca had to work to prop her up again. Then she backed off into further and came running in at full speed clearly determined to finish the brunette off. At the last possible second as Rebecca was thrusting her torso forward, Jennifer suddenly drew her knees up and Rebecca, unable to stop, was impaled crotch-first against them.

The crowd roared its delight at this stroke of vengeance. Jennifer herself looked quite delighted as Rebecca Raymond stumbled around, her eyes bulging and face an unhealthy gray. Jennifer ran up behind the blonde, looped an arm around her neck and yanked her down hard to the mat. She then landed a knee drop that must surely have been aimed at Rebecca's middle, but which somehow landed squarely on her loins. Rebecca shot up in a convulsion of agony and Jennifer slammed a forearm across her jaw. Rebecca's arms flew up over her head and she crashed back on to the canvas.

Jennifer now dropped beside the fallen blonde and grabbed Rebecca's leg. Hooking it she confidently awaited the three-count, but at TWO Rebecca somehow got her shoulder up. Jenny was now growing very irritated with the blonde. She got up, but when Rebecca attempted to rise, she leaped up and did an elbow drop to the crown of the blonde's head.

Rebecca pitched forward on her face. Jennifer rolled her over, evidently intending to try another pin, but Rebecca suddenly kicked upward and it caught Jennifer squarely between the legs.

Now it was Jen's turn to pitch forward and she landed hard on top of Rebecca. Rebecca shoved her off and rose up. The crowd was stunned at this reversal, but Rebecca just flashed them a triumphant grin and grabbed Jenny by the hair. The referee came over to warn Rebecca against this, but the blonde ignored him as she pulled the dazed, stumbling Garnett over to the ropes. It wasn't clear just what the blonde had in mind for the brunette but Jenny's supporters sensed it wasn't good. Sure enough, Rebecca spun Jen around and in tangled Jen's arms in the top rope, rendering her helpless. She then brought her knee up again-though this time she aimed higher-but Garnett's solar plexus now fell under attack.

Of course, the referee objected to this. He warned Rebecca he would count to ten and started. Rebecca cheerfully used her knee to work over Jen's middle, and finally released her at nine. Garnett toppled forward on her face.

This surely was the end of the younger woman. Rebecca Raymond certainly thought so as she strutted around her victim. Jen was trying desperately to rise, but Rebecca kept darting in with a kick to the ribs or knee drop to the back. Rebecca seemed like a cat toying with a trapped mouse and enjoying it. However, she soon tired of this and hauled Jen up by the hair. She appeared to ready to administer some finishing stroke and got her arms around Garnett's waist, but suddenly Jen's arms popped free and she swung an elbow into Rebecca's throat.

Rebecca gasped and choked. Jennifer now grabbed Rebecca by the hair and took her to the canvas face-first in a bulldog. Then she pulled her up and whipped her into the nearest turnbuckle, the blonde hit hard and slumped to her knees. Jen then grabbed her by the hair and rammed the back of her head against the thinly padded turnbuckle. She did them several times. Rebecca now lay in a heap, but Jennifer Garnett had been fooled before. She pulled Rebecca to her feet, placed her chin on her shoulder, held her in place and dropped to her knees. Rebecca's jaw was slammed against Garnett's shoulder bone. Jen released her grip and Rebecca actually stood erect on her knees her eyes open, but glazing. Without a word, Rebecca then simply toppled over sideways and rolled onto her back, her arms at her side with, her chest slowly rising and falling.

Jen put a final testing elbow into the blonde's sternum, but Rebecca barely quivered. Only then did Garnett again go for the hooked legged pin and this time she was rewarded with the referee's cries:


The bell rang and Jennifer Garnett had defeated Rebecca Raymond! Her victory won, the men in the crowd were on their feet cheering wildly. In the ring, Jennifer tried to get to her feet, but started to sway. The referee had to prop the exhausted winner up. Even more amazingly, Rebecca Raymond stirred and sat up looking around in bewilderment. The referee found himself having to support both fighters as he led them out of the ring too drained and exhausted to do anything but follow him quietly back to their dressing tent.


The card was a great success as was the post-fight autograph signings (much to the servicemen's shock, Jennifer and Rebecca somehow tottered to the table and joined the others in signing, though it must be said their penmanship was not too good that day).

The film of the event spread the D-A ladies legend to other bases and camps and soon offers came pouring in to the studio and other such events were scheduled.