Carmen Electra Vs. Rose McGowan (Alexis) 18-Jul-2000

At a recent party thrown by Carmen Electra, Rose McGowan showed up looking stunning and with her provocative see-through dress she evoked the ire of nearly every other woman at the party. One who was particularly upset about Rose's need for attention was Carmen, who needed as much attention as she could get.

Carmen's kinky sex life was well known throughout celebrity circles and one look at her face on this night gave one the realization that she was looking for a playmate. Little did anyone at the party know just how kinky Carmen was planning on being this night. Upstairs in her bedroom, hidden away in the closet, was a young man, very young. He was a teenaged waiter at one of Carmen's favorite restaurants and she enjoyed flirting with him, and other teenage boys his age. For Carmen sex was about power and control. She loved the sensation of owning a lover at those moments when she brought them to the brink of orgasm, made them wait, caused them to titter back and forth at the threshold of ecstasy and frustration and then plunged them over. She loved owning a man's cock, a woman's pussy.

It was because of this fascination with control that she collected young lovers faster than a housewife collects coupons. Young lovers were easy because they were especially disposable. Eighteen, nineteen, twenty . . . Carmen even went younger than that at times. Such was her appetite. And such was her appetite on this night. She loved being with young lovers who would surrender to her sexuality, young lovers who would treat her as a goddess.

On this particular night, she had promised one of her younger and more eager boy toys a treat. She was throwing a party, she had told him, and wanted him to wait and watch from her bedroom closet as she seduced a woman at the party and brought her upstairs for a show. The woman of her choice would have no idea she was being watched, of course. That only added to the feeling of control Carmen felt. Not only would she control the female lover, she would do it in front of one of her own male lovers. She would be the center of the show. The thought of it made her wet.

With the party in full gear and her boy toy waiting obediently in her closet for Carmen to make her selection, Rose McGowan was stealing the spotlight from the hostess. This didn't sit well with Carmen who made every attempt to avert attention away from Rose and towards herself. However, the younger Rose knew how to hold her own and she captivated the men and women in attendance, not just with her beautiful body and risqué dress but also with her confidence, which was unusually strong for young woman.

It then crossed Carmen's mind that the best way to handle the younger rival for attention was to extract her from the equation by taking her on a tour of the house with the last stop being her bedroom where she would seduce and overpower the younger actress in front of her young lover. Rose looked suspiciously at Carmen after Carmen extended her invitation to Rose. And as the two made their way up the spiral staircase towards the second floor every eye in the party was on them. But how could they not be, as beautiful as the two were. But there were others in the audience who knew of Carmen's unlimited appetite for younger lovers and they snickered to themselves that the young hotshot actress, Rose McGowan, would have a hard time making it down the stairs after a night with Carmen.

When they finished the tour Carmen showed Rose into her bedroom. When they entered Carmen slammed the door behind her and lunged at Rose, drew her close while sliding her tongue into the younger woman's mouth with a watery and hungry kiss. Rose was ready for something, but nothing quite so powerful. She stumbled backward but Carmen held tight to her hair and drew her back in for another kiss. The probing tongue in her mouth made Rose's mind swim. She had heard stories about Carmen but never expected her to be so assertive or so highly skilled with her tongue.

Had Rose been listening, she would have heard a desperate gasp from the closet, as the boy toy moaned happily as Carmen came through with her promise. But for Carmen to bring Rose to the bedroom, the boy could not contain his excitement.

After drawing her tongue out of Rose's mouth and watching the stunned actress stumble, Carmen purred, "Welcome to my web, said the spider."

With that she kissed Rose hard again. And for once in her life Rose didn't know what to say. Carmen wasted no time sliding out of her dress and pulling off Rose's dress. A second hushed moan of excitement came from the teenager in the closet. Standing before him were two beautiful and confident women. (All right, so Rose didn't look all that confident at the moment.) Carmen was wearing a metallic silver Wonder Bra and a matching thong. Her body was tanned and fit. Her bronzed thighs were breathtaking. In contrast, Rose had alabaster skin which was accentuated by her nakedness, that's right, she hadn't worn a bra or panty under her revealing dress, and the lush, thick bush of tangled pussy hair between her white thighs.

Carmen used the leverage of her push-up bra to mash her breasts against the younger, whiter and larger breasts. She kissed Rose deeply again, and once again Rose found herself curiously retreating from this assertive behavior. Rose was typically the sexual aggressor, but the tables had been turned on her. Maybe it was the wine or maybe it was just the hungry Carmen who seemed to be devouring her mouth with her lips and tongue.

While kissing Rose, Carmen in complete control and ever aware of her young lover getting his fantasy fulfilled, walked her over to the bed and pushed her back onto it. As Rose's ass hit the bed, her cheeks jiggled, but nowhere near as much as her breasts did. Carmen bent over while Rose was sitting on the bed and kissed hard again. Her mouth trailed down her neck. She opened her full lips and sucked wildly on the nape of Rose's neck. It was a good thing Rose moaned as loudly as she did. If she hadn't the teenager's moans would have been more audible.

Carmen used her feet to push Rose's legs together while she was sitting on the side of the bed and then she spread her own thighs and straddled Rose's lap. She continued to kiss the younger woman hungrily. Carmen could sense the excitement running through Rose, could feel her thighs quivering beneath her own thighs and ass. She pulled back on Rose's hair to look at her face and then drove Rose's face down between her cleavage. Rose's white complexion was lost in Carmen's tanned breasts. While Rose was gasping for air with her face buried in Carmen's breasts the older woman took the opportunity to look towards the crack in the closet door to let her boy toy know she enjoyed being watched.

Carmen stood up and pulled Rose up on her feet with her. She kissed Rose again, but this time Rose kissed back, just a bit more tentatively. Then Rose followed Carmen's lead and slid her hands up and down her muscular back and when the got to Carmen's bra she undid the clasp and let the bra fall between them, lodged between their stomachs. Rose then took advantage by pushing her larger and natural breasts into Carmen, flooding the smaller fake breasts.

This caused a stir of confidence for Rose and nearly caused Carmen to panic as she excitedly looked to the closet with a worried face. She felt as though the tables had turned on her in front of her young lover as she was outdone by the younger woman's breasts. Rose pulled her closer and was determined to get the upper hand as she splashed down on Carmen's chest. Carmen gave out her first gasp of nervousness. Rose was growing in bitchy confidence as she repeatedly mashed her large white breasts into Carmen's. She could feel her control growing.

It was her turn to purr now, "This is more like it!"

Carmen's panic grew as she could see her teenage boy toy getting more and more excited in the closet. She could swear she could hear him now with his increased breathing. This did not sit well with Carmen who wanted to be the reason he was turned on. But it was evident to her that Rose's large breasts dominating hers and turning the tables on her had garner his attention.

Carmen stepped back and grabbed Rose's hips. She spread Rose's legs apart and with a quick grab of her hips and a quick lift of her knee she firmly kneed Rose in the pussy. This shocked Rose, whose confidence vanished from her face instantly. She started to crumble forward. Carmen wouldn't let her. Instead she pushed her back onto the bed forcefully. She now stepped out of her own thong and quickly laid down on top of the Rose. Their pussies met. Rose was still in pain from Carmen's knee, but Carmen had achieved what she had hoped to do. She had regained control and now her boy toy had a perfect view of her breathtaking tanned ass as she ground down on Rose. Rose squealed as Carmen purred. Carmen held her position and reached under one of her pillows and pulled out two dildos.

She held them in front of Rose's face and said, "Let a woman show you how to fuck little girl."

One of Carmen's favorite thing to do in front of a man was to get into a dildo duel with another woman. She loved being watched as she out-fucked another woman and she loved that men loved her dominance even more at those times. She got to her knees on the bed and pulled Rose up into the same position. She then gave Rose a dildo and then slid her own quickly into Rose, who was still recovering from the well-placed knee.

Carmen fucked her like an expert. She kept one hand in Rose's hair and slipped the dildo in and out rhythmically. Rose's pussy was responding as her hips matched Carmen's thrusts. At the same time Rose tried to use her dildo in the same way, but she could not keep up with Carmen at first. Carmen was like a machine gun and the arrogant Rose McGowan just couldn't keep up. Rose would approach orgasm and Carmen would pull out the dildo, tease her with it, slid it back and her work her up again. She continued this torment on the younger woman.

Carmen loved being in control. She now wished each and every one of her party guests could see how she had taken over Rose and had her anyway she wanted her. Now, the guests would see, Rose was not the hot chick she thought she was downstairs when she had an audience. Behind closed doors she couldn't keep up with Carmen.

"Ah well," Carmen thought to herself, "Some just need an audience."

It was while she was getting pummeled by Carmen's dildo and her beautiful face was being pulled this way and that by Carmen's hand in her hair that Rose suddenly noticed the voyeur in the closet. At first it shocked her, but then it excited her. Carmen was busy showing off her ass for her boy toy and Rose just stared into his eyes as she was being out-fucked by Carmen. But Rose was one of those women who do so love an audience, especially a male audience. She noticed he was younger and noticed his excitement. She also guessed the teenager to be one of Carmen's toys.

She quickly reached up and drew Carmen closer to her and once again splashed her superior breasts into Carmen. Again she did this while Carmen kept sliding in and out of her. Before too long Rose could notice that the teenager in the closet was getting more and more excited watching her. Each time she splashed her breasts into Carmen's breasts she stared right into the boys eyes. She was seducing Carmen's lover right away from her without Carmen even knowing it. The breasts has their effects on Carmen. She was getting worn down.

The dildo was not pushing in and out of Rose as quickly and wildly as it had been. And while Rose still hadn't picked up the pace with her dildo inside of Carmen, the older actress knew she could not go on like this much farther. She wondered to herself just how much more Rose could take.

Unbeknownst to her, Rose could take a lot more. But it turns out Carmen couldn't. Rose's hand left Carmen's hair and slid down to her perfect ass. At that instance she pulled Carmen forward towards her and stabbed violently forward with the dildo. The dildo drove deep and thudded against the back of Carmen's vagina. Again Rose drove in and pulled Carmen closer at the same time. Again. Again. She continued until finally Carmen let out a guttural groan as her body shivered violently on the dildo, her eyes rolled back in her head, her thighs were jiggling.

In the middle of her orgasm Carmen couldn't even hold onto the dildo she had been using on Rose. It fell to the bed. Rose wasted no time in snatching it up and sliding it in with the other dildo inside of Carmen. This caused a scream so loud and erotic that the partygoers downstairs were sure Carmen had finally had her way with Rose. But it was Rose who was having her way with Carmen while she thrust both Dildos in and out of the older woman. She went harder and faster. Before too long Carmen came for a third time. This time her body convulsed, she sobbed openly and fell forward on to Rose.

In a deep and commanding voice Rose said, "Carmen, it appears your little friend loves watching you get fucked."

Suddenly it hit Carmen that Rose had done to her just what she loved doing to her lovers. She had turned the tables on her and seduced her boy toy from her. This was much too much embarrassment for Carmen to take. Still groggy, she tried to crawl of the bed to avoid any further embarrassment in front of the teenager, but before she could, with her stunning ass in front of Rose, Rose yanked her back by her hair. She now had her doggie style and started fucking her that way again and again as Carmen screamed out for mercy.

In the closet the teenager had already cum in his hand once and was working on another quickly. Rose held the younger woman down and fucked her so hard Carmen squealed helplessly and then collapsed. Her breasts and her head and arms hung over the edge of the bed. Rose took it upon herself to slip her tongue into the once dominant woman's ass. While Carmen stirred slowly, Rose could not control herself anymore. She moved her pussy over Carmen's ass and started to hump it until she came in torrents down the tanned cheeks and into Carmen's crack.

Rose then pulled Carmen back up on the bed and laid her on her back. She then climbed on top of her and looked down into Carmen's groggy eyes. She invited Carmen's boy toy to slide his cock inside her pussy as she lay on top of Carmen. To Carmen this was just too much. Her little lover was now fucking her rival as her rival looked down upon her with arrogance and control. To put Carmen out of her misery Rose slid forward so that while the teenager was sliding in and out of her his balls spanked Carmen's wet lips. Rose also drew her massive and oh so young breasts forward over Carmen's beautiful face until the only thing that could be made out was the look of panic in Carmen's eyes just before she passed out.

At that moment, Rose said, "Welcome to my web, said the spider to the fly."