DVD Collection: Highlights of 3 different matches as described by simguy
Part One - Ashley Scott vs. Krista Allen (Summer of '06 - Apartment wrestling)

Scott decked out in a white t-shirt tucked up/twist-tied beneath her perky firm jugs, bare midriff, baby blue bikini bottom. Allen chosing a yellow t-shirt which she also wears tucked up/twist-tied beneath her hulking jugs. Expanse of bare midriff above her crimson bikini bottom.

These two have fought many times - it's an exquisite blonde/brunette match up that’s steaming hot - and both so closely matched that it’s usually the girl who gets a better night's sleep the day before who wins the contest. Both girls love to kick and punch early, then look for scissor submissions where possible - but I like THIS contest for the way Scott changes up the usual drill and shocks Allen with a series of holds in succession (scene selections from the DVD as follows:)

Scene 21: Allen on her back on the carpet, stunned from a series of knee lifts to her breadbasket - she's just trying to rally off the floor. Ashley seated south of Krista's feet, scissors her legs around Krista's left thigh, immobilising brunette leg. Ash leaning back with a mean grin: blonde's right arm hooks under Krissy's calf, right hand gripping Scott's left wrist; Scott's left hand cups atop the meat above Allen's knee, positioning Krista's shin in under Ashley's right armpit. And Scotty's TUGGING on that leg - her own legs gripping and wringing at the ankles to keep Allen's leg trapped. Agonizing: Krista crying out, thrashing helplessly on her back, tossing her head to-and-fro, pulling at her hair, writhing side to side as she desperately tries to twist free of the hold.

Scene 22: Allen flat on her back, heels of her hands pressing against her forehead, eyes shut tight - she's refusing to submit to Scott's leg-bar, but it's costing Krista terribly. Ashley rolls to her left, onto her belly, over top Krista's right leg, neatly disengaging from her clamp on Allen's left leg. Without using her hands, Ashley slithers her own legs smoothly into position around Krista's unsuspecting right leg (Allen still groaning in pain from the previous wrenching - unaware of fresh peril). Sliding onto her backside, Scott scissors up Krista's right leg, tucking the shin under her left armpit this time: once again Scott's got Krista all leg-barred up - and so sleek, poor Allen didn't even know it was happening! Ashley's grin pure malevolence - she throws her head back, tossing tawny curls as she reefs on Krista's leg - Allen bucks and writhes with fresh wails of pain. Krista sitting up - face stricken - she clutches pathetically at Ashley's knees, then flops down for more histrionics on her back. Long-time Ashley/Krista watchers know the subtext here: tremendous leg-rivalry between these two means both are loathe to submit to leg holds. Allen's suffering more than she needs to from sheer pride here. Freeze frame the DVD so you can look at Scott's smile in detail: you'll see that there's a little something extra in there because of the leg-torment she's dishing - subtle, but that additional note of triumph is unmistakable.

Scene 23: Ashley disengages, rolling away alert and happy as poor Krista clutches at her right thigh, blubbering in pain. Scott on her knees moves in quick from Allen's right shoulder, slamming both palms down flat to Allen's chest to stamp her against the carpet, then scooting her legs across Allen's neck/chest to scissor up Krista's right arm. ARM BAR! Howls of agony from shellshocked Allen - legs bicycling, feet pushing panicky against carpet. Scott yanking, reefing, tugging at the limb, securing it under her right armpit with the same over/under gripping she used on the legs. Scissor not just helping to immobilize Allen's arm: Scott's toned legs press Krista against the carpet, holding her down. Allen's own gyrations are using her up - movements starting to slow, breathing growing ragged. You can see it in Krista's body now - this isn't a contest anymore: it's one girl hurting another just because she can.

Scene 24: Allen groaning, extending her left hand down by her hip in preparation for a tap-out...but Scott releases, sits up grinning, then stands, flicks rumpled bikini bottoms into place with her index fingers, taking her time to step across Allen as Krissy mindlessly clutches at her right shoulder, eyes closed. Quick, lithe: Ashley sits down, scissors up Allen's LEFT arm, taking the wrist in both hands and leaning back to extend the limb. Krista exhausted by the unrelenting assault upon her extremities - eyelashes fluttering, mouth open, throaty quit-moans - not much fight left here. Scott grips and yanks, hyper-extending brunette elbow against blonde pelvis. That's it for Krista - she beats at the carpet with her right palm, chest shuddering in humiliation at the giveup. Scott stands, absolutely delighted as she "hits for the cycle" against Allen's long legs, sinewy arms. Ash struts around hands on hips, grinning down at Allen, revelling in the sight of Kris fussing with her various hurts: hugging her arms and whimpering; lifting a knee to caress a numb leg; covering her face with her hands, just lieing on her back too wrung out to stand. Overhead camera shot captures Krista's dark, tangled hair fanning out from her skull against white carpet as her knees flop gently side to side. Rare to see a systematic limb-submission sought-and-got like that: Scott's a real innovator of offence.

Part Two: Katherine “Kat” Heigl vs. Sara Evans (Aug. '06, Apartment)

Heigl wearing crimson lace push-up and panties from ‘Gray’s Anatomy’ and Sarah in neon baby blue lace push-up and panties with silver highlights (rodeo styling).

The thing I like about these two is that despite being big, strapping lasses who can and do bludgeon each other with main force in this bout, they often fight very girly-girl at times - providing a nice blend of brute force and kittenish frailty.

Scene 5: Girls seated hip to hip edge-of-the-bed - feet on the carpet - Sara to the left of your screen, Heigl on the right. Sara's leaning to her left, reaching greedily around to hug Kathy about her torso, trapping Heigl's right arm between the two big bodies - Evans' left hand gripping her right wrist in above Kathy's left hip. Heigl's face all contorted - eyes frowned shut, teeth bared - her left hand pulls at Sara's left shoulder. Evans just loving the pump - her face is turned to Kathy (Heigl's face is more towards the camera), lips parted as though she's cooing to Heigl with just a hint of a smile. Bulging, full breasts on show in this scene, all four melons conveniently trembling more or less in a row.

Scene 7: Evans going for an early breast smother - she would attempt to secure this hold throughout the night as part of an overall attrition strategy - most girls use it only as a finish. Here, she's belly-to-belly atop Heigl on the carpet, arms wrapped up tight around Kathy's head, but blonde's managed to turn her right cheek into the engulfing jugs: Sara doesn't have good air-tight seal. So it's Evans lieing atop Heigl, heavy bodies just lieing there thick and relatively motionless except for Sara's microadjustments and cinches. We hear the grunting, strained breathing of both women: it's hot work in there. Sara's got that sexy, cooing little expression on her face - camera angle in over her right shoulder gives a good impression of the strength in those corn-fed arms. We can see Heigl's partially obscured face - her frustrated frown; damp blonde curls bowing out from Sara's grip and trailing across Kathy's left eye (right eye pressed tight to jug). Heigl's left hand curls up to pull hard at Sara's left shoulder/bicep, then pushes underneath the limb to loosen up the grip. Takes a long time, but Heigl manages to squirm free eventually as Sara never really had good rack position on this one. Applause from off camera as girls separate, both breathing hard, eyeing one another with heartless expressions.

Scene 25: Girls standing - Kathy's got a hold of Sara's left wrist, twisting brunette's arm out pro-style as Evans barks in pain, stoops forward. Taking Sara's wrist in her left hand, Heigl cocks her right fist at her chest - loading up weight on her right foot, left foot coming up off the carpet - then Kat DRIVES in a pounding right hand heart-punch, taking Sara in under her left breast with a meaty thump, Heigl stomping onto her left foot as she transitions weight. Gasping sob from Sara - shock of disbelief: she's just never been hit with anything like that before.

Twist-out Sara's arm, extend the limb; load up that right hand; plow it home again - Evans bleating in astonished pain, legs trembling: that's the Kat Heigl way. Kathy turning her head to the left as she follows through with her forearm sliding along Sara's ribs. Heigl's eyes closed, lips smiling, disheveled hair strewn across her face: getting that punch CLEARLY making Heigl feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

One more? You bet - Heigl plowing into Sara's ribcage with that brutal overhand right delivery - stepping into Evans, shooting the punch in under Sara's extended left arm. Evans eyes shut, eyebrows high, mouth open as she sobs aloud - she drops to the carpet - first to her knees, then sprawling picturesquely on her back, hugging her ribcage and lolling side to side. Sara's mouth working like a beached guppie's as Kathy stands tall, hands on hips, savouring the sight.

Part Three: Virginia Madsen vs. Ali Landry (Jul '06 Apartment Wrestling)
Madsen in midnight blue velvet push up and panties/silver white lace trim and Ali in scarlet lace push-up and panties.

Really a nice, sensual fight - a lot of body-on-body, weight-bearing tactics - neither girl in a hurry, both patiently working chokes and hugs when she has her opponent on the carpet.

Here's a scene from the final moments - Madsen proving as compelling and beautiful in despair as she was in triumph.

Scene 28: On the bed, belly to belly, Ali on top. Landry rests her left cheek moist against Madsen's quaking jugs, brunette arms locked up firm around blonde ribcage. Ali patiently working to secure grapevine - her legs coiling outside and around Virginia's, her feet hooking in and around Madsen's ankles/shins - toes pointing out. Virginia's lips curled with concern as she stares at the ceiling, just trying to writhe her legs free, but Ali's slowly getting it done. Eventually - Landry's able to spread Virginia's legs: that's when the bearhug intensifies. Ali closes her eyes, smiling sweetly as she squeeeeezes up - rounded shoulders quivering; broad, tanned back flexing; hips gulping slightly against Madsen's pelvis as Landry strengthens her grapevine base. Ali's tangled brown curls spread carelessly across Virginia's pillowy chest: Landry couldn't be happier.

Poor Virginia! Madsen tilting her head back as she groans, eyes shut tight. She pulls at Landry's hair with both fists, yanking Ali's head up and bringing reflex-tears to dark brown eyes, but Landry won't be discouraged.

Virginia beats her fists against Ali's wide back - sad, flailing blows, slapping tinnily on camera. Flapping strikes grow weaker and weaker - sometimes altnernating left/right, sometimes both together: not even a nuisance to Ali, who nestles her cheek back in snug against the swell of Virginia's breasts.

Virginia blubbering, starting to quit. Hands pushing down on Ali's shoulders, shuddering with the effort. The hug's taking too much out of her and Madsen just can't sustain her resistance. Blonde legs struggle pathetically against dominant brunette stems in the grapevine. Ali's GOT Virginia dead to rights!

Virginia sobbing, twisting and turning her head to her right, left, right, left; her face framed by soft golden curls on the pillow as she flops her arms up and out. Madsen’s all grapevined up, suffering in Ali's relentless bearhug. Virginia's out of moves. Man from audience enters from the left, gently reaching to Ali's shoulder, coaxing her back. Ali reluctant, giving Madsen a little extra pulse - just because she can. But eventually, Ali’s body rises like a Goddess emerging from the sea, slowly disentangling her legs before pushing beefily up off the beaten, Junoesque blonde.