Shannon Elizabeth vs. Ashley Scott by The Walkin' Dude

It was a hot, muggy evening in Willow Grove, Connecticut when the league made their inaugural stop in the small town. The town was not the kind of place you expected women's wrestling during any time of the year, but an enterprising member of the community (some would argue he had more money than sense) had promised a huge crowd if only the league would grace his club with their presence. The league promoter, always happy to hear the word "huge" followed by the word "crowd" accepted the entrepreneur's offer with only slight reservations and a date was set. Wanting to keep his word in a big way, the club owner started a promotional blitzkrieg not only in Willow Grove but all over the state, promising that those individuals intrepid enough to come out and enjoy the action would bear witness to a spectacle the type of which the Grove had never seen. In part because of his brilliant marketing (he also promised free beers for the first 500 people through the door) but mostly in part to the inherent male desire to observe female combat, the tiny town was jammed with visitors that evening. They all headed to the battle site, a stylishly renovated old mansion the owner had dubbed The Last House on the Left. (The name was a nod to the owners favorite film). The folks who made the trek did indeed witness a spectacular card featuring the top names and rivalries and it was going on close to 1 am when the announcer stepped into the ring to begin his final spiel of the evening.

Looking around at the assembled multitude (the ring had been set up in the Grand Ballroom of the old place) the Announcer took a deep breath and began to speak, "Ladies and gentleman it is my pleasure to tell you that our main event tonight is a brand new pairing of combatants! These two ladies have never faced off until now and you are the lucky few who have the privilege of witnessing this historic first encounter! With that said, lets get down to business. Introducing first, she stands at five feet ten inches tall, she is... Shannon Elizabeth!”

‘Control’ by Puddle of Mudd blares through the cavernous space as the lovely brunette makes her way down the aisle toward the ring. Shannon has donned a two piece silver bikini, the gleaming material of the suit standing in stark contrast to her tanned skin. Her pads and boots were a simple black and her dark hair hung loose on her shoulders as she slid into the ring, a confidant grin dominating her pretty face. As the buzz from the crowd quieted, she moved to her corner and watched the entryway, awaiting the entrance of this evenings opponent.

Picking up where he left off, the announcer speaks again, "And introducing her opponent, she stands at five feet, nine inches. They call her The Huntress, ladies and gentlemen I give you.... Ashley Scott!"

The first chiming notes of ‘I'd Start a Revolution’ invades the club as the lights go out and the Huntress makes her presence felt. The short-haired brunette slid through the curtain and strode toward the ring, a vision of unflappable confidence. Ashley's battle attire remained a mystery for her trip down the aisle, her trademark leather trench coat covering her from throat to ankles, leaving the imaginative fan's mind to run wild. The curiosity of the audience was sated when she rolled into the ring and removed the coat with practiced ease. The Huntress was clad in a dark purple one piece bikini that shined like an oil slick under the house lights. The suit was cut high and low in all the right places, and her pads and boots were made of the same slick looking material. Modesty prevents your narrator from repeating any of the phrases used by the audience to describe the combatants and their attire.

At the sound of the bell the two brunettes approached one another cautiously. While each had seen tapes of what the other could do, they had never squared off in person until tonight. As they neared grappling distance, Shannon lunged forward, struggling with Ashley in a classic Collar and Elbow Tie-up. Ashley fought gamely against her opponent, not wanting to be upstaged by the taller girl during this early encounter. The silent struggle continued on for a moment more before Shannon suddenly released her grip on the other brunette and ducked behind her. Before Ashley knew what was going on, Shannon had wrapped her arms around the Huntress's waist and lifted her off her feet. In one quick motion. Shannon took Ashley to the mat.

The shorr-haired brunette Scott uttered a low grunt as she smacked into the unyielding canvas still captive in Shannon's Waist-lock. Recovering quickly she scrambled to her hands and knees trying to pull away from her rival. But Shannon's grip was tenacious, she held on tightly as Ashley fought to escape. When there was a lull in the Huntresses' efforts, Shannon looked to secure an early psychological advantage. Quickly releasing the waist lock, she scrambled up her prone rival's back until her ass was resting on Ashley's lower back. Before the Huntress had time to react, Shannon grabbed a hand full of dark hair and pulled back hard. As Ashley yelped in surprise and pain, Shannon used her free hand to deliver several sharp stinging slaps to her butt. Ashley tried to pull away from this demeaning treatment, but much to her chagrin, Shannon held on tight and rode the Huntress around the ring for several seconds, all the while the audience cheered her on. The tanned brunette was all grins as she paddled her rival like some unruly beast of burden. Finally Ashley was able to buck Shannon off her and stand up. Furious, the Huntress whirled around to face her smirking foe. Cutting the distance between them, Ashley stalked over to Shannon and stood nose to nose with the taller woman.

Trying her best to maintain a modicum of composure, Ashley hissed, "You're going to regret that Shannon. But I guess you should try and get your shots in now because by the end of this match, you're going to know what it's like to be my prey.

Shannon stood with her hands on her hips, insolently taking in the fuming Huntress. When Ashley had said her piece, Shannon leaned forward slightly so that she was directly in her opponent's face.

"By the end of this match, you won't be the Huntress anymore slut; the only nickname people will have for you is Shannon's bitch!" Growling those last words with a hateful sneer, Shannon quickly raised a hand and placed it against Ashley's face. In the same instant she shoved hard, knocking the Huntress back a few staggering steps. The audience "ohhhed" at this blatant show of disrespect, waiting with baited breath to see how Ashley would respond to this last slight. "How'd you like that bitch?" Shannon mocked.

"Probably about as much as you'll like THIS!" Ashley hissed and without missing a beat, the nimble Huntress spun on one foot and smashed a hard roundhouse kick into the side of Shannon's face.

The taller girl went down in a heap, her head ringing from Ashley's surprise assault. Glaring up as the Huntress loomed over her, Shannon scrambled to her feet and lunged at the other brunette. Unfortunately for her, Ashley had anticipated the attack and met her charging foe with an expertly placed drop-kick that caught Shannon directly on the chin. She went down again, this time massaging her aching jaw and trying to shake the fireworks from her vision.

Laying on her back in the center of the ring, she thought, “This bitch is faster than I thought. Maybe I shouldn't have...."

Her thought was cut off abruptly when Ashley's descending knee smashed into her forehead. Because while Shannon had been disoriented from the Drop-kick, the Huntress had ran the ropes and left her feet, looking to drive her knee into some place Shannon would remember. And judging by the long-haired girl's groans of pain, she had succeeded in this endeavor. Ashley got to her feet and bent down, grabbing a handful of Shannon's dark mane. Realizing she could give her foe no chance at recuperation, Ashley jerked her to her feet and whipped Shannon hard across the ring toward the Corner Turnbuckle. Smiling with pleasure as Shannon's tall frame bounced hard against the thinly padded steel, Ashley charged the dazed girl. When she was still several feet from the corner, Ashley learned low and planted her hands on the mat. Springing forward, she executed one perfect cartwheel and then another, popping up from the second one with her elbow cocked and all ready to slam into Shannon's yielding sternum. But despite this amazing show of acrobatics, the Huntresses' plan backfired. At the last possible second, Shannon moved out of the way and Ashley slammed elbow first into an empty corner.

Ashley slumped in the corner and groaned, trying to get back in the fight. Her cause wasn't helped any when a revitalized Shannon drove three Forearm Shivers across the point of her jaw. The Huntresses' head snapped back with the impacts and she was completely helpless when Shannon gripped her shoulders and roughly flipped her around, so that she was laying chest first against the corner. She was only vaguely aware that Shannon had a handful of her hair and pulled back, yanking her neck at an awkward angle. The Huntress only became fully aware of her predicament when Shannon drove her head forward into the top turnbuckle. But by then of course it was too late to stop Shannon's attack. She drove Ashley's forehead into the turnbuckle over and over again, not stopping until the audience had reached ten on their loud (slightly drunk sounding) chorus. As the referee admonished her, Shannon spun Ashley around yet again and pulled the stunned girl's head down, trapping it between Shannon's crooked arm and the point of her hip. Holding the Rear Face-lock for a moment, Shannon took off running toward the opposite corner, taking the dazed Huntress along with her. She had crossed three fourths of the ring when she leaped high into the air, landing hard on her butt while Ashley landed hard on her face. She hit the mat with a resounding thud and then slowly rolled over to her back, eyes closed and chest heaving as she tried to fight off the effects of the devastating Running Bulldog. Shannon stood dominant over the dazed Huntress and she rubbed it in by arrogantly placing one boot on Ashley's purple clad tits.

Sneering at the incapacitated woman, Shannon said, "Not so tough now are you Ashley?"

Not waiting for a reply, Shannon removed her foot and jumped, extending her leg at the apex of her leap before bringing the muscular thigh down across Ashley's throat. She gagged at the impact of the Leg Drop and was unable to resist as Shannon roughly brought her to her feet. Smiling cruelly at the dazed look on Ashley's face, Shannon cinched two huge handfuls of dark hair before rearing back and tossing the Huntress face first into the mat. For the second time in as many minutes, Ashley hit the canvas with her face and she decided it wasn't a pleasant experience. So far Shannon had been dominating her and there didn't seem to be anything she could do about it.

This point was reinforced when Shannon knelt beside the injured brunette and yanked her to a kneeling position. Standing behind Ashley, Shannon formed her hands into claws and then sank both of them into Ashley's shoulders right at the base of her neck. The Huntress groaned as Shannon's strong fingers tore into the muscles of her shoulders. Her tormentors thumbs and forefingers were doing an especially good job at brutalizing her flesh.

After a minute or so had elapsed Shannon asked, "Ready to give in yet bitch?"

Ashley gritted her teeth and formed a cogent response "Go to hell you filthy twat." Shannon responded to the show of defiance with another bout of clawing at Ashley's shoulders. Knowing that she needed to escape this hold as quickly as possible, Ashley stopped trying to pry Shannon's hands away. Instead she focused all her energy on standing up. Ignoring the pain as much as possible, the Huntress slowly stood up, even as Shannon continued to work her hold. Blinking back tears from the Double Shoulder Claw, Ashley elected a brutally simple means of escape. Bringing her foot up, she raked her heel as hard as she could down Shannon's bare shin before bringing her foot to rest on her opponent's boot where she ground down with a renewed vigor. Shannon gasped and loosened her grip as Ashley tried to crush her foot. She held onto the hold as long as possible, but another Ashley stomp broke the hold completely and had the taller brunette worried about the safety of her toes.

As Shannon hobbled away to check on her mangled foot, Ashley massaged her sore neck and pursued her opponent. With Shannon distracted it was easy for Ashley to secure a grip on Shannon's dark locks before launching a series of knee lifts into her toned stomach. Shannon gasped with each impact, the third finally doubling her over as she desperately tried to get some air back into her lungs. With Shannon helpless before her, Ashley went on the attack. Grabbing her opponents arm, the Huntress pulled the captive limb between her legs. Now facing away from Shannon and still holding the arm taut, Ashley kicked her left leg back and up, smashing the bent over brunette right in the chin. Shannon's head snapped back and she fell to her knees, still in the Huntress's grip. Ashley let the arm go and watched silently as Shannon slowly crawled to her hands and knees.

Not wasting any more time, Ashley bounced off the ropes and hurtled at her downed opponent. As she neared the point of no return, she left her feet and pointed them both at Shannon's temple. She hit Shannon like a runner stealing home and the taller brunette was rolled bonelessly across the ring by the force of the impact. Ashley quickly hopped to her feet and surveyed the wreckage she created. She strode over to Shannon's prostrate form and placed a foot on the small of her sweating back. The Huntress flashed a pleased grin, feeling she finally had real control of the match. Getting back to the task at hand, she straddled Shannon's upper back and using one hand pulled Shannon up by her hair, bringing her ample cleavage into glorious view for one hooting section of the audience. Using her other hand, Ashley slipped it around Shannon's throat, the captive brunette's chin coming to rest in the crook of the Huntress's elbow. Confident of her grip, Ashley released the hand holding hair and instead placed it on top of her victims head, that hand pushing down, while her other arm pulled up. It didn't take long for the Rear Naked Choke to start taking effect. Shannon's face flushed a deep crimson as Ashley cut her air off. Her rival's struggles just led Ashley to cinch the hold tighter, pulling Shannon's whole upper body off the mat by a few inches.

As Shannon futilely gasped for breath, the Huntress leaned in and whispered in her ear, "This is just a small introduction to what your defeat is going to be like. You know damn well that I could choke you out right here and now, but I want a little more sport before I have my way with you. Let's see if I can't give you some motivation to FIGHT BACK."

Releasing the choke, Ashley let Shannon slump back to the mat. Maintaining her straddle, Ashley again grabbed a handful of Shannon's hair, wrenching her head back. Grinning at Shannon's furious stare, Ashley used her free hand to return a favor from earlier, spanking Shannon's silver clad ass several times. As Shannon cried out her indignation, Ashley ceased her slapping only to grab her foe's shiny tights and pull them deep into the crack of her tanned ass. Shannon moaned with pain and anger as the wedgie did its work. Giving a final taunting yank on the silver thong, Ashley stood up and waited for Shannon to regain her feet. She did moments later, glaring daggers at the Huntress as she removed the wedgie with as much dignity as one could.

Embarrassed by the way Ashley had taken control of the match, Shannon goaded her foe, "Come on slut, you think you can dominate me? By the time I'm done with you, the only thing you'll have had your way with is my sweaty ass engulfing your terrified face."

Ashley bristled at the thought of suffering under Shannon's ass (the Huntress had a stronger revulsion of the face sit than most, having suffered an especially hard loss to that dreaded maneuver.) and she decided to make Shannon eat her words. Lunging at the tall brunette, Ashley pivoted and fired a hard kick at Shannon's face. But this tactic was just what her foe was expecting and she caught Ashley's foot on the way in, leaving her hopping awkwardly in front of her opponent. Standing on one foot, the Huntress was anything but helpless and she proved it planting her free leg and leaping, trying to catch Shannon with an Enziguiri. Unfortunately, Shannon had anticipated this too and she ducked under Ashley's foot as it went whizzing over her head. With the Huntress now in an even more awkward position, Shannon tossed her foes foot down and shot forward. Extending her arm, she smashed a hard Clothesline right into the back of Ashley's head. She went down hard and clutched her aching head.

Relishing the other's pain, Shannon hauled Ashley up and trapped her in another Waist-lock. But instead of repeating her earlier tactic, Shannon, planted her feet and bridged back hard and fast, taking Ashley up and over. When her captive was directly over her, Shannon released her grip on Ashley's waist and simply let momentum and gravity deal with the Huntress. Ashley landed hard on the canvas a few feet away, her head, neck and shoulders taking all of the impact from Shannon's dangerous Release German Suplex. The audience roared their approval as the maneuver left Ashley sprawled on the mat, all her weight resting on her shoulders, both legs thrown up and over her head, ass on display for anyone who cared to look. Shannon approached her decimated foe slowly, with a vengeful look on her face. Moving deliberately, she placed one boot on Ashley's butt then pushed her over, roughly rolling the brunette over onto her stomach. Bending over, Shannon secured a grip on the bottom of the Huntress's dark purple one piece and pulled up with both hands. Ashley's dazed eyes flew open and she shrieked in pain as she was pulled upright by Shannon's vicious wedgie reprisal. Standing on wobbly legs, Ashley was subjected to one final tug on her bottoms before Shannon changed tactics.

As soon as Shannon released her grip, Ashley's hand's flew to her abused ass, trying to ease some of the pain. But that was just what Shannon had in mind. As Ashley was distracted, Shannon wrapped both strong around Ashley's neck and squeezed tightly, locking in a perfect Sleeper Hold. Ashley's hands immediately flew from her tights to the arms crushing her throat. She tried desperately to pull them away but Shannon simply locked the grip tighter and yanked from side to side, forcing the Huntress off balance. Now it was Ashley's face that began to flush red as the Sleeper did what it was supposed to do. Dark spots crowded her vision and she feared that Shannon might put her down right here and now. Gathering her remaining wits, she raised a foot, hoping to again smash Shannon's toes. But before her foot could descend, Shannon released the hold. The quick release of the Sleeper confused Ashley and for a moment she just stood on one foot trying to decide what to do. That was when Shannon reached both hands up to the front of Ashley's top and grabbed the top of her outfit tightly. In one quick jerk, Shannon pulled the material down hard, leaving the Huntress naked to the waist. Face burning with humiliation as she moved to cover herself up, Ashley never saw Shannon drop to her knees. The Huntress had just succeeded in pulling her top back up when Shannon's fist shot up and smashed her between the legs. Crying silently, Ashley fell to her knees and then onto her side, cradling her assaulted groin. The crowd took the whole scene in joyously, eating up the brief (but very rewarding) glimpse of Ashley's breasts and the following Low Blow. As Ashley fought the pain, Shannon pulled her up so that the shorter girl was standing face to face with her nemesis. Pulling the Huntress close, Shannon snaked one arm over Ashley's shoulder and her other arm under the opposite shoulder, clasping her hands tightly in the middle of her victims back.

Convinced Ashley wasn't going anywhere, Shannon whispered hatefully in her ear, "Looks like your motivational tactics work a little too well you dumb bitch!"

Ashley only groaned in response. Cinching her grip tighter, Shannon pulled Ashley as close as possible, making sure the other brunettes chin was laying on Shannon's shoulder. With a slight bend of her knees, Shannon leaped into the air, taking Ashley with her. As they started to descend, Shannon tucked her knees under her and landed with only a slight jolt to her system. The same could not be said for the Huntress however. Her chin cracked painfully into her opponent's shoulder upon impact and she fell back as if shot, moaning and massaging her injured face. Believing the modified Jawbreaker had finished Ashley, Shannon draped herself over her rival and hooked both legs, awaiting the referee's count. He had reached two when Ashley bucked Shannon off. Angry that the Huntress wasn't ready to concede yet, Shannon brought her up by her hair and whipped her towards the corner. As Ashley ran toward the Turnbuckle, Shannon followed, dedicated to crushing her foe's body with her own.

But in her zeal for the kill Shannon had underestimated the damage done to the Huntress. As she neared the corner, Ashley leapt, placing one foot on the middle turnbuckle and the other on the top turnbuckle. In the blink of an eye she had spun off the corner using the ropes for leverage and fired a Spin Kick at Shannon's uncomprehending face. The kick caught her right across the chin and she was spun completely around before falling to the canvas, legs unable to support her weight. Breathing hard, Ashley drank in the approval of the crowd, many of which had never seen her hit the Climbing Spin Kick.

The Huntress assumed a martial arts stance and slowly circled the discombobulated Shannon who was only now getting to her feet. As Shannon cleared the cobwebs, Ashley charged her at a dead run and left her feet again. Soaring through the air, she brought a leg up high and smashed it down across the back of Shannon's neck. The Scissor Kick did absolutely nothing for Shannon's well being and she was driven face first into the mat, where she lay on her stomach not moving a muscle until Ashley powered her over onto her back. The Huntress hooked a leg and held her grip tight, hoping the surprise flurry of offense was enough to put Shannon away. The referee's hand was coming down for the third time when Shannon kicked out. Grimacing at her opponent's tenacity, Ashley hauled her to a sitting position, pulling one of Shannon's arms up over her head.

With no wasted motion, Ashley locked both of her legs around her victims captive head and arm, falling back to the mat to complete the Triangle Scissors. Shannon came alive in the grip of the debilitating hold, beating her feet against the mat and trying to use her free hand to push Ashley's legs away. But the Huntress had the hold locked on tight and her thighs were rapidly draining all the remaining fight from Shannon. As her vision was fading, Shannon realized that she was only a few feet away from the ring ropes and desperately started dragging herself toward them. The going would have been slow under optimal conditions and they were downright hideous with Ashley choking her, but eventually she flailed one foot under the bottom rope and felt the Huntress grudgingly release the hold. Glad to just be breathing again, she was unknowingly dragged to the center of the ring where Ashley meant to finish her off. Realizing her danger, Shannon shook off the remaining haze and focused all her energy on grappling with the Huntress.

As they jockeyed for dominance, she spoke to her opponent, "Those kicks of yours are pretty good, but they're nowhere NEAR good enough to put me down."

Ashley responded through gritted teeth, “I've haven't even gotten started yet."

"Well then get started you cu...unnnnnghhhh!"

Shannon's taunt was cut off as Ashley leapt and delivered a high knee to the side of her head. Shannon fell to both knees and could only watch helplessly as Ashley ran the ropes directly in front of her. Moments before she reached Shannon, the Huntress executed a small hop and lashed a leg out, her shin smashing into Shannon's temple a second time. The Shining Wizard had landed perfectly and the tall brunette slumped forward still on her knees, face landing on the canvas, her ass pointed skyward. Ashley contemplated going for the cover right then but decided against it. She wasn't done making Shannon pay for exposing her tits earlier in the match. Backing away from the downed brunette, Ashley went to the ropes and then moved through them, standing on the ring apron in front of where her foe was sprawled. She had to wait for almost 10 seconds before Shannon began to stir and get to her feet but when she finally did, the Huntress went to work!

Grasping the top rope in both hands she pulled herself back as far as she could before leaping forward and landing on the top rope. As soon as she perched on the rope she jumped again, this time towards the recovering Shannon. Flying toward her victim, Ashley spread her legs and then locked them around Shannon's head. With one final twist she fell back tossing her foe halfway across the ring. The crowd was in awe of the Huntress's athleticism, a Springboard Hurricanrana was something you just didn't see everyday. Finally convinced that Shannon had been punished enough, Ashley looked for a suitable finish to the match. Dragging the unresponsive woman to the center ring, Ashley positioned her just so before ascending to the top turnbuckle, facing the audience. Taking a deep breath, the Huntress flipped backwards, meaning to crush the life from Shannon with a perfect Moonsault. And indeed the form was perfect but the landing left much to be desired. As Ashley descended, Shannon brought her knees up and Ashley took the full impact across her tightly stretched middle. She fell to the mat on her side gasping for air as Shannon slowly got to her feet, hate the only thing driving her now.

Seeing Ashley writhe gave her new strength and she pulled the shorter girl up to stand gasping and retching before her. With a low growl of fury, Shannon locked one hand across Ashley's face in a skull pulverizing Face Claw. The Huntress tried to break Shannon's grip but her foe wasn't looking for a submission from the Claw. With the Huntress preoccupied, Shannon stepped beside her foe and put one long leg behind Ashley's legs. Balancing all her weight on the other leg, Shannon kicked the leg behind Ashley back as hard as she could, all the while pushing forward on the Claw Hold. The effect of the maneuver was a modified Leg Sweep that sent the Huntress to the mat, the back of her head cracking painfully against the canvas while still suffering in the Claw hold. Ashley spasmed once after impact and then lay still, her soft groans the only indication of consciousness.

Looking for a brutal and domineering end to the match, Shannon released the claw hold and flipped Ashley onto her stomach. Sitting on her butt, Shannon scooted towards Ashley's head and slid her long legs around the Huntress's slender neck. Shannon grabbed a handful of hair and positioned her foe so that her chin was resting directly against Shannon's steaming, silver covered crotch. Smiling at her rival's impending submission. Shannon locked her ankles and leaned back, palms pressed against the mat to put more pressure on Ashley's neck. When Shannon started to squeeze, Ashley's eyes popped open and she began to struggle desperately with the limbs crushing her throat. Shannon saw the desperation in the Huntress's eyes and she only squeezed harder.

"Squirm bitch..." Shannon mocked as she bounced up and down, enjoying the pained cries Ashley made as her neck was bent to the breaking point.

Calling on what she had left, the Huntress knew breaking the hold was impossible from her current position. So instead of trying to break the Scissors, she wrapped both arms around Shannon's crushing thighs and began pushing forward, planting her own knees and feet so Shannon couldn't force her back to the canvas. Shannon was incredulous as Ashley pushed her way to a kneeling position, and then slowly began to turn over so that Shannon would be laying on her stomach. Snarling viciously, the taller girl put every bit of strength into choking the Huntress out, but Ashley fought like a woman possessed, surviving the agony of the choke and finally turned Shannon over, sitting on her lower back. Shannon's grip on Ashley's throat lessened a little and the winded brunette was able to draw several shallow breaths before addressing her situation once more. With her foe's legs still wrapped around her throat, Ashley leaned back hard trying to force a break by twisting Shannon's back in a move that was almost a Boston Crab but not quite. Indeed Shannon was suffering some twinges in her back, but she would not relinquish the Scissors. Ashley had demonstrated her strength by fighting off the canvas, so Shannon would show her power by putting the Huntress right back down.

Blurring out the growing pain in her back as much as possible, Shannon placed both hands on the mat and shoved backwards as if her life depended on it. Ashley was caught off guard by the move and she was flipped forward, her grip around Shannon's thighs lost. She came to rest flat on her back with Shannon's crotch inches from her face. Ashley cried out in disgust as Shannon sat on her face and held her down, hoping that she could keep the Huntress down for a 3 count. Ashley barely managed to break free before the deciding slap of the mat. Angry and tired, Shannon stood up and grasped Ashley's head in both hands. Saying nothing, she squeezed hard, trying her best to pop the Huntress's head like a grape.

As Shannon crushed her skull, a virulent fury began to well up inside Ashley and centering herself, she thought, "I won't lose this way. I won't lose ever again!"

Putting aside conscious thought, she grasped at Shannon's hands and forced her way to her feet. Once standing, her tormentors grasp was weakened and Ashley finally freed herself entirely by ramming an elbow back into Shannon's stomach. The taller girl staggered back a few steps but would not be deterred from destroying her victim. She tensed for a moment and then sprang with arm extended preparing to decapitate the Huntress with a Lariat. But Ashley saw the move coming and was ready with her response. As Shannon charged her, she stepped back and nailed a beautiful Superkick right along Shannon's cheek. The force of the kick took Shannon down hard and Ashley fell to her knees as well, too exhausted to follow up her attack with anything meaningful. Several seconds later both combatants slowly regained their feet, amidst the urging of a redlining crowd that couldn't believe that either woman was still on their feet after all the punishment that had been dished out.

As they both stood on shaking legs, Shannon decided to take a page from Ashley's book. Pivoting on the heel of one foot she launched a Crescent Kick at the side of Ashley's face. But in this battle it was the Huntress who was the striking expert and she saw the kick coming a mile away. Quickly stepping aside, she let Shannon kick at nothing before blasting the unbalanced brunette with a Crescent Kick of her own. Shannon was groaning on the mat as Ashley pulled her up and cinched on the Front Face-Lock. Holding Shannon prone, Ashley rotated, displaying her captive for the crowd. "This ends now!" she screamed hoarsely. Tightening her grip, the Huntress takes Shannon up and over with a Snap Suplex. Shannon's back arches when she hit's the mat but Ashley doesn't let her go. Instead, with a smooth twist of the hips, she rolls over and gets to her feet again, bringing Shannon up as well.

In position again, Ashley repeats her previous maneuver, slamming Shannon's back painfully against the canvas a second time. As much as Shannon struggles, Ashley won't let her go and with a final twist of the hips both warriors are standing once more, Shannon slumping wearily against the Huntress. Breathing hard, Ashley lifts her foe up one more time, but instead of hitting a third Snap Suplex, she holds Shannon inverted above her. She keeps her there for just a moment before sitting down and dropping Shannon face and stomach first into the mat. The tall girl gasps like a fish out of water as Ashley goes for the cover but before the ref can count 3, Shannon rolls a shoulder free.

"Goddammit!" Ashley snarls in frustration. She stalks Shannon as the girl gets to one knee but before she can stand the Huntress fires a hard kick into Shannon's shoulder. To the crowd's and Ashley's surprise the blow doesn't knock her down. In fact, she seemed to just shrug it off before standing and staring at Ashley, her dark eyes filled with contempt.

"Kick me again!" she said quietly.

The Huntress couldn't believe what she was hearing, “Huh? What?"

"Kick me again you fucking scag!" Shannon wasn't being quiet anymore. "You've been kicking me this whole match and still can't finish me off! I'm giving you one more shot before I finally destroy you."

"I only need one" Ashley snarled and fired a knockout shot at Shannon's chin but Shannon had lied, she wasn't giving Ashley anything and she ducked under the kick. With Ashley momentarily distracted, Shannon slid behind her opponent and standing back to back with her foe, wrapped an arm around the Huntress's throat. Before Ashley could counter, Shannon fell to her knees, bending Ashley's neck and back painfully across her own back. The Huntress made one solitary groan before flopping onto her back. Shannon wasted no time in going for the cover.

She was so certain that the Huntress was done that it didn't register for a moment when the bell didn't ring. She opened her eyes and realized that the ref was signaling a 2 count. Somehow Ashley had gotten a shoulder up.

Now it was Shannon who gave voice to her rage, "Not possible dammit! Not FUCKING possible!"

Pulling Ashley to her knees, Shannon knelt before her and locked in the Double Shoulder Claw again, digging with a fury only a truly pissed off woman can muster. Ashley shrieked at the pain of the defiling claws but she was also truly pissed off and she shot her hands forward, wrapping them tightly around Shannon's throat, a blatant choke. For several moments it seemed that each gladiator would go on ignoring the pain of the hold the gripped them, each intent on nothing more that finally finishing the woman that had proved so hard to destroy. But as painful as both holds were, the human brain doesn't do well without oxygen and so it was Shannon who first broke her hold in an attempt to pry away the Huntress's claws. Bringing her hands up to Ashley's face, Shannon rakes her foe's face from forehead to throat. Ashley gags and releases her grip. Both women collapse on the mat laying exhausted next to one another. The referee has reached nine before either is able to regain her feet.

Eyeing each other with a bizarre combination of caution and hatred, they lock up the crowd stunned that either can still move at all. Ashley takes the initiative and grabs Shannon's wrist trying to hurl her into the ropes. But the taller brunette puts on the brakes and pulls Ashley toward her. As the Huntress stumbles forward, Shannon raises a knee and absolutely buries it in Ashley's gut. She doubles over gasping as Shannon grips her in a tight Front Face-Lock. Grabbing a handful of tights she lifts up and falls back driving Ashley's forehead hard into the mat with a vicious Implant DDT. Hearing the sound her rival's head made on the canvas, Shannon knew how she was going to end things. Standing slowly, she drags the unmoving Huntress to her feet and then traps her in another Front Face-Lock. Looking to the crowd she says "It's time for The End" The crowd screamed with anticipation as Shannon had just signaled for her finisher, an insidious Stalling Brainbuster that was simply referred to as "The End." Shannon slung the Huntress's near arm over her shoulder and began to lift her. Incredibly, halfway through the motion, Ashley kicks her legs hard and comes back to the canvas. Furious, Shannon tries to lift her again. But this time Ashley wouldn't even leave her feet, she'd locked one of her legs around Shannon's leg preventing her from leaving a vertical base.

Unable to believe her finisher was being blocked Shannon let go of the Face Lock and grabbed Ashley's wrist, whipping her hard toward the corner, but Ashley reversed the momentum and sent Shannon hurtling towards the steel instead. As Shannon hit with an exhausted groan, the Huntress charged and looked for a move she had missed earlier. Dropping low she spun in one perfect handspring and then another, the second one culminating with a devastating jump kick to the side of Shannon's head. The silver clad beauty took two staggering steps from the corner and then fell face first to the canvas. Sensing her last chance at victory, Ashley went to her opponents legs. She grabbed one leg, bent it at the knee and crossed it across the extended leg, creating a rough figure 4 shape. Grabbing the other leg in both hands, she placed one foot on Shannon's legs where they crossed and fell back, pulling Shannon's legs and lower body up off the mat at a hideous angle. Ashley landed on her shoulders beside Shannon, pulling and pushing the twisted legs simultaneously, while also putting tremendous pressure on Shannon's lower back. Shannon screamed long and loud as she suffered in the Huntress's finisher. A diabolical variant on the Texas Cloverleaf, she called it "The Black Vise." The sweating, struggling girl was able to endure the hold for no more than twenty seconds before she slapped her submission on the mat. Ashley heard the bell ring and released her grip letting Shannon flop to the mat, sobbing quietly. As the ref announced her the winner of the contest, Ashley basked in the glow of a hard fought victory. Turning back to Shannon, she remembered her defeated rival promising to sit on her face and make her beg.

"Oh I don't think so." she said quietly. Striding over to her fallen enemy, she kicked Shannon over onto her back and stood facing her body, one leg on each side of Shannon's face. The crowd roared as they realized what was about to happen. Ashley looked around as she slowly ran her hands up and down her perfectly shaped posterior. Continuing her rubdown she stared over her shoulder at Shannon and made an ominous statement.

"Now you're going to find out..... Why I'm the Huntress…" she paused for a moment, slowly pulling the bottom of her own outfit up, until she was left with nothing covering her ass but a makeshift thong. Slowly she knelt down, using a handful of Shannon's hair to position her face perfectly for the impending ride. Satisfied, she sat down, her round cheeks coming to rest on Shannon's face. When she sat down, Ashley felt Shannon's nose wedge itself between her cheeks and she sighed gently. Finishing her threat, she repeated, "Now you'll find out why I'm the Huntress....and you're the prey."

Her talking finished, she began to ride Shannon's face slowly but vigorously, stopping every now and then to give the semi conscious girl beneath her a breath, only to immediately crush it out again. Eventually darkness claimed Shannon, shortly after a burst of humiliated tears mingled with the sweat on her rival's ass. But even after unconsciousness delivered its dubious mercy, Ashley had her way with Shannon, doing her best to erase the numb girls face with the steaming smother. Somewhere along the way, the Huntress had removed Shannon's top and she kneaded and slapped at her foe's breasts, repaying tenfold the indignity Shannon had visited upon her. Finally the Huntress did finish and both she and the audience were glad. It had been an exhausting war. Bending stiffly, she snatched Shannon's top and took it with her back up the ramp and to the locker room. Before she went through the curtain the Huntress took one final look at the arena and her defeated rival. She appeared to be on the verge of saying something and then decided against it. Instead she simply held up the stolen top as proof of her victory. As she spun on her heel and disappeared from sight, it was obvious to those in the audience that the Huntress was back. And she more dangerous than ever before.