Carmen Electra vs. Rose Mcgowan by wildword 4/15/01

The two beauties meet at a ski lodge while both are on vacation. A crowd quickly gathers around Carmen while Rose is barely noticed. Jealous, Rose is further angered when she sees Carmen doing her famous booty shake and entertaining the crowd.

Rose walks over to Carmen and tells her, "I hear you have a new movie. Your role is playing a dominatrix. That's one role that really suits you. I'm sure it'll be another Academy Award winning role, like in Scary Movie or Legend of the Chosen One."

Carmen bristles and snaps back, "Well, at least I AM getting roles! What have you done lately? Other than hanging around with your freaky friend Marilyn."

Now it's Rose who gets her back up.

"Oh? This from someone who married that super freak, Dennis Rodman." And she adds, "…and nobody puts down my man when I'm around!"

Rose slaps Carmen hard in the face and Carmen responds with a hard slap of her own. The fight is on!

Both women grab the others hair and they tumble to the floor, rolling around and wrestling for dominance. Soon, they get to their feet but that's when Carmen takes charge. She hits Rose with a barrage of punches to her face and breasts. As Rose reels, Carmen rips Rose's shirt wide open and uses her soft, bare breasts like twin punching bags.

Carmen pummels Rose back against the wall and then leans against her and whispers in her ear, "When I'm done, I plan to practice my dominatrix role on you. I'm gonna put you in bondage and whip that sweet little ass. After I'm through, you'll never show it off in see through outfits at award shows again. It'll be like so permanently red and blistered."

Rose is nearly out; her arms hanging limp at her sides, her round little tummy heaving and her breasts red. Just then, Marilyn Manson enters the room and sees Carmen tearing his woman up. He grabs Carmen from behind and pulls her away from Rose, then holds her until Rose can recover and start to punch Carmen in the face and stomach. Everyone is so scared of Manson nobody intervenes on Carmen's behalf.

Rose punches Carmen in the stomach over and over, then in the face leaving her dazed as well as breathless. Almost out, Carmen is dragged by Marilyn and Rose over to the fireplace. They tie her hands behind her back with some cord Manson rips from a beautiful old 19th Century drapery. While Manson holds Carmen bent over, Rose pulls down Carmen's skintight ski pants to reveal - as expected - that Carmen isn't wearing anything beneath them.

Rose picks up a fireplace shovel, rears back and proceeds to whack Carmen's bare butt cheeks with it until Carmen's bare bottom is fire engine red and she is howling, bawling and jumping from one foot to the other. Carmen really wiggles her ass trying to escape, but to no avail as Manson has her held tight.

He encourages Rose to continue, telling her, "Really give it to her good, baby. Yeah that's the way!"

The shovel Rose is wielding really does a good job and before long Carmen's beautiful bottom is blistered and ugly dark bruises appear on her smooth flesh. Carmen is howling and screaming, begging for mercy.

Then Rose gets another idea. She orders Manson to bring Carmen closer to the fireplace.

"Electra baby," Rose chuckles. "I'm really gonna give you something to shake that fat ass of yours about. I saw this one in a Three Stooges film when I was just a kid."

Carmen turns her head and looks back over her shoulder and shivers. Rose is shoveling up hot cinders from the fire. Rose dumps a shovel full of the hot coals in the seat of Carmen's skin tight ski pants, then pulls them back up over her already blistered bottom.

Carmen screams and jumps up and down howling. She's so frantic that Manson can't hold her and lets go except to keep her bent over forward using a handful of long, brown hair. Her bottom is on fire and yet she's helpless with her hands tied. Rose proceeds to paddle Carmen with the shovel, pressing the hot coals into her bottom. Carmen finally breaks free and runs out the front door and slides on her butt into a snowbank. A fan who followed her out, rushes over and unties her hands.

Electra wastes no time. Ignoring modesty or the growing crowd watching, she pulls down her pants and soothes her bare bottom in the cooling snow as the crowd laughs and jeers, congratulating Rose on her victory.

As Manson and Mcgowen bask in the glow of victory, Carmen is completely humiliated. After having her burns treated by the resort doctor, she calls off the rest of her vacation and takes the first flight out the next day. People on the plane notice her sitting on pillows but can only wonder why. During the flight, Carmen tries to think of a way she can get revenge on Mcgowen for the public humiliation she suffered.