Eve vs. Gwen Stefani by Leglock

After the success of their first song together, Gwen Stefani thought it would be cool to do a follow up. She'd really gotten into hip-hop lately and had been writing a lot of lyrics. Reluctantly, Eve finally agreed to fly to Hollywood and cut another record. They’d go into the studio on a Friday and Eve agreed to stay at Gwen's place the night before to try to work on things a bit before the actual recording.

They’d spent hours in Gwen's home studio with Gwen spouting off page after page of what Eve thought was dreadful material. Eve never really wanted to do another record in the first place, but she had trouble saying no and Gwen had a persuasive way about her. Eve was known to be extra nice, but after hours of listening to Gwen, and of Gwen being angry and defiant at the smallest criticism, was wearing on Eve. It was 10:00 PM, they had to be at the studio at 7:00AM, so Eve suggested they quit for the night.

They’d both just showered and adjourned to Gwen's living room for a little drink before bed. Eve came in wearing high cut red spandex shorts and a white T-shirt. Gwen was laying on the soft white rug in front of the TV wearing a black thong and matching bra.

Gwen looked at Eve’s outfit and laughed, "What’re you dressed for, a track meet?"

"God, go put some clothes on," replied Eve, her disgust evident in her voice.

Gwen just ignored her comment and gave Eve a dirty look.

"Look Gwen,” Eve said. “I'm sorry if you thought I was rough on you today. I only wanted to help!"

"Keep your sorry comments to yourself, my lyrics are better than yours and we both know my looks and body are what's gonna sell this thing anyway. We're certainly not gonna rely on your pudgy little self," snarled Gwen

"You need to drop that attitude girlfriend," Eve said as she got to her feet, her eyes flashing.

"Oh? What’re you gonna do about it, bitch?" replied Gwen as she too got up and as they met face to face in the middle of the room it was clear Gwen had six inches on Eve.

WHAP! Gwen slapped Eve.

"Aaahhh!" cried Eve, as she crouched in a boxer's stance.

"It's on now! What are you gonna do shorty?" yelled Gwen

Before Gwen knew what was happening, she’d been hit by a right-left combo that had her stunned. She quickly regrouped, but then was hit by two more punches in the head. Gwen kicked up her right foot and kicked Eve in the head, sending her reeling backward. Gwen quickly went after Eve, who threw a roundhouse right that connected on the side of Gwen's head, sending her tumbling into the couch. Eve hurried after her and with Gwen sitting dazed on the couch, they locked hands. Gwen pulled Eve to her and wrapped her long legs around Eve's waist and began to squeeze.

"Aaarrrgghhh!" grunted Eve as she struggled to pull her hands free to pry herself out of the body scissors.

When she realized that wouldn't work, she tried to throw a punch but Gwen's head was far enough away her short arms couldn't reach. Gwen began to smile and laugh, watching Eve struggle between her legs, loosing both air and strength.

"Say I'm the better woman and I'll let you go," laughed Gwen

"Fuck you!" Eve gasped in a strained voice.

Eve knew she had to get free and she wrapped both arms around Gwen's legs and pulled back as hard as she could.


Gwen slid off the sofa and her head hit the floor. She lost her scissors as she lay dazed on the floor. Eve had to act quickly and she scrambled around Gwen, capturing her in a full nelson and wrapping her own legs around Gwen’s waist from behind. While Gwen was able to use her long legs to pry open Eve's scissors, no matter how she struggled, she couldn't break the full nelson. Gwen put her feet on the floor and began to push herself, Eve and the entire couch back in a tremendous show of her leg strength.


Gwen drove the couch all the way back to the wall, knocking the air out of Eve as she was pinned between Gwen and the sofa. Eve had to release her hold and both women sat there exhausted for a minute catching their breaths. Then they both got to their feet and met in the middle of the floor, both breathing too hard to waste air talking.

Eve threw a slow roundhouse punch but Gwen grabbed her arm, pulled Eve to her and trapped her in a headlock. Eve responded with a headlock of her own and the two women reeled around the room, stumbling as they engaged in a battle of strength to see who was gonna gain the upper hand.

After about forty five seconds, it was Eve who proved too strong and Gwen lost her headlock as Eve wrestled her to the floor. Eve’s headlock had slipped down around Gwen's neck and become a choke hold. Gwen tried to use her legs to swing her body around, but she couldn’t break the hold.

"You give?" asked Eve with a smug grin.

There was no reply from the red faced Gwen, but it was clear she was barely breathing. Eve applied all the pressure she could, but Gwen just lay there without struggling. After about five minutes, Eve let go, quickly scrambled up and pinned Gwen; crawling all the way up body to sit on her chest and neck with Gwen’s head clapped firmly between her thighs in a classic schoolgirl pin. Gwen didn't try to fight back, for her the move was humiliating, but at least it did allow her much more air. She thought if she could ride it out, she may still have a chance. Eve was comfortable in the position of dominance and she reached over, grabbed the remote and turned the TV on again.

Gwen had been still for five minutes or so, when Eve asked, “Are you gonna give up or what? I don't care, I'm comfortable. Hell, I can sit on you all night!"

Gwen mumbled something and Eve chided her, "Say what?"

"I said, ‘You’re mine bitch’," Gwen growled.

Eve just laughed and flipped the channels, but her laughter only lasted a few seconds. She’d gotten too comfortable and was completely surprised when Gwen's right calf suddenly wrapped around her neck from behind. Gwen pulled Eve over backward with her long leg, and then added her left leg as well. Before Eve knew what was happening, she was pulled off of Gwen and into a head scissors.

Gwen laid on her side with Eve’s head trapped between her knees. She then added to the pressure until Eve yelped in pain as her energy was being drained. Only after Gwen felt Eve was weakened enough, she grabbed her by the hair, eased off a bit on the pressure and pulled Eve's head deeper between her thighs until Eve's face was touching her ass. Then Gwen reapplied pressure again as she grabbed Eve's legs at the knees, wrapped them up in her arms and leaned back, pulling them up and making escape nearly impossible.

"OK,” Eve cried. “I give."

"Awwww. What's da matter baby? You got more fight in you than that don't you?" teased Gwen as she squeezed Eve’s ass.

"I give, I can't move," whined Eve

"That's the idea,” Gwen giggled. “I figure after a night kissing my ass, you’ll be in a little better mood tomorrow," said Gwen as she used her calves to press Eve's face into her ass as she applied more pressure. “And to treat my ideas with a little more respect.”

"Mmmmffff! Please…,” mumbled Eve. “God… help me," she gasped as tears started streaming from her fearful eyes.

"God helps those who help themselves hon,” Gwen chided. “I'd say your in a position of helplessness, now I've got you all locked up, and unless you got a miracle in you, you ain't going nowhere. You’d best shut up, before I take the rest of your air away. Goodnight sweetie."