Queen of the Beach (Gena Lee Nolin vs. Carmen Electra) by Samdog 02-Oct-99

Gena Lee Nolin enjoyed the California sunset as she walked across the deserted beach. Unfortunately for her, few things in life could be just as pleasant. A week earlier, Gena happened to hear some really bad rumors that somebody had been spreading about her. Angry, she'd called a few friends and contacts throughout Hollywood to find out who it was. All of her leads hit a dead end until she got a letter through the mail, giving her directions to a desolate beach where the two could settle their differences.

Gena knew it was a woman from a lipstick kiss on the note, but that was all. In any case she would make sure the other woman lived to regret it. Suddenly, Gena saw Carmen Electra walk across from the other side of the beach towards her. It all started to make sense to Gena, as the two had been rivals on the set of "Baywatch" and had their fair share of fights. Now, Gena had a chance to show her who was boss. As they came closer both women stripped, leaving themselves completely nude.

Walking up to Carmen, Gena said, "You've got a lot of nerve showing up here."

"Shut up bitch," Carmen replied. "When I'm done, you'll wish you kept your mouth shut!"

With that Carmen slapped Gena's face.

Carmen charged forward and tackled Gena, tugging at her hair. Gena was slow to respond, but returned the favor in kind as the two women rolled across the sand. Suddenly, Gena slammed her knee into Carmen's crotch, as Carmen squealed in pain. Pulling Carmen to her feet, Gena unleashed her fury and began punching her. However, Carmen was an excellent boxer, and landed some good punches of her own. A left hook stunned Gena, and a left to the body and a right uppercut to the chin put her face down in the sand. Straddling Gena's back, Carmen wrapped her fingers around Gena's throat and began choking her. Gena bucked wildly, but Carmen wrapped her gorgeous legs around Gena's chest. Struggling to free herself, Gena made it to her feet and dropped onto backwards to the ground, stunning Carmen as she landed on her.

Gena quickly straddled her. Carmen was still slightly dazed, but was awake again as Gena mauled her tits. Carmen moaned as Gena kneaded her titflesh, but screamed in pain when she twisted her nipples. Desperately trying to escape, Carmen grabbed Gena's wrists, but Gena dug her talons into Carmen's breasts so that her nails slashed Carmen's tits as she pulled them out. Carmen screamed in agony, and cupped her breasts, slowly massaging away the pain. Seizing the opportunity, Gena slammed her fists into Carmen's face, taking all of the fight out of her. In complete control, Gena latched on to the supple flesh and pulled on Carmen's colossal tits, much to Carmen's obvious displeasure.

In agony, Carmen reached up and dug her fingers into Gena's tits. Gena howled in pain and fell off of Carmen, as the two women slowly made it to their knees. Glaring at each other, they grabbed each other's tits and started twisting and pulling them, as their screams echoed across the sand dunes. Suddenly, Gena screamed in pain, as Carmen grabbed a handful of sand and rubbed it into Gena's pussy.

Hurt, Gena was helpless as Carmen slammed punch after punch into her battered tits, as she collapsed on the sand. Ecstatic at having dominated Gena so far, Carmen quickly straddled the blonde. Carmen began bouncing her ass on Gena's chest, crushing her breasts as Gena screamed, the blonde starting to lose some of her belief in how easy this would be. Her breasts were oozing out the sides of her upper chest as Carmen pulled her hair, grinning with pleasure. Carmen let go and slid back onto Gena's belly, but Gena bucked and twist wildly and managed to knock Carmen off her. Rising, her tits ached as she cupped them, moaning at the throbbing pain. Dazed and confused, Gena never saw the punch to the groin from Carmen, as she fell to the ground.

Carmen dropped knees first onto Gena, crushing her chest. Carmen trapped Gena's arms under her legs, and proceeded to slap Gena's breasts, as she moaned in pain. Carmen slammed her ass down into Gena's gut, knocking the wind from her as she grabbed hold of her tits with her hands. Gena was trying to catch her breath and defend herself from this bitch's onslaught, grabbing at both wrists, but only succeeding in freeing her left tit. She screamed in agony as Carmen pulled on her right tit and then smashed her left hand into the tender underside of the boob, driving her knuckles in viciously as another scream of anguish escaped from Gena's lips. With a cruel smile on her face Carmen tortured Gena tits, squeezing them again and again as tears ran down Gena's face.

Carmen had endured a lot of punishment from Gena so far and she smiled savagely as she ripped her nails across Gena's breasts, wallowing in Gena's bellow of pain. Gena grimaced in pain and tried to fight back, but it was having almost no effect on her maddened foe. Carmen started slamming Gena's tits together, fighting even harder as she saw the pain cross Gena's face.

Taunting her foe, Carmen shouted "What's the matter cunt? Your tittie's can't stand a little pain? I'll give you something to scream about!"

Carmen then began pulling on Gena's tits, literally trying to rip them off her chest as the blonde howled in agony. In desperation, Gena drove her fist repeatedly into Carmen's tits as she struggled with her free hand to free her boobs from Carmen's grasp. Carmen screamed in pain as the blows started to turn her tits black and blue and now crushed both tits in her hands, the flesh oozing out from between her fingers as the muscles stood out on her arms from the great exertion. Gena's face was a sheet of pain as she continued her pummeling of the huge tits hanging down on top of her. Finally, Gena grabbed Carmen's breasts and threw her off.

Weakened, Gena slowly made it to all fours as Carmen got to her feet. Seeing her opportunity, Carmen rushed forward and kicked Gena in the belly, dropping her back to the ground.

"Fuck with my tits," shouted Carmen, "I'll kick your fat ass, you stupid bitch!"

With that, Carmen pulled Gena to her feet and hurled punch after punch into Gena's abused body. In total control, Carmen reached down and slammed her fist into Gena's cunt. Gena screamed as Carmen drove her knuckles into her cunt, then fell to the ground, a battered and broken woman. Sobbing uncontrollably on the sand, Carmen straddled Gena and slapped her a few times for good measure. Satisfied, Carmen draped her tits over Gena's face and began to breast smother her, relishing her muffled cries.

Suddenly, Carmen let loose a scream that would wake the dead, as Gena dug her teeth into Carmen's right tit. Carmen struggled to pull her foe away from her wounded mammary, but Gena held on. Finally, Gena decided to let go, as Carmen lay on the sand, trying to massage away the pain. Straddling her battered foe, Gena began smashing her forearm into Carmen's chest, as she screamed in pain.

Gena punched and kneaded Carmen's horribly mauled tits, as her battered foe struggled vainly to break free. Gena lowered her attack and began slamming her knee into Carmen's cunt, as Carmen screamed in agony, growing weaker with every blow. Desperate to free herself from this wildcat's clutches, Carmen grabbed a handful of sand and rubbed it abrasively into Gena's tits.

Gena screamed in pain and fell off of Carmen.

"You washed up hag!" screamed Carmen, "I'm gonna make you pay!"

Slowly, the two women made it to their feet. With a shout, Gena charged at Carmen, slapping her hand across the front of each tit as Carmen steps back out of range, yelping in irritation. Gena came forward punching Carmen's tits, but Carmen sent her packing with a left uppercut that ripped between Gena's tits and slammed into her chin, the blonde's face twisting in pain as she stumbled backwards. Carmen, kept right on top of Gena with chest blows, as a pair of hooks and an uppercut to the left tit sent Gena to one knee in agony, clutching her throbbing boob. Carmen cocked her arm for another blow but the hurting blonde charged forward and slammed a right to Carmen's belly, stunning her. Standing, Gena slammed an uppercut to Carmen's jaw. Hurt, Carmen lunged forward and tackled Gena, sending them flying to the ground with Gena on top.

Gena was badly hurt, completely drained of all of her energy.

Carmen rolled the two of them on their sides and wrapped her killer legs around Gena's waist, crushing her abdomen. Gena moaned in pain as her sides were crushed, Carmen grabbing her tits and twisting them back and forth. Carmen brought her fists together into Gena's tits, crushing her breasts between them as the blonde screamed in agony. Grinding her knuckles in viciously, Carmen let go and started dragging her nails across the battered boobs over and over. A now tormented and sobbing Gena fought desperately as she reached up and yanked Carmen's bruised tits left and right as they hung from her chest.

Her tits battered and raw, Carmen was soon in obvious trouble as the blonde attacked her tits with the last of her reserves. Desperate, Carmen punched Gena in the face enough times to stun her. Carmen then turned her around and locked her legs around Gena's waist as she latched onto the blonde's tits and continued to savagely maul them. Gena struggled weakly to escape sobbing as Carmen pulled and twisted her nipples, trying to rip them off her tits. Gena was getting a real going over as Carmen shouted, "Just say the magic words, bitch, and it'll all be over!" Out of options, Gena drove her head back and into Carmen's face, catching her right on the nose as blood sprayed everywhere.

Carmen screamed in total agony, but she still refused to release her scissors. Gena started slamming her elbows again and again into Carmen's swollen breasts. Finally, Carmen's legs sprang open and Gena rolled away holding her agonized sides as Carmen sobbed and moaned in pain as she cupped her battered tits. Crawling towards her foe, Gena immediately sat on her face and started to rain punches down on her tits, stomach, and cunt. Carmen's screams were muffled by Gena's ass, flailing wildly in a desperate attempt to free herself. However, Gena's continued assault on her body started to take its toll as the brunette's struggles grew weaker and weaker.

Standing, Gena planted her feet on Carmen's hair and grabbing her nipples, began pulling up viciously. The blonde tugged Carmen's tits around by them as the brunette's screams soon turned to sobs, as Carmen finally screamed her surrender. Letting go, Gena grabbed Carmen's legs and pulled up on them, rolling Carmen over onto her stomach. She then began dragging Carmen across the beach as Carmen screamed out in torment, as her tits were devastated by the rough sand.

Having had enough, Gena released Carmen's legs. Carmen weakly rolled onto her back, lying there as she weakly struggled to get her bearings. Suddenly, Gena come down ass first on her already sand burned tits, Carmen screaming as her breasts were crushed under Gena's gorgeous ass. The blonde continuing to bounce up and down on her tits till Carmen finally sobbed out her surrender. Rolling off Carmen, Gena sat down on the sand. Grabbing the brunette, Gena draped Carmen over her legs and started spanking her ass until it was raw.

"How does that feel, cunt?" screamed Gena, "Don't EVER think you can handle me again!"

Totally destroyed, Carmen cried helplessly and uncontrollably, begging for mercy as she promised never to oppose Gena again. With that, Gena slid her hand up Carmen's pussy and started fist-fucking her. Carmen screamed aloud as Gena's knuckles ripped apart the inside of her cunt, before finally passing out.

Gena fell back onto the sand exhausted. Her entire body ached from Carmen's assault, but she'd mauled her opponent and won. Finally, Gena made it to her feet and started to walk away. But suddenly, Gena saw another person walk onto the beach. Squinting, Gena saw that it was Yasmine Bleeth. Though Gena absolutely hated Carmen, that was nothing compared to Yasmine. As Yasmine came closer, she pulled off her swimsuit, stripping completely naked.

At that moment, Gena quickly pieced it all together. Yasmine had sent the letter, and Gena had been fooled completely. Gena had fought Carmen just because Yasmine wanted to soften the blonde up. Gena knew she would probably lose this fight with Yasmine, but rushed forward anyway as the two of them began a new fight.