Tawny Kitaen vs. Nicole Eggert (fr Jeff's Fight Tournament)
Nicole came into this fight a decided betting underdog, with Kitaen a 3:1 favorite on fight night. Bettors felt she was at too much of a disadvantage both because her 5'1" height put her at a severe disadvantage against the taller Tawny in spite of winning two impressive victories against equally towering opponents! The main concern was that in her battle against Liz Hurley, the 24 year old Nicole's breasts had taken some heavy damage and Jessica Hahn, despite the brevity of their fight, had also landed several punishing blows to Nicole's tender orbs.

The 36 year old Tawny, on the other hand, had fought two relatively easy matches, overwhelming Teri Farrell and having a surprisingly easy time with the highly regarded Michelle Pheiffer. Nicole's backers scoffed, saying Tawny hadn't been tested in her fights, but the "Sex Kitaens," as Tawny's fan club had dubbed themselves, knew that in both fights Tawny had destroyed her opponent by attacking her breasts, Nicole's sore point, so to speak!

As the last minute wagers were going down, Nicole made her entrance. The applause built to a crescendo when she dropped her robe to reveal for the third bout in a row the "lucky" candy apple red string bikini she'd worn for both of her wins. As the audience surveyed her body, searching in vain for evidence of the "damage" they'd heard about, Tawny entered almost unnoticed until a gasp from Connie, one of the few women who really got off on watching catfights, saw her and pointed her out to the men. Tawny strode confidently out from the shadows wearing the same heavy leather codpiece that covered her groin with a hard protective cup in her movie "Perils of Gwendoline." As Nicole protested that wearing "a cup" was against the rules, a quick survey of the few rules by Connie (the league secretary) revealed that there was no mention of the type of materials bikinis could be made of.

"We'll take care of that at the next board meeting," she said but that was little consolation to Nicole.

She was still distracted by the rules debate when the bell rang to start the fight and Tawny, as she hoped, got the initial advantage delivering a staccato series of kicks to Nicole's belly that doubled her over in pain. A knee lift to the chest not only added to concerns about the health of her breasts, but also flipped her over onto her back. She was still struggling to get up when Tawny grabbed her by the hair and punched her twice in the middle of the face. Nicole's nose shattered as blood poured down her face.

It looked like a quick finish for the blonde, but she brought her fist up from the floor and drove it squarely into Tawny's crotch. That type of punch had turned around many fights before, but Tawny's hard leather suit absorbed much of the impact and while she was staggered, Nicole suffered nearly as much pain in her hand which later examination showed to have been broken. Nicole gamely tried to rise, but was met with a side kick to the left breast which drove her backward and put her down. She lay moaning and clutching her battered breast as Tawny stripped off Nicole's bikini and used it to tie her arms behind her back. The fear was evident in Nicole's eyes as Tawny delivered three hard punches to her breasts.

Just as Tawny raised her hand to strike again, the helpless Nicole gasped, "No more. Please, no more. I quit."

Tawny sat back on Nicole's heaving stomach and cupped the weeping blonde's sore breasts in her hands.

"There, there, Nikki. Let Aunt Tawny make you feel better and then you can do the same for her."

Despite Nicole's stuttered protest, Tawny lifted her to her feet and dragged the struggling and still bound actress behind the curtain. Just as Halle Berry appeared for the next fight, a loud orgasmic scream was heard. Several men chuckled, but it was Connie who expressed it best, "Hey, to the victor belong the spoils."