DVD Collection #24: BEST OF DOUBLE ACTION PICTURES (Vol. 2) by Archer


Once again the folks at Double Action Video have prepared another of the studio's fabled USO wrestling shows to accompany their new release in Blu-Ray and HD DVD. In this case THE BEST OF DOUBLE ACTION PICTURES Vol. 2. The 2-disk set includes: JENNIFER GARNETT'S "PINUP PUNCHER" (1942) (with KARA HARCOURT); the action-musical comedy "FOOTLIGHT FIGHTERS" (1942) starring KATIE DAWSON & ERICA DARE; the 1942 South Seas adventure "LURE OF THE LOST ATOLL" starring famed "sarong fighters" CAMILLA BELLAMY & JESSICA D'ALBA and the action-comedy-dance epic, "PHANTOM OF THE BALLET" (1943) starring NEVE NORTHWOOD & AMANDA SCHUYLER.

The USO Wrestling Show selected to accompany the set is from late 1942 and was held on the flight deck of an aircraft billed as "Carrier X" (Naval historians feel it was the USS ESSEX). A ring was set up on the deck with portable bleachers surrounding it. The dressing rooms were in tent-like structures with roped off corridors leading to the ring.
The show had been thrown together on short notice, but it proved to be a stunning one, a card people talked about for years after. It is indeed fortunate this rare Technicolor record of the event has now been made available to the general public from the Department of Defense Archives.

(These were mostly supporting players in the D-A galaxy of the time, though several were headed for feature roles, NEVE NORTHWOOD and AMANDA SCHUYLER who would star in 1943's comedic takeoff on Universal's remake of "Phantom of the Opera" called PHANTOM OF THE BALLET. As well as CLARE KNIGHT who co-starred in a number THE VAMPIRE QUEEN films). The fight would begin with two wrestlers with additional wrestlers added every 2 minutes or if the ring were empty. Eliminations were by Over the Top Rope onto the deck below which was covered with protective mats.

REGINA ADAMS (Rachel McAdams),
SARAH CARSON (Sarah Carter),
TAYLOR COLT (Taylor Cole),
ARIELLE KENT (Arielle Kebbel),
CLARE KNIGHT (Clare Kramer),
ALLISON MCKAY (Allison Mack),
NEVE NORTHWOOD (Neve Campbell),
BELINDA PIPER (Billie Piper),
TERI PORTER (Teri Polo),
LAURA PRINCE (Laura Prepon) and

MATCH TWO (TAG TEAMS): JENNI-LOVE HARRIS (Jennifer Love Hewitt) + LACEY CALVERT (Lacey Chabert) vs. KRISTEN BELMONT (Kristen Bell) + AMANDA SHEFFIELD (Amanda Seyfried)
Jenni-Love and Lacey starred in the “SIX GUN SISTERS” western series for D-A and were also one of the best tag teams on the D-A roster. Here they take on Kristen Belmont (of “DONNYBROOK GIRLS” and “CO-ED DECTECTIVE” series fame) along with her ‘best friend’ (and frequent screen fight partner) Amanda Sheffield. If you confuse her with dancer Amanda Schuyler, you weren’t the only one. People tend to remember Miss Sheffield for her distinctive “cat eyes.”

MATCH THREE: ELIZA DUNCAN (Eliza Dushku) vs. ELISHA CANTRELL (Elisha Cuthbert).
Every D-A USO card seemed to have at least one DONNYBROOKE GIRLS series- related fight. Here DG "Faith Martin" takes on "Evie Everest" the series' favorite "bad girl". However the bout was produce some unexpected, if short-lived consequences.

MATCH FOUR: KATIE DAWSON (Katie Holmes) Vs. ERICA DARE (Erica Durance)
For D-A fans this is a "rematch" of the climatic scene of 1942's FOOTLIGHT FIGHTERS which starred the pair as rival Broadway fighters, but also is an important part of a raging feud between the two that had begun in earlier USO Show fights.

Bellamy had been beating D'Alba on screen in their popular South Seas fight pictures (LURE OF THE LOST ATOLL; SECRET OF HIDDEN REEF). Camilla was convinced she really was a better wrestler than Jessica, but found Miss D'Alba had other ideas.

Another in the "re-match theme", Garnett had out-boxed Harcourt in PINUP PUNCHER movie, but now Kara has the chance to even the score at wrestling. Both are looking to improve their chances for a crack at JANE BARRETT (Jessica Biel) whom most fans thought of as a D-A "champion" at this point.


A drawing had decided the Order of Appearance, so the first up were 5'9" Taylor Colt and 5'4.5" Sarah Carson. They were attired (as all BR participants were) in navy blue one-piece with tiny golden anchors to give it a nautical look and matching pads. Taylor was bigger and more muscular-looking than the blonde Sarah, but the smaller girl proved nimble in avoiding the brunette's charges, while striking back with leaps off the top rope. They were going at with crowd-pleasing enthusiasm when the Bell rang and in came 5'5" Rose MacDonald.

The dark-haired Rose rushed straight at Taylor Colt's back as Taylor was trying to pin Sarah against a turnbuckle. With excellent timing, Rose went into a tumbling roll that struck the bigger brunette in back of the knees and sent her spilling backwards. Thinking fast, Sarah Carter leaped up onto the turnbuckle and executed a leaping body splash as Rose McGowan stepped back to watch Taylor be devastated by the impact.

Sarah and Rose then made a quick alliance and pulled Taylor over to the ropes by the arms. Just as they got the big brunette on her feet with her arms dangling over the top rope, Taylor revived and shoved both smaller woman away, but Rose and Sarah came back with double knee lifts straight into Taylor's middle. As Taylor doubled over, they each seized an arm and flipped her backwards over the top rope for the 1st Elimination of the match.

Rose swiftly turned on Sarah, grabbing her from behind in a Full Nelson. She then showed surprising strength in hoisting Sarah up onto the top rope, but the blonde never quit squirming until she had loosened the brunettes grip. She then got her arms hooked under Rose's and pulled her off her feet. Sarah teetered perilously on the top rope as Rose fought to get free. Unfortunately for Rose, her efforts backfired. Sarah lost her battle with gravity and slid over the top rope, but she kept the double underhook and Rose found herself hauled right along with her. The crowd was stunned to realize the 2nd and 3rd Eliminations had left the ring empty, but for a bewildered-looking referee.

The bellkeeper swiftly resolved this embarrassing state of affairs by ringing in the 5'5" Amanda Schuyler, Teri Porter (5'8"), and Laura Prince (5'10"). Amanda and Teri were able to reach the ring first and did their darnedest to keep Laura out. Laura would climb up to the apron; the two girls would rush over and knock her off. They worked their way around the entire (giving great entertainment to all the bleacher sections) until Laura balanced on the ring with her hands while using her left leg to sweep Teri and Amanda off their feet. Then she rolled into the ring and went after her tormenters.

As it happened, Amanda Schuyler was the first opponent Laura encountered. Amanda was trying to get to her feet after the legsweep, but Laura grabbed her in a headlock and dropped so that the top of Amanda's head rammed into the rising Teri's head. Their skulls hit with a CRACKKKKK that was so loud, the guys in the top seats heard it and shuddered.

Laura released Amanda who somehow got to her feet along with Teri, but both smaller women were walking on rubbery legs and their glazed eyes told Laura her opponents didn't know where they were. Laura grabbed both by the throat and forced them near the ropes. Then she backed up and charged forward with a flying clothesline. Amanda was lifted off her feet and onto the top rope. Laura quickly grabbed the blonde's legs and flipped her over for the 4th Elimination. She turned her attention to Teri who was on her knees shaking her head in a desperate effort to clear her senses. Laura was not about to allow this to happen. She grabbed two handfuls of the back of Teri's navy blue suit and simply hurled her up and over the ring like she was bail of hay for the 5th Elimination.

The crowd went crazy and the bell rang urgently to summon in two fresh opponents: Belinda Piper (5'5") and Clare Knight (5'5"). The pair charged to the ring and made diving entrances into the scene of battle. Laura chose to let them come and then moved in trying to tangle them up in each other, but the smaller women rolled away in separate directions, then lunged for Laura's legs. Belinda and Clare both grabbed a stem and yanked it opposite directions! With a surprised cry, Laura toppled forward and landed hard on her face. Clare and Belinda then each secured an arm and Laura found herself trapped like a human rowboat as her opponents mimicked rowing motions that had an agonizing effect on Laura's spreading legs.

(Not surprisingly, this move had the crowd in a fresh frenzy).

Time was ticking by rapidly and not wanting to deal with a second opponent, Belinda and Clare chose to release the rowboat, but keep hold of Laura's arms and sending the bigger woman ramming head-first into a turnbuckle. As they heard the bell ring, they lugged the stunned redhead over to the ropes and hurled her over for the 6th Elimination. Laura landed at the incoming 5'9” Arielle Kent's feet, but the blonde nimbly used the redhead to vault up and into the ring, smashing into Clare and Belinda, who flew backward onto their derrieres only inches apart!

Arielle Kent now went airborne and twisting her big body came down squarely across the other two's bellies. Belinda Piper and Clare Knight both had their breathe blown out in a "OOOOOOOOOFFFFFF" and their torsos popped up. Arielle rolled over forcing the smaller blondes onto their back while banging the back of their heads against the mat. Arielle grinned and mounted the nearby rope and launched another splash at the fallen fair-haired.

Unfortunately for Arielle Kent, Belinda and Clare still possessed enough consciousness to realize their danger and roll clear. Arielle ended up crashing belly-first onto the hard surface of the ring. This time she was the one gasping for air from suddenly emptied lungs and the sight gave heart to the battered Belinda and Clare. Clare did a knee drop onto Arielle's back and Belinda did the same. Clare leaned down to pull Arielle to her feet by the neck of her suit, but suddenly, the big blonde came to life, reached back and grabbed Clare's arm and flipped her over onto her back.

Arielle shot to her feet as Belinda unleashed a sidekick aimed at the bigger woman's ribs, but Arielle grabbed the incoming leg and swung Belinda like a weapon against the rising Clare. Clare was slammed against the ropes, bounced off, hit Belinda again and went down in a puddle. Arielle (still holding Belinda's leg) whipped Belinda across the ring, then grabbed Clare, who hung her head-first over the top rope and shoved her the rest of the way over for 7th Elimination.

The bell now rang to summon Neve Northwood (5'6") to the fray. Arielle was locking up Belinda Piper, who seemed to have shaken the stars out of her head. As Neve entered the ring unchallenged. She quickly sizing up the situation, bounced off the ropes to build up some momentum and then did a leap that brought her down on the struggling Belinda and Arielle. All three ended in a tangled, squirming, fighting heap.

The situation did not clear up as Belinda, Arielle and Neve remained on the mat with grips on whatever leg, arm or head was handy. It was a fascinating struggle to watch, especially when someone (no one would ever admit starting it) began landing low blows. The referee who had largely been a spectator up now, decided it was time to separate the tangle and as he was trying to do this, the bell rang and Allison McKay headed for the ring. Allison reached the struggling mass of bodies just as Neve rolled clear leaving Belinda trying to get a chinlock on the prone Arielle preparatory to a Boston Crab.

Neve and Allison exchanged looks and reached a quick agreement. They bent down and hauled Belinda off Arielle. Then with each holding an arm, the surprised British blonde was lifted up and dropped down across Arielle who had just rolled over on her back. Belinda and Arielle both went limp. It was a simple matter to then lift Belinda up and toss her out of the ring for the 8th Elimination. They then returned to get Arielle, but the big blonde managed to get shakily to her feet using a turnbuckle for support.

Neve and Allison then took turns splashing themselves against Arielle who shuddered and sagged under this systematic assault. Then raised Arielle to a sitting position on top of the turnbuckle and unleashed double side kicks. Poor Arielle shot off her perch and landed on the mats with a resounding THUDDDDD - the 9th to be eliminated.

However, as this was happening, Regina Adams (5'6”), the 12th and final contestant, was already racing to the ring. She took advantage of Allison and Neve's momentary pause to regain their breath to leap at them with her booted feet extended. Allison and Neve turned just in time to take the boots in the chest. They were flung backwards. Neve hit the ropes, but Allison hit the turnbuckle-hard. Neve bounced off the ropes, the quick-moving auburn-haired Rachel gave her an elbow to the back of the neck that dropped her on her face. Rachel rammed her knee straight into Allison's solar plexus and the blonde went down gurgling. Rachel grabbed the falling Allison, got her upside down, her legs pointing straight up and dropped to her knees-right over the fallen Neve's back. Allison's head bounced off the small of Neve's back and as Regina released her, Allison crashed to the mat in a heap.

Regina now seized Allison by the seat and collar of her suit and threw her up onto the top rope. Allison came to and realized her plight. She began to thrash desperately, but Regina relentlessly shoved her up further and further onto the rope until Allison simply toppled forward as the 10th Elimination.

However, Allison struggle to avoid elimination had bought Neve Northwood precious time. As Regina Adams turned to face her remaining opponent she saw Neve's boot coming up at her. Regina could do nothing as the toe of the boot neatly caught her under the chin. Her head snapped back, her knees buckled and she fell right into Neve's arms.

Neve, her face twisted with effort, lifted Regina up and slammed her to the ring. Then she did a double-knee drop across the back. Next, she pulled Regina up by her reddish brown locks and looked her right in the eyes, though it's not clear Regina was actually seeing anything at that point. Neve put her arms around Regina and charged all the way across the ring, then, just as they neared the ropes she literally threw her upwards. Regina's butt hit the top rope causing her hang there. Neve walked up and PLINKED Adams on the nose. Regina fell all over and landed on the pads. The 11th and final elimination!

The crowd cheered as a weary, sweat-drenched, and heaving of bosom, Neve raised her arms in victory.

(Jennifer Love Hewitt - Lacey Chabert vs. Kristen Bell - Amanda Seyfried).

After the relatively long, but exciting Battle Royal, the sailors and others in their crowd cheered as the tag team match of the card was introduced. Jenni-Love and Lacey had just been their popular "Six Gun Sisters" series. They were clad in two piece blue and white swimsuits with a vaguely nautical look. Next up were the new, but rising tag team of Kristen Belmont and Amanda Sheffield. The two were good friends though they were seen battling each other on the screen in the Donnybrook Girls series where Kristen was the rich, but nice "Daphne Devereaux" and Amanda was the rich, but mean "Trisha Tyler", sidekick of series bad girl "Eve Everest" (Elisha Cantrell). In fact, when Belmont had to give up her "Co-Ed Detective" series because of her heavy DG workload, she recommended Ms. Sheffield as her replacement. They were clad in purple and gold trimmed two-pieces. Both teams wore matching pads and boots.

It proved to be a quick-moving, well-executed match. The newcomer team challenged the more established Harris and Calvert. Jenni-Love Harris got a particularly unpleasany introduction to Kristen Belmont's high-flying kick attacks. Bouncing off the ropes, Kristen leaped up and fell back kicking Jenni with both boots. Harris crashed on her back and barely escaped a quick pin. Calvert fared little better against the lesser-known but dynamic Sheffield. Unable to get her hands on the quick-moving blonde, Lacey had to endure a well-placed series of kicks to legs and chest, until she was finally able to get her hands on Sheffield, or rather her right arm. Amanda was subjected to a fierce armbar that left the limb numb. Amanda was lucky to escape Lacey and tag in her partner.

Now it was Lacey's turn to deal with Kristen's "attack from above" and found it just as difficult to handle. Lacey's legs and breasts took more punishment and she breathing a lot harder than Belmont. She finally had to give in to reality and tag in Jenni.

Jenni apparently decided that the way to stop Kristen Belmont was to keep her on the mat. It took her awhile and a lot of punishment, but she finally managed intercept one those damaging leg kicks, drop Belmont on her back and treat her to a painful toehold.

That done, Jenni put both Belmont's legs under her arms and pulled back. This put enormous pressure on Kristen's lower back and she was pounding the mat in misery, but declined the ref's query about submitting. Instead, Kristen grimly set out for the nearest ring rope and despite Jenni's best efforts, made it and broke the hold.

Jenni now had to release Kristen, but attempted to move in on for more of the same, but the blonde proved her kicks were as dead-on as ever. As Jenni got near, Kristen who had been standing with her hands on her thighs in apparent exhaustion suddenly came to life and drove a sidekick into the flesh gap between the top and bottom of Harris' suit. The brunette was knocked off her feet and left gasping for breath. It looked like an ideal spot for another leaping attack, but instead Kristen headed for her own corner. Her limping movements told why-she hurting too much to finish off the brunette. She reached her corner as fast as she could and tagged in Amanda Sheffield who came flying back into the ring eager to finish off Jenni-Love Harris.

However, the stunned Jenni-Love had prudently crawled to her own corner and tagged in Lacey, who entered the ring with fresh energy. Lacey could see Amanda mounting the ropes for another attack and charged forward throwing her body into the lower ropes. Sure enough, the move shook the top rope and caught Amanda as she was moving into position. She swayed awkwardly while Lacey "helpfully" got up and shook the top rope. Amanda had to jump. She tried to come down on Lacey, but the brunette proved she could be nimble too, dodging Amanda who crashed chest-first against the canvas.

Lacey spun around and did some leaping herself, bringing right chopping down across Amanda's neck driving her face into the mat. Lacey, then used her boots to push Amanda over onto her back and then stood up over her. She dropped back into the ropes, bounced off and jumped. Amanda saw her coming and tried to roll out of the way, but Lacey's descending butt caught her on the side of the head and she went limp. Lacey pushed her onto her back again and simply laid across her in an inverted cross-body pin. By the time Amanda's eyes were focused the referee had reached "THREE!"

The match was over! Lacey helped Amanda to her feet and hugged her while Jenni-Love did the same to Kristen Belmont as the crowd gave all four women heartily deserved cheers for a spectacular show.

MATCH #3: ELISHA CANTRELL VS. ELIZA DUNCAN (Elisha Cuthbert vs, Eliza Dushku).
In those days no D-A wrestling card would have been complete without a Donnybrook Girls-related match-up. "Faith Martin" vs. "Eve Everest" was always the most popular of these. The irony was that though their characters were fighting rivals, Elisha and Eliza were, in fact, good friends. (It was often said of Miss Cantrell: "For one of the nicest sweetest persons I ever knew, she sure could play a convincingly nasty heel." For her part, Miss Cantrell would usually just smile and say: "In dealing with frustration, it's really a lot cheaper than psychotherapy.") However, events were to prove wrestling was not the best way to avoid strains on a friendship.

It went without saying that the crowd gave both fighters a loud reception. There were some good-natured booing and hissing for the "bad girl" when Elisha (5'6”) was introduced, but it clearly all in fun. Eliza (5'6”) was wearing a dark red one piece with the Gothic lettering ELIZA across the chest. Elisha was wearing a green one piece decorated with golden dollar signs (an outfit that never failed to amuse a crowd). Red pads and boots for Eliza. Green pads and boots for Elisha.

Happily for the fans, Elisha and Eliza were both fine wrestlers and they had grown shrewd in fighting each other. Both were eager to win and crowds were coming to expect some new move or hold with each encounter.

Not unexpectedly the fight got off to a slow, cautious start as the blonde and brunette probed each other. Then Elisha suddenly feinted right, but went left hooked her arm around Eliza's neck as she went and dove for the mat pulling the surprised Eliza down with her. Elisha then got to her knees as Eliza struggled to rise and fixed the brunette's right arm in a hammerlock. Eliza continued to force herself to her meet and kept using her left arm to ram elbows into the blonde's ribs. Elisha ignored the pain in her bruised ribs and coolly captured the left arm and Eliza found herself in a full nelson.

Then Elisha suddenly curled her legs around Eliza's and tripped her forward, riding the brunette down to the mat in a crushing splash. Elisha then flipped Eliza over on her back and went for a hooked leg pin only to have the brunette kick out. Eliza got slowly to her feet as Elisa circled ready to resume the attack. Eliza was not happy with the way this was going and apparently decided it was time to get creative.

Elisha moved in plainly looking for another tie-and-collar lock, but the brunette had other ideas. She suddenly spun around and unleashed a backward mule kick. It caught the blonde deep in the gut and folded up with a groan. Eliza whirled back to face the Elisha and thrust her into a standing headscissors. Eliza's thighs were not something you wanted crushing your head and Eliza knew it, but there seemed little she could do to get free. Worse for her, Eliza now gave a naughty-girl grin to the crowd and laid a slap or two on Elisha's vulnerable bottom as it strained against fabric of her suit.

This drew an indignant bleat from Elisha who suddenly thrust her whole body upward. Now this likely wouldn't have worked had Eliza Duncan been on her guard and held the headscissors as tightly as she had earlier, but showing off to a crowd was an Eliza Duncan weakness and it hurt her now. In fact it, REALLY hurt her as, Elisha managed to pop her head out and ram the top into Eliza's crotch!

Eliza stumbled back in shock and agony. Elisha looked up and gave her a "You-had-it-coming!" glare. Now Eliza's eyes hardened and those in the crowd who saw it quickly spread the word: "They're both mad now!"

Indeed they were mad. There is nothing quite like a friendship gone suddenly sour and it was certainly souring rapidly that sunny afternoon. With a snarl, Eliza charged at Elisha, but as she rushed in, Elisha seized her arms and whipped her into the ropes. As the brunette bounced back, it was straight into the blonde's arm and the clothesline ripped Eliza off her feet. Worse, Eliza was flung back against the ring ropes and then thrown forward again, but this time, she ducked under the clothesline, grabbed Eliza around the waist and hurled her to the mat.

Elisha's back bounced hard off the canvas and now it was Eliza's turn to grab Elisha's arm and twist it around in a chickenwing, but this merely allowed Eliza to keep the blonde occupied. She now straddled Elisha as she crawled along the mat, releasing the chickenwing, she jumped up and dropped her butt into the center of Elisha's back. However Elisha actually withstood the impact and reared up. Eliza, caught by surprise was spilled onto her back. Elisha spun around and was evidently attempting to roll the brunette up in a matchbook pin. Eliza did not give her the chance. She got her legs up and shoved the blonde back, then in a nifty piece of gymnastics sprang to her feet from a prone position and went after the reeling blonde.

Elisha stood her ground, evidently planning to counter whatever Eliza was intending, but Eliza suddenly leaped off her feet and planted both boots squarely in Elisha's chest. Elisha went sailing again and this time landed in a corner, dazed and in a seated position. Eliza had bounded to her feet raced in and executed what looked like a baseball slide except that it drove her feet into Elisha's chest which, in turn, sent the back of the blonde's head against the ring post. The post was padded, but not enough to save Elisha from a bell-ringing. She toppled over sideways against the ropes and then fumbled to pull herself up.

Eliza Duncan, of course, had other plans for the blonde. Elisha Cantrell was hoisted up into a sitting position on top the ropes. The blonde could see something bad was about to happen, but she was unable to react fast enough. Eliza now secured a grip around the blonde's waist and lunged backwards, as Elisha came off the top of the turnbuckle, Eliza released her grip. Eliza soared into the air only to come down on her head. She then sprawled out like a starfish legs and legs spread wide. Eliza picked herself up and threw herself across Elisha's body. The blonde barely twitched and Eliza simply held her position as the referee counted three.

Eliza Duncan had won, but as she got to her feet, she seemed to realize that Elisha Cantrell was only stirring slowly. She knelt down and tried to assist the blonde to her feet. However, once Elisha's senses cleared and she realized what had happened, she gave Eliza an angry shove. Eliza looked dismayed, her anger having dissolved now that the match was over, but Elisha's anger was still quite strong. Back on her feet the blonde turned her back on Eliza as she departed the ring in a huff. Eliza could only shrug unhappily and follow her angry co-star back to the dressing room.

("Elisha and Eliza finally made up. They had to; they worked together too often, but it was pretty hot in the wrestling ring between them while it lasted," a studio historian has observed).

MATCH #4: KATIE DAWSON VS. ERICA DARE (Katie Holmes vs. Erica Durance).
Katie Dawson (5'8") and Erica Dare (5'8") had made only one movie together at this point, but that had been more than enough to start trouble between them. FOOTLIGHT FIGHTERS (1942) has been the tale of Katie, a Broadway star and fighting champion who encounters an ambitious and manipulative newcomer (Erica). Kristen Belmont played Katie's best friend and handled the singing chores (something she was rarely did at D-A which was not known for its musical offerings) while AMANDA SCHUYLER, NEVE NORTHWOOD and a young MICHELLE TRENT played chorus victims of Erica as she rises to #1 Contender status before losing to Katie in the Big Fight at the climax.

It wasn't really the fighting that was the problem, rather that the two actresses rubbed each other the wrong way. Erica thought Katie overly intense for what was basically an unserious picture and Katie had thought Erica didn't take her job seriously enough.(It must be said that while Katie played the role well, she was really much better in the dark, noirish suspense dramas of her later D-A career). However, once they started wrestling each other in USO shows the hostility between them steadily worsened. This in turn led to some wildly popular brawls and they quickly became one of the "most requested" match-ups. The audiences tended to be split between them. Katie in a shimmering black suit (it was carefully adorned with tiny silvery sparkles) had dark intensity that pleased a small, but loyal cheering section, while Erica in a bright red suit always exuded crowd-pleasing good cheer (and mockery directed at Katie). Matching pads and boots completed their outfits.

So while the Cuthbert/Duncan conflict had surprised even the knowledgeable in the crowd, the Dawson/Dare was expected to be a "grudge match" and the fans were not disappointed.

Katie made her entrance first, swaggering to the ring wearing a black cape that flared out in the breeze off the harbor to cheers and good-natured booing. She waved to one and all. Next, Erica came to the ring with a red satin cape of her own billowing out as she made a casual saunter up to the ring, waving and blowing kisses to her larger band of nautical supporters. She swung into the ring with easy grace and joined Katie who now stood next to the referee, hands on her hips, a disdainful look on her face. The combatants handed off their capes to two lucky seamen who bore them back to the dressing areas, then listened as the referee ran through the rules, which were actually quite loose with only chokes and fighting outside the ring proscribed. The two young women gave each other smiles of unpleasant anticipation. The bell rang and the two lunged for each other with a snarling fury that immediately brought the crowd out of their seats.

Unsurprisingly, both went low very quickly, ramming knees hard into vulnerable crotches. Both were hurt by this, but sheer fury drove them on they were soon hurling each around in the ring in an exchange of whips, bulldogs and slams. Then they seemed to settle down on attacks on specific parts of the other's bodies. Katie did her best to attack Erica's back with spinebusters, camel clutches and an over the shoulder torture rack. She certainly hurt Erica, but the determined Dare was inflicting her share of damage on Katie's long legs. A figure four leglock had really put the agony into Dawson's right knee and an anklelock later did more damage to the lower segment of Katie's right leg.

All this punishment and effort without a successful pin took its toll of Erica and Katie. Both were dripping with sweat and panting, but the intensity of their focus never seemed to falter. Then Erica decided to shift strategy. She grabbed Katie's right arm, extended it outward and twisted in an arm wringer, then she unleashed several rapid-fire kicks into Katie's exposed right ribs, then she keeping the hold on the arm, went around behind the dark-haired beauty trying to turn this into a hammerlock. However, Katie unleashed a backward kick of her own that caught Erica on the left shin. She let out a howl and stumbled back.

Katie then whirled around, got a facelock on Erica and moved placed Erica's chin on her shoulder, held it in place and dropped down to her knees. Katie came to a sudden stop and Erica's jaw crunched against Dawson's shoulder bone. Erica groaned and bounced onto her back. Katie retreated across the ring to the ropes and waited for Erica get to her knees, then she charged forward and leaped, her extended left arm caught Erica full in the throat. Worse, the back of Erica's neck was hurled back against the ropes, she bounced off and Katie gave another clothesline across the throat.

Erica was now on her side gagging helplessly and Katie stood over her angrily stomping her ribs, hip and shoulder. Then Katie grabbed Erica by the hair and flung her into the nearest corner like a sack of trash. Erica landed on her face, but managed to roll over onto her back, partially propped up against the ring post. Katie smiled at this and charged, leaped high and tucked in both knees. Erica saw this devastation descending on her and dove out of under the ropes out of the ring. Katie saw this happening and tried to pull out of the tuck, but ended up making inglorious landing on her butt that momentarily stunned her.

Katie was in a semi-sitting position, knees up and legs slightly apart. The referee was starting a 10-count on Erica. Erica could hear, but her focus was on the prone Katie Dawson. She lunged forward, arms around the ringpost, grabbed Katie's boots by the ankle. She braced herself against the ring and pulled. Katie was suddenly yanked forward until her crotch hit the ring post, then her torso shot forward and her lips literally kissed the immovable object.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" The crowd cried with a collective gasp..

"EIGHT...NINE..." The ref was saying, though he may have given Erica an extra seconf or two as he gapped as the spectacle of Katie Dawson clinging to the ringpost in an intimate, but agonizing embrace. This gave Erica the chance to leap in the ring to break the count and then resume her assault on Katie.

Erica got behind Katie, hoisted her to her feet with a grip around her waist and then leaped backwards bringing Katie's body with her to land hard on right shoulder. Katie was now hurting in a lot of places, but Erica seemed determined to add to that number. She pulled Katie back up, thrust her in the corner and did a couple of thrust kicks into the brunette's chest (first one breast, then the other).

Katie's face was twisted with agony, but her eyes glittered with hate. She let the confident Erica lean in to pull her up by the hair, that's when she unleashed a simple but effective uppercut to the jaw. Erica toppled backwards as Katie's fans can be heard hollering:


Now Erica lay helpless on the canvas and it was a prospect that pleased Katie Dawson very much indeed. She hauled Erica by the ankles over to the ringpost, clearly planning to repeat Erica's earlier move, but as Katie turned to climb out of the ring, Erica suddenly revived and gave her kick in the butt. Katie shot between the ropes and landed on the pads below.

Erica was furious Katie had attempted to steal her new move. She climbed to the top of the turnbuckle and attempted a butt drop on Katie as she was trying to get up. Katie jumped aside. Thanks to the padding the missed drop was not too painful, but a kick in the ribs from the equally furious Katie certainly did. Katie tried another kick, but Erica seized the leg at the ankle, twisted it and dropped Katie onto the mat. She tried to flip Katie onto her face, but Katie kept kicking back with her free leg and one kick struck a painful blow to Erica's already bruised left shin. Erica released the hold and fell back, clutching her lower leg. Katie scrambled up and charged in, slamming Erica into the edge of the ring, but Erica got a knee up between Katie's legs and she fell back with a load groan.

While all this was going on, the referee was doing his duty and counting for both wrestlers, but they no longer seemed aware of him. Katie and Erica now locked up and crashed against the wooden barrier (about four feet high) that was meant to separate the ring area from the bleachers. They toppled over landing at the feet of the surprised (but delighted) sailors in the front row. They rolled on the deck now simply kicking, punching (possibly biting).

They had long since been counted out and the bell had been ringing wildly. Finally, several Marines who had been kept at hand for just such an emergency stepped in and pulled the pair of enraged wrestlers apart,

The loudspeaker now proclaimed the fight was a Double Count-Out DRAW! This pleased no one! The crowd booed, Erica and Katie tried to get at each other to continue, but the fight, inconclusive (though highly exciting) was over. Wisely, the two were taken to separate dressing areas and kept under close watch for the remainder the day. However, everyone understood the feud between the two women had reached a new level of intensity. It was conflict that could only be settled in some decisive battle on some other day.

MATCH #5: CAMILLA BELLAMY VS. JESSICA D'ALBA (Camilla Belle vs Jessica Alba).
It took some time to restore order after the events of the previous match, but once the loudspeaker announced the names, the crowd began to stomp and cheer with renewed excitement. For this would be no ordinary conflict. It was being billed as a fight for the title "Queen of the Sarong Fighters". Camilla and Jessica came out of the dressing areas wearing exotic tropical print sarongs over tropical print one-piece suits. They had come to ring in sandals, but shed these to fight barefoot. Neither wore pads.

It should be explained that Camilla had been starring in a series of films set in an exotic historical, but highly fictional South Pacific. There are reports Double-Action made the films after buying the stock of a bankrupt travelogue film company then employed their beautiful scenes of South Pacific islands as the backdrops for these films. It also allowed the studio to use the big "ocean tank" they'd built for the feature film PIRATE QUEENS OF PORT ROYAL (starring JENNIFER GARNETT & REBECCA RAYMOND). The thing people always remember about movies like LURE OF THE LOST ATOLL and TYPHOON LAGOON (to name two of these films released in 1942) was that Camilla Bellamy was the "good" native girl who always fighting with the "bad" island girl, Jessica D'Alba who was billed second on the screen. These being formula films, the Camilla always won in the end, though Jessica developed a fan following of her own.

Naturally, people were eager to find out who really was the best fighter. Camilla Bellamy (5'8”) was an exotic-looking beauty with black hair and dark eyes. Jessica D'Alba (5'7”) had dark hair and eyes, but her most distinctive feature was "pouty" lips. They were pouting more than usual today, because Camilla, who was usually a rather easy going sort, had been overheard explaining (though to Jessica's ears it sounded more like bragging) that she really knew a whole lot more about wrestling that Jessica and so was bound to prove her superiority today.

As they stood together in the ring, Camilla confidently (or was that smugly?) offered Jessica her hand saying: "May the best sarong win."

Jessica calmly took the hand and shook it, but looked straight into Camilla's eyes and said: "That is going to be me, you jobber!"

Camilla recoiled in shock and anger. Being called a "jobber" was particularly insulting in Tinseltown where the big studios were rumored to use unfortunate starlets to build up the reputations of more favored stars and starlets by letting the other fighter win. Double-Action didn't follow this reprehensible practice-off screen anyway-so it was not a comment to be taken lightly). Camilla's eyes darkened like a tropical sky before a storm.

"You WILL take that back, Jessica!" Camilla informed her frostily.

"Make me!" Jessica taunted.

Camilla lashed out with a slap, but Jessica coolly intercepted the blow by grabbing the hand and quickly turning it into a test of strength. Camilla was surprised by this, but managed to get into position to resist Jessica's attempt to prove herself the strong. Their other hands now joined the battle. They swayed back and forth, muscle against muscle, each young woman putting her all into it. Then, slowly, but, surely Jessica began to push Camilla back. Camilla's face grew desperate but Jessica grinned at her in delight.

"Who is best, Camilla?" she sneered.

Camilla suddenly tore her hands free and tried to grab Jessica around the head with her right arm, but D'Alba eluded the headlock attempt and got one around Camilla's head instead. Jessica then started running, pulling Camilla with her and finally leaped pulling Bellamy down in a face crunching bulldog. Jessica then got Camilla around the waist pulled her up, swung her around and dropped to one knee causing Camilla's back to crash into the knee bone. What was more, Jessica held her grip stretching Camilla across her knee to put more strain on the girl's back. Camilla was moaning and thrashing, but couldn't seem to get free.

Jessica suddenly stood up and flipped Camilla onto her face. As she hit the mat, Jessica landed a knee drop across Cami's aching spine. The girl rolled over clutching her lower back, as Jessica wolfishly circled her. When she was behind Camilla, Jessica suddenly swooped in and applied a full nelson. She pulled the hapless Bellamy to her feet, put all the pressure she could muster into the hold and then suddenly lifted Camilla off her feet, still maintaining the full nelson and slammed her face-down in the canvas.

Camilla was left moaning on her stomach, but Jessica kicked her over onto her back, then dropped down next to her to casually apply a hooked leg pin. Camilla came out of her shock and managed to kick out.

Camilla struggled to her feet, but the now-smirking Jessica D'Alba was ready to pick up where she had left off. She charged forward and Camilla froze like a deer in headlights, Jessica leaped, swung out a leg and top of her foot caught the side of Camilla's head. Camilla flew like a rag doll into the ropes, she managed the grab them to avoid bouncing back, but Jessica caught her in chest with another flying thrust kick and Camilla flipped over the ropes onto the padding.'

This was too much for the crowd. Some began to boo. Some began to laugh. Camilla as she tried to get back into the ring only to be pushed back by a taunting Jessica. However, the referee made Jessica back off and Camilla climbed awkwardly back into the ring. She was utterly mortified by what was happening to her, but she couldn't seem to pull her thoughts together. She looked up to see Jessica charging in again with bad intentions on her mind.

Camilla knew she had to do something and fast. As Jessica stopped and went into a 360 spin for what Camilla knew was another kick, Camilla suddenly darted forward. Jessica's leg swished over her head then Camilla buried the top of her head into Jessica's middle. Jessica doubled over and Camilla grabbed her around the waist, jumped up and came down. Jessica landed on her back and Camilla landed on head-first.

Camilla now heard the encouraging sound of Jessica D'Alba groaning. She moved into the classic schoolgirl pin trying for a pin. She actually got a 2-count before Jessica nimbly got her legs up around Camilla to pull her off. Camilla rolled clear of Jessica and came up fast, but Jessica was up as well. They lunged for each other and locked up in a fighting crouch, pushing each other back and forth. Camilla was getting better at this and Jessica had to make more an effort to move her. Suddenly, Camilla stopped, pivoted and holding on to D'Alba's arm gave her hip toss.

Jessica rolled with the throw and came back, but now it was Camilla's turn to unleash a kick. It was a great kick, but she had telegraphed it and Jessica dodged. This surprised Camilla and she lost her balance, landing on her rear with a loud crash. The crowd exploded with laughter. Unfortunately, Jessica dashed in to put a knee into Camilla's jaw knocking her flat, and then D'Alba fell back driving an elbow into Camilla stomach. Camilla jackknifed. Jessica went for a hooked-leg pin, but Camilla suddenly reared up and gave Jessica a ringing slap across the face!

Her cheek stinging from Camilla's slap, Jessica angrily forgot about the pin and sank her hands into Camilla's dark hair. She rose to her feet, dragged her opponent towards the corner and hair tossed Camilla into the ring post, Camilla's left shoulder hit the post hard, but as Jessica tried to get closer she managed to thrust out a kick that scored another hit on D'Alba's bruised middle, Jessica staggered back and Camilla felt encouraged. She then had an idea how to REALLY turn this around and scrambled up on the ringpost.

Jessica was still in range, so Camilla did a leap forward to which she added a backflip, but her attention to land on Jessica didn't work so well. D'Alba simply stepped back, as Camilla landed in front of her, she leaped on her, her legs on Camilla's knees, her hands hooking around Camilla's head. Jessica then fell backwards and pushed up with her legs. Camilla was flipped over landing hard on her back.

Jessica now bounced off the ropes and came crashing down on a crossbody splash across Camilla's chest. Camilla shuddered, but tried to pin, Camilla kicked out-hard. Jessica rose, but she was wary as Camilla rose with a new determination in her face.

"You are NOT going to humiliate me again!" Camilla spat out.

"I haven't had to,” Jessica pointed out. “You've done most of the work yourself!"

Camilla charged, but this time she managed to hook Jessica's arm with one of her own. Camilla threw herself down and pulled Jessica with her. They landed next to each other and Camilla turned the arm hook into a half nelson. She forced Jessica onto her haunches, keeping the half-nelson tight for maximum pressure. Then Camilla rammed Jessica's forehead into the canvas, released the half-nelson did a Knee Drop onto the back on Jessica's head. Jessica now rolled forward ending up on the back, at last looking dazed.

Camilla now had another idea. She grabbed Jessica's legs and hooked both feet with her arms. Then she fell backwards. Jessica was pulled off the mat and as Camilla released her, as though fired from a slingshot, Jessica flew straight into a corner post with dull thud. The crowd cheered this spectacular maneuver.

Camilla grabbed the groaning Jessica by the ankles and flipped her over. She then went for the hooked leg pin. Alas, she had not pulled Jessica far enough not of the corner. The dazed D'Alba still got an arm into the ropes.

Camilla stomped her foot in frustration, then as Jessica rose, Camilla tried to grab her from behind. This proved to be another mistake. Jessica simply rammed Camilla back-first into the turnbuckle and used her elbows to batter Camilla's abs. Jessica then stepped back, grabbed Camilla's arm and whipped her out to the center of the ring-or at least she tried, Camilla reversed the whip and sent Jessica back into the turnbuckle. She then used her body to splash Jessica against the unyielding post until Jessica's knees were sagging.

Camilla now pulled the limp Jessica off the post and put her into a fireman's carry across her shoulders. This proved to be quite a strain, but Camilla determined lugged Jessica out to the center of the ring and fell backwards letting Jessica's back smash into the canvas. As a bonus Camilla's head smashed into Jessica's middle. Jessica was moaning now and was music to Camilla's heart. She went for the hooked leg pin, but to her frustration, Jessica kicked out.

Camilla was ready to start crying in frustration, but settled for by grabbing Jessica, bending her forward and hooking her arms. She lifted D'Alba up, intending to drive her head into the canvas, but Jessica suddenly scissored her legs around Camilla's neck. Camilla tried to drop Jessica but found her using the scissors to keep from hitting the mat. Then Jessica got her arms around Camilla's legs and yanked. Camilla came down on her rear and Jessica was flipped forward landing on her face with a CRASH!

The crowd was dumbfounded at these energetic but unorthodox ring moves, but Camilla and Jessica were nearing exhaustion from them. They staggered erect and lumbered at each other hoping to end this. Oddly enough, it did. As they neared each other, they lunged but their weary bodies performed sluggishly and their heads came together with a CRACKKKK!!! Camilla and Jessica toppled away from each other landing on their with an identical THUDDDDDD!!!!.

The referee stared in disbelief and then started counting, while the crowd waited to see which (if either) young woman would revive first. They both showed signs of stirring, but it was Jessica who managed to roll onto her stomach and crawl over to lie on top of Camilla. Camilla woke up, but couldn't rise with Jessica weakly but stubbornly holding her down in a cross-body pin.

The referee switched to a three count. Camilla tried to push Jessica off, but it was too much.


The bell rang and Jessica got to her knees with a groan holding her aching head. Camilla rose up into a sitting position holding her own throbbing head. Then the two looked at each other with weary, but wondering eyes. They helped each other to their feet. Camilla suddenly undid the sarong that had covered her swimsuit and handed it to the surprised Jessica.

"JESSICA D'ALBA IS 'QUEEN OF THE SARONG FIGHTERS' - FOR TODAY ANYWAY!" Camilla proclaimed in a loud voice.

The crowd laughed and cheered. A tearful Jessica hugged her co-star. After the hard feelings of the last two matches, it was reassuring to see Camilla and Jessica, despite their anger during the match, leaving the ring laughing and talking together as they waved the crowd all the way back to the dressing area.

MATCH #6: JENNIFER GARNETT VS. KARA HARCOURT (Jennifer Garner vs. Katherine Heigl)
At last it was time for main event. Considering what had happened in the undercard, it might have seemed like the crowd's excitement would have peaked. This was not case. The crowd reached new levels of cheering as Jennifer Garnett (5'8”) and Kara Harcourt (5'8”) made their way to the ring. It might have been assumed this was another case of their screen fight (PINUP PUNCHER) turning into a real-life "rematch" but the crowd knew (thanks to growing military fan information network) that more was at stake!

Jennifer was giving the crowd her trademark dimpled smile, but there a bit of a strut to her as she showed off her dazzling white, trimmed with navy blue one-piece (with navy pads and boots). It was no secret to her fans that since her win over Rebecca Raymond at Camp Ordway, she was undefeated, though none of her opponents had the marquee value of a Kara Harcourt. She was expecting to defeat Kara and then move against Jane Barrett for the unofficial "bigger woman" division title (the "smaller woman" situation was much more unclear at this time though Sarah May Gregory and Jenni-Love Harris were regarded as the main contenders).

Kara Harcourt was smiling broadly, too. After her loss to Jane Barrett at Camp Ordway, she rebounded and now had nice winning streak going. However, like Jen, her victories had been at against very good, but not-so-well known opponents. (Taylor Colt and Arielle Kent, for example). So Kara was eager to score a win over a major "fighting star" and she had the additional motivation of hoping it would get her a rematch against Jane Barrett. She was clad in a stylishly cut sea-green one piece with matching pads and boots.

As with the other contenders, they wore their hair in standard "battle braids", but Jen had worked a small blue ribbon into her dark-haired braid and Kara had a small green one securing her golden braid.

The pair actually mounted the ring in sync and swung through the ropes together. They both seem to be playing "Anything you can do, I can do better."

The ring instructions went briskly. The pair actually shook hands, though this seemed more like an effort to win crowd approval than any sportsmanship, then the bell ring and they both went into crouches.

Kara had been mainly noted for her slow, grind'em down approach to opponents, but she apparently had concluded this wouldn't work well against a nimble and quick-moving Jennifer. So Kara quickly went on the attack, wrapping Jen up in a crushing bear hug. This was something of a surprise; Kara had been using this as her finisher or at least the set-up to a finisher. Yet, here she was using it right out of the box!

Jennifer Garnett did not have time to mull over Kara's strategic choices, she was too busy trying to fight her way out of the crushing grip that had her arms locked against her sides. Kara was really pouring on the pressure with her arms and also with her chest which she was using to overpower Jen's own rack. Jen squirmed fiercely, but she could feel it harder and harder to breathe. She couldn't help but look straight into Kara's resolutely merciless eyes. Jen finally managed to work a knee between Kara's legs. She would have liked knee lift into the blonde's crotch, but Kara blocked this by squeezing her legs together around the intruding leg. Jen finally got leg hooked around behind Kara's right leg and tried to trip her. Kara tried to keep her balance, but this loosened her bear hug. Jen finally got her arms free and slammed the slam of her hands against Kara's ears.

The "Bell Ringer" did its job. Kara let out a moan, released the bear hug and fell back her hands over her ringing ears.

Jennifer quickly gulped air into her lungs and then charged Kara, ramming her forearm into the side of the blonde's head. Kara lunged at the brunette, but Jennifer seized one extended arm, yanked Kara forward and brought her belly-first across her knee. Kara recoiled from this. But Jennifer kept hold of the arm and bent forward sending Kara sailing over her head to land hard on the canvas.

Kara tried to jump back up, but Jen had knocked her hands together and unleashed them as a Double Axe Handle uppercut to the jaw. Kara actually did a backflip and crashed down on her face. Jennifer leaped up and sat down HARD on the small of Kara's back. Then she seized her legs, tucked them under her arms and reared back. The pressure on the blonde's back was intense, but she refused the referee's query about tapping out in submission.

This encouraged Jen to lean even further back, but gritting her teeth against the pain, Kara got her one hand up to Jen's face and racked her across the eyes! Jen let out a screech of pain and lost her grip on Kara's legs. Kara ripped her legs free and then bucked the brunette off. She then staggered to her feet, her back on fire, but her focus on the brunette trying to get up off the mat.

With a cry of fury, Kara brought her right fist crashing down onto the crown of Jen's head, causing the brunette to freeze in a kneeling position. Kara moved up behind Jen, stepped over Garnett's shoulders and then dropped down to her knees. Jen's face was smashed into the canvas. Now Kara, ignoring the pain from her own back, lifted Jen up and dropped her back first across her knee. Jen rolled off moaning and holding her afflicted back.

The blonde did a jumping Double Knee Drop as Jen lay on right side, devastating the brunette's exposed left shoulder. She then seized the left arm and wrung in several times to do still more damage. Jen was pounding the canvas with her right hand trying to shut out the pain, then Kara dropped down to her knees to twist the left arm behind Jen's back in a hammerlock.

Jen was become frantic to free her tortured left arm. She still had her right arm free so she made a fist and through a wild shot that caught Kara on the jaw. Kara, still kneeling, fell onto her back, her legs folded beneath her. Jen now had her left arm free but it was so numb as to be useless. She lurched to her feet gave Kara's stretched abdomen several painful stomps and then retreated trying to massage the feeling back into her left arm.

Kara Harcourt, though hurt by Jennifer Garnett's sock to the jaw and belly stomps, recovered fairly quickly, far quicker than Jennifer would have liked. Kara approached Jen in a deliberately slow but relentless manner, like a predator closing in on a wounded prey. Jen may have sensed this analogy, but she was far too aggressive a fighter to simply stand and wait to be finished. Still, Jen kept an almost hypnotized gaze on Kara as the blonde made up her mind what to do. Exactly what this was, no one would ever know, for Jen suddenly unleashed a kick that caught Kara right between her proud breasts. The shot to the sternum dropped the surprised blonde to her knees. Jen quickly spun herself around and unloaded an all-out Roundhouse Kick. Kara saw it coming and tried to dodge, but still took a glancing blow to the side of the head which sent her crashing to the mat.

Kara staggered to back her feet ny sheer instinct, but her head was still whirling from the effects of the kick. Jennifer moved in back to back with the dazed blonde and reached back with her good right arm for a chinlock. She the then bent forward and Kara was then lifted off her feet, her own bodyweight putting intense pressure on her neck muscles. Kara used her heels to flail at Jen's legs, but the brunette ignored this for what seemed to Kara to be a long time before suddenly dropping all the way forward. Kara found herself flipped backwards over Jen before meeting the mat with another crash.

Jen was slow to take advantage of Kara's vulnerable position and Kara's rapidly clearing mind told the blonde that Garnett was tiring. Kara got to her feet as Jen tried to get her from behind in another chinlock, but Kara spun around and gave the brunette a taste of forearm to the throat. The referee wagged his finger at Kara for this, but the blonde was more than satisfied with the sight of the coughing and gagging Jennifer. Kara brushed past the official and rammed a knee into Jennifer's stomach. Jennifer staggered and Kara repeated the blow. Jen was now doubled up and Kara coolly stepped forward to force the brunette's head between her legs, she then grabbed Jen around the waist. She now released the head scissors and moved the dazed Jen so that she found herself sitting on Kara's shoulder looking away from the blonde. Then Kara simply fell back and Jen was slammed chest first into the mat.

Jen lay there on her face stunned and groaning, but the worst was yet to come for her. Kara put both knees on Jen's back, curled one arm around her neck and the other around both Jen's legs. From this position Kara leaned backwards until, as the crowd gasped in surprise, Kara was on her back and Jen was lifted up into the air! Kara then put all the pressure she could manage on Jen's trapped neck and legs until she bent like a human bow and arrow!

Jennifer Garnett was unprepared for this hold and she literally screaming with pain. The referee darted in on his knees and caught Jen frantically trying to something to tap out on.

"Do you submit?" The referee asked helpfully.

Jen hesitated at the prospect of this verbal surrender. Kara managed a little upward bounce to add pressure and hurry the brunette's decision. It worked.

"YES! YES! I QUIT! I QUIT! LET ME GO!" Jen screamed, as tears streamed from her eyes.

The referee instantly declared Kara Harcourt the winner and the bell rang. Kara calmly rolled to one side and released her grip. Jennifer sprawled awkwardly on the canvas and just lay there moaning. Kara energized by victory, leaped to her feet and ran around the ring with her arms in the air as the crowd cheered wildly.

Later, Kara was to comment on her finisher, "You have to have a hard core of spirit to be willing to try a hold like that. Fortunately, I have one and made Jenny quit."

That comment earned her the nickname, "Hardcore Harcourt" but it also led to her gaining the long-term ring-enmity of Jennifer Garnett. But on this day, all Kara knew was that she was the winner - one glance back at the suffering, tear-stained, face of the beaten Garnett made it especially memorable!

So it was that the card came to an end and it was overwhelming success. Soon D-A actresses were in greater demand at American military and naval bases - and the fighting ladies of D-A did their best to answer the call!!

"TH...THA...THAT'S ALL FOLKS!" (for now)