Simguy’s DVD Collection #9: Carmella Decesare vs. Kelly Clarkson by simguy

Back of the box reads: "Fresh blonde/brunette action as newcomers Carmella Decesare and Kelly Carlson mix it up. Both girls are svelte, fit, lithe, and young, both looking to establish themselves in the sexy hot world of celebrity Apartment Wrestling. Hunger and beauty in equal measure, you'll thrill to the sight of these sinuous wildcats struggling for dominance and position in the carpeted jungle!”

Extra features include:
Mini Doc: 'From Mansion to Carpet' Carmella Decesare's journey from the cloistered world of the Playboy mansion fighting to open Celebrity competition.

'Introducing Kelly Carlson': Interviews with fellow ‘Nip/Tuck’ stars plus clips of hard-to-find Kelly Carlson catfight and beach contests profile this up-and-coming beauty.

Random Scene Selections: (Carmella in dark bikini with pink orchid print, greens and purples, tie sides, elegant gold Playboy pendant chain - Kelly with shoulder length curls, hot pink push up, white ruffled panties).
Scene 1: "Big Slappin'"
Carm on the left - Kelly on the right. Kelly's left hand gripping Carmella’s right wrist. Kelly aggressive early on, punching a girly right hand to the pit of Carmella's flat tummy - brunette shouting in pain, stooping forward, butt back. Still holding the wrist, Kelly's able to clap a big right hand slap across Decesare's face: Carm's torso tossing to her right in a blur of long brown hair, lips pulled back from her teeth in shock. Tugging the wrist, Kelly's able to jerk Carmella back into position for ANOTHER walloping slap - poor Decesare crying out in pain as she's badly used in the opening moments. Small smile, glittering eyes from Kelly: a cool customer dishing out the hurt.

Scene 2: "Belly Boot" Still standing, Carmella earns a measure of revenge with a high, booting kick to Kelly's tummy. Decesare throwing her hands in the air and shouting as she delivers: Kelly's head tossing back on impact, hands up - high pitched blonde whine as she staggers back on her heels, doubling forward now and hugging her belly with a wounded grimace. Decesare licking her lips and smiling harshly: that's rough payback for those slaps!

Scene 4: "Hugs" Carmella lies on her back, grimacing from a slender limbed hug around her ribs. Kelly on her right side (operating off Carmella's left shoulder) has Carm snugly gripped, blonde legs scissoring up Decesare's lithe left leg to secure the hold. Long gasping sequence - Decesare squirming - her right hand coming across to pull at Kelly's left shoulder or grip into the blonde's curls. Lots of moaning and pouting from Carmella as she frowns up at the ceiling, contrasting nicely with Kelly's purring smile of satisfaction.

Scene 4: "Squeezy does it!" Kelly still on her right side - she's moved her tanned, taut legs up around Carmella's belly, clamping on hard as Decesare sobs in protest. Decesare's face constricted in anguish, head tilted back, palms pushing down on the stiff, pulsing muscle of Kelly's thighs - brunette's feet pushing pathetically against carpet, knees flopping side to side. For extra leverage, Kelly turns her torso to the right, pressing her hands into the carpet, lips in a tight line as she pours the hurt to poor Carmella. Every once in a while, blonde blurts "GIVE?" while grunting with effort - Decesare groaning, refuses to answer.

Scene 5: "The Hair of Carmella" Kelly's continued her progression up Carmella's torso. Now blonde has Carm on her right side, scissoring up tightly around the head. Decesare's agonized face in shock, mouth open, eyes clamped shut. Extra torment: Carlson gathering up the long sleek brunette locks in one long stream, fists clutching tightly at her own breast-level as she yanks and tugs. Poor Carm! Left hand pulling at Kelly's thigh - brunette screaming in pain, legs bicycling furiously on the carpet. Blonde grinning, head resting on the floor, muscles of her arms shining into view as she pulls up tight, torturing the playmate between her legs.

Scene 10: "Mattress Mauling" Desperate fighting on the bed - girls lunging at each other, taking each other down at the waist, rolling atop one another in a writhing, wriggling, leggy bid for dominance. Decesare slowly proving stronger and now she's getting slaps on Kelly - robust forehands and backhands with the right paw as Kelly starts to spend more and more time on her back. Kelly bucking her hips, tossing and turning doesn't just lie there to take a clouting - but she's wearing down underneath Carmella's lithe weight. Decesare panting with effort, but fighting in silence: Kelly making all the noise - whining and gasping as she struggles to overturn her tormentress.

Scene 12: "Weee!" Carmella stunned, on her back on the carpet, eyes shut tight as she tries to rally. Kelly bright eyed, jumps into the air, fists in tight at her shoulders as she looks to come knees first down onto Carmella's chest. Decesare managing to roll enough to take the brunt of impact on her arm and right hip - both girls shaken by the awkward collision. As they get to their knees - Kelly on the left, Carmella the right. Decesare reaches across and deposits the point of her elbow against Carlson's hard sternum. Carlson exhaling "HAH-uhhh!" with the shot, dropping back onto her haunches and hugging herself, eyes shut tight: Carmella gets initiative - tongue poking pink between her lips as she gets to her feet.

Scene 15: “Girls on their knees” - Kelly on the left, Carm on the right. Decesare's right hand buried in Kelly's soft blonde curls, pulling back, then slamming down to bash Carlson's forehead against carpet. Kelly blubbering, face bleak as she's tugged up, mouth open in shock. Carlson's huddled over her haunches, hands splayed out wide on carpet - she's too dazed and stunned to get away from an increasingly dominant Carmella. After a few dull, thudding impacts - Kelly slides dreamily over onto her right hip, curled up on her side. Decesare rises up on her knees, flicking hair behind her ears - reaching for quivering blonde hip and shoulder as she moves in.

Scene 22: “Climax” Carlson groggy, sitting up on her haunches, left hand reaching down to the carpet for balance as Carmella attacks. Decesare moving in from blonde's left hip ('behind' Kelly in terms of the camera angle) - Decesare loops her right leg over Kelly's back - the touch of it causing Carlson to reach back with her right arm to wrap up Carmella's taut thigh. Entwined together, Decesare takes a firm grip of Kelly's curls with the right fist, tilting the girl's head back and to the right, facing bleakly into the camera. Staring coldly at the upturned face, Carmella raises her left fist and starts smashing girlishly at Kelly’s face and upper chest - not a lot of damage, but lack of reaction from sleepy Kelly really underscores how exhausted she is at this point. Carlson taking blows: lips pursed, eyes shut in a groggy frown - she's moments away from defeat.

(Personally, I like to freeze frame advance this bit. Something about capturing the groggy stupor of Kelly's face, contrasted with the mindless aggression on Carmella's; the way Decesare's looking down onto Carlson's face, fist raised to club at her… priceless).