Katz and Klaws: Donna Edmondson vs. Karen Price by kit

"So, do I get the part?" asked Karen as he showed her into a little waiting room.

"We'll let you know," he said. "Just wait in here."

The door closed and Karen looked around. It was a small room, about the size of a child's bedroom, with thin tan carpet and only a couch shoved up against the back wall. Karen wondered if it was a casting couch, and if she was going to have to lay down on it in order to get this part. The 20-year-old shrugged. No big deal. It was just sex.

"I know I'm perfect for this part anyway," she said aloud, adjusting her short, body-hugging red dress. "If nothing else this dress will get me the part." Karen looked at the couch and ran her hands thru her flowing chestnut tresses. "What am I worried about?"

About that time the door opened and another 20-year-old brunette babe was shown in.

"Just wait in here, Donna," said the man, opening the door for her.

"OK thanks," she said entering.

Upon entering the room, Donna saw Karen standing to the side with her hands already perched above her broad hips and her chest expanded. Donna immediately cocked her hands on her sexy hips and took a couple of slow, stalking steps in a circle.

"Are you gonna be in this video too?" asked Karen, eyeing the brunette in her tight, sexy, pink dress.

Donna stopped and shook back her hair. "Uh, I think only one of us is gonna be in the video, honey."

Honey? Obviously this bitch was looking for a catfight thought Karen.

"Well, honey," smirked Karen, starting to circle, "I guess you're wasting your time. Did you come far?"

Honey? Apparently this bitch wasn't intimidated Donna thought.

"No, I didn't, but I don't think I'm wasting my time," Donna responded, circling with her.

Karen stopped. "Are you insinuating that I'm wasting my time?"

Donna stopped and shifted her hips as they stared at each other. "Well only one of us is gonna get the video, and it's obviously gonna be me."

Karen mocked a laugh as she threw back her head. "From what planet are you from? I mean, I don't show up for interviews unless I get the part...know what I mean?"

"Oh, well, maybe you just shouldn't have shown up," said Donna, back on the prowl.

Like two alley cats on a hot moonlit night, these two foxy felines ever-so slowly paced around each other. With hands on hips, Donna and Karen circled almost shoulder-to-shoulder as both pushed out their huge, massive chests and compared bodies from head to toe. Both women were very beautiful in the face and had bodies that were tight, tanned and toned in all the right places. At 5-10 and 127 pounds, Donna owned a superior height advantage and a slight weight advantage as Karen stood just 5-5, but a stocky 123 pounds. But what Karen lacked in height and weight, she made up for in measurements. At 38-26-37, Karen was little more athletic and tightly wrapped than Donna, who measured an impressive 36-23-35. While Donna enjoyed a reach advantage and longer legs, Karen offset it with better upper body strength and more powerful legs.

"I just think it's about time you left. Obviously there isn't going to be anything for you to do here today," said Donna, brushing her shoulder against Karen's.

"Well, I don't think I'm leavin'. I think I'll just wait and see you out," replied Karen, brushing back a bit harder.

"Well, I guess you're gonna be waitin'," said Donna, stopping.

She and Karen now squared off. Donna's breasts slightly above Karen's as they stood with legs planted and spread and hands still high on hips. For one solid minute they stood glaring and shaking back their hair. Donna looked down her nose at Karen as the 5-5 busty beauty stared up at the 5-10 chesty babe. Karen's enormous areolas started to swell and force her nipples to strain against her dress. Donna's big, pink areolas also tighten and forced her nipples to pop up and push against her dress as well. They both knew they were about to fight, and they were both ready. The only question was, who was going to start it?

Shoving her 36" breasts on top of Karen's 38s, Donna asked the question that needed asking. "Are you willin' to fight for this part?"

Pushing upward with her big guns, Karen answered. "Listen, bitch, I'll do whatever I have too to get this part, and no one your size is gonna do anything otherwise."

Slowly running her right hand inside the back of Karen's hair, Donna said, "Oh really, bitch...well, I just don't think you're gettin' the point here."

Karen winced, but slowly grabbed two handfuls of Donna's hair. "Bitch, you're not the only one that can pull hair."

Donna winced, but grabbed a second handful of hair as they both looked each other in the eye and prepared to pull.

"This is kinda childish don't ya think?" asked Karen, giving a good pull.

"Well, yeah, but...ow," gritted Donna, and giving a good pull of her own.

Karen grunted, and then they shifted their weight and readjusted their hands higher and deeper within the back of each other's rich, thick hair.

"You can leave now if you want, bitch," said Karen before they pulled.

"You can leave too, bitch," Donna answered with a brisk tug.

"OW!" winced Karen as her head was jerked backward.

"Ooww!" barked Donna louder as her head was snapped sideways.

Digging into the thin carpet with their spiked heels, Karen and Donna crouched over at the waist and took each other on in a slow, methodical, but painful hair pulling contest. Swaying on their heels, Karen and Donna grunted and groaned as they wrenched and torqued each other by the back of the hair.

"You won't be so pretty if I rip this hair out, will you, bitch," said Karen, sharply turning Donna's head.

"Neither will you, slut," said Donna, stretching Karen's head straight back.



"OOWW!" Karen yelped, her head pulled violently forward.

"Ung!" groaned Donna, her head stretched sideways.

"Ow! Ow!" cried Karen, her head shaken.

"OOWW!" Donna bellowed as her chin was jerked into her chest.

For nearly three solid minutes, Karen and Donna treated each other to new hairdos as they staggered back and forth twisting, jerking, shaking and pulling until they threw each other backwards by the hair. Karen even stumbled back and fell on the couch.

"Have...you...had...enough...yet...bitch?" asked Donna, breathing hard and rubbing her head.

Karen shook out her hair and massaged her head as she gave a resounding answer. "No! I...don't...think...so...bitch."

From Karen's tone of voice Donna knew she was in for a long catfight. "Then get up, bitch and let's pull more hair."

Getting up, Karen also realized that Donna was going to give her the catfight of her life. "Alright, bitch. Let's pull hair."

Stepping forward, both let the other bury her hands into the back of her hair.

"I'm gonna tear you bald," Karen promised as she twirled her fingers thru Donna's light-blond highlights.

"We'll see who's bald after this is all over," said Donna, her hands up to the wrist in Karen's dark-brown locks.

With a glare and a nod the girls braced their legs and ripped straight back on each other's hair.



Karen winced as some of Donna's long, sharp fingernails clawed thru her scalpe.

"Oooww!" sang Donna as she felt her hair stretched out at the roots.

Donna stomped her left foot as Karen twisted her sideways. She could feel her hair slowly leaving the back of her head.

"Uuunngg!" Karen grunted thru gritted teeth as her head was streched back against her shoulder blades. She could feel a big wad about to leave.

"Ooooohhh ggggaaawwwddd!" wailed Donna as Karen pried out a fistful of hair.

"Ooouuuccchh! Sssshhhit!" swore Karen as Donna extracted a chunk of hair.

The two girls staggered on their heels. Their skirts riding up their hips as they doubled over and kept pulling hair.

"Leggo...bitch," Karen grunted sharply.

"Fuck you. You...le...go," snarled Donna as their hands turned in their hair.

"Bitch! Let go!" Karen barked, driving her knee between Donna's legs.


"Uuummpphh!" Donna grunted, her knees buckling as her cunt took the blow.

Unfortunately it wasn't as effective as Karen had hoped. Donna's tight, stretched dress did absorb and slow down some of the impact, but still it was enough to jar the tall girl's senses.

"How's that feel, bitch?" asked Karen, reloading and driving the knee forward again.

"Uuunnnggg!" Donna bellowed as this time it was her left tit that caught the kneecap.

As Donna's tit was flattened, Karen ran a set of fingernails down her left cheek. Donna cried out, but turned the tables with a driving left hook that cracked Karen's ribs. The short brunette grunted harshly, and grunted again as Donna landed another hooking blow against the outside of her left tit. Karen now staggered back, but jerked Donna up by the top of the hair and slapped her hard across the cheek.


"Bitch!" yelled Karen in her face as she slapped the shit out of her again.


Donna's left cheek was cherry-red and on fire, but she nailed Karen in the gut with a hard, sinking right fist.

"Oooommmpphh!" grunted the ultra-busty brunette as she doubled over.

With Karen doubled over before her, Donna hesitated and failed to press the attack. Instead she took a step back and rubbed her left cheek. It was red and burning from getting scratched once and slapped twice.

The split pause allowed Karen's thick, firm tummy to soak up the pain and right herself. Upon coming up, she lashed out with her left hand and slapped Donna across the right cheek.


The sudden slap brought Donna back into a catfight mode, and she called Karen a 'bitch' as she jumped into her and took her to the floor by the hair. Karen landed with a thud as Donna came down on top of her.

"Uuummpphh," grunted Karen, but filling her hands with the back of Donna's hair.

Now on the floor and pulling hair with Karen, Donna was able to use her long legs as weapons as her sheer-nylons snaked up with Karen's black, silk nylons while they wrestled and tugged hair.

"I want this part!" shouted Karen, pulling Donna off by the hair and rolling on top.

"Well, you're not gonna get it, bitch!" Donna yelled, yanking her off by the hair and rolling on top.

Karen jerked her off by the hair and shouted, "Yes I am, slut!"

"No you're not, bitch!" yelled Donna, pulling her off and rolling on top.

Now on top, Donna beat the back of Karen's head against the thin, tan carpet a couple of time as she used her breast to push and shove Karen's breasts around. Unhooking her legs, Donna sprang up into a straddling position and gave Karen's face two tastes of her open left palm as she squeezed a tit with the other.


Karen's ears rang, but she was quickly brought to her senses as her shoulder straps were jerked down and her tits popped out.


"Are you gonna give up or will I rip your tits off!" shouted Donna, taking both big boobs in her hands and working them over.

Karen's head tossed back and forth as she pried in vain on Donna's twisting, turning hands. "Nooo! It's my part!"

Donna stretched out her right areola while squeezing on the left one. "No it's not, bitch! It's mine!"

Unable to free her tits, Karen attacked Donna's tits. Tearing down the front of Donna's dress from the thin spagetti straps holding it, Karen buried ten nails in her flesh.

"Oooowww! Mmmmy t-i-t-s!" screamed Donna, but beating Karen's tits together.

Karen ran her nails down Donna's right tit while taking her left areola and pinching it out. Donna twisted and twisted Karen's tits as if she were kneeing doe. Karen kept pinching Donna's left areola, but she turned her left hand around so that her four fingers could dig into the soft underside of the dangling right tit while her thumbnail drilled above the pink areola.

"Aaaaarrrrggggggg!!" cried Donna, running her nails down Karen's tits.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuck!!" Karen screamed, unloading a right uppercut that caught Donna under the left jawbone.

Donna's head rocked sharply back, but she came back and threw her face on top of Karen's left tit.

"Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggg!!" screamed Karen, bucking and kicking as Donna's pearly, white teeth clamped across her gigantic areola.

Instantly Karen slapped Donna hard upside the face, knocking her teeth out of her tit. Donna leaned back, but remained straddled over Karen as they both balled up their fists and traded punches to the face. Donna trying to knock Karen out, while Karen just wanted to knock Donna off. Both failed, but each landed a pair of hard blows. Donna gave Karen a black right eye and a cut across the left cheekbone, and Karen dished out a pulped lip and a hard shot across the back of the jaw.

"Slut!" yelled Donna, driving her right fist deep into Karen's left tit.

"Uummppphh!" grunted Karen as her areola was bruised by the knuckles.

"Oommpphh!" Donna moaned as Karen uppercut her left tit, sending it flopping up and down.

Grabbing a handful of hair with their left hands, Donna and Karen punched each other in the face with their rights. Donna blackened Karen's left eye and bloodied her lip while Karen smashed open Donna's bloody lips even more and then knocked her off with a blow to the nose that drew blood out of the left nostril.

"You fuckin' slut," said Donna wiping the back of her hand across her bleeding nose and lips as she sat up on her knees.

"Fuck you, bitch!" responded Karen, trying to focus her vision. "Had enough?"

"Have you, bitch?" asked Donna as Karen rolled to her knees.

"Go to hell, slut!" said Karen.

"After you, bitch," said Donna, reaching out and slapping Karen's face.

Standing on their knees, Karen and Donna threw their bodies together as they both hooked an arm around the back of the neck and pulled each other over. Doubled over at the waist with their head almost touching the floor, they called each other names as they grabbed a handful of tit and squeezed.

"Ooowww! Ssshhhhit!" cried Donna as her right areola was pinched.

"Fuuuuck! Leee' ggooo!" Karen screamed as her left areola was stretched.

For several long, intense moments, Karen and Donna twisted and stretched each other's nipple as they screamed and started to cry.

"Ooohhh ggggaaawwwddd...leeeee' gggoooo!!" bawled Donna.

"Fuuuuuck! Yoouurrr killin' mmmmeeee!" Karen cried.

But neither let go as they continued stretching, twisting, pinching and pulling as they fell over on their sides and hooked up their legs behind the knees.

"Fuuuck! Bitch! Leeee' ggggooo!" wailed Donna, letting go and punching Karen in the nose.

The blow didn't draw blood, but did water her already swelling and crying eyes. Karen returned fire as she socked Donna square in the right eye, causing it to flutter a few seconds before completely closing.

Throwing her right leg around Donna's waist, Karen tugged back on a fist of hair and forced herself to roll over on top of her. With her face landing across Donna's left tit, Karen opened her mouth and wrapped her teeth around the areola. Biting down as hard as she could, she then shoved her right hand between Donna's thighs and grabbed her pussy thru her panties.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggg!!!!!" screamed Donna at the very top of her lungs.

Bucking and kicking, Donna tore Karen's teeth from her areola by pulling on the back of her hair. But that didn't stop Karen's pussy attack as she now slid her hand inside of Donna's panties and dug in with all five fingernails.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggg!!!!!" Donna screamed again as she let go of Karen's hair and beat the floor with her hands and feet as her body jolted out of control.

"Give it up while you've got a chance!" Karen demanded, pulling Donna's hair at both ends. Donna could do nothing but scream as Karen ripped out a handful of her pubic hairs and went back for more. "C'mon, bitch! Give up!" Karen shouted in her face again as she inserted three fingers up Donna's cunt and clawed.

Seconds later, Donna passed out screaming as Karen's nails bloodied her clit. Realizing it was over, Karen collapsed on top of Donna. "It looks like I got the part," she whispered in her ear.