Carmen Electra vs. Jenny McCarthy by Kit

Just a few years ago they seemed headed for certain stardom. But Jenny McCarthy's failed sitcom and Carmen Electra's cancelled Baywatch show left both actresses spinning their wheels in mud. Both had seen limited roles since, and that's why each dearly wanted a role in Wes Craven's "Scream 3" film. A part here is just what both needed to jump start their fading careers.

When the phone rang early that Saturday morning, Jenny staggered out of bed with a slight headache. Her fun the night before had left her mouth dry and a slight buzzing in her head.

"Jenny, this is Wes," said the voice over the phone. "If you're not busy this afternoon I'd like you to come to my beach house and discuss the role you tried out for Tuesday. Oh, and bring your bikini, we can take a dip in the hot tub while we chat."

Needless to say, Jenny jumped at the chance and hit the shower to try and shake off the night before.

Meanwhile, Carmen Electra paced her home nervously.

"Should I or shouldn't I," she thought as she went from room to room.

"Hell yes!" she said aloud. "Dammit, I want this part."

Jenny arrived at Wes' house that afternoon and rang the doorbell.

"Ah, Jenny," he said opening the door. "Good to see you. Did you bring your bikini like I said?"

"Yep," she said, patting a large shoulder bag and smiling.

"Well alright," he grinned. "Let's go onto the deck. Would you like some wine?"

They sat outside sipping wine and discussing the role. They hadn't been talking long when the front doorbell rang. Wes excused himself and left Jenny fumbling through the script. Her ears perked up when she heard a female voice at the door. She wasn't sure, but she thought she heard Wes say, 'Carmen'.

Last Tuesday, she had auditioned with four other females, one was Carmen Electra. Jenny straightened up in her chair when she heard the footsteps of two people approaching.

"Look who's here, Jenny" said Wes walking out onto the deck with Carmen behind him.

Jenny's stomach rolled into a knot at the sight of her brunette rival.

"Hi," she managed to mutter.

"Hi," Carmen said in an equally unenthusiastic tone.

The threesome sat around the table making idle chat as the girls cast silent stares back and forth.

"Looks like we need more wine," said Wes holding the bottle. Getting up he said, "I'll just run down to the store and get some more. Carmen, Jenny and I were about to hit the hot tub. Do you have a bikini by chance?"

"Why yes I do," she said. "I always have one - just in case."

"Figures," mumbled Jenny as she shot Carmen an evil look.

"You two slip into your bikinis and make yourselves to home. I'll be back in about twenty minutes," he said as he headed for the front door.

When he had left, Jenny asked, "What the hell do you think you're pulling, bitch?"

Carmen tossed back her hair, planted her hands on her cocked hips and said, "Same thing you are, bitch!"

"Bullshit!" stated Jenny with a hair toss and perching her hands on her hips. "I was asked," she added with a sneer.

"Yeah, right! Like I'm supposed to believe that one," laughed Carmen.

"Fuck you, bitch. I don't give a shit what you believe," spat Jenny.

The two women never liked each other at all. They traveled in the same circles in Hollywood and had competed for parts on a few occasions. But they'd never been alone until this very moment.

"Get this through your thick skull," said Jenny walking around the table towards Carmen. "I was invited to discuss my role. It's mine, understand?"

Carmen held her ground and glared back at the blonde. "I don't believe anything's been settled yet, bitch," she said matter of factly.

Jenny eyed her rival from head to toe. Carmen's golden body was wrapped in a tight, black mini-dress and heels. Her round, perky breasts peeked over the swooping neckline like ripe grapefruits while her finely toned legs flowed out from the bottom.

"Well," said Jenny running her tongue over her upper lip. "I'll settle it for you right now if you don't leave."

Carmen now took inventory of Jenny. The blonde was lean and stunning in a sleeveless white sweater and short, red skirt with matching heels. Her firm, white breasts showed a nice cleavage in her V-neck sweater and her creamy, defined legs held her body proudly erect.

"Oooooo, I'm scared," teased Carmen, fixing Jenny with a cold stare.

Jenny didn't appreciate her sense of humor. With a jab of her finger in Carmen's chest, Jenny said, "I'm not fucking around with you, bitch."

Carmen slapped the hand away, "You're about to get your ass kicked, bitch - if you don't get the hell out of here now."

The blonde and brunette circled each other as they exchanged more threats, poking and lightly shoving on each other.

"I'm not playing, bitch," hissed Jenny with a shove.

Carmen slapped at Jenny's arms and said, "Fuck you. I'm not either."

By now their nipples were rock hard and visibly straining against their tops. Every hair on their body tingled with anticipation as butterflies danced in their stomachs. Each had known this showdown had to happen at some point; but now that it was real, both seemed reluctant to start it.

Summoning up her courage, Jenny finally slapped Carmen across the face. The crisp, clean smack burned the brunette's flesh as her head spun on her shoulders. Jenny stood for a second as Carmen rubbed her cheek and turned back to face her.

"You gonna leave now, bitch?" Jenny asked. "Or do you want more of the same?"

Jenny saw the rage in Carmen's eyes just as she answered her back with a ear ringing slap of her own. Jenny's hair flew around her face as her head turned with blow. With the battle lines clearly drawn, Jenny wheeled around and Carmen knew that the fight was on.

"Whore!" shouted Jenny leaping.

"Slut!" Carmen yelled lunging.

The patio deck was filled with squeals as they took each other down and began wrestling across the wooden planks. They wasted no time in tearing each other's clothes and going for the other's bare breasts.

"Ooooooo! Fuuuucckkk!" cried Jenny as Carmen grabbed a handful of tit and sank her nails in.

"Eeeeooowwweeee!!" squealed Carmen as one of her nipples was pinched and pulled.

Carmen wiggled herself on top of Jenny as both divas grabbed two handfuls of tit and squeezed and scratched.

"Ssshhhhit! My tits! Get off, bitch!" screamed the blonde as she grabbed two fists of hair and jerked Carmen to the side.

Carmen combed her fingers into Jenny's golden locks as the girls rolled across the deck knocking over chairs and potted plants as they yanked and pulled hair. Their sexy bodies glided and ground together, their legs writhed and slithered up and down and over and around the others. Their tight skirts hiked above their hips and their heels flew off in the hard, vigorous wrestling.

"Yeeeoooowwww!" cried Carmen as Jenny's nails raked her left tit even as a handful of hair was being pulled.

"Fuckin' slut," growled Jenny as she ripped Carmen's dress down.

Carmen shook Jenny's head up and down by the hair, tearing out a wad in the back that made Jenny cry out and curse.

"Fuuuucccckkk!!" shouted Carmen as a handful of her dark hair left her head seconds later.

"Ieeeeoooowwwweee!!" the blonde wailed as her right tit took a savage clawing from Carmen's sharp talons.

Jenny and Carmen rolled to their knees, each holding a handful of hair as they doubled up the other hand and sent short, choppy punches to the face. Carmen put a little mouse under Jenny's left eye, while Jenny peeled the hide away from Carmen's bottom lip, turning it glossy red.

"I'll teach you," Jenny said as she slapped Carmen's face.

"Bitch!" shouted Carmen as she threw herself at Jenny.

The back of Jenny's head thudded on the wooden deck as Carmen pinned the Playmate's hands over her head and lay on top of her. Carmen pressed her firm breasts against Jenny's round ones. Jenny bucked her hips and kicked, but Carmen lowered her crotch down and curled her legs around the blondes, controlling them. Their pink nipples and thong covered crotches clashed head-on as Carmen used her body to grind the fight from Jenny.

"Your sorry ass isn't half as good as mine," said Carmen as she rolled her tits and pressed with her crotch.

Jenny spat in her face as her body battled back in defense. Carmen spat back in Jenny's face and started to ride her harder, but Jenny was game. Her round tits rolled with Carmen's as their nipples took turns bending and pinning the others. Jenny's crotch bucked up and met Carmen's thrusting crotch with equal force; their legs strained together and tried to break each other.

"You whore," hissed Jenny as she broke her right arm free and immediately sank her fingers into Carmen's hair.

Carmen's head stretched backwards with the pull as she tried to hold the blonde in check with her body while scratching at her arm. "Fuuuuccckkk!!" bawled the brunette as the handful of her hair was pulled out at the roots.

Still fighting to keep control, Carmen raked her nails over Jenny's right tit.

"Aaaaaarrrrggggg!!" cried Jenny as her juicy melon was streaked with red lines.

Jenny now bucked Carmen to the side, and the two hellcats threw caution out the window as they rolled across the deck mauling at each other's tits.

Wes nearly shit his pants when he walked back out onto the deck to find the battlin' babes squeezing each other's tits and fighting back the tears. Carmen's dress was torn and down around her waist; Jenny's top lay a few feet away ripped to pieces. Stunned, he just stood and watched since the girls were unaware of his presence and battled on.

Both girls were crying. Tears ran down their faces as each continued mauling the others throbbing tits. Working her way on top, Jenny straddled Carmen's waist. She had hold of Carmen's nipples and was pulling back on them, as Carmen was squeezing her tits and slamming them together.

"Ooooooooo...ggggaaaawwwddd!!" moaned Jenny as Carmen grabbed her nipples and shook her tits with them.

Jenny doubled up her right fist and uppercut Carmen under the jaw. The blonde's knuckles cracked against jawbone and the brunette's mouth slammed shut. Leaning down, Jenny went for the kill. Opening her mouth, she wrapped her teeth around Carmen's purple areola and bit down - hard.

"Aaaaaaaarrrrrrggggg!!!! Aaaaarrrrrgggggg!!!!" screamed Carmen at the top of her lungs as she started slapping at Jenny's face and head.

"Jenny! Jenny! That's enough!" shouted Wes as he tried pulling her off.

Jenny allowed herself to be lifted to her feet. She was crying and holding her tits when Wes leaned down to check on Carmen, who was balled up in a fetal position, still screaming and holding her bitten breast.

Wes separated them and tended to their needs. Later, he told Jenny there was no need to fight. She had already gotten the part, but he hadn't had the chance to tell her before Carmen showed up.

"It was something we both needed settled anyway," Jenny told him.

Jenny went on with her career while Carmen took a small part in "Scary Movie." Jenny thought it funny that her rival was playing in a B movie about a real movie.

Jenny laughed thinking, "She's always been second best and she will always BE second best."