Jodi Lyn O'Keefe vs. Shannen Elizabeth by Interac2/19/01

A major party was being thrown at a movie studio for all the young actresses who've hit it big recently. Everyone was there, Sarah Michelle Gellar; Freddie Prinze; Jennifer Love Hewitt, etc. Most importantly, the two women garnering the most attention were Jodi Lyn O'keefe and Shannon Elizabeth. Both were top actresses in teen movies. Shannon had bigger hits and that (frankly) drove Jodi up the wall since she thought she was better than Shannon, had been in the business longer and deserved more credit. Jodi was making her way around the party, glaring over at Shannon who was getting a lot of attention from movie producers. Once, she glared over and saw a producer had looked over toward her while talking to Shannon and Shannon had turned around and laughed. The producer too started to laugh.

Jodi who was talking to Rachel Leigh Cook, looked at her and asked what that was all about.

Rachel: "That producer. I was talking to him earlier he was asking how you are to work with and such. He was really interested in casting you in his next movie. He was also interested in Shannon too, apparently. Said he was going to talk to the both of you."

Jodi: " It don't seem that way now."

A while later Jodi approached the Producer.

Jodi:" Hello I hear you wanted to talk to me"

Producer: "Yes it was about a upcoming part in a movie we had in works."

Jodi: "Was? That's past tense isn't it?"

Producer: "I am afraid so. We decided to give the part to Shannon Elizabeth instead. Sorry "

Jodi: "Oh no I understand. Incidentally I hope those rumors about her weird behavior on the set and how many takes it takes for her to get something right aren't true."

"What weird behavior?" asked a perplexed producer.

Then another voice from behind Jodi came into the conversation.

"Yes what weird behavior?"

When Jodi turned around she was eye to eye with Shannon Elizabeth. Jodi wasn't used to any woman at these parties being her physical equal. She was used to being around shorter woman like Gellar, Hewitt and Cook.

Shannon felt the same thing. In her movies she was always surrounded by Tara Reid, Allyson Hannigan and Anna Faris.

"Oh I'm sorry, but this is a private conversation. You don't need to be part of this," Jodi said, turning around and dismissing Shannon.

Shannon, stepped in front of her and looked at the producer, "I wasn't butting in on a private conversation, but I heard my name mentioned. Incidentally, I was only here to inform the producer here that his wife is here and she's looking for him."

The producer then left the two ladies and went looking for his wife. Shannon turned back and looked at Jodi who had just watched the producer leave.

Jodi: "I was talking to him, about a possible job! What the hell is your problem"

"First thing, there is no job," purred Shannon. "I already got it. Second, before tonight I had no problem. Now I do. And she stars in 'She's All That.' Namely, it's you," Shannon continued as she sipped some bottled water.

"Is that so? Well, I could care less!" Jodi snapped. "All you are is someone who made it big by stripping and masturbating in a trashy girlie mag."

"Better that, than making it screwing Don Johnson," Shannon said with a little smile.

"S'cuse me, what did you say?" Jodi said with a hateful look on her face.

"You know what I said. You and I could do this verbal sparring for a lifetime, or we can end the verbal stuff tonight. Like I said, I got a problem and when I have problems; I fix 'em," Shannon replied.

"I couldn't agree more," Jodi agreed. "After everyone leaves, meet me in the game room.."

"See you there. Oh and don't worry, I won't hurt you as much as Don did when he dumped you for a 70 year old" Shannon laughed as she walked away.


After the party, Jodi made her way to the game room where Shannon was waiting. Both were dressed in informal wear for that was the type of party it was. Shannon in a mini skirt and T-shirt with a vest over it and Jodi in knee high boots and a mini-skirt, with V-neck shirt.

Jodi made her way toward Shannon who was walking toward her as well.

"I'll tell you what," Jodi said sizing up her opponent. "This is your only chance to back out after this. You don't take it, you won't be seen in Hollywood for quite a long time."

"Options considered and not taken," Shannon replied as she lunged for Jodi's hair.

Jodi sidestepped the move and batted Shannon down, then tried to jump on top of her. She missed and both young woman rolled to their knees and slowly got up. When Jodi slapped Shannon's face it knocked her back a few steps. Jodi quickly followed up with a kick to the mid-section that doubled over the 'American Pie' beauty. Jodi grabbed Shannon's hair and started to swing her around, then flung her into the Entertainment Center. Shannon's back hit hard and her body sagged as Jodi slowly started walking toward the startled beauty.

"Come on then, this was your idea. Show me something. Hey Shannon. Do Something," Jodi taunted.

Jodi held Shannon up by the hair and started to slap her over and over again; forehand-backhand. Jodi let her go and Shannon's soft body slumped to the floor where Jodi started kicking her in the tits and stomach. Jodi next reached down, grabbed Shannon by the hair and started to pull her up.

"When I turned around and looked at you," Jodi said. "I thought you were something special. When you challenged me to this, I taught, finally a decent fight. I couldn't see me fighting one of those midgets out there. Then again, they're probably more..."

Before she finished, Shannon rammed her head under Jodi's chin, grabbed the back of her head and dropped to her knees. Jodi bounced back to the wall, pain going through her as she bit her tongue from Shannon's jawbreaker move. She stumbled around the room trying to get her wits together while Shannon recovered from her earlier onslaught. Finally, Shannon hauled herself up using the pool table and turned to look at Jodi who'd put a hand to her mouth and seen blood

"You bitch!" Jodie screamed. "Look what you did to me!"

Jodi rushed at Shannon who ducked and flipped the youngster over her onto the pool table. Jodi let out a loud "Uhmph!" from the contact. She sat up to get at Shannon who grabbed her by the hair and rammed her head on the pool table until Jodi's eyes were glazed and she rolled over. Shannon lifted an elbow in the air and brought it down onto Jodi's stomach eliciting a scream from the 'She's All That' star.

Shannon climbed onto the pool table and sat on Jodi's chest pinning her arms beneath her knees. Shannon felt her own face and started to slap Jodi who eventually freed one of her arms from under Shannon's legs and tried to block it. While her hand was flailing around, Jodi caught Shannon's shirt and pulled her off. Jodi, rolled off of the pool table as Shannon ran at her and tackled her from behind.

Both went crashing into the couch, where they grabbed each others hair. On the couch they engaged in a hair pulling contest until they tumbled off on the floor where they rolled around, hands meshed in each others hair. Finally, Jodi drove a knee straight into Shannon's womanhood.

Shannon screamed as Jodi repeated the move a second time Jodi slowly got up and dragged Shannon by her shirt to the couch where she sat down and applied a head scissors to Shannon who couldn't move as she felt her head getting dizzy from the lack of oxygen.

"See, now tell me who's better for the part," Jodi chuckled. "Hell, fuck the part, I turned around and I wondered if I could take you. Now I know. Not only can I but I can destroy you."

Jodi started to play Shannon's head like it was a drum. Enjoying this domination, Jodi didn't see Shannon's hands sneaking up her miniskirt until it was too late. Shannon raked Jodi's pussy as Jodi screamed in pain and shoved Shannon away from her. Shannon took off her vest and walked back at Jodi who was massaging her aching womanhood.. Shannon wrapped her vest around Jodi's throat and planted a foot in the middle of her back and started to choke the 'Nash Bridges' star. Jodi began to pass out from the choking, then Shannon let her go.

"NO! It's not going to be that easy for you. You wanted a fight as much as me. Now it's the final round! I'm putting an end to it!" Shannon spit at her.

She punched Jodi in the face sending her to the ground again. Shannon ripped off Jodi's shirt and turned her around so Jodi could see everything happening to her. Shannon schoolgirled her and started to squeeze her breasts. Jodi, screaming in pain, tried to pry Shannon hands from her breasts to no avail as Shannon slammed them together. Shannon let one of her hands slide to Jodi's panties as her miniskirt, like Shannon's, was already long gone from the earlier attacks. Shannon grabbed the front of Jodi's panties and started to haul upward, giving Jodi a painful wedgie until the panties ripped. Shannon took the ripped panties and rubbed Jodi's face with them.

Shannon grabbed the back of Jodi's hair and hauled her up to her stomach, then smashed her face on the floor over and over until Jodi's eyes started to glaze over, then Shannon stopped and dug her fingers into Jodi's bra clip and undid it. Letting her breasts spill free.

"Oh, what do we have here," Shannon smirked. "Not bad, for a schoolgirl. Shame I have to damage to those little babies now isn't it?"

Shannon jumped into the air and landed with her knees crushing Jodi's breasts. Jodi started to scream as Shannon did it one more time. Shannon then let her fall on the underside of Jodi's tit and ground her elbow into the upper part of it, enjoying the young girls tears.

"One more time. Hey Jodi, you sound good!"

Shannon leapt up again, however, Jodi raised her own knee catching Shannon right between the legs. Shannon rolled around the floor crying and screaming in pain as Jodi, still hurting from the attack, massaged her aching tits and watched Shannon who was still on the ground.

"You bitch! Look what you did to me. My tits," Jodi screamed as she got up and ran at Shannon; jumping on her and throwing her around by her shirt until it ripped.

Then she ripped off Shannon's bra and panties, and picked her up. But before she could do anything more, Shannon pushed her away. Jodi went right back on the attack, sending a right cross to Shannon which wobbled her but Shannon came back with a left hook of her own. Shannon grabbed Jodi's hair and tossed her against the wall and started to ram Jodi's head into the wall.

Jodi once more slammed a knee to Shannon's pussy, stopping her attack cold. Jodi hair tossed Shannon clear over the pool table where she landed on the floor with a sickening thud.

Jodi slowly walked over to Shannon who was just getting up beside the pool table. Jodi put her in a full nelson and started to slam Shannon's body into the edge of the pool table and then ground Shannon's face and boobs into the table. Jodi turned Shannon around and saw her bloody face and her eyes rolled back. Jodi let Shannon go and allowed her to slump to the floor a loser. But Shannon didn't fall - instead she grabbed the eight ball and smashed it on Jodi's head.

"See that's called playing possum," Shannon cackled. "And this is called finishing IT!"

Shannon brought her foot down on Jodi's pussy, twice, then grabbed a pool cue and started to beat her entire body until she felt Jodi was just about out. Shannon turned Jodi over so she was on her stomach, sat on her back and put her in a camel clutch with the pool cue across Jodi's throat.

Shannon held Jodi like this for several minutes until her body was motionless. Then she Jodi's head drop but held her body up using her knees under Jodi's armpits.

"Just so you know who not to fuck with," Shannon whispered in the semi-conscious girls ear. "I'll leave a mark for you to remember by."

Shannon slapped Jodi's face a couple of times - scratched it and making sure to leave a scar. Then Shannon got off the teenager, put her jacket on and left the house - leaving Jodi's limp, unconscious and scratched body for the owner to discover.