The Better Woman: Donna Edmondson vs. Karin Taylor by kit

From across the office, Donna gazed at the 5-9, 123 pound chocolate beauty at the filing cabinet. She chewed on the end of her pen as she studied the picturesque hardbody bent over, barely fanning her 34" ass under her snug skirt. Her calves were rolled into tight, little balls and the back of her thighs flexed firmly as she put away the last folder and closed the drawer. Mmmm, Donna drooled as she thought how great it would be if she could snake up legs with her and grind asses.

Karin stood up and tossed back her hair. Her large, firm, 34d breasts expanding under her blouse as her hips flared out below her trim, 231/2" tummy. Donna crossed her legs. She was getting damp just thinking about having her hands in Karin's black tresses as their bare breasts locked nipples with their hips grinding away on each other.

As Karin sat back down at her desk, Donna knew what she must do. She could get fired for it, but hell, it was worth it, she thought. Opening up her email, Donna fired off a letter to rival co-worker.

Karin said, "Although we've never been friends, I sense we have a competitive nature between us. I've thought about this for a long time and I'd like for us to get together and settle it. I've never been with another woman before, but I wouldn't mind crawling on to a bed with you and taking you on woman to woman. I've often wondered which of us has the firmer breasts and superior sex. Frankly, I think it's me. But if you're not interested in taking me on as a woman, then take me on as a girl and fight me. I'd love just as much to get into a long, down and dirty catfight with you. Slapping your face and tearing out your hair would be almost as good as wearing you out with my breasts and crotch. Let me know if you've got what it takes to meet me and settle it."

She held her breath and crossed her fingers as she clicked the 'send' button on her computer. Over the next half-hour or so, Karin showed no emotion or expression as she worked at her desk. Donna was so nervous and knotted up that she almost got sick to her stomach, and a cold fever seemed to be spreading across her body. The wait was literally killing her.

Getting up, Karin gave Donna a look as she went to the printer and grabbed a single sheet of paper. Donna was chewing the end off her pen as she watched Karin leave the room with whatever she got from the printer. If it was her email, Donna knew she'd know shortly about her job. Ten grueling minutes passed before Karin came back into the room. Still, she showed no expression other than the little smile she shot across to Donna. To Donna, it had multiple meanings, and none of which she could figure out. Five minutes later, Mrs. Jones walked up to her desk.

"Donna," said Mrs. Jones. "Mr. Roberts would like a word with you."

Donna looked across the room at Karin. Karin gave her a sheepish grin, and she knew she was in big trouble. The bitch had turned her in.

"Sit down, Donna, " said Mr. Roberts as she entered his office, "we need to talk."

Donna felt faint and nauseous. It was as if she was having an out-of-body experience. This was all just a bad dream...a nightmare. Any minute she'd wake up to the alarm. "Yes, sir."

He proceeded, "Donna, as you know, Mrs. Jones is leaving next month and we've been very impressed with your work…blah, blah, blah..." What a relief. The world had lifted and she wasn't in trouble. ", Donna, would you be interested in her job?"

"Uh, yeah, sure...yes, sir."

"Well, it's nothing definite, but we just wanted to make sure you were interested before we offered it."

Goosebumps crawled across her flesh and her nipples turned ultra-hard as her crotch tingled out of control. Karin couldn't believe what she was reading, but she didn't need any time to think about her response. Tangling with the 5-10, 127 pound, light-brown brunette was something she'd always wanted to do. Getting her mitts on Donna's 36D-23-35 beautiful body would be a real pleasure. She'd love nothing better than to take her on and show her who's body was really the best.

Donna grinned as she typed, "It's funny, but I've always felt the same way about you. True, we've never been friends, but I've always felt like you were a friendly rival. I'd love nothing more than to burn you down sexually and then tear you apart in a fight. I think we should do both. Let's talk. 555-1234."

By the time Donna got out of Mr. Roberts' office, it was already past five o'clock, and Karin was gone. Donna checked her email, and smiled. Her next stop was the sex shop.

That night in bed, Donna phoned Karin.

"Hi," said Donna.

"Hi," said Karin. "I'm glad you called. I was starting to wonder."

Donna chuckled, "I wanted to wait until I thought you'd be in bed."

Karin chuckled, "I wish you were here with me, gettin' it on."

"Mmmm, so do I, bitch," whispered Donna sexually.

"I can't wait to fuck you, and then fight you," purred Karin.

"Oh, I know. I'm already wet thinkin' about it," said Donna, touching herself.

Karin rubbed herself. "Are you game for both, bitch?"

"I sure am, bitch."

"Have you ever been in a catfight?" asked Karin.

"Uh-huh. Have you ever been with another woman?"

"Nope. But I'm lookin' forward too it."

"Good. Then that'll make us even."

"Uh-huh. We can really see which of us is the hotter," said Karin, inserting a finger.

"You think you're pretty tough, don't you, bitch?" asked Donna, wetting her middle finger and sticking it up her snatch.

"Tough enough for a sorry slut like you."

"Yeah, right," said Donna. "Just wait'll I get my hands on you, bitch."

"So, just when do you want to get your hands on me, bitch?"

"Tomorrow's Friday...after work."

"I've got all weekend, bitch," said Karin, fingering her hole.

"I don't need all weekend to beat you, bitch."

"Oh, honey, a weekend isn't long enough."

"Well see."

"Yeah, we will," said Karin, stroking her clit. "Wanna do it in my bed, bitch?"

Donna's hips twitched as she slid in a third finger. "I'd love to fuck you up in your own bed, bitch."

Both girls moaned in the phone.

"Are you doing it, slut?" asked Donna.

"Uh-huh. You?"

"Uh-huh. And it's hot and wet."

"Mmmmm, I'll bet it is," moaned Karin. "Just save some for me, bitch."

"Bitch, I've got plenty to go around."

"You better, bitch, because around and around is what we're gonna do."

Donna and Karin talked for about an hour as they brought each other to a few orgasms. They talked about fucking and fighting. They talked about pulling hair and kissing; sucking nipples and squeezing tits; slapping asses and grinding crotches; face straddles and leg locks. They talked about it all.

"Promise me you'll go the distance. I wanna do it all with you," moaned Donna, nearing her third orgasm.

"Bitch, I can go the distance, and when it's done, you're gonna be cryin' at my feet," promised Karin, brewing with her.

Friday morning Karin and Donna showed up for work dressed to kill. Both had taken a few extra minutes that morning to put on their hottest outfits and sexiest makeup. Frilly bras; lacey garter belts; racey panties; and 100% silk nylons. Usually they wore 3" heels, but today they sported sexy 5" pumps. With their tight blouses and short skirts, both went overboard in the 'slut' department, but looked drop-dead gorgeous in the process.

"My, you look like a total slut today," whispered Donna in Karin's ear.

"I can say the same for you, bitch," answered Karin, as they caught a whif of each other.

All day long they had a hard time concentrating on their work as they sent emails back and forth, trashing and promising to beat the shit out of each other. They were hot and hot for each other, and twice before noon they both had to visit the ladies room for some relief; whereupon return they emailed each other with details describing their orgasm and thoughts of fucking and fighting. The 30 minute lunch break was hardly enough time, but Donna and Karin made the most of the five minutes they spent together in the stairwell.

"Bitch," said Karin, jerking Donna into an embrace.

"Slut," Donna said, wrapping her arms around Karin's tight body. Up came the skirts and down came the panties as both girls instantly went for each other's red-hot pussy.

"Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, shit," moaned Donna.

"Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes," Karin softly cheered.

Their lips met and their tongues swapped spit as they Frenched the shit out of each other while stroking clits.

"I've never been so fuckin' hot and wet," said Donna, her eyes closed as she approached orgasm.

"Mmmmm, me neither. I can't wait to really fuck you," Karin nodded, her legs spread and locked for her pending orgasm.

The two girls vibrated on each other as they reached orgasms at the same time.

"Oh gawd, that was great," panted Donna, her knees trembling.

"Shit, I've never been so hot," said Karin, bracing herself against the wall as her legs went limp.

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard tonight," said Donna, pulling her up panties.

"You get what you give, and I'm gonna give you more," said Karin, as they brushed out their skirts.

That afternoon both had to make one more trip to the ladies room for sexual relief. It was a long day and getting longer. Their soaked panties were testament to the fact that they couldn't wait to fuck each other.

After work, Donna followed Karin to her apartment.

"What's in the bag, bitch?" asked Karin as they walked.

"Just some stuff I bought last night."

Karin grinned. "Like toys?"

Donna smiled back. "I've got a couple of 6" dildos and 12 incher for our pussies to fight over."

"Mmmmm," purred the dark kitten. "I like the thought of that."

Once inside and the door locked, Karin and Donna threw down their bags and purses and went right at it.

"C'mere, bitch," said Donna, reaching out for Karin.

"Oh, slut, let's go," said Karin, responding with outstretched arms.

So on fire for each other, neither knew exactly what to grab or what to do first. Donna took a firm fist of hair and threw an arm around Karin's neck as Karin ran her arms around Donna's waist and started pulling up her skirt.

But one thing they did do, and that was kiss. With a firm hold on Karin's hair, Donna pulled her into a torid French kiss as two hands cupped her ass and started lifting up her skirt.

"Oh give me that ass," gasped Karin, breaking off her French.

"Oh yes! I want your's," Donna said, her hands lifting up Karin's tight skirt.

In a flash their skirts were up and their hands plunging inside a pair of wet panties.

"Oh gawd," moaned Donna, feeling Karin's fingers grope her dripping cunt.

"Do me, bitch," grunted Karin. "Finger my pussy."

Sealing lips in a hard, sloppy French kiss, Donna and Karin swayed on their feet as they fingered the shit out of each other. Within just a few moments, both were moaning in each other's mouth as their orgasm ran down their thighs.

"Shit, I need you," said Donna, now tearing open Karin's blouse.

"Oh you, bitch!" exclaimed Karin, not giving a damn about her ruined blouse as she ripped Donna's blouse to the waist.

With their tits jumping out, Donna and Karin jerked down each other's bra and squeezed.

"Gawd, you've got a great set of tits," said Donna, squeezing the firm orbs.

"Mmmm, so do you, bitch," echoed Karin, her hands overflowing with soft flesh.

Indeed, both ladies were racked with an outstanding pair of breasts. Karin's tits were more round and solid than Donna's soft, juicier pair. But both were very full and blessed with large areolas and hard nipples.

Steering Donna back towards the couch, Karin shoved her down and went down on top of her. Working her tits on top, Karin locked nipples with Donna and tit-fucked her as they French kissed and had firm holds of each other's hair. Donna shoved her thigh between Karin's leg and pressed and Karin began riding the thigh. Titty-to-titty they fucked as Karin's tits worked Donna's tits over. Donna pulled Karin into a hard kiss, nearly choking her as she rubbed her thigh hard against Karin's blazing snatch. Karin ran a hand down and got it in Donna's pussy. Their nipples took turns bending each other as Donna's tits mushroomed evenly with Karin's tits.

"I hope you like it rough, bitch," said Donna, now stretching Karin's head back with two fists of raven hair.

"I love it rough. Do you, bitch?" asked Karin, twisting some of Donna's fuzzy brown pubic hairs in her fingers and tugging.

"Ooohhh gggaaawd!" cried Donna, giving Karin's brown ass a smart slap.

Karin winced, but shoved two fingers up Donna's pussy and found her clit. Donna squirmed, but kept thigh-fucking Karin's black box.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm," moaned Karin as her thick pussy lips were massaged by Donna's silky nylon-clad thigh.

"Cum, you black fuck," moaned Donna, her clit throbbing.

"Oh, bitch...I will. You cum with me."

"I'm 'bout too."

Karin felt Donna's cunt tighten around her fingers as her own snatch puckered up around Donna's garter belt snap.

"Aaaaahhh...aaaahhh!!" went Karin.

"Ooohhhh...ooohhh!!" went Donna.

Karin creamed Donna's tan thigh as the brunette washed the black's fingers. Karin collasped on Donna, and Donna held her close as their big titties spread out across their chests.

"Mmmmmm, that was great," purred Karin, looking into Donna's eyes as they caught their breathes.

"Mmmm, it was. I can't wait til we really fuck the shit out of each other," said Donna, pulling Karin into a hot, sensual French tongueing.

Their tongues rolled back and forth between their mouths as their nipples turned hard again. Each was moaning as they lightly tugged on hair and got hot for each other.

"Take me to bed, bitch," kissed Donna, running her tongue across Karin's lips.

"OK, bitch," whispered Karin, flicking tongues with her.

Getting off the couch, the two clasped a hand but Karin pulled Donna into another hot kiss. Pressing their chests together, their heads rolled slowly on their shoulders as they each cupped a buttock and worked a thigh between the legs.

"Mmmmmm," moaned Karin, kissing. "I'll bet I can make you have more orgasms than you can me."

"Mmmm, bitch," kissed Donna, squeezing a tight, brown bun. "I'll bet you can't."

"We'll see, bitch," said Karin, gently pushing Donna back down on the couch and getting to her knees.

"Oh, Karin," said Donna, spreading one leg down the couch and the other across Karin's shoulder. "You're such a nasty slut."

"I bet you taste as good as you look," Karin said, going down on Donna's pussy.

Donna flinched as Karin's lips sucked in her pussy lips. She ran a hand in Karin's hair and tugged on her own nipples with the other. "Ooooohhhh!"

Karin ran her tongue up Donna's pussy and held on to her hips. If all pussy tasted this good, she'd never go back to sucking cocks again. Donna was pink, sweet and hot, and Karin licked her into a gut-busting orgasm.

"Oohh...sshhit," gasped Donna after it was over. "That was incredible!"

Karin leaned up on her knees and Frenched the brunette. Donna could taste her sex on the black's mouth and it turned her on.

"Now it's my turn, bitch," said Donna, pushing Karin over on her back on the couch.

"Go for it," said Karin, placing a leg along the back of the couch and spreading her other to the floor. Getting on all-fours, Donna grabbed a handful of ass and another full of tit as she shoved her face in Karin's kinky, black trib.

"Ooohh...Donna! Yeeesss!" cried Karin, running her hands in Donna's hair as the white girl poked her tongue under her hood.

Donna's head rolled between Karin's thighs as she devoured the black's hot, pink pussy. Donna sucked the tasty juices off Karin's pussy lips, and then made her cum with a clit-licking.

"Aaaaahhhhh! Aaaaaahhhh! Ooooooohhhhhh!" wailed Karin, bucking her pussy against Donna's face as she blew her brains out with pleasure.

"Bitch," Donna said, now Frenching Karin, "I've gotta get my pussy on yours."

"Oh, yes," nodded Karin. "I need to fuck."

Still in high heels, skirts and torn blouses, Donna and Karin didn't bother to undress. They just kept their skirts pulled up over their tummies and got into a scissor with each other. Karin's back rested against the arm of the couch, while Donna leaned back on her elbows and put her left leg over Karin's shoulder and laced up her right leg with Karin's left leg that was dangling over the floor.

"Oh, Donna," breathed Karin, hunching her hips forward.

"Fuck me," the brunette gasped, adjusting her hips upward.

They both groaned in ecstacy as their swollen pussy touched and opened in a vaginal kiss. Using their fingers, both spread open their pussy lips and showed off their pointy, pink clits. Their thick, meaty sex horns already had a drop hanging on the end as they pushed together and touched.

"Uuuummmmm," moaned Donna, running her hands in her hair as she fell to her back.

Karin moaned as her hips vibrated and her titties shook. She closed her eyes and threw back her head as their cunts locked down and fucked. Karin's clit invaded Donna, but the brunette's clit shoved back as both girls rocked on each other.

"Ooohhh ssshhhit," moaned Karin, after a few minutes of hot fucking. "I'm cummin'!"

Donna's body jolted as she felt Karin's sex flow over her clit and down her pussy lips. It made her pinch her own nipples and bite her lower lip as she pushed down harder with her hips and fucked.

"Damn, can fuck!" grunted Karin, not missing a beat as their clits kept right on tangling throughout the orgasm.

"Mmmmm...shut up and make me cum," groaned Donna, whirling her hips in a circle.

"I'll make you cum, bitch," said Karin, ready to even things up.

Running her fingers thru Donna's wet, brown pubic hairs, Karin grabbed a few and pulled.

"Ooouuucchh!" squealed Donna, her pussy slamming into Karin's. Leaning up on an elbow, Donna grabbed some of Karin's kinky konk.

"Oooowwww!" Karin yelped, bucking hard into Donna. Still pulling each other's fuzz, the black and brunette fucked the shit out of each other. Their clits battled from pussy-to-pussy as their big tits bounced and their tight tummies trembled.

"Cum, motherfucker! Cum!" growled Karin, gritting her teeth and fucking hard.

"Damn, black bitch!" Donna grunted, her head bouncing up and down on the sofa as they kept pulling cunt hairs.

Leaning forward, Karin grabbed a fist of Donna's hair (head) and squeezed her right tit. Donna yelped, but latched on to both of Karin's dangling nipples and pinched. Their cunts folded up, forcing their clits to cut across each other and bend back.


"Aaaaahhh! Oooohhhh!!"

Screaming, they swapped sex, and Karin fell back against the arm of the couch, her pussy still quivering with Donna's tingling pussy.

"Oh, gawd...that was great," moaned Karin.

Donna licked her lips and looked at her rival. "Let's get naked and fuck like bunnies."

Karin agreed, but they stayed on the couch a few more minutes catching their breathes. The last forty-five minutes had been very intense and arousing, and both needed cooling down.

Getting up, Karin and Donna took off their blouses as Karin challenged Donna to a tit fight.

"I'd love too, bitch," replied Donna, taking off her bra.

Eager to get a little revenge on Donna for making her orgasm twice, Karin shed her bra as they then stepped together and put their arms around each other's waist.

"You've got a great pair, bitch," said Karin, aiming her nipples at Donna's, "but mine are bigger, rounder and harder."

Donna moaned as their areolas matched up. Equal in size, shape and texture, only the color was different as their nipples disappeared and began fighting. "I don't think so, bitch."

For a moment or two, Karin and Donna traded soft French kisses as their tits methodically rolled up and down.

"Ready, bitch?" asked Karin.

"Ready, bitch!" nodded Donna.

Holding on to each other's forearms, the two busty beauties leaned back then slammed together. "Uuugghh!" they grunted as their tits busted. Leaning back, they slammed together again. "Uuuummpphh!" they moaned. Leaning a little further back, they rammed again. "Uuunnggg!"

"You fuckin' bitch," grunted Karin, throwing her arms around Donna's shoulders.

"Black bitch," Donna groaned, wrapping her arms around Karin's waist. Throwing back their heads, they squeezed and hugged the life out of each other as their tits squished out and their nipples inverted each other.

" bitch!"

"You cunt...uuunnggg!"

With their tits locked in an even fight, Karin took two fists of Donna's hair and pulled. Donna barked out, but lifted Karin's skirt and spanked her on the butt before grabbing her ass with both hands and spreading open her crack.

"Ooooowwwww!" wailed Karin as her ass was stretched out. Taking a step back, Karin called Donna a 'bitch' as she slapped her across the cheek. It was a nice, crisp pop, and caught Donna completely off-guard.

"You bitch," said Donna, backing up and holding her face.

"C'm on, bitch," laughed Karin. "Let's do a little catfightin'."

"Ggggrrrr!" yelled Donna, lunging with a slap but Karin blocked it and they grabbed each other by the hair.

"Oooowww! You bitch!" cried Donna, her head tossed sideways.

"Fuckin' cunt! Ooouuch!" Karin howled, her head jerked back and forth. It wasn't a rip roarin' fight, but rather good hard yanks, pulls and tugs. Still, it was painful as both girls reminded each other that they weren't going to be friends all weekend. Twisting Donna around, Karin put her knee into her ass and bowed her over backwards. Donna screamed as her body bent backwards, and she scratched at Karin's wrists.

"On your knees, bitch," Karin demanded, forcing Donna's knees to bend.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!'' whimpered Donna. "You're hurtin' me!"

"That's the idea, bitch," said Karin with a hard yank. "Now on you knees!" Doing as she was told, Donna sank to her knees, and then was pushed over face down on the floor as Karin sat across her shoulders. In total control, Karin loved the feel of Donna's hair in her hands and wanted to tear it out now. "Come Sunday, I'm rippin' it out, bitch," promised Karin, still stretching it out.

"Oooowwww!" Shoving Donna's face into the carpet, Karin ran her fingers thru the thick locks and readjusted her grip. "Say 'uncle'."

"Uncle! Uncle!"

Karin got off, and Donna rolled over and looked up at her, "You bitch!"

Donna sat up and Karin extended out her hand. "C'm on...let's kiss and make up."

Donna brushed back her hair, then took Karin's hand. "You sneaky, slut."

Karin smiled. "You love it, and you know it."

Donna smirked as they put their arms around each other's waist and shoved their tits together. "Maybe."

A hot, soft kiss lead them to unzipping each other's skirt before heading down the hallway to Karin's love liar and their fuck-fest.

Karin and Donna spent the rest of the night and into the early hours of Saturday making sweet love and doing it all. They sucked, rubbed and fucked in all positions. They used the dildos on each other in both holes, and even their nipples on the other's clit. Donna made Karin orgasm 14 times, while the black made the white scream out 17 times. They also got into a couple of little catfights where they pulled hair; fought and pinched titties; and wrestled. Karin won the first, but Donna won the second. After pleasuring each other one last time with the 6" dildos, they cuddled up and kissed.

"You were great tonight, bitch," whispered Donna, kissing Karin.

"So were you, bitch," kissed Karin, wrapping her legs around Donna's.

"But tomorrow we fuck it out," said Donna, touching tongues.

"And fight it out Sunday," Karin said, squeezing Donna's ass.

"From here on it's claws-and-fangs, bitch," said Donna, lightly running her nails down Karin's back.

"And I can't wait to bury 'em both in you, slut," said Karin, gently pinching Donna's butt.

"Ouch, you bitch," whimpered Donna, giving Karin's butt a twisting pinch.

"Ooww, slut," winced Karin, digging her fingernails in the brunette's ass.

Donna's hips jumped. "You wanna piece of me now, bitch?"

"I sure do, bitch."

Apparently ten straight hours of sex hadn't slowed either down as they got into a rumbling, rolling fuck fight. Pulling hair and pinching asses, Karin and Donna made their tits fight as they got into a lengthy French kiss war. Slobbering back and forth as they took turns on top and banging pussies, Karin and Donna settled on their sides and fingered each other out.

"Mmmmmm, you black bitch," moaned Donna, about to cum.

"Ooooohhh, you white whore," Karin groaned, losing control.

Swearing at each other, Donna and Karin orgasmed at the same time and shot out what remaining love they had for each other. Cuddling back up, the girls pecked lips and fell asleep like a pair of kittens full of their mother's milk.

"Mmmmmm...mmmmm...mmmmmm,'' moaned Karin in her sleep.

Her hips lightly twitched as the warm, wet probe slide over her clit and circled her hood. The soft hair on her thighs tickled as her clit was pulled between a pair of tender lips.

"Oooohhh baby...that...feels...goooooood," she moaned, running her hands inside of Donna's hair.

Donna sucked Karin's pussy lips, running her tongue in deep along the pink, dripping walls. Karin's thighs clamped around her head, drawing her in deeper and harder as her loins were on fire with lust. Donna grabbed one of Karin's big tits and rolled the nipple between her fingers. Karin moaned loud as her pussy started to quiver. Donna licked her clit and sucked it. Karin went stiff and cried out a long love song as she erupted violently with ecstasy.

"What a way to start a day," smiled Karin as Donna rose up from her legs. "You're fantastic."

"Mornin' lover," said Donna, laying down on Karin.

They kissed, and Karin loved the taste of her own pussy on Donna's lips. "I thought today we were supposed to fuck fight."

"Oh we are, baby," purred Donna, lapping tongues. "But one more session of love makin' won't hurt."

"Mmmm,'' moaned Karin, spreading her legs. "Then let's make love."

Karin put her arms around Donna's neck and wrapped her legs around her hips as Donna pushed her tits into Karin's and positioned her pussy with her.

"Mmmmm," moaned Donna, giving Karin a long, penetrating French kiss as she rolled her tits and rubbed her pussy. "Can you feel the power of my tits and pussy?"

"No, but I love the way your tits flatten out against mine and how your pussy turns soft."

"My tits don't go flat and my pussy isn't soft, bitch," said Donna with a bump and grind.

With their lips touching and their eyes locked, Karin suggested, "Let's not bother makin' any more love and get down to fightin'."

"Sounds good. I'm ready to tear you up anyway," said Donna, rubbing noses with her. "Bitch."

"Slut," snapped Karin, locking her legs higher up Donna's waist, thus opening her pussy wider.

Donna spread out her legs, opening up her pussy wider as they sealed lips in a hot kiss. Both moaned as their clits touched and started fighting. Karin squeezed with her pussy muscles as Donna pumped with her's. Their clits and tongues wrestled around as their nipples tangled deep beneath a mound of tit flesh. For several minutes it was very close as each gave as good as she got.

"Uuummmm," moaned Donna as Karin's clit spiked under her hood. Hitting Donna's weak spot, Karin drew her in closer with her legs and stabbed back up with her clit. Donna groaned again and called her a 'bitch'. Karin speared her again, bringing another grunt. Donna tried to fight back, but her clit was turned around and pinned under her hood.

"Oooooooohhhhhh!! Mmmmmmmmm!!" quaked Donna, her pussy dam breaking and flooding Karin's cunt. Karin held her breath as Donna's cum crashed along her pink, burning walls. She bit her lip and yanked back on Donna's hair. Donna barked, and quickly found herself beneath Karin and getting fucked. Her big, creamy tits getting pushed around by Karin's large, firm tits as the raven beauty man-fucked the shit out of her. Their hips slammed together as Karin pounded down and Donna bucked up. With handfuls of hair they fucked and called each other names. Karin drove Donna's ass into the mattress as her clit took the fight under her hood.

"Ooooohhhh...fuuuuuuuuck!" wailed Donna as her tits and pussy were getting whipped.

"" grunted Karin with each driving thrust of her cunt.

"," said Donna, squeezing her legs high around Karin's ribs.

"," replied Karin, her clit pinning Donna's clit.

"Nnnnnnooooooo! Yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!" screamed Donna, cumming as her legs shot open.

"I'm gonna screw your fuckin' guts out, you white piece of shit," said Karin, nestling her pussy down on top of Donna's pussy in a 'ride the pony' position.

"Fuck you, you Black jungle bunny," huffed Donna, summoning up all her sexual strength.

"You bitch!" said Karin, grinding.

"Whore!" Donna said, grinding.

Latching on to a tittie, both girls squeezed and pinched nipples as they got into a pelvic crushing fuck. Sweat beads popped across their foreheads as they fucked the shit out of each other. Donna's clit was now up for the challenge as the majority of the clit fight was either in the middle or up in Karin's hood.

"Aaahh! Aaaahh! Aaahh!" grunted Karin, fucking hard.

"Uunngg! Uuummph! Uuugghh!" Donna groaned, fucking hard.

"Fuckin' cunt!" shouted Karin, twisting the shit out of Donna's areola. "Cum!"

"Oooooowwwww!!" cried Donna, wringing the shit out of Karin's areola. "You cum, slut!"

"Yeeeooowwwww!" screamed Karin, her pussy about to explode. Both howled as they blew their shit into each other. Karin rolled off, exhausted, and almost fell off the bed as Donna rolled over on her side, clutching her throbbing nipple and pounding pussy.

"Damn, you can fuck!" panted Donna a few minutes later.

"You're not bad for a white girl," Karin chuckled, sitting up. "But you're still no match for me."

Donna rolled over. "Bitch, we've got a looong way to go, and I'm a thoroughbred while you're just a quarter-horse."

"Well, this quarter-horse just rode your thoroughbred ass right into the bed," Karin stated, wiping the sweat from her forehead.

Angered and unable to respond to that fact, Donna called Karin a 'bitch' as she grabbed her by the hair and pulled her over.

"Oouuch! Bitch!" yelped Karin, as she was dragged on top of the white girl.

Sinking her other hand in the back of Karin's dark, curly locks, Donna pulled her off and tried to roll on top, saying, "We'll see who's ass is buried in the bed when this is over. Ooooowww!"

"Get off me, bitch!" shouted Karin, jerking back on Donna's hair and giving her ass a slap. Twisting their legs together, Donna and Karin pulled hair and traded slaps across the ass as they wrestled back and forth in one spot on the bed. Calling each other nasty names, their tits got into a fight and took turns dominating while they wrestled, spanked and stretched out hair.

"Ooowww! My hair!" barked Donna.

"Oooohhh...leee' gggoooo!" snapped Karin. Rolling on their sides, both slipped a hand down and found each other's nipple.

"Ssssshhhhhhit!" screamed one as her nipple was stretched.

"Oooooowww!" cried the other as her nipple was twisted. Pain ran thru both as they pulled hair and pinched nipples.

"Fuuuck! Leee' gooo!"

"You le' goooo! Ssshhhit!"

Then, by mutual agreement, both let go and rolled clear of each other.

"Bitch," said one, rubbing her head and tit.

"Fuck you," said the other, drying her eyes.

With tempers running a bit high, both agreed to break and have some breakfast.

"Let's go to the mall afterward," suggested Donna. "I'd like to buy you something sexy to wear for our catfight tomorrow."

"Mmmm, I like that idea," smiled Karin. Hand-in-hand, they walked into Victoria's Secret and looked around. "I think I like this," said Karin, taking a satin, pink teddy off the rack.

"Pink?" questioned Donna. "That color's for pussies."

"Isn't that what you are?" teased Karin.

"Fuck you, bitch!" grumbled Donna.

Karin nudged up against her and squeezed her hand, "Well, you do have a hot pussy and I can't wait to fuck it off."

"OK," grinned Donna. "But don't even think your pussy is gonna fuck mine off." The two pecked lips and turned back to the rack.

"What about this one?" asked Karin, referring to one for herself.

" I think I wanna tear THIS off you," said Donna, holding a satin, glittering teddy.

"Yuck! I hate it."

"Well, I love it."

Karin shrugged. "Oh, alright. Let me try it on, bitch." Inside the dressing room the girls stripped and got into their teddies. "Let's see how they feel," said Karin, stepping up to Donna.

"Alright," nodded Donna, clasping hands as they pressed their breasts together.

"Mmmmm...nice," moaned Karin as they watched their tits roll on each other. "When we get home I wanna have a looooong titfight."

"Me too...very loooooooong," whispered Donna, pushing Karin up against the wall and rubbing her tits up and down. "Just tit to tit, and settle this once and for all."

Karin ran her left leg around the back of Donna's right leg and rubbed it up and down. "With legs locked."

"Mmmmm...yes. All locked and twisted," moaned Donna, still rubbing with her tits.

"Hot kisses," said Karin, lips touching.

"Mmmmm, very hot," pouted Donna as they went into a deep French kiss, moaning into each other's mouth as their tongues frolicked and their tits bulged out.

"And hair pullin'," said Karin sharply as she abruptly yanked Donna's hair and slammed her against the wall.

"Ouch!" winced Donna, but yanking back on Karin's hair.

"OW!!" Karin yelped softly.

"And spankin'!" said Donna, popping Karin across the ass.

"And scratchin'!" replied Karin, suddenly cupping the brunette's ass and digging in with her claws.

Donna flinched, and ran her hands over Karin's tits. "And squeezin'!!"

"Ungh," moaned the black fox.

"Ooww..." Donna grunted as her tits were squeezed. Head to shoulder, Karin and Donna leaned forward and squeezed with all their might. Gritting their teeth to keep from screaming, their knees began to buckle as they took each other by a nipple and turned. Donna stomped her right foot repeatedly as Karin's knees knocked together.

"OK. OK!" mumbled Karin hoarsely as she drew back.

"Shit!" moaned Donna, quickly cupping her pounding tits. The two girls glared extremely hatefully. They'd gone too far.

"Bitch," said Karin with a shove in the shoulder.

"Slut," responded Donna with a push.

"I fuckin' hate your damn guts, bitch," said Karin, harshly.

"Well fuck you too, asshole. I hate your guts even more," said Donna.

Quickly they were nose-to-nose with their hands in each other's hair.

"Let's just forget about all this fuckin' and fight," snarled Karin, glaring into Donna's eyes.

"Fine," spat Donna. "I've fucked you about all I want."

"You're no fuck, bitch," said Karin.

"Fuck you anyway. I'm sick of your shit."

"Are you ready to settle this, bitch?" asked Karin, twisting Donna's hair.

"Damn right, jungle bunny," hissed Donna, tugging Karin's hair.

"Ggggrrrr! You honkey motherfucker," snarled Karin as they yanked violently back on each other's hair.

Donna's ass thudded against the wall as she and Karin pulled each other over sideways by the hair. The thud was heard by a salesgirl, who just happened to be walking down the hall of dressing rooms. Stopping and listening at the door, she could hear sounds of grunting and another thud as Karin's ass bumped against a wall.

"What's going on in there? Is everything alright?" she asked, looking at the doorknob as if speaking to it.

The girls heard her, but locked in heated combat, neither answered as they fell up against a wall, doubled over and pulling hair.

"Fuckin' bitch," said Donna, running a hand down Karin's teddie and taking hold of her dark areola.

"Ooowww...ssssshhhhhit," the salesgirl heard. Seconds later she heard Donna wince as one of her tits was squeezed.

"Fuuuuck, mmmy tit."

After banging on the door a few times without getting a response, the salesgirl wheeled around and rushed to find the manager while, Donna and Karin kept fighting on the floor; sitting on their butts and leaned up against the wall side by side, both were pulling on a fistful of hair and squeezing a handful of tit. Their legs were kicking up and down and locking and unlocking as neither could roll up or escape the other. Confined to tight quarters, the black and white were stuck on the floor unable to get leverage or positioning.

"Fuckin' cunt," swore Donna, trying to roll on top.

"Fuckin' bitch," cussed Karin, drawing her leg up and pushing her knee against Donna's belly.

Donna slapped Karin across the face. Karin ripped back on her hair. Donna tore Karin's teddy as she ran her nails down her chest. Karin slapped Donna's face. BANG! BANG! BANG!

"Call security!" shouted the female manager to the sales girl. Some other customers now looked down the hall as the sounds of a catfight echoed along the walls. The manager shook the knob and beat the door, demanding that they stop and open up. But Donna and Karin could care less as they continued laying into each other with hair pulls and nipple pinches. Donna rolled on top, pulling on both sides of Karin's hair.

"Ooooowww!" cried Karin, trying to get her long legs around Donna's body as she pulled straight back on the brunette's thick hair.

"Fuuuck! Mmmmy hhhair!" the customers heard. Unable to get her legs around Donna because of the wall and door, Karin fisted her in the kidney. Donna grunted, but sank her teeth in Karin's shoulder.

"Aaaaarrrrgggg!!" screamed Karin as security arrived on the scene just as she tore out a fistful of Donna's hair from the back; added another kidney punch; and clawed up her left leg, over her ass. Donna cried, but bit Karin again on the shoulder and added a fist to the side of her face.

"Break it down before someone's killed!" shouted the manager. A big, burley guard stepped back and shattered the door with one kick of the boot. The door slammed hard into both girls legs, jarring them to their senses, but not stopping their fight. It took a few moments for security to get in, and a few more moments to pry them apart. Both girls tore off each other's teddies and jerked out two fists of hair before they could be pulled out into the hallway and seperated.

"You fuckin' bitch this ain't over!" shouted and kicked Donna as she was dragged away.

"Let go! Let me at the fuckin' slut!" yelled Karin, struggling to break loose and get her hands on Donna.

Ninety minutes later Karin and Donna were cut loose from the mall's security office after both refused to file charges against the other and made financial restitution for the ruined teddies and damaged dressing room. Karin was escorted to her car while Donna was forced to take a taxi because Karin refused to give her a ride.

"I'm comin' over and I'm gonna beat the shit out of you," Donna told Karin from her cell phone.

"Well, bitch, I'm here and I'm waitin'," said Karin, "and you're gonna get all you can handle and then some."

Donna was fuming, "Bitch, just be ready because you're in for the fight of your sorry, fuckin' life."

Boiling mad, Donna just had enough cash on hand to pay the cabby and as she stormed up the stairs to Karin's apartment, all she could think about was beating the bitch to within an inch of her life. She hoped to find the door unlocked so she could barge right in, perhaps catching Karin off guard. But the door was locked, stopping her in her tracks. With no other option, Donna was forced to 'ask' to enter.

Knock! Knock! KNOCK!

Taking a deep breath, Karin unlocked the door and took a few steps back and said, "It's open, bitch!" Donna opened the door and paused before stepping in. She saw Karin a few feet away, hands on hips and ready to fight.

"Well, bitch?" asked Karin. "Are you gonna come in and fight, or just stand there and look stupid?"

"Fuck you!" growled Donna, easing in and closing the door behind her.

Karin took a few more steps back, and towards the middle of the room. Donna now moved away from the door, and together they stepped out of their high heels.

"It's gonna be a real pleasure beatin' the shit out of you," Karin said, pulling the straps of her dress down her arms.

"You make me sick, bitch," said Donna, sliding her straps down her arms also. "I can't believe I ever fucked you."

"Well, bitch, I don't know what you call it, but what you did wasn't fuckin'," said Karin, unzipping her dress. "And the only fuckin' now is gonna be me fuckin' you up...for good."

"Bitch, you didn't out-fuck me last night, and you sure as hell ain't gonna fuck me up now," said Donna, pushing her dress down her legs.

"Bullshit! I fucked you then and now I'm gonna fuck you up," said Karin, taking off her bra.

Donna removed her bra also. "We'll just see about that, bitch."

For a split second the girls paused before pulling down their panties. It was too bad they couldn't be lovers, because both had received pleasure that they'd never had before.

"I hate you!" hissed Karin.

"And I hate you!" snarled Donna.

Yanking down their panties, Donna and Karin kicked them at each other and then went right too it. Just like the day before when they were so hot for each other that they didn't know what to do, they were like that now as they didn't know what to slap, grab or pull. Not that they hadn't been in fights before and didn't know what to do, but because they were so passionate about their hate and beating each other, that when they came together, they were out of control and flying in all directions. Both landed a good slap and grabbed some hair as their bodies slammed together and caused them to stagger back.

Throwing themselves at each other instantly, they landed another crisp slap and grabbed hair again. Shouting and screaming, Donna jerked like hell on Karin's hair as the black kneed the brunette in the thigh and slapped her face again. Whirling like a tornado, Donna slung Karin up against the wall and ran her fingernails down her right tit as she tore out a fist of her hair. Karin wailed, but kneed Donna in the thigh again and gave her left tit a good punch along the side. Donna doubled over and was then sent sailing backwards as Karin gave her a knee to the chest. Donna flopped over the arm of the recliner, but caught Karin coming in with a heel to the belly.

"Uuummpphh!" grunted the raven beauty, dropping to a knee holding her stomach.

Rolling out of the recliner, Donna got to her feet and quickly hair-hauled Karin up. Karin screamed, but planted her right fist under Donna's left breast. Donna groaned as her big, juicy tittie flopped up and down upon impact.

"Bitch!" shouted Karin, shoving Donna in the shoulders, pushing her on to the couch.

Karin went in and grabbed two fists of hair from the top of Donna's head as the brunette gave her a knee in the lower midsection, just inches above her pussy line. Karin grunted, and then screamed as both her tits now took on a set of flashing talons. Staggering back, Karin jerked Donna off the couch and kneed her in the right tit as the brunette was doubled over screaming. Letting go of Karin's tits, Donna threw her arms around the back of Karin's thighs and rammed her shoulder into her stomach, driving them into the recliner where they fell in the seat, sending themselves and the recliner toppling over. Both girls grunted as they rolled out of the recliner and spilled on to the floor. Each dug into the other's hair and tried to straddle, but their long legs tangled up and caused them to go into a roll instead. Swearing and shouting, Karin and Donna rolled over and over as they left the living room area and entered the dining room/kitchen area of the apartment. Running into the dining table and a chair, Donna came out on top and proceeded to beat the back of Karin's head against the cold, tile floor. Karin took four or five blows to the back of her skull before she ran a set of fingernails over Donna's fine ass.

"YEEEOOWWW!" cried Donna as her ass was scratched.

"Fuckin' bitch!" shouted Karin, jerking Donna by the hair and sending them rolling back into the living room. With their legs twisting and slithering together and their tits battling nipples, Karin and Donna were stopped by the knocked over recliner with the dark girl now on top.

"You...fuckin'...cunt," huffed Karin, now pounding the back of Donna's head against the carpet.

Unable to get her legs loose from Karin's legs, Donna doubled up her right fist and sent a pair of hooks into Karin's ribcage.

"Uuugghh! Uummpphh!" grunted Karin, rolling off. The hammering blows worked and Donna was able to slowly roll on top as both girls strained to pull out the two fists of hair they had in their hands.

"Fuuuuuck! Mmmmy hhhair!" cried Donna as Karin tore out a chunk from the back.

"Fuckin' cunt," cursed Karin, rolling her way on top now. "Ooooowww! Ssshhhhit!"

"You fuckin' slut!" shouted Donna, tearing out a fistful from the top of Karin's head as she rolled on top of her. For a few more moments the girls battled in one spot on the floor. Both tore out another fist of hair as their legs worked up and down on each other and their bodies ground and humped together.

"Leggo, bitch!" demanded Donna as they lay sideways, tangled and stretching back on each other's hair.

"YOU leggo, cunt!" replied Karin, gritting her teeth.

"Then fuck you!" said Donna, running a hand down and finding Karin's right orb.

"Ooouuucchhh!" Karin screamed as Donna's fingernails worked in.

"Oooowwwww!" cried Donna as Karin found her left areola and pulled.

Still pulling fiercely on a fist of hair, Donna worked her fingernails back and forth as Karin twisted and pulled. Their legs locked up even tighter as their pussies came into contact and wiggled. For several agonizing moments they played out this test of wills as they brought each other to tears and fits of rage.

"Oh, you fuckin' whore," hissed Donna, fighting to hold on.

"You cheap, white trash," Karin responded trembling.

Donna gave a final dig and Karin gave a final twist as their legs sprang open and they rolled apart, holding themselves. For about three or four minutes, Donna and Karin lay curled up on their sides with their backs to each other. Both were in great pain and softly weeping as they gently held their tits and rubbed their heads. It had been a tough fight, and they both regretted getting into it. But gradually their tears and pain turned into rage and anger and fueled the fire of revenge.

"You bitch," said Karin, finally, as she rolled over and sat up holding her tits.

"Fuck you," mumbled Donna, still curled up with her back turned.

"This ain't over, if that's what you're thinkin," said Karin, staring holes in the back of Donna's head.

"Fuck you," the white girl mumbled again. Karin was really getting angry! "Get up, you white fuckin' slut!" giving Donna's ass a half kick/half shove with her foot.

"Bitch!" yelped Donna, now rolling over and sitting on her knees, cupping her tits.

Noticing the huge bruise around Donna's areola, Karin said, "I'm gonna do more than that before I'm done with your ass."

"Fuck you!" spat Donna, tears streaking down her cheeks. "I'm not scared of you."

Karin wiped her running nose, "Then get up and fight. Let's end this."

Donna squinted her eyes, "I'm gonna beat your Black ass off." Getting up the two girls brushed back their hair and Donna raised her fists. Karin nodded and put her fists up as they circled once between the living room and dining area. Although both had experience catfighting, neither had ever used her fists too much, and it showed as they moved awkwardly around each other, trying to hit, but not get hit.

"Bitch, stand still," said Karin frustrated, and lunging in wildly but Donna blocked the wild right punch, and stuck out a defensive jab that missed. Peddling backward, Donna launched a hook, but Karin (still swinging) caught her flush on the chin with a left. The knuckle-to-chin POP turned the brunette's head sharply and then she caught a right on the cheek that sent her reeling sideways and backward onto the dining table. Karin rushed to get her, but as she grabbed her hair, Donna brough a knee up into her belly and latched on to both tits.

"OOOOWWW!" howled Karin as her tits got squeezed hard. She grabbed Donna's big tits and squeezed, but the brunette shoved her off with her knee before to much damage was inflicted.

"Fuckin' bitch!" yelled Donna, coming off the table. The two girls lunged and grabbed each other by the hair. Back to good ol' catfighting, the black and white fought in a fierce hair pulling battle that had them both screaming in pain as they slung each other between the living room and dining room.

"Cunt!" swore Karin, shoving Donna hard against the wall and beating her head against it. Donna tore out a chunk of Karin's hair and tried to push off, but Karin slapped the shit out of her and slammed her back against the wall.

"OOOOOOWWW!" cried Karin as Donna buried her nails in her tits.

"Fuuuuuuuck!" Donna screamed as her melons were now clawed. Squeezing and scratching with all their might, Donna did drive Karin backwards towards the kitchen area. Karin raked her nails down Donna's tits as the brunette slapped her hard across the face and squeezed the shit out of her right tit. Karin's spine cracked against the kitchen counter, but she uncorked a right hook that jarred the fillings in Donna's back teeth as she nailed her flush in the back of the jaw.

"You white fuck!" Karin yelled, jerking Donna sideways by the hair as she clubbed her across the face again with her right fist. With her ears ringing and her head swimming, Donna was fighting on animal instinct as she pulled out two fistfuls of Karin's hair. Stumbling into the living room, Karin threw Donna against the wall and pounded a solid knee to her pussy.

"Uuuuummmppphhh!!" grunted the doubled over and dazed brunette.

Throwing Donna face down by the hair, Karin dropped a knee in the small of Donna's back, knocking the wind out of her and flattening out her tits. "You fuckin' bitch!" shouted Karin, getting up and kicking Donna in the ribs.

The brunette grunted as she rolled over on her back. Stomping her heel in the brunette's belly and making her bellow, Karin then plopped down on her and pinned Donna's arms under her knees. Barely conscious, Donna was totally defenseless and at Karin's mercy. (Of which she got none.) Grabbing her hair, Karin swore as she beat Donna's head over a dozen times against the floor. Karin added a few slaps and backhands before turning her attention to the white girl's tits and ass. Donna squirmed and cried until she was unconscious as Karin punched, scratched, pinched and bit until both breasts were blue, bleeding and beaten. Turning around, Karin sat down on her tits and went to work on her pussy. Fistful after fistful of curly hairs she pulled out, leaving several bald, bloody spots before sliding in three fingers in to give her vagina a good mauling!