Catherine Zeta Jones vs. Carmen Electra by Mika

Carmen Electra is in the ring first waiting for Catherine. Carmen is wearing a bright pink thong bikini. Catherine comes down the aisle wearing a black thong bikini. Carmen is doing stretches against the ropes, Catherine not wanting to make the mistake she did last time almost costing her match against Liz Hurley hits Carmen before the bell. Catherine is all over Electra making sure she starts out good and punishing Electra and not to allow Carmen any moves that would weaken her.

Catherine picks Carmen up and bodyslams her to the mat. Catherine runs to the ropes and crushes Carmen with a big leg drop. Carmen does not look like she is going anywhere as Catherine picks Carmen up by her long brown hair and whips her into the ropes. Carmen is floored on the rebound by a powerful clothesline by Catherine. Catherine picks Carmen back up by her thighs and carries her around the ring running, then drops Carmen's crotch down on her knee giving Carmen a powerful reverse atomic drop.

Carmen hobbles around holding her sore pussy. Catherine comes up behind Carmen and nails her with a low blow. Carmen is bent over further. Catherine sticks Carmen's head between her thighs and picks her up and powerbombs her to the mat.

Carmen is not moving. Catherine could pin her right now and get the three count, but now Catherine would rather punish Carmen more because she is sick and tired of always hearing about Electra.

Catherine picks Carmen up in a pile driver position and leaps in the air making sure that Carmen takes the full force of the piledriver. Catherine goes for the pin.

1-2...Catherine lifts Carmen's shoulder.

Catherine picks Carmen back up and tears off her skimpy bikini top releasing Carmen's boobs. Catherine backs Carmen into the corner. Catherine climbs up the turnbuckle and twists Carmen's boobs. Carmen begins begging for Catherine to stop torturing her breasts while Catherine pounds her with a fist to the side of her head. Catherine next whips Carmen across the ring by her hair sending Carmen tumbling across the ring. Carmen rolls over on her stomach to protect herself.

That was a big mistake in Carmen's part as Catherine climbs on her back and grabs ahold of the back of her thong in the legholes and yanks in an upward motion. Carmen is screaming in pain as Catherine continues to torture her ass as the thong back completely disappears up her crack. Catherine stands up and plants her foot into Carmen's back facing her feet and continues to pull. The stretchy thong refuses to break - giving Carmen a lot of pain.

Carmen is crying and begging Cathy to stop but Cathy instead takes both hands and lifts Carmen off of the floor by the back of her thong and carries her around the ring bouncing her until the thong finally breaks dropping Carmen to the floor holding her aching crotch.

"Please just pin me," cries Carmen. "I can't take anymore.

"I hope Dennis Rodman is watching all of this!!" says Cathy.

Catherine picks Carmen up and drapes her upside down over a corner buckle. Cathy runs to the opposite side and nails Carmen with a knee to the cunt. Cathy then grabs a fist full of pussy hair and yanks it out. Cathy knocks Carmen off of the turnbuckle. Cathy picks Carmen up in a bodyslam position and carries her around the ring. Carmen begs and kicks crying for Cathy to put her down. Cathy does throwing Carmen outside of the ring. Carmen leaves the ring and slams her face into the ring steps and then whips her body into the outside turnbuckle. Cathy then whips Carmen over the audience fence to where Dennis Rodman is sitting in the audience, Carmen tumbles upside down in his lap, her nude sweaty pussy in his face. Rodman dumps her off of his lap.

"Man get this ho outta here!!!" he shouts. "I don't want her!!"

Cathy throws Carmen back in the ring. Cathy reenters herself as a begging Carmen is on her knees in front of Cathy. Cathy stands Carmen up and then knees her in the stomach bending Carmen back over. Cathy puts Carmen in a side headlock and DDT's her to the mat. Cathy poses over the nearly out cold Electra and then pulls off her own clothes as the audience cheers. Cathy sits her nude ass down on Carmen in a reverse face sit.

"If you know what is good for you give me a rim job" commands Cathy.

Carmen obeys and begins licking. Cathy for a few minutes allows her air, but after a few minutes Cathy doesn't give up and Carmen passes out from lack of air. The bell is rung, Cathy is the winner of a totally one sided match.

The ref raises her hand in victory. Catherine takes Carmen's bikini bottoms and stuffs them into her mouth as a gag. Cathy throws her own bikini bottoms out to the crowd. Cathy heads out the door. Dennis Rodman gets up and heads to the ring and laughs at the site of his out cold ex-wife.

"Get up bitch!!" he shouts. "I said get up ho!!! You're no good ho!!!"

Rodman laughs at the site of Carmen totally getting her ass kicked by another girl as he heads out of the arena too and the medical personnel see to Carmen.