Angie Everhart vs. Erica Eleniak by Bob

Angie Everhart quickly walked into the lady’s room. She looked at Erika Eleniak, who was standing with her hands on her hips. Angie couldn’t help but notice how fantastic Erika’s body looked. Although Angie didn’t think her body was as good as Erika’s, she was still proud of her body and thought it was still a great asset. The fiery redhead looked at the 5’5” blonde and asked, “What is this all about? Why did you send me a message to meet you in the lady’s room?”

Erika stared at the redheaded beauty and smiled. “Some of my guests claim that you’re tougher and stronger than me. When I told them I could tear you apart they said that you’d beat the hell out of me. Well, I’m ready to prove them wrong. So here’s the deal, you and me right here, right now, 'mano a mano,' and only one of us walks out.”

Angie looked at the blond beauty and laughed, “You’re crazy! I’m walking out of here right now, so if only one of us if walking out, I guess you’re going to be in here quite a while!”

Erika smirked as she said, “According to my friends you’re supposed to be some kind of Amazon. Don’t tell me that the big bad Amazon is afraid of lil' ol' me.”

“I’m NOT afraid of you, but I really don’t have any reason to fight. I don’t know what you have to prove, but I have nothing to prove. I’m here with friends and they’re waiting for me. So if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to my guests.”

Angie slowly turned and started to walk away. Erika laughed and said, “You are afraid to fight me. Hell, you’re supposed to have very strong legs and a fiery temper. All I see is one big pussy.”

Erika had struck a nerve and Angie saw red. She reached out and ripped Erika’s royal blue gown just enough so that Erika’s tits popped out. She then turned and started to walk out of the lady’s room.

The irate Erika quickly grabbed Angie’s wrists and said, “Not so fast Red!" She spun Angie around. “You and me are gonna fight whether you want to or not.” Erika followed with a roundhouse left that landed flush on Angie’s chin. The tough redhead fell backwards, crashing through the door of one of the bathrooms stalls, barely catching her balance before falling into a toilet. The punch caught Angie by surprise and she rubbed her chin as she tried to clear her head. Erika smiled and said, “How’d you like that one bitch?”

Angie shook her head, continuing to try and clear her head. Slowly she got up and said, “OK Erika, you want a fight, you got one.”

She then ran towards Erika. Erika tried to move out of the way but couldn’t. Angie lowered her shoulders and hit Erika about chest high. The two tumbled backwards, crashing against the wall. Erika groaned as she hit the wall and then felt the impact of Angie’s body hitting her body and causing her to hit the wall again, head first this time. Her chest began to throb from the force of Angie’s body hitting hers and her head began to throb from the back of her head hitting the wall. The two beauties then hit the floor as the force of their impact against the wall caused them to tumble backwards. Now it was Angie’s turn to feel the force of their collision as she hit the floor first, with Erika landing squarely on top of her. Despite being shaken by the collision, Erika was in better shape than Angie, who had hit the floor very hard. She grabbed Angie’s hair and pulled the redheaded beauty’s head towards her chest.

As Angie’s head disappeared into Erika’s chest, Erika laughed loudly and said, “Fights over Baby. You lose!”

Angie was surprised at how strong Erika was and realized that she was in trouble. She was having trouble breathing and knew she had to get her head away from Erika’s chest before she passed out. The pretty red-headed beauty desperately reached for Erika’s golden hair, grabbed it, and pulled with all her strength, hoping to pull the aggressor’s head far enough so that she could break free from Erika’s chest before passing out.

Although Angie was surprised at how strong Erika was, she knew she was exceptionally strong and was sure that she was stronger than the shorter blonde. The fiery redhead pulled Erika’s hair with all her might. She quickly managed to pull Erika’s head backwards, so that her head was no longer lost in Erika’s chest. She then rolled Erika off her. As she rolled on top of Erika, Erika, who still had the redhead’s hair, managed to use Angie’s momentum to her advantage as they rolled and the blonde easily rolled Angie off her. Suddenly the blonde beauty and the redheaded beauty were rolling around the floor. The two beauties battled fiercely, while rolling around and trying to get on top of each other. They kicked each other ferociously whenever they could, as they continued to roll around the floor, struggling to gain the advantage. They rolled around for two or three minutes. Finally Erika let go of Angie’s hair with one hand, reached out, and scratched Angie on her cheek. Blood started to flow from each of the four claw marks that were left by Erika sharp nails. As Angie grabbed her cheek, Erika reached out again and grabbed Angie’s gown. Angie screamed, “NO!” as Erika ripped the expensive gown away from Angie’s body. Angie was now reduced to wearing black panties, black stockings, and black heels. The shock of having her dress torn off was devastating to the redhead and Erika took advantage of Angie’s anger. She let go of Angie’s hair and grabbed her foe’s elbows. She then rolled Angie so the redhead was on her back.

With Angie on her back, Erika was easily able to mount her, then taunted, “What do you call those tiny things where your tits are supposed to be, Ping-Pong balls?” She laughed fiendishly for a minute or two, then arrogantly said, “I can’t believe my friends thought you were TOUGH! Hell, you’re a big pussy whose getting her ass kicked by someone who 5” shorter.”

Angie’s pretty eyes blazed! “The fight’s not over yet big mouth. We’ll see how long you can KEEP me down.”

Angie started bucking and kneeing Erika in an effort to throw her off as Erika held Angie’s wrists; using all her strength and, despite Angie’s best efforts, Erika continued to pin the feisty redhead's shoulders to the floor. Angie’s size advantage was a handicap for Erika and the blonde was starting to tire, but she was sure Angie was also getting tired.

“You can buck as much as you want honey," Erika chuckled. "But I’m on top and you’re not getting me off…well, not throwing me off anyway," she added with a malicious leer. "Now it’s just a matter of time before I sit on your face and make you suffer or you make me happy!.”

Frustrated that her efforts had been for naught, Angie screamed and threw her legs high in the air. As Erika held on to Angie’s wrists as tightly as she could, undaunted by Angie’s piercing scream, Angie managed to throw her legs towards her foe and masterfully wrap them around Erika’s slim waist. She quickly slid her legs up so that they were under Erika’s tits. Angie then applied pressure, squeezing with all of her might. Erika realized that Angie’s powerful hold would be difficult to break. However, she was on top and still had leverage. The dominant fighter immediately let go of Angie’s wrists, grabbed her redheaded opponent’s legs, and tried frantically to pry them loose.

Despite being on top, Angie knew that Erika was no longer in control and that Erika was not strong enough to pry her powerful legs apart. She also knew that the power she was applying would render Erika helpless so that she would be unable to inflict any more pain. Angie smiled as she applied even more pressure on her scissors lock while Erika helplessly tried to free herself. She couldn’t help but laugh as she looked into Erika’s eyes. She could sense that Erika knew she was beaten. Angie then used her legs to pull Erika back slightly. She carefully studied Erika’s face as it became more and more contorted from the pain of her powerful grip.

Angie knew it was just a matter of time until Erika would either pass out or she would roll the blonde off and put her on her back. Erika continued to struggle, alternating between trying to pry Angie’s legs loose and digging her nails into Angie’s ankles. However, Angie’s powerful scissors had completely stripped the blonde of the leverage she had. She also knew that the stronger redhead was sapping her of her strength. Erika began to panic, knowing she would be unable to pry Angie’s muscular legs apart and that she wasn’t doing any damage with her nails. She was not going to free herself from Angie’s torturous hold unless the tall redheaded beauty made a mistake. The more Erika struggled, the tighter Angie’s powerful legs seemed to be locked. Finally the two rolled over and just as Angie thought, Erika was now on her back. Angie grabbed Erika’s wrists and held them tight.

“So love, what did you say about the fight being over?” Angie mocked. Erika was now gasping as she struggled to breathe. Angie continued squeezing as hard as she could. Erika wanted to shift so that she could bite Angie’s legs. However, she was unable to move. Erika started sobbing softly.

“What’s the matter tough girl; am I hurting you? Do you still think I’m afraid of you? Do you still think you won?” When Erika didn’t answer, Angie asked,” So, have you had enough, or do you want to continue fighting?” Once again Erika didn’t answer. Angie laughed maniacally and asked, “What’s the matter, cat got your tongue? Give before I break some of your fucking ribs. You’ve lost, you blonde bitch.”

“Screw you, you redheaded cunt! I am NOT giving up!” growled Erika, “I haven’t lost yet and when I get up, I’m going to tear your ass UP!”

Hey, watch your language,” Angie said. “Unlike you, I’m a motherfucken lady! Now you'd best give up before I get even more pissed off than I already am.”

Erika just snarled, “When I get up I’m going to tear you apart.”

Knowing Erika was done; Angie unwrapped her legs, pushed Erika away, cautiously got up and said, “You’re free. Get up and show me what you got. Tear me apart. You’re lucky I’m giving you a second chance.”

Erika slowly got up and looked at her foe. “You just made a big mistake because I’m going to tear you apart. You’re going to cry like a baby.”

Angie stared her foe down and said, “Oh really. Well, let’s see what you’ve got bitch.”

Erika charged at Angie, only to have Angie lash out and slap her right cheek. The sound of Angie’s stinging slap echoed throughout the lady’s room. Erika’s head snapped back and she quickly put her hand over her cheek, holding her cheek for a second. When she removed her hand, Angie looked at the imprint of her hand, which decorated the right cheek of Erika’s pretty face. Erika took another step towards her foe. Once again, Angie gave her a hard slap on the cheek and then slipped behind the pretty blonde, grabbed Erika’s hair with one hand and her right arm with the other hand. She then pulled Erika’s right arm back and pinned it against her back! Erika screamed from the pain of Angie’s hammerlock.

As Angie turned, she spun Erika around with her and started walking. Realizing that Angie was walking towards the bathroom stall, Erika’s eyes opened widely and she screamed, “NO, NOT THAT.” The blonde then stomped down on the fiery redhead’s foot.

Angie ignored Erika’s desperate pleas, “I could rip off your gown, but I’d rather end the fight with the ultimate humiliation. I didn’t want to fight. You did. Well you got your fight and you lost. You ripped off my gown, you scratched my face. You tried to suffocate me with those cannonballs you call tits; you called me a bitch; and WORST of all, you teased me about having small breasts. Be thankful I don’t sit on your face AND take your gown too.”

Erika tried to fight back, to stop Angie from dragging her into the bathroom stall but Angie was too big and too strong, the dual advantages too much for Erika to overcome. The redhead had thoroughly beaten her, sapping her of her strength and now Erika had nothing left to resist with. Despite her attempts to prevent Angie from walking her to the bathroom stalls, Angie wasn’t even struggling in her effort to lead the defeated princess to the final ending of her defeat.

“PLEASE DON’T!” cried Erika. “I’m sorry.”

But it was already too late; Angie had reached her destination. She'd taken all of the fight out of Erika and now Erika was unable to prevent her from humiliating her. Angie stuffed her defeated foe’s head in the toilet. She held Erika’s head under the water for several seconds before lifting her slightly so that her head was no longer in the water. “So, who won?”

“You did,” Erika dejectedly said. Erika again tried begging, knowing that Angie was not done. “Please, take my gown. You win.”

“Sorry, but I don’t want your gown, I want your DIGNITY!”

“Please…take my gown…and my panties, but don’t…pffuugg…glub, glub, glub…”

Erika's words were muffled when Angie plunged her face underwater once more; this time holding Erika’s head under even longer. When she finally lifted Erika’s head out of the toilet, she let go of her hair and Erika slumped to the floor. Angie stared at Erika for a second or two, watching Erika sobbing hysterically, then she reached down, grabbed her by the hair, lifted her head and stuffed the sobbing beauty’s face into the toilet again! She held the defeated diva’s hair tight as she lifted her foot, carefully placed it on the handle of the toilet, then flushed!

When the bubbling, roiling water finally stopped swirling in the bowl, the victrix pulled the defeated and humiliated loser’s head out of the bowl and dropped Erika on the floor.

Putting a foot on her back, Angie disdainfully said, “You should see what you look like. I’m afraid you’re definitely going to have to fix that make-up. I doubt you’ll win any beauty contests tonight hon. A word of advice; be careful what you wish for because you just might get your wish.”

She then turned, walked to where her torn gown lay on the tile floor, picked it up and wrapped it around herself, covering as much as she could. Then she slowly turned and took one last, long, delightful look at her disheveled foe before she strutted out of the lady’s room.