Cassandra Peterson vs Rhonda Shear by WRDWVR

Rhonda had heard the scuttlebutt that Elvira was bad mouthing her to the producers of 'Up All Night' trying to get her job. She was livid and wanted nothing more than to punch her lights out. She got her chance at party in Hollywood after almost everyone had left for the night. She spotted Cassandra talking to her husband and she sauntered over in her sexiest walk, smiling as Cassandra's husband took a quick glance and his eyes lite up approvingly as the passed over her voluptuous figure. Her tits almost popping out of her dress were an eye treat indeed and Cassandra had daggers coming from her eyes as she icily introduced her husband to Rhonda. Cassandra exploded when Rhonda reached down and stroked his cock through his pants and slapped Rhonda hard across the face leaving a huge red handprint and snapping her head to the side. It was exactly what Rhonda had been waiting for and she reached out and grabbed both sides of Cassandra's open neck dress and ripped it off her in one pull leaving her in nothing but pair of black panties and exposing her buns for all to see. Cassandra was busy being modest when she should have defended herself and she screamed as Rhonda clasped her tits in each hand, digging her long nails in and started to drag a screaming Cassie around the confines of the small room, which was off the main dining room. With the loud music pounding, no one had yet noticed the two fighting hellcats.

Cassie was trapped in a corner cursing and screaming as Rhonda mashed her breasts together while grinding her nails in, blood dripping down in streaks from some nails, having pierced the skin in four different places. As she moaned, Cassie finally had managed to pull one large tit out of its left cup and stunned Rhonda by sinking her teeth into it causing her to bellow out in pain. Rhonda was filled with outrage, and still in agony, rammed her knee into Cassie's cunt so hard she nearly lifted her off the floor. She tore into the black haired witch's boobs with her nails, clawing them up and down as her foe's face turned white with anguish and she weakly clawed at Rhonda's free tit. Rhonda grasped both nipples and began to twist and pull the large mammaries as the witch continued to assault her now aching right boob. They staggered in a circle as they mauled each other till they had switched positions. Cassie ripped down her dress to her waist and grabbed her right boob from the bottom. As her face showed the toll her body was paying from the assault on her privates, she smashed her palm down on Rhonda's tit after having positioned her hand underneath it in a fist, knuckles up. As the breast was slammed onto the knuckles, Cassie pushed down on it and grinded her palm downward with all her might as a now pale faced Rhonda pushed hard at Cassie's shoulders, forcing her back 2 steps, releasing her sore and aching breast from it's brief torment. Cassie attacked her globes immediately, sinking her fists into each one in quick succession, stunning the late night beauty enough for her to drive her knee into her stomach doubling her over. Cassie then grabbed her in a head lock from the front and began to drive her knee into her tits as they hung down, adding a knee to the stomach every few shots to keep her foe reeling.

Rhonda's face was red with exertion and lack of air as she tried to liberate her neck and stop the pounding her chest was taking. She grabbed blindly at Cassie's crotch ripping off her panties and grasping a huge handful of hair which she proceeded to pull at as Cassie yelled in pain and cursed her as she drove a particularly hard knee shot to her already swollen right tit, grinding her knee in. As she stood on one leg Cassie was easily pushed over by an air starved Rhonda and they crashed to the floor in a tangle of limbs. Rhonda was recovering from her tity pounding as Cassie tried to renew her attack. A few male guests had noticed what was happening and came in to separate the ladies, especially now that the had gotten an eye full of each one's large assets. Cassie was just about foaming at the mouth she wanted to finish off Rhonda so bad as she was hauled up and away still gripping Rhonda's left tit in her hand. Her fingers were pried off and she was deposited on a couch spitting and clawing like an alley cat. Rhonda was helped up and escorted out of the room to separate them. Each was given a long overcoat to cover themselves with as they left. Cassie called her agent and had him get Rhonda's home phone from her agent and they set up a time and place to meet that night.

The old warehouse on Vine Street was perfect for their needs completely empty and it was away from any prying eyes, or god forbid, a camera. Each lady was still wearing the overcoat they had left the party with and neither was accompanied by anyone. Before you could say 'BOO' they were pulling each other around by the hair. Rhonda managed to slam Cassie into a support pole as they swung each other around. A knee to the cunt added to Cassie's pain as she ripped out a small clump of Rhonda's hair while she cried out at the blow's damage. Seeing an advantage forming, the 'Up All Night' star released Cassie's hair and grabbed both breasts by the nipple's, grinding in her nails as Cassie screamed and dragged her around by her tits with a huge smile on her face. Cassie's nipples felt like they were being twisted off and she was in utter agony at the punishment she was enduring now. She frantically tried to pull her foes hands off her by the wrists, but she only added to the pain as Rhonda had a death grip on each nipple and refused to let them go. Rhonda was really enjoying herself as she changed tactics and pushed Cassie against a wall, mashing her hands into the large tits and then pushing them upwards with everything she had as the soft flesh strained to it's limits. Rhonda again used her knee to incapacitate her foe driving it in to her cunt hard as Cassie yelled and started to slump slightly, her knees starting to become weak, and bellowing even louder as Rhonda forced her back up the wall by her tits. Cassie was in anguish at the painful mauling this bitch was giving her and tried desperately to escape before she succumbed to the constant attack on her chest and crotch. Rhonda's large nipples were hard as rocks as they were grinded repeatedly into the underside of her foe's upturned tits as she relished the punishment she was dishing out to the black haired witch. Cassie had tears falling down her face as she made a fist and wailed on Rhonda's right tit, causing a wince of pain to cross her foe's face as the fist buried itself deeply into the flesh up to her wrist. Cassie did the same to the left one and alternated her punches as Rhonda yelped in pain at each blow. Still holding the witches tits she bit the right one as another punch exploded onto her left tit. She almost severed the nipple as she bite down and was rewarded with a scream of agony from Cassie that offset the pain now emanating from both her aching breasts from Cassie's punches. A knee to her cunt from Cassie had her reeling and she released the nipple in her mouth to shriek out in pain. As the pain throbbed in her pussy, she returned the favor, but it only glanced off her foe's thigh just missing. Cassie was now punching her right tit exclusively as she reached down and started to rip at her cunt hairs, starting a pile on the floor while she grimaced in agony as Rhonda continued to twist and crush her red and aching mammaries.

Rhonda was in trouble now as her pussy was almost balded and Cassie was started to rip at the inside of her cunt, she screamed as Cassie's probing nails found her clit and she dug a nail into it. In desperation, Rhonda released her hold on Cassie's right tit and dragged her nails along the underside of it savagely, as now it was Cassie's turn to scream out at this new torture. Another nail rake produced 2 red bloody scratches as Cassie struggled to rip her foes cunt lips out as she bellowed out in agony as Rhonda now started to bite her tit and nipple. After a few more tit bites Cassie could no longer take it, she raked her nails across Rhonda's face screaming in utter anguish and when Rhonda still refused to release her she used an old street fighting trick and poked her in the left eye with her finger.

Yelling in pain, her left eye tearing, Rhonda was forced to release her tortuous hold and stepped back from Cassie holding her hand over her injured eye, allowing her foe to slump to her knees, holding her now injured right tit covered with teeth marks from Rhonda's assault. Both of her tits were covered with red splotches and some still bleeding cuts from Rhonda's constant boob gouging, nipple crushing and then nail raking attack and her cunt was missing hair in a few places. Rhonda was massaging her black and blue covered tits after the fistic assault they had endured at Cassie's hand's, a large set of teeth marks visible just above the left nipple and her left eye was closing from the poke to it. Her cunt had no almost no hair left as a small trickle of blood seeped out and down her right thigh . Both ladies were utterly exhausted and were in no shape to continue as much as they would have liked too.

They both agreed it was far from over and they set a date a month from the day for a rematch. They each left, covering up their battered bodies with the same overcoats they arrived in and drove home to lick their wounds and think about their next fight.

To be continued.?