Barbara Edwards vs. Ruth Guerri by Kit

The 'Singing Playmate' is a group of playmates that travel both home and abroad performing songs and dances. Talent isn't exactly a requirement, but most have had some vocal or dance training somewhere in their past.

For the past few days the group of ten had been rehearsing for their Far East tour, a trip that would last about a month. Needless to say, things hadn't been going smoothly for the group. Everybody seemed to be either out of key, or off a step during practice. Everybody that is except for Barbara Edwards, who thought that since she was the current 'Playmate-of-the-Year,' that her shit didn't stink.

"For Pete's sake, Tracy (Vaccaro). Can't you keep your damn feet off of mine," Barbara said to her, exasperated. "Why must you be so clumsy?"

Tracy balled up her fist and gritted her teeth.

"Sorry. I didn't know that you would be there," she said biting her lip and holding back her rage.

"Geez! I can't," said Barbara, but was cut off.

"Take it easy, Barb," said Ruth Guerri. "She said she was sorry."

"And you," said Barbara pointing her finger at Ruth, "if you could sing a lick, even just a little bit would help."

"Me!" exclaimed Ruth. "Who voted your ass in charge? Your not so hot yourself."

All the other girls joined in with a "Yeah!"

"Ladies! Ladies! Please!" said the coordinator getting up from behind the piano.

It was decided that they would resume rehearsal tomorrow, and that all should show up with a better attitude and a cooperating spirit.

"Someone should do something about that queen bitch," said Alana Soares to Ruth. "I can't believe that you and Tracy let her talk to you like that. If it was me, I'd kick her ass."

Ruth nodded, "Well, she just better watch it from now on. I've had about all that bitching that I'm going to take."

The next afternoon the girls were outside on the tennis courts practicing their dance routines when Ruth and Barbara bumped into each other ass to ass. Barbara glanced back and gave Ruth a nasty go-to-hell look. Ruth glared back, but they returned to the routine.

"Keep practicing ladies, I've got to go and get the other tape," said the choreographer getting up and heading for the mansion.

After he got out of sight, Barbara quickly turned around. "I've had it with you bitch," she said shaking her fist at Ruth.

Ruth stepped towards Barbara, her face red with anger. "I've had it with you too, you self-elected cunt," Ruth said pointing her finger.

"Why you little blond slut," growled Barbara on the move.

"C'mon, you fuckin' whore!" shouted Ruth.

Like a flash, Barbara and Ruth were in each other's hair. The other girls circled around them and cheered Ruth on as she and Barbara spun in a circle viciously yanking and pulling hair.

Both blonde and brunette matched up evenly in weight (108 to 105 in favor of Ruth) and height (both 5-5). Ruth was wearing a pair of white, nylon shorts and a blue bikini top, while Barbara had on a red one-piece aerobic outfit with spaghetti shoulder straps.

"Shit!" squealed Ruth as Barbara yanked out a clump of hair from the top of her head.

Ruth responded back by slapping Barbara hard across the cheek. Barbara's head turned sharply, and the other girls cheered with delight.

"You slut! I'm gonna," Ruth said until her mouth received the back of Barbara's hand across it.

Ruth was forced backwards a few steps, but dug in as Barbara advanced with a flying fist. Ruth ducked the brunette's swing, and countered with a fist that plowed into Barbara's belly.

"UGH!" grunted Barbara as she stooped over with one hand on her stomach.

Ruth grabbed her by the hair and jerked her upright. "Take this," she said as she sent her fist smashing against Barbara's jawbone.

Barbara was knocked into several of the other girls, but instead of trying to catch her, they let her fall to the hard surface of the court.

"Go get her, Ruth!" someone suggested.

"Finish the bitch off," said another.

But Ruth just leaned over and put her hands on her knees and looked at Barbara, who was just starting to sit up and rub her jaw.

"Don't...get...up," Ruth said trying to catch her breath.

"Fuck you," muttered Barbara as she got to one knee.

Like a cat, Ruth had a handful of hair and starting to swing away with the other, when out of nowhere she felt pain in her left tit as Barbara's fist landed flush against it, knocking the firm orb out from behind the bikini cup.

"Aaugh!" groaned Ruth as she doubled over against Barbara.

Barbara wrapped her arms around the blonde's pretty legs and forced her down on the tennis court. Lying now on her back, Ruth dug her fingers into Barbara's plush dark hair and pulled her up towards her.

"Ooouucchh!" cried Barbara as she was being pulled on top of Ruth. "Bitch!" she said as she took ahold of Ruth's hair as well.

Ruth was now able to wrap her legs around the brunette's waist and lock them together. Rolling onto their sides, Ruth began to squeeze her tan thighs against Barbara's trim waistline. Barbara reached for Ruth's right tit, but when she felt the fingers sink into it, Ruth caught her by the wrist and freed her tit before any damage could be done.

For the next several moments, Ruth and Barbara stayed in this position. Ruth holding onto Barbara's wrist as she continued to pump her thighs against her waist. Each still kept one hand in the other's hair as they slowly removed several strands of the other's hair.

"Oooo! Fuck," whimpered Barbara as her guts were now starting to fell the effect of the vice-like lock around them. Desperately she struggled to break free but Ruth was determined to hold her.

"Give it up, bitch," Ruth ordered.

"You can, can...lick my pussy, bitch," moaned Barbara as she dragged out a few more hairs from Ruth's head.

"I'll bite it," grunted Ruth as she pulled hard on Barbara's hair.

The California sun now had both girls sweating profusely, and Barbara was able to break her wrist from Ruth's sweating hand.

"Aaauugghh!" screamed Ruth as Barbara's fingernails scratched across her right eye and down her cheek. This allowed Barbara to spring free from Ruth's legs, and the two females rolled away from each other.

"Get up! She's coming!" warned Tracy to Ruth.

Half blinded, Ruth rolled to her feet just as the brunette was coming. Throwing up her forearms in defense, Ruth blocked two punches, but Barbara slipped a right through that caught her in the ribcage. Ruth flinched to one side and tried to wrap Barbara up, but the brunette stepped back and threw a punch that cut Ruth across the top of the right eyebrow. Once again Ruth reeled to the side, but this time when Barbara came at her, she was successful in a wrapping her up.

"Bitch," hissed Barbara into her ear as she put her arms around Ruth's back as well.

Their breasts now mashed together as both girls grabbed the bottom of the other's clothes and pulled upward. Ruth's white shorts parted her crescent-shaped ass while Barbara's aerobic suit deeply penetrated her more fuller and rounder ass. Both playmates squealed as they lifted each other to their toes.

"Sssshhhiiittt!!" howled Barbara as she used her nails to claw down Ruth's back, causing the bottom string of the top to become undone.

Ruth yanked on the back of Barbara's hair and caused them to go spinning around in a circle until they ran into the tennis net, which caused them to tangle and fall to the court very hard. Luckily for Ruth, she landed mostly on top of Barbara.

The fall caused Barbara to land hard on her left shoulder and hip. She was in tears now and hurting very badly. But sensing her danger, she knew that she must fight on, so she grabbed Ruth by the hair and pulled her off.

Ruth was also in pain. Even though she had landed on top, her left kneecap took a hard blow and was scratched and bloody. She was also having trouble seeing because the cut on her eyebrow was bleeding into her eye.

The rest of the playmates were now grouped around them and leaning over and yelling encouragement to Ruth as she and Barbara slowly rolled back and forth pulling hair and trying to get on top of the other.

After giving Barbara a knee to the crotch, Ruth was finally able to pin the brunette and straddle her.

"Fuck you," Ruth cursed as she pulled on Barbara's suit, stretching the material enough to get her hands on her bare breasts.

"Eeeeeeooo!!!" cried Barbara as Ruth's fingers clamped around her tart, pink nipples and twisted.

"Aaaarrrr!!" shouted Ruth as her tits were now being pinched and gouged by Barbara.

For nearly one endless minute, Ruth and Barbara savagely twisted, pinched, pulled, clawed and scratched each other's breasts. Their eyes were tightly shut and their teeth clenched as they cried tears of agony and fought back the pain.

The other playmates were in awe as they watched these two she-cats literally tear each other to ribbons. Each knew how sensitive the breasts were and shuddered at the thought of how it must feel.

Just as Ruth thought that she would pass out from pain, she took Barbara by the hair with one hand and started to beat the back of her skull into the court as she continued to punish the right tit by pulling and twisting the nipple from side to side.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Went the back of Barbara's head until Ruth felt her hands drop from her tits and fall to the court.

Totally exhausted and in intense pain, Ruth rolled off and curled herself up in a ball and held her throbbing, aching breasts.

When Hef learned what happened, he banned both women from the group, saying that he wasn't promoting a catfighting circus. Later on however, Barbara insisted that the group would be more successful and accepted if it had a Playmate-of-the-Year in it. Hef saw her reasoning and allowed her to re-join. A few days later, Ruth moved out of the mansion and has been doing fine on her own ever since.

Note: Guerri won the vote: 83-82