Carmen Electra vs. Jennifer Lopez by CROZ

Jennifer Lopez sat in her lavish MGM Grand hotel room brushing her hair and making herself up for the Victoria Secret show that she would be attending later that evening. As she continued to brush her hair, there was a knock on her door.

"About fuckin' time!" Jennifer thought as she stood up and opened the door to a young bell boy pushing a cart.

"Hello Miss Lopez, I have you lunch."

"Put it over there" Jennifer spoke as if annoyed.

"OK Miss Lopez, I have a grilled chicken salad, fresh fruit, bottle spring water, and a copy of celebrity today that you requested."

"Fine, just leave it there, I have to finish getting ready so if you do not mind," Jennifer said directing the bell boy to leave. As he left Jen sat down to her lunch. As she bit into her chicken a headline on the magazine caught her eye.

As Jen looked closer she read, "MOVE OVER J-LO THERE’S A NEW BOOTY QUEEN IN TOWN!"

Jen immediately open the magazine flipping to the article on page 10. There, to Jen's surprise, was a picture of Carmen Electra bent over a chair, looking over her shoulder towards the camera, wearing a neon blue outfit that was topped off by a pair of micro shorts that showed more than half of the brunette's cute butt cheeks peeking out. Jennifer went onto read an article which stated that in a poll asking men and women which female celebrity had the best butt that Carmen had top the poll with J-Lo finishing second.

"You have got to be kidding me; they think that bimbo bitch has a better ass than me."

Jennifer was so angered by the article that she threw the magazine across the room and pushed the cart of food in front of her away. Too angry to eat now Jen returned to getting ready for the fashion show.

Jen entered the convention center where the fashion show was being held. She looked stunning in a purple strapless dress that was cut at the knee but had slits cut to her upper thigh. Jen smiled and waved to the paparazzi as she made her way through the crowd. She was impressed with the turnout of celebrities including Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson, Beyonce, Julianne Moore, and Lucy Liu. As Jen was scanning the crowd she spotted someone that quickly stole that cute smile from her face. Across the room stood Carmen Electra with her husband. The brunette was dressed in a skin tight black leather dress that was cut to show maximum cleavage. Jen couldn't help but look down at Carmen ass and begin to size it up.

"What a slut huh; almost as trashy as Paris."

J-Lo was slightly startled by Halle Berry who had whispered into her friend's ear, "Yeah, tell me about it! She should be out on the corner giving $5 blow jobs with that dress."

Jen responded, much to Halle's delight, "Come on lets go grab our seats."

After the show was over most of the crowd made their way to the Tabu Ultra Lounge. There Jen, Halle, Alyssa Milano and, Daisy Fuentes were sitting at a table sharing a $120 bottle of Level vodka and Martini's. Despite the loud music, few people were dancing. One of those dancing however was Carmen Electra. With a couple drinks in her Jen began to share her opinions with the rest of the table.

"Look at that slut. You think she was getting tipped dollar bills out there."

" Who Carmen?" Asked Alyssa

"Come on Jen, you know her stripping days are over. She can afford to be a whore for free now," Halle added with a laugh.

" Hey, Carmen's not so bad, she just likes to party. I went out with her and a couple people after the Starsky and Hutch premiere, she actually a cool chick," Daisy defended

"Cool Daisy! That bitch is a prime example of how a no-talent slut can screw her way to the top," Jen replied angrily.

"Whoa Jen, this wouldn't have anything to do with a little article I read this morning about some poll," Alyssa chimed in trying to get a rise from the spicy Latina.

"Don't even get me started with that, but no poll will change her from being a white trash whore."

"Well, it looks like your white trash friend is making her way over here."

Carmen made her way over to the table with cocktail in hand.

"Hello ladies, you guys enjoying yourselves?"

Everyone responded but Jen.

"Hey Daisy, I forgot to grab you number the other night."

"Oh, its 555-7825."

"So anyone feel like dancing?" Carmen asked.

"I think you might be doing enough dancing for all of us over there," Alyssa teased

Carmen had noticed uncomfortable looks from Jen and tried to make light of the situation.

"How about you Jen, did you bring you dancing shoes tonight?"

"Yeah I did, but not the eight inch stilettos I'd need to dance with you!" Jen said with sass and spite.

"What's THAT supposed ta mean," Carmen said, taken slightly aback.

"You go think about it while you shake that skanky fat ass," Jen retorted.

"Well, at least people here WANT to see my ass, unlike YOUR flabby washed up bubble butt," Carmen snarled, staring Jen down.

Jen's jealousy and anger overflowed as she stood up and got in Carmen face, "How dare you compare my ass to yours, you cheap slut!"

"Truth hurts Jenny, or haven't you read the latest polls?"

"OK girls, neither of you needs this kinda publicity!" Daisy interjected as she elbowed her way between the two spitting cats.

"Yeah Jen, you can get your publicity with another pathetic marriage for like the seventh time," Carmen said, unable to help getting in the final insult.

"Think you're funny bitch? Meet me in room 1312 in one hour and we'll see how everybody likes your ass - after I beat it black and blue!" Jen hissed.

"If that's how you want it Jenny babe, so be it," Carmen grinned. "Just be ready to not sit down for a week, 'cause I'm gonna whip that fat ass of yours 'til you admit you're the Puerto Rican whore you are," grumbled Carmen as she stormed away from the table.

The other three actresses stared stunned at Jen

"Are you sure you want to do this Jen," Halle asked.

"Oh you bet. I can't wait to smack that little bitch around," Jen said with a big smile.

"You really think you can take her?" Alyssa asked.

"Are you kidding! I beat women twice that little midgets size. Hey, I tell you guys what. After I kick her ass why don't you guys come over and we'll have some fun."

"You serious?" Daisy asked

"Yeah, I'll order some Champagne, you guys round up whatever you want, and after I beat Carmen's ass to a bloody pulp I'll give you a call and you can all join in on beating that skanks ass....literally!"

Jennifer sat impatiently on her love seat sipping her Crystal Champagne. She wore a shiny, frilly, pink robe that hung down to her bare thighs. It had been nearly an hour and twenty minutes since Jen had seen Carmen downstairs in the club. Finally, there was a knock and she put down her glass and opened the door. There Carmen stood talking on a cell phone

"Yeah Pam, I will. Look, I'll call you when I'm done," Carmen said, flipping her phone shut and smiling at Jen. "Mind if I come in?"

Carmen wore a long leather jacket buttoned up that went down to nearly her knees. She stepped by Jen and into her hotel room which was incredibly lavish. The main room was all white carpeted about twenty-five feet wide that served as a sort of TV room and dining room. The couches and table were all pushed against the wall. The walls were decorated with gold trim and contained pictures of various classic movie stars. Through an open door was a king sized bed that was in the center of the bedroom. Decorated in an off white color the bedroom was almost as large as the main room with couches in it and all.

"Nice place!" Carmen commented as she took in her surroundings.

"Yeah, it's good to have talent. I was getting worried Carm, thought you maybe had a change a' heart," Jennifer said as she locked the door and made her was over to the table where she picked up her glass of champagne and another for Carmen.

"No, I just had to tie up some loose ends," Carmen said as she took the glass from her rival.

"So what are the ground rules," Carmen asked after taking a sip of her drink

"Ground rules? There's no ground rules honey, just me beating your ass until you can't take it no more," Jen said as she moved into Carmen's face and coolly took a sip of champagne.

"Fine, if that's the way you want it, let's get started," Carmen spoke as she walked passed Jen, slowly unbuttoning her jacket before dropping it the floor. With her back to the New York girl, Carmen's 5' 4" frame looked stunning wearing only a black lace bra and black thong. Bending over to give Jennifer a good look at her ass, Carmen picked up her jacket and turned around to face her for. With Jen now facing her rival she noticed that Carmen's thong had a rhinestone heart shape on the front.

"Is that supposed to impress me," Jen asked a little annoyed.

"No, I thought you should get a good look at what you are going to be sleeping under tonight," Carmen replied arrogantly.

Shrugging off the diss Jen untied her robe and let it fall to the floor. The Hispanic girl was to die for wearing a pink bra that was practically see through and pink frilly bikini bottoms that hardly cover half of her luscious ass.

"Let's go slut," Jen spoke igniting the fight.

The two goddesses began circling each other looking for a time to strike. Jen was able to make contact first by grabbing Carmen's long brown locks. Pulling the Ohio girl towards her, Jen shot up a knee to her rival's stomach. Carmen gave out a small grunt as Jen whipped her to the floor. Carmen rolled as she hit the ground, but quickly pushed herself up by grabbing onto the couch arm. To her surprise Jen didn't follow up on the attack. Instead she was standing there smiling. Carmen pushed the hair out of her eyes and began to circle her rival again. The white girl lunged for Jen with a fist, but the "fly girl" side stepped her and fired a kidney punch into her side. Carmen was stunned by the sudden pain, as Jen grabbed her with one hand in her hair and the other on her back as she rammed Carmen into the wall. The Irish/German/Native American girl crumpled to the ground after impact.

"What a stupid fucking slut you are to think you could fight me!" Jen said as kicked Carmen onto her stomach.

Putting one knee on the brunette's back, the Bronx babe grabbed under Carmen's chin and but her into a variation of a camel clutch. The former Baywatch cutie gave out a howl of pain.

"Crying already whore, you haven't felt anything yet," Lopez said as she broke the hold and slapped Carmen ass before she stood up. Reaching down Jen began to pull Carmen to her feet, but as she was be yanked upwards Carmen pushed off the wall, which caused both girl to tumble with Jen landing on her back and her opponent on top of her. Carmen quickly grabbed the Hispanic girl's hair and began ramming her head into the carpeted ground. Jen was taken off guard and grabbed at Carmen hands in a futile attempt to stop her head from being dribbled like a basketball.

"How's that feel bitch?" Carmen taunted as she continued her assault. J-Lo desperately needed to gather her senses so she went for the most basic defense she could think of and grabbed onto Carmen's glorious 36 C's. At first Carmen thought she could fight through the pain and continue her assault, but Jen's catfight experience had taught her how to attack a women's breast viscously. She was twisting and clawing so ferociously that Carmen pushed Jen's head into the ground and rolled away. Carmen got herself to her feet, while Jen was still on her knees trying shake out the cobwebs. The Playmate looked down at her chest to see one boob hanging out of her top with four red scratches going across it.

Carmen immediately went after the kneeling Jen in anger by running up and kicking her in the head. J-Lo tumbled sideways until she hit the base of the couch. She covered herself up by putting her arms over her head that was ringing like church bells. Miss Electra continued her assault by stomping and punching Jen who was curled up on her knees.

Carmen stopped her attack and began to taunt Jen as she grabbed her hair with on hand, "So I'm a stupid for fighting you? Looks like I'm beating your ass Jenny. Hey that gives me an idea!" She pulled J-Lo's head between her bare legs and clamped on a standing leg scissor so that she was facing her adversary's backside. The Ohio girl reached forward and grabbed a hold of Jen's panties. Yanking the pink waste band up, Carmen wedged the Bronx girl panties painfully into her ass as she began to spank Jen with her other hand. Jen couldn't help but yelp out in pain as her infamous backside was being smacked. "Look at that fat ass jiggle," Carmen commented with delight as she was turning Jen's tan ass red.

Jennifer couldn’t believe the situation she was in. Here she was being humiliated by a no talent bimbo and she couldn't even get free. Jen needed to get loose and came up with an idea. She brought her hand up to Carmen's calves and dug her nails into each one. She then pulled her rivals legs toward her. Carmen was caught off guard, being caught up in the fun of spanking the movie star, and lost her balance, falling backwards on her ass. Jen slid her head out from between Carmen's legs and scrambled to get on top of her. Taking the Baywatch babes brown locks in her left hand Jen began to smack the shit out of Carmen. With rage driving her, J-Lo would slap Carmen across the face and then backhand her the other way.

"I'll going to kill you whore!" Jen said, changing tactics and wrapping both her hands around Carmen's neck and she began to choke as Carmen tried to pry the clasped hands from her neck. A small drip of blood rolled down the side of Carmen's mouth from where Jen had cut open her lip. Tears began to well up in the brunette's beautiful blue eyes as she struggled to breath. Carmen was finally able to pull Jen's hand from her neck, but her relief was only brief as Jen pulled herself up onto Carmen, straddling her chest. "You know what; that's OK skank. I still want to hurt you some more before I knock your ass out." As she finished her sentence Jen clinched Carmen wrists and pinned them down over her head. The Hispanic beauty then proceeded to raise her ass up and then slam it down of Carmen chest. The air was forced out the former playmate as Jen continued to crush the brunette's tits with her ass. "How's that feel; having those silicone udders crushed by my magnificent ass."

Jen was all smiles as she continued her assault. Jen was enjoying herself, but she knew this was not going to finish Carmen off. With a little disappointment, J-Lo stood up over her panting opponent. She looked down at Carmen who had one hand rubbing her neck and the other massaging her aching boobs. Jen loved the sight and wanted to add to it. She reached down, grabbed Carmen's ankles, pulled them up, and just as Carmen looked at her knowing what was going to happen, Jen stomped the heel of her foot right in the middle of the rhinestone heart that was covering Carmen's crotch. Jen ground her foot into Carmen's snatch to the sweet music of the Cincinnati girl's cries. Jen let go of Carmen's legs and let the brunette roll up into a ball, holding her womanhood.

"Oh did that hurt the little slut? With a snatch as big as yours I'm surprised my foot isn’t stuck in there!" Jen couldn't help but laugh at her own jokes. "OK, I had enough of you whore. Let's get this over with once and for all."

She walked over to Carmen and unsnapped opponents bra clip and then pulled the black bra off, Carmen offered little resistance. Jen then reach down to pull off Carmen panties. This time the downed playmate fought with the Bronx girl to keep her panties on. Jennifer ended the resistance by firing a punch into Carmen's cunt. The former playmate was a sobbing mess as Jen had now stripped her naked. J-Lo pulled Carmen to her knees by her hair and forced her to crawl over to the couch that was against the wall.

"Come on slut, get moving!" Jen said as she walked Carmen over to the couch, slapping the petite brunette’s every step of the way. Pushing the white girl down so that her back was against the base of the couch, Jen turned to Carmen. "Now slut, you're going to see why my ass IS and always WILL BE the best around."

She slid down her own panties so that she was only in her pink bra. She then walked over to Carmen, pulled her adversaries hair back, and then sat on her face. Carmen's head was pinned against the couch cushion as J-Lo's bare ass engulfing her face. Jen used one hand to hold Carmen's face in place by keeping a tight grip on her hair while she used other hand to occasionally tweak Carmen's nipples. Carmen was frantic, she couldn't see anything, her oxygen was quickly depleting, and all she could smell was Jen's ass. She tried to claw at Jen's thighs, but Mrs. Lopez managed to grab her right arm and hold it down. Carmen felt herself losing it and knew she had only one chance.

While Jen was busy laughing and wiggling her ass on Carmen's face, the Baywatch babe put her left hand on Jen's inner thigh and slid into until she felt Jen's pubic hair. Once the she pushed two of her fingers inside J-Lo's snatch applying a twat pinch. Jen was fully aware of what Carmen was doing now. After only a few seconds Jennifer jumped off Carmen face and fell to her knees trying to massage to pain away in her pussy. Carmen, red faced, her hair plastered with sweat to her face, took in some much needed breathes. Her body still ached, but she knew she couldn't let Jen gain control again. By shear determination Carmen slowly rose to her feet.

With J-Lo on her knees and with her back to her, Carmen brought a double ax-handle down on the Hispanic Hotties back. J-Lo collapsed to the floor, but Carmen quickly brought her up to her feet. The former playmate took Jen and threw her into a table that was pushed against the wall. The singer's body slammed into the table as she rolled up onto it. Carmen ran over to Jen pulled her off the table by her hair. J-Lo body fell to the carpet in a heap. Carmen pulled her up again and went to throw Jen again, but this time J-Lo latched onto Carmen's hair and both girls slammed into the wall. The two hell cats entwined themselves by grabbing each other hair with one hand and tried to wreck havoc of her opponent with the other. Jen punched Carmen in the right tit as the white girl managed to rip Jen's flimsy top off.

They continued to stumble around the room as the clawed, punched, and pinched each other breast and stomachs. Carmen had Jen against the wall, but the Bronx girl managed to roll Carmen to the side so that now Carmen's back was against the wall. Carmen rolled Jen to the side until suddenly both women fell to the ground inside the bedroom. Apparently, the two naked women had rolled along to wall until they fell into the bedroom opening. On the floor the two girls pushed away from each other. Jen managed to get to her feet a few seconds before Carmen. Just a Carmen stood up Jennifer tackled her backwards onto the bed. There J-Lo, frustrated by the resistance of her opponent, began to smack Carmen's face again.

"You fucking slut! You're gonna wish you stayed down before; now I'm gonna put you through hell!" J-Lo threatened.

Carmen managed to connect with a punch to Jen's chin, then throwing her weight to the side, she rolled J-Lo over onto her back. Now it was Carmen's turn to be on top, slapping J-Lo and hurling insults.

"You wish you stuck up bitch, I'm going to tear your goddam eyes out!" Carmen jabbed her thumbs down into Jen's eyes and the Hispanic beauty gave a scream but barely managed to thrust her rival's hands aside and away from her eyes.

J-Lo became frantic as she was momentarily blinded and grabbed on to Carmen's hair, attempting to roll Carmen off her. In the process both girls tumbled off the bed and away from each other. Mrs. Electra got to her feet and saw Jen standing there rubbing her eyes. Carmen ran up and clocked J-Lo in the side of the mouth knocking her back into a dresser. Carmen quickly ran up to Jen and wrapped her arms around the singer in a bear hug. As Jen regained her vision, her first sight was Carmen's face only a few inches away. Her arms pinned against her sides, J-Lo was being crushed by the playmates hold.

"You’re not going anywhere cunt!" Carmen spat into Jen's face.

Jen struggled as best she could, but Carmen had the hold on tight and she was still pinned against the dresser. Jennifer cried out as the bear hug began to take its toll. To make matters worse Jen noticed that Carmen's much larger breast had began to engulf hers. Apparently Carmen had noticed it too by the laughter she let out, "Ha, Ha! Lookit your pathetic tits being overwhelmed by my glorious chest."

J-Lo was trying to think of a way out of the hold when a terrible shock went through her body that caused her to nearly through up. Carmen had lifted J-Lo off the ground and then slammed her crotch down on to an outstretched knee. Jen just stayed there on Carmen's knee, back against the dresser, and mouth wide opened. Carmen pulled her knee out and let J-Lo crumble to the floor.

"Now you conceited bitch, its time for you to see why my ass is the best!" The Baywatch beauty pulled Jen to her feet and threw her face down on the bed. Carmen walked over and spanked J-Lo a few time before flipping her onto her back. The brunette then mounted her pain stricken adversary so that her ass was just inches above Jen's face, facing her naked body. "Say goodnight Jenny!" Carmen said as she lowered her ass on Jennifer's face.

J-Lo tried to push Carmen off of her, but she was too tired and in too much pain. Carmen was all smiles and was even laughing out loud as she would tweak Jen's nipples, punch her stomach, and even pull out some pubic hair. Jen screams were muffled by Carmen's bare ass. Miss Electra wiggled her butt on J-Lo's face until all signs of life had left the singers body. Jen began to hear voices.

She couldn't quite figure out what was being said, but the voice sounded familiar, "OK, enough of this shit. I'm going to wake the bitch up."

J-Lo couldn't remember where she was and only vaguely remembered the fight. Then she felt cold liquid being poured on her face; it was refreshing but uncomfortable. Oh yeah, the fight with Carmen! For the first time Jen opened her eyes. To her terror she saw Carmen standing over her pouring champagne onto her. She tried to raise her hands to stop her but they were stuck.

"Wakie-wakie, Jenny-poo!"

"What the hell do you want?" Jen managed to say weakly.

"Why we just want to have a little fun!"

Jen heard laughter and realized that there were other people in the room. She lifted her head and as she looked around, she saw Pamela Anderson, Cameron Diaz and Daisy Fuentes. She also saw the four bottles of Crystal she'd ordered were now empty on the dresser.

"What's going on?" Jen asked dumbly.

"Why Daisy was good enough to tell me about what you had in store for me if you won, so I figured since I beat your fuckin' ass I'd celebrate with MY girls too."

"Yeah, I'm sorry Jen, but I just wanted to celebrate with the winning team," Daisy said laughing, obviously drunk like everyone else.

Jen tried to go after Daisy, but she forgot her hands were stuck. She then realized her hands were handcuffed behind her back.

"Well girls, why don't we get this party started. Who's up first."

"Oh me, please!!" Pamela chirped as she walked over to a gym bag and pulled out a ping-pong paddle. Looking into Jen's teary eyes Pam said, "I've been waiting for this for a long time!" She kicked Jen onto her back and proceeded to paddle Jen's ass viciously until it glowed a bright red and J-Lo yelped with each and every SPLAT of the wooden paddle.

After few minutes, Cameron spoke up, "OK, Pammie, let me get in a coupla swings too."

Cameron took up right where Pam had left off and Jen's once tanned buns were now a fiery red.

"Hey Daisy, go get the camera!" Carmen ordered, then each girl took turns spanking Jen while someone else took pictures.

The once tough Bronx girl was now crying from the pain and humiliation.

"Please..(sob)...Carmen...(sob)..Stop this...(sob)..I'll do anything...(sob)" Jen pleaded

"Anything Jenny, OK first admit I have the better ass."

"You have the better ass," Jen mumbled, her cheeks flushed and red

Carmen smacked Jen's ass, "No, I want you to say ‘Carmen Electra has a much better ass then my, flabby, nasty, fat, ugly ass’."

"Carmen Electra...(sob)... has a much better...(sob).. ass then my,...(sob).. flabby,.(sob)., nasty, fat,...(sob), ugly ass."

"That was much better bitch. Did everybody hear that?"

"OK, let me go now," Jennifer cried

"On second thought cunt, I don't think I will. I think my girls and I want to have a little more fun. With that Jen broke down again in tears.

Cameron walked over Jen and began to stroke J-Lo hair, "Oh don't cry Jen. You know what would cheer you up, sucking my toes!"

"Get away from me you sick bitch!"

Cameron slapped Jen across the face, "Look bitch, your either going to do it now or I'm going to beat the shit out of you and your going to do it."

"I have Halle and Alyssa coming over. They’re gonna kill you guys when they hear what you did," Jen responded

"I don't think so honey, why don't you look over there," Carmen said pointing to the bedroom corner. To Jen's disbelief the nude bodies of Halle Berry and Alyssa Milano were laying hog-tied on the floor, out cold.

"They stopped by wondering what happened to you so we figured we’d show ‘em first hand," Pam spoke.

"Yeah that Alyssa's a tough little bitch, but after a couple cunt shots she was bawling like a baby. So Jen, back to my feet….," Cameron said as she brought her foot to Jen face. Jen had not choice but to lick each toe individually and then choke from taking so much of Cameron's foot into her mouth.

"Cameron, bring that bitch's face over here," Carmen ordered as she got on all fours on the bed while Cameron grabbed Jen's hair and forced her face into the crack of Carmen's ass.

"Hey wait, I want in on that," Pamela yelled in excitement as she jumped onto the bed. From there she straddled the back of Jennifer's head and sat down. J-Lo face was smooshed between Carmen and Pamela's ass. Cameron laughed as if it was the funniest thing she had ever seen.

"Daisy, you getting this?"

"Oh yeah!"

That was the last thing Jennifer remembered before Halle woke her up.

"Jen, Jen, you OK."

"Are they gone."

"Yeah, they’re gone."

"How are you feeling?"

"How the fuck d'ya think I'm feeling!! I'm going to kill those bitches!"

Now uncuffed, Jen made her way to the bathroom. She was nude, her body sore and her face a mass of tear-streaked makeup. She walked to the sink and splashed water on her face and when she looked up into the mirror, she saw a picture taped to it. Jen took it down and saw it was a picture of Carmen, Pamela, and Cameron, their leering faces posing over Jennifer's bare bottom on which was written in permanent black marker, "CARMEN'S BITCH!"

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