Shannon Elizabeth vs. Jodi Lyn O'Keefe (II) by Interac

"American Pie 2" star Shannon Elizabeth decided she should go to a party with her costars. This was the same house where she'd gotten into two previous fights, with Charisma Carpenter and Jodi Lyn O'Keefe. One reason she was going there tonight was that Jodi told a lot of people she wanted a rematch. When Shannon entered the room, her friends left her to greet other people but Jodi lyn O'Keefe wasn't in the room.

Then, Shannon saw Jodi. She remembered their fight, flashing back to it, and she could tell Jodi was a little more serious, as well as more toned than the first time they'd faced off. Shannon was no slouch herself, but she got a little worried because last time they fought she really did get the worst of it. Until Shannon hit Jodi with the pool ball she was about to lose.

Jodi was thinking to herself as she stared right at Shannon, "Come on bitch, no weapons this time just me and you. I had them take every lamp, and anything you could use away from here. It is just me and you now, let's see how tough you really are. I even had your friends lured away one on one so we'd have no interference."

Shannon started to notice the guests were moving towards the sides of the room. Jodi wanted this and Shannon wanted this too, so why disappoint. Shannon started walking toward Jodi. She was wearing the see through top she wore at the MTV movie awards. Jodi started walking toward Shannon and when they met, Jodi quickly pushed Shannon to the floor.

"Come on bitch, I ain't wasting my time," Jodi said goading Shannon to get up.

Shannon looked around and saw that all of her friends were being detained. Jodi did not wait for Shannon to get up, she forcefully hauled her up to her feet by the hair. Shannon started screaming but she also hit Jodi in the stomach with a right hand and Jodi let out an "Umph!" as the wind was knocked out of her.

Shannon slapped Jodi in the face, but Jodi just smiled it off and slapped Shannon back, then she grabbed Shannon by the hair again and started slapping her face over and over. Shannon did the same thing and of the two of them, Shannon was getting the better of Jodi, driving her back continually as she slapped her in the face with both hands.

Then Shannon took two handfuls of hair and flung Jodi right across the room. She flew to the floor and rolled around, as people goaded her to get up. When she did, Shannon started toward her and so Jodi ran at Shannon, drove her shoulder into her firm belly and ran with her to the wall. She slammed Shannon against it, Shannon showed her discomfort on her face but she nevertheless grabbed Jodi's hair again.

Jodi quickly kneed Shannon in the stomach and as Shannon doubled over, Jodi pulled Shannon's shirt over her head. Momentarily blinded by her own shirt, Shannon lifted Jodi off of her feet and brought her to the floor. As the two women writhed on the floor, Jodi pulled Shannon's shirt completely off, leaving Shannon topless.

Jodi wrapped Shannon's shirt around her neck and twisted, pulling Shannon down and mounted her firm belly, then started to bang Shannon's head on the floor. Shannon nailed Jodi in the belly as hard as she could causing Jodi to gasp and bend over to catch her breath for a second which gave Shannon a chance to push Jodi off of her.

Shannon rolled away from her tormentor but Jodi got up first and as soon as Shannon got up they went eye to eye and started throwing wild punches. Both were missing most of her punches and neither aimed just threw fists, but Shannon got hit in the jaw while her own punch was connecting with Jodi's breast. When Shannon reeled back from the blow to the face she looked at Jodi who had dropped to her knees holding her breast where Shannon's punch landed.

Shannon dragged Jodi up by the hair and punished her with a knee to the pussy before she pushed her back to the wall, ripped off Jodi's shirt and dug her claws into Jodi's small, firm boobs. Shannon pulled Jodi away from the wall and then slammed her back against the wall using her boobs like handles. Shannon twisted her nails in Jodi's boobs, digging deep into the youthfully supple titflesh.

Jodi brought her long leg up as Shannon continued to maniacally twist her nipples and kicked Shannon off but Shannon held onto Jodi's breasts pulled Jodi with her. They ended up with Shannon on the bottom and Jodi on top of her. Jodi took the initiative and started to punch Shannon's face, fighting through her tears. Shannon finally had to stop her tit mauling and put her hands up to try to block Jodi's fists.

Jodi decided to use some of Shannon's own tactic's and she palmed Shannon's large breast's and squeezed as she pushed them upward. Shannon screamed and quickly tried to pry Jodi's hands from her tits, but to no avail. Shannon lifted her legs up and got them under Jodi's arms, then twisted her hips as she brought them back down , pulling Jodi off of her to the side.

Shannon and Jodi both started to get up at the same time and Shannon lunged as she threw a right cross, almost knocking Jodi out cold. Shannon lifted Jodi up and pulled her body between her legs. Shannon pointed over at her friend Tara Reid who gave her the thumbs up as Shannon slowly pushed her hand down inside Jodi's pants.

Shannon had intended to rip apart Jodi's underwear and use it to give her a wedgie, but was surprised to find Jodi wasn't wearing underwear so instead, Shannon grabbed her pant's started to pull them up to give her a wedgie. But as Shannon started to pull up, Jodi snapped her legs up and flipped Shannon over her back. Jodi toppled forward after hitting that move.

Shannon landed on her back hard and rolled over onto her belly holding her wounded back. She started to crawl away but Jodi quickly turned around and crawled to Shannon, grabbing her by the pant legs and pulling her back. Shannon was kicking her legs and really trying to get away as her pants were being pulled down over her hips.

Shannon turned and kicked Jodi in the head to give herself some momentary relief. Shannon looked around at all the people who were staring at her with her pants half way down her legs. She kicked them the rest of the way off and revealing a neatly shaved patch. Shannon grabbed Jodi and got her up on her feet but Jodi pushed Shannon and they crashed into the wall.

Each grabbed the each other's hair as they went back and forth along the wall until Shannon pressed her body into Jodi's, her big bosom crushing Jodi's smaller breasts. Jodi's mouth opened wide as Shannon slowly slid her hand down Jodi's body and took off Jodi's pants.

Jodi continued to try and shove Shannon away but Shannon pressed her body harder into her until Jodi bit Shannon's face. Shannon kneed Jodi and stepped back as Jodi ran into her. But Shannon saw her coming and ducked, then lifted Jodi up and slammed her down to the floor.

Shannon bent over and picked Jodi up and piledrived her before picking her up again. Shannon looked like she was about to do the move again, but instead of picking Jodi up, Shannon inserted her fingers in Jodi's pussy and started scratching the inside of her pussy. THEN she piledrived her for a second time. Shannon stepped back to admire the sight of Jodi's trim body sprawled on her back on the floor.

"You fucking bitch, I'm ending this and you. You fucked up my face, so…,"

Shannon retrieved one of the stiletto high heels she'd lost early in the fight and put it on. She separated Jodi's legs and kicked the heel of her boot down on Jodi's pussy, wedging it inside her and twisting her foot around. Then Shannon pulled it out and slammed it in a second time.

Everyone was screaming at her to stop, but Shannon just kicked off her shoe and picked Jodi up again, running her face first into the wall. Shannon started pounding kidney punches onto Jodi before she turned her around, grabbed her by the hair and dragged her around the room showing everyone she was the better woman.

Shannon threw Jodi's body onto the couch with her head on one arm and her feet draped over the other end. Shannon started biting Jodi's breasts one after the other and when she wasn't biting on one she was digging her fingernails into the other where she just bit. All Jodi could do was cry and scream in pain as she kicked her feet in the air.

Shannon dropped her ass astride Jodi's stomach and punched her in the face, "Say your not as good as me."

Jodi was crying so hard, she could barely get the words out, "I'm… not…. as good….as (sniff)… you"

Shannon laughed, "Tell 'em, you never should've fought me."

Jodi gasped, "I …never….should've ….(gasp)…..challenged…. you"

Shannon smiled at everyone, noticing that despite her cruelty no one had tried to help Jodi. Shannon lowered her large breasts into Jodi's face and started smothering her. To make it even worse, Shannon lifted Jodi up and wrapped her arms around Jodi's head as she started to rock back and forth like holding a baby. Jodi's arms waved and her feet flailed for a few minutes, then she stopped struggling. Even though Jodi was out, Shannon still wouldn't let her go.

People started begging Shannon to let go but no one dared try to stop her. Someone stepped forward but Shannon just let Jodi go to scare them off. Jodi's limp body slid off the couch and thumped to the floor, her body bruised and beaten. Showing no mercy, Shannon started to kick Jodi's unconscious body while she was down and out.

Finally, someone stepped in and pushed Shannon away. When Shannon turned around she found herself eye to eye with Katherine Heigl.

Katherine shook her finger at Shannon and warned her, "You want to fight someone? You beat Jodi, but she was no match for you. She worked out and so did you, fine. But her body was no match for yours"

Shannon looked Katherine up and down and sneered, "And yours is?"

Katherine put her hands on her hips and announced haughtily, "We'll find out next week! You be here. Wait, you know what? Let's do this on the beach instead of here."

Shannon nodded, "Your on!"

As Shannon left the party and went to get into her car, she wondered what she'd gotten herself into.