Elimidate: Christina Santiago, Heather Spytek, Kimberley Stanfield & Nicole Whitehead by kit

I was very excited about my Elimidate, and just hoping that I'd have four hotties to pick from. My uncle, who was out-of-town, let me have his Bel Air home, and because it had a pool I was going to have a couple of rounds there.

Nicole was the first to arrive on the scene, and I was immediately impressed with her cute, saucey looks. She had beautiful breast-long blond hair and a pretty face with a great big smile.

Stats: Birmingham; 23; 5-4; 110; 32-24-34. "I'm a southern belle that knows how to please a man. My charm and grace always gets the man. These other girls better watch out because I'm a girl that get's what she wants."

Christina showed up next, and I was just as impressed with her firey Latin looks. Tight, permed jet-black to her shoulders, and a mysterious glow in her dark eyes.

Stats: Chicago; 20; 5-5; 108; 34-24-33. "I don't take 'no' for an answer. If the guy is hot and I want him, then nothing can stop me. I'm up for the challenge and these other girls don't stand a chance."

Next on the scene was Heather, and I popped major boner. This blond fox had long, permed hair and a baby-like face that was bright and refreshing.

Stats: New Jersey; 23; 5-6; 110; 36-22-32. "I've got the hair. I've got the body. And I've got the attitude. Girls don't like me, but that's okay. I don't like them either."

Last, but not least, was Kimberley. This bleach-blond babe was a real hottie. I liked her slutty face and her soft, silky hair looked great as it ran down to the tops of her tan breasts.

Stats: Vancouver; 19; 5-6; 106; 34-24-34. "I can be very aggressive. Men always flock around me, and I always get the one I want. I'm hot. I'm here. And I'm ready. If these girls get nasty, so will I."
I took the girls out on the deck for drinks and snacks. I was very pleased with my choices, and they all looked extremely hot.

"Before I tell you about myself, just let me say that you are all very beautiful and trying to pick just one of you will be extremely difficult."

Kimberley: "Once I saw the competition, I knew he'd pick me."

"Pickin' me will be easy," said Kimberley, touching my arm.

"Why should he pick you?" asked Heather.

"Yeah, you look like a slut," chimed Nicole.

Kimberley glared at Nicole. "Bitch, you're one to talk."

"At least my hair's natural," said Nicole, flipping it back. "Unlike your boxed mop."

Nicole: "Just like her boxed hair, Kim's a fake from head to toe."

"You're just jealous, bitch," said Kimberley. "Both of you are."

"I'm not jealous," said Heather.

"Well, I'm not jealous of any of you," piped in Christina. "You're all blonde and shallow."

Christina: "It's true about blondes. None of these other girls have a brain in their little, tiny heads."

I stood back with my member rising as these girls continued to insult each other's hair. I could sense a strong rivalry forming between Nicole and Kimberley, and Heather and Christina definately weren't getting along. Actually none of them were.

Heather: "I hope he eliminates Christina. If he doesn't, then I might."

"Girls, girls," I said, interrupting the hen pecking. "You're all very beautiful, and I think you all have lovely hair."

Things calmed down a bit as I tried to get to know them better.

"Heather, what are your ambitions?" I asked.

"To be happy with whatever I do, and blanket the world with love and joy," she said with a smile.

Christina rolled her eyes. "Oh gawd! That is sssooo shallow."

Heather fired back at her. "And just what the hell do you want to do, bitch?"

Christina bowed up and I could feel these two were about to get into it. "Well, bitch," said Christina. "I want to be an actress or choreographer."

"In porn?" asked Heather. "You probably act real good - in bed."

I stepped between them before anything else could happen. "Alright you two. Calm down," I said. "There's no need to fight."

"I'm not afraid of her," said Christina.

"Neither am I, bitch," spat Heather.

Christina: "That bitch is pushing for a fight."

Looking over at Nicole and Kimberley, I could tell that they were real interested in what was going on between Christina and Heather.

"Why don't we take a dip in the pool?" I suggested, anxious to see what the girls had hidden underneath their wraps, skirt and shorts.

Nicole and Christina undid their wraps while Kimberley pulled down her frilly skirt and Heather pushed down her tight shorts. Like I said, all the girls were very beautiful. In the face department, it was very close between all three blondes. In breasts, Heather had the biggest and best looking. The other three had smaller breasts, and of those, it was real close between Kimberley and Christina. All four had pretty good looking legs, but I needed to be able to check out their asses.

"Would you girls mind lining up and turning around so I can check out your tail ends?"

Christina, Nicole, Kimberley and Heather lined up and began to jiggle and shake what was under their skimpy bottoms.

Heather and Kimberley had small, but nice shapely butts, while Christina and Nicole sported fuller, rounder and wider butts. It was very close between Nicole and Christina, but packing Kimberley and Heather's fudge wouldn't be bad either. Still, Nicole or Christina, and I couldn't decide.

"One more thing," I said as they turned back around. "Kissing. I know it's early, but kissing is very important, and I don't want to eliminate a great kisser. Who wants to be first?"

"I'm first!" exclaimed Nicole, closest to me.

She threw her arms around my neck as my arms went around her waist. It was a nice, tender kiss, and I got to feel up her ass as our tongues went around in a circle. Her ass felt as great as it looked and her kiss was pretty good.

"Me! Me!" said Christina, muscling her way around Heather.

I could see fire flash in Heather's eyes as Christina and I embraced. Her ass also felt wonder, but there was something lacking in her kiss. It wasn't bad, but somehow we just missed a connection. I was dissappointed because I thought she'd be much better.

Heather was next, and our kiss was great. Her soft lips and wet tongue really turned me on, and her ass felt much better than I had thought it would. She moaned as she pushed her vagina against my cock. Heather could kiss!

"The best for last," said Kimberley as we embraced.

I ran my hands over her ass as she ran her tongue over mine. She too was a great kisser and her ass also felt better than I thought it would. Her kiss was better than Nicole's and almost as good as Heather's. With the first cut coming up, I decided I'd have to eliminate Christina unless something happened to change my mind.

As I broke off my kiss with Kimberley, I looked up just in time to see Heather try and push Christina into the pool from behind. I guess she was mad because Christina had muscled past her when she went to kiss me, but Christina was agile and she barely kept her balance.

"You bitch!" shouted Christina, turning around in a flash and grabbing Heather by the hair.

"Yikes!" squeeled Heather, taken off guard as Christina was behind her and yanking her backwards.

For a second I thought about breaking them up, but Kimberley clutched my arm. "Let's watch," she said.

By now Heather had turned around and swiped her nails down Christina's cheek, but Christina remained in control as she tackled Heather to the lawn and gave her left tit a good squeeze.

"Oooowww!" wailed Heather, going into a roll with Christina who came up on top and I saw her right hand go between Heather's legs as her mouth dropped over her left breast.

"Yeeeoooowweeee!!" cried Heather as she was bitten and squeezed at the same time.

Instinctively Heather's hands found Christina's chest. Christina's top came down as they rolled sideways with Heather's left tit now hanging out. Christina threw her left arm around Heather's neck and got her in a headlock as her right hand squeezed on the left tit. Both girls gave a cry as they twisted nipples and went into a roll.

With my arm around Kimberley's shoulders, I was very turned on by the site of two absolutely beautiful girls twisting titties at my feet as the other two girls cheered them on to tear off each other's tits.

"Aaahhh fuuuuck!!" screamed Christina in agoney and punching Heather in the cheek with her right fist.

Heather's head rocked, but her hand went south and lodged between Christina's bronze thighs. Christina roared as her crotch was squeezed thru her tiny, blue bikini bottoms.

"How's it feel, slut?" grumbled Heather, her hand turning in circles between Christina's clamping thighs.

"Aaaahhh gggaaawd! It...h-u-r-t-s!" cried Christina, running a set of fingernails down Heather's back.

Heather cried as her flesh gathered underneath Christina's plowing nails.

The two girls now sprang apart and rolled clear of each other. I thought surely it was over and that neither would want any more, and the fight would result in a draw. If that was the case, then I'd be stuck with the terrible task of eliminating either Nicole or Kimberley. There was no way I'd kick off two girls that had just gotten into a catfight over me.

"You fuckin' bitch!" shouted Christina as she jumped to her feet quickly.

To my surprise Heather was back up too, and they both stepped forward throwing punches. Seeing this sexy Latina and foxy blonde fist-fight was almost more than I could bare. I'd seen chicks fight before, but nothing like this as Heather and Christina went toe-to-toe swapping fists. It was apparent both had done this before as Christina landed a good punch under the left eye and a nice shot across the jaw, but Heather got the best of the exchange when she split Christina's lip wide open with a hook and rattled her teeth with a jarring uppercut. Falling into each other, Heather and Christina both grabbed fistfuls of hair and got into a rip-roarin' hair fight.

"Ooooowww!" cried Heather.

"Fuuuuuuuck!" swore Christina screaming.

Nicole and Kimberley were almost in the fight themselves as both continued to cheer Heather and Christina down their path of destruction. I, myself, was about to cream my trunks watching this blonde hellcat and raven tiger tear out a handful of rival hair. Screaming, the two yanked each other into a duel headlock as they completely tore down each other's top. Doubled over and crying, Heather and Christina mauled breasts for several grueling moments.

"Give bitch!" shouted Christina, balling up her fist and popping Heather in the nose with it.

The blonde fought back as she introduced her left fist to Christina's right eye. Christina's knees knocked as they unwrapped their arms around each other and turned to pulling hair again. At this point I knew the fight had to be drawing to a close. Both were showing a lot of grit and determination as they violently tore into each other's hair. Heather had a cute little mouse forming under her left eye and blood dripped from her right nostril. Her hair was a complete mess and the scratch down her back looked nasty. Still, with her boobs hanging out and swinging, she was hot.

Christina's lower lip was pulped and red and more blood drooled out the corners of her mouth. Her right eye was quickly turning purple and shutting and her hair looked like it had been trimmed with a chainsaw. Still, she too looked hot as her little brown titties jiggled up and down as she catfought with Heather. Yanking straight back, both girls tore out a chunk of hair and screamed. They went into a dizzy spin, ripping out yet more of each other's hair as Heather threw Christina to the lawn by the hair and fell down on top of her. Christina pulled her off by the hair, but Heather rolled back on top and mashed her tits completely with Christina's tits.

"Uuuunnggg!" groaned Christina as her tits pancaked beneather Heather's spreading mammories.

A knee to the snatch allowed Heather to straddle Christina as the raven beauty gasped for air. We all winced as Heather's kneecap cracked Christina's pelvic and smashed against her vagina.

Now on top Heather bitch-slapped Christina a couple of times before turning to her nipples and pinching them.

"Aaaaaarrrrggggg!!!" screamed Christina, her nails digging into Heather's hands.

"Do you give, bitch?" shouted Heather, stretching out the brown flesh.

Christina bawled out loudly as she lay on her back bucking and trying to pry her tits free.

"Give it up, bitch!" ordered Heather, slapping her cheek while twisting a nipple.

Even though I didn't think Christina would surrender, I knew it was over. Heather was in total control while Christina lay on her back between the blonde's gold legs and at her mercy.

Heather slapped Christina's face again before I grabbed the blonde beauty and pulled her off.

"She's had enough," I said, trying gently to remove her. "You've won. You're the winner. She's had enough."

Christina didn't put up an arguement as she slowly rolled over and curled up crying her eyes out.

Christina was a beautiful girl, and I would have loved to fuck her. But at least I didn't have to eliminate her as this catfight did it for me.

I helped Heather first, and then returned to help Christina. In the kitchen with both girls, they surprised the shit out of me as Heather gave Christina a hug and Christina hugged her back.

"You're the toughest girl I've ever fought," said Heather.

"So are you. I've never lost til now," admitted Christina.

They hugged again and exchanged phone numbers as Christina left and I took Heather out to the backyard again.

Heather: "She really was tough. I'll stand by her shoulders against anyone."

Christina: "I'd never lost til now. But it's over and we're gonna be friends. I think she'll be fun to hang out with."

Back outside with the other girls, the mood was quiet and calm, and although nobody mentioned the catfight, it was clearly on our minds. Fixing fresh drinks, I then suggested that we hang out in the pool. I thought the water might feel good to Heather and relieve some of her pain.

Once in the pool, we stayed in the shallow end, and I had one arm around Heather's waist and a drink in the other as Kimberley and Nicole were standing towards us.

Kimberley: "I could tell he was favoring Heather at this point and that the next cut would be either me or that other bitch."

"What would you like to do in life?" I asked, looking at Nicole.

"Well, one day I'd like to have a family of my own and be a successful Learjet pilot."

Kimberley rolled her eyes. "Oh gawd! That would be a disaster."

"Screw you," spat Nicole. "You probably just want to be a hooker."

"Hardly, bitch," Kimberley retorted. "I want to teach school."

"Ha! Now that would be a disaster. A slut like you teaching school," snapped Nicole.

I could sense that Kimberley and Nicole realized that the next cut would be one of them. After all, I had a drink in one hand and a hot blonde who had just won a catfight in the other. I wanted to see these two fight, so I thought a round of kissing might spark their fires, and since Heather was right there in my arm, I leaned towards her and we kissed.

I think the kiss might have caught her off guard, and although she was receptive to it, she didn't kiss me as passionately as before. But I knew she meant it because of the twinkle in her eye after it was over.

Nicole: "Just because that bitch had won a fight, I wasn't going to let that kiss pass me by."

"That was nice, but step aside honey and let a real woman do some kissing," said Nicole, taking her place in front of me.

Nicole's kiss was sizzling. She flat landed the kiss of the day on me as I gave her foxy ass another good feeling. I knew now that she would probably be very hot in bed.

"Alright, it's my turn now," said Kimberley. "The best is last again."

"You can't top that, bitch," bragged Nicole, as Kimberley brushed by her.

Kimberley didn't top it, but she came very close, and as we kissed, I got another great feel of her tight, little ass. I was sure she could fuck.

After the kissing, Kimberley and Nicole tried to jockey for positioning next to me, but I took Heather back along me side and held her very close.

Nicole: "I was beginning to feel that unless I got into a fight with either of them, Heather was going to win."

Right now Heather was my girl of choice. Trying to cut either Nicole or Kimberley would be very hard because both girls were very beautiful and great kissers and I liked them both equally.

"So, Nicole, what turns you?"

Nicole stepped up close to me, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Kimberley and just in front of Heather.

"Well, I like cowboy hats; monster trucks; horseback riding along the beach; and being proud of who you are," she said, running her hand down my chest.

Kimberley: "I think Nicole's an idiot. I mean, who likes cowboy hats and monster trucks? She probably thinks pro wrestling is real."

"Oh my gawd," moaned Kimberley. "Cowboy hats and monster trucks?"

"That's right, bitch," spat Nicole. "Do you have a problem with that?"

Nicole: "I was getting real sick of her shit and ready to fight her."

I could tell the girls were about to fight, so I asked the same question to Kimberley, knowing full well Nicole would attack her answer.

"I like people who are honest with me and real to themselves."

Laughing, Nicole stated. "That's a stupid answer."

"And I suppose you're proud of who you are...which is a stupid slut," fired Kimberley turning to face Nicole.

"Let me be honest with myself and real too you," growled Nicole. "You're about two seconds from getting all your fake, blond hair ripped out, bitch."


Nicole's head spun as Kimberley answered with a slap. Heather and I quickly peddled out of the way as Kimberley slapped Nicole again in waist-high water.

"Oh goodie," grinned Heather and clapping her hands like a seal.

"Bitch!" shouted Kimberley, grabbing duel fists of Nicole's hair and shaking.

"Oooww! My hair!" wailed Nicole, reaching for Kimberley's boobs.

Kimberley's top came halfway down as she doubled over screeching. Nicole locked an arm around the back of her neck as she twisted the shit out of Kimberley's left tittie.

"You fuckin' whore! I'll kill you!" shouted Nicole, letting go of the tit and punching Kimberley in the cheek.

Kimberley yanked on the back of Nicole's hair as both girls went under the water in a roll. Popping back up, Kimberley jerked on a fistful of wet hair as her other hand grabbed a tit and squeezed.

"Ooowww!" cried Nicole, bending over with her face hitting the water.

Jacked forward, Kimberley saw the back of Nicole's bikini and grabbed it by the waistband. Nicole hopped up out of the water as her bikini filled her ass and split open the lips of her pussy.

"Yeeeeoooowww!!" cried Nicole, but throwing a punch against Kimberley's mid-section.

"Ooommpphh!!" grunted Kimberley, letting go of the wedgie.

The two girls fell forward, and Nicole grabbed Kimberley's left arm and bit it. Kimberley wailed out as she ran her fingernails down Nicole's back.

"Ooooowww!" howled Nicole, wincing and bowing up out of the water.

"You slut!" shouted Kimberley, slapping Nicole's pretty face nearly off before taking her by the hair.

Nicole's hands found Kimberley's hair as they now got into one of the sexiest hair pulling catfights I'd ever seen. Splashing around in the water the girls really pulled hard on each other as they swayed and fought to shove each other's head under.

"Ooouucchh!" cried Nicole, letting go with a hand and slapping Kimberley's face.

Kimberley kept pulling as their hair fight went on. For a good couple of minutes, these two blondes really went at it. I was surprised at how hard they were pulling, and yet not able to tear any out. I guess the wetness made it difficult. During all of this, they traded another facial slap as their bodies went back and forth. I was very aroused and hard as I watched their little, perky titties jiggle and shake and sometime slap together while they fought tooth-n-nail trying to tear out each other's wet hair.

"Ooowww! Yooouu cccuuunt! Lee' ggggooo!" bawled Kimberley, tears running down her cheeks as she slapped Nicole painfully across the cheek.


But Nicole was showing her fighting skills as she instantly slapped Kimberley right back, harder.


Kimberley's pretty head spun and she twisted sideways. Nicole moved in from behind and bowed her over backwards with a hard hair pull. Putting her knee in Kimberley's ass, Nicole really torqued her rival's hair and body.

"Fuuuuuuuck!! Leeee' ggggooo!" screamed Kimberley, scratching at Nicole's hands in her hair.

"Give it up, bitch!" demanded Nicole, shaking Kimberley's head.

"Fuuuuuck!!" Kimberley screamed again.

"Looks like she's got her," said Heather.

"Maybe," I said. Personally I didn't care who won. They were both foxes and I'd fuck either one in a New York minute. Still, Heather was probably right.

Reaching around Kimberley's body with her right hand, Nicole latched on to her right tittie and scratched at it.

"Ooooohhh gggaaawwwddd!!" cried Kimberley, her body jolting and somehow spinning back around.

Now facing her rival again, Kimberley ignored the pain in her head and breast as she and Nicole locked up in a test of wills. Pulling on a fist of hair, the two girls used their other hand to attack each other's exposed boobs. Bent over at the waist, Kimberley and Nicole did what they could to maim each other. Their wet flesh made it hard to hold, but wet or not, titties still don't like fingernails running across them.

"Aaaaarrgggg!!" Kimberley screamed after a few savage moments.

Ripping her nails across Kimberley's right tittie, Nicole jerked the blonde backwards and tore out a huge fist of wet, tangled hair.

"Ooooowwww!!" cried out Kimberley as she fell backward under the water.

"Had...enough...bitch?" asked Nicole when Kimberley popped back up holding her head.

Kimberley turned her back to Nicole, and I knew it was over. Nicole reached out and caught her by the back of the hair before I could get there.

"Oooww! Okay! Okay!" cried a weeping Kimberley. "I've had enough! You win!"

Nicole swore as she gave Kimberley's head a hard shove.

"That's enough," I said, gently taking Nicole by the shoulders. "You're the winner."

Nicole then fell in my arms, exhausted and softly shedding a few tears while Kimberley lay leaning against the edge of the pool, crying and holding the back of her head.

Nicole: "I knew I could whip that slut, and if she ever wants a rematch I'll be glad to whip her ass again."

Kimberley: "It's not my loss, it's his. He just lost the best piece of ass he'd ever have. I hope he has fun with those other two sluts. They all deserve each other."

For the final round I took the girls to a lively nightclub for some dancing. I wanted to see who could work her body and get her 'groove on' out on the dance floor. Right now the competition was very close, but Heather was still my slight favorite.

Both girls looked absolutely delicious. Heather wore a very slinky silk-type black dress, low cut and with spagetti straps. The heamline was very short, and there was a small slit up the right side. She wore black 3'' heels with laces that tied up around her ankles. Nicole looked hot also in her little white, sleeveless blouse that she wore untucked over her frilly, short black skirt that barely covered her ass. She had on a black garter belt with matching silk nylons and 3" Italian pumps.

Heather: "Nicole looked like white trash. That's all she is and all she'll ever be."

Nicole: "I couldn't wait to get out there with Heather and show her up. She looked like a whore in that black dress and laced heels."

Out on the dance floor, the girls were all over me as they fought for my attention. Their body battle was hot as they dueled hip-to-hip shaking and showing their assests. As hot as their dancing was, their kisses were even hotter. I enjoyed some of the best 'French' and 'leg humping' that I'd ever had. Nicole's kisses were very hot and tastey, and she busted some moves out there that Heather had no answer for. She was stealing the show as well as my desires.

Going back to our booth for the final cut, Nicole and Heather were draped all over me as I had one in each arm and they had a leg hanging over mine. A great kiss fight broke out as I went from one to the other swapping spit and rubbing their breasts as they both had a hand on my crotch.

"Why should I choose you over her?" I asked Nicole.

"I'm prettier. My body is hotter and sexier. I'm a better kisser and lover, and I'll fuck you tonight," she said with a smile and a kiss.

"I'll fuck you too," interrupted Heather, pulling my face out of Nicole's face. "I think we have a true connection and will have a nice, caring relationship filled with some the best sex you'll ever have. She's just a slut and looking for a one-night stand, but I'll be your one-night stand every night."

It was a great answer, and I was very torn. They were both very beautiful and sexy. I liked Heather's bigger and fuller breasts, but Nicole had a much sexier and foxier ass. Nicole was the better kisser, and probably the better lover, but I was sure Heather could fuck hot as well.

"Girls," I sighed. "I'm very torn here. I like you both very much and you're both extremely sexy and hot. I just don't know what to do. Any chance of a three-way?"

The girls giggled with me and then they looked at each other. Not thinking my member could get any stiffer, it did as they leaned forward and gave each other a peck on the lips. I was in total shock as they flicked out their tongues and placed a hand on each other's tit. Giving each other a firm feel, Nicole and Heather sorta groaned or grimmaced as they shoved their tongues in each other's mouth and squashed their lips together. This lasted just a second, but the memory of it will last a lifetime.

"I'd rather take her in a catfight," purred Heather as they broke their kiss but still kept their eyes locked together.

I could see that they were both giving each other's nipple a gentle, but firm tweaking.

"I'd love to tangle with you in a catfight," Nicole purred right back in her face.

"Do you mind?" asked Heather, but staring at Nicole.

"Um, um," I stuttered.

"Can we settle it?" asked Nicole, still holding her stare.

"Um, sure. Whatever you want," I managed to get out.

"Good,'' grinned Heather. "Let's go outside and fight."

"Let's go, bitch," smiled Nicole nastily.

The girls gave each other a final tweak and saucey glare.

I couldn't fuckin' believe it!

Heather: "I hate to admit it, but the bitch is a better dancer, and although I think he liked me best, I wasn't going down without a fight. Besides, all that dancin' and kissin' got me horney and I wanted to fuck him."

Holding their hands, we walked around to the back of the building, and right there next to the trash dumpsters Heather and Nicole took each other on a sexy and nasty catfight.

Nicole: "I was pretty sure he was going to pick me anyway. But I knew he liked her also. Whippin' that slut would settle it, and he wouldn't have any second thoughts about her while he was fuckin' me. Anyway, I'd wanted to fight her all day long. She's just a stuck-up bitch and thinks she's better than anyone else."

Giving both girls a long kiss and wish of good luck, I stepped back as they began to circle. It was quite erotic as they moved like a pair of alleycats and trashed each other. Everything was 'bitch this' or 'slut that' and 'fuck you'. And I was getting very hot as they continued like this for a minute or so, exchanging little shoves, pushes and brushes with the shoulders.

"You wanna pull my hair, bitch?" asked Heather, knocking Nicole's arm away as it looked like she was reaching for it.

"Damn right, slut," said Nicole, extending out for it again. "I wanna pull out all that kinky mop."

"You'll lose your dirty blond shit first, bitch," said Heather as they both stepped together and filled their hands up to the forearms with each other's beautiful hair.

Both girls gave a groan as they yanked straight back and pulled. They started name-calling and moaning as they twisted and turned each other's head in slow, deliberate circles. Having seen both girls fight, I gave a slight edge to Heather because she stood a bit taller and was stronger looking thru the upper torso. Her fight with Christina had been pretty long and violent, while Nicole's fight with Kimberley shorter and not as nasty. Christina had been a tougher opponent than Kimberley.

"Uuummm...bitch," moaned Heather as her hair was pulled very hard.

"Ooouuch, slut," Nicole winced as her hair was painfully tugged.

Staggering back and forth in the moonlight, Heather and Nicole played out this tug-o-hair war for a good couple of minutes. Long, hard pulls. Deep, agonizing groans. Sexy legs fighting for balance. Buttocks flexing for power. Breasts bumping and rubbing.

"Oooowww! Fuuuck," groaned Heather, doubled over and twisted.

Nicole bent over with her and hooked a leg around one of Heather's legs.

"On your knees, bitch," ordered Nicole, twisting Heather's head like a cowboy wrestling a steer down.

Heather struggled, pulling back on Nicole's hair. Nicole still forced her down to her knees, and then quickly took her all the way down to the ground by grabbing on to her left tittie and squeezing. Neither girl sported a bra in this round.

"Ooouuucchh!" cried Heather, toppling to her back with Heather coming down on top of her.

Nicole tried to straddle Heather as she kept on twisting the tit.

"You think you're tits are so fuckin' great," said Nicole, squeezing. "I'm gonna rip this fucker off."

Heather cried again as her tit hung out with Nicole working her nails in. She tried pulling Nicole off by the hair, but Nicole rolled right back on top as she now pulled Heather's hair with both hands. As Nicole straddled Heather, her little black skirt was flipped up and showing all of her foxy ass as she nestled her black thong on top of Heather's black thong. Both still pulled hair and as Nicole went to grab another handful of tit, Heather sent an uppercut that flattened her left tit out across her chest.

"Uuuunnngggg!!" groaned Nicole deeply as she fell over on her side next to Heather.

Heather now tried to roll away, but Nicole caught her by the back of the hair and pulled her towards her. Heather winced loudly as she turned back facing Nicole. Nicole stretched back Heather's head as the two girls laced up their legs with Heather losing a handful of hair.

"Ooooowww!!" wailed Heather as her hair was torn out. "Biiiitch!" she added, running her hand between Nicole's legs.

"Yeeeeooowww!" cried Nicole as she took a frontal wedgie.

Quickly Nicole dropped her hand between Heather's legs and grabbed a bunch of ass. Heather's hips jolted and her legs constricted with Nicole's legs as she grabbed a handful of ass also. Both girls threw back their heads and howled, but continued mauling each other's snatch. Holding each other's head by the hair, Nicole and Heather fought to see who's sex could handle the most pain. Nicole twisted on Heather's pussy lips as Heather shoved her two forefingers up Nicole's pussy, driving the black thong in deeper.

"Ssssshhhhhit! Mmmmyyy puuuuussy!" screamed Nicole as Heather's fingers went all the way in.

Heather rolled her way on top, and using her legs, she spread open Nicole's legs, giving me a great view of what their fingers were doing to each other.

With her black dress hiked up around her back, Heather's little ass wiggled as Nicole's fingers kinda scratched back and forth between her asshole and pussy lips. Nicole's ass was flattened out and grinding on the pavement as Heather roughly finger banged her. In piston fashion, Heather's fingers moved in and out, and I couldn't tell if she was trying to make Nicole cum or if she was trying to pull out her uterious. Either way, Nicole was getting it hard and fast.

"Fuuuuuuuuuck! Oooooowwww! Ooooowwww!" screamed Nicole, her cunt lips wide open and inflammed.

"Let go of my pussy, bitch!" shouted Heather, quickly hopping to a sitting position over Nicole's hips.

Heather backhanded Nicole across the face and then completely ripped open her blouse.

"Ooooooowwwww!!" cried Nicole as her little titties had their tart nipples pinched and pulled.

Heather slapped Nicole again, ordering her to surrender.

"I'll tear these bastards off!" threatened Heather, driving 10 nails into Nicole's tits and ripping.

"Aaaaaaarrrrggggggg!!!" bawled Nicole, flat on her back and bucking.

"Bitch!" yelled Heather, balling up her right fist and slugging Nicole across the point of the chin.

Nicole's head went to the side and stayed there. Her hands fell out along her side and matched her closed eyes. Heather leaned down and bit Nicole's left areola. Nicole moaned and her body vibrated in pain, but she didn't fight back. Quickly I pulled Heather off as she left damaging teeth marks encamped around the bruising areola.

"Oh baby, you've won!" I exclaimed, holding her up and hugging her.

Although she was too sore to fuck, Heather spent the night with me and we did the 'nasty' in the morning. She indeed was hot, and the best girl did win after all.

Epilog: Heather and I starting dating, and she proved to be everything I always wanted in a woman. She was very caring, giving and a wonderful lover in and out of the bed. She also started a friendship with Christina, and everytime I saw them together I was reminded of the hot fight they'd had and what might have been had Christina won. Christina still had the hots for me, and as much as I tried, Heather wouldn't agree to a three-way. I think she was worried that Christina's pussy would steal me away. After about a year of dating, I cheated on Heather with Christina. We made passionate love several times before Heather found out and dumped me and fought her again. I didn't see it, but by the way Christina looked the next day, I knew it must've been long and nasty because it was several days before she could fuck me again. She claimed to have won, but I don't know. It's been five months now, and Christina and I have broken up. Other than great sex, we just didn't have anything else in common. I'm now free and looking for love. I wonder how Nicole is doing?