Simguy DVD Collection #7: Elizabeth Shue vs. Carla Gugino by simguy

Front Cover: Gugino on the right, fiery eyed, ready for action in red hipster bikini with twist tied top (image cropped at midthigh): Shue smaller, full length shot in black velvet bikini, sturdy hipster bottoms, ring connection top - she looks like she's advancing across carpet).

Back of the box: "Fans of curvy, full bodied battlers with shapely calves, firm bellies and rounded shoulders will thrill to the torment these two voluptuaries inflicted upon one another. Although not a rules-bearhug contest, both girls became obsessed with submitting the other with straight up strength tactics, each employing her brawny limbs with pure brute force in mind.”

Special Features include:
- Gugino's now infamous topless sauna bearhug audition-bouts for “Sin City”;
- Carla taking it to a series of similarly built unknowns in sultry action (highlights only);
- Mini Doc: Elizabeth Shue training - see Liz' concerns about Carla's size advantage and how she prepared for it;
- The Art of the Bearhug - some of hollywood's best practitioners discuss the subtleties of winning through attrition (Ali Landry, Jewel Kilcher, Rachel Hunter, Jessica Biel, Alison Mack, Dani Fishel among the interviewees - w/action clips)!

Random Scene Selections:
Scene 2
: "Blonde Romp" - Carla bedridden, on her back; looking up; cringing as a grinning Liz jumps up and down on the mattress looking to plunge down on her helpless foe. Gugino's body being jostled by the bouncing trampoline action - she's clearly disoriented.

Scene 4: "Heavy hands" - early toe to toe stuff has an almost pro style look. Girls stomping heavily around in their hipster bottoms, reaching into one anothers damp locks and pounding away right hands to skulls. Gugino smashing Liz' upper back with fat, slapping forearms. Liz scoring to Carla's midsection with a thick right hand - Gugino's right arm around Liz' waist as brunette soaks up the shot with a stricken expression. When one is hurt and walking away to regroup, the other's walking her down from behind, constantly looking to keep the pressure on. Both think nothing of tugging the other's sturdy bottoms and pounding away forearms to kidneys or heaving breasts - nothing is sacred between these two!

Scene 6: "Ax-handle" - a few minutes of room-wide brawling has both girls breathing hard at this point. Carla walking Liz down from behind, clasps her hands together and smashes down atop the skull and into the left shoulder, bludgeoning Liz to all fours. Deep breath Carla, then she raises her hands again to smite Liz's back with a moist, beefy slap, drawing a boozy cry from the curly headed blonde. From her knees, Carla keeps up the thumping pounding - finally hammering Liz breathless to her belly. Pushing in from the hip, Carla rolls Liz to her back and flops across her for an early pin - Shue able to turn out of it and continue fighting.

Scene 10: "Close call" - Liz on her back, on the bed - Carla rushing in from the floor - brunette recklessly charging against the kicking pistons of Shue's curvy legs. Liz able to break up Gugino's surge with stomping action, then drawing the off-balance brunette into a masterful triangle choke! Gugino in shock, all wrapped up - her head and left arm scissored up tight. Liz chin tucked so she can look down at her prey, smiling tightly. Job 1: pull Carla's left arm across her throat. Job 2: Liz curls her right leg over her left foot, neatly clamping Carla within the meaty triangle of taut blonde thighs. Gugino gasping - eyebrows high, eyes closed, feet pushing and stamping at the floor as Liz cinches up. Carla going out, refuses the tap - she manages to slide Shue off the bed, breaking the hold as girls fall to the floor with a room-rattling crash. Crisis averted!

Scene 15: "Blonde Clamp" - Edge of the bed action - Carla sitting between Liz' legs - Liz working a patient, grinding full nelson. Gugino's expressive face shows her pain - pouting snivels; teeth-gritted grimaces; lolling compliance - Carla writhing, laying her head back on Liz' shoulder, trying to work her shoulders free. Shue's lips tight with effort at times, pink tongue poking out one corner as she cinches and adjusts her grip. As Gugino tires - Liz shifts, clamping up tight under the breasts with a hearty, happy yelp of pleasure as Carla sobs aloud. Gugino undone - wailing, clawing at Liz' arms, stamping her feet on the carpet - Shue digging her little chin into the crook of Carla's neck and loving it on the fleshy brunette. Gugino finally drops her head back onto Liz' right shoulder - face taut with pain, hands gripping fistful of clean white bedspread on either side of Shue's thighs. Liz lies back, drawing Gugino up onto blonde belly; Shue scissoring up loose around brunette hips, wriggling her arms in tightly to grab her own elbows as Carla's cries fill the penthouse. Sheer pleasure on Shue's face - beaming sweatily as poor Gugino suffers.

Scene 21: "Legdrops" - Shue on her back, legs propped up on a convenient ottoman - Carla's going at her with bludgeoning leg-drops. Gugino just pounding away with thunderous sit-downs against the upperchest - Shue groaning, hands down at her sides, head sloshing side to side as she can't get off her back. Carla so patient, so methodical - rolling to one knee after impact, pushing up to stand, breathing deep, adjusting her trunks and steps around while looking down. No wasted movement from this curvy vixen.

Scene 22: "On the verge" - Spent Shue lies on her back between Carla's outstretched legs, blonde head propped up on brunette's trunks and lower belly, blonde arms flung limp over Carla's thighs. Gugino sitting up straight, back supported by the bed, just methodically punching right hands across Liz' upturned face - Carla's left hand pushing at Liz' shiny forehead to re-position her face for the next clout. Awkward, girly scrubbing action - not all that damaging - but Liz eyes closed, mouth open, just taking sleepily as she lies there and soaks.

Scene 30: "Come here!" - Shue panting, dazed, on all fours: Carla standing, hiking up her trunks, then moving in from behind, going to one knee and kneeling in to gather up Lizzie's belly in a doggie-hug. Carla resting her right cheek on Shue's back - face to the camera: Shue's head tilted back - blonde curls pushing against sweaty brunette tousle - Liz releasing a sobbing gasp of hurt as Carla squeeeeeezes away sweaty. Liz tries to crawl forward. Carla, tracking her, rides blonde to carpet, rolling onto her right side, then over onto her back, then further over onto her left side to lift Shue's limp frame up and over. Liz giving plaintive whimpers as she lies on her left flank, arms outstretched against carpet as though prepared to tap.

Scene 31: "Gugino's Grasp" - Carla muscular, standing in snug behind Shue - brunette lifts blonde off her feet with a marvelous gut-wrench hug. Shue's buttocks spooning into Carla's midriff, legs kicking in the air, head tilted back as exhausted sobs fill the room. Carla's face red with effort, but happy: she's using Liz up. Gugino putting Liz down, but never releasing her - girls will stumble around belly-to-back for a moment - Liz clutching at Carla's wrists, Gugino digging in with her chin in the crook of Shue's neck, before the next awful wrenching squeeze.

Scene 35: "Surrender!" - Liz on her back, eyes clamped shut, face wincing in silent agony. Carla lying on her right side has Liz clamped up from the blonde's left side - muscular hug across the ribs, legs scissoring Shue's left leg to hold her steady. Shue's left arm trapped against Carla's torso; right arm flops and probes miserably; her right leg sometimes flexing knee-up, or extending flat against the carpet in slow, random movements. Carla snuggled in tight, hard-working smile tight on her lips - she's got Liz, everyone knows it: just a matter of hugging her out. Goes on and on - occasional gasps coming from Liz as she lies there suffering, unable to move. With her right hand, Shue pulls at Carla's left shoulder, fingers digging into the armpit. Shue's right hand flops to her own damp curls, clutching a fistful of hair as her head lolls slowly from side to side in anguish. Finally, inevitably, the tap: a light, moist slapping of Carla's brawny shoulder meat brings a throaty moan of pleasure to Gugino's lips. Carla slow in extricating herself - rolling away from Liz; leaving the blonde to curl up, hugging herself in tatters.