Resolve: Donna Edmondson vs. Terri Welles by kit

It's been about 20 years since I saw my last catfight, but what a catfight it was! I was sitting at the kitchen table and going over the mail when I heard the front door slam and the sharp clicking of high heels striking the wood floor of the hallway.

"GGGRRR!" I heard my wife growl as she approached the kitchen.

"Hi, hun," I said as she entered.

Terri slammed down her purse and keys on the counter, saying, "Ooow, that bitch!"

"Honey," I said, knowing exactly who she was referring too. "What's wrong?"

Terri slung open the refrigerator door and grabbed the pitcher of tea. "What's wrong is that bitch...that's what's wrong!"

I put down the mail and scooted back from the table.

"We're finally gonna settle it. We're finally gonna do it," she said, getting out a glass.

I got up and walked towards her. "Do what? Settle what?"

"Fight!" she said, then taking a big drink.


"We got into it at work and this weekend we're gonna finish it."

I put my hands on her hips and turned her to me. "You had a fight at work with Donna?"

"That's right...just a little while ago," she said, taking another drink.

My cock started to stiffen. "Tell me what happened, slowly."

She took a breath and pushed her long, luscious locks behind her shoulders. "OK. It was about three o'clock and I was in my office when that bitch came in. We started arguing about an assignment and calling each other names. She called me a fuckin' backstabber, so I slapped her. She slapped me back, and I slapped her back. She slapped me again, and the next thing I knew, we were pullin' each other around by the hair."

"You've got to be kiddin' me," I said with a full erection.

"Nope. We went to the floor fightin' for a few seconds, and then my phone rang and we broke up.

I shook my head. "I just don't belive it."

"Well believe it, " she said, "because Saturday she's comin' over with her husband and we're gonna finish it."

"Oh baby, baby," I said, putting my arms around her shoulders and hugging her. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm okay," she sighed.

I looked into her beautiful brown eyes and tried hard to imagine the fight she'd had with Donna at work and the fight they'd have this weekend.

"I love you," she said, kissing me.

"I love you too," I said, kissing back.

We Frenched and I ran my hands down to her foxy ass and massaged it.

"I'm in the mood for sex," she said.

"So am I!" I smiled as I took her to the table and pushed her back on it. Sliding off her skirt, I dropped my pants and fucked her pussy. She was very tight, but hot and already wet. I flipped her over and fucked her ass, squeezing and slapping on her hips and buttocks as she moaned out and bucked against me. We went to the floor and finished with her on top and riding me like a horse. I blew a large load of cum up her cunt as she quaked out an orgasm that would register on the Richter scale.

That night Terri began working out. I found it a little humorous since it was Tuesday and her fight was that Saturday. But still, it was noble, and I knew that she knew that she was in for a real fight and one that she wanted to win very badly.
Terri is an absolutely gorgeous woman, and I've always appreciated her physical beauty. She's 5-9 and 120 pounds and measures a perfect 36-24-36. Her hair is frosted-blond and is long and permed with tight curls towards the end. She's femininely fit with a flat, smooth tummy and leggy tan limbs. Her breasts are more than a handful but not huge. They're firm and torpedo-shaped with large, brownish, oval areolas and hard, tiny nipples in the middle. Her ass is broad and curvy, and she has a sexy tan line across her creamy buns. Between the legs, Terri has a thick triangle of dark brown pubic hair that is soft and fuzzy. And when it comes to sex, I can't imagine anyone being any better. She's a great wife, and I've been in love with her since the beginning.

Id met Donna at a few company functions and had seen her around town, so I knew what Terri was up against and why they hated each other so much. Donna too is a very beautiful and well-built woman. In fact, both ladies would be hard pressed to beat each other in a bikini contest. She has a very pretty face and her hair is brown with a twinge of frosted highlights. It falls a little past her shoulders and is usually fluffy with waves and curls. Donna is 5-10 and 127 pounds of flawless perfection. She measures a very busty and leggy 36-23-35. Her breasts are almost double the size of Terri's, and from what I've seen poking thru her tops, her areolas must also be large with tart, pointy nipples. She has a nice, flat stomach and her back porch is almost a good as Terri's. She too has a tan working, and her legs are very long and womanly. I always thought that if I didn't have Terri, I'd want Donna. She looked to be very, very good in the sack, and I figured she probably had a kinky jungle of dark, curly hairs between her thighs.
Every night for the rest of the week Terri would come home and workout while I fixed dinner. We'd eat, talk and then make love for an hour or so as I envisioned the catfight these two fine looking ladies would have as they fought to beat the crap out of each other. I'd never seen Terri scrap, but she told me that she'd had a few in high school. I suspected that Donna had also seen her fair share of action. After all, a chick with a body like that has got to have pissed someone off at one time or another.

From what I was told, Terri and Donna steered clear of each other until Friday when they met again in Terri's office to finalize their plans. Terri said they went chest-to-chest and tugged on each other's hair while sorting out the details. She said it lasted around a minute and that they'd agreed to fight in t-shirts and shorts, and that the loser would leave the company immediately.

Saturday morning I woke up first, but I stayed in bed and looked at my wife as she gently stirred. I brushed out her hair and wondered how much of it would get pulled out. I looked at her face and thought about the marks and scratches it would take. I snuggled up next to her and gently cupped her right breast. Her areola started to crust over and her nipple grew rigid, and I wondered if I'd be able to touch it the morning without hurting her.

She moaned, so I kept tweaking her nipple and started to suck on her neck. She turned towards me and ran her hand between my legs. My cock was already piss-hard and even harder as I thought about her catfight with foxy Donna.

"Make love with me," she whispered, kissing me.

I ran my hand thru her hairy pussy and split her open with my fingers. She was warm and wet and I got her warmer and wetter.

"Kiss me there," she said.

For the next hour we made soft, tender love as I brought her to multiple orgams and one big for myself.
"Bring the bitch out back," Terri said to me when the doorbell rang at 2 p.m.

"Give me a kiss," I said, stopping her and making her come back.

Terri looked great in my white wife-beater and her white denim cut-offs. Her breasts proudly jutted forth and her long legs ran out of the shorts with a little touch of her ass dripping out.

"Kick her ass, baby," I said, after kissing her.

"I will," she said as the doorbell rang again.

Donna looked awesome standing next to her husband, Paul. For the first time I got a real good look at her breasts as her white wife-beater could barely contain them. She too had on skimpy little cotton shorts (purple) showing all of her long legs and a tiny bit of ass in the back.

I said hello and shook Paul's hand. He had always seemed cool, and I could tell by the twinkle in his eye that he was just as excited about this as I was.

"Where's she at?" asked Donna as I let them in.

"She's out back...waiting for you," I said.

In a flash Donna swung around me and marched thru the house at a dead beat.

"C'mon," I said to Paul, tapping him on the arm.

"Let's go, bitch?" I heard Donna say as she went thru the backdoor.

"Fuckin' bitch!" yelled Terri.

Paul and I rushed out just in time to see our wives go at it.

The first thing I saw was Terri missing with a slap as Donna drilled her across the left tit with her fist. Terri groaned and folded over, but Donna jerked her up by the hair and called her a bitch while driving her other fist into my wife's midsection.

"Uuunnggg!" groaned Terri, holding her abs.

Donna jerked her up again and shouted at her as she viciously shook my wife by the hair.

"Yeeeoooww!" screamed Donna suddenly, and stooping over.

As they spun, I could now see that Terri had one hand on Donna's hip and the other between her legs and squeezing. Donna shoved Terri and took a quick step back, but as Terri tried to grab her by the hair, Donna recovered and knocked her down with a slap across the face.

SMACK! It was a nasty blow, and my wife seemed stunned as Donna plopped down on her hips and slapped her cheek again.

"Fuckin' slut," swore Donna, bouncing my wife's head against the ground. "I'll teach you to squeeze my pussy."

Donna then grabbed Terri by the tits and squeezed.

"Oooowww! My t-i-t-s!" cried Terri, prying on Donna's wringing hands.

Bucking and kicking, Terri jerked Donna off by the side of the hair and rolled over on her. Donna tried to get her ultra-long legs around Terri's hips, but my wife's super sexy legs locked up with Donna's and trapped them.

"Bitch," hissed Terri, pinning Donna's wrists above her head as she now pressed into her with her whole body.

"Damn," muttered Paul as he watched my wife's fine ass wiggle while she grinded her hips into his wife's hips.

I knew Terri's lower body could handle Donna's, but I didn't think she'd have much of a chance of winning any tit fights with the busty brunette. Still, Terri lowered her chest into Donna's and began tit fighting with her.

"Man, your wife's hot," whispered Paul as we watched them working their legs up and down as their tits rolled in a circle with each other.

"So's your wife," I whispered back.

We could hear our wives cussing each other out as Terri lay on Donna, grinding and pressing with it all.

"Ge'," huffed Donna, her tits standing tall as she tried to get her legs free.

"What's...the...matter, bitch," spat Terri. "Tits...can'"

"My...tits...are...better...than...yours...slut," squirmed Donna.

"Fatter...but...not...better," panted Terri, desperately trying to stay in control.

But Terri wasn't able to hold Donna down as the brunette got her hands free and pulled my wife off by the hair.

"Oouuch," winced Terri as she was tugged to the side.

Donna hooked an arm around Terri's neck and gave her a punch in the mouth. I winced at the thought of the fat lip that she'd now have for days.

"You slut," swore Donna, straddling my wife now and giving her cheek a stinging slap.

Things looked bad for Terri as I watched Donna rip open her white tank top and sink her fingernails into her tits.

"Ooooowww! Oooowww!" cried Terri, prying on Donna's rotating wrists.

Donna slapped Terri's face again and then swore as she grabbed two fists of my wife's hair and pulled her head into her (Terri's) chest.

"You better give, bitch," said Donna lifting her hips up and positioning them over Terri's head.

Shoving Terri's head back to the ground, Paul and I now watched as his wife lowered her ass over my wife's face. It sure looked erotic seeing Donna's fine ass hang out underneath her purple shorts as she sat down on Terri's face and started grinding. Terri's legs were kicking and her hips flopping as she slapped and pushed on Donna's hips and thighs.

"How ya like this, bitch?" asked Donna, pumping. "I'm gonna snuff ya out, bitch...Yeeeeeooooowwww!!"

It doesn't take much imagination to know what happened now. Donna made a bad mistake in thinking Terri was out, and she paid for it dearly as her snatch was greeted by Terri's teeth.

Donna fell off to the side holding herself as Terri, enraged and inspired, sprang to life and pounced on her.

"Fuckin' bitch! How dare you put your nasty pussy in my face!" shouted Terri, pulling like hell on Donna's hair with both hands.

"Oooowww!" screamed Donna as we watched Terri tear out a chunk and go back for more.

"You whore! You fuckin' whore!" Terri yelled again as Donna pulled her over by the hair and they started rolling.

The fight now became a classic as Paul and I watched our wives really get into it with each other. Pulling on each other's hair, Terri and Donna rolled back and forth across the lawn screaming and swearing as their long, sexy legs twirled in combat, squeezing and bending and twisting around on each other.

"Fuuuuuck!" cried Donna, losing another wad of her hair.

"Ooohh...I fuckin' hate you!" shouted Terri, running her fingernails down Donna's right cheek.

"Yeeeooowww!" Donna bawled, throwing her knee into the pit of Terri's stomach.

"Uuugghh!" grunted Terri, rolling to her backside.

"You bitch!" shouted Donna, getting on top and straddling her. Ripping Terri's top completely down, Donna tore into her tits with vengence. I watched in shock as Donna took my wife by her rotund areolas and stretched her tits into perfect cones.

"Aaaarrrrgggg!!" cried Terri, running her nails down Donna's arms.

Donna held firm as she then slammed my wife's tits together and leaned down to bite them.

"NNNOOO!" yelled Terri in fear as she slapped Donna's face and pulled her off by the hair. She slapped Donna again as she rolled on top of the brunette and jerked her white tank top below her big, bouncing breasts.

"Sssshhhhit!" screamed Donna, as it was now her turn to be mauled.

Terri put all ten fingernails into Donna's meaty tit flesh and clawed.

"How's it feel, slut?" asked Terri, shouting in her face as she raked her talons across Donna's carnation-pink areolas.

"Oooowwww!" Donna cried in reply.

Terri gave Donna's tits another good squeeze just as Donna threw her arms around Terri's waist and pulled her over while bucking with her hips. Now wrapping their arms around each other's back and lacing up their legs, Terri and Donna used their bare breasts to catfight with. They both took turns rolling on top and grinding down as their tits spread out and dueled at the nipples. Naturally Donna's larger breasts engulfed Terri's, but Terri's nipples could take on Donna's nipples as they both made each other wince several times.

"Ouch!" yelped Terri, as I suspected her nipples were inverted. Terri yanked back on Donna's hair and had the brunette groaning as she somehow managed to get around on her backside and shove Donna's face in the ground. "Ooohh, you cunt," Terri cussed, wrapping her hands deeper into the back of Donna's hair as she saddled her ass across the brunette's ass.

"Ooowww! Mmmmy hhhhair!" bellowed Donna as her face was stretched up towards the sky. Terri bounced her ass against Donna's ass while continuing to ring out her hair and stretch her head back. "Ooouuucchh! Yooouu're...huuurtin'...mmmeee!" cried Paul's wife, clawing at my wife's wrists in her hair.

"Should we stop it?" I asked Paul.

"Oh hell no," he stated. "I've waited too long to see Donna fight. Win or lose this is hot and too good to stop."

Reaching around Donna's arched torso, Terri grabbed her right tittie and squeezed.

"Ooooowwww!!" screamed Donna as her milky flesh oozed between my wife's long, slender fingers.

"I'm gonna rip you to a training bra, bitch," Terri threatened, now stretching out Donna's tit by the areola.

Donna cried out and collapsed on the grass.

"Bout time, bitch," said Terri, letting go of her nipple, but still staying seated on her.

Donna's body heaved beneath my wife's thighs as my wife put her hands on her own hips and breathed in deeply.

"Damn," muttered Paul. "I guess it's over."

"Looks like," I said, admiring Terri's 36" ass spread out across Donna's 35" ass and flattening it.

"Fuckin' bitch," panted Terri, slapping Donna on the back of the head, and then rolling off.

Paul and I walked over to our women.

"You alright, baby?" I asked, leaning down next to her as she lay on her back.

"Yeah, I'm okay," nodded Terri, holding the sides of her head. "She didn't hurt me."

"It's not over, bitch," groaned Donna, rolling over and sitting up. "You haven't won nothin'."

"I was hurtin' you, bitch," spat Terri. "You stopped fightin' back."

"Bitch, I was restin'," shot Donna. "We're not done yet."

"Fuck you," said Terri. "I won."

I looked over at Paul. "What do ya think?"
He cocked his head. "I never heard her give up."

"That's right, bitch. I didn't give up," said Donna.

Terri sat up. "Fine! Let's just end it then, bitch!"

Paul and I stepped back as our wives got to their feet and took off their tattered tops. I marveled at their bruised and battered bodies and admired them for fighting on in such conditions.

"I'm gonna beat the shit outta ya now, bitch," said Terri, raising her fists.

"Hardly, bitch," replied Donna, clinching her hands.

"I hate your fuckin' guts," said Terri as they started to circle.

"I hate your fuckin' guts too, bitch," said Donna, moving.

"Mmmm, a fist fight," grinned Paul.

"She been in a lot of fights?" I leaned towards him.

"Some. In high school. Yours?"

"Bout the same."

"Bitch!" shouted Donna, lunging with a hook.

Terri stepped back and stuck out a jab, but missed. Donna swung again, but missed as Terri ducked down and came up with a hard, driving uppercut that nailed the brunette flush under the chin.

WHAM! Donna's head snapped violently back as Terri's knuckles crackled on her chin.

"You slut!" shouted Terri, bulling forward as Donna reeled backwards. She raked both sets of fingernails down Donna's flopping tits as the brunette tripped over her own feet and fell hard on her ass. Terri dove shoulder first into her and then straddled her across the waist.

SLAP! SLAP! Terri blistered Donna's left cheek with a pair of slaps before grabbing her by the tits and slamming them into each other. SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! SQUEEZE!

"I'm gonna claw these fuckers off!" yelled Terri, twisting the shit out of Donna's giant titties.

"Aaaaarrrrrrggggg!!!" wailed Donna, grabbing my wife's hair with two hands and slinging her off.

Terri dug right back into Donna hair as their legs flew around each other and sent them into a series of rapid rolls.

"You slut!"
"Cunt! Ooww!"

It was quite hot watching them tear at each other as they rolled and screamed. Their juicy tits slapping and knocking around as their legs flexed and scissored on each other.

"Fuckin' whore!" shouted Donna, coming out on top and straddling my wife.

Both wives went for each other's tits and clawed. Donna's big, dangling breasts made easy targets to scratch down on as Terri's tits had retreated into her chest and gave her some protection. Still, both laid each other open with their sharp, painted nails.

"Yeeeeooowweeee!!" screamed my wife as her flesh was sliced open.

"Aaaarrrrgggggg!!" cried Donna as her tits were ripped to ribbons. Win or lose, I knew sex with Terri was out of the question tonight, and for several nights.

"Fuuuuuck!" cried Terri, suddenly pumping her right fist deep into Donna's belly button.

"Ooommpphh!!" grunted Donna, folding over. Terri bucked her off and jerked on her hair. Donna rolled over on her back as my wife now took her turn at straddling. SLAP! Terri popped Donna's face with a wicked palm before turning to her tits and digging in with her nails. "Aaaaaaarrrrrrrggggggg!!!" screamed Donna, bucking in absolute pain, but still going for Terri's tits just the same.

"Ssssshhhhhit!" Terri cried, throwing back her head as Donna tore into her tits.

Both women then took each other by the nipples and pinched. Donna pulled down and twisted as Terri stretched out and turned.

"Oooooowwwww!!" bellowed Terri.

"Uuuuunngggggg!!" groaned Donna.

Both women were now in fits of tears as they cried and bawled together.

"Sssshit! Give it up, bitch!!" shouted Terri, stretching Donna's areolas out beyond the max.

"Fuuuuuuuuck!! It huuuuuurts!!" Donna cried, still twisting Terri's nipples.

Terri shook her head back and forth as she lay hard into Donna's tits with her fingernails. "Give, bitch, give!!!"

"Aaaaaarrrrrrggggggg!!!" screamed Donna, her hands falling from Terri's bleeding breasts.

"I said...G-I-V-E...bitch!!" yelled Terri, her fingers red with blood from Donna's tits.

"Fuuuuuck! I give! I give! I give!" screamed Donna, bucking and kicking and clawing at Terri's hands.

Terri ripped her nails thru Donna's crimson tits one more time before falling off and rolling quickly to safety.
It was a while before I could play with Terri's tits, but I still get excited when I see some of the tiny scars left by Donna's digging fingernails. But in the end it all worked out for Terri. She was rid of Donna and had beaten her ass good and plenty and had lots to be proud of!