Catherine “Cat” Zeta-Jones (39 y/o, 5’8”,128#) vs. Isabel Edvardsson (25 y/o, 5’7” 134#) by TommyB

Catherine Zeta-Jones, “The Big Cat,” despised blondes - especially blondes a lot younger than herself. There was usually just one way to get her out of that depression; smashing their pretty head into the floor and smothering them with her big, soft, face-filling breasts. Usually, even after that, Cat still despised the blonde - but she usually felt happier! And superior! During the last decade, “The Big Cat” had been very successful fighting for brunette supremacy against blondes!

Isabel had flown to the United States in response to an offer from Cat’s management. They’d seen clips of her on the Internet and felt she’d be a good test for the brunette in terms of fitness-orientated fighting. At 5’7”, “The Sexy Swede” - who lived in Germany - was about the same height as her brunette foe, and surpassed her in the weight by only a few pounds.

When Cat saw Isabel on the mat in the ring, she snorted, “So pretty, so tender, so nice!” The youngster looked like mincemeat-to-be! But she had second thoughts once Isabel removed her training pants to reveal a very impressive pair of long, toned, muscular legs! Cat was still trying to convince herself Isabel was a weak Barbie Doll but proudly looking down her own shapely legs, she couldn’t shake a feeling of envy. Still, Cat was firmly set on winning this fight in convincing - and powerful - fashion.

In the first seconds, neither did anything but walk in slow circles around each other; hands held high ready to respond if necessary. Catherine took a first step forward and when she got close, the Swede pulled her into her body and gripped an iron hand around her neck. Pushing her down, Isabel forced Cat to take a whirl of almost 360°.

Dizzied, the brunette faltered and took a wrong step! Isabel went after her and shot her leg into the flesh of the actress’s belly. Cat regained her composure and was quick to assume some control of the match. She tried to keep Isabel at bay but when the dancer broke through by simply twisting Cat’s thin arms down and smashed into her body-on-body, things changed! Cat tried to keep a standing position and defend herself but Isabel’s short attacks with knees and legs were eating at her substance.

Isabel was trying a more unusual approach to the fight as she employed sort of a sting-and-leave tactic by maltreating the brunette with quick, aggressive attacks but never going fully into it. The new tactic wasn’t eating at her own substance as hours and hours of dance workouts paid off excellently.

While Cat already was huffing and puffing and was visibly working very hard, the sweet Swede looked like she was dancing instead of fighting. Shooting her legs up very high - but never taking a wrong step - she wounded Cat from time to time and even when she blocked her attacks, the Swede was always able to prevent Cat from regaining the aggressor’s role. Each attack was followed by a new one - and they didn’t lose any of her power.

There was simply no getting through to Isabel who stepped all around Cat and never let her even the chance to take a rest or breath. Isabel kept the Academy Award winning actress on her heels concerned by the need to remain focused or risk getting torn to pieces by her leg attacks. Again and again, Isabel’s knee shot up to shock Cat’s belly with full force.

Doubling over, Cat held her stomach looking for breath only to be relentlessly sent to her knees as Isabel’s flexible out-stretched, leg hit her again. Walking behind Cat, Isabel grabbed for her hair with one hand, her ass with the other, and lifted the brunette a few inches before her strength and Isabel dropped Cat, letting her sprawl on her belly at her feet.

Isabel tightened her arms around Catherine’s head and cupped her chin aggressively, then took her hair and WHAM, slammed her face into the mat a good dozen times! Before Isabel could further take control, Cat crawled forwards and got lucky when her mule kick connected with the blonde’s belly and stopped Isabel dead in her tracks!

Cat rose up uneasily and the two met again in the middle of the ring. Cat broke out of her defensive posture and started to force Isabel back into the corner. Cat came on in full aggression and their sweaty bodies crashed into each other with an audible SPLAT. Almost instinctively, both women grabbed the other’s hair but Isabel seemed to get the better of it as she whipped the brunette Cat around and gave her a knee that left the older woman gasping, doubled over and faltering.

On her way in to punish Cat, however, the Scandinavian sex symbol was again taken aback by Cat’s flexible knee kick that almost gutted her! Cat reacted instinctively, lashing out with her arms to hit Isabel square in the face. The blonde retreated stumbling, holding her nose. Cat went after her and snapped a Kneelift into her ribs, doubling the blonde over.

Cat stalked Isabel into a corner where she repeated her kneeing attack. Cat was all over the blonde beauty as Isabel sagged down holding her stomach. Cat yanked her up by her hair as the sexy Swede shrieked her protest at the strong hands grabbing and twisting her mane. Everything was going well for Cat now, the Barbie Doll was going to be put to sleep once and for all!

Standing over the kneeing Isabel, Cat clamped her thighs around the blonde’s head in a Standing Headscissors. Gasping for the air, the Scandinavian struggled aimlessly, her open hands slapping Cat’s thighs as she dropped to one hip, pulling Isabel down with her, then tightened the Scissors! Fighting back tears, Isabel strained against impending defeat - but she wouldn’t give up and tears ever welled in her blue eyes!

Cat was unable to tighten her scissors any more and realized her position hadn’t been perfect. She was disappointed to see her opponent was still far from breaking mentally. Cat couldn’t get her legs into a more hurtful position without releasing and reapplying the hold but she had to do it…and hope for a slow response by the weakened Isabel.

Cat tried to adjust her thighs by positioning Isabel’s head using a handful of hair, but the blonde had been waiting for just such any opening and Cat’s plan failed when Isabel turned out to be much quicker! She jerked out of her grip as soon as she parted her thighs. Slipping extremely quickly out of the hold, Isabel scrambled to her feet and WHAP, smashed her foot into Cat’s back since she hadn’t even risen yet!

Knocked to the side and forward, Cat was helplessly pinned by Isabel’s strong arms as the brunette got a much fiercer response than she had expected. She was unable to power the blonde off her and after pressing the brunette into the mat forcibly, Isabel unleashed the mightiest of her weapons!

With enormous power, Isabel slid around behind Cat and clamped her powerful legs around her waist. The moment her legs snapped shut, Cat let out the most panicked shriek she’d released in years. Her fans in the audience gasped at the sight of their beloved fighter so obviously hurt.

Cat had always been proud of her body but she was ashamed of how it let her down this time. She enjoyed dominating her opponents, playfully teasing them by faking weakness and then coming back to crush their hopes by bettering them in every aspect.

But this time, her weakness wasn’t pretend and no matter what body part she moved, she couldn’t ignore the aching pain in her middle as her ribs becoming sore and aching from the crushing power of Isabel’s Waist Scissors. And with every second, then minutes, that passed, Cat’s pain increased. Only her awesome willpower prevented Cat from a submitting - although it was apparent to everyone that she was already a beaten woman.

Isabel loosened her scissors a bit to test how ferocious a counterattack she could expect, but there was nothing coming back from the brunette except a few trembling twitches and occasional spasmodic jerke. Isabel flopped one leg around Cat’s upper body, keeping her down by pure strength as she rolled up to take a seat on the defeated woman’s chest. Cat’s hair was sweat-matted to her face and her eyes were a wet, tear-streaked mess. She saw no hope at all of getting the blonde off her.

‘The Sexy Swede’ was using her weight to keep the mighty Cat down as she slithered to an even better position, knowing she had all the time in the world to set up her Triangle Hold. The Triangle was perfect by all means, each leg at its correct position for the highest level of effectiveness. Cat, who couldn’t get her eyes to stop tearing, clutched helplessly with her hands to Isabel’s rippling thighs; her facial expression fear-struck. The actress was so bad off, she began to plead for Isabel to let her go. Moaning and sobbing, she brunette cried for help (interference) from outside.

Isabel didn’t normally possess a mean streak, and rarely tortured girls more than necessary to secure a win, but after the arrogance Cat had shown toward her when they’d met the first time, she saw no reason to listen to the brunette’s pleas. Her screams reached an all-time high when Isabel’s legs got so tightly wrapped around her neck that the big brunette felt all air rushing out of her air. She coughed, or something closely resembling that, and the simple disappointment of being beaten gave way to a pure panic!

When Isabel finally opened the hold after Cat had repeated her frantic submission several times, Cat slumped down, her body limp and racked with sobs, her face buried in her crossed arms as her back heaved and she gasped for air. The blonde had obviously won…as she stood up, there was no response whatsoever from Cat other than her racking sobs.

The fight was over and Catherine was crying uncontrollably; nearly hysterical, yet paralyzed at the same time. She was grinding her hips on the mat; and rocking side-to-side, her arms holding her crushed mid-section which had been exposed to some of the most ferocious leg-scissoring she’d ever encountered in her entire career.

“God, I shouldn’t go against pro dancers any more,” she thought. Her neck hurt, her legs hurt, her stomach hurt even more, but what hurt far worse was her pride. What made this defeat so dramatic for Cat was that it had been to a woman she viewed as an inferior Barbie - who’d just happened to fight far above her ability in this particular contest.

Clearly, however, Cat’s assessment of Isabel’s abilities had been wrong because her legs could scissor the hell out of anyone just as they did Cat...and surely would. Because now that Isabel Edvardsson had come to America, she intended to stay and have some fun, so watch out Stacey Keibler, Charlize Theron, Natasha Henstridge and so many, many others!!