Cory Everson vs. April Hunter by Leglock

It was a perfect day outside at the Marriott Resort in Honolulu Hawaii, which was hosting a huge fitness Expo. One of the attractions on the grounds was a wrestling ring where many of yesterdays fitness stars and women who worked for the WWF were going to put on a show.

This day, however, it was just fitness queen April Hunter showing some moves to the WWF''s Trish Stratus. Both were wearing thong bikini's, Trish in black and April in red.

Suddenly someone yelled from the other side of the ring, "I'll kick either of your asses!"

It was Cory Everson wearing a shiny royal blue bikini and looking like steel. She was not as bulked up as she once was, but she wasn't small either. Her arms were bulging and cut, her abs were ripped and her legs were thick and rippling with muscle. She looked like she could take both of them.

April being too proud to back down from a public challenge, accepted Cory's offer. April was quite a physical specimen in her own right. Although her arms were only decent, she was 6'1" tall with long, well-toned legs. Trish warned her not too fall into Cory's trap, saying she's too strong and reminding April of Cory's reputation as being extremely competitive. April brushed off Trish's objections and motioned for Cory to get into the ring.

They met in mid-ring and locked hands for a test of strength. It was no problem for Cory and she easily overpowered April, forcing her to her knees. Cory released the grip, grabbed April by her hair, pulled her up and forced Aprils head to down so she could step over her and lock on a standing headscissors.

"UUggghh" April groaned, immediately feeling immense pain.

April struggled to hang on as Cory applied pressure while flexing her biceps for the small crowd that had begun to gather around the ring. April was just about to submit, but she thought she may be able to take advantage of Cory's arrogance. She grabbed Cory's ankles and pushed with all she had. Cory fell to the ground and she lost the headscissors.

Cory took her time getting up, so as soon as she looked at April, she was already charging toward her. April took Cory down with a sliding leg sweep, grabbed the stunned Cory's legs and locked on a figure four leglock.

Cory took one look at the tangled legs in front of her and attempted to get up.

"Aaahh" Cory yelled as soon as April applied pressure.

Cory's face was red and she was obviously embarrassed. She tried again and this time April put on more pressure and kept it on.

"Please," Cory gasped. "You'll break my leg!"

"That's the problem babe," April laughed. "You gotta give up to get out of it."

"OK, I give," screamed the embarrassed Cory. Adding, "But I want a rematch!"

April agreed to the rematch and after they both went back to their corners, April came out charging at Cory's legs once more. But this time, Cory caught Aprils arm and twisted it back behind her. As April screamed in pain, Cory quickly slapped on a full nelson. April struggled but was helpless in the grip of the powerful woman. Cory held April like this for about two minutes, but then got bored and tossed her to the mat. Cory jumped on April's back and pulled her arms back over her knees, putting April in a camel clutch.

Within seconds April screamed, "I give!"

"Come on," laughed Cory. "Don't be a wuss."

Cory got off April but quickly dropped a kick into April's gut. With April laying sprawled out full length on the mat, Cory tried to get April's legs, but could only get one. Still, she wanted to flip April over and apply a Boston Crab but April struggled frantically and Cory, who was straddling April, dropped down on her stomach facing April's feet and trying to recapture the leg she'd let go of.

In a full-fledged panic, April kicked Cory and then kneed her in the nose. Cory fell over stunned, holding her nose while April immediately whipped her legs up and wrapped them around Cory's head and neck.

"Gotcha," yelled April gleefully.

Cory said nothing, but her red face and grimace spoke volumes. Cory began to bounce up and down on April's stomach, but April responded by swinging her hips and legs, with Cory's head still trapped between them, putting great strain on Cory's neck.

Cory, still sitting on April's stomach, took a breather and used her strong hands to try to pry April's anaconda-like legs from around her neck and head. But even Cory's strength couldn't budge April's powerful legs and Cory was rapidly running out of air and strength. She had to do something. With the last bit of energy she had, Cory stood up and hauled April with her.

Incredibly though, April kept her legs locked tightly around Cory's head.

"No way, your not getting out," yelled April.

Cory started to jump up and down, but April just squeezed her legs even tighter. Suddenly, Cory dropped to her knees and tumbled over. Her last ditch effort almost succeeded as Cory feebly tried to catch April in a scissors, but April grabbed one of Cory's legs in both arms and tucked her head into Cory's side, out of reach of Cory's legs.

"I give," whimpered Cory after another two minutes of fruitless struggling.

"Come on toughen up, or beg old lady," April laughed.

Cory did beg, in fact she begged for ten full minutes before April finally released her. By that time, Cory was too weak to even get up off the mat.

April slapped high-five's with Trish and said, "Lets go for a swim. Maybe when I get back the ol' lady'll want another rematch."