Katherine Heigl vs. Shannon Elizabeth by The Walkin’ Dude

About an hour and half’s drive north of Arkham Massachusetts, there was a little fishing town on the water, a quaint, turn of the century looking place called Innsmouth. For the longest time there really hadn’t been much going on there, but ever since out-of-staters had started discovering the old town’s charm, property values had been skyrocketing and the out of the way community had been experiencing a type of renaissance it hadn’t enjoyed since the twenties. Richard Fannin had been looking for a new place to run shows in this corner of the state and he had found the perfect place. At the start of the boom, he’d bought the old hotel on the edge of town, a rambling, tumble-down edifice called the Gilman House. After a few months work renovating the place, Fannin’s crew had the place in perfect condition and it was deemed ready for visitors. The hotel was packed it’s opening night, not only with summer tourists, but a whole horde of locals had turned out to the first night of the hotel’s restaurant and bar, the Devil’s Reef (so named for an interesting local landmark of some repute) And of course it wouldn’t be a Richard Fannin opening if the promotion didn’t have a presence. Indeed the Reef was host to a blockbuster show, headed up by a Main Event the crowd was rabidly anticipating; the first ever meeting of Shannon Elizabeth and Katherine Heigl. And with the setting and mood properly set, lets go to ringside where our erstwhile Announcer is getting ready to start his final spiel of the evening.

Clearing his throat, he the Announcer took a deep breath and proclaimed, “Ladies and gentleman it is my pleasure to tell you that the very first Main Event to take place at Devil’s Reef is a never before seen battle, pitting two of the most powerful women in the league against one another. On behalf of the promotion and everyone associated with it, we hope you’ve enjoyed yourself this evening. And now to bring out the participants, introducing first, she stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall, ladies and gentlemen I give you... Shannon Elizabeth!”

‘Control’ by Puddle of Mudd blares through the confines of the lounge as the lovely brunette makes her way down the aisle toward the ring. For her first meeting with Katherine, Shannon was clad in a two-piece silver bikini, the taut, metallic material of the suit bulging and clinging in all the right places. Her pads and boots were a simple black and her dark hair hung loose on her shoulders as she slid into the ring, a confidant grin on her pretty face. Giving the audience a final pose, Shannon strode to her corner and watched the entryway for the arrival of this evening’s opposition.

Letting the fanfare for the pretty brunette die down a bit (it took quite a while) the Announcer brought the mic up and resumed his duties, “And her opponent this evening stands at 5 feet 9 inches tall; they call her Katherine the Great, allow me to introduce.... Katherine Heigl!”

Marilyn Manson’s cover of ‘Sweet Dreams’ hits the speakers as Kat strides through the curtain. Surveying her loyal subjects from the top of the ramp, Kat cut a stunning figure; it was easy to see why she was one of the most popular grapplers in the promotion. Breaking her pose, Kat makes her way toward the ring, slapping hands and smiling at her fans the entire way. For her battle with Shannon, she’s wearing her typical two-piece powder blue bikini with matching boots and pads. Her long blonde hair hangs loose on her shoulders and she climbs the steel steps and makes her way through the ropes. Climbing the ropes in her corner, Kat flexes her biceps for the roaring fans, flashing a confidant grin before hopping back the canvas, turning to face her brunette opposition.

Seconds after the sound of the ringing bell had faded from their ears, Kat and Shannon strode out of their corners, blonde and brunette both heading confidently to the center of the ring. Pausing with a scant few feet between them, Katherine and Shannon, each letting her gaze run appraisingly over the curves and contours of her opponent. Eyes meeting, Shannon was the first to break the silence. With a smile on her face she said, “So you’re Katherine the Great.”

Kat kept her gaze level and replied, “That’s me.”

Shannon’s smile got a bit wider. “Bet I can knock you down in one shot.” she said.

Kat’s face was a study in incredulity. Stepping closer she said, “I’d love to see you try.”

Shannon cracked her knuckles and purred, “Gimme a shot at your chin and I will.” Her eyes danced with smirking sureness, daring Kat to accept her challenge.

“You’re on!” Heigl answered quickly. Taking a step back, Kat put her hands behind her back and stuck her jaw out defiantly. Eyes locked with Elizabeth, she offered, Give it your best shot.”

“You asked for it.” Shannon said, then as quickly as the blink of an eye the big brunette shot forward, lashing her left hand up and out in a wicked shot that cracked off Kat’s jaw like a rifle shot. The blonde went down; her strong legs buckled by the power of Shannon’s blow. Lying on the mat, Kat was stunned, but not so stunned that she didn’t see Shannon looming over her, looking down with the same sardonic smile on her face.

Clearing her head, Kat got to her feet and back in Shannon’s face, brushing a lock of hair from her face, “Very impressive. I wonder if you’re brave enough to allow me the same chance.”

Shannon’s grin got wider. Stepping back she chided, “Do your worst.”

“I intend TO!” Kat whispered as, simultaneous with her last word, the powerful blonde shot forward and brought her leg up, smashing her booted heel directly into Shannon’s jaw. Now it was the brunette’s turn to go down and she did just that, landing hard on the canvas and holding her chin.

Looking up at the confidant blonde, Shannon got to her feet and stared down her opponent. “All right, we’re both strong. Lets find out who’s stronger.” She raised her hands, inviting Kat in for the clench.

Raising her own arms, Kat responded, “Love to.” before shooting forward and locking up with the brunette. Grappling and struggling with one another, the 2 women stumbled about the ring for the better part of fifteen seconds, neither able to get a decisive advantage. Finally, Kat shoved Shannon back against the ropes and the ref called for a break. She had just begun to step away when Shannon shot forward and tagged her in the chest with a jab. More angry than hurt, Kat growled a curse and responded with fists of her own, peppering Shannon’s face and chest even as the brunette was laying heavy blows into the blonde’s belly and chest. Kat was pulling back for another shot when Shannon’s left caught her across the cheek and staggered her back against the ropes. Stunned, the blonde was able to see the brunette winding up for another punch right before she let it fly at Kat’s face. Getting her wits back, Kat ducked under the haymaker and slipped behind her foe. With Shannon off balance, Kat gripped her shoulder and spun her around, only to drive a padded knee right into Shannon’s belly, just above the line of her trunks.

A smile crossing her face as Shannon doubled over, Kat said, “Punching is a nasty, cheap habit. Let’s see if I can’t break you of it.”

Stepping close to her foe, Kat grabbed Shannon’s left arm and pinned it up awkwardly behind the brunette’s back with a basic Hammerlock. Using her other hand, she reached through Elizabeth’s legs and hoisted her into position for a Body Slam, with the Hammerlock still in place. Striding toward the center of the ring with her prize in tow, Kat spun around to let the audience see Shannon’s helplessness before sitting out hard, driving all of Shannon’s weight into the canvas with her modified Power Slam. Shannon cried out in pain as she hit the canvas, all of her weight landing on her pinned left arm.

Grimacing at the pain in her shoulder, she got to her feet only for Kat to grab her left wrist. Holding the brunette tight, Kat pulled back and jerked down, stretching the arm and forcing a yelp from her captive. Not speaking, Kat twisted the captive limb in a full circle before completing the Arm Wringer by stepping behind Shannon’s back and cinching the Hammerlock on again, rudely shoving Shannon’s left hand up between her shoulder blades. Working the basic hold in little fits and bursts, Kat smiled as Shannon rose up on her toes to try and relieve the pressure.

Leaning her head on her foe’s shoulder, Kat whispered teasingly, “I just love the basics, don’t you Shannon?”

Hissing in pain, Shannon responded, “Very much so.”

Shannon used her free arm to blast an elbow into Kat’s face, drawing a startled and pained cry from the blonde. Shaking out her shoulder as she pursued her fleeing prey, Shannon spun her foe around and trapped her in a Front Face Lock. Giving Kat no chance to counter, she spun hard to the left and fell to the mat, wrenching the blonde’s neck with a Swinging Neckbreaker. Standing over her foe, Shannon pulled Kat to a sitting position and placed one hand under the blonde’s chin while another cupped the top of her skull. Pressing down, Shannon twisted Kat’s neck hard with the Head Vise.

Breathing heavily as she worked the blonde, Shannon taunted, “You like isolating a body part? Well so do I. Let’s see you fight back with a wrenched neck, you dumb bitch,” she said, giving another twist to the hold. Her eyes squinting with pain; Kat wasn’t going to let this match get away from her that easily. Getting her knees under her, the blonde got both hands on Shannon’s wrists and pushed up hard, regaining her vertical base in relatively short order. She was about to release Shannon’s wrists and hammer an elbow into the brunette’s belly when Elizabeth changed her hold, trading tin the Head Vice for a simple Half Nelson to the blonde’s right arm. Grinding her crotch against Kat’s butt as she pressed her breasts into the other girl’s back, Shannon hissed, “Here’s another lesson in the basics slut. Pay attention, I’ll be quizzing you later.”

Before Kat could get a word in, Shannon used her free left hand and delivered several stinging, disrespectful slaps to the side of the blonde’s face. As Kat yelped and tried to fight free, Shannon changed her focus, slapping and teasing at Kat’s breasts even as the blonde was pulling them both towards the ropes. Her face red with exertion and embarrassment, Katherine demanded to the ref for Shannon to break her hold. The brunette did, but she couldn’t resist a final insult; giving Kat a quick wedgie as she backed away. Furious at the slights being heaped upon her, Kat whirled to face the brunette, taking a moment to pick her bottom from her butt crack.

Glaring at the tall, tanned brunette, Kat growled, “You’ll pay for that!”

Shannon didn’t look worried. “We’ll see who pays for what. I’m gonna enjoy sitting on your face Kitty.”

The blonde didn’t take kindly to that statement and she voiced her displeasure by lunging forward, trying to take the brunette’s head off with another big boot. But Shannon saw the attack coming and ducked aside, letting Kat stumble past her. Whirling around as Kat did the same, Shannon shot forward, sinking both wickedly curved claws into the muscles of Kat’s shoulders. Tensing her grip, Shannon smirked as Kat’s legs trembled. She rose up on her toes to bear down even harder, but then Kat came to life, bringing her foot up fast only to stomp down faster, crushing Shannon’s toes under her boot. The brunette winced and released her hold, hobbling back on her sore foot. Regaining her composure, Shannon snarled at the blonde and rushed forward, only to be greeted with a boot to the gut. As the brunette doubled over in front of her, Kat stood beside her, drawing Shannon’s left arm tight across the blonde’s chest. Hold firmly in place, Kat fell forward, nailing a beautiful Single Arm DDT, driving Shannon’s face and shoulder hard into the mat.

Kneeling behind her winded rival, Kat returned the derisive behavior from earlier, slapping nastily at the back of Shannon’s head as she taunted the brunette. “ You’re going to sit on my face? That’ll be quite a feat, considering your face is going to end up wedged between my tits. But before I strap you into my personal ‘torture rack’, you need to be softened up a bit more.”

Finished with words for the time being, Kat went to work on her next hold by taking Shannon’s left arm, then as Kat stood perpendicular to her foe, the limb flanked by her legs on each side. Falling back, Kat scissored her legs around the arm and locked them at the ankles, completing the Cross Arm Breaker. Leaning back hard, Kat bounced and jerked, trying her best to hyperextend Shannon’s elbow. The brunette roared in pain, but wouldn’t submit, instead using her free hand to drag herself within reaching distance of the bottom ropes. Seconds later she was there and then it was her turn to demand that Kat release her hold. Heigl milked the count but did as she was told, looming over Shannon as the brunette pulled herself up.

Not giving the brunette any breathing room, Kat bent her foe over and wrapped her arms around Shannon’s bare waist. Marching backwards, she pulled Shannon to the center of the ring and lifted her off the canvas, holding her aloft in a strong grip. Turning in a slow circle, Kat cooed, “If your arm hurts so much, maybe I can give you a new pain to focus on.” Then she jumped and sat out, driving the length of Shannon’s torso into the canvas with a kind of Inverted Sidewalk Slam. Enjoying her domination of the brunette, Kat kept up the pressure, pulling Shannon to her feet only to trap her in a Standing Headscissors. As the blonde’s thighs compressed Elizabeth’s head, Heigl added to her misery by once again singling out her prey’s arms, trapping them on Shannon’s back with a nasty Double Hammerlock.

Bouncing slightly, Kat was just about to goad her foe when Shannon shoved up with all her strength, tossing the big blonde up and over before dropping her to the canvas with the makeshift Back Body Drop. Kat hit the mat and gasped, but she recovered quickly and powered to her feet, just as Shannon was doing the same. Looking to regain the offensive, Heigl surged forward and gripped Shannon’s wrist, not hesitating for a second as she whipped the brunette toward the ropes. But much like her opposition, Shannon was able to recover quickly and she did just that, reversing the momentum on the whip and pulling Kat into her.

When the blonde drew within reach, Shannon put her hands on the blonde’s chest and shoved up hard, launching Kat upwards into the lights. As her victim began to descend, Shannon stepped forward and let Kat land on her shoulders in an awkward looking Fireman’s carry. In the same breath, Shannon flung herself back and down, crushing Kat’s back against the canvas with an ingeniously applied Samoan Drop. Grinning at her own cleverness, Shannon got to her feet and pulled Kat to hers. Scooping the blonde up, Shannon held Kat across her body at chest level, marching the blonde around the ring. Pinching Kat’s exposed butt in rather cruel fashion, Shannon sneered, “You’re not the only one who can put a new twist on an old favorite Kat. Observe.” Then the brunette tossed Kat up and back, landing the blonde in another Fireman’s Carry. Just as quick, she fell backwards, driving more air from Kat’s lungs with a second Samoan Drop. Wondering if she could put the blonde away, Shannon leaned back and hooked a leg. She was a bit disappointed when Kat kicked out right after one.

Pulling her foe up, Shannon said, “ Maybe I’ll put this kitty to sleep instead.” Slipping behind the dazed blonde, Shannon wrapped an arm under Kat’s chin and another over the back of her head before pulling tight, cinching the Sleeper on. Kat gasped and fought, but Shannon had the hold locked in like a pro and Kat soon found her only escape option lay in the ropes. Fighting the dots that were attempting to cloud her vision, Kat lurched forward the several steps she needed to draw in range of the corner, but right as her fingers brushed the cables, Shannon whirled around, spinning Kat so the blonde was now facing the center of the ring. The blonde’s frustration quickly grew to rage as she listened to Shannon tease her. “You thought this was a way out? Sorry babe, I’ve got a new move I want to test out over here.”

Message sent, Shannon backed up into the corner so she was pressed against the buckles. Shifting her grip, Shannon applied a Half Nelson with her left arm while still using her right to apply the sleeper. Gathering her strength, Shannon stepped up and back before sitting on the top turnbuckle. With Kat still in her clutches, Shannon leaned back as far as she could, pulling the big blonde off her feet as she choked the life out of her. Kat was getting frantic as she was deprived of air, but Shannon’s new move had the dubious distinction over being applied in the corner, thusly she could only maintain it for five seconds. Heeding the ref’s count, Shannon let her prey go, smirking as Kat fell to her knees gasping. Sitting on the turnbuckle, Shannon waited for Kat to regain her knees before hopping down behind the disoriented blonde. Shannon spun Kat around and booted her in the gut!

Hands on her hips, she taunted, “Sorry Kitty, it’s not time to sleep just yet.”

Shannon grips Kat in a tight Front Face-Lock. Grabbing a handful of tights, she lifts up and falls back driving Kat’s forehead hard into the mat with a sadistic Implant DDT. Feeling Kat go limp on the mat, Shannon muscles her over and goes for the cover only to have Kat get her foot on the ropes at 2. Furious with herself over the stupid error, Shannon gets to her feet and pulls Kat up by the hair. Stepping back form her victim, Shannon says, “No more mistakes.” as she fires that powerful left hand at Kat’s face again. But the glaze in Kat’s eyes clear at the last second and she ducks under the blow and slips behind her foe. When Shannon turns around, Kat is there to greet her with a Clothesline that nearly turns the brunette inside out. Eyes blazing as she stood over her downed rival, Kat leapt into the air and came crashing down, one perfect thigh smashing across Shannon’s face full force.

Feeling a bit more in charge of the situation, Kat got to her feet before yanking Shannon up by her hair. Stopping only long enough to sneer in the dizzy brunette’s face, Kat scooped her foe up and held her inverted against her belly, with Shannon’s face right in her crotch. Keeping her grip around Shannon’s waist tight, Kat rose up on one knee and then dropped down, spiking Shannon’s injured left shoulder with a Shoulder Breaker. Grinning fiercely as a shudder rocked Shannon’s frame, Kat maintained her grip and pushed to a standing position only to drop down again, crushing Shannon’s shoulder a second time. This time she let Shannon fall limply to the mat, but she didn’t let her stay there long as she grabbed a handful of dark hair and hoisted Shannon to her feet. Marching the brunette over to the ropes, Kat shoved her foe chest first into the ropes. Recalling the demeaning grind Shannon had given her in this position, Kat returned the favor, grinding her hips and breasts slow and hard against her prey’s back. Deciding to enact her plan, Kat backed up a bit only to pull Shannon with her. Grabbing a handful of hair, Kat shoved Shannon down and through the gap above the middle rope before pulling her fully erect again, with Shannon’s upper half leaning through the ropes, the top and middle cables now digging into her shoulders and lower back respectively.

Leaning into her, Kat whispered, “Anything you can do, I can do better. You like using the turnbuckles, I like the ropes. I call this ‘Kat’s Cradle’.” Not letting Shannon respond, Kat grabbed both of her foe’s wrists and bent them sharply upwards, securing another Double Hammerlock on the brunette. The hell of it was, Kat scissored Shannon’s elbows around the ropes and pushed up, using the ring to make the Hammerlocks even more excruciating. Kat glowed with satisfaction as Shannon wailed, demanding that the referee enact his 5 count. The ref did as he was told and moments later Kat had to relinquish her hold. But the domineering blonde wasn’t done yet! Grinding her body against her foe’s back again; her lips brushing Shannon’s ear, Kat cooed, “When this is over, your face is going in my tits. I’m gonna snuff you like a candle.”

She backed up, adding a hard slap to Shannon’s head for exclamation. Extricating herself from the ropes, Shannon winced at the pain in her arms but wasted no breath in resuming her attack. Unfortunately for her, Kat was more than ready and scooped the brunette onto her shoulder for a Body Slam.

Acting more on instinct than anything else, Shannon shoved hard and managed to slide free of Kat’s grip landing behind her. Before the brunette could spin around, Shannon laced her arm under Kat’s throat and tried to cinch the Sleeper in. She had barely secured her grip when it was broken, Kat using her boots to mash Shannon’s toes, forcing the brunette to shriek in pain as she hobbled away. Angry that the brunette was still fighting, Kat sprinted forward and shot her boot up, cracking her foot off the side of Shannon’s face. Shannon went down like a cut tree and Kat added to the brunette’s motivation to stay on the mat by leaping into the air and absolutely flattening her against the canvas with a Body Splash.

Sneering haughtily as she peeled herself off Shannon, Kat said, “Keep trying to fight Shannon…and I’ll just keep crushing you.” Not receiving a response, Katherine pulled Shannon to her feet and whipped her hard into the corner. Closing the gap at a leisurely pace, Kat got up in Shannon’s face and kept up the verbal abuse. “Nowhere to run Shannon, nowhere to hide. I hope you can hold your breath for a good long while.” She pressed herself into Shannon, rubbing her legendary rack back and forth across Shannon’s gasping features. Biting her bottom lip in a coy smile as she felt the first rush of Shannon’s breath on her tits, Kat grabbed a dual handful of dark hair and continued grinding her assets against the brunette’s face, taunting her nonstop. “Submit now you whipped bitch? I can keep this up for a lot longer than you’ve got left. Maybe if you scream my name I’ll go easier on ya.” She stopped her taunting only to tighten her grip on Shannon’s head and just ground forward, engulfing Shannon’s head in the canyon between her breasts. Hearing the annoying buzz of the ref calling for the break, Kat leaned down and kissed the top of Shannon’s head, saying, “You’re safe for now sweetie.”

Then she released the smother, letting the oxygen starved Shannon take a deep breath. Not willing to merely let the brunette go, Kat spun her around, facing Shannon toward the center of the ring. Holding her foe by her dark locks, Kat scooted up to the top rope before planting a knee between Shannon’s shoulders. Pushing off with her other foot, Kat shoved them both out of the corner, her weight causing Shannon to be driven face first into the canvas after several awkward steps. Believing her unorthodox move was enough to finish Shannon off, Katherine went for the cover, only to have Elizabeth kick out at ‘TWO!’

Aggravated, but not out of ideas, Kat shoved Shannon onto her back and sat at the brunette’s side. Pinning her foe’s tortured left arm up in yet another Hammerlock, Kat said, “I just LOVE this move! It’s so simple but there are so many different things you can do with it….like THIS!”

The big blonde pushed her knees off the canvas, holding herself balanced in a kind f handstand for a split second before coming down full force, ramming both knees into Shannon’s shoulder and elbow. The brunette screamed in pain and bucked wildly, but Kat held her place and lifted up again, delivering THREE more torturous Knee Drops before moving on to a new attack. Pulling the weak kneed brunette to her feet, Kat bent Shannon over and cinched the brunette in a Front Face Lock, She had just grabbed a handful of Shannon’s silvery tights when the brunette used of Kat’s own tactics against her, stomping hard on the brunette’s toes. Gasping sharply at the pain, Kat released her grip and tried to pull away, but Shannon pulled her back in. Acting fast, Shannon draped one arm over Kat’s shoulder and her other arm under the opposite shoulder, locking her hands in the middle of her victims back.

Convinced Kat was immobilized, Shannon spat, “I’m gonna smother you out for that stunt in the corner. Let’s see if you can scream my name with your jaw wired shut.”

Cinching her grip tighter, Shannon pulled Katherine as close as possible, making sure the brunette’s chin was laying tightly against Shannon’s shoulder. With a bend of her knees, Shannon leapt into the air, taking Kat with her. As they started to descend, Shannon tucked her knees under her and landed easily, driving Kat’s chin into her shoulder with a nastily modified Jawbreaker. A smile returned to Shannon’s face as Kat fell back to the mat, groaning and clutching her injured face. Pulling herself off the canvas, Shannon surveyed her foe and picked a new target. Raising her arm above her head, Shannon put all her weight into the Elbow drop, the pointy joint driving right into Kat’s right breast. Grinning ferociously as she got to her feet, Shannon repeated the maneuver several more times, taking all her hate out on the part of her foe’s anatomy that had hurt and embarrassed her badly a little earlier in the match. Finally ceasing the elbow-centric assault as Kat rolled onto her side, Shannon buried her claws in Kat’s quivering shoulders and pulled the big blonde to her feet. Getting behind the injured Heigl, Shannon bent her foe backwards, trapping her head in the crook of her armpit. Holding her prey in that position, Shannon used her free hands to slap teasingly at Kat’s tits, forcing the unguarded orbs to shake uncontrollably.

Tightening her grip, Shannon hissed, “You tried to break my arm and failed. Now I’m gonna break your back.”

Almost as the words left her mouth, the brunette dropped violently to one knee slamming Kat’s upper back against her planted knee. Kat screamed and shuddered before Shannon shoved her to the canvas, the blonde rolling limply onto her stomach. Pushing Kat onto her back, Shannon went for the win, only to be denied just after TWO!. Scowling in frustration, Shannon pulled Kat to a sitting position and continued her attack on the blonde’s skull, trapping Kat’s head in her hands and squeezing with all her might. Kat groaned and squirmed in the hold, eventually able to get to one knee and then to her feet. Clutching ineffectually at Shannon’s hands, she was about to try stomping her way out, when Shannon shifted her grip, grabbing the blonde by the wrist. Before Kat could counter, Shannon whipped her into the ropes, waiting patiently as Kat came back within striking distance. Tensing herself, Shannon waited a second more and then lashed her foot up, impaling Kat’s belly with her boot.

Pleased with the air that came rushing from the brunette, Shannon hooked her gasping foe in a Front Face Lock with one hand while using the other to grab a handful of powder-blue tights. Holding Kat helpless, Shannon pulled up hard, hauling Kat over her head. Holding the big blonde inverted was no easy task, but Shannon managed it well holding her aloft for nearly 20 seconds. Just when everyone thought she was going to fall backwards, Shannon leaned forward and tossed Kat forward. As the blonde hurled toward the mat, Shannon twisted her torso to the side and dropped to one knee, impaling Kat’s ribs on her posted joint. The viciously elevated Gutbuster drove all the wind from Kat’s lungs and the blonde lay at Shannon’s feet, gasping for breath as the brunette basked in the roar of the crowd.

Standing over the decimated blonde, Shannon asked the audience, “Want me to maul Kitty’s titties?”

The crowd shouted their approval and Shannon went to work. Hauling the still wheezing blonde to her feet, Shannon shoved her arms aside before latching a two handed grip on Kat’s breasts, teasing and torturing the sensitive flesh through the slick material of Kat’s top. Blinking back tears, Kat’s pain was suddenly supplanted by rage. The blonde’s eyes snapped open, locking with Shannon’s slightly surprised gaze. With a virulent hiss, Kat brought both hands up, smashing unguarded, knockout shots into the side of Shannon’s head. Her last shot finally loosened the brunette’s grip and Kat seized the opening, whipping the stunned girl into the corner. Letting her anger guide her attack, Kat charged Shannon at a dead run and left her feet in a gorgeous leap, absolutely crushing her body against Shannon’s in a Body Splash. Not letting her groaning foe fall from the corner, Kat grabbed a double handful of Shannon’s hair and pulled her head back painfully.

Sneering into the brunette’s face, she taunted, “You’re going to LICK my tits before you surrender.”

Kat jammed her chest forward, madly grinding and mashing her heaving assets over Shannon’s panicked face. The zebra was in better position this time and was more insistent that Kat break the smother by the five count. The vindictive blonde grudgingly complied, but she wasn’t about to let Shannon off the hook. Pulling the brunette free of the corner, Kat whipped her into the ropes before bouncing off the opposite ropes, heading back towards her wounded adversary. With little room for error, Kat left her feet again, this time nearly decapitating Shannon with a Flying Shoulder Block

Muttering encouragement to herself as she pushed up off the canvas, Kat pulled Shannon to her feet and went nose to nose with her, “You like groping my tits? Well, let’s see if you can take what you dish out.”

Getting only a groan in response, Kat latched her hands onto Shannon’s chest and twisted violently, mauling the brunette’s orbs in her skilled fingers. But if Kat was expecting Shannon to wither and give up in this painful hold, she was destined to be disappointed. Reawakened by the white-hot pain in her boobs, Shannon slugged away at Kat’s face and gut, burying wild haymakers into the blonde’s flesh. Realizing she couldn’t sit there and take Shannon’s abuse, Kat relinquished her grip only to start exchanging punches with the brunette. Ducking under a wind-milling Shannon haymaker, Kat cracked the brunette across the face, staggering her back several steps.

Returning Shannon’s hateful glare, Kat snarled, “C’mon bitch, lets finish this.”

Shannon didn’t need to be told twice and she shot forward with another punch aimed at Kat’s head. Unfortunately for her, that had been Kat’s plan and the blonde ducked under the blow, slipping easily behind her rival. Before Shannon could react, Katherine pinned both the brunette’s arms behind her back and looped her own arms around them, locking her hands to keep Shannon in place. With only a slight hesitation, Kat lifted up with all her might, hauling Shannon off her feet with an insidious Double Chickenwing that put insidious pressure on the brunette’s already injured shoulders.

Bouncing the hold violently, Kat shouted, “Give it up, or I’ll break both your arms.”

Shaking her head wildly, Shannon remained defiant, “NEVER!”

Kat shook her head in disgust and looked around, trying to figure out how to punish Shannon next. Having an epiphany of sorts, she took a few steps toward the ropes and tossed Shannon down, letting the brunette fall throat first along the top rope. Shannon’s head snapped back on impact and she fell to the mat gagging and retching as she tried to will her throat to work. Realizing that one more big move delivered to Shannon’s neck could put her away, Kat grabbed the brunette and pulled her toward the center of the ring. Reaching her destination, she dropped the brunette’s wrists and left her with a few stomps to the gut to keep her company. Going to the corner, Kat climbed to the top rope, pausing only to catch her breath before leaping off the top. Coming down towards her foe with her right leg extended, she meant to smash Shannon’s throat with a beautiful Guillotine Leg Drop.

And it was a beautiful thing, except for the landing that is. Realizing what was about to happen to her, Shannon rolled clear at the last second, leaving Katherine to slam ass first into empty canvas. The big blonde shrieked in abject agony and curled into a ball, trying to protect her injured tailbone as best she could. A few feet away, Shannon was getting slowly to her feet. After a few seconds, the powerful brunette regained her bearings and looked around for her rival. Her dark eyes quickly found the injured Katherine, and they blazed with malice.

Stalking over to her opponent, Shannon hissed, “Looks like you crashed and burned bitch. Now you pay the price.”

Not expecting an answer (and not getting one), Shannon moved next to Kat’s defenseless head and executed a Low Dropkick, slamming both boots into the side of Kat’s face. Relishing the pained cry her attack drew from her opponent, Shannon pulled Kat up and bent her over, locking in the Front Face Lock yet again. Her eyes blazing cruelly, Shannon brought her free arm up and then smashing down, driving a clubbing forearm shot into Kat’s back. Not satisfied with one blow, Elizabeth repeated the process, drilling shot after shot into the sweating, helpless plank of Kat’s back. After her last clubbing shot drove Kat to her knees, Shannon switched gears, grabbing hold of a handful of Kat’s tights and pulling the blonde to her feet.

Shannon hoisted her overhead, again holding the blonde inverted above her head and whispered, “In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m stronger than you. And if you aren’t convinced, this ought to bring you around….” she grunted as she released Kat’s tights and curled her arm in a taunting bicep flex, demonstrating how she could hold Kat with just one hand. Deciding it was time for more hurt, Shannon fell backwards, finally completing the Delayed Vertical Suplex. Sitting beside Kat’s injured form, Shannon wanted to keep piling on the hurt so, pushing the blonde over onto her stomach, Shannon stood at Kat’s head then knelt suddenly; dropping her padded knee on the base of Kat’s skull. The blonde shuddered and groaned, but couldn’t muster the energy to roll away which made it quite easy for Shannon to repeat the maneuver - several times!

Collecting her breath after rattling Katherine’s brain with a half dozen Knee Drops, Shannon decided it was time to end this farce. Getting to her feet, she pulled Kat’s limp form up and locked her in position for another DDT. Grabbing a huge handful of blue tights, Shannon pulled up, forcing the material up into Kat’s cheeks.

Laughing at the blonde’s low cry of indignation, Shannon yelled to the crowd, “Maybe I’ll spank this fat ass after I’m done riding her face. Wouldja like that?” The crowd indicated that this was something they would very much enjoy that, and their encouragement only grew louder when Shannon spiked her blonde foe’s skull into the mat and went for the cover, The ref’s hand was coming down a third time when Kat got her shoulder up. Reaching the end of her patience, Shannon dragged the semi-conscious blonde to her feet and went nose to nose with her, Speaking in a hateful whisper she said, “You just used up the last of your 9 lives Kitty. Now you’ll stay down for good.”

With a final snarl of anger, Shannon locked one hand across Kat’s face in a skull destroying Face Claw. Kat writhed and tried to break Shannon’s grip but her foe wasn’t looking for a submission from the Claw. With the blonde distracted by the pain in her face, Shannon stepped beside her foe and put one long leg behind Katherine’s legs. Balancing all her weight on the other leg, Shannon kicked the leg behind Kat back as hard as she could, all the while pushing forward on the Claw Hold. The effect of this nasty maneuver sent Kat crashing to the mat, the back of her head cracking painfully against the canvas while still locked in the Claw. A lone spasm passed through Kat’s frame and Shannon went for a cover, smiling vindictively as the ref counted Kat down for the thr…NO, make that a ‘two and a half’ count.

When the blonde kicked her off, Shannon couldn’t believe it. Kat had taken more punishment than most and she was still fighting back. Her pretty face contorted by anger, Shannon pulled Kat to her feet and locked the Claw on the blonde’s face again, but before she could drive her back into the mat, Kat brought her foot up, burying it in Shannon’s midsection. Through the haze of pain in her head, Kat felt her boot connect and she knew she had to act fast. Deciding that Shannon’s arm was her biggest weakness right now, the blonde chose to exploit that vulnerability. Grabbing the brunette’s left arm, Kat looped around behind Shannon, pulling the captured limb tight across Shannon’s throat. And before the big brunette could offer more than a started squawk, Kat leapt and fell to the mat, drilling Shannon into the canvas with the Straightjacket Neckbreaker.

Regaining her focus as she pushed up off the mat, Kat looked hatefully at the brunette groaning on the canvas beside her. Seeing how Shannon was cradling her left arm, Kat decided to go for the kill. Hauling the brunette to her feet, Kat got behind her and slapped on the Hammerlock once more, the once minor hold now causing intense pain in Shannon’s left arm. Using her right arm to slap a Half Nelson on her prey, then Kat returned Shannon’s barbs from earlier in their battle.

“You’re gonna spank my fat ass? You’re gonna have a hell of time doing it with only one hand. But who knows, maybe you’re more creative than I am. You definitely scream louder, no question.”

Shannon was about to voice her rebuttal when Kat hauled her opponent upwards and then slammed her to the mat, the blonde making sure that Elizabeth landed on her arm yet again. Figuring she could take this match with the simplest means available to her, Kat knelt beside her agonized foe and grabbed her injured arm. Stretching it out, Kat planted her knee on the elbow and pulled up, torturing the joint with one of her own. Tears were streaming down Shannon’s face, but the willful brunette refused to give up. Voicing a shriek that combined hate and pain, Shannon lashed out with her good hand, cracking Kat in the jaw with a punch. Motivated by the slight relief she felt in her left arm, Shannon kept slugging away, finally forcing Kat to get off her injured limb. Getting her feet under her, Shannon was about to continue her assault when Kat grabbed her left wrist and just yanked down hard. The basic move sent shockwaves of pain through Shannon and the brunette dropped to her knees, eyes clenched tightly shut as she tried desperately not to submit. Exhausted but in control, Kat said tiredly, “You’re tough Shannon but no one’s tough enough to withstand this kind of punishment. Give up now and I’ll put you out quick.” She added to the effectiveness of this statement by pulling the brunette up to look into her eyes.

Gazing at her hated blonde adversary through pain-lidded eyes, Shannon said, “Screw you Katherine.”

Angered by her opponent’s stubbornness, Kat hissed, “Fine, spend the next month in a cast. Don’t say I never gave you an out.”

Kat hooked her weary opponent in a Front Face Lock and grabbed a handful of tights. Deciding to forgo Shannon’s wedgie treatment (for now at least) Kat hauled her prey into the air and held her there for a second before taking a few tottering steps toward the ropes. Getting to where she needed to be, Kat leaned forward until Shannon’s ankles were draped across the top rope. Holding the brunette in that awkward looking position for just a moment, Kat suddenly exploded to her left, twisting and falling in one smooth motion that drove the back of Shannon’s skull into the canvas. The crowd cheered the blonde’s inventiveness; she had just nailed a hideously augmented Swinging Neckbreaker using the ropes for leverage. Laying across Shannon rather than actually pinning her, Kat waited for the THREE but was denied when Shannon got her foot on the bottom rope.

Getting to her knees, then rising to her feet, Kat bit her lip in anger, muttering, “Fine; no mercy then, if that’s the way you want it.”

A cold look of fury on her face, Kat picked Shannon up by the back of her tights and applied the hated Hammerlock once more. Wrenching Shannon’s arm to the breaking point, Kat marched her prey over to the corner and bent her double. With the same cold distant look in her eyes, Kat tossed Shannon forward, driving the brunette’s left shoulder into the unforgiving steel. Shannon shrieked aloud as her world became nothing but a crazy red swirl for several moments, the brunette almost totally out of it at this point. Back in the land of the totally lucid, Kat knew what she had to do. Steeling herself for the ferocity of her upcoming attack, the blonde took a step backward, then charged forward. Raising her foot, she meant to simply kick and stomp away at Shannon’s shoulder until the brunette yielded the contest to her, but at the last instant, Shannon was somehow able to pull herself aside, leaving Kat to crash into empty space and entangling herself in the ropes.

She cursed and was struggling to extricate herself when her world exploded in agony. The reason for said agony was the punt that Shannon Elizabeth had just driven between her thighs. Feeling her legs turn to water, Kat looked at Shannon as the brunette wound up again and delivered several more kicks to the blonde’s belly and center. After nearly a dozen of these blows, Shannon seemed to work through the outermost vestiges of her fury. Collecting herself, she grabbed Kat by the hair and pulled her out of the ropes, only to bend her painfully backwards, trapping the blonde’s chin under her right armpit.

Holding Kat in the awkward position, Shannon hissed, “I’m tough enough to handle everything you throw at me cunt. The question is, can YOU take what I’M dishing out?” She punctuated this question by falling backwards, spiking the back of Katherine’s head into the mat with an Inverted DDT. Getting slowly to her feet, Shannon looked around at the redlining audience before slowly drawing a finger across her throat, the universal signal for the end of a match. Limping toward the corner, Shannon climbed to the top very slowly, but got there just fine. Pausing to look out over the ruin of her foe, Shannon roared, “DOESN’T LOOK SO GREAT ANYMORE DOES SHE?” As the mob cheered, Shannon leapt off the top in a beautiful Frog Splash, the full weight of her nearly six foot frame crashing down across Kat’s heaving chest and belly. The blonde flopped like a dying fish, but Shannon held her in place, counting out loud as the ref’s hand came down once, twice, thr... Kat got a shoulder up.

Shannon shook her head in abject disbelief, at this stage of the war; her Frog Splash should have been a sure thing! To have Kat counter it was more than just infuriating, it was disheartening. What did she have to do to keep this chick down? Biting back her anger, Shannon pulled Kat to her feet and trapped the blonde in a standing Headscissors. Wrapping her arms around Kat’s damp waist, Shannon looked to the mob and reminded them, “Remember, it’s not the fall that kills you!” The crowd cheered and responded, “IT’S THE SUDDEN STOP AT THE END!” Shannon was setting Kat up for her finisher, a diabolical Inverted Power Slam she referred to as “The Sudden Stop.”

Tightening her grip, Shannon pulled Kat up of the canvas, so that the blonde’s back was resting heavily against her good right shoulder. But right before Shannon could throw Kat face first into the mat, the blonde yanked as hard as she could. Normally this wouldn’t have been nearly enough to break Shannon’s grip, but with the weakened condition of the brunette’s arm, Kat was able to slip free of the grip and land easily behind her surprised foe. Cursing loudly, Shannon whirled around only to find herself faced to face with a royally pissed off Katherine Heigl.

Preparing to drop the hammer, Heigl took just enough time to ask, “Arm hurt?” before booting Shannon hard in the gut. Stepping forward, she locked in a Standing Headscissors of her own before wrapping her arms around Shannon’s waist. Hauling her captive into the exact position she herself had occupied only seconds before, Kat continued, “It’s about to hurt a whole lot more.”

The blonde held her position for only a moment before driving Shannon down and forward while simultaneously dropping to one knee. The brunette’s decimated left shoulder slammed full force into Kat’s bent knee and she shrieked in agony for a painful second before Kat shoved her off her knee and stood over her. Knowing the Heigl Hangover had finished off Shannon, Kat still wasn’t satisfied. Flipping the brunette over onto her back, Kat looked out at the audience and in a rather bored tone, asked, “Kat-a-Clysm?” The multitude responded in the positive and Kat had no plans to disappoint them. Heading to the turnbuckles, Kat went to the top rope, standing so that she was facing the audience, Collecting herself, she took a moment to wink at her legions of fans before executing an absolutely perfect back flip off the top. The blonde sailed downwards at her prey and seconds later; Shannon suffered through the Kat-a-Clysm as the blonde’s devastating Moonsault finisher drove all the air from her lungs. Lying across Shannon’s sweat soaked belly, Kat knew the three count was academic, but she didn’t want a pin. Peeling herself off the brunette, Kat straddled her prey’s waist and put her hands on her hips.

Looking first at Shannon and then at the crowd, she said, “She doesn’t think I’m great. Time to convince her otherwise.” The crowd exploded! Kat reached behind her and in one deft move, peeled off the sweat soaked blue bikini top. Sighing luxuriantly as the cool wind of the club blew across her chest, Kat leaned down and grabbed a double handful of Shannon’s hair. She knew the brunette was only semi-conscious but having one’s air deprived had a neat way of bringing them back around. Looking arrogantly down into Shannon’s face, Kat whispered, “You’re just another unworthy bitch, forced to kneel and worship Katherine the Great.”

Then she plunged the brunette’s head into the sweat slicked canyon of her cleavage, the blonde’s haughty smile growing wider as she pressed Shannon’s mouth and nose against her flesh, cutting off her air. Kat was right, having your air removed does bring one around and Shannon began to thrash wildly, trying to escape the inescapable. Holding her grip tighter, Kat continued to grind, mashing her mounds back and forth against Shannon’s increasingly weak struggles. Seconds later, Kat looked down to see Shannon’s hand slapping weakly against her thigh, the beaten brunette was finally tapping out. The ref rang the bell, but Kat didn’t get off her foe, she merely pulled Shannon’s face out of her valley. Holding the brunette by the sides of her head, Kat locked eyes with her victim and demanded, “Lick them.”

Her face already gleaming with Kat’s tit sweat, Shannon refused this last indignity. “Fuck you,” she hissed.

Voice dropping a bit, Kat repeated, “LICK THEM...”and added, “OR I’LL HURT YOU.”

Kat didn’t say HOW she’d hurt Shannon but at this point the implication was sinister enough. Beaten and dominated by her blonde foe, Shannon realized Kat could and most likely would carry out her threat. And with the pain her shoulder was already in, Kat could very well end her career tonight. Hating what she was about to do, the brunette leaned forward and extended her tongue, giving Kat’s right orb a tentative lick. Loving the defeat of her foe, Kat demanded, “More!” She forced the brunette to worship her for the better part of a minute before she was finally satisfied and pulled Shannon’s head back into her cleavage, holding the writhing girl there for the few seconds it took before unconsciousness finally overtook her. Waiting to feel the last of Shannon’s breath on her tits, Kat finally got off her victim, putting her top back on in the process.

Looking out at her subjects, Katherine the Great acknowledged them with a little bow before sliding through the ropes and heading up the ramp. She was about three quarters of the way up the incline, slapping hands and joking with the audience when the speakers spat a burst of static. The noise caught her attention and the blonde beauty looked toward the entryway, a curious look on her face. For nearly 30 seconds there was nothing and Kat was about to move forward again, when there was a second burst of static right before the opening strains to Slither roared through the club. Kat’s eyes narrowed and the audience jumped to their feet, wanting to catch a glimpse of the first former Darkness member to return to the promotion. Seconds later; Jessica Biel granted their wish.

The powerful blonde slipped quickly through the curtain and came to a stop, clad in a tight pair of black jeans and a dark blue tank top. Jessica didn’t say anything, remaining stone-faced as she stared down the ramp at the other blonde. The former Darkness member stayed rooted to the spot, just staring a hole in Kat. Mind racing, Kat decided that perhaps Biel was here to cut a promo and she just wanted some face time. At bit irritated that Jessica was stepping on her time, Kat decided to let it slide for now and just make her exit quickly. Closing the distance between her and the other blonde, Kat kept her eyes locked with Biel as she went by, fixing Jess with a cold stare. But right as she went by, Jess stepped to the side, blocking the way for Katherine. Kat stopped short of running into the new arrival, but she didn’t back at all, staying nose to nose with the silent beauty.

Her eyes narrowing to slits, Kat whispered, “Get out of my way.”

Jessica stepped back a second and Kat thought she was going to step aside, but Biel had other plans. Reaching down, she gripped the bottom of her tank top and pulled it up, peeling it from her torso before tossing it aside. Clad now only in her jeans and a simple dark blue bra, Jessica got back into Kat’s face, her chest almost brushing against the startled blonde’s. Finally breaking her silence, Jessica whispered, “I’ve heard them call you ‘Great’?”

Holding back the anger that was building at a rapid pace, Kat responded, “That’s what they say.”

Jessica suddenly shoved forward, pressing her chest roughly into Katherine’s; their noses brushing.

Jessica said, “You aren’t great, you’re shit; and I’m here to prove it.”

A sneer crossed Kat’s face and she returned Jessica’s grind, mashing her tits against Biel’s. Taking a breath, Kat responded, “I’d love to see you try. I owe you a beating by proxy after what Katie tried to do to me.”

“Oh, I’ll do things to you Katie never even dreamed of doing,” Jessica taunted. “But I’ll do them on MY own time.”

Really spoiling for a fight now, Katherine chided, “And when might that be you cowardly bitch?”

“How ‘bout…NOW!” Jessica snarled. Before Kat could respond, Jessica’s claws were in her hair and pulling her face down into Jessica’s cleavage. Grinding the big blonde’s face into her tits, Jessica’s face glowed with savage joy as she attempted to rub Kat’s face out of existence. She was about to pick up the pace of her grind when Kat got her hands on Jessica’s shoulders and shoved backwards, breaking Biel’s grip.

Brushing the tiniest bit of Jessica’s sweat from her face, Kat glared at Jessica with murder in her eyes, “I’m going to make you SUFFER for that.”

“Bring it on...pussy.” Jess sneered back, dropping into a crouch to match the one Kat had assumed. A feral hiss passing through her lips, Kat lunged forward, fully intent on breaking Biel’s neck. Her claws had just brushed against the other blonde’s when a horde of referees hit the scene, separating the two Amazons before they could do any damage to one another.


A maniacal gleam in her eyes and sadistic grin on her face, Jessica roared back, “I DON’T THINK SO TWAT! YOUR ASS BELONGS TO ME! I’M GONNA GIVE YOU THE BEATING A CHEAP CUNT LIKE YOU DESERVES!”

Kat was about to scream her reply when the zebras pulled Jess through the curtain, pulling her from Kat’s view. Calming only slightly with Jess out of sight, Kat allowed herself to be carried through the other curtain where the ref’s finally put her down. Looking around for someone in charge, Kat spied George Stark and stalked over him. Getting in the giant’s face (as best she could anyway) Kat said, “George you give a message to Fannin. I WANT JESSICA BIEL. I DON’T CARE WHERE, WHEN OR HOW, BUT I WANT HER. Can you do that?”

Regarding the furious blonde with calm eyes, Stark said, “Consider it done hon.” Finally feeling a bit more human, Kat nodded her head and turned around walking quickly out of site. Stark watched her go before turning to find his boss. As he made his way down the hall, George muttered, “Nice to see that everything is back to normal. I was worried it was going to be a boring summer.”