Donna Edmondson vs. Teresa Langley catfight by Tom 06-Aug-2000

Another fight begins several yards away from the original contest between Dian Parkinson / Kimberly Paul / Deborah Shelton. Apparently, former Playboy Playmate of the Year from 1987 Donna Edmondson (36-23-35) and frequent Playboy blonde model Teresa Langley (36D-22-34), aka Cory Lane, have had words which precipitated this battle.

The supposed story is that Teresa questioned some extra perks that the playmates were getting at this party versus what the non-playmate models were getting. Teresa's jealousy later escalated into more personal attacks on Donna Edmondson, who just happened to be the closest playmate. Subsequently, Teresa challenged Donna to this catfight now occurring in hopes of proving herself deserving of equal treatment.

Fully clothed at this point, both are putting hands on the other's garments in an attempt to strip off as much as possible as quickly as possible. Donna scores first in that area by stripping Teresa down to her lingerie. Teresa soon follows by disrobing Donna down to her heavy duty bra. Since Donna wasn't wearing panties, she now sports only her top covering a pair of massive, sumptuous tits.

Both grab the other's hair as they try to pull the other one off balance and then down to the ground. Neither gains an advantage in this tussle, so they clash their bodies together wrapping their arms around the other's waist in a classic tit battle pose. As they struggle for about a minute, finally Donna's heavier breasts and upper body force Teresa backward onto the grass.

Donna falls on top of Teresa's abdomen forcing air from the model's lungs. Donna, straddling Teresa mid-body, immediately flails lefts and rights into Teresa's sides. Donna then reaches higher up Teresa's prone frame, grabs Teresa's bra, and rips it off to reveal Teresa's implant-enhanced, hard globes. Donna grabs a handful of Teresa's tits and twists them until Teresa screams in agony.

Donna unties her own bra, lays spread eagle over Teresa's body, and repetitively rises and drops her body onto Teresa's. Donna's rack crashes down onto Teresa's already sore orbs, which heightens the pain. Donna reaches down Teresa's body to grab her panties, ripping that last piece of clothing from her and thereby making both completely nude. This brings quite a reaction from the onlookers, most of whom seem to be rooting for Donna Edmondson.

Donna is perceived by most as non-pretentious, which makes her one of the most popular POY. Donna slides her legs around Teresa's waist, locking them into a well-formed scissors of Teresa's midsection. Donna's legs contain surprising strength in them, which once again causes Teresa more pain than she can silently endure. Teresa's hands pound the turf in frustration with "ughs" audible anytime Donna cranks up the leg pressure.

After wearing her midsection and resolve down, Donna releases that hold, turns over Teresa, and grabs the smaller blonde's legs with her arms. She pulls those appendages back as Teresa once again can only pound the grass, frustrated by her inability to compete evenly so far in this match. Donna doubles up Teresa's legs, rests her own ample ass onto those legs "sitting" them into place, then reaches up Teresa's back to grab her arms from behind.

Donna's slides her arms under Teresa's; then, she pulls her own arms back perpendicular to the ground in a test of strength. Donna wins that battle which results in Teresa's legs trapped under Donna's butt and Teresa's arms pulled back. This is a classic submission hold, and in this case, works to perfection. Teresa concedes the fight, and Donna has won a rather quick victory.

This brings positive reaction from most of the observing guests since Donna is so popular with most of the people on the grounds.

Although not normally the type to prolong a humiliation to extremes, Donna believes she does owe Teresa something for wasting her time with the challenge. She turns Teresa over, and moves her own ass to sit on Teresa's breast area. Donna then leans over, grabs Teresa's beautiful face, and shoves it deep into her cleavage. She rubs Teresa's around her sweaty cleavage and mashes her huge, perspiring boobs flush against Teresa's face in classic tit smothering.

Teresa gasps for air while Donna grinds her chest into Teresa for almost a minute. Donna then moves her right armpit into Teresa's nose area giving her an aroma that the smaller blonde won't soon forget. Donna moves her ass forward and sits it squarely on Teresa's face. She has her cheeks cleavage or crack right over Teresa's nose and literally rubs Teresa's face into it. As her final action, Donna then pulls Teresa's face hard against her own heavy, sweaty bush above her pussy to give a last personal touch to the match. Finally, Donna arises, straddles the almost unconscious Teresa, and raises her clasps hands above her head in standard triumphant fashion.

{Analysis} : Donna Edmondson has an innocent face which conceals a much tougher opponent than most might think. Her size advantage over Teresa was also an advantage. Teresa was probably a little too slight for her own good in this contest. Donna was never really tested in this battle, although circumstances could have altered this contest. Perhaps, in a fluky situation, Teresa Langley could have even prevailed, but I doubt the Las Vegas line would ever have her as the favorite in a match-up with Donna in a wrestling or catfight match. Better for Teresa to challenge Donna to a boxing match where her speed advantage may be more meaningful.