DVD Collection #27: “The Triangle Body Scissors” (3rd “Classic Holds” boxed set) Inspired by simguy
Triangle is an MMA term and the “Triangle Body Scissors” is basically a Leglock around the gut. If the one applying the hold is on top and locks the lower leg under the stomach and behind the knee of the outside leg, its called a “Figure Four” (a wrestling term).

The real HOOK on the Figure Four is to lock the outside leg’s foot over the bottom leg of the bottom fighter who is then SUNK. A Half Nelson (Arm Bar) applied from the opposite side of the outside leg, twists the bottom fighter's head and shoulders into the lock of the Figure Four.

In this position, there’s almost no escape. As soon a Figure Four is locked on, the wrestler on the bottom should "sit out" - but that move today would become a choke so it’s not used. A ‘Roll Under’ might also be an escape if quickly, and properly, executed.
Figure Fours are second on the pain list. Double Leg Grapevines or “Saturday Night Rides” are tied with the Guillotine on the pain scale. Deviously demolishing, they debilitate before they destroy. There is something supremely sexy about a Saturday Night Ride applied by a hottie like Tricia Helfer to another such as Jolene Blalock (to name only two of many possibilities)!

The Scissors is definitely the sexiest hold in women's wrestling/fighting. This particular kind of Scissors (the Body Triangle) in competitive female fighting looks awesome! The women who depend heavily on this hold use it to control an opponent - finishing her off in most cases, with a Rear Naked Choke (Sleeper).

NOTE: The scenes below are a compilation of “finishes” from some of our most popular DVD’s - listed on our web site and searchable by participant name(s).
Scene 1: Tricia Helfer-Saffron Burroughs (Washington, DC @ a Hillary Clinton Fundraiser)

Tricia tried to push up - her face pinched - slender arms shaking from the weight of the woman on her back. Helfer wore black lace bra and panties; her opponent - tall seductress Saffron Burroughs - wore pretty baby blue lace bra and panties. They made a wonderful matched pair, Saffron and Tricia: lithe, long, elegant.

Saffron tightened her Triangle, her legs secure around Tricia's middle. Smiling, Saffron reached for Tricia's wrists from atop the blonde - hoping to sweep them out and drop Helfer back to her chest. Tricia groaned and collapsed back down of her own volition. She kept her arms in underneath her, fists under her chin. Saffron shifted forward - her chin sliding in over Tricia's right shoulder: cheek to cheek they lay together - Saffron breathing easy; Tricia huffing and grunting.

Saffron embraced Trish lightly - the brunette's hands cupping around blonde fists - brunette forearms on carpet to stabilize Saffron atop her opponent. She was in good shape: she had Tricia's back - had had it for some time - and she had that swinging scissor lock around Tricia's midsection. People hadn't seen much of that hold in New York - not applied from rear-naked position around the body. You had to have exceptionally long, sinewy legs - as both Tricia and Saffron possessed - and you needed to be patient.

The women had spent much of the evening trapping each other within respective legs, committed to wringing a submission via the scissor, and the fight had been a sinuous swapping of squeezes as Burroughs had proven surprisingly competitive against the favoured blonde. But as soon as Saffron had slid the triangle into position - when her left foot had tucked in behind her right knee, cinching Trish up tight - Helfer had been almost paralyzed. That had been nearly two minutes ago; Tricia Helfer was now exhausted, desperate, and weakening in the grasp.

Saffron shifted weight atop her blonde - reached her left hand in over Tricia's left shoulder and down underneath to grab Helfer's right wrist. Tricia whimpered, huffing and puffing as she put her forehead on the carpet.

Methodically, Saffron reached her right hand in underneath Tricia to also grab that right wrist: working in concert, Saffron's two-handed grip muscled Tricia's arm out from underneath her, holding it down at Helfer's right side in 'seatbelt' fashion. Miserable, Tricia lifted her unhappy face - her left cheek bordered by Saffron's reaching left arm. Useless, her long legs trailed out behind her, completely neutralized by Burroughs.

Saffron's taut buttocks worked beneath the cloth of her baby blue panties - glutes straining to cinch the scissor in just a bit tighter. Saffron's right foot curled up towards her backside - wrapping the right knee around the left foot and cranking up the leverage on Tricia's waist. The blonde gasped - struggling to free her right arm from Saffron's greedy hands - but to no avail. The wiry muscles of Tricia's arm shredded into view as she struggled: the equally wiry muscularity of Saffron's upper back and shoulders answered in grinding symmetry.

Tricia's breath came in moist pants now. Desperate, she pushed with her left hand on the carpet - rocking the locked women back and forth, but to no effective purpose. Relaxed, in control - Saffron licked her lips, using up the last of Tricia's strength in the right arm; feeling Tricia's body quitting between her legs. Burroughs smiled sleepily. She didn't even have to ask: she knew it was coming.

"Give..." Tricia whispered, barely able to speak for the crush about her stomach. "Give..." Saffron cradled her for just a moment more, closed her eyes, and then purred with satisfaction.
Naturally, it didn't take long for word of Saffron's upset win over Tricia to spread to - and be employed by - leggy wrestlers up and down the East Coast. The Miami Latina community was among the early adapters!
Scene 2: Daisy Fuentes-Laura Prepon (@ South Beach Nightclub VIP Room - $5,000 Winner-take-all)

Prepon in town partying with new BFF, gal-pal Charlize Theron, when Jennifer Lopez showed up on the arm of Daisy Fuentes. Words were exchanged between the women and Fuentes challenged Prepon. Lopez and Theron each promised $2,500 for the winner. After they stripped down to their underwear, and stepped out onto the wooden dance floor, Prepon and Fuentes locked up face to face and the battle was on!
Scene 3: Marissa Miller-Cindy Crawford (Private Match @ Investment Banker’s Long Island home)

Marissa secured the Triangle Body Lock on the bigger, stronger, Cindy, and soon had her panting in frustration. Where Saffron had used a 'seatbelt' restraint against Tricia's right arm - Marissa slid her hands over top the backs of Cindy's, threading her fingers in between the brunette's, forcing Crawford to struggle. Miller folded her arms around Cindy - hugging Cindy's hands to her own breasts, and slowly crushed the fight out of her with sinewy leg power alone. Miller rested her left cheek against Cindy's right shoulder and purred as the brunette cried out her surrender...
Scene 4: Jeri Ryan-Catherine Bell (Their 3rd Penthouse Match - this one @ Trump Tower NYC)

Jeri took Cat's back and triangled her up. Ryan's innovation saw her employ a full nelson on the prone brunette, locking fingers in behind Cat's neck and glorying in the trapped gasps of her rival. Bell on her chest - both arms sticking up in the air, her body encircled in Jeri's cruel triangle - had no choice. As Jeri's right foot crept up towards her buttocks - increasing the crank on the body lock like a ratchet - Cat gasped in surrender, then shuddered into beaten tears...
This was the “good times” for those early to master the Triangle Body Lock as stunned and exhausted losers hugged their bodies and curled up on their sides upon release while the flushed, giddy, victors strutted apartment carpets and octagons from coast to coast.
Scene 5: Leslie Bibb-Odette Yustman (Arranged Match @ Hollywood Director’s Birthday Party)
Leslie brought the Triangle Body Lock to the West Coast, shocking Yustman with it at a Hollywood party. A traditionalist, Leslie worked at choking Odette with the body-scissor in place, forcing Yustman to spend up all her energy in defending against Leslie's persistent, writhing arms. Odette eventually sobbed in surrender, her tummy quitting against Leslie's long legs.
Scene 6: Ashley Scott-Erica Durance (Exhibition @ Kim and Ginny’s Bar)
Ashley finally turned the tables on Erica, reversing a string of defeats to the muscular brunette using the simple expedient of the Body Triangle. Erica cringed in between Ashley's legs - the brunette holding her hands together at her chest, lying heavily upon them. Scott wriggled atop Durance's back, rocking Erica side to side so as to work hands around Erica's arms and in underneath her. Hugging Erica about her limbs - squeezing Erica about her tummy - Ashley rested her right cheek on the back of Erica's head as she reveled in her blubbering submission.
Scene 7: Audrina Partridge-Sarah Michelle Gellar (Competitive Ring Match @ San Diego Convention Ctr)
Partridge had witnessed the Saffron Burroughs-Tricia Helfer match and been really impressed by the way the long legged Saffron dominated Tricia. Seeing Saffron’s agonizing Body Triangle finisher, Audrina spent time training, perfecting the hold before this match with Sarah Michelle Gellar. The long hours training paid off for Audrina and before Sarah knew it, she was wrapped up by Aud’s gorgeous, and very strong, legs!

From behind, Audrina slipped her long legs around the blonde’s middle, locking her right foot firmly behind her left knee. The triangle was in place, just like Audrina planned, and all she had to do now was squeeze the fight out of the hapless blonde. But she really took her time, she didn’t want Sarah to submit too soon, so she very slowly increased the pressure with her legs, enjoying the total control of this fight.

Sarah was in agony, writhing and moaning in pain. There was no way out, but she was too proud to submit barely thirty seconds into the fight! She must have felt sorry about her statements before the match; how she was going to, “…mop up the mat with her.”

Audrina was punishing her. Sarah had serious problems breathing in the agonizing hold which was getting tighter and tighter. “What’s the matter hun? My legs too strong for you? You can always tap!” Audrina taunted with a smug grin as she softened up Sarah’s rib cage by applying even more pressure.

After over 3 minutes of pure agony, Sarah Michelle screamed her submission. Audrina released her, then stood victoriously straddling Gellar’s writhing body as her arm was raised.


Other matches part of this special 4 disk set include:
- Alana De La Garza getting it on Molly Sims.
- Super-confident Alana then recklessly goes after Tricia Helfer - and taps to Helfer's triangle.
- Tricia Helfer submits Angie Harmon with triangle; then turns her over, straddles and slaps her out!
- Ashley Scott shocks Cat Bell with the triangle body lock.
- Ashley Scott and Alana De La Garza take turns submitting each other with triangle locks in a series of mutually destructive apartment wars. Exhausted, both fall prey to the opportunistic Tricia Helfer - one after the other.
- Charlize Theron submits Catherine Zeta Jones - repaying her for years of misery spent in the Jones bearhug.
- Poor Cat Bell just can't get her head around this Triangle thing; she submits to Charlize - and gets ridden, hard!!
- Charlize bests Alana De La Garza - just for being so pretty.
- Tricia Helfer submits Charlize after a long, sensuous, affair that saw both girls on the verge of quitting several times.
- Cameron Diaz softens Tricia Helfer up with vicious knees to ribs and tummy out of the Muay Thai Neck Clasp; throws her down; takes her back and submits the weeping Trish in shocking fashion.
- Carmella Decesare does Playmates proud - submitting Marissa Miller at the mansion. Later that same evening during the party, Adriana Lima taunts Miller - who promptly submits her with the triangle.
- Keira Knightley upsets Jessica Alba - coming from well behind to submit Jess with the triangle.
- Naomi Watts stuns Keira Knightley into submission with galpal Nicole Kidman cheering her on.
- Heidi Klum gets it on Cindy Crawford…and keeps it on for the win.
- Grace Park submits Laura Vandervoort.

SPECIAL BONUS!! A 5th DISK INCLUDED ABSOLUTELY FREE "Saturday Night Ride: Jolene Blalock v Tricia Helfer" (‘Invite only’ @ Simguy’s Catalina Island ranch) by DaKid
Simguy was in heaven! “Bam Bam” Blaylock and “Hammer Pie” Helfer had agreed to his submission hold, time limit match suggestion. Each would apply a “Saturday Night Ride” to the other in turn with a clock timing how long it took for them to submit. The winner would be whoever outlasted the other by forcing a submission in the shortest time.

The “Saturday Night Ride” (for those of you new to this) is a ‘TOP DOUBLE LEG GRAPEVINE’ - something you've doubtless seen it a million times on a Saturday night. The wrestlers are face-to-face, the “bottom” allowing the “top” (or LOCKER) to wrap her legs outside and over the “bottom’s” legs and snag her feet behind the ankles of the “bottom” - like a grapevine. As the LOCKER leans back and spreads her legs, it puts enormous pressure on the groin and inner thighs of the “bottom” - like breaking a wishbone!

Scene 1: Part One - Tricia on Top
Tricia wore a red lycra thong snatch-floss bikini and Jolene wore the same style in electric blue. Oh yeah, the wager, the winner would spend a week in Maui with simguy. Both babes were looking foward to luxuriating him in their own special flavor of sensuality. (think about that).

Sim flipped a coin, Tricia called ‘Heads’ and it came up tails! Jolene had won the toss and she surprised everyone when she chose to be on the bottom first! The crowd buzzed. What incredible confidence!

Tricia smiled to her self and then did a jumping leg split onto the mat to warm up. Power move! Or was she just showing off?

"READY...? WRESTLE!" Sim barked.

Tricia grunted and thrust her legs away from her in a sort of a frog-like swimming stroke.

"AHHhhhh..." Jolene reacted.

"I'M GONNA SPLIT YOUR PUSSY IN TWO...HUNEE!" Tricia groaned, tossing her head back and up as she held Jolene's forearms pinned. Tricia applied her palms to Jolene's wrists as her legs stretched with all their might. Red patch of lycra on Blue patch of lycra...short hairs flattened…both ladies grunting and groaning like it was a death match.

Clock at 2 minutes, 43 seconds. Tricia growled like a bear caught in a trap...Jolene whimpered...encouraging Tricia who slammed her pussy down hard onto Jolene's...Blaylock began to gulp air to counteract the pain...

Clock at 3 minutes, 18 seconds...Tricia hell-bent on breaking Jolene down; her legs ease up and shoot back as she arches her back while continuing to push down on Jolene's forearms. Tricia looked over at Sim and winked, then convulsed her entire body, grinding her womanhood down, intent on breaking Jolene.

"I GIVE...I GIVE…DAMMIT!" Jolene yelped.

"4 MINUTES, 37 POINT 2-5 SECONDS!" Sim announced in a matter-of-fact tone. "Jolene, you have ten minutes to recover.”
Scene 2: The Intermission

As he helped Tricia to her feet, simguy whispered, “Nice snatch-busting form You learn that down on the farm?”

She blew a lock of hair out of her eyes, then a kiss to Sim - who played it off like a true referree, blushing and ‘aw shucks-ing’ as he scuffed his toe in the carpet. Tricia giggled and swivel-hipped in front of the audience as she sauntered over to grab a bottled water. All eyes were on her muscular derriere; the men lusting and the women envious. Several in attendance (including Charlize Theron, Jessica Biel, Cat Bell, Cameron Diaz and Erica Durance to name just a few) had spent time in Tricia’s legs or would get the opportunity to do so and used the time to reminisce, exchange ‘Helfer-beating’ tips or to lay the groundwork for future matches.

‘Bam Bam’ Blalock walked around the mat, limping at first, then doing a few legs stretches before she announced she would be fine. Her eyes flashed with as yet unbridled battle lust; her pussy rocked - she wanted to break Tricia Helfer...
Scene 3: Part Two: Jolene on Top

Tricia strutted back and forth, smiled and shot inviting glances towards sim. Old JF sipped some of his starbucks and smiled back to Tricia. Yes, she was an awesome babe, but her love-bone had to be battle tested. Yes, she had put a pussy ripping Saturday Night Ride, double leg grapevine hold to Jolene Blalock for 4 minutes and 37.25 seconds but somehow Jolene now seemed MORE limber, MORE loose and the range of splits were MORE intense. Could it be that Tricia's excruciating pussy lock on Jolene had stretched her to a new level of pussy power? sim blurted coffee all over his stop watch at the thought.

"Ready Jolene?" Sim smiled to Jolene who nodded 'yes'.

"Tricia, on the bottom, the clock starts when I say GO, Jolene, take your hold," sim waved his arm commanding the lock up.

Tricia lay flat, Jolene slinked over and looked down at her and breathed very low and with a guttural snarl, "Your pussy is mine, cupcake!" Jolene mounted Tricia, entwined her legs and looked at sim.

"Wrestle!" he commanded. An instant later, Jolene shot her legs straight back and outward. Her pussy patch of lycra ground down hard on Tricia's. No sound came from Tricia. Jolene hadn't restricted Tricia's arms and was pushing off Tricia's chest; bending her backward. The pressure was surprisingly violent - and effective - as the levering effect seemed more powerful.

"2 minute mark," Sim intoned.

On that seeming command, Tricia leaned upward and scoffed, "Weak ass pussy honey, totally weak." But she'd made a mistake. Her lean was countered when Jolene wrapped her arms around the back of Tricia's head and neck, then squeezed with all her might as she Frog Kicked her legs outward.

Tricia was being double bent; her head and shoulders upward while her snatch was being ripped downward and out as Jolene's leg move caused her to lean backwards pulling Tricia's head with it. It was also a sexy move in that Jolene's ample gorgeous tits now were flattening on Tricia's sexy face. It was a Titty Rub Facial on a flying Saturday Night Ride.

Jolene knew she had a winning hold when she heard Tricia gurgle for air. She bent her head back, pulling Tricia with her in a Pretzel Twist. Tricia screeched in pain! She'd never felt this kind of pain from a Double Leg Grapevine! She bucked up and bit her lip but Jolene anticipated it and squeezed her arms around Tricia's head, then Frog Kicked her legs with three, hard, convulsing, snaps.

"3 minutes, 39 seconds!" Sim barked, feeling the intensity building.

For Jolene to win, Tricia would have to give inside the next 37.5 seconds. Jolene knew this was it, all out or forget about the win, she began to kick her legs and squeeze with her arms in alternating rhythm, Tricia was loosing air and then gasping between Jolene's convulsions. Sim was frantic with pleasure.

WHAPP! WHOMMP! "ARRUGGGHHH!" Each convulse by Jolene sent Tricia closer to the nether world.

"4 minutes!" yelled Sim.

Jolene broke into a huge smile. She stopped convulsing and squeezing, opened her legs and let Tricia go. She flopped and lay still. Jolene had knocked her out!

"STOP!!"commanded Sim. "In 4 minutes, 4 seconds: the winner by knockout; Jolene 'Bam Bam' Blalock!"

Jolene jumped to her feet and pumped her fists in triumphant as she planted a foot firmly on Tricia's face and posed for a picture for Sim's Polaroid.

"Nice one honey! Your pussy is definitely a top contender!" he whispered as Jolene gave him a winning kiss on his cheek and casually rubbed her hand over his package.

"Name one pussy you think is tougher!" Jolene laughed as Sim poured water on Tricia Helfer's face to revive her.

"Naomi Campbell!" Sim said over his shoulder to Jolene as he knelt to tend the prone and beaten Tricia Helfer. "Hey hon, you awake? You lost by 33.2 seconds!"

Jolene grabbed Tricia by the hair, straddled her and snarled with a wicked leering grin, "Lick me, loser bitch!"

Just then, Sim's Blackberry started buzzing. A text message was arriving: "I CHALLENGE THE WINNER! LOVE 'N', LUST, NAOMI!"