Simguy’s DVD Collection #5: "Scrapcats 2005!" Brittany Daniel vs. Carmella Decesare

Back of the box reads:
"A long lean, sinuous brunette...a curvy, sassy-tousled blonde...what could be finer? Carmella and Brittany savage each other in a bout unrivaled for it's sheer cruelty and heartless abandon! Is there any move these girls won't contemplate? Is there any depth to which these girls won't sink in search of competitive advantage? What are you waiting for; find out within!”

Bonus features include:
Mini doc
: "The Road to Jug" - The "Queen of Jug Mugging" Brittany Daniel commentates over highlights of some her most outrageous rack attacks in fierce boxing action (FCBA and Beach). Daniel reveals techniques and secrets that have made her the most feared rackswoman in the game!
"Brittany D" - recap of Daniel's fighting career, beginning with her infamous WB rivalry against Charisma Carpenter on through to FCBA glory at the helm of the prestigious 'Kim's KruZherS' and subsequent degradation of lost titles, withdrawn promotional deals and the short-money grind of the beach-brawl scene. Includes rare footage of headgear-and-bikini sparring sessions with Charlize Theron. BONUS: grainy, ‘never-before-seen’ surveillance camera footage of their after-hours topless sparring-session-gone-bad that got Brittany canned by ‘Kim’s KruZherS’ management!
"Carmella D" - recap of Carmella's rapid rise through Playmate fighting circles, including rare footage of mansion scraps AND her victory in the “2003 Playmate Easter Egg Hunt!”

ADDED SPECIAL BONUS: Brittany Daniel rates her ‘Top Ten Celebrity Racks’ with exclusive photos from her own “private collection.”

Random Scene Selections:
Scene 1
: "Hi, I'm Carmella" early action sees Carmella (dark suit overlaid with pink orchid print, purple leaves, green strings) take the fight to Brittany (heart-pounding crimson bikini) with wild kicking action. Carm shouting as she executes - hands high above her head, right foot up and snapping off Brittany's taut midsection: Daniel's head flung back, hands up - she cries out in shock as Decesare storms into the lead. Carmella's legs would pose a constant threat all night long.

Scene 3: "Gatling Gun Stomp" - Wild, wide ranging action continues. Here's Brit on her hands and knees, right side to a dark wood paneled wall - Decesare on her heinie, hands back behind her for support, feet lifted up and stomping at blonde's hip and ribs in rapid left/right thumping sequences. Daniel's mouth open in shock, eyes shut, eyebrows arched high: Decesare grinning, loose hair in her mouth as she's loving the romp.

Scene 5: "Hair!" Girls on their backs/right sides - Brittany's got her legs clamped tight either side of Carmella's head and blonde is REEFING on those long brown locks! Brittany's face tight with effort, her hands wound round in Decesare's silky tresses - the hair tight around Brittany's right fist as the blonde tugs her hands up into her own belly, wrenching like she wants to pull Carmella's hair out at the roots! Decesare saucer-eyed, SCREAMING at the top of her lungs, writhing side to side, but held fast by Daniel's gripping thighs. Carm finally manages to budge her head to the side, mouthing at Brittany's quad and biting a healthy chunk of the dense, tanned muscle. Now it’s Brittany's turn to scream - she releases Carmella like the brunette is boiling hot - both girls scurry to opposite sides of the room to lick wounds and glare hateful resentment at each other. Transition made from young ladies to feral battle-cats in these tense moments.

Scene 7: Brittany on her knees, Carmella standing before her. Long fingers of Carmella's left hand pull at sweaty blonde tousle close to the scalp, tugging Brittany's head over to her right as Carmella bangs away girlish right hands. Decesare working with clanging right hand action, elbow up high and wide, pounding Brittany to the brow: Daniel pouting, hands light at Carmella's thighs, eyes closed - blonde looks dazed, almost out. Even as she's taking punches, Brittany clasps her hands together as in prayer and lifts them snug up between Carmella's legs. Piercing cry of agony, Carmella - She drops to her knees, then to her right side, hands clutching at her trunks. Brittany sinks back onto her haunches, eyelashes fluttering, taking a moment to get her bearings.

Scene 12: "Carmella sees red!" Trunks that is. Carmella wishbones Brittany's legs, forcing blonde's shoulder blades to carpet and mercilessly pressing her kneecap against Daniel's moist groin. Daniel groaning, head tilted back into carpet, eyes clamped shut: Decesare actually grinning, hair spilling down the left side of her face and covering her breast. With Brittany weakened, Carmella goes on a romp - stretching out Brittany's luscious right leg and dropping a knee into the soft inner thigh, drawing fresh cries of outrage from a tiring blonde. Brittany crawls on hands and knees - Carm up on her knees following her, ramming her right forearm up between the legs, driving Daniel onto her face/chest with a sob of pain. Carm to the side of Brittany rolling her hips over in workmanlike fashion; smiling as the blonde’s quivering midsection is exposed for some washerwoman right hands - Carm pitching 'em in from her knees!

Scene 15: "Perfect Right Hand" Groggy battlers standing, elbows in, hands outstretched at waist height, fingers flexing. Carmella looks to step in and lock up: Brittany punches her a perfect right cross to the chin, belting Decesare's head back in a blur of long brown hair, depositing Carmella on her backside and elbows in a fog. Brit wipes her mouth with the back of her right hand, steps in to mount: Carmella gets a heady right foot up into Daniel's stomach to boot her away. Decesare sitting up, rubbing her chin, dabbing at her mouth for signs of blood: Daniel sitting up a couple feet away, face stricken as she hugs her tummy.

Scene 16: "Hai Karate!" Girls pushing and pulling at each other their knees. Brittany suddenly pushes both Carmella's arms up into the air and chops the knife-edges of either hand in above Decesare's hips. Sweet gasp of pain from Carm - elbows shooting in as she sits onto her haunches, hugging her body. Daniel grinning, taking a mental picture as she appreciates her handiwork.

Scene 17: "Rake!" Brittany on hands and knees cries out - her eyes clamped tight in a frown, lips curled back to frame a sobbing "AAHHHHH!": Carmella's standing, straddling her blonde and raking her nails down the tanned, shining length of Daniel's back. Decesare's cruel smile exquisite - her joy in the moment pure, mean, and simple.

Scene 18: "The Right Hand of Brittany." Girls wrestling around on the carpet, struggling in each other's embrace, whining and sobbing. Daniel eventually gets position, mounting first the belly, then scooting up-torso to sit on Carmella's chest. Decesare whimpering, her hips gulping up off the carpet, raised left forearm pressing against Brittany's belly to ward her off: Brittany smiling, up on her knees, just riding the bucking bronco to exhaustion. Then she starts punching. Sick, bright, cracking right connects with Carmella's temple - her hips still buck, her feet scrabble at the carpet in panic. Brittany's left hand takes hold of Carmella's raised left wrist, holding brunette limb against blonde body as Daniel punches down and across with free swinging rights. Punching gets more methodical as Brittany gets control - Carmella's in stupor, eyes frowning shut, lips parted - she can't stop the rain.

Scene 19: "Coup de Grace" Despite punching her way to victory - Brittany's not satisfied. Dragging a stunned, swooning brunette across carpet (nicely rug-burning the back and hips), Brittany places Carmella's calves up on a white sofa, arranges Decesare's slender limbs at her side. Carmella moaning, her head lolling softly side to side, hair trailing out from her head in a sweaty smear across the carpet. Daniel stands, flicks her trunks back into line around the horsy ride of her perfect buttocks and executes a beefy belly-to-belly splash on the prone Playmate. Anguished sob from Carmella - her head tilting back into carpet: Daniel lays atop for a moment, in no hurry. Brittany sits back on her haunches, her belly peeling tacky off Carmella's in the process - blonde drinking in the sight of Carmella's shuddering torso as brunette weeps helpless tears. Daniel crouches in close - left hand in Decesare's hair, right holding her chin - blonde Frenches the bejesus out of her defenseless opponent right there on the carpet! Carmella's hands push feebly at Brittany's shoulders, pull at her sweaty tousle, but she can't dislodge the kiss - not until Brittany's had enough! Daniel finally sits back on her haunches, wiping her lips with the back of her hand. "Thank you," she says, then, with a look across her left shoulder back into the camera: "Here, check this out." Daniel hooks a finger under the bikini string between Carmella's KO'd tits: camera closes in and sure enough - Decesare's nipples are hard with lusty sexual arousal as Daniel's post-splash smooch makes the brunette body betray it's mistress.

But Brittany’s not done…not by a long shot!

A series of body splashes follows - slow, deliberate, smashing torture. Daniel laying her body heavily atop Carmella in between thunderous impacts - Carmella's cries replaced by moans, then finally by shuddering silence, her head just lolling side to side in mute protest. Daniel constantly repositioning Carmella's hands at her sides, brushing the hair out of Decesare's eyes so she's always fresh and pretty for the next splash. Brittany even snatches the elegant little Playboy Bunny golden pendant from Carmella's neck, stuffing the looted treasure into her trunks for safekeeping.

"Mine now," Daniel says as she takes it.

Eventually, masculine voice off-camera says, "That's enough Brittany…Brit, lay up!"

Daniel scowls into the room, ignores the voice as she stands, readying herself for another plunge. Suit rushes in to gather blonde up - man's face obscured by blurring - Brittany bundled away. Decesare out, arms hugging sloooowly about her middle as her lips pout moist, blubbering protests DVD can't quite pick up.