Carmen Electra vs. Jennifer Lopez by electrafied 11/13/00

Carmen is jealous of Jennifer's more successful career. They meet at a Hollywood party. Carmen makes some catty remarks about Jennifer which she overhears. Jennifer, in turn, makes fun of Carmen's, "Legend of the Chosen One" and "Scary Movie."

Carmen tells Jennifer, "I guess you call "Anaconda" a great work of art?"

Jennifer says, "You were the reason 'Singled Out' was canceled. The show did fine with Jenny McCarthy and only started doing poorly when you took over as the star."

A crowd at the party starts to gather around the two women as they continue to berate one another.

Carmen sneers, "I cant believe everyone thinks you got such a great ass. Really, honey, it's a fat ass." Carmen tells everyone, "If you want to see a great ass, take a look."

She starts to do the famous booty shake she's made a trademark of hers on 'Singled Out' and other shows. All the men start to gather round Carmen in obvious interest as she shakes and wiggles her beautiful, leather pants clad, ass. While she's shaking her ass, a jealous and angry Jennifer steps up behind her. She gives Carmen a swift kick in the ass with her knee high boots and Carmen howls and rubs her ass in embarrassment as the crowd laughs.

Angrily, Carmen charges Jennifer and soon both women have their hands in each others hair. Each tears out huge chunks of the others hair, ruining the beautiful hairdos especially done for the party. Carmen fancies herself a tough girl and has fought in movies like "Legend of the Chosen One."

Carmen tells Jennifer, "Let me show you a move from 'Chosen'."

She proceeds to punch Jennifer in the face several times, knocking her to the floor. While Jennifer is down, Carmen grabs her by the hair and slaps her in the face repeatedly. She kicks Jennifer in the chest, knocking her to the floor flat on her back. Carmen keeps kicking Jennifer until she is woozy and, apparently, almost out. She stops and tells everyone she is going to give Jennifer an up-close look of a great ass. She pulls down her skintight leather pants and does her famous booty shake all over Jennifer face.

The crowd laughs as Carmen rubs and wiggles her bare bottom on Jennifer's lovely face.

Dennis Rodman laughs and tells Puff Daddy, "My ex- is way too much for your babe."

Jennifer starts to come to when her nose is forced up Carmen's ass crack. Puff Daddy encourages Jennifer and she starts to fight back by biting Carmen's bare bottom - hard!

Carmen howls, rubs her ass and examines Lopez teeth marks on her smooth skin. Carmen's pants are around her ankles, so Lopez takes advantage and trips Carmen, then jumps on top of her. Holding Electra by the hair, Jennifer starts to bang her head on the floor, then wraps her long legs around Carmen and squeezes her stomach and breasts.

Lopez laughs, "I learned this move in 'Anaconda'."

Carmen is nearly breathless and almost out as Puff Daddy cheers Lopez on while Rodman encourages Carmen to get up. Lopez peels off her skintight dress and the crowd gets a look at her famous thong-clad ass. Lopez sits her bare ass on Carmen's lovely face, forcing her nose up her ass crack.

She laughingly tells Electra, "Take a good long look at a great ass."

Carmen is hopelessly pinned and can only submit to Jennifer's orders to lick and kiss her ass. This goes on quite a while, much to the enjoyment of both Jennifer and the crowd; but to Carmen's humiliation. Puff Daddy is excited as Rodman hands over a wad of cash to him; apparently paying off a bet on the fight between the two as Carmen finally passes out. When Carmen comes to, she finds herself tied over a couch naked and bottom up. Jennifer tells her she is going to be the star of the new independent film, "Caning Carmen." Carmen howls and really does do her famous booty shake; wiggling her ass trying to avoid Lopez' painful strokes of the 'Singapore Cane' on her sensitive, bare ass. Finally, Rodman walks over to Carmen and tells her he knew she was a loser all along - that's why he left her.

Cameras flash and video cameras are set up as party guests start to tape Lopez caning of Electra. Jennifer continues until Carmen's ass is criss-crossed with angry red stripes and welts. The bawling, nude Electra is finally released and runs from the party naked, holding her sore, red ass.

Smiling, Lopez hugs Puff Daddy and says, "Well, I guess we all saw who's ass got Electra-fied."