Anna Falchi vs Natalia Estrada by technetium 02-May-00

Natalia hated Anna. They have started a match together, once, against MariaGrazia Cucinotta and Monica Bellucci, and when the blonde was sure they had won the match, she simply destroyed Natalia, giving her a painful humiliation. Now, things seemed to go very well for Natalia (she had won several matches, and started gaining a good reputation even amongst her opponents), while Anna seemed to have lost her strength and power. In fact, her last matches ended up with defeats against smaller and weaker opponents. In Natalia's view, this was the best opportunity to have her revenge; in Anna's one, this was the last chance to maintain her reputation.

The crowd was evenly matched: both girls had a lot of supporters, and they both received an equal mixture of cheers and boos when they entered the arena. Natalia wore a black leather bra, a similar mini-skirt, skin pantyhose and black high-heels shoes, firmly tied above her ankle with a black strip. The make-up on her face was pretty heavy, giving her a very aggressive look. Stressing her difference with the Spanish girl, Anna decided to wear a very sober outfit: a white two-pieces bikini, just a little bit too small on the upper part, in order to give a clear vision of her massive tits. She decided to fight completely barefoot, trying to gain more dexterity, even if this was a clear handicap for her kicks. Anna's face was virtually without any kind of make-up, enhancing her "I'm-the-good-girl" look.

Despite the height given by the shoes, Natalia was still far shorter than Anna: when they first locked their hands, trying to push their opponent far away, it was clear that Anna was in a better condition. She started pushing Natalia, who desperately tried to fight back, but had to start stepping backwards. Natalia realized that her attempts were in vain and wisely decided to change her tactic. In a while, she outstretched her right leg and drove the tip of her shoe between Anna's legs. The blonde screamed in pain, and Natalia come closer and, wrapping her arms around Anna's neck, in order to have a good hold on her body, started smashing her right knee between the blonde's legs. In spite of the blows she received, Anna did not give up easily, and reacted to her foe's attack by grabbing her long black hair with her left hand. Furthermore, she drove her right one between Natalia's attacking legs, and clutched her crotch, giving the Spanish a painful crotch claw. Natalia stopped her knee action, and grabbed a hold on Anna's hair with both hands, starting pulling it with all her strength.

Both girls cried loudly, screaming in agony as their hair were pulled and yanked without respect. Anna had the impression that Natalia's action was more effective, and quickly decided to remove her hand from Natalia's crotch, using it to give more effectiveness to the hold on her foe's hair. The two girls started moving around, trying to give the final and most painful tug to their foe's hair; their heads bent backwards, their faces full of tears for the terrible pain. Natalia was sobbing uncontrollably, and, just when Anna thought she was near the annihilation of her opponent, managed to react and turn the tables.

Natalia's right hand went to Anna's partially exposed left tit, and started scratching it merciless. In a while, Anna screamed in total agony, as her tits started bleeding under Natalia's nails pressure. The blonde tried to do the same to the Spanish, but the leather bra was protecting Natalia's breast effectively. After two vain attempts to harm her foe, Anna decided that the only thing she could do was to try to pry Natalia's hand away. Sobbing, she tried to removed it from her target, but doing this she completely exposed herself to Natalia's following attack.

The brunette gave a hard slap to the blonde, who remained completely dazed for at least five seconds, allowing Natalia to give her a second slap. Anna's legs became too weak to support her, and she found herself flying backwards, unable to fight back.

Natalia snapped her tongue and clapped her hands, congratulating herself for what she did to the taller opponent. Then, she proceeded to furiously kick Anna's crotch with the tip of her shoe. With every kick, she yelled "Olé!!!" and the crowd soon started going behind her. With every kick, now a choir of "Olé" was flooding the blonde. Anna panicked and went on all fours, trying to crawl away from Natalia's attack, but had to suffer some more hard kicks. Anna fell down again, and Natalia added two kicks in the middle of her back before raising her up by pulling her blonde hair. While doing this, Natalia opened the clip on Anna's back and removed her white bikini top, disclosing her breast to the wild crowd.

Natalia slammed Anna against the nearest turnbuckle, and looked at her with a big smile on her face as the blonde fell down, totally unable to fight back. Anna took a seat, supporting her aching back with the turnbuckle, but when she looked around to find her foe she saw nothing but an empty ring. Before she could think anything, she felt a strong pressure on her neck, and soon realized what was happened. Natalia was outside the ring, knelt, and was choking Anna with her white bra, using the turnbuckle in order to enhance her action. Anna grasped for air, and felt her body become weaker with every second. She started crying, but almost immediately realized that this was the worst thing to do, and spent a little time to wipe her tears away from her face, and meanwhile tried to think about something to do.

Natalia was screaming all kind of obscenities to Anna, clearly excited by her opponent's impossibility to move and react. Natalia spat several times in Anna's direction, and her face became really cheerful when she saw Anna becoming really pale, and slipping towards unconsciousness. She screamed in joy as she saw Anna's eyes closing, and leaned her head inside the ring to better see her rival's face.

"You're finished, big bitch!!!!!" Natalia whispered in front of Anna's pale face, and gave a last, hard choke, this time looking straight in her enemy's face, to better see her suffering.

Natalia opened her mouth wide, in surprise, as she saw Anna's eyes opening. Before she could even think about the reason why, Anna punched her neck and then slammed her face against the turnbuckle three times. Natalia lost the hold on Anna's bra and the blonde was able to rise up on her knees, turning around, still holding Natalia's hair with one hand. Then, she fired two hard punches to the Spanish's face, letting the screaming girl fall down on the floor, in front of the amused crowd. Natalia was spread eagle on the ground, and was sobbing, her face covered by her hands, trying to find a moment to collect her forces before going back into the match.

In the ring, Anna quickly climbed the turnbuckle and flew in the air, yelling in joy as her body splashed on Natalia's one, cutting the air out of the Spanish's lungs. Natalia started crying, since the pain was too much for her. Anna did not felt any kind of pity for the Spanish and took her by the metal barrier, where she proceeded to slam her screaming and crying face three times. Anna pulled Natalia's hair, forcing her to rise up, but, in spite of all the beatings she has received, the Spanish wasn't finished yet, and promptly reacted, punching Anna's face. The two girls started trading punches, and surprisingly Natalia seemed to have the better of her foe. Anna was standing, but her arms were not able to attack Natalia anymore, and the blonde hug Natalia, trying to stop her action. But as soon as she pushed her body against the brunette's one, the Spanish girl found Anna's naked right nipple and put it into her mouth, sucking the most she could. In a while, she closed her mouth, digging her teeth into the tender flesh. Anna screamed at the top of her lungs, trying to push Natalia away. Natalia was able to maintain her foe trapped for more than a minute, in which she tried to inflict as much damage as she could to the poor trapped part. Then, Anna felt on her knees, sobbing and cupping her tit. Her face was full of tears, and she was hoping that Natalia had finished her soon. She was too tired to fight, and Natalia seemed to have more and more strength than her.

But instead of simply finishing her enemy, she wanted to get a complete revenge and a clear humiliation of the blonde. She remembered how humbling was the final of their previous match, and simply wanted Anna to suffer more and more. Natalia knelt in front of her, and started kissing her passionately, gently rubbing her hands on Anna's bruised tits. The blonde, too tired too react and too weak not to enjoy the situation, kissed Natalia back and let her doing whatever she wanted to her body. Natalia continued the tits caressing for two minutes, and then twisted Anna's fully erected nipples softly, making her shiver in real pleasure. Anna removed her lips form Natalia's ones, and started kissing the Spanish's neck and shoulders tenderly. Natalia knew Anna was almost finished and gently inserted two fingers in her pussy, making her moaning in complete pleasure. Anna was in complete lust and quit her kissing, too excited by Natalia's action. She fell on her back, opening her legs wider and allowing Natalia to jam more fingers inside Anna's slit. Anna gently rubbed her tits, moaning in pleasure as Natalia fingered her quicker and quicker, until she came spraying juices all over both Natalia's hand and her white bikini bottom.

Natalia whispered: "Look at this bitch!! She clearly wants more!!!!"

Natalia pushed the heel of her shoe into Anna's slit, and the blonde let her do it without opposition. Natalia moved it gently, stimulating Anna's private parts and making her come for the second time, with a long yell of pleasure. Then, she started ramming her heel into Anna's vagina, this time provoking more pain in the moaning blonde.

"Hey Natalia, what are you doing!!! Please stop!!! You're hurting me!!!! STOP NOW!!!!!"" cried Anna, as she realized that Natalia's action was too painful for her.

"Bitch!!! You made me suffer and now you have to suffer!!!!! Hope you won't pass out too soon!!!!" replied Natalia, smiling.

Anna cried in pain, feeling her private parts violated by Natalia, and started slipping towards unconsciousness. She was almost passed out when she looked at Natalia's cheering face. She fixed it, and was really disgusted. She was allowing this small Spanish to win against her. She knew this would have been a big stop in her career, and she was simply doing nothing to avoid it. Was it what she wanted? Was really..

Again, Natalia opened her mouth wide as she saw Anna's hands going around her offending ankle, removing it from its position and giving some rest to her aching pussy. Anna trapped Natalia's nylon covered legs between her thighs and started going towards Natalia, bending the legs back. Natalia screamed in pain as she realized what was happening, and how. Despite her attempts to fight back, she was simply being overpowered by the blonde, even if she was clearly weakened. Natalia was crying because of the pain, but even because of the fact that she realized that Anna was too far stronger than she was.

Meanwhile, Anna was putting all the pressure she could on Natalia's leg. She scratched it in several points, and then added three punches between Natalia's legs. Natalia tried to react, hysterically and with anything but rage, but did not upset Anna. The blonde slammed her right foot twice on Natalia's face, stunning her. Then she continued pushing the leg towards Natalia's face, careless of her screams. Soon, Natalia realized it was too much for her, and beg Anna to stop.

With a smile of superiority, Anna asked Natalia: "So, now you asked me to stop???? You showed no mercy for me, why do I have to have some mercy for you, weak bitch???"

Natalia beg again: "No, Anna, please, you don't understand, you're really hurting me!!!! Oh, my leg!!! You're breaking it!!! Please stop now!!! Pleeeeaaaasseeeeee!!!!!!!!!"

In spite of Natalia's lamentation, Anna continued her action, and almost broke Natalia's pretty leg. When she was sure that Natalia was too injured to react, she released the trapped leg, allowing it to fall on the ground. Natalia quickly started massaging it, moaning and sobbing in pain. Anna pulled her hair, forcing Natalia to rise up, and watched her attempts to remain standing, despite the aching leg. Despite her attempts, Natalia felt on her knees, and Anna laughed at her loudly. Then, she wrapped her thighs around Natalia's head, lifted her body in a vertical position and proceeded to piledrive her to the ground. She repeated the move another time, and then was sure that Natalia was out cold.

Anna removed Natalia's bra and skirt, leaving her in pantyhose, panties and shoes. Then, she tied Natalia's ankles with the bra, and quickly carried her back into the ring, dragging the unconscious girl using the bra. When she was in the middle of the ring, Anna lifted Natalia over her shoulders, and spun her in the air, releasing the hold after few turnings. Falling down, Natalia hit the turnbuckle with the whole body, and was partially revived. Completely aware of Anna's rage, she decided to exit the ring area, and started crawling to the ropes. Anna blocked her when only her legs were still inside the ring, pulling her to the middle. A moment later, she slammed her ass down, landing on Natalia's already injured legs. Natalia screamed in total agony, crying loudly and begging Anna to stop.

"How do you feel, now, you puta??? Like the punishment?????" Anna said, laughing at the tears streaming on Natalia's face.

"No, please, Anna, I've learned the lesson. you're stronger than me, and I've been a stupid to even challenge you. I'm sorry for that, and I admit my defeat, so please - now Natalia was sobbing and crying louder and louder- please don't do anything to me!!!! Please stop hurting me !!! Please!!!!"

Anna replied: "OK, now I want you to lower your pantyhose to your knees' level"

Natalia obeyed promptly.

"Now -continued Anna- start crawling on the floor"

Natalia had no choice but follow Anna's orders.

"Now start licking the floor!!!"

Natalia started, and her face was soon completely full of tears. "Please Anna, do not do this!!! Please!!!"

"What do you want, bitch? I'm not hurting you! Stop whining, or my rage will be unbearable!!!"

Natalia continued crawling and licking, but after three minutes she begged Anna once more: "I'm tired of doing this Anna; you had your fun, now please..."

Anna did not let her finish her sentence, and quickly grabbed the back of her black lace panties, lifting her legs and driving the cotton painfully into Natalia's intimate parts, screaming: "I've warned you, but you continued with this stupid begging!!!! Now, it is pretty time to make you pay for what you did!!!!"

Natalia screamed hysterically, shaking her body in order to try to escape Anna's hold, but all her attempts were in vain. Moreover, the more she shook, the more the panties hurt her pussy. Anna continued lifting Natalia's body up and down, several times, until the panties finally gave up and the poor Spanish was allowed to fall down. Natalia clutched her aching pussy, trying to protect it from Anna's further attacks, but Anna had a lot of possible targets. In fact, she grabbed Natalia by the hair and forced her to rise up.

Natalia was nothing more than a wreck, and she was barely able to stay on her foot. She was completely nude, except for the pantyhose below her knees, the bra around her ankles and the shoes, still there after the entire match. Anna was receiving a standing ovation, while Natalia was shivering, fearing the next Anna's move. In a while, the blonde grabbed Natalia's body and bodyslammed her on the ground. Unluckily for the Spanish, she did not pass out, and Anna gave her a final humiliation: she ordered her to remove her shoes and to jam both heels into her pussy. Natalia did it, mechanically, and after two long minutes Anna lowered her bikini bottom and sat on her face, smothering her out in few seconds.

Anna raised herself and gave a final look to the destroyed Natalia, lying on the floor with one heel still inside her slit. She spat on her, and then left the ring proud of her new outstanding victory.