Jennifer Lopez vs. Angie Everhart - by Shanahan 18-Sep-99

Jennifer Lopez was in agony, her head being bounced up and down on the canvas as Angie Everhart tried once more to bare-handedly choke the life out of her. The crowd went mad as they sensed the redhead was just moments away from victory and a $250,000 payday.

They had both handily fought their way through the opening rounds of the MTV Spring Break "Female Celebrity Wrestling" tournament here in Orlando, obliterating other bikini-clad, cream-puff competitors and mowing them down in vicious fashion. Finally the two beauties had vanquished all comers, and as the sun began to set, the two rivals would face each other in the championship bout, with the winner taking home 250Gs.

Jennifer sat in the locker room in her dark green bikini her long brown hair dripping wet and hanging down in her face. She had just showered off the sweat from her semifinal bout, a solid struggle with Cameron Diaz whom she had finally squeezed breathless in a back-breaking bearhug until the beautiful blonde went limp and unconscious. Angie had just emerged from the shower in her lace string pink bikini, having washed herself clean of her semifinal victory. It had been over Tyra Banks, whom she had scissored and hand-smothered out cold, the redhead's legs squeezing about her foe's waist, and her hands clamped down firmly over the other woman's nose and mouth, until the black beauty ultimately passed out.

In a matter of minutes, they would be summoned back to the dais for the final fight, the latest in a long string of personal bouts between the two women. They sat on the wooden benches and toweled off before exchanging pre-fight pleasantries.

"Well," offered Jennifer. "May the best woman win."

"Thanks," replied Angie. "I will!"

Jennifer smiled and shook her head. "You're so full of shit, Angie."

"Oh yeah?" retorted the redhead gleefully.

"Yeah!" snapped the brunette

"Well, all I know is I'm going to knock you out this time," sneered the redheaded supermodel.

"Not if I knock you out first," grinned the Hispanic actress

Then it was time. They made way their way out to the dais, out to the ring, where some dumb-ass veejay introduced them to the cheering throng. After few more minutes of bullshit build-up, they were both relieved to hear the bell ring so they could get down to business as only they could.

Starting from opposite corners, they rushed one another to the center of the makeshift ring, and wasted no time in wrapping each other in fierce, breath-squeezing grips, arms coiling about each other's upper bodies like whipcord-thin Anacondas. The crowd went wild as the two bikinied babes battled fiercely, neither woman able to gain the immediate advantage in their tussle for $250,000. Suddenly Jennifer began to lift Angie off the mat and forced her enemy back hard until the redhead crashed into the corner post.

Stunned, Angie offered no resistance as Jennifer reared back, planted her foot in the redhead's gut, and flipped Angie up and over to crash down back first on the mat, eliciting greater cheers for the green-bikinied brunette. She immediately pressed her attack, rushing the rising redhead and jumping on her back. Interlacing her hands under the redhead's chin, Jennifer pulled upwards in a semi-camel clutch as Angie's cries were drowned out by the din of the drunken audience. Pressing her position, Jennifer then wrapped her hands about Angie's throat from behind and squeezed mercilessly for the first stranglehold of this championship fight.

The crowd went wild as Jennifer tightened her hold, fingers squeezing like a vise about the redhead's neck to the sounds of "Everlong" in the background. Angie's eyes were shut in agony as she suffered in her enemy's grip, but she managed to seize one of Jennifer's fingers in both of her hands and bend it back sharply, ushering a cry from the brunette and a breaking of Jennifer's chokehold. Angie scrabbled forward and performed a 180-degree turn while rising to her bare feet to face her foe, who was shaking her hand in pain.

They glared at one another, not speaking a word as they squared off at the center ring, parrying and feinting with open hands and outstretched arms, both women looking for a new hold as the beachside crowd grew more frenzied, wanted to see the two combatants pound each other senseless. They lunged at one another and locked hands, breath coming in hurried, whispered gasps as they strained against one another, dead even in their test of strength.

So caught up was Jennifer in their finger fight that she didn't notice Angie lifting her left leg, pulling it back higher and higher, until she snapped it up and forward to kick the brunette in the face, bare sole slapping against soft cheek. Jennifer was stunned and dropped out of their mutual hold, as Angie lunged forward to seize her rival in her arms and send them both tumbling to the canvas as the cheers went up. The redhead landed on top and went for the kill, securing her hands about the brunette's neck and squeezing ruthlessly.

Jennifer was in agony, her head being bounced up and down on the canvas as Angie tried to bare-handedly choke the life out of her. The crowd went mad as they sensed the redhead was just moments away from victory and a $250,000 payday.

"Hate to do this to you," Angie chided facetiously, "but it is a big chunk of cash, you know."

"Nhhh ... it's .... unhhhh .... not … over yet," gasped Jennifer.

"Sure it is," replied the redhead as she throttled away. "Now hang on while I choke 250 grand out of you!"

Angie tightened her hands again, intent on finishing the fight as cheers rang out in anticipation of a winner - followed by a collective moan as Jennifer reached up and boxed Angie's ears with both hands. The redhead broke off and recoiled in agony, ears ringing like bells, as the brunette pushed her opponent off. Angie was on her knees, the pain subsiding but not fully gone, and she kept her hands over her ears trying to recover quickly.

She didn't get the chance. Jennifer had regained her feet and walked over to and behind Angie. In one cobra-quick motion, Jennifer relived herself of her green bikini top, baring her breasts for all the assembly to see, and whipped her top around Angie's neck from behind. The largely-male crowd went wild again, first at the sight of Jennifer's bouncing boobs, then at Angie's anguish at being choked from behind.

The thin material bit into the redhead's neck, leaving an ugly bruise, as she tried to pry it loose with her fingers, which also took some damage from the unyielding tension. Jennifer crossed her hands over to apply more pressure, and soon Angie was coughing her lungs out.

"Who's getting paid now, bitch?" intoned Jennifer as she garroted her victim.

Angie didn't reply, but instead drove her elbow back hard into Jennifer's cunt. Her counterattack worked, as both Jennifer and the crowd cried out, and the redhead wriggled free. She tossed Jennifer's top aside and rubbed her throat, which felt as though it were on fire, the skin beet red and highly sensitive to the touch where the top had sawed away at her windpipe.

Jennifer clutched her wounded pussy with both hands as Angie got to her feet tore off her own pink top, revealing her equally firm and beautiful mammaries, before twisting her top about Jennifer's neck from the front, the redhead crisscrossing her arms to tighten the hold. The brunette gagged as the redhead attacked her, and clutched at her foe's elbows as she tried to push her away, but still she was trapped, dying, until Jennifer sunk a balled-up fist deep into Angie's unprotected gut, just above the navel. Angie bent over it pain and slacked her grip just long enough for Jennifer to rip loose.

They faced each other on their feet again, both wounded and wary, uneager to blindly press the matter and make a potentially (and literally) costly mistake ...

The crowd roared at both bare-breasted beauties, urging them on to continue their struggle. So did the referee, a tall, statuesque blonde named Jenny McCarthy who was decked out in a zebra-striped bikini. Non-committal until now, letting Jennifer and Angie do whatever they wanted, she waved her hand, urging them to replace their bikini tops (MTV wanted to later broadcast the bout, and there could be no nudity at all) and renew hostilities, or be disqualified on either count.

Both the redhead and brunette looked to the ref, then back to each other. They vowed silently they would not be disqualified, that it would only end when one of them couldn't move or was out cold. The cheers and catcalls arose again as the two opponents replaced their tops and then began stalking each other once more, circling in the center of the ring as they looked for weak points in each other's armor.

Snarling at one another, they lunged and crashed together as bare hands made their way to thinly-veiled breasts and began squeezing. Both young women wailed aloud as they tortured each other's tits, their screams mixing with the cries of the excited onlookers. They kneaded and twisted and clawed at each other's soft flesh, raking with their short sharp nails and pulling at sheated nipples with their fingertips, but still they were stalemated. Finally, as the sounds of "Rock You Like a Hurricane" strained through the speaker systems surrounding the ring, Angie snapped her head forward to smash the front of her skull into the bridge of Jennifer's nose, shocking the brunette as much as it hurt her. Angie then took advantage of her opponent's momentary distraction to ram her knee up hard between Jennifer's legs, the brunette's resulting yelp feeding the spectators' frenzy.

Angie then wrapped her arms abut her stunned rival's waist and began crushing her in a bearhug. The brunette's breath exploded outwards in a tortured, exasperated gasp tinged with saliva, as the redhead tightened her hold and began squeezing the life out of her foe. Their covered, hard nipples touched and pressed together as Angie bounced Jennifer up and down in her arms, trying to squeeze out a submission. Several spectators challenged the redhead to "crush the bitch like a tin can" and Angie was only too happy to oblige. She poured on the pressure, wrapping her arms as tightly as she could about the brunette's trim waist until Jennifer felt her spine snapping and roared in anguish.

Lashing out wildly, Jennifer karate-chopped Angie on either side of her neck, hands slamming down like twin blades against hard collarbones. Waves of pain washed through the redhead as Jennifer repeated the move once, twice, three times, each time punctuated by "ohhhs!" from the throng until Angie loosened up just enough for Jennifer to press her hands against the redhead's chin and push free of Angie's python-like hold.

Seizing the advantage, the brunette seized the dazed redhead by the shoulders and dragged them both to the canvas where they wrapped about each other and rolled and wrestled back and forth as the crowd voiced its unanimous approval. Jennifer managed to get her hands against either side of Angie's face and begin pressing inward with her palms, but Angie slapped them aside before slapping Jennifer across the cheek with both hands. Twisting to the side so that she was above Jennifer and off to an angle, Angie slid her long legs about the brunette's waist and began squeezing her again.

Jennifer cried out again in response to the unbearable pressure, made worse by the fact that Angie had locked her ankles and was squashing the brunette with all her might. Jennifer clawed at her attacker's calves with her nails, inflicting several long red scratches, but the redhead gritted her teeth and held on. Jennifer felt herself fading and pounded at the redhead's legs with her fists, but still she could not escape. Balling up another fist as she felt blackness creeping in on her, Jennifer lashed out and drilled Angie hard between the legs with a perfect punch. The legs immediately unwound from the brunette as the redhead hunched over in torment, hands clutching her wounded groin.

Jennifer rested flat on her back for the next few moments, stealing a anxious glance or two over at Angie to make sure the redhead was not coming over to finish her, before rising woozily to her feet. Striding over to her rival, Jennifer kicked out with her right foot to roll Angie over onto her back. Bending over at the waist, Jennifer reached down to fasten her hands about Angie's neck and finish her foe off ...

Suddenly Jennifer felt hands seizing her wrists, and bare feet slapping up around either side of her neck before applying unbelievable pressure. Angie had summoned all her strength and turned the tables, catching her unwary opponent in a seldom-used but spectacular double-footed chokehold. Angie then made matters worse for her foe by hooking one foot behind Jennifer's neck, while shifting the other one in front to press down hard on the brunette's windpipe. The crowd, confused at first, went wild at the sight, as Jennifer sputtered and gagged, as much from surprise as from the sudden lack of oxygen. Angie roared below on the mat, snarling like a lioness finishing off her prey, hands still wrapped tightly about Jennifer's wrists as her bare feet did their dirty work.

Jennifer's tongue began to loll out of her mouth as the redhead strangled her unmercifully. She shot a furtive glance over to the referee, but the blonde just stood there, arms folded across her bust. Jennifer hadn't really expected the blonde to stop the fight, knowing it was going to be up to her and herself alone to get free again, as always. She wondered just how she would do that this time, though, without breaking her own neck first ...

Finally, it dawned on Jennifer, and she placed her heel on Angie's pink-covered crotch and pressed down hard. Angie grimaced and grunted, but held on to her choking holds. Growing desperate, Jennifer began to stomp her foe's pussy harder and harder, foot rising and crashing down, until she was out-and-out blatantly kicking Angie between the legs. Finally, Angie, unable to take the pounding again longer, yelled out loud before releasing Jennifer's wrists and tossing the brunette aside with her feet. Jennifer landed hard on the canvas and rolled over and over until she came to rest on her stomach and began trying to breathe normally after her latest ordeal. Angie lay wounded on the mat several feet away, hands clutching her wounded crotch, her eyes closed and the corners of her lips turned downwards, one of her legs kicking out softly in pain.

Both women were injured, but the unforgiving crowd began to urge them on again: "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!"

The referee also told them both to get up and resume their struggle, or else be counted out. She pointed menacingly at both girls, telling them to suck it up and get up now or they'd both be disqualified. Jennifer shot the ref a look that seemed to say, "Fuck you, blondie," but she didn't want to spit it out and possibly get into a fight with the female official. Jennifer could take care of herself; but Jenny was a bit bigger than the other broads the brunette was used to fighting, and in her weakened state she didn't think she could beat the blonde. The sky above didn't seem to disagree, as dark clouds began to roll in ominously off the ocean.

Across the way, Angie had sat up and also given the ref a poisonous glance, as she continued to rub her wounded pussy with both hands. Before she could fully recover, Jennifer had made her way over to the redhead and, dropping to her knees, wrapped an arm about Angie's neck and tightened it in a headlock. Angie gasped and knew she would have to block out her pain if she were going to beat Jennifer and earn a year's salary with this one fight. Twisting to her left so she was face-to-face with her foe, Angie wrapped her arms about Jennifer's head and neck and squeezed, just as Jennifer brought her other arm to bear around the redhead's neck. The cheers went up one more time as the two females contested themselves against each other anew, neither woman relenting even though both were on their last legs and running out of gas.

They struggled to their feet wearily, neither woman letting go of the other, although neither squeezing as strongly as she could have at the beginning of the bout. The day's long and hard action had taken its toll on both of them, and now it seemed that the last woman literally left standing might well be the big winner.

Fighting to the finish, they sets their sights higher and buried their hands in each other's sweated hair, pulling and tugging and trying to throw each other to the mat. They continued in this deadlock for the next few minutes, shaking each other back and forth as the crowd screamed its approval, before Jennifer suddenly let go and reached down to rip Angie's top loose. Flabbergasted, Angie reached down and did likewise to Jennifer's top, before both women made a beeline for each other's panties and tore them away, the throng growing louder and louder around them until finally exploding as both women stood fully revealed. Thunder clapped from high up above as Jennifer and Angie circled each other fully nude, hands raised to renew and end their tussle …

… until they heard the bell ringing and saw Jenny giving a washout sign and then a thumbs down to both of them. "Sorry, ladies, you knew the rules!" she sneered. Jennifer and Angie stared at her, then at each other, then back to the blonde, both battlers stunned.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we're sorry to say we have a double disqualification for Jennifer and Angie! A Double-D!" boomed the piss-ant little veejay over the PA system. "Sorry, sweeties, but no nudity allowed. That's a violation of MTV contest rules. Sooo sorry, but … them's the breaks! The $250,000 pot will be split between our other two lovely semifinalists, Cameron Diaz and Tyra Banks, who both managed to keep their bikinis on!"

The crowd took all this in, confused at first; then they began to boo heartily as the truth hit them, and even threw garbage ranging from ice cream cups to empty beer cans at the MTV stand. The sky echoed again, once twice, three times, and then opened up completely, heavy rains cascading down to pound the beach and the wrestling ring set-up alike. The onlookers yelled and rushed for dry cover, just as Jennifer and Angie came to grips with what had happened.

"Un-fucking believable!" muttered Jennifer.

'Let's kick some ass!" remarked Angie. The brunette nodded to her rival in response.

They turned and rushed the stand in tandem, their exhaustion replaced by anger, their drive fueled by adrenaline. They grabbed the veejay from over the ring ropes as the rains pelted them, and began slapping and punching him mercilessly as he tried to rip away.

Suddenly Angie felt strong arms wrapping about her from behind, and next thing she knew she was being lifted up and carried back to the center of the ring, a vise tightening about her midsection. Looking down, she caught a glimpse of blonde hair just below her own face and realized that the female referee, Jenny, had come to the veejay's aid. Angie then felt herself being spun around 180 degrees until she was face-to-face with the wickedly-smiling bikinied blonde, who still held the redhead tightly, and now began pressing her clenched fists into the small of Angie's bare back as she bearhugged the bare-naked brawler.

"I'm gonna grind your bones like powder," threatened Jenny in a low voice, as she began to increase the pressure on Angie's spine.

Jennifer continued to work the veejay over, smacking him senseless with the front and back of her right hand, until she heard moaning behind her and looked back to see Angie being squeezed to death by Jenny. Instinctively, she smashed the veejay down with a right hook to the face, then sprinted over to the two struggling women to launch a kick that smacked off the back of the blonde's skull.

Stunned, Jenny dropped Angie and turned to face her attacker, even as Jennifer belted her bigger adversary with rights and lefts. The blonde grew enraged and lashed out with both hands to secure them about Jennifer's neck, intent upon crushing the life from the brunette, but she never got the chance.

The blonde felt two fists thwack deep into her kidneys as Angie swung away from behind, and Jenny cried out and let go of Jennifer, badly in pain. Against one of the two women, Jenny may very well have triumphed. Against both wildcats at once, she was lost.

Still fueled by rage, the redhead and brunette descended upon the blonde, two pairs of greedy hands shredding and ripping away at the black-and-white bikini until Jenny was as naked as her attackers. Then those four hands grabbed Jenny by the neck and dragged her down to the mat, strangling her all the while, until the blonde was flat on her back. The rains continued to fall, drenching all three women as Jennifer and Angie began to work Jenny over.

The redhead sat on the blonde's chest, pulling and squeezing the ref's big bloated breasts, while Jennifer gripped the official's furry pussy in both hands and squeezed it as hard as she could. Jenny cried out at both attacks, only to take in rainwater and begin coughing hoarsely. The two fighting females tortured the helpless woman in this cruel manner for a long, lingering while, intent on making the blonde suffer, until deciding she'd had enough. Almost.

"C'mon, Jennifer, let's finish her!" yelled Angie, grinning evilly.

'Save some for me, red!" giggled Jennifer.

Both women then positioned themselves on their knees on either side of the blonde before putting the bigger woman out of her misery. Angie plunged downwards with both hands to squeeze them about Jenny's throat, the redhead's teeth gritted and clenched as she choked the blonde remorselessly. Jennifer methodically pressed her left hand over Jenny's mouth before pinching the blonde's nostrils shut with her left, effectively suffocating the ref. The blonde began to panic at her total lack of oxygen, began to buck and thrash about, but her antagonists merely sat on her bouncing breasts and held her down as they continued to throttle and smother her. Jenny's feet kicked up and down, slapping the mat, but even this brought no relief as she felt herself fading, unable to breathe, her struggles growing steadily weaker and weaker, until finally she slipped into sweet oblivion.

The two disqualified wrestlerettes later dragged the out-cold ref down to the women's locker room where they bound and gagged her before depositing her in a supply closet, leaving the door unlocked for someone else to find the battered wet blonde. Then they hit the showers, which they had all to themselves now that everyone else had scattered. They rinsed themselves off for a long while, the warm water feeling good on their naked forms after the persistent pounding they had endured from the cold, relentless rain.

"I can't believe it," sputtered Angie, still disgusted at the way things had turned out. "We bust our asses all day, beat the shit out of a bunch of good-for-nothing girls, and don't get a frigging cent to show for it!"

"Yeah, I'm pretty pissed about it, too, but let's face it," replied Jennifer, "they're not gonna change their minds about it."

"Yeah, well, it's still bullshit," whined Angie. "Hell, I'd even split the pot with you, just to get something out of today."

They turned their heads and actually smiled at each other. A first between the two women who had always been at odds with each other.

"Yeah, well, if nothing else, we found out we make a pretty good tag team," offered Jennifer.

"That we do!" realized Angie. "We sure kicked blondie's fat ass!" They laughed together, another first

"We should wrestle on the tag team circuit from now on," added the redhead.

"What about us?" intoned the brunette.

"Oh, we can still fight each other. I just think we should be partners, too. Make some more money that way."

"OK," remarked Jennifer. "Teach me that foot choke?"

"Maybe," said Angie. "Why? Plan on using it on me now?"

"Maybe," grinned the dark-haired beauty. "Hell, I figure if I can beat you, I can beat anybody," mused Jennifer, hands resting on the wall in front of her, jets of water washing over her pretty face and bare shoulders.

"Oh, now you can beat me?" joked the ravishing redhead as she rubbed and caressed her pert breasts from beneath.

"I have beat you, you know," reminded Jennifer gently.

"Not today you haven't," corrected Angie almost playfully.

"Today's not over yet," smiled the brunette. "Come on."

The redhead smiled back as they turned sideways and approached each other through the jets and steam. They smiled warily as they sized each other up once more. Then they came together, arms wrapping and clasping about each other's naked upper body and squeezing as they dragged each other down to the tiled shower floor …