Jennifer Ellison (ex-Brookside) vs. Nicola Roberts (Brit. group 'Girls Aloud') by Harry

Both Jennifer and Nicola hail from Liverpool (home of the Beatles) in the NW of England. Jennifer has made her name first as the sole reason to watch the now canceled C4 soap opera Brookside. She has now branched out into film (Phantom of the Opera), music and cheap TV, but most notably as a regular pin up in lads’ magazines. Red haired Nicola found her place of fame by being a member of the group Girls Aloud, the product of a musical “talent” show. Girls Aloud have filled the slot left by the Spice Girls but actually have some talent, notching up a good number of hit singled and an album. They have also branched out, as a group and individually, to frequently appear in lads magazines. Their mutual antagonism stems not only from them being from the same city and being part of a small number of women jockeying for a position in the same spotlight, making them natural rivals but also supporting rival Liverpool football clubs, and Jennifer perceiving Nicola as some out to challenge her.
Normally their schedules would keep them apart, but on this spring night in Liverpool both are in large Nightclub in Liverpool aimed at the young and the affluent. The event is a charity fancy dress evening at which Girls Aloud had been due to perform, but couldn’t and Jennifer was called in to perform her handful of most well known tracks. Seeing Nicola, dressed in quasi school uniform, Jennifer in a similar outfit (her trademark) cannot help but comment loudly about how good it is the event having a real star performer. Nicola, fueled by cheap champagne, snapped back that the replacement star performer is a cheap blonde slag. All night long they bitch at each other just in earshot, dancing provocatively long after their partners and guests have gone. Eventually Jennifer can stand no more and asks the management if she can borrow a private booth to rest a while. She takes the opportunity to ask a passing waiter to send up a bottle of champagne and ask Nicola up in 5 minutes. Nicola knows exactly what will happen when she gets to the booth.

When Nicola Roberts entered and closed the door, Jennifer is slouched provocatively in an easy chair. The ex soap actress was wearing black leather knee boots with fake buckles, white over the knee socks, short black skirt, a tight white blouse rolled up (to show her new gold navel stud and plenty of midriff) and down to show off her trademark cleavage, with a tie draped down. Her long bright blonde hair in two pig tails with pink furry hair bands. Miss Ellison looked up with a sneer, took a sip of champagne from a glass, put down the glass and slipped off her earrings. Nicola took a sip from a glass and strutted around making sure her blonde rival saw everything. The Girls Aloud singer was in black lace up knee high boots, black thigh socks, a short black skirt, white short-sleeved blouse open to show her public plenty of flesh. Black mesh, elbow length fingerless gloves (there was an 80’s theme) topped off with a white and black tie. Her long red hair had some braids but was otherwise au naturel. The two of them began to circle in the private seclusion of the booth.

“So you want a piece of me do you slag!” snarled Jennifer. “You want me to go gentle on you Nicky, you want some rules?”

“I don’t need your charity you over exposed plastic blonde slut!” snapped back the red head.

“FUCKING COME ON THEN!” screamed Jennifer Ellison as she threw the remaining contents of her glass over Nicola’s face and blouse, tossing the glass onto a chair as she leapt forwards. As the blonde hellcat sprang, Nicola tossed aside her own glass and spat the champagne in her mouth over Jen’s face. In a flash, they had both hands sunk in each other’s hair pulling and yanking with all their might. Jennifer had her hands sunk deep into Nicola’s long red locks, while the Girls Aloud singer had a firm hold of the blonde-haired woman’s pigtails. As they tugged and pulled, they were snarling, hissing, screaming insults back and forth like a couple of Liverpool’s finest on a Friday night at closing time. They staggered about for a minute or so before the blonde started to pushed her now hated rival towards the wall, occasionally dropping a hand to lash out across her body. Nicola retaliates with some slaps of her own, attempting to rake her nails across Jenn’s exposed back, further fierce hair pulling and spitting into the blondes face. When these failed to halt the assaults, she brought up her right hand and tried to claw at the blondes face or get a grip over her face to push her back. Jennifer was an experienced cat fighter even at the age of 21, and rightly interpreted the look in Nicola’s eyes and was able to bring a hand up to protect herself.

They staggered about the room, bouncing off the walls and furniture, boots rubbing as their bodies slapped. Nicola might have been a few years younger than her blonde opponent, but she had not come through a 3 month long talent search without picking up a few moves, and Jenn’s ample figure offered an obvious avenue of attack. Nicola tried to step back, ignoring the assaults and hard tugs on her hair and then moved forward, clamping her hands over Jennifer’s breasts and started to squeeze and press as hard as she could. Jennifer was more intent on maximizing the pain she was inflicting through hair pulling to notice immediately and it was only when the red heads fingers started to dig in that she gasped and let out a loud expletive. Not that this tactic was a surprise to her, rather a disadvantage of having a large natural cleavage, but she genuinely did not expect Nicola to attack like that so soon.

Jennifer’s automatic reaction was to try to pull Nicola’s hands away from her breasts, gripping the Girls Aloud singer's wrists tightly. But this brought little relief, nor did an attempt to divert Miss Robert’s by spitting in her face, so instead she clamped her own hands on Nicola’s breasts and squeezed. This was a huge and unpleasant surprise to Nicola whose previous fights had all been brief scuffles. Miss Ellison, with her greater experience was able to inflict more pain on her opponent, trying to pull her breasts apart and causing the cheap blouse stretch under the strain. As the pain increased so did the intensity of the name-calling, and the two women kicked out with their booted feet. Almost by accident Nicola was able to sweep one of Jennifer’s feet from out under her, which coupled with the pressure of the breast attack, sent the blonde sprawling backwards. The laws of physics, gravity, coupled with Nicola’s still firm grip ensure that she was following Jennifer downward.

The two young women landed in a distinctly undignified tangle of arms and legs. Jennifer reacted first by trying to wrap her booted legs around her opponent, whilst simultaneously trying to roll them over. Nicola pushed her hands up and again took hold of Miss Ellison’s ponytails and started dragging her head back and forth across the carpet. Not only making a sarcastic comment about Jennifer being well used to carpet burns and snatching the pink hair bands and throwing them at her opponent. Not that being on top was a complete advantage for the red head. The buckles on Jennifer’s boots were painfully scratching and digging into her legs. In addition Jennifer had a firm hold on her hair at the back of her head and was yanking it back hard while her other hand was clawing at the blouse, causing holes to appear. All of which made Nicola buck and thrash with more intensity, pausing in her hair pulling to slap Jennifer across the face or tug on her blouse and was rewarded with the sound of ripping cotton.
Finally Jennifer’s hair pulling was finally rewarded, by forcing Nicola to roll over so that she was now on top; albeit only momentarily, as the two of them started rolling about back and forth across the floor. As they did so, their outfits tugged and snagged against each other and their bodies pressed and perspired. Nicola screeched with frustration and started to land a frenzy of slaps and punches on her opponent in an effort to push the blonde away from her. Jennifer responded with equal fury pulling on the red heads blouse and licking out. These tactics opened a gap between the two young women. Miss Ellison was able to rip open Nicola’s blouse revealing an almost see through black bra encasing her breasts.

“Fuckin' slag!” screamed the 'Girls Aloud' singer who raked her claws down Jennifer’s blouse, ripping open the knot to reveal a designer, half-cup pink bra. On the third, such clawing Nicola’s fingers caught hold of the thin material and pulled the article down away from the blonde-haired woman’s ample, sweaty breasts to reveal the oft lusted after hardening pink nipples. Jennifer gasped and rolled away. Nicola’s did not follow her, instead taking the chance to catch her breath at this new experience. Jennifer’s face was flushed and she was breathing hard as she checked her blouse, deciding to discard it and the now ruined pink bra before using her tie like a belt round her waist.

“You’ll fucking pay you red headed slut!” snarled Miss Ellison as she faced her rival. Nicola simply flicked a finger at the Brookside actress as she attempted to adjust what was left of her top as it clung to her skin and tossed away her tie. This brought a mouthful of saliva in her face as Jennifer got on her hands and knees, breasts swinging pendulously. “Lets see how you fought when you were at your school for sluts!” hissed Jennifer.

Nicola hurled a torrent of abuse back at the blonde-haired woman and stayed up on her knees as the two of them warily maneuvered. This did indeed bring back memories for Nicola from her days at school and college, but nothing them or since had prepared her for this! She lunged forward and sank her gloved hands into Jennifer’s long ruined hair and tried to pull her opponent up right, and was taken by surprise when the blonde not only obliged but pushed herself up and wrapped her arms round the red head. This forced the two women’s breasts to press together as they knelt face to face. While Jennifer had her head yanked and snapped about by her hair, she was using one hand to claw at the top of Nicola’s socks and then moved to claw and attack her ass, while her other hand was trying to pull her back by her hair. In another time and place, this could be a turn on for Nicola, but she was consumed with hatred for Jennifer now; an emotion returned fully by Miss Ellison.

Nicola squirmed and spasmed as Jennifer clawed, scratched and squeezed her ass cheeks. This was replaced by a screech when the Jennifer grabbed hold of her unseen (black) thong and pulled it up hard to deliver a painful wedgie that cut viciously into her crotch. Miss Roberts arched her back and tried to push Jennifer away to escape the excruciating pain, but was only able to land some half slaps to her face. Unable to stand Jennifer’s grinning face and the pain, Nicola pushed her head down and sank her teeth into the blonde’s exposed shoulder. Now the Jennifer screamed, and brought both hands up, grabbing Nicola’s hair and dragging her head back away from her, in the process removing more than a few red hairs. Nicola responded by landing a punch into Jenn’s stomach, making her slump forward gasping and grunting. The Girls Aloud singer followed up by sinking both her hands into disheveled blonde hair, pushing Jennifer down to the floor.

Jennifer was able to position her arms to avoid her face being slammed into the floor, but whilst this saved her in one way, it limited her ability to fight back. She felt a shiver of fear run through her as she felt a hand drag up her skirt and reach for her pink thong. As the thin material bit in painfully all Jennifer could do was somewhat ineffectually scratch at Nicola’s socks some more and her thighs. This had no affect on Nicola who started using the thong to saw into and across her enemy’s womanhood and laugh at her obvious pain. That was until the thong snapped, jolting Nicola back and leaving her clutching some limp wet cotton material.

It was then than Jennifer managed to push a hand up Nicola’s legs and grabbed her rival’s crotch and began to twist, slap and claw away at it. The red heads thin thong, which she had been flashing all night, offered no protection to this sort of attack. As the waves of shock rushed through her nervous system she screamed, before toppling backwards legs opened wide, writhing in pain. For a brief moment, this only served to give Jennifer more of a target to attack and cruelly torture, before a sobbing Nicola recovered some of her tattered composure, slammed her legs together about the actress/singers head, and started to squeeze. This, understandably got Jennifer’s attention as the leather boots pressed painfully either side of her face. She tried to break free by prying Nicola’s legs apart and slapping at her legs but to no avail. Indeed, Nicola was trying to guide Jennifer down to the floor with this head scissor, mainly to protect her crotch but also enjoying the obvious discomfort the blonde was in, as shown by her reddening face and gasps for air.

“Had enough slut?” gasped Nicola as she flexed her legs to add pressure, while the blonde appeared to be aimlessly thrashing and squirming, “Can’t hear you!” With Jennifer apparently secured at a disadvantage, Nicola tried to bend forward to torment her more by pulling at her hair and slapping at her. She was so intent on toying with her opponent that she ignored how the ex ballet singer was twisting her body. Indeed she only took notice when Jennifer managed to press the pointed toe of her boot into her back, then dragged it across the skin ripping more holes in what was left of the blouse and snagging the bra straps. Nicola reacted as if it was a hot poker and tried to move away without breaking the scissors. But in trying to do both she succeeded in neither as now Jennifer brought round both of her booted feet and planting both toes in Nicola’s back. Now Nicola’s reacted as if she had been shot, breaking her scissors and rolling away clutching her back, leaving a red faced Jennifer to sob and gasp. Nicola was still moaning and rolling when Miss Ellison grabbed at her skirt waistband and pulled hard trying to drag the red head towards her.

At first, Miss Roberts did nothing being more intent on her own pain, but when she heard material ripping; she started to kick out like a mule. But this only hit empty space and Jennifer was kneeling to one side. There was a squeal of triumph to accompany the sound of ripping material when the blonde starlet was able to pull off the now ripped skirt to reveal a black thong. Jennifer used the skirt to whip at Nicola before the red head turned round and reached up, starting to wrestle with her for the item. As the two women cursed, threw insults and spat at each other, Nicola was able to deliver a stinging slap to Jennifer’s breasts, knocking the now red and battered orbs together painfully.

“Bitch!” screeched Jennifer in her whiny scouse accent, letting go of the skirt and lunging forward on top of Nicola.

She landed almost perfectly on top of the Girls Aloud singer, slamming her larger breasts down onto Nicola’s so they were face to face. Miss Roberts screamed and fought to push her opponent off her; alternately, grabbing and pulling her hair or landing slaps on her exposed body. Jennifer for her part was happy to be onto with a firm grip on her rival’s hair with which to control matters. She was also able to reach down and claw at Nicola’s bra pulling it away to pinch the breast flesh. This only made the Girls Aloud singer buck and writhe more in an effort to break free. Remembering how she had been hurt, Nicola reached down to pull up Jenn’s skirt so she could get at the blonde’s uncovered ass and crotch. This brought a frenzied reaction from Miss Ellison and she used her grip on Nicola’s matted red hair to try to twist and drag her head about as viciously as she could. They struggled and thrashed there on the floor, rolling over a few times before Nicola was able to get a good hold of Jennifer’s ass, only for the blonde woman to move her body up and plant her breasts over the red haired woman’s face, using her hands to pull her hair so she did not escape. As the lights went out for Nicola she struggled and fought back to break free. She slapped and clawed at Jennifer’s ass, back and thighs. But soon the darkness began to creep in as she was smothered and the sweaty, bitchy womanly aroma of Jennifer Ellison’s body assailed her senses and her struggles grew weaker until finally the brunette went limp.

After an indeterminate period, Nicola became aware of liquid hitting her face. As she groggily started to come to, she was struck by a sudden, truly horrifying thought and opened her eyes. The relief that she felt seeing that it was only the still half-naked Jennifer tipping what was left of the champagne from the bottle over her face lasted less than 5 seconds. Jennifer discarded the bottle and grabbed hold of Nicola’s exposed breasts and twisted and kneaded them for several minutes, ending up by seeing how far she could pull the nipples.

All the time the red haired scouser moaned and sobbed for mercy, eventually screaming her submission and her worthlessness. But this was not enough for Jennifer and she moved forward and lowered her damp, shaven crotch slowly and deliberately on Nicola’s horrified face. But there was nothing the Girls Aloud singer could do while Jennifer wriggled and rocked across her face ensuring the maximum humiliation and the most satisfaction for herself. It was fortunate for Nicola that she fainted long before Jennifer was satisfied she'd proven her point.

Nicola was finally awakened by some lecherous Club staff who found her lying there, devoid of most of her clothes - in particular her bra, panties and boots! It took several phone calls and much effort by her record company to get the matter sorted out discretely. That wasn't until two weeks later in a club in London that Nicola saw Jennifer again, wearing HER boots! She left in tears at the memory of the humiliation, despite her four band mates being with her and encouraging her to, "Go get that fuckin' cunt an' give 'er wha' for!"