Who's the Better Woman? Angie Everhart vs. Beth Ostrosky by Black Mamba

It all started that very morning. Angie called the radio show and confirmed the news reports that she'd declared that Howard was "the best" she'd ever had. Beth, insecure over this, fumed as she paced the apartment with her jealousy rapidly raising to the point of being out of control; wanting to find out how she stacked up to Angie in Howard's eyes the answer was simply a matter of asking him, but to Beth - well, she wanted a more clear-cut definition. She was determined to settle this once and for all about who actually was "the best" Howard had ever been with. Beth's resentment toward Angie grew as she contemplated who reall was the better woman. Just then the penthouse apartment door opened and in walked Angie who (apparently) still had a key to Howard's place. It shook Beth with shock and dismay.

"What are you doing here?" Beth said.

"Oh hi...um, Beth, isn't it?" the redhead smirked. "I'm Angie, how are you?" she replied Angie to Beth's open-mouthed surprise. "I just dropped by to leave Howard's keys and give him this letter. Howard said it'd be alright," Angie continued with a sly smirk.

"Oh he DID, did he?" Beth in a low growl stated.

"Yes. Hey no need to get in a tiff now," said Angie, grinning like the cat that swallowed the....well, let's say canary!

"Angry, who's angry? I'm not angry," Beth huffed defensively.

"Good, since that's not my intention," Angie purred.

"So, my boyfriend.... your ex-... was the best YOU ever had, huh?" said Beth.

"Yep, he certainly was," said Angie slyly. "But I guess the whole world knows that by now, don't they!"

"Yeah, I guess they do! But....are YOU the best HE'S ever had?" replied Beth, hands on hips in a defensive pose.

"Why, do you really think YOU are?" replied Angie, one eye-brow raised in a questioning gesture.

"Yes, I know I am because HE told me so," said Beth, her chest puffed out proudly..

"And you believe EVERY thing someone tells you?" asked Angie incredulously.

"No, but Howard and I have no secrets. So, you see, I KNOW I'm the best he's ever had!" snapped Beth.

"Ahha...honey, I could take Howard back at anytime and if wasn't for that annoying East Coast-West Coast thing I would!"

"Dream on...," snarled Beth. "You couldn't take me in the bedroom....or anywhere else!"

"Oh, puh-leeze," replied Angie rolling her eyes. "Not only could I outfuck you, but outfight you as well!"

"Oh really? I'd like to see you try," Beth said, her fingers curling ominously.

"Careful what you wish for dearie," Angie smiled. "But you're not worth it. Look, it was nice ta meetcha; buh-bye-bi!"

As Angie turned for the door, Beth is fuming and on the edge of losing her mind. She grabs the gorgeous redhead by the hair, pulls her off balance and throws her to the floor.

"Get up I'll show you who the better woman is!" Beth screams, glaring down at the surprised redhead.

"Oh you want fight huh? Well, I can do that!" Angie says as she gets to her feet.

Both kick off their shoes and rush toward the other. Beth quickly shoots a couple of stiff rights to the redheads midsection countering Angie's headlock attempt then Beth tackles her down onto the couch for a beat down. Angie covers up from the blows coming down from Beth as she's taking the fight directly to the redhead. Beth held Angie's right arm with her left hand, leaving the right side of Angie's face exposed for several unanswered hard slaps from the slender blonde before she turned her advantage into a chokehold. Beth's thumbs dig into Angie's throat until the redhead's eyes flutter and she gurgles desperately for air; her hands pawing and scratching the blonde's slender arms and wrists as her choke grew tighter.

In desperation, Angie latched on to the unsuspecting Beth's breasts and dug her fingernails in, turning her hands like twisting a doorknob, raked the blonde' ample breasts as she finally got the Beth's attention. Angie sighed as Beth's grip loosened enough that Angie could buck and throw Beth off onto the floor where she hit with a loud THUMP!

More embarrassed than hurt, Beth regrouped and charged back at Angie who was still sprawled on the couch. But as Beth leaped on her, Angie quickly raised a foot and kicked Beth back, sending her flying halfway across the room where she landed on her butt THUD and rolled onto her back with a groan. "Unnnnnnnhhhhhh........"

Angie got up rubbing her neck and growled, "C'mon bitch, let's fight!"

Beth needed no prompting and as soon as she was on her feet, she charged once again toward the gorgeous redhead. Angie a bit more prepared this time, caught the charging blonde bombshell and they tied up in a battle which manifested itself in hair pulling as each tried to gain the advantage. Angie managed to drive her knee into Beth's breadbasket and as the blonde doubled over, Angie whipped her around and slithtered her arm up under Beth's chin driving her fist into her kidney with a shot she hoped would knock some of the feistiness out of the battling blonde.

Angie dragged Beth to the floor looking to punish her rival and they rolled side to side with Beth kicking and cursing like a wild woman while the redhead tried to establish a firm base behind her and stabilize her position with her legs as she tightened the choking grip around the blonde covergirl's neck; using her left hand to hold tight her right wrist, increasing the pressure.

Beth was beginning to find out how being choked out feels as her energy began to ebb. She changed her tactic as she fought off Angie legs trying to dominate her own, arched her back and slammed her body back into Angie's with a muffled THUD followed by a loud "OOF!" as the wind was knocked out of the redhead. Beth made an effort to roll to safety but her progress came to an abrupt halt when Angie grabbed the blonde's low-rider hip-hugger jeans, pulling to expose part of Beth's blue thong panties - and nearly pulling them off in the process as the blonde kicked and wiggled free, getting to her feet.

"You wanna go there bitch?" said Beth as she kicked off her jeans and unbuttoned her navy blue top to show light blue thong panties and matching bra. Beth (a California blonde beauty although from Pittsburgh) displayed her assets proudly, swishing full, athletic hips which looked breathtakingly beautiful on her 5'10" figure. Beth had a strong, firm body and full breasts, and anyone could see it was a body honed by years of sensible nutrition - and regular rigorous workouts!

"Why, not! I'll show you what Howard used to get!" Angie chuckled as she removed her jeans and black top to reveal black panties and matching bra. Angie, a natural redhead whose hair color was deepened by an application of henna, also had a solid body and gorgeous long legs matching Beth in height. She also had a supermodel face that no one could resist.

She proudly struted her stuff in front of the fuming blonde and both women acknowledged the others attributes with a mutual, "Not bad!"

"You ready yet?" Beth asked eagerly..

"Sure, let's get it on....bitch!" hissed Angie.

Both girls showed renewed respect for the other as they slowly moved together, Beth bent forward as she attempted to grip Angie's full hips. But Angie thrust her entire body forward, slamming into Beth, forcing her to back up as the blondes legs back-peddled awkwardly against the overpowering force applied by the redhead. With a suddenly cry of anguish at the redhead's power, the blonde became overbalanced and as her legs buckled, her feet flew out from under her and Beth hit the carpeted floor with a dull THUMP!

As Beth hit the floor on her back, Angie was onto her before she knew what was happening, slamming down on her full length, their hard flat bellies slapping together. Beth tried to squirm and wriggle over onto her stomach, but Angie had spread her legs as she arranged herself comfortably atop the blondes heaving body and as Angie applied a powerful bearhug, their legs swam and entangled, waging their own private battle below the waist. Beth put her hands under Angie's chin, trying to push her face away with her hands as she kept trying desperately to roll her off but Angie had spread her powerful thighs for support as the two models rocked, rolled and twisted on the floor.

Angie gasped as she tried to grasp and control Beth's slender yet surprisingly strong arms. Beth was fighting hard, and was arching her taut, athletic body, as Angie raised up, then slammed down on her for all she was worth. Beth continued to resist, to buck and arch her back until, with an agonizing groan, she finally rolled Angie off and pushed her away. Angie's eyes widened in surprise as she'd underestimated the sudden burst of power from the blonde bombshell. Angie rolled over and slammed back onto the floor where Beth grabbed her arms as she threw herself across Angie's chest and Angie's body glistened with sweat on her rhythmically heaving belly as the blonde tried to dominate the action.

Angie wrapped her left thigh up over the blonde but Beth managed to force it away with her own right thigh as the strain on Angie's face betrayed her anguish as blonde beauty tried to spread Angie's powerful legs with her own athletic thighs. Angie was trying to scissor Beth's legs to restrict her movement as they squirmed, locked together limb by limb, but there was no advantage from that quarter.

Beth grabbed Angie's hands and their fingers knotted tight. Beth groaned as Angie pushed her firm hard belly up into hers, their tensed bodies grinding breast to breast. Angie reached down for all she worth trying to fight off the blonde aggressor as the catfight turned into a battle of willpower, Angie rolled Beth onto her back fully to support her weight and gain the advantage as Beth gave up control and was now being dominated by the big sexy redhead.

Angie stretched Beth's arms out above her head and then slammed her torso into the blondes, making Beth grunt. With Beth pinned on her back and struggling, Angie asked for her surrender.

Beth just muttered, "Go to hell!"

A smile came to Angie's face as she release one hand, raised up a bit and fired a hard quick right fist to Beth's ribs. The blonde winced as Angie drew back for a second blast, but Beth grabbed a fistful of long red hair and gave a tug, dragging Angie to one side with a pained expression on her face. She immediately released Beth's other arm, allowing the blonde a few quick sting slaps to the supermodels face that brought Angie down to her back. Beth turned on her side still holding Angie's hair, pulling it taunt. With her legs free, Beth knees the redhead in the hip and lower belly as Angie fights back with wild punches and cuffing slaps.

Beth having had enough of the firefight, released her hold and got back to her feet. Angie followed and the two rushed toward each other, giving into their animal instincts. Each grabbed the others hair and both tried to force the other down. Beth dropped to her knees clutching the red mane of her rival while Angie went to one knee with the other bent. Then, with a nasty twist, Angie threw herself into Beth and slammed her to the floor! Angie wasn't about to give up her hold as she bounced Beth's head on the floor. Angie banged Beth's head on the floor a few times to loosen her grip on her hair as Beth's full breasts rose and fell with the impact of her skull meeting floor.

Angie reassumed control with a head lock as she slid her powerful arm under Beth's chin and clamp down on the blonde neck trying for a choke out. Beth's body, flailing wildly trying to deny Angie's aggression, sank her fingernails deep in Angie's arm trying to pry the redhead's strong arms from her windpipe. Angie flung back her head and cried out in pain but she stubbornly cinched her grip even tighter.

The sheen of perspiration highlighted their heaving cleavages and the odor of woman-sweat filled the room as picture-perfect faces and tautly muscled bodies became drenching in salty perspiration. Beth gasped deeply and it looked as if her breasts were bursting out of her blue bra as the slender blonde hissed and groaned against the chokehold's intensity as her legs swished back and forth on a sea of carpet. Angie held Beth in her slippery grip for a few more seconds until Beth used the glistening sweat to her advantage as she turned her head into the Angie's bicep and bit down.

The redhead screamed as she flung the blonde to one side, "You bitch!"

Angie looked at the welts, scratches and bite marks on her body all complements of Beth who lay groaning on the carpet clutching her throat. Beth finally made it back to her feet, panting hard from the recent strangle. Angie too began rise as they stood and made eye contact, each grudgingly acknowledging the others prowess; the sparkling sweat making both gladiator's bodies look like polished artifacts of the new régime; each seemed to complement the other's statuesque fine figure form in artistic fashion.

Angie and Beth pushed and grappled their way across the apartment, their sleek biceps and thighs flexing in contest with the other as each individual muscle waged it's own separate war. But both failed to gain an advantage and so the girls resorted to their primal state with a flurry of hair pulls, punches and slaps, all with quick bursts of energy attesting to the athletic condition of their muscles. Beth sidestepping one of the redhead's punches and replied with a uppercut to Angie's lower abs, the punch doubling the redheaded model over and allowing Beth to throw her to the floor with a hip toss. WHAM! Angie hit the carpet and lay sprawled painfully on her back as Beth fell forward across Angie's chest, their perspiring bodies contorted like conjoined serpents slithering back and forth. It was hard to see whose long legs belonged to who as they wrestled hard to stay ahead of the other, rolling over and over as they fought, their bodies arching in savage defense.

As the battle raged on each girl let groans in mutual effort. Beth's slender lithe legs spread wide as Angie rolled between them, then the blonde snapped her legs back together and clamped them hard 'round Angie's waist. Angie let out a cry as Beth's thighs trapped her fast as Angie squirmed against the painful hold. Angie and Beth were both drenched in hot sweat as Beth leaned back and fixed her eyes on Angie's face as it contorted in new-found pain while Beth applied increasing pressure to her midsection until the redhead let a muffled groan of pain that could easily have been mistaken for pleasure!

Beth smiled crookedly and nodded, agreeing with the despair and pain etched on Angie's face and the panic in her eyes as the blonde regained the upper hand over her particularly hard, strong - and quite beautiful - opponent.

While the blond seemed determined to grind out a submission to show who was the better woman, Angie was trying to bridge out of the hold, trying to rock Beth off balance. The redhead was putting a lot of effort into forcing Beth's thighs apart and both women's bodies glistened with sweat as Angie gradually worked her way free, slipping out of Beth's leg scissors.

Beth reared back and let out a cry as she tried in vain to maintain her scissors, but the combination of sweat and fatigue on both women was too much and Angie bucked, then squirmed away and twisted Beth over onto her stomach. Beth, moving like a cat, flipped over onto her back, but it turned out to have been a mistake as the angst on her face proved!! Angie seized on the opening and caught Beth's right leg, attempting a strong cradle. Beth moaned in pain and tried to grab Angie's arm but the redhead now had the advantage and knew it. Beth's redheaded-but-gorgeous nightmare was back on the attack!

Angie grabbed Beth's neck from behind and pulled her into a nice cradle move, bending Beth's body savagely, attesting to Angie's awesome strength. Both women groaned at their joint effort, their magnificent bodies glistening as they entwined, each working smoothly as they slipped and slid against the other with soft, sensual groans of pain that still smacked of sensual pleasure.

Angie hissed and clenched her teeth as she gathered all her strength to hold Beth's sleek, sexy body as both fought tooth and nail to prevent each other from gain the upper hand. Angie pushed with all her weight against Beth, daring her to take the punishment. She twisted the blonde around and caught Beth in a full-nelson, but Beth squirmed and twisted against the hold and broke it quickly before Angie was able to lock it in. Both were losing their grip on the other as they wrestled as if slathered withCrisco oil.

The gorgeous gladiators gasped and groaned as each pushed the last bit of strength out of her body, determined to outdo the other. Beth and Angie both caught the other in a series of nelsons, headlocks and waist holds, but neither could control her opponent long enough to wring the last of the fight out of her. It wasn't until they circled and slammed their bodies together in a powerful bearhug that they reached the crucial part of this struggle as each threw her head back and squeezed for all she was worth!

Angie and Beth's arms pulsed and their muscles bulged in the mutual act of testing the other's body to the limit. Gasping and groaning as they rested their head on the others shoulder, shaking their head 'NO' as they ground their sweaty bodies tight together. The two girls seemed evenly matched and neither gained an advantage from the bearhug, so they brought their legs into action as they both tried to trip the other. Angie succeeded as, still maintaining her hug, they both fell with Angie landing on top, hearing a satisfying grunt as the air whoosed out of Beth's straining lungs as she hit the carpet on her back. For the next minutes, they rolled, bucked and arched their way back and forth across the floor but there was no longer any strength in their movement. Both were weary beyond endurance and their hair, like old dish rags, lay limp and damp, molded to their skulls by their own and the others sweat.

At one point, Angie lay cradled by Beth's long arms, but she broke away and reversed the hold as each fought for a firm grip on the others sweat-slick body. But neither found anything but oily perspiration and futility as their movements grew sloppy as a result of their growing fatigue for even these well condition women had their limit to physical endurance!

A mutual moan of desperation came as Beth rolled away from a waist hold, ripping her blue thong in the process, but that was the least of her worries as Angie caught her arms and was spreading herself out across Beth's body. The battling babes wrestled in the final minutes, throwing a few wild punches and slaps as the they struggled belly to belly and hand to hand, but now it seemed the war of endurance was being won by Angie who bore and wore down Beth, slamming her head on the floor and then with the last of her fading strength; slammed a knee to Beth's side. The blonde fell back to the floor on her back moaning. That maneuver seemingly tipped the scales in the redheads favor and now Angie mustered all her strength as she rolled Beth over onto her stomach and crossed the blonde's long legs, holding them in place with her right knee as she pulled Beth's long arms back, arching the blonde's back into an unnatural position. Beth was shaking her head ‘NO’ as her mouth gaped wide open.

"C'mon Beth give it up..... I'm the better woman!" the exhausted Angie pleaded as she strained.

Beth, stubbornly shaking her head ‘NO’ even as she moaned and tried to fight the pain Angie so giving her. However, weary, and worn down, the pain was too great as Angie, her gritted teeth showing, reared back putting everything she had left into the hold, determined not to stop until she forced Beth to capitulate as if she was fighting for her life against the sleek and rather busty blonde.

Angie was well planted in the surfboard submission hold as Beth moaned and hung her head, collapsing with mouth open in the anguished torture hold of her personal redheaded nightmare and new-found nemeses. Angie, was also at her limit and she gave in to her fatigue as the blonde slipped from her grasp. Both collapsed on the floor in pool of sweaty exhaustion, both breathing hard; Beth on her stomach, Angie on her back. The well-conditioned athletes sucking in life-giving air in an effort to revive themselves.

Angie turned in Beth's direction and said. "You're a tough bitch!"

Beth replied between pants, "And you're….a bitch…who happens….to be…. tough1"

Both managed a bit of a smile in respect to each other

"You know we have to finish this?" said Angie.

"I know, I know; let go," gasped Beth.

"You can't even move, and just talking takes all my strength" responded Angie.

"I was hoping you’d say, ‘some other time’," said Beth.

Beth and Angie lay there in the spacious apartment for over fifteen minutes before they got up. Beth let Angie use the shower, then she dressed and gave Beth her card, telling her, "Give me a call sometime, Beth. Maybe we’ll have a rematch?"

"I'll be looking forward to it," said Beth. Angie left, then Beth relaxed in a long, hot bath, thinking, "God, Howard's gonna kill me when he see the apartment like this! But when he hears he missed a catfight, he'll REALLY be pissed!"

Beth was just too tired to clean up, she just lay back and let her aching body soak. While Angie and Beth may never be friends, each now has a great deal of respect for the other; so much so that Beth never opened the letter addressed to her boyfriend!